40+ Best Wedding Caterers in Melbourne (2024)

Real estate experts always say location matters. When it comes to a wedding reception, we agree, as your choice of caterer is what can turn an enjoyable celebration into a memorable extravaganza. To help make your choice, here are the top 40 wedding caterers in Melbourne  and surrounds.

If you’ve decided to get married in this expansive and dynamic city, you may have a hard time choosing from the long list of top-notch wedding caterer.

Melbourne  – the capital city of Victoria and the largest city in all of Australia – provides what seems like an endless supply of wedding caterers options.

Located in Melbourne, Victoria and currently on the hunt for your best wedding caterer ? Look no further! To take the stress out of choosing, here’s the top 40 Melbourne wedding caterers ranked by their customer ratings.

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    List Of Best Wedding Caterers Melbourne

    Most couples spend between $1,800 and $7,000 on catering. Most caterers will include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as part of their packages. The average cost per person for a wedding in the United States is $40 for a plated meal and $27 for a buffet. Adding an open bar typically ups the cost by $15 per person.


    New South Wales couples are willing to fork out the most for their floral arrangements, sitting at an average of $1,710 for their wedding flowers. Western Australian and South Australian couples are willing to pay a similar amount - $1,465 and $1,420 respectively. ~ EasyWeddings

    The cheapest food to cater is any rice or noodle-based cultural cuisine. Mexican, Indian, and Thai dishes are delicious and affordable. Or, if you're hosting an event during the day, serve brunch and breakfast items.

    While having exotic ingredients and intricate dishes is attractive for such a special occasion, it's best to keep it simple when catering your own wedding. Keep in mind that you'll be serving a significant number of guests, so now is not the time to try something new.


    People sometimes ask if a buffet dinner is tacky for a wedding reception. It's not a question of tacky or not. It all depends on overall style and theme of your event. ... On the other hand, if you're having an informal fun party at a nightclub, a cocktail reception might be your best option.


    The Cart Co. Wedding Caterer Melbourne

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    Whether it’s a corporate function, product launch, wedding or private party, we deliver stress-free, stylish and seamless event catering 100% of the time.

    We offer flavorful cuisine that complements our svelte and fashionable food and beverage carts by using only locally sourced and fresh ingredients.

    Whether you are hosting a casual morning tea with coffee and a light snack, a more festive celebration with snags and burgers or a sophisticated evening with beer and wine or signature espresso martinis and mojito cocktails, The Cart Co has a cart for every occasion.

    Nem N' Nem Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    Catering for Weddings Melbournenemnnem.com.au


    The family-owned and -operated Nem N' Nem trailer is led by Ken and Kathy, a brother and sister pair, with the assistance of their dependable employees. Since opening in April 2014, Nem N' New has been serving up tasty, fresh food that tastes great both early in the morning and late at night. They achieve this by drawing on their rich Vietnamese background.

    Ken and Kathy, who were born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, launched Nem N' Nem with the straightforward goal of giving customers a singular dining experience that brings the flavor of Vietnamese street food culture to Melbourne food enthusiasts.

    Romu Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    wedding food events Melbourne



    Romu then met Liz and fell in love with her. He followed his heart to Australia, where he worked at Bistro Gitan and Mo Vida Aqi before seeing an opportunity to start his own business with a simple but critical goal.

    To create simple food that celebrates local organic produce and to assist people in creating lasting memories with their loved ones while sharing a meal. Romu's is dedicated to the ongoing exploration of good, simple food. He's learning indigenous smoking techniques, how to cook with paperbark and local herbs, how to ferment and pickle, how to cure meats, and how to make sourdough bread.

    Bianco Latte Wedding Caterer Melbourne

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    We serve the best ice cream available in Australia! To make each flavor/product, we only use fresh and locally sourced ingredients. We don't use any harmful ingredients, preservatives, or coloring. If we can't recreate the flavor using fresh, seasonal ingredients, we don't make it!

    We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product and service. We pay close attention to our customer base and understand what works and does not work with the specific clientele to whom we sell.

    Our business idea was inspired by our beautiful vintage Sicilian gelato cart. We really wanted to be able to offer traditional gelato and sorbet in a portable setting, and the cart is the ideal vessel for that! The cart's design gives our high-quality gelato the attention it deserves!

    Hot Coals  - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    wedding fun catering Melbourne



    We can bring our custom-built trailer-mounted wood-fired oven to your event, or we can use yours. Our team can serve tantalizing finger foods to your guests; create a stunning buffet for your guests to serve themselves; provide share platters to your event's tables; or serve a sit-down meal. We can also cater at events and festivals; contact us for more information!

