How to organise a boho chic wedding?

In today's wedding landscape, a common theme for out-of-the-box or artistic couples is Boho Chic. The trend originally came from the central European country that was called Bohemia. Bohemia is now a part of the Czech Republic. Bohemian style pulls influence from the gypsy culture, in the form of floral details, embroidery, and weightless materials. Boho style weddings are gaining in popularity as they allow for romantic, yet modern details.

What is a boho chic wedding?

A bohemian styled theme or boho wedding is one that obeys no rules, as shown by its freedom of expression and frugality. An eclectic mix of hippie, ethnic and gypsy styles revealed by simple, artsy and adventurous touches. Sit back and allow us to show you how to dream up and execute the perfect and exciting BOHO wedding.

Why is the Bohemian wedding theme so popular?

First, a lot of couples identify with the simple, and anything goes, DIY filled style of a boho wedding. It allows for many ways to personalise a wedding.

Second, because of its frugality, it adjusts to even the smallest of budgets. Couples nowadays are more budget-conscious. Savvy-brides know that they can plan a boho wedding on a tight budget.

The good thing about the Bohemian style is that brides can pick either a Boho vintage, Beachy Boho, Boho Chic, Wanderlust or Woodland themes according to what fits their personality best.

Third, being loaded with textures, prints, and the beauty of simplicity and freedom of spirit, no other style compares.

The boho chic style is gaining more and more popularity around the world, and more ladies are going for it not only for designing and perfecting their everyday looks but for important occasions, too. It's even becoming a trend for weddings. This is, of course, something ultra-creative and cool to imagine, and knowing the basic style tips and tricks will only help perfect the results. So, here we present the main things you need to take into account when organising a boho chic wedding.

Looking Back at the History of Boho Chic

Boho chic acquired its name (Bohemian) from the name of the historical Bohemia located in central Europe, now being in the territory of the Czech Republic. Boho chic comes from the 'bohémiens', the gypsies having lived in that territory. In fact, if we look closer at the descriptive details of this style, we will find the specific characteristic features of the gypsy culture, coming as weightless fabrics, floral details, embroidery, ethnic vibes, etc.

Boho chic is also close to nature and embodies human freedom and artistic nature. Thus, coming back to the wedding plans, if you have decided to make your event a boho-inspired occasion, then the best place for the party is somewhere where you can organise the ceremony in the open air.

Checklist of Planning for Boho Wedding

You want the big day to speak to both of you. From unique wedding colours to simple wedding decor ideas, this brief timeline will help make the wedding planning easier on everyone. Here are some tips to let your Bohemian style shine through:

Location, Location, Location

Pick a place that is special to you both — a family farm, a forest campground, rustic winery, or music festival. Skip the overly formal venues, and opt for a place that will put you and your wedding guests at ease.

The Key Details of a Boho Chic Wedding

The first most significant detail is the presence of natural materials and fabrics, including silk, chiffon, and linen with designs in lace, embroidery, and fringes.

The abundance of colours, especially natural shades. When you are planning your BOHO wedding, make sure you personalise it as much as you want to. If your fiance loves their guitar and has a passion for Woodstock and you love pinks and dainty floral well that is ok. BOHO weddings allow for the perfect mix and match look. Just start with the colours you love and the items that bring joy to your life.  Check out our list of Top Wedding Decorators to help you make your day as magical as it can be.

Lightness reflected in the garments matched with an abundance of accessories like beads and jewels, rhinestones, brooches, and hand-made bracelets.

Hand-made accessories and pieces are given special attention. Boho weddings give you the perfect outlet for shopping and supporting local and breaking away from non-traditional choices. Stick to your care-free vibe and break away from tradition. Feel free to bust out a huge BBQ pit or mix and match food stations, or even better, ask each guest to bring their favourite side. Shopping local also allows you to take advantage of local artists for decoration and props. We were blessed on this shoot to have the help of so many local vendors.

Finally, the bride must be dressed up in boho style.


Fine art wedding photographers have a knack for capturing gorgeous, natural light. If you want sunlight streaming into your wedding photography, they may be the route you want to go with. However, digital photographers have some of the most amazing filters that can be applied to your pictures, for an effortless vintage hue.

