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Wedding Decor DIY

Wedding Decor DIY


Between breathtaking ornate tablescapes, white romantic tie backs on chairs, or twinkling chandeliers, your wedding decorations tie your entire wedding together. Whether choosing a modern and straightforward style, or an extravagant and elegant occasion, the right decorations hold power to transform your big day into a magical and unforgettable fairy tale. With so many beautiful design and style options to choose from, the wedding experts at The Manor have outlined vital elements, ideas, and trends to help brides-to-be decorate their ceremony and reception.

Though much thought and careful planning goes into determining the wedding budget, sometimes unforeseen circumstances find their way in. Maybe your guest list has grown unexpectedly, or you’ve gone over budget on your wedding dress. If you’re looking to cut costs, see our inventory of wedding decoration hacks to help fill in the gaps. Boutique events group is your ultimate Wedding Reception Venue to create your dream wedding. 


Everything You Must Know To Plan, Make & Sell Wedding Decorations Like A Pro


The bride (or groom!) has said, “YES!” Now that the couple is officially engaged, it’s time to start planning the wedding. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the decisions to be made and details to be finalized. So they don’t have to sweat it (too much), they’re turning to you for help.

No wedding feels genuinely complete without wedding decorations. However simple they may be, your decorations can turn a special event into the magical, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that you’ve always dreamed of. Now, wedding decorations don’t come easy; they require a lot of thought and deliberate preparation. So before you go out there and scout your wedding decorations, equip yourself with some basic décor knowledge.

First things first, what should you decorate? You don’t have to paint every single nook and cranny to make a huge impact, as long as you focus on these essential wedding decoration elements.



As you walk down the aisle to meet your groom, what do you envision? For many brides, custom-designed aisle runners are the ideal way to showcase their style. While the traditional “all white” designs are still popular, many couples now opt for coloured aisle runners. Trending colour palettes include light pastels, such as lavender and sage green, in monochromatic or two-tone. Some adventurous couples elect for more vibrant colours such as reds, jewel-toned purples, and summery oranges and yellows. You could also consider incorporating original graphic prints such as a cluster of butterflies, hearts, or flowers, for an eye-catching display as guests seat themselves.


Floral hacks

For many brides, lush florals are a must-have. But as gorgeous as they are, they come at a price. One key to saving on florals is to reuse as much as you can.

If you’re using fresh flowers at your rehearsal dinner, make them last and bring them back for your wedding day! Be sure to cut stems at 45-degree angles to ensure that your buds will stay in bloom as long as possible. If you can, store them at below 60 degrees as well to keep them from wilting. On the day of, ask your florist to bring extra vases with water. After the ceremony, have your bridesmaids set their bouquets in the jars and place them anywhere that could use a decorative touch.


Whether you’re a full-service wedding planner or you specialize in one part of the wedding decorations arena, we’ve created this wedding decorations guide to help make the process as easy and stress-free as possible—for both you and your clients. This guide is written from a comprehensive point of view so you can use it for working with clients on all aspects of the wedding decorations plan. Or, simply jump into the sections that align with your maker talents so you can focus on creating those products to sell. Let’s get started.


Wedding Ceremony Decorations


Let’s begin with the ceremony. The ceremony lies at the very core of a wedding, as it’s the moment when two lovers are united in the sacred bond of marriage. Such an endearing moment in one’s life should be completed with a breathtaking set-up, don’t you think? So, be sure not to overlook these elements to create an alluring backdrop that complements your solemn vows.


Alternatively, you can replace a fabric aisle runner. Instead, you can put use small items on display such as lining the aisle with tea lights in mason jars, lanterns, clusters of candles, potted flowers, or pretty piles of colourful flowers. One popular trend for garden weddings is a ‘petal carpet’ of scattered flower petals, or petals laid out in a whimsical pattern, creating a path. The options are endless.

Maybe your budget will not allow for fresh flowers, consider a few alternatives. High-quality fake flowers are tough to distinguish from the real thing. They’re nearly identical, and you can get them for half the cost! If you want to take it a step above, think about renting luxurious silk florals. They look expensive, but can also save you a pretty penny. Finally, if you simply insist on live blooms, skip the florist and purchase your florals from a wholesale store and DIY your bouquets and centrepieces, or opt for wildflowers or succulents instead.


