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Wedding Theme Tips

Wedding Theme Tips


Themed weddings are growing in popularity and for a good reason – it’s the last opportunity for the bride and groom to showcase their personalities and love for something special to them, whether it be pop culture, travel, music and so on. Check out Boutique events group Wedding Venue for your ultimate wedding reception.


From suits and ties to skirts and heels, to cake flavours and florals, there’s a lot to think about when planning a wedding. We bet you’ve already begun thinking about your wedding theme, whether consciously or not. Just to be clear, when we say “theme” we don’t mean you and your spouse-to-be have to throw on Mickey Mouse ears and set your first dance to “It’s a Small World” (although Disney weddings are a thing).


Your wedding is one of the most critical milestones in your life. 


Everything must be perfect, and we do understand that, so we came up with this comprehensive list to help you to choose the best theme for your special day. All these themes share the same premium quality, functionality, pixel-perfect design, customizable functionality, and unlimited colour variations.


In this article, we’ll first talk a little about why you might create a wedding website, and explain what features you’ll need. Next, we’ll introduce you to 11 gorgeous wedding themes to choose from. Let’s take a trip down the aisle!


Divulging in interests that are unique to the bride and groom and planning a wedding day around a specific theme typically leads to an unforgettable experience for both the couple and their guests. (Case in point: this adorable red tandem-bike themed wedding!)

We’re merely referring to the style and tone of your event based on your location, wedding season, and several other personal factors. Think a way to tie the wedding together according to you and your fiancé(e)’s tastes. Easy enough? To get you started, here are six things you should consider when choosing a wedding theme.


You can set up your website by installing one of the many built-in demo websites or template pages with a single click installation process, proceeding then to customize your layouts, animations and specific element settings at your leisure through the visual drag and drop page builder or the Slider Revolution slideshow builder, both integrated into Jevelin at no additional cost.

A wedding is often a large and complex event, with lots to plan, prepare for, and record. At first, glance, creating a website for your wedding may just seem like another task on the to-do list. However, it can help you streamline some of your other responsibilities, both before and after the event itself.


If you want to have a specific and unique wedding theme for your big day, you’re probably wondering where to even begin – hosting a wedding is tricky enough before diving into revolving the décor, food and music around a specific vision! Ultimately, remember that a themed wedding still needs to include all the aspects of a traditional wedding. Here are a few tips to consider:


What’s Your Style?


Think about your personalities and senses of style. Are you preppy? Outdoorsy? Whimsical? Or do you tend to lean towards clean and modern designs? You want your special day to reflect you and your partner as a couple, and there’s no better way to do that than by incorporating your style into the décor of your wedding reception like this rock-n-roll-loving couple did. Check out our Top Wedding Planners here to help make your special day as smooth as possible. 


Couples love Jevelin for their wedding websites because it provides them with the flexibility of six different portfolio layouts, all easily deployable for beautiful image galleries and wedding photography in gloriously high resolution with smooth lightbox features, modern masonry and grid layouts and far more beyond the hood.


Plus, you can easily customize it with your colours and imagery and use dedicated widgets to expand your wedding site’s functionality. If you run into any trouble along the way, the developers offer plenty of helpful documentation and support.


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Choose your Theme


To choose your theme, think of something meaningful to you and your significant other – what are your hobbies? Are you more of a fun or serious couple? Do you prefer things to be more elegant or edgy? The sky is the limit when choosing a theme.


We suggest looking at your favourite brands’ and stores’ websites and saving images (or writing down details) of what you like. This helps generate a wedding vision if you have no clue where to start.


As a wedding photographer, you can gain massive value from a spectacular website. Instead of hiring someone to build a page for you, with Webify, you can do it all by yourself. There are different samples ready-made for you to use and have a page close to completion in just a few clicks.

Creating A Wedding Website to Match Your Theme


When creating a wedding website, it’s a smart idea to consider keeping it clean and minimalist. That way, any vital information and imagery get a chance to stand out. With Idylle, you can create a stylish, modern-looking website that uses bold colours as a primary design element. There’s also plenty of demo content to get you started, along with personalization options so you can make the site your own.


  • Consider your theme when choosing a location for the wedding – think a large estate or mansion for a fairy tale theme, an outdoor stage for a music festival theme, etc.
  • Introduce the theme through your save the dates, invitations, décor and favours.
  • The food and music also should reflect your theme – perhaps there’s even an era-specific dance that you and your spouse want to perform or get the entire crowd involved with!