Wedding Invitations

Now that you have your wedding venue and photographer secured, it's time to pick out bohemian wedding invitations. Think about earthy tones, flowers, and feathers. You can't go wrong with anything nature-inspired.

The Wedding Dress Inspired by Boho Chic

The image of the bride inspired by boho chic should be like the embodiment of femininity, elegance, grace, and romance. For a wedding dress of this kind details like weightless layers of fabric, ethnic and floral patterns, lace and net-like elements and sheer textures are most characteristic. Floral hair decorations mixed with various types of bijou and jewellery are also included in the list. Go for sweet tones like beige, cream, and soft pink.

The bride's hairstyle should be as close to natural looks and should create a slightly effortless and messy impression with free locks, braids, or messily accented variations.

If you are planning a boho chic wedding, your gown should capture this incredible bohemian feeling romantic, laid-back, ethereal, free-spirited, non-traditional. Boho brides usually look for wedding dresses made of lightweight fabrics like tulle, lace, and silk. These fabrics will allow for ease of movement and enhance the bride's boho look.

There are some details that every bohemian bride should look for in her boho dress. For example, look for 3D florals! Being a top trend in the 2017 bridal season, it will give you an extra flair. Floral details, lace appliqués, or intricate embroideries help to create that magical boho feel. 

Remember, when shopping for a boho wedding dress, do not forget to be different, be unique, and be you!

The Groom's Outfit Inspired by Boho Chic

As for the groom, a cute waistcoat adorned with checkered patterns and a shirt of a lighter tone may be a great option. It's necessary to have a small blossom of the same flowers that are used for the bride's hair accessory or the bouquet fixed somewhere on the waistcoat. The strict classic tuxedos are a big 'no' here. Just the contrary! The groom can even go so far with his effortless look that he can even have his sleeves cuffed along with the lower parts of the pants.

Boho bride should not forget about her groom's look when it comes to planning a boho chic wedding. As this theme is less formal, your groom does not have to wear a tuxedo or three-piece suit. Opt for light pants in natural colours, a pair of suspenders, and a colourful bowtie.

Be sure to not forget about finishing off his look with a flower boutonniere that will match your bridal bouquet.

The Dresses of the Bridesmaids Inspired by Boho Chic

Boho wedding dress boutique

Coming to the dresses of the bridesmaids, we should mention the necessity to avoid wearing similar dresses, thus always trying to create one extraordinary detail that will make each dress different from the rest, or picking totally different dresses with a single catchy feature in common.

Many bridal trends can help you when choosing bridesmaid dresses for your boho girls. One of the main differences is the use of colour. For a bohemian theme, try to choose natural colours such as light pinks, champagne, baby blue, or mint green. Those colours will be just perfect for your boho style wedding party. You can also ask your bridesmaids to incorporate florals into other aspects of their look. They can weave baby's breath flowers into a braided hairstyle or wear floral jewellery to help finish off their boho look.

The Decorations of the Boho Chic Wedding

Hand-made details should again be given the priority, especially when having created unique and cool things with not too sumptuous materials. As we noted previously, it's also important to be as close to nature as possible. Thus, you may also opt for some creative and cool solutions in terms of choosing the place and arranging the tables and the seats. For instance, you can select some wooden and vintage tables and chairs, which will be effective and beautiful.

Another thing that's special about boho chic is that you don't need to worry about the compatibility of the brightest shades, simply because they are not meant to be combined with each other! Also, you can use rugs, fur details, feathers and anything else that will have the ethnic feel about it, including napkins, tablecloths, furniture covers, which may all be made of the specific patchwork technique. You can even opt for old furniture and mixes of details from different decades to create the retro-vintage cool effect.

Go floral, here is where you get to have fun. Throw every rule about what you should and shouldn't do with floral to the wind, it's your day after all. Do what you want. If you wish to a cascade of ivy coming off your floral crown, we say go for it. If you're going to mix oranges and pinks together, you got it GO FOR IT. BOHO weddings turn out the best when you incorporate all the colours you can.

When planning a boho chic wedding, every little detail counts. The use of natural elements and decorations are very important. For decorations, include natural fabrics, like burlap, or fabrics with interesting texture or print. Lace and embroidered fabrics add a touch of a truly bohemian chic vibe while staying classy and elegant.