Starting The Wedding Decorations Plan

Once the happy couple has set the date and found the venue for the ceremony and reception, it’s time for you to help them start planning—and have a little fun with—the wedding décor. Whether the wedding and reception are in a church hall, hotel banquet room, garden park, a backyard or even a barn, the decorations will make the event uniquely their own.


Depending on your venue, there are different alternatives for the wedding ceremony entrance area. Your entry can be marked by church doors, a simple gate, or even two huge flower vases. Whatever kind of entrance it may be, make sure it won’t look dull. Decorate your door with flowers, ribbons, garland, or any other elements you can think of. Lacking imagination a little? Check out our list of Wedding Decorators in Melbourne here. 




LED lighting can dramatically change your venue, making it look even more festive and enchanting. Consider positioning coloured uplighting around the perimeter of the room. LED lights are an ideal way to change the colour of your venue by creating a soft glow. This is a great way to have a cohesive look that ties in with your wedding theme and light up the night.


Do you or a close friend own a cutting machine? That investment is about to pay for itself tenfold. There’s probably an infinite number of crafts you can create with a cutting tool, but here are a few for your special day that will give your wallet a break!


The venue plays a vital role in the wedding decorations you suggest for several reasons. The size of the site will dictate the size of the decorations, as they need to be proportionate to the space available. The style of the venue should also align with the décor style. Clashing design styles and colours take away from the beauty of the day.


bridal table
bridal table vogue ballroom with candles




This is optional, but we can tell you that a decorated corridor looks better than a plain one. Scattered flower petals and a red carpet are only a few of the many ways you can decorate your aisle. As you walk down that path, you’ll be happy that you decided not to leave it empty.


LED technology is wireless, making assembly an easy process for your wedding planning team. When incorporating LED lights into a wedding, contact your planner to confirm that the reception venue is suitable for the display. The size of the room, the equipment needed for the projection, and the availability of electrical outlets must be discussed with the vendor well in advance. It’s best to vet your wedding lighting vendor through recommendations and research to be sure your big day goes off without a hitch.


If you love the look of handwritten calligraphy but aren’t willing to pay a professional, use your creativity and a cutting machine to create: save the dates, wedding invitations, a welcome sign, table assignment sign, place cards, table numbers, personalized tags or stickers for favours, a cake topper, confetti, and even florals. You can create vinyl decals to stick on wood, glass, or acrylic, or simply use the cutout as a stencil and handwrite your items.


The location may also have restrictions that will influence decoration choices. Some sites do not allow open flames, attaching things to walls or ceilings, loose flower petals, moving furniture, etc. You’ll want to get a list of any restrictions upfront so you can make recommendations accordingly and keep the couple from having any costly surprises later.


Pew decoration

Pew decorations are put on the sides of chairs at your wedding ceremony venue. Aside from making the chairs look more impressive, pew decorations will complement your aisle décor and connect the entrance with the arch in the deeper part of the room.




As your guests bring beautifully wrapped wedding gifts and envelopes to your reception, it’s customary to set up a wedding gift table in the response for guests to place and display their presents for the bride and groom. Wedding décor methods apply to every detail in the wedding ballroom, large and small, so it is essential to pay special attention to both the design and the functionality of the gift table.


Other Wedding DIY


Pinch a penny wherever you can. The possibilities are endless.


Use tealight candles and dollar store votives to add a romantic air to your reception. You can get more than enough candles to create a scene, and it won’t cost you a fortune.


Add touches of sentiment all around your wedding by decorating with pictures of you and your better half. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it could also save you some cash if you use framed photos in place of florals or another more costly décor.


Now that the couple is ready to start selecting decorations for the wedding, you must help them look at the big picture and determine the overall wedding theme/style that aligns with their personalities and aesthetic preferences. Themes can be based around colours, seasons, styles (vintage, modern, rustic, romantic, etc.) or locations (garden, seaside, etc.).



Brides are getting more and more creative with their wedding arch decorations. Whether it’s romantic or modern, a lovely arch will make a wedding ceremony so much more memorable. Your wedding arch will also make a great backdrop for the wedding kiss photo!


