15+ Unique Flower Girl Dress Shops in Melbourne (2024)

Every wedding needs an adorable flower girl! To find the perfect flower girl outfit to complement your wedding theme, we recommend shortlisting nearby boutiques, reading their customer reviews to ensure quality and viewing their unique range in-store before purchase.

Wedding are very stressful and we took off some load by creating a list of the best flower girl and boy wedding shops in Melbourne.

Searching for something truly special to dress your flower girls in? Here are the ‘go to’ Australia-wide stores for flower girl dresses!

So we've lightened the load a little, by compiling a list of the best stores for flower girl dresses that will prompt a chorus of "awwwws" from across the room, and set the tone for the rest of the big day.

There are plenty of options out there, in a range of sizes, colours and designs - but we've tried to stick to the more affordable end of things to keep it simple.

Here’s our comprehensive list of the best wedding shops within Melbourne for flower girl wedding dresses.

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    List Of Unique Flower Girl Dress Shops

    Flower girls should be between the ages of 3 and 7. Eight is a stretch if she's a big kid. Junior bridesmaids are 12-16, although you can extend that younger if you need to. ... But the ring bearer and the flower girls should be kept together with supervision until the bride is ready to go down the aisle.


    New South Wales couples are willing to fork out the most for their floral arrangements, sitting at an average of $1,710 for their wedding flowers. Western Australian and South Australian couples are willing to pay a similar amount - $1,465 and $1,420 respectively. ~ EasyWeddings

    Who pays for the flower girl dress? Traditionally, the flower girl's parents will pay for the dress. It is polite to provide a few options for flower girl dresses or let them choose for themselves in a certain color palette if they are paying.


    Flower Girl Dress Guide: Do Flower Girl Dresses Have to Match the Bride? The short answer is no. Flower girl dresses don't have to match the bride. Nor do they necessarily have to match the bridesmaids either.


    Usually, flower girls and ring bearers range from ages three to eight years old. But don't let that stop you from giving those roles to someone younger or older, or even to adults, especially if you're not too keen on the idea of including children in your wedding.


    Ferrari Formal Wear & Bridal - Flower Girl Shop Melbourne

    wedding dresses for flower girl



    Brian Ferrari could never have imagined that his fledgling firm, which began in Ormond, Melbourne, with a stock of five dinner suits purchased with money borrowed from his Aunt, would one day be a part of so many families' important occasions.

    Our expertise and research in garment technology, assembly, and finishing ensure the best possible product for your special occasion, and we have established the most beautiful range of formalwear available in Australia through our extended collaboration with designers worldwide.

    The Suit Concierge -  Flower Girl Shop Melbourne

    melbourne page boy suit



    The Suit Concierge specializes in custom tailoring, providing one-of-a-kind clothing tailored to each customer's exact dimensions. The Suit Concierge, based in Hong Kong, a city recognized for its superb tailoring, combines high quality with exceptional service at a fair price.

    The Suit Concierge is a market leader in tailored apparel for men and women. We are extending our retail footprint globally from a family of Hong Kong's most reputable bespoke tailors that dates back 60 years and three generations. Our tailors have dressed significant clients including government officials, celebrities, and sports figures.

    Our objective is to provide the tradition of bespoke to the modern man/woman with great service and unparalleled outcomes, using our knowledge of the newest fashion trends in the garment business and a wealth of experience in crafting. We use your dimensions, form, and posture to design a one-of-a-kind suit, jacket, dress, or shirt that fits exactly and emphasizes your greatest characteristics. We compete and outperform the world's greatest tailoring houses in terms of quality, style, variety, and value. We have over 20,000 fabric options ranging from low-cost to high-end.

    Formal Red - Flower Girl Dress Shop Melbourne

    wedding formal wear



    We began tailoring all of our clothing in Melbourne, offering a custom-made service and wedding suits, as well as a ready-to-wear line and a modest hire service. The emphasis on customer care and superior tailoring was distinctive. With our diverse range of suits, we recreated the experience of a true "Clothier."

    Your outfit reflects your personal style and personality. A well-tailored suit makes you stand out and gives you confidence. Dress sharply and turn heads with Formal Red's handmade, custom designed suits. Each made-to-measure suit we create is one-of-a-kind for each client. Our bespoke suits are made to your exact measurements and are the perfect reflection of your personality, taste, and style. It all comes down to what you desire. The proper cloth. The ideal match. The ideal design. The proper details.

    We're confident that with professional suit fitters, wedding planners, and a tailoring service at your disposal, you'll discover a solution to suit your style and budget. We create suits for weddings, black tie events, formal occasions, work, and social occasions. Custom designs and wedding discussions require appointments.

    Tie Store - Flower Girl Dress Shop Melbourne

    Wedding Accesories Melbourne



    Our goods are always at the forefront of both classic and current design and style since they are founded and run by a youthful group of creative and active tie aficionados.

    To fulfill your unique needs, we provide a vast selection of ties, bow ties, and accessories in a range of hues, sizes, and pattern variations. We have worked hard at Tie Store Australia to create a variety of ties and accessories that will see you through every occasion, whether formal, business-related, or informal. Whether you want to add to your existing collection or start from fresh, we have the appropriate accessories for you - browse our online selection of

    Threads N Trends - Flower Girl Dress Shop Melbourne

    melbourne wedding dresses



    We have all sizes, as well as a variety of colors and styles, so you may mix and match. Our collections and designs have always been designed to satisfy our customers based on three criteria: quality (durability), fashion (trendiness), and self-identity (characteristic).

    We strive to serve our consumers with high-quality, trendy, and economical fashion clothing. Our top priority is your satisfaction. We are more than simply a store; we are your stylist, fashion scout, and next big idea.

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