20+ Most Elegant Wedding Jewellery Shops in Melbourne (2022)

Now, we are pretty confident in saying that keeping up with the latest engagement ring trends is probably not very high on your to-do list. But even if you don’t have the ring of your lady’s (or man’s-love is love, people) dreams memorised, don’t fret. The stores on this list are some of the best jewellers in Melbourne, and they’re pros at helping you select or design the perfect ring.

Alongside a house, a car, and an education, an engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases in a man’s life. And, like all significant things, an engagement ring (and the gesture that accompanies it) carries far more value and meaning than the ring itself. An engagement ring is more than a piece of jewellery: it’s a promise, a commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone, for better or worse, in sickness and in health. Bending the knee is a big moment, and not one to take lightly. Speaking as someone who recently popped the question, it’s not a day you’ll forget any time soon. When it comes to engagement rings, Melbourne has plenty of stores to choose from.

These master craftsmen, jewellery designers, and diamond experts have dedicated their career to helping you navigate this purchase. They’ll walk you through the 4 Cs, help you stick to a budget, and pick the right materials. Here are 15 of the best places to buy an engagement ring in Melbourne.

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, and on the hunt for your dream wedding jewellery? Look no further! To get you started on your jewellery hunt, we have compiled a list showcasing the 20 best jewellery shops in Melbourne, Victoria!

List Of Best Wedding Jewellery Shops Melbourne

Does my wedding jewelry have to match my engagement ring?

Your engagement ring and wedding band are meant to be worn every day of your marriage, so they should already reflect the personal style you’ll want to emulate in the rest of your wedding jewelry. That said, things don’t have to perfectly match.

Do wedding band metals have to match?

Historically, men and women’s wedding rings did match. During the Renaissance period, wedding bands were made to fit like puzzle pieces. … In the past, wedding bands were made assets to honour a partnership. But today, there are no rules that say your wedding bands have to match.

Do wedding and engagement rings have to be same metal?

Should my wedding ring be the same metal as my engagement ring? In an ideal world, yes. Two rings will always rub together to some degree, so if they are the same metal then at least this will happen evenly. … White gold rings are plated with rhodium, so you can usually wear different carats of white gold together.

When and how to mix gold and silver rings

Both the colors are complementary, and it will look pleasant on your hand. And, if you are going for the white gold then you can always match it with some oxidized silver to give it a flush personality.

Can I have two wedding rings?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing, designing, or wearing engagement and wedding rings. You can wear none, one, two, three, or even more rings just make sure that the ring (or rings) you choose to wear to symbolize your love and marriage will have enduring meaning for you for many years to come.

Temple and Grace Wedding Jewellery Melbourne

0414 500 999

Planning for your big day is exciting and Temple and Grace can ensure that your special day is celebrated in style with finely crafted engagement rings and wedding bands. Temple and Grace take pride in being trusted Sydney based engagement and wedding ring specialists. Being master jewel-smiths themselves means that every piece of jewellery is handmade with careful attention to detail. If you’re planning for your big moment, you can visit Temple and Grace in Sydney or buy wedding rings online. Temple and Grace have over a thousand wedding bands and wedding ring sets to choose from. While the look of the engagement ring and wedding ring is important, it is recommended that you keep both, your choice of precious metal and lifestyle in mind.

To ensure that you get the best value for your money, it is pivotal to note that when you buy engagement rings, diamond rings and wedding rings online from Temple and Grace, you will save over 40% when compared to high-street jewellery retailers. So how do you save so much? It’s simple. All Temple and Grace jewellery is made in-house. Every diamond ring, engagement ring and wedding band that you see online is handcrafted directly at the Temple and Grace jewellery boutique in Sydney. We are renowned goldsmiths and loose diamond specialists. With in-depth understanding of precious metal such as gold and platinum, we guarantee that we can make you the finest diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings. Visit us or shop online to experience finesse and high quality wedding and engagement jewellery.

The difference between high-end and classy fine jewellery and cheap looking jewellery is the finesse with which it is made. Temple and Grace jewellery is crafted with much needed passion and precision. Trading in fine jewellery is very different from making fine jewellery. Being skilful jewel smiths, Temple and Grace understand how to make gold and diamond jewellery to exacting standards. When you open a Temple and Grace wedding ring box, you can see how beautifully the ring has been made. The smiles on the clients’ faces keep Temple and Grace in business day after day. A wedding is a special occasion and choosing a reputed jeweller is vital. A perfect wedding ring cannot be bought off-the-shelf. Even if you like a certain ring style, it needs to be customised precisely to your finger size. A well-crafted platinum or gold wedding band looks extraordinary and feels ultra-comfortable. Since 2015, Temple and Grace has been passionate about handcrafting the finest gold rings, platinum rings and diamond rings for men and women. You will also find a fine selection of women’s jewellery including gold bracelets, diamond bracelets, necklaces, earrings and gemstone rings.