Gift table linens can have a style of their own; they do not have to be the same colour, fabric, texture, and style as the wedding guest table linens. Many couples choose an alternative colour for the gift table and accentuate it with shimmery, crystal-sewn, even patterned linens that reach the floor on all sides for the most polished effect. Some couples choose to add a table runner to create a colourful, decorative effect.

If you like the shimmer and shine of metal accents, but don’t want to pay the price, get yourself some spray paint and DIY some gold, silver, or copper items, like candle holders, vases, frames, napkin rings, flowers, and more! Looking for someone to help decorate on your special day? Check out our list of Wedding Decorators in Melbourne



Ultimately, the best way to save time and money on style and décor is to book a venue that speaks for itself. If it has incredible views, stylish fixtures and furniture, or unique décor, less can be more.

For more daring couples, a concept wedding theme (Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, etc.) can make the perfect day. Just be careful: The day should be classy, not kooky. And it absolutely must be authentic to the couple.


To get a sense of the kind of themes that can be used for wedding venue decoration, check out these ideas from the Bridal Guide as well as this post from A Practical Wedding with 20 must-see wedding themes.

Wedding Reception Decorations


Up next is the wedding reception. Being the celebratory part of the wedding, the wedding reception naturally has more areas to decorate. Go through the ones listed below slowly and make sure not to miss any spots.


Also, consider decorating the front edge of the table with extra garland from the wedding floral décor, place your bridal parties’ bouquets on the table for the evening, or drape a monogrammed fabric drape in color matching your guest table décor accents. Many couples enjoy candlelight, and often use flameless candles or LED light cubes in glass vases for that ambient touch of class.

Once you and the clients have determined the general direction to go, let the brainstorming for wedding decoration ideas begin.




The bridal stage is the focal point of every wedding reception. Many professional decorators have suggested allocating the most significant chunk of your decoration budget for the stage. This comes as no surprise, as your step will be the main focus of the event and the backdrop of almost every wedding photo.




A growing trend is incorporating your wedding monogram into your wedding decorations. Entwining a couple’s first initials together, or only using the initial of their newly shared last name carries a great sense of symbolism. Monograms can be included in wedding programs, on the aisle, on the dance floor, on guest table menu cards, seating charts, place cards and table signs, and even napkins. Similarly, centrepiece designs can be made using flower petals arranged into the couple’s monogram shape at the centre of each guest table.


vogue ballroom reception venue
floral white and clear table styling vogue ballroom reception venue


Unique Wedding Invitations


Okay, so wedding invitations aren’t decorations. Duh. But, the marriage announcement is a good jumping-off point to figure out the colour palette and overall theme to weave throughout the décor choices. So, they’re worthy of a quick chat within that big-picture context.




If you’re having a sit-down dinner, centerpieces are a must. Even if you’re having a standing party, centerpieces are still needed for the VIP and family tables. There’s no need to be too extravagant, as simple ones like flowers in glass jars can work just as well. With proper centrepieces, your guests will feel appreciated, and imagine how pretty everything will look!




What better way to personalize your wedding than giving your wedding guests a glimpse into your life together through photography? For example, travel-themed weddings can include framed pictures of you as a couple at various destinations. A wedding is more intimate with personalization, so consider photos and facts about the bride and groom. Table cards with different fun facts about the bride and groom, such as their first encounter, awkward moments and favourite memories, can be a fun way to include personality and can even encourage guests to walk around various tables to read the different facts.


The types of fonts and imagery used on the wedding stationery suite—save-the-date-cards, invitations, RSVP cards, thank you tags, envelope liners, return labels, envelope seals—should tie-in to the types of wedding decorations used to give the celebration a cohesive and considered feel. Are they formal and clean, or are they frilly and fun? Perhaps the couple is drawn to traditional classics, or maybe they want to make a modern statement. There are no right or wrong answers here, just preferences.



Lighting is an essential element, as it enhances the atmosphere of the whole venue and makes all the decorations look alive. Have your lighting designer and decorator work together to add little touches of light here and there to make your decorations look amazing.




Are you stuck deciding what décor style to include in your upcoming wedding? From your ceremony aisle and seating to the tablescapes at your reception, the wedding planners at The Manor are experts on creating custom weddings with the decorations the best fit each couple. Contact New Jersey’s top wedding venue today!

