50+ Fun and Unique Hens Night Party ideas in Melbourne (2024)

Are you looking for some fun ideas for a hens shindig in Melbourne, Victoria? Have no fear; we are here! We’ve hunted down our favourite ideas from right across the city to inspire you and your posse. Whether you’re after night to let your creativity run wild or are looking to sit back and enjoy a pamper session, there’s an idea for every bride tribe vibe.

Throw the best party ever with our hen's party ideas! Planning a hen's night but don't know where to start? It can be hard coming up with something to do, so that's why we've put together a vast range of hens night ideas to celebrate the bride-to-be! Get the girls together and combine your love of food and cocktails with a Mexican and margaritas cooking class or cocktails and tapas experience. If you want to plan a hen's party that's outside the box, why not hit the open water and spend the day indulging on board a high tea cruise. With our hen’s party ideas you're guaranteed to throw a celebration the bride-to-be will always remember!

Wedding bells are in the air, and it’s time to have one last celebration as a single lady. With everything from boozy art classes to karaoke and long lunches with waterside views, get all the inspiration you need with these hens party ideas.

If there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s that old mate Freud would have loved the Hen’s night; there’s no need to analyse when everything truly is shaped like a penis.

We’ve got some good news for those not so keen on peen-shaped straws, ear-piercing ‘Wooooos!’ and everyone’s favourite—the gyrating crotch of a stranger: there are other options. Know a hen that lives for a long lunch? How about the ‘can dance’ chook? Rejoice! There’s an option for each and every one.

Hoping to do something special with your girls for your last hurrah as a single woman? We’ve compiled a list of the best and most memorable Melbourne hen’s night ideas to hint to your bridesmaids.

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    FAQs About Hens Party

    Lots of brides like to invite their mum and mother-in-law to the festivities, so if your son's bride-to-be is one of them, it's only polite to attend. ... If the bride is planning a bridal shower instead of a hen do (or as well as), this might be a more mother of the groom appropriate occasion.


    Parents of the bride and groom collectively contribute about $19,000 to the wedding, or about two-thirds of the total cost, according to WeddingWire. The bride's parents give an average $12,000, and the groom's, $7,000.


    The groom might opt to escort his mother down the aisle and to her seat in the front row, followed closely behind by the groom's father. This gives the groom an opportunity to give his parents a hug before taking his place at the altar.


    As a guide, here's a list of the expenses traditionally covered by the parents of the groom: the wedding rings, officiant's fee, marriage license, the bride's bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages for the immediate family, music (band/DJ), liquor at the reception and the honeymoon.


    Anyone can walk the bride down the aisle as long as that's what the bride wants on their wedding day. Whether it's the parents, the groom, or someone else, “traditional” doesn't matter unless it's something that makes you feel good about your day.


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    If you’re on the lookout for hens night ideas in Melbourne, look no further. All great hens party ideas are made even better with our topless waiters! Whether you’d like to have your hens night at one of our exciting venues or fill your home with strippers and topless waiters for your friends to enjoy, our sexy guys will provide the hottest entertainment in Melbourne. Your guests will relish in a night that is nothing short of amazing and the experience of a lifetime. Contact us today and let us assist you in planning the hens night of your dreams!

    Find everything you need for a fantastic hens party in Melbourne. We can help you plan and book a complete hen party break and make the process stress-free.

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    Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party or just having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters are sure to make your ladies night one to remember. The Magic Men can visit suites, private function venues and residences around Melbourne for private shows just for you and your guests.

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    Hens Night Melbourne

    Are you excited for a fun night with chitchat, laughter, and all the glitters and glamour? Make your Hens Night Melbourne way spectacular with Magic Men. We offer a full-service package of entertainment, good looks and professional service that won’t break the bank.

    Booking with Magic Men is easy – just fill out a contact form with your details of the event. You can also check our customised hen’s packages for easy and fuss-free planning.