Did you know you were soul mates when you discovered you both loved a particular film or TV show? Are you both avid readers or Scrabble aficionados? Give the nod to the story and fabric of your relationship through a few thematic details without going overboard. For example, a “Dr. Who”-inspired phone booth and cake topper make for some fun photo ops, while classic novels and stacks of vintage books speak to your literary leanings as a couple.

Attach your jaw-dropping imagery and add additional text, and that is it. Webify’s web design is beautiful to the eye, creative and easy to use. In other words, Webify is perfect for someone who either does not have time or is an utter beginner. Still, expert web developers will find Webify of great use, too.


Wedding Visuals for Your Wedding Website


Weddings are all about the visuals, and your website should be just as stunning as the event itself. Fortunately, wedding themes such as Best Day can make that happen. You can start from one of several pre-built page styles, and customize them with your information and imagery via a drag-and-drop page builder. To add even more flair, you can include videos, music, animations, and more to give visitors a full multimedia experience.


Looking to get Wedding theme inspired?


The creativity of the following couples from these real weddings is bound to get you in the mood to either host your own or attend a themed party.

A venue, city, state, or even country can reinforce the wedding aesthetic you’re going for. Think about your wedding venue and go from there. If your heart is set on a formal, black-tie event, having it at a rustic barn might not be the best location. If yours is a destination wedding, say “aloha” to local foods, drinks, and even florals. Out-of-town guests will also love experiencing local or regional details via your wedding reception, so keep these in mind as you plan.


Looking for a Wedding Stylist? Look no further, Boutique events group has you covered. 


The whole Webify structure is entirely modifiable via drag and drops page builder. You can also choose from different headers and footers, predefined blocks and shortcodes. Establishing an excellent wedding photography website will be as easy as pie with Webify.

When planning your wedding, you want to take steps to make it uniquely yours. Ideally, your website should also reflect the personal nature of your relationship and event. It means you’ll want to look for wedding themes that are both flexible and customizable – such as Honeymoon. With this theme, you’ll get access to various types of home pages, headers, logos, and layouts, and you can personalize each element until it’s just right.

Every year, we all anxiously await to see photos and divulge in the hippie fashion trends during summertime music festivals. So, why not make your wedding theme the same? Flower crowns, maxi dresses and “VIP passes” for guests are sure to make a lasting impression.


Wedding season exists for a reason, and while we’re all about a snowy white wedding, your dreams of an outdoor dance floor can quickly get buried (literally and metaphorically) if you’re planning a January soirée. Consider temperatures, potential weather threats, and the state of the surrounding trees and foliage when contemplating your wedding theme.

Your big day is coming, and you would surprise folks in a way that will make a strong and lasting impression on everyone

  • It offers multiple layouts and 30+ demo pages, plus ten header styles and over 20 footer types.
  • Includes support for various events calendar plugins, and makes it easy to add custom events to pages.
  • It provides many helpful shortcodes for buttons, lightboxes, lists, and other design elements.
  • Lets you fully customize colours, typography, images, and more.


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Outdoor Weddings


If you love the outdoors, your wedding can be turned up a notch by a glamping theme instead of camping. Include subtle touches of the outdoors in your décors, such as greenery and oil lamps and lanterns, and cozy tents or picnic areas with blankets and appetizers will get everybody in the forest spirit.


Conversely, the date of your wedding may make your wedding theme a no-brainer. We’ve seen some awesome Halloween nuptials and have a soft spot for Christmas and New Year’s Eve weddings.


The options are there, and you just need to take charge and make a difference.

Wedding Suite is not a single theme, but four separate wedding themes combined into one package. Each issue is distinct in its appearance, design, and functionality, which means you can choose the one best suited to your individual wedding’s needs. If you happen to be a wedding planner, there’s even a fifth theme you can use for your business. All of these themes can be personalized further and come bundled with useful functionality.


For the whimsical couple, there truly is no place like home with a Wizard of Oz theme. Take your guests on an adventure down the yellow brick road to Oz. And don’t forget your ruby slippers!


There’s that B-word again… Keep in mind that some wedding themes might be pricier than others, depending on your expectations and how OTT (over the top) you go with the décor. A more formal idea is likely to cost more than a rustic-country idea or a wedding that relies upon upcycled, thrifted, or vintage elements.

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