The success of Temple and Grace is due to continually striving to design, handcraft and retail the most stunning wedding bands and engagement rings online. If you’re looking for cheap wedding rings, Temple and Grace have Australia’s largest range of titanium wedding rings, zirconium wedding rings and stainless steel wedding rings. No matter what metal and budget you have in mind, Temple and Grace are Australia’s finest online jewellers for good reason.

The Temple and Grace team take immense pride in knowing that every day they are part of someone’s special moment. This joy of playing a role in a couples’ dreams and their commitment of a lifetime together makes the team at Temple and Grace come to work everyday.

For your special day, the wedding band should be spectacular. Whether you’re looking for wedding rings for women or men’s wedding bands, Temple and Grace have the best collection. A well-finished gold wedding band can handmade in 9K as well as 18K gold. Some of the designer wedding bands we stock include PW Beck and Dora. Both of these brands have a wide selection of gold wedding rings, platinum wedding rings and diamond wedding rings.

Selecting the right metal for your wedding ring is extremely important. Some of the popular metals used in the making of a wedding ring include Gold, Platinum, Silver and Platinum. Temple and Grace often use these precious metals in combination with each other to produce a unique wedding ring.

Since generations, Gold has been hight sought after. It has grown to be known as a symbol of wealth. One of the reasons that Temple and Grace clients’ prefer having a gold wedding ring is because gold does not rust, corrode or tarnish. Alloyed gold comes in a choice of various colours including White, Yellow and Rose. The purity of the gold in the wedding band will depend on the carat you select online. You can identify the carat of the gold by reading the carat stamp on the inner circle of the wedding ring. Temple and Grace Gold wedding bands are made in 9K and 18K. It is important to note that the higher the carat selected, the higher the fine gold content in the ring.

White Gold is an alloy that is created from 24K Yellow Gold and other naturally white precious metals. Like other Gold alloys, White Gold comes in a range of carats and is often plated with Rhodium. This makes the White Gold ring look even whiter and shine brighter.

Rose gold or pink gold again is an alloy of 24K Yellow Gold. Copper is used in amalgamation with Yellow Gold to create a pinkish hue to create magical rose gold rings.

Platinum is the rarest and one of the most valuable precious metal. Only a small amount of platinum is produced each year and this enhances its’ value. Platinum is hypoallergenic and does not lose it’s lustre or tarnish with time.

Titanium is a light weight hypoallergenic metal which is known for it’s high level of durability and strength.

Looking for GIA certified loose diamonds at the lowest prices in Australia? Buying a loose diamond for your jewellery is now easy. Temple and Grace have a large selection of certified as well as non-certified diamonds in Sydney. No matter how big or small your budget is, Temple and Grace guarantee to beat any quote. Choosing the right diamond and setting for your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band is an important decision. Temple and Grace have the reputation of providing incredible value for money for a loose diamond in Sydney.

H & H Jewellery Wedding Store Melbourne

h and h jewellery melbourne

03 9650 2727

Your Diamond Engagement & Wedding Ring Specialist.

With three bespoke jewellery stores in Melbourne, H&H Jewellery is a trusted and well-known Master Jewellers and Diamonds Specialists with a 25 Year heritage in the Manufacture and Design of Bespoke Unique Diamonds & Jewellery.
Established in 1996 by Melbourne’s Master Jewellers & Diamond Specialists – Chris & Harry, they boast 40 years’ experience in the jewellery trade between them.
H&H Jewellery prides itself on its extensive collection of stunning opal, opal jewellery, rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and chains encrusted in diamonds and precious gems, meticulously crafted into timeless pieces sure to meet your every desire and suit any occasion.
Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, purchasing a gift for yourself or simply looking for something special, a visit to H&H Jewellery is a must. Experienced in fine jewellery and a keen eye for detail, a friendly team of diamond consultants will ensure you find the perfect piece.
For a classically themed ring with a difference, you can choose from classic solitaires, glistening halo, meaningful three-stones to a range of wedding bands – your eyes will sparkle as you look through these beauties, available Shop Online or In-Store.

Wedding Bands

A wedding band is a symbol of the eternal promise you are making to each other and is worn to represent the love and devotion of marriage. There is beauty in the simplicity of the design. H&H Jewellery wide range or Wedding Bands rage from white gold, yellow gold and platinum. We can also work with rose gold, palladium, titanium and other materials upon request.