Flowers are essential details of any bohemian wedding. Include floral garlands, dried flowers, or floral napkin holders to keep the boho feeling in every aspect of your wedding décor. Being close to nature and all things natural are enhanced with heavy use of flowers. Instead of traditional roses, opt for wildflowers in a variety of colours.

Going for wildflowers will enhance the natural feel even more. This is the key of boho chic style wedding: creating the most natural and cool combinations and looks using the most luxurious materials, and creating unique works of art based on moderately cheap and affordable means.

Get Back To Nature

Kick your shoes off! Literally, feel free to dip your toes in the water and feel the grass beneath your feet. Find the perfect outdoor setting (with an indoor back-up plan) for your special day. Rustic ranches, farms, private estates, vineyards, lofts and warehouses all offer great spots to transform it into your own peaceful oasis for a day.

Let nature become your wedding decor. Nothing more affordable than that, right? Mountains, oceans, and eternal beaches are an excellent background for a boho wedding. And so are whimsical gardens, forests and parks.

These natural settings give you a blank canvas to create your own world, surrounded by everything and everyone who makes you well you!

table set up boho weddings

It's All in The Details

Mix and match! Find really interesting pieces that mean something to you or remind you of special times in your life. Use an assortment of different serving plates and glasses as well as use eclectic prints, especially mosaic ones. A fun combination of mix and match furniture always make for great photos. All of these unique pieces will come together in a magical way on your wedding day we promise! Looking for a Wedding Event Planner? Look no further, Boutique Events Group have you covered.

Food and Drinks

Make guests merry with a delicious menu. For cocktail hour, consider a signature drink or scotch bar. For dinner, try something unique, like a pig roast. An array of fun finger foods are always a win. Try serving stuffed mushrooms, grilled cheese bites, sliders, tacos, and mini pot pies. These require less prep work, are more affordable, and can be cooked in about half the time as the traditional steak dinner at a reception venue.

First & Last Impressions

One of the first impressions about your special day is the invite. Make sure it gives the guest a taste of what's to come. The colour theme, the font choice, and the overall layout say a lot about your special day in one simple glance. We loved working with Flyover Design Co. on this shoot. They nailed the invites with their watercolour design approach, relaxed calligraphy and simply torn edges. The overall design let the guests know the colour scheme to dress; accordingly, the relaxed font gave the impression of a more relaxed tone and the simply torn edges let people really know to come, relax and celebrate the ceremony in a relaxed state.

One of the last memories guests have of the wedding is the CAKE. Our go-to bakery goddess knocked this cake out of the park with this three-tiered hombre cake going from burgundy to blush. 

Last BUT most important... The RING!

When you are going away from a traditional wedding, why stop with the ring. Feel free to do something as unique as the 2 of you. We absolutely adore working with Bruce Owen Jewelry Design and love to see his custom work for each shoot.

The key aspect of a boho-chic wedding is to be natural, artistic, and eclectic. Go all out when planning your boho themed wedding and do not hold back. We hope these tips can help you in achieving your Bohemian wedding dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider mixing bohemian wedding décor elements to really give your design an organic vibe. An arrangement of mismatched furniture, assorted dishware, or collection of glasses in a multitude of shapes or shades can create a cohesive yet eclectic tablescape.

Boho Chic Weddings have a distinct soft and romantic feel that is earthy and inspired by nature and the beautiful outdoors. ... The essence of a bohemian wedding dress is based on free and “flowy” fabrics that also make you feel in harmony with yourself and with nature.

Bohemian style or Boho decor is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items for all the world to see. This aesthetic flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces creative, carefree, and unconventional decor.

Look for lace gowns with minimal tulle or layers- simple and streamline. Fit your location. If you're marrying on the beach, a dress with a shorter hemline might better suit the terrain. Look for pieces with unique on-trend features: backless, frilled bell sleeves and fringe detailing all add to the boho vibe.

For women, the wedding guest boho look could take a few forms. We love long maxi dresses in a gorgeous color like the one above, or a floral print, or with a great detail like a ruffled hem, blouson sleeves, tie waist or straps, or a sleeveless halter style.

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