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Choosing Your Wedding Gown

What Makes Shopping for Your Wedding Dress the Ultimate Experience

Over the years, we’ve got a good idea of what makes our shop special & what brides and their families enjoy about our bridal experience. One thing that seems to be the same for every bride, “having the shop to ourselves” or “being in such a beautiful shop and getting the one on one styling guidance” and that makes us so happy to hear.

Boutique events group is your perfect wedding venue in Melbourne delivering fairytale weddings for the bride and groom.


When it comes to fashion, there is nothing more coveted than the white wedding dress and the fairytale story that it inspires. Most young girls dream of the day that all eyes will be on her as she floats down the aisle and dances into the night with her forever love in a stunning white wedding dress.


At The Bridal Finery, we have so many brides who are high school sweethearts! We wanted to learn more about their love story and share with you a real high school sweetheart love story. Meet our bride, Musette and her fiance, Chris. After 12 years together, he asked her to marry him on their 11th anniversary. Continue to read as she shared their beloved story. 

Making sure you shine bright on your big day. Our Simply Val Stefani collection is next-level gorgeous with embracing feminine beauty with our Goddess x Simply Val Stefani collection. These new beauties came from multiple inspirations that range from celestial stars to garden goddess bridal vibes.


Getting a chance to spend quality time with our brides & help them through the bridal process is one of the best things about this job! But to have those intimate appointments, we need to share just how our little shop works, what to expect, & just general bridal etiquette.


And while there are thousands (maybe millions) of wedding dresses to choose from today, and several different colour options, most brides today still want to wear white. Why is that, we wonder? We jumped on our favourite go-to place for facts (Google) to find out and what we learned is there is a surprising history to the white wedding dress.


How did you and Chris meet?

My other half and I met when I was just about 15 years old. I was the new girl in school, and he was a seasoned senior when I transferred school my junior year.

If you’re searching for a standout sparkly wedding dress with couture detailing or a lightweight romantic, laid back gown, our spring 2020 collection will make all your bridal dreams come true.

These guidelines are tailored to our small bridal boutique, but most of these are general etiquette principles you can apply wherever you shop!


You may think that brides have always worn white on their wedding day, but the truth is, white is not the traditional or most popular wedding dress colour for Western culture. The history of the white wedding dress isn’t that old, dating back only 180 years. Surprised? Us too!


Funny story is I was miserable with the thought of me transferring that far into high school until I saw this tall, handsome boy walk into my homeroom class. The rest was history. Little did we know we were both asking all our classmates about each other until one of those classmates blew our secret, and we realized we were mutually crushing on each other. After all, laundering techniques in those days were nowhere near as sophisticated as they are today, and money was tight. So a bride wearing a black wedding dress could mean she didn’t have to worry about dirt or stains. Luckily, as news of Queen Victoria’s wedding spread to the Americas, a new tradition emerged and was generally reserved for the elites.

CORDELIA- When we refer to essential sleeve details, we’re talking about Cordelia, a sparkly lace mermaid wedding dress with long lace sleeves. Designed to make the bride shine from top to bottom, this gown does not disappoint with its lace appliques and romantic 


Wedding Dress Styles and Fabrics




The stars have aligned for our Val Stefani Bridal Spring 2020 collection. Our inspiration this season came from the sparkling stars above and we’re so happy to share it with you all. Luxurious and shimmering fabrics like a starry shimmery net, a brushed shimmer tulle and a stardust tulle made this collection over the top and out of this world. 

Bridal shops will have a resourceful website where you can view the designers they carry, price points, lead times, etc. Make sure the shop fits your criteria for style and budget before requesting an appointment. Establish a budget beforehand. This is extremely important and not something you want to begin discussing once you are in a salon in front of other people.

In all actuality, the trend of wearing white on your wedding day began in Britain in 1559 (461 years ago) when Mary Queen of Scotts said “I do” to her beloved first husband, Francis Dauphin of France. But the world didn’t give her credit for starting the trend. 

wedding gown Melbourne
an asian chinese female model dress up with wedding gown for outdoor portrait session at public park in evening


What is the secret to a long-lasting relationship?

PATIENCE!!! It’s so easy to give up when things get rough. The hard part is sticking through it and trying to understand your significant other’s point of view & agreeing to disagree. Love with all your heart and never let your emotions lead!

We looked to the sky for inspiration, and these unique celestial sparkle patterns allowed us to create something sparkling and radiant for each gown individually to make sure each of our brides will shine bright like the star you were meant to be for your wedding day. Read along as we share some of our favourite styles!  