Diamond Bands

When beginning the first chapter of the rest of your life with the stunning diamond engagement rings from H&H Jewellers, matching wedding bands to ensure your engagement and wedding rings match perfectly. H&H Jewellery diamond bands include feature gemstones and can be crafted from traditional yellow gold or white or rose gold for those who want a piece as unique as their love.
All pieces are available in both men’s and women’s sizes to ensure that you can find a matching pair if desired.

Are you Looking for a Custom Diamond Ring Design with GIA Certified Loose Diamonds?

H&H Jewellery is also Leading Diamond Wholesaler & Supplier sourcing Ethically Produced, Conflict-Free, GIA Certified Diamonds and Precious Metals & Gems.
You can purchase Loose Quality Diamonds for your ring at by Weight, Color, Clarity, and Price. Talk to a H&H Certified Diamond Consultants to view an extensive range of loose diamonds to inspire you as you search for the perfect expression of your lasting love.
Once you have found your perfect gem, H&H Master Jewellers also provide Custom Jewellery & Diamond Design Services, specially handcrafted using the finest materials.

H&H Jewellery Repairs, Restorations & Valuations Services Melbourne

A Talented Team of Specialist Diamond Consultants & Master Jeweller’s are on hand to offer a comprehensive range of Professional Specialist Jewellery Services that include:
On-Site Jewellery Repairs – such as ring resizes, chains, re-tipping and claws, replacing stones, fitting new clasps, polishing, rhodium plating and soldering charms.
Product Care & Cleaning- With some basic professional care you can preserve and protect your jewellery for years to come. Pieces should be stored in a jewellery box and professionally cleaned once a year.
Remodelling- Bring your old or damaged jewellery to H&H Jewellery for restorations and remodelling. This is perfect for pieces that hold sentimental value.
Valuations: H&H Jewellery Valuation Services are completed by an independent gemologist at all of our diamond jewellery store locations. Each item is carefully examined to assess the quality and arrive at a retail replacement value based on current market conditions. Valuation Certificates are also provided are proof of purchase.
Insurance Appraisals & Claims: H&H Jewellery understands how important it is to have your jewellery covered for the correct amount for Insurance & Claims. Contact H&H Jewellery and get professional help replacing items that have been stolen or destroyed (e.g. remakes). Contact H&H Jewellery
Phone: 03 9530 0611
Shop Online at www.hhjewellery.com.au or Visit In-Store at one of three conveniently located stores in Melbourne:
Elsternwick : 414 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick Vic 3185 | South Yarra : 586 Chapel Street, South Yarra Vic 3141 | Melbourne CBD : 192 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Royal Panther Handmade Jewelry – Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne



Jewelry in Australia

Getting handmade jewellery in Australia is very difficult and so I am providing my customers with the following services.

  • There is a huge collection of different accessories to select from. You can choose any piece you like the most
  • In case you have your own design in mind you can send it to me and I will change your image into reality
  • The regular customers will enjoy 15% discount on the Handmade Jewelry
  • All the products are available at an affordable cost
  • In case you want urgent delivery, just let me know and I will deliver the package in limited time
  • I give quality warranty for all my jewellery.

High-quality Handmade Jewellery.

Accessories are essential to creating an elegant look. Whether it is a formal event or a casual occasion, a dress is never complete without the proper accessories. Ladies have always been in love with jewellery, especially when it comes to the Handmade Jewelry; they want the best pieces.

The real issue is finding the best handmade beaded jewellery. There are many online stores, but none of them has the beaded quality or reliability that women have been looking for. So here I have the best Jewelry in Australia for you and your loved ones.

I have been making the best quality Beaded Jewelry that you will not find in any other store. I start every project by looking for the threads, beads, and metal with which jewellery will be prepared. I am assuming that all the material I have collected is durable and long-lasting.

The designers will work day in and day out to develop some of the best designs that will grab your attention at first glance. Professionals will make the Jewelry in Australia with their hands to assure that everything is perfect. Once prepared, the Beaded Jewelry is sent for quality testing to confirm that there is no room for error.


Robert H. Parker and Sons – Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne



About us

Robert H. Parker and Sons are local Melbourne jewellers creating exceptionally unique jewellery for every occasion.

We specialise in the production of exquisitely crafted rings, earrings, pendants, and other pieces that define grace, class, and elegance.

Established in 1875, Robert H Parker and Sons is one of the oldest and most trusted jewellery manufacturers in Australia. We have crafted pieces for many customers and are constantly designing and producing beautiful pieces using only the finest materials available.