    We understand that our customers want to be a part of their event while also having fun! Hot Coals can plan your event from beginning to end, eliminating stress! We can participate as much or as little as you like. We have a network of suppliers and providers, so we can organize anything you want at your event.

    Richard and Tania have worked in hospitality for over 30 years. Their love of cooking stems from their parents' European culinary abilities. Tania's parents are German and French, and Richard's are Italian; this combination combines the best of their respective cultures while adding their own flair to create dishes that will tantalize your taste buds!

    Induljenz Catering Melbourne



    Our mission was founded and coordinated solely on our passion and love for food. We not only provide excellent service, but we also take pride in our presentation and deliver flawless events every time. We recognize that each event is unique, and we provide adaptable catering solutions at a competitive and affordable price.

    We provide a wide variety of food for you and your friends to choose from. Meals that you can take home and eat later, buffets with a wide variety that will make you want to come back for seconds, and finger food menus to suit a budget or corporate event. The options are limitless. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or restrictions so that we can create a menu to meet your needs. We can accommodate groups of 40 to 400 people.

    Food, in my opinion, should be creative and enjoyable. It is possible to achieve a healthy balance that delights each tastebud in a different way. Our food is made from natural, fresh ingredients and served fresh from the event location. I love how people eat the food I've made with their eyes first, before they even taste it. It is the total act of satisfying pleasure.

    ACC Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    wedding caterers Melbourne



    Our Finger Food Menus offer versatility and value, allowing you to design the ideal package for your wedding or reception. All of the items on our Finger Food menus are handcrafted and prepared on-site using fresh, locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Our finger foods are completed with Bowl, Dude Foods, and Petit Four Desserts.

    Our set menu canapé packages are a terrific deal for your wedding. All menu items are created and produced on-site utilizing premium, seasonally appropriate ingredients from the local area.

    Our culinary experts understand the importance of providing a balanced menu with a variety of items to suit all tastes and dietary needs. If you want to create your menu from scratch, our function manager is here to help.

    Crystal Palace - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    wedding Melbourne good food



    We specialize in providing excellent food, but it would be meaningless without our exceptional service. We strive to go the extra mile from your first interaction with us to the final farewell at the end of your perfect evening.

    Our special banquets round out your event. Prepared especially for you. We provide quality, freshness, and flavor. We can accommodate any occasion.

    One of the most stressful things you will ever do is plan your wedding. Crystal Palace Catering understands this and has created some simple planning tools to take some of the stress out of planning your special day.

    Guy's Gourmet Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    gourmet quality foods Melbourne weddings



    Chef Michael, owner and operator of Guy's Gourmet Catering with over 20 years of expertise, caters for both private and corporate parties utilizing the finest fresh ingredients to give your guests an exceptional dining experience. We specialize in catering for gourmet finger food, buffets, grazing tables, and charcoal spit roasts (on or off site), so that your event is a culinary triumph. With fully trained chefs and food and beverage employees who have undergone Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training, we are able to grill whole pigs and lambs on the spit and offer outstanding value for money in addition to a personal and professional service.

    Spitting Image Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    wedding food events Melbourne



    We have a wide variety of freshly prepared, healthy, and tasty food to suit everyone's tastes. Our menus include a variety of allergy-free options, allowing us to easily accommodate any dietary requirement.

    Because of our experience, proven reputation, and attention to detail, our clients can rest assured that their event is being managed by a team of passionate and professional staff who consistently deliver fresh, healthy, and delicious food on time.

    His passion for catering and hospitality began at a young age in school, and some of his most valuable skills were learned while training at the Hyatt hotel in the fine dining room for three years, followed by another three years at the renowned Walters Wine Bar.

    Edge Hospitality Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    Catering Chefs for weddings Melbourne



    We have a variety of options in our heat and eat range that are available for delivery every day in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, whether it's a family meal or a romantic dinner for two. You can eat guilt-free knowing that we use only wholesome and locally grown ingredients, with no chemicals or preservatives, in our nutritious, delicious, and affordable meals.

    Our menu will be expanding all the time, and we are always happy to accommodate special dietary needs. With more meals in the works to assist those with special needs, please return to our menu on a regular basis or send us your suggestions.

    Once you've said "yes," give us a call and we'll handle the rest. Our Wedding Planner will assist you in planning the perfect day. From intimate garden weddings for 30 guests to lavish celebrations for 300 guests, we will be there to help make your vision a reality.

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