    Magic Men is voted as Australia’s best party planner for 5 years, and we take pride in our passion of giving quality entertainment and services. Creating amazing hens night in Melbourne won’t be possible without fun, teasing and laughs we at Magic Men can provide. Take your creative hen’s party idea up a notch by celebrating it with us in live shows, e-shows and private visits. Expect jaw-dropping performances from our Magic Men ready that will surely result in ear-to-ear smiles, laughs, blood-pumping excitement, and a night to remember. Have your phones ready, and capture all these details when you celebrate with us. Let’s have a blast for the single last night of your life!


    Classy Hens Party Ideas For The Bride Tribe

    Want to treat your hen to the ultimate celebration before her wedding day? Day or night, winter or summer, crazy or classy, we have an option for every single type of hen. Choosing a theme or activities for the BACHELORETTE PARTY is a tedious thing to do. It takes so much time and from one planner to another, we’ve seen how many bridesmaids or girlfriends struggle with this because of different ideas from each lady in the group. So here, we summed up the best classy hens party ideas so you can devote your time to more productive ones, like choosing your outfit!

    High Tea Party: Manners, Lace, and Everything Elegant

    The high tea party is perfect for a luxurious and stylish experience of CLASSY HENS. You can visit your favourite snack place or book a tearoom and sip tea and cakes while catching up with your friends and play games.

    You can even set a dress code for the party. Ladies, you can wear vintage dresses, or it can be an all-white or pink party to keep things very angelic and girly. Plus, to add some elegant atmosphere, you can fill the room with flowers and ribbons, and you have a perfect hen’s afternoon planned for your future bride.

    Indulging in A Luxury Cruise Ride

    If you don’t worry about the budget, then a luxury cruise is perfect for the party. You can hire a boat and enjoy luxury cocktails, wine, and canapés with your hens. You can also listen to all your favourite music and play more than a few drinking games. Private party like this will be appreciated by the hen and even everyone in the group. Plus, you have the ocean as your backdrop, what more could you ask for?

    Pro tip: add some fun and excitement to your party, and hire topless waiters or MALE STRIPPERS – not only they will look amazing in the photos, but they’re also very good at mixing cocktails and keeping those glasses filled. So leave the “cock-tails” and drinks with these lovely hunks and have the party of your life!

    A Pamper Session For The Care You Deserved

    If you’re looking for a classy party with your hens, then a pamper session (spa day) is also a good idea. A day on the hot tub, having your nails treated, and a range of beauty treatments will leave you all refreshed and gorgeous! The perfect activity in the afternoon after a night spent booging with your loved ones.

    With many options either on your doorstep, in the city centre or a more picturesque and rural setting, it is an accessible activity whether you opt for massages, manicures, pedicures or facials with your hen over the weekend.

    Private Bartending: Sip and Spill the Fun

    For cocktail lovers, this is your chance to learn and have endless fun while preparing epic cocktails from the private bartender. You can organise a professional cocktail party in your own home by hiring your bartender and learn how to make cocktails during this master class.

    The session includes three cocktail creations where you will go through several stages, such as how to mix and shake a perfect cocktail. Imagine a cocktail session with your ladies, pure fun and bliss while you mix the best potion you want with guidance and charm from a topless bartender. Cheers, because it’s going to be a long night!

    Hen parties are a rite of passage before the bride finally ties the knot. For the ladies who want to party in a classy but special way, these are HENS PARTY IDEAS that will make a fabulous get-together. No matter what your hen’s party idea is, it is essential that the future bride loves and feels comfortable at the party. Moreover, it must be appropriate for all participants, affordable and is within budget. So, think outside the box and let your imagination run wild with these hen party ideas for one memorable send-off.



    Hens party games are one of the essential things to consider when organising the special night. Whether it’s a HENS NIGHT IN or just pre-drinks before you come to the club,  we’ve got loads of fun ideas. These are games for you and your group to play, which will break the ice and have you in side-splitting laughter in no time. From naughty games to drinking games to funny games, there are many options for hens night games to plan!