At our store, we customise every piece in our collection using the highest industry standards. To ensure utmost customer satisfaction, every client gets a personal, one on one appointment with our professional design team. This is an opportunity for you to get involved with every aspect of the design process. From the selection of the base material to choosing the perfect stone(s), we go the extra mile to ensure the completion of your dream piece of jewellery.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make your experience with us as convenient and pleasant as possible. To accomplish this, we listen to your creative input and ideas before sourcing the diamonds, coloured gemstones, and other sample materials that we think is appropriate for what you have in mind. You can choose from our extensive offering of loose diamonds and gemstones that suit any budget.

Our Expertise

We specialise primarily in the production of custom engagement and wedding rings, as well as designs for various other occasions. Many clients also entrust our team of Melbourne jewellery designers for things like anniversary pieces, pendants, and earrings, as well as repairs and redesigns.

With over 45 years of experience in the business, owner Andrew Walsh has been behind the helm of and running Robert H Parker and Sons for over 32 years. Equipped with a diploma in diamond technology, Andrew Walsh is also a qualified manufacturing jeweller, registered valuer, and trained gemologist.

Our History

142 years is an awfully long time to be in business. Established in 1875, Robert H. Parker & Sons is one of the oldest jewellery manufactures in Australia.

Robert H. Parker & Sons started out as one of the pioneering jewellery businesses in Australia and were one of the founding members of the Jewellers and Silversmiths Association of Australia.

A Family Business

The business was started by Robert Parker in 1875 making hand crafted jewellery from the precious gold and stones that were found in the area. Over time Robert introduced his sons to the business and slowly taught them the craft. Eventually the sons took over the responsibility of running business and carried on the reputation of creating high quality custom jewellery.

After 58 years of running as a family business it eventually it got to the stage where the two sons were looking to retire. In 1964 an employee James Durkin who had worked there for 20 years since being an apprentice took over the business and ran it for a further 20 years.

History then repeated itself when in 1984 James Durkin handed the business over to another loyal and long serving employee and past apprentice, Andrew Walsh.


Andrew has been running the business with the same trusted values and high standards of workmanship ever since.

Andrew now has close to 50 years experience & has been running Parkers for 35 years, is a qualified manufacturing jeweller, registered valuer & trained gemmologist with a Diploma in Diamond Technology and extensive design credentials.


Forever & Again Bridal Beauty – Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne




Here’s Why We Reccommend Easy Weddings

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Be assured you will find quality of service and the best in the industry. Both couples and wedding suppliers like using Easy Weddings for the ease of use and ability to find from a large variety of offers. Customise your perfect wedding day with the large array of choices you have on this one website !

You will find Forever and Again Bridal and Beauty listed on Easy Weddings under FASHION/ ACCESSORIES/ VIC/ MELBOURNE


Vinny and Charles Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne


Upon request

About Vinny & Charles

Vinny & Charles is a husband and wife run jewellery business that is passionate about making unique and timeless fine jewellery pieces. Using high quality materials and rare gemstones, set in unique, timeless designs, Vinny & Charles is dedicated to making luxury jewellery accessible and ethical.

We make contemporary fashion pieces, as well as nature inspired, unique and alternative engagement and wedding jewellery. We also love making use of a variety of colourful gemstones in our pieces.

All of our designs are created in the Vinny & Charles workshop in Western Australia, but we cater to customers all over the world. We handcraft all of our pieces to completion, using top materials and quality craftsmanship.

To us, materials matter – so you won’t find any plated metals, gold fills or cheap imitations with us. We use only solid gold and silver, and high quality, conflict-free diamonds, to make jewellery that is unique in design, and built to last.

Vinny & Charles was born out of a shared passion for creating beautiful, handcrafted jewellery that is unique, personal and suited to women who are independent, creative, adventurous, and appreciate quality. This passion is shared by South African husband and wife team, Chris and Melody, who combined forces in 2010, working on Chris’ jewellery business in South Africa. They went on to open another jewellery business together in 2016 after they moved to Australia, and Vinny & Charles grew out of this journey, transforming into a brand that symbolises Melody and Chris as individuals and as a couple.

Melody has a background in information management, but has been a small business owner since 2008, owning and managing businesses in the travel, photography and jewellery industries. Chris, who has been in the jewellery industry for over 15 years and is qualified in jewellery design and manufacture, also still runs his own jewellery business, specialising in art jewellery and luxury lifestyle products.

Together, as Vinny & Charles, they are committed to creating gorgeous, real and unique wedding and engagement rings, as well as contemporary fashion jewellery, making luxury affordable for the everyday woman.

Every single Vinny & Charles piece is crafted and hand finished in our studio workshop in Perth, Western Australia. This gives us full control over the manufacturing process to ensure each and every piece of jewellery we produce meets the highest quality standards.

All of our pieces are made with great care and love, and we believe it is this care and attention to detail during the manufacturing process that ensures your jewellery will stand the test of time.