If you’re in town and planning to drop by to look at our gowns, give us a call. We are by appointment only & there’s nothing worse than a bride driving from near or far and not being able to be helped. We value our brides’ time & honour the intimate experience we promise. We’ll always try our best to assist in any way, but communicating with us beforehand is helpful for both of us!


Weddings have been around since the beginning of time and have certainly changed over the years, but we were curious, what did brides in ancient times wear?

Not at all. At the beginning, of course, I was fascinated with him and thought this man could do no wrong. Until I got to know him and I’m like “okay, maybe he can. LOL!” but we decided to love each other for our flaws. We’ve had many bumps in the road, as you can imagine after 12 years. Some moments I never thought we’d be here, but we truly make each other better & complete one another. I can now say he’s the one proudly. Always has been, always will be. 

Looking for Wedding Dress Shops? Look no further, Boutique events group has you covered. 


NOVA- A celestial-inspired sparkling wedding dress is a match made in heaven for a bride that wants out of this world sparkle that will outshine the Milky Way and is paired with an alluring mermaid silhouette that will have guests seeing stars. 

Our boutique reserves 2-hour appointments for our brides. We book one date at a time so when someone cancels last minute or doesn’t show we have an open two hours in the day.

Weddings during this time were typically arranged and not based on love. Brides had to dress in a way that represented their social standing and cast her family in a favourable light. If the family were in an elevated social status, the bride would be dressed in expensive fabrics and many times had gems sewn into her garment. 


What is something you want people to know about high school sweethearts? 

It’s not always as beautiful as it looks and takes lots of hard work, perseverance, and communication. Understand that people grow up. Our biggest hurdle we faced was getting to know our grown-up selves. Think about it; we met when we were babies.

This mermaid gown includes a starry shimmer net fabric that will have you shining like the North Star. Glistening details trace throughout this gown, making sure each angle you turn picture-perfect.


 It’s natural to shop around for your gown & we know most brides will be considering dresses from other stores as well. One way to avoid last-minute cancellations when you SAY YES to the one is not to book appointments back to back or even on the same day. Separate your shop visits. If you find your dress someplace, call any standing meetings you have and let them know immediately!


Fabrics & Textures in Your Wedding Gown

They may have even layered different textures of fabrics such as velvet, silk and even fur. The brides that were of lower social standings would do their best to imitate the look of the elite class but would have to wear fabrics that were not as rich. No matter which social status they came from, the garments would be made in vibrant colours. Several shades of blue were trendy but brides in medieval times were also known to wear red, yellow, green or other colours.


I was never having experienced anything in life. We were carefree teenagers. As we grew, we changed drastically; we wanted different things, had different goals, looked differently. I remember about six years into our relationship telling him “let’s go on a date”, and I didn’t mean a regular date I said a let me get to know your partner. I know it sounds bizarre. But I wanted to get to know the grown-up version of the man I fell in love with. 

PHOENIX- Like the name itself, this beauty is brighter than the sun, radiating light the moment you lay eyes on it. With a full A-line silhouette, the stardust tulle fabric flows throughout this gown, making you look heavenly and naming this THE sparkly princess wedding dress that every bride dreams of.

  • Trying on wedding dresses is a little different than your average shopping experience. You want to make sure you’re prepared to make the appointment as stress-free & fun as possible.


TIP – Make sure you go light on your makeup, there’s nothing worse than finding lipstick or foundation stains on our brand new samples.


During this era, brides still dressed based on their social and financial status. Styles changed to include more elaborate details such as long trains, but the colour worn was predominately burgundy.

We never laughed so much in life. We indeed decided to love each other not just for the convenience or memories but for the people we had become. We were able to experience all those moments together only made it that much more of a blessing. 

Musette & Chris are celebrating their wedding day in May 2020. Stay tuned as we share their wedding on the blog this summer!


HYDRA- Bold, elegant and dazzling, this wedding dress captures all eyes. This long sleeve shimmering bridal gown features a brushed shimmer tulle that replicates soft artistic brush strokes and a shimmer that glistens with each step, this gown includes a detachable train that is the couture wedding details that will not disappoint.

Bridesmaid dresses Melbourne
Beautiful bridesmaids in gorgeous elegant stylish red pink violet floor length v neck chiffon gown dress decorated with sequins sparkles and rhinestones holding flowers. Wedding day in old beautiful European city.



Other preparations to keep in mind are your undergarments. We always hear brides’ jokingly say “oh I shouldn’t have worn *insert colour here* underwear” and sure it can be a little distracting depending on the gown. If you’re looking at tight-fitting dresses, you may want Spanx to smooth everything out.