Keep in mind that wedding invitations are the first impression that friends and family get off the upcoming life the couple is going to spend together. So take your time and work closely with them to ensure you get the recommendations right.

There are many wedding stationery sources, both in-person and online, that offer stock designs you can recommend. Right now, we’re lovin’ MagnetStreet. Just check out these blue-and-white invites. Indigo is so on-trend. Looking for the best Melbourne Wedding Decorators to help make your day as magical as possible. Boutique events group, have you covered. 




You might not think about it that much, but the type of chair you use for your wedding can affect the whole atmosphere. Before settling down with a kind of chair, take a look at the most popular types of wedding chairs in the slider below.

If your clients aren’t sure what their dream wedding style is, MagnetStreet also has this fun quiz to help narrow down the choices. The results include color palettes to play with, links to the inspiration board and stationery samples that would work with that style. It’s a great tool to use when working with couples to help whittle down the vast array of choices.

Another place to look for inspiration is with printables. This post via POPSUGAR has a collection of 72 beautiful wedding invite printables. In comparison, these 31 printables from Buzzfeed not only have save-the-date cards and invitations, but there are also signs, menu cards, photo props and more.


Table settings


This is particularly important for a sit-down dinner. After you’ve arranged seating arrangements for your guests, make sure that they have pretty table settings readily waiting in front of them.

If buying someone else’s stock design isn’t your client’s thing, there’s an opportunity for you to make and sell custom wedding invitations that are perfectly tailored to your client’s preferences. How? You can incorporate calligraphy, watercolours, stamping or embossing. (But probably not all at once!) You can use hand-pressed paper or create a faux deckled edge. You could even add embellishments such as buttons or cabochons, ribbons or twine.



When we’re talking about weddings and decorations, it’s almost sure that we’re going to bring flowers into the picture. After choosing the florist and herbs to use on your wedding day, consult the types and placement of the flowers with your decorator.


For some inspiration of what’s possible and to help your clients narrow down the possibilities, check out this compilation of custom wedding invitations via Woman Getting Married. We especially like hand-painted envelopes in idea #2 and the invitation accents in idea #8.

Speaking of custom wedding invites, let’s look at some of our faves. If the couple knows their preferred style is more rustic or if they have an outdoor wedding, here’s an unconventional idea: Wooden wedding invitations. If you haven’t seen them before, you’re in for a treat.


Wedding décor dos and don’ts


Now that you know about the essential decorative elements you need for your wedding day, it’s time to start thinking thoroughly and planning well. Follow our wedding decoration tips below, whether you’ve decided to opt for DIY decorations or entrust everything to the pros.

Check out these “Into The Woods” invitations from Etsy seller DotLaser. They’re made from 1.5mm plywood that is both laser cut and laser engraved for an authentic, tactile feel that is perfect for a countryside wedding.


Do: Research wedding themes

The first thing you should do is choose a theme or colour palette for your wedding. It’s best to start researching early to have a cohesive mental image of what you want your wedding decoration to look like. By doing so, you’ll know what can or can’t be used for your decoration. Right décor should complement and express your wedding theme.

Laser-cut invitations aren’t limited to wood. Cardstock and plastic can also be laser cut and engraved into beautifully intricate designs that are uniquely matched to your clients. The map below was cut from a two-colour acrylic, which stamps down from brushed gold to black, giving a high contrast and luxurious finish.


Don’t: Be disorganized

List down all the decorative elements you need. For example, hanging chandeliers, unique dinnerware, tablecloths, candles, or the flowers you want to use. Be specific and write down everything along with the quantity, colours, and if possible, where you can get them. If you’re the visual type, create an inspiration board filled with photos of every single item you’re going to have.

A word of caution: Laser cutting cardstock, plastic or wood will cost more than traditional printing on paper. As such, these are typically better for smaller weddings or weddings with larger invitation budgets. Keeping the invites low in size will help. Combining wood and paper could even keep costs under control.


Do: Stick to your budget

Don’t have a massive budget for decorations? There’s no need to worry! Choose a vendor whose service rate matches your budget and disclose your budget openly so they can create something suitable with the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

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