In our workshop, we only use high quality materials, like solid gold, and diamonds that are sourced through highly reputable and conflict-free sources that follow the Kimberley Process (KP). All of our pieces are made according to industry standards, with the metal type on the hallmark (9/14/18). Our first priority is quality, and we are committed to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices.


All of our pieces are made in our studio in Western Australia, where we carefully execute each design from start to finish, ensuring that every item is made to the highest standard of quality.


We value simplicity in our jewellery designs, so each piece we make is minimalistic, classy and timeless, designed to complement you, not outshine you. And, quite simply, simple never goes out of style!


You should always know what you’re paying for, and with Vinny & Charles, you always know that you are getting high quality metals, ethical gemstones and expert craftmanship.

Ethical Luxury

We believe that being ethical in the jewellery industry is not a luxury, but that luxury can be ethical. And that is why we only source diamonds from highly reputable, conflict-free sources who follow the Kimberly process

Accessible Luxury

We are committed to creating beautiful, hand crafted, fine jewellery at affordable prices. By cutting out the middle man and selling direct to you, our customers, we make luxury accessible and everyday.


Franco Jewellers – Wedding Jewellery Melbourne




Franco Jewellers, leading Melbourne Jeweller of Collins street,  is one of those rare companies that launch exclusive collections, which consistently set the barometer for the most coveted accessories. Today, we are proud to be a  jewellery retailer offering consistency, luxury, quality bespoke custom designs,  and with 50 years experience in the retail jewellery industry.

A creative passion for fashion and accessories runs in the Franco family. It began when Franco Ceresiani migrated from Italy in 1956 after completing a jewellery and watchmaking course and decided to begin his career in the world of jewellery two years later. Working in Ballarat for Thomas Jewellers, Franco planned to hit the big city of Melbourne where he managed the shop for Simpson Jewellers before deciding to place his own mark.

Franco opened his first jewellery shop in the CBD of Melbourne, just steps away from the GPO in 1968. The Elizabeth Street shop was the beginning of a successful family business, that grew to three stores over a period of three decades. Franco Jewellers became one of the only Italian jewellers located in the CBD at the time, and as a result built a strong and dedicated clientele. Featuring imported Jewellery and Swiss watch brands, Franco’s success climbed and the range of jewellery offered, expanded.

Nine years later Franco extended the business and opened a second store in Centrepoint, Bourke Street in 1979, with the third store opening in Melbourne Central in 1991. “In 1994, we were approached by Chadstone Shopping Centre to open a store so we ended up with three stores right up until 2003,” recalls Daniela.

Today, Franco Jewellers has two boutiques located in Collins Street, one in St Collins Lane as a flagship boutique , and the other in the Manchester Building for a private appointment style boutique, offering privacy and one on one service. “We decided to keep both boutiques as we were able to maintain quality, more high end stock, and personalised service as there is a family member in both stores.”


Sisters Silvana and Daniela Ceresiani play a major part in the company’s aesthetic. Under their astute eyes, and together with their mother, Connie Ceresiani, Franco Jewellers has showcased highly successful Italian collections.

Their love of jewels came from being involved in Franco Jewellers, her family’s trade. “I am used to working with my father. I have grown up seeing gemstones, looking at diamonds and jewellery,” says Daniela. The family business loomed large during the Daniela’s formative years. Together with her sister Silvana, they would work around the shop selling watchbands at the age of 13. With the help of Franco and Connie, they learnt the ropes and after graduating from university, they both decided to join the family business where they have been dedicated to for almost 20 years. Today, Franco Jewellers has reinvented themselves to a jewellery house that is less mainstream and more upmarket. Creating a niche market by sourcing the latest collections from international jewellery fairs, Franco Jewellers is constantly exploring new avenues and remaining one step ahead.


In terms of trends, Daniela has noticed a strong move towards colour this year. Colour has always been a strong characteristic of gemstones. Although not as high in value as diamonds, coloured gems have been the stones of choice for the trendier, more fashionable set – and this year is no exception.

Whether you opt for candy-coloured and cute or glittering and glamorous, cocktail rings aren’t for the faint-hearted! They scream for attention and are meant to catch the eye. Popular in the 1940s and 1950s, they were mostly worn as a declaration of independence.

A single statement cocktail ring strikes a chord of individuality, which can feel stifled in stipped back times, especially those featuring fancy-coloured stones in classic cuts and styles.

Eye-catching pieces are a hit because they look and feel luxurious. The use of bold colours marks an expression of optimism. It’s the best way to translate the joy of living and a kind of free thinking.

Black is one such colour that is making a statement at Franco Jewellers. Black diamonds are the latest trend that is getting plenty of recognition and their popularity especially among men is on the rise. As the rarest among the entire diamond family, black diamonds are in the transitional stage between graphite and pure diamond.

