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Wedding DIY Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know

Wedding DIY Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know


Looking to DIY your Dream Wedding?


Whether you’re a crafter looking to save some money on your wedding, or you’re a professional maker of beautiful things who’d like to expand your Etsy shop’s offerings into the wild world of wedding decor, you’re aware that there are no shortage of DIYs and tutorials floating around that look nearly impossible, or at least prohibitively expensive.

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An Indian wedding isn’t an event you can wrap up in a day. The ceremonies can easily extend up to a week or even more at times, and the preparations begin several months in advance to cater to the grandiose celebration. While people indeed tend to go out on the big wedding day, the pre-wedding functions each have a special significance too and cannot be overlooked.


Always knew that I would be a Bridezilla. What I didn’t expect was to be one for a wedding that wasn’t even mine. Ah yes — from the dresses to the bachelorette party, I have stressed over every single detail of my best friend’s Tennessee wedding, despite my initial claims that I was going to be a “really chill” bridesmaid.


Themes are handy tricks that turn your wedding into a celebration that goes beyond the union of two people and into an occasion that brings an entire group of people together. Some favourite themes for 2019 explore the passions that couples share in their daily life. For example, TV and movie themes help the couple to find a cohesiveness to wedding decorating and design. 


If you have an autumn-themed wedding, you may wonder how you can use this theme in decorating your reception area. Here are some fun yet simple was to incorporate this season into your wedding. 

But there are also plenty of DIY wedding decorations that you can make for relatively little money, and that looks way more complicated than they are.


Why not give one of these a whirl this wedding season?


Wedding decoration also varies accordingly to cater to these events and the popular aesthetics associated with them. Let us see some bright and cheerful wedding decoration ideas for these generally intimate occasions that are meant for fun with family and friends.


The combination of sparkly adornments and lush marigold flowers is used to create some spectacular entrance decoration for this indoor venue.


Thanks to the many, many hours I’ve now logged doing wedding research, I have a plethora of information and am happy to report that there are dozens and dozens of rustic-chic wedding ideas you can DIY instead of buy. Here are some of my favourites: 


Themes do a bit more for wedding planning as they open doorways for easier decisions about wedding decorations. To learn more about all of your options for wedding decorations, locations, and services, just reach out to our team.


Using fall-coloured flowers and leaves in your bouquets is a great way to use the autumn theme. Use autumn-inspired colours like red, orange, and gold in your wedding colours and attire. Have your bridesmaid’s dress be different shades of reds or oranges. 


Natural table runner


Add a personal touch to an otherwise dull table by whipping up a table runner. There are plenty of no-sew tutorials available, but this sewn version is extra-pretty and can be used over and over again. This is a great sewing project for someone pretty new to using a sewing machine but wants to create something useful and unique.


The similar decor as above can very well be used to liven up an outdoor wedding venue as well. The vibrant colours bloom out delightfully against the soothing greens.


If you’ve got a printer and a little creativity, you can create custom invitations and save big.

Decorations are earthy, natural, and beautiful. 2019 is a great year for Boho because the Pantone colours for 2019 are very soft. This makes it easy to decide on colors, flowers, and decor for your wedding. Neutrals are hot, and those more delicate tones help to create a symbiotic relationship between wedding elements. The colour themes for Boho begin with wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses – Living Coral is the Pantone colour for 2019, and that soft, warm hue is perfect for everything from table linens to dresses.


Floating candles. You can make small floating candles for your reception tables. Using a small glass or mason jar, fill it with water and place a small lit candle inside. You can also add fall coloured rose petals or leaves. Looking for the best Melbourne Wedding Decorators to help make your day as magical as possible. Boutique events group, have you covered. 


guitar wedding photos


Green centrepiece


Considering trying your hand at DIY wedding flowers? We’ve got the tools you’ll need right here, but if you’re looking for some fresh ideas, you can give this super-simple centrepiece a try.

We’ve surely gathered by now that red and yellow are the quintessential colours for events like mehndi and haldi. They are liberally used in attire and decor. So, this gorgeous mesh of exuberant yellow marigolds and the brilliant red pomanders are just perfect for the occasion.


There are dozens and dozens of ways to make a beautiful wedding centrepiece. Budget brides and grooms can save money by sticking to in-season flowers, using the bouquets from the ceremony as the centrepieces and if you have the time and the workforce – making your bouquets. 


This is very much another way that themes make it easier to decide on wedding decorations, and Boho is a broad category of topics that range from hippie, boho, earthy, and shabby chic to rustic and country. As many options as you have within Boho there are central themes. Those include natural, floral, handcrafted, and free of spirit. One significant aspect of Boho is that it relaxes traditional wedding rules because, with Boho, there are few rules if any.


White plastic pumpkins. Nothing gives the feel of fall more than a pumpkin! Using small faux or real pumpkins in around wedding as the decor is a great idea. You can paint them, covered in glitter, or carve them. Using white pumpkins is ideal because they can go with any colour scheme.


Chalkboard cocktail menu

Chalkboards are extremely hot at weddings right now — probably because they’re so easy to make! 

With more pastel and neutral tones, this subtle yet attractive stage backdrop decor looks very classy. The flower decoration that covers the faux wall and forms an arch upfront is variedly textured with a host of florals that exude an understated beauty for a calmer, contemporary look.

Though you’ll probably want a friend or family member to step in the day of the ceremony, this also opens up a few fun opportunities: group floral design classes, a “make the bouquet” party and trips to nurseries or the farmers’ market.