Before Queen Victoria changed bridal fashion trends forever, the previous royal brides typically wore a heavily brocaded gown that was embroidered with white and silver threading. And the dress most likely would have been red, as that was extremely popular in Western Europe. Quite a dramatic difference from the bridal style Queen Victoria donned in 1840.


When it comes to your wedding day, you should look nothing less than the goddess that you are. This season’s Simply Val Stefani collection embraces your inner goddess by enhancing your natural beauty to reveal the goddess in you! Each of these gowns will magnify your natural beauty with its curve-hugging silhouettes, romantic sleeve details, and soft sparkles. Follow along as we share some of these feminine wedding gowns that are dreamier than ever!  


If you want us to be able to clip the gown as accurately as it will fit in your size, you’ll want to bring a strapless bra. Many of our dresses have open or low backs, which can be hard to tighten unless we have something to clip to.

Check out our list of Wedding Dress Shops to help you choose your perfect gown.


European and American brides had a different take on wedding day fashion. These brides had been wearing a variety of colours such as yellow, blue, black, brown and even grey. Hard to imagine the reasoning behind some of the darker colours such as brown or grey, but we believe it could have been as simple as practicality.


ANNETTA- Elegant and sexy, Style Annetta embodies everything a goddess is. This glitter lace mermaid wedding dress with off the shoulder sleeves is the ultimate choice for a bride that wants to shine. The floral sparkle tulle fabric paired with the mermaid silhouette creates a perfect style for a bride to be. Off the shoulder sleeves blend high-fashion with romance, leaving you to look ethereal as ever. 


We send out an appointment reminder email a few days before your appointment. Make sure you read through and pay attention to what items we suggest bringing! We are located downtown so parking can be tricky and we give suggestions on that in our email before coming in.


Chantilly lace fabric. Fit for any season outdoor wedding, Style Cordelia will leave you to look effortlessly flawless, like the true queen you are.

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Who To Take with you on your wedding dress shopping appointment

It’s a good idea to have the “decision-maker” with you at your appointment. We hear all the time that a bride needs to bring “so and so” back to get their opinion. This puts a damper on getting that precious bridal moment the second you fall in love with a dress.

While the elite Europeans and Americans took to the white wedding dress trend pretty quickly, the British and American middle-class brides were not able to adapt to this wedding dress style until after World War II.


ELIANA- A whimsical tulle skirt, sparkly swag sleeves and a glitter floral lace fabric- this bridal gown is what comes to mind when we think of a shimmery romantic lace wedding dress. You’ll feel as light as a feather walking down the aisle in this gown. The delicate fabric and details are ethereal as can be and includes all the charm you would want in a wedding dress.


TIP – Keep in mind that return appointments at some shops might be limited to specific days of the week so take advantage of being there in that moment! We offer an initial complimentary selection; however, any return appointments after that will require a fee. Therefore, it is beneficial to feel “ready” when you come to see us the first time!

 In 1981 the new bridal dress trend of wearing white skyrocketed primarily due to the highly televised wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Princess Diana inspired millions of women to dream of wearing their white wedding dress, as she strolled down the aisle in a fairytale gown featuring a 25-foot train. The wedding of the century!

The spring and summer wedding season is always a favourite time to say “I Do”. Florals are blooming, and colours are as radiant as ever. March, April, May and June wedding dresses favour the romantic style, making spring brides a dream come true.

Be on time! It can be disruptive for a group to arrive early or late to the appointment time. Late arrival will cut into your appointment length.

Frequently Asked Questions

The look you want to create should match the designer's style. For example, if you want to create a boho look, try to look for designers that design boho wedding dresses. The wedding dress budget should match the designer or boutique prices.

Most brides try on between four and seven gowns, said DeMarco, and shouldn't try on more than 10, because it can lead to confusion. Often, a bride is trying on dress after dress because she's just not ready to end the shopping experience and make a real commitment.

We only see three on TV but Buzzfeed reported that the brides-to-be actually try on six to 15 different dresses during their appointment. Of course, Say Yes to the Dress is only a half hour show so not every dress a bride puts on can be shown.

Bride and family pay for bride's dress, veil, accessories and trousseau (read: lingerie and honeymoon clothes). Groom and family pay for groom's outfit. All attendants pay for their own clothing, including shoes.

On average, typical wedding dress alterations cost between $150 and $600. If you're customizing your gown or modernizing your mother's dress, it may be up to $1,000. Some bridal boutiques may charge you a flat fee, while other seamstresses may charge you for individual alteration services.

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