The modern craze for this stone can be attributed to its ability to complement and contrast the dazzles of white metals and diamonds. They also accentuate the beauty of white diamonds and can be worn with any outfit.


The collections that you can find at Franco Jewellers are solely from Italy where Franco is the sole importer for many exclusive jewellery houses in Italy. These include household names such as Anna Maria Cammilli, Autore Pearls among many more. Franco Jewellers also carries a range of Swiss watch brands which include U-Boat and the newly designed innovative brand of Rec watches.

You will also be able to have one of the qualified jewellers handcraft a ring that is individually designed for each client. With everything

flowed through from beginning to end, you will receive the excellent service with a personal touch that Franco Jewellers prides themselves on.

“Our philosophy is to maintain highest level of service together with quality at reasonable prices where we take that extra step to make sure everything is quality controlled.”


SH Jewellery – Wedding Jeweller Shop Melbourne




As an independent jeweller, the SH Jewellery collection is exclusive to our brand, allowing us full creative freedom over the look and feel of our engagement rings and wedding bands. All our rings are designed in-house at our Springvale showroom, combining decades of design history with modern influences from across the globe.

Every hand-picked diamond we select is checked by certified gemologists and trusted diamond experts with whom we’ve developed relationships over 20 years in the industry. Together, we source diamonds 3-4 grades higher than industry standards and 7-8 grades higher than most chain stores.

Our ethically sourced diamonds undergo meticulous cutting and polishing methods to ensure our clients’ engagement rings and wedding bands boast a brightness and fire far superior to the mass-produced rings of shopping centre retailers.

Just as our designs have evolved over time, so too have our clients’ needs. In response to increased demand for buying engagement rings online, SH Jewellery now offers the convenience of online shopping with a 30-Day Exchange and Money Back Guarantee, giving our clients complete peace of mind.

At SH Jewellery, we believe education is key to making one of life’s most emotionally and financially significant investments. With this education-first philosophy, our family is delighted and honoured to advise on diamond jewellery that will be treasured for generations to come.

View our unique range of engagement rings and wedding rings in our online shop, or request a complimentary consultation today with one of our Diamond Specialists to help you find ‘the one’.



At SH Jewellery in Melbourne the most beautiful and amazing diamond engagement rings are on show. Our engagement rings are uniquely designed and are produced from the world’s most high end diamonds. You won’t find the same engagement ring selection anywhere else in Melbourne. Our designers engage the most modern techniques for all rings. Whether you’re after a ring that’s unique and different, or something with a classic touch, we have a great selection to choose from. We carry engagement rings with different diamond shapes including:

  • Round Brilliant Cut diamonds
  • Princess Cut diamonds
  • Pear Shape Cut diamonds
  • Cushion Cut diamonds
  • Emerald Cut diamonds
  • Oval Shape Cut diamonds
  • Heart Shape Cut diamonds
  • Marquise Shape Cut diamonds


Asking a person to marry you is a magical experience, a ‘Once-In-A-Lifetime’ moment. We understand this and believe only the best will do. Buy the most expensive engagement ring you can afford as it will be cherished for a lifetime. At SH Jewellery we are very experienced in helping our customers find the perfect engagement ring, in fact the majority of our valued clients return to purchase their wedding rings for when the big day arrives. Expensive diamond rings are treasured jewels. Let us show you our wide selection and we are sure to have the ring you have been searching for. It maybe that you are unsure of exactly what to choose as it can be tricky with an overwhelming choice of designs, diamond shapes, colours and clarities. SH Jewellery are the engagement ring experts and we are always able to find the perfect ring for our customers. Apart from the shape of the diamonds, our engagement rings can be categorized into different ring setting styles.

  • Solitaire
  • Timeless
  • Halo
  • Modern
  • Three stone


The ring setting will be the design that holds the precious diamonds in place. Solitaire engagement rings are a classic and elegant design. Featuring only a single diamond in the centre and allowing the stone’s true beauty to be shown. Our Timeless diamond wedding rings feature a few side diamonds and are exactly as described – simple, timeless and beautiful. The Halo diamond wedding ring designs add a pinch of sophistication and enhances the beauty of the centre stone. These designs are very popular and have been trending upwards in recent years. The Modern collection features rings that are very unique and will ensure your fingers are sparkling from left to right.

Wearing these diamond wedding rings will not go unnoticed. The Three-stone engagement rings collection features a mix of classic simplicity and modern charm. Explore a variety of ring settings at our Melbourne SH Jewellery Shop. Whatever the dream engagement ring our customers have in mind, we will have it. We are Melbourne Jewellery Experts and diamond wedding rings are our speciality. We treat each customer with individual, attentive service and our diamond experts can provide you with advice and an amazing insight to current engagement ring designs and trends. This is your ‘Once-In-A-Lifetime’ engagement ring purchase – we understand how special and magical this time is. SH Jewellery will make the process easy for you to find the perfect engagement ring.