Options include macrame, softer colour palates, outdoors, vintage lace, candles, country living, environmentally friendly foods, etc. When it comes to a wedding dress, don’t be afraid to add in a bit of macrame. Not only does it fit the Boho style, but it also adds movement. You can also go country chic with denim, boots, and plenty of lace. Think about big floral spreads and garlands full of rustic pastels and plenty of leaves and even centrepieces with crystals, candles, and driftwood. Terms that sum up Boho include vintage, recycled, handcrafted, natural, and earthy.


Pinecone & leaf jars.

Here is a beautiful yet straightforward fall centrepiece idea. In a mason jar or glass place artificial leaves, pine cones, small pumpkins, etc. You can use plastic items like shown or real items that you have found in your area. This is a fresh fall idea that is rustic and perfect for a fall-themed wedding.


Wooden signs


Tired of chalkboards? Make this rustic wood sign to show your guests where to sit, place gifts, or just to welcome them to your venue. Made with inexpensive materials, this is a great decor item to experiment with.


The generic drapes and flower garland decoration here is given a creative twist with the use of colourful kites. This imaginative but straightforward addition complements the sleek modern interior of the place and also brightens it up.


You can also reduce costs by stripping down the number of blooms in bouquets, centrepieces and table settings—”Pad” your bouquets with unique foliage, herbs, fruits and veggies. For table settings, try wrapping small potted plants in burlap – you can give them away as gifts later or plant them in your garden.


Wedding themes are nearly endless, and there are so few rules in 2019 so couples can mix and match ideas. Mashups are tricky, and our professional team work’s with you to help ensure a smooth setup for your wedding. Learn more about our venues and services by visiting us online.

Want more wedding themes? Check out my other wedding themes ideas and get inspiration for your 


Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter weddings!


Party poppers 

Give your guests something to cheer with! These cute confetti poppers are perfect for the table, and can easily be customized with your wedding colours.

Our list of Melbourne Wedding Decorators have you covered for all your wedding day decoration needs.


A riveting blend of traditional and modern elements, this twinkling backdrop combines fairy lights, birdcages and terracotta adornments which, when juxtaposed with the dark draped background, it comes out as especially vibrant.


The cake will probably be the most thought you’ve ever put into a single dessert. Try a stripped-down cake with a fun topper that you can make with inexpensive craft store items — like these adorable wooden chairs decorated with a veil and hat.


Traditional weddings are as popular as ever and along those lines are some fantastic options for decorations. White is a constant theme in conventional marriages and from that single colour stems a flood of possibilities. Those include rose petals, lace and table linens, elegant stemware, and centrepieces in contrasting hues – white and red, white and pinks, yellows, blues, greens. 

Pumpkins. Using pumpkins at your wedding is perfect for the fall theme. Pumpkins can be used as bowls, cake toppers, centrepieces and much more. Painting or covering the pumpkins with glitter can make them personalized and versatile. White pumpkins are better for art and can be found in almost any size.


pretty pink flowers


Table numbers 

There are so. Many. Ways. To make table numbers! Truthfully, table numbers are one of the easiest ways to let your personality shine, or to expand your Etsy shop offerings — because there are just so many ways to make and customize them! 


Though the actual beverages will depend on your preferences, serve your wedding drinks up in style with some fun containers. Mason jars are the go-to vessel, but also try milk bottles, jam jars or even mint julep cups. Alternatively, beer lovers and soda enthusiasts can serve drinks right out of the original container — help them on ice in galvanized buckets. Don’t forget the bottle opener!



Folding chairs or benches in colours that match your theme or table seating with linens and centrepieces that match your theme. Traditional weddings often sit people by rows divided by family. You can also mix this with the room like what occurs at a dinner event with a speaker or entertainment.

Flower crates. This idea is great for outdoor weddings and can be used for summer and fall themed weddings. You can either find or build wooden boxes that can be used for wedding decor. You can choose to paint or stain these crates, then fill with flowers and greenery. You can also put pumpkins or other fall-themed decorations inside.


Thanking your loved ones doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Flower seeds are an easy option that comes with a bonus: Your friends and family can send you photos once they bloom to remind you of your special day. 

Aisle Decorations

These range from end-caps with flowers to a runway with rose petals on either side, to a single trail of rose petals or other petals strewn down the middle. The goal is to create an environment that uplifts the bride so that the background becomes a supportive framework that showcases her beauty.


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Burlap & pumpkin table runner

Using burlap as a table runner is a rustic touch that is perfect for a fall-themed wedding. Using small pumpkins as decor pieces along the table is also a cute idea. The pumpkins can be carved out and used to hold flowers.


The checkered backdrop decoration and the colourful tassels resonate with the desi spirit of a wedding celebration that is full of fun and enjoyment with the near and dear ones. Add dollops of colour to your marriage decoration with such stages.


Another option is to give out bubbles

You can buy large packages of them online or in party supply stores. Adults and children alike can’t resist them, plus they’ll make for some fantastic photos.


Mementos – a beautiful tribute is to offer souvenirs so that guests have something physical by which to remember this occasion. Chair tags are one way to accomplish this. These are cone-shape printed material with something as simple as silk roses in it. The couple could pen a thank-you-type message or reprint their vows.


Mason jars with lights in them. This is a simple and inexpensive idea that is perfect for any theme of the wedding. Using standard-sized mason jars, you can fill them with stringed lights or candles, giving both beauty and lighting to your wedding reception.

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