Diamonds have been seen as a universal symbol of love and commitment for eternity. They represent purity, romance, love and perfection. Mankind’s fascination with diamonds reaches back throughout history, seen forever as indestructible, precious and beautiful.

Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of what love really is: divine, romantic and eternal. Each diamond has been created through a series of natural events turning an ancient element, carbon into the world’s most alluring and sought after gemstone.

Millions of years ago, molten flows of volcanic lava, deep beneath the earth’s crust, carried pure carbon crystallized at high temperatures and pressures to the earth’s surface. The miracle of a diamond is that only a few survived this perilous journey, and only a very small percentage are of gemstone quality that are suitable for use in jewellery.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the ‘vena amoris’ (vein of love) runs directly from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart. The tradition of wearing a ring on this finger is believed to have its roots in this Egyptian belief. The use of a diamond, symbolizing love and marriage began many centuries ago. Mary of Burgundy accepted the first ever documented diamond engagement ring in 1477, following the proposal of Archduke Maximilian of Austria.

As time went on, the diamond became seen as a precious object of beauty and desire, and the diamond engagement ring became increasingly popular. Changes in design and manufacture, and advances in new skills in cutting, were brought about and influenced by the fashion of the times.

Diamond cutting is the science and art of turning a mined piece of rough diamond into a beautiful faceted gemstone. Early diamond cutters had many restrictions in the equipment available and knowledge of cutting, hence the early cuts were very primitive. In the 16th century, certain developments lead to a change from just polishing the sides of the natural crystals, to actual ‘faceting’, revealing the true beauty of these fascinating stones.

In these early days, old mine cuts were most popular. These diamonds were cut with a small table and high crown, along with a large faceted culet and a deep pavilion. The rose cut diamond was also very popular, featuring a faceted surface with a flat back. Over time, these cuts were eventually perfected into the modern round brilliant cut diamond.

The techniques for cutting diamonds have been developed over hundreds of years, with perhaps the greatest achievements made in 1919 by Marcel Toolkowsky. He was a gem enthusiast and mathematician, who developed the Round Brilliant Cut by working out the ideal proportions, and number of facets to achieve maximum amount of light return when viewed from above.

The modern Round Brilliant Cut diamond has 57 facets, with 33 on the crown (the top half), along with 24 on the pavilion (the lower half). The quality of a diamond’s cut is considered one of the most important of the 4Cs in determining the beauty of a diamond. Also highly important are the diamond’s colour, clarity and carat weight. A number of other factors including symmetry, proportion, and polish, are determined by the quality of the cut and can affect the price and appearance of a diamond. A well cut diamond should show excellent fire, brilliance and scintillation, as the light is dispersed throughout the stone. At SH Jewellery we maintain high quality control standards with our cutting partners and place large emphasis on crafting a perfect diamond that will sparkle for many years to come. Our specialists at SH Jewellery will be glad to explain to you the 4Cs of a diamond and demonstrate what makes our diamonds so uniquely beautiful.

In times past, ring designs ranged from cluster rings, hoop rings, and princess rings (featuring a row of three to seven diamonds). It wasn’t till the 1940s that the solitaire (single stone) diamond engagement ring became popular, and still continues to be an attractive choice today. At present we also have the choice of ‘fancy cut’ diamond shapes such as the Oval Brilliant, the Pear Cut, the Princess Cut, the Marquise Cut, the Cushion Cut, the Emerald Cut, and the Heart Shape just to name a few.

Modern engagement rings come in many different styles and metal alloys. White gold, platinum and yellow gold are generally used. Three-stone rings called trilogy rings are popular, along with halo rings (perimetre of diamonds surrounding the centre stone), and timeless designs (a few diamonds set into the band). Diamonds are held in the ring through different types of setting styles – the three most commonly used setting styles are prong/claw set, bezel set and channel set. Prong/claw settings are the most popular setting style for diamond jewellery. The prong setting consists of four or six claws that hold the diamond securely in place, revealing the body of the diamond and allowing the maximum amount of light to enter from all angles.

Today, diamonds continue to be treasured and adored. They are seen as the ultimate symbol of eternal love, commitment and beauty between men and women or partners. Diamond rings & bands are cherished and passed down through generations and are the perfect gift to mark the beginning of a wonderful life together.


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From unique round, princess cut and oval diamonds, to extravagant white gold, rose gold and platinum jewellery, we, at GemTrove, are a perfect blend of beauty and style. Our designer brands and exclusive collections can cater to all your requirements along with creating a custom design exclusively for you. Our brilliant GIA-graded diamonds come with a diamond price guarantee so that you know you are getting the best of the best.

What Is Your Ideal Diamond Shape?

To start your search for the perfect diamond engagement ring, the first step is to select the shape. Our designers at GemTrove will help you in finding the perfect shape of wholesale loose diamonds for you and your partner. You can decide your unique engagement ring from the following shapes:

  • Emerald
  • Cushion
  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Princess
  • Round
  • Pear
  • Marquise
  • Radiant
  • Asscher
  • Old-cut
  • Special


Want to find the perfect engagement rings but need more information? Do not worry! We are here to provide you with all the answers and ensure that you learn about carat, colour, clarity and cuts of diamonds beforehand and customise your search according to your preference and budget.

Stick to a Budget that Works for you – This might sound like common sense, but there are people spending their three months salary on a ring! Do not fall for it. Know your budget well and stick to it.

Research Well – Take some time to do your homework. Learn about the 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat and you will get the best at an affordable price.

Get the Highest Cut Grade – This is the most crucial of the 4Cs as it determines the diamonds brilliance.

Colour and Clarity – For the best value, choose a near colourless – Grade G-H and an eye-clean graded VS1-VS2 diamond.

Know about the Shape – The most popular ones are round diamonds. But, make sure you do not cut out the other shapes, like emerald, pear or princess. Fancy shapes can cost less than a round shaped diamond.

Shop Around and Compare the Prices – Visit several retailers online and offline, and use the independent grading report to your advantage.


Explore our dazzling range of diamond ring designs and collections selected by our top designers.

  • Solitaire Diamond Rings
  • Halo Rings
  • Three Diamond Rings
  • Vintage Rings
  • Pave Rings
  • Tension Rings
  • Channel-Set Rings
  • Side-Stone Rings

Why GemTrove?

We help you celebrate life is most cherished moments with our exquisite collection of GemTrove diamond engagement rings and jewellery in Australia. Choose us for:

GIA Certified Diamond and GIA certified Gemologists – We will ensure that your diamond lasts as long as your love, and so does our support.

Wholesale Prices – When you choose us, you can rest assured that everything you wear will be created with accurate attention and top-most quality at the most affordable prices as we are leading diamond broker and importer.

Custom Made Engagement Rings – We are confident that you won’t find a better piece of jewellery than with us. You can bring us your designs, and we can customise designs exclusively for you.

Australian Made Jewellery – Our jewellery is not only limited to handcrafted custom made diamond engagement rings but our earrings and necklaces are also made by local Australian artisans and covered under Australian warranty.

Conflict-Free Diamonds – We have a strict no-conflict diamond policy at GemTrove. All our suppliers provide us with records of their products so that they can be traced back to the source.

Wide Range of Diamonds – We have more than 150000 Gia certified loose diamonds to choose from. Consult us by appointment and select the best diamond for your needs.

Direct from Manufacturers – We sell directly to the public by eliminating middle-man is profit and making the range available for you at unbeatable prices. handcrafted custom made diamond engagement rings, earrings and necklaces


Crafting Expertise

At GemTrove we provide our customers with a wide range of fine jewellery and design solutions at wholesale prices. Behind our bespoke jewellery is a dedicated staff of craftspeople.

The GemTrove company consists of a passionate team of educated jewellery enthusiasts. All our expert jewellers have extensive knowledge of metals, gemstones and diamonds.

Our business acclaims honesty, integrity and dedication. Excellent customer service is at the heart of GemTrove. We pride ourselves on accommodating all our client&s needs.


GemTrove is an Australian owned and operated. Over the years we have strengthened our reputation in the local diamond wholesaler industry. Our store based in the heart of Melbourne. The flagship store located in the iconic Century Building.

Our little showroom has grown its collection by directly working with local manufacturers and dealers. We continue to craft all our rings and bespoke jewellery in our Melbourne headquarters.

Luxury jewellery is our speciality. With considerable attention to detail and exceptional work ethic, we continue to grow our repertoire as fine jewellery experts. From our classic diamond rings, contemporary earrings and bespoke design solutions, our jewellery upholds our rich artistry and expertise.

Quality Guaranteed

Each of our signature pieces and loose diamonds come with quality guaranteed. Our ever-growing selection of luxury jewellery is tested and carefully assessed by professionals.

As jewellery industry experts we are GIA graduates and are a part of the GIA alumni association. We are also members of the Australian-wide National Council of Jewellery Valuers.

Because of our strong connections with manufacturers and dealers, we can provide all our customers with the highest quality materials in jewellery and diamonds at wholesale process and to sell direct to public.

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