    Party games add fun to any hens night. Drinking games such as ‘I Have Never’ and ‘Drinking Words’ give your friends the perfect opportunity to enforce some challenging party dares! Scavenger hunts and Truth or Dare are classic hens party games that everyone will love – just make sure to make some of the questions, dares, or scavenger hunt items naughty, funny, and very difficult! If it’s your job to arrange a hens party, you definitely want to plan a few games to help send the guest of honour off to married life in style (and laughter).

    When planning games, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to over-plan a little. You don’t have to play all the games; in fact, no one likes an over-scheduled party. However, having a few games up your sleeve can be a lifesaver (and an ice breaker) when entertaining a group of ladies, you may not know very well – or even your best friends. For extra fun, get your topless waiters in on the action – they love to play games, too!

    As the party planner, the pressure is on for you to organise an unforgettable evening. At Magic Hens, we know how to take your hens night to the next level. Let us help with naughty hens night games along with OUR COMPLETE PARTY PACKAGES. Our hot male strippers, topless waiters, exclusive venues, luxury transport, and wild party games will ensure that your hens night is a fun and fabulous celebration that you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives.



    The bridesmaids come together and organise the Bride-to-Be’s outfit for the evening by choosing bits and pieces of unconventional fashion styles and materials. The bride then has to wear this outfit for the entire duration of the evening, no matter where the night takes them! Now there’s a way to make sure your hen is the centre of attention!


    Create a list of items that can be found around the house or venue. Be creative and try come up with a variety of items from simple things such as a lighter from a stranger to something cheekier like boxers from a stranger. Remember that this is a Rated H (for hens) scavenger hunt so come up with cheeky and naughty items that will get everyone stepping outside their comfort zone. Once the list is created, split the hens’ party into two groups, and the group that comes up with most of the items on the list will win.


    The perfect indoor hens’ party game. Take advantage of the flowing drinks and spirited atmosphere and gather everyone together for a round of Truth or Dare. One at a time, flip a coin or spin a bottle to decide whose turn it is to be put to the test and reveal a little (or a lot) about themselves and who has to go run around the neighbour’s yard completely nude.


    The ultimate drinking game. What better way to kick starts a night by getting everyone acquainted or to solidify some life-long friendships by revealing some intimate secrets about what each girl has and hasn’t done. One at a time, each girl will go around the circle and reveal something they have never done before (e.g. ‘Never have I ever… had three-way kiss) and the girls who have done that will then have to take a sip.


    This game can be purchased from most adult shops or even better, why not make your own. Grab a blown-up poster of a stripper and stick a photo of the groom’s head over the strippers. Make willy cut-outs for every member of the hens party and each person puts their name on that willy. Aim of the game is to blindfold one girl at a time and guide her to the poster, she then has to place the willy where she thinks it should go. This activity is sure to have the whole party in hysterics.


    One girl will interview and ask the bride a bunch of random and obscure questions about many facets of her life, embarrassing moments, relationships and interesting facts that make her unique. The questions will be posted to the wedding party, and whoever gets the most questions right is deemed the winner of the game. Now add the hens’ twist and make the game interesting by making anyone who gets an incorrect answer take a swig of their drink.

    1. NEWLY-TO-BE

    This games requires some preparation in advance but definitely worth the effort. Call, email or record the groom answering a list of questions about the bride, and have he respond with what he thinks her answer will be. This game is sure to bring out a few laughs to the table as it tests how well the groom really knows the women his going to marry. Now to reverse the table on the hen and have the groom answer the same questions about himself and see if the hen knows the man she’s about to marry.


    The idea behind this game is to forbid wedding related words from being said during the entire hens night party. Some examples are groom, wedding, bride, bridesmaid, best man and vows. Each time someone says one of these words, then they must have a drink or accept a dare from the rest of the party.


    To make the night memorable for the bride, play the post-it note hens game. Provide the hens with post-it notes and pens, and have them write any remarkable experience they’ve had with the bride. Collect the notes and then placed them in an area where the bride can read them. Now the bride has to read them aloud and guess who wrote them. She then has to narrate the real story behind the experience. This activity will definitely make the bride remember some wonderful memories she had with hens that would either make her laugh or cry.


    This is perhaps one of the most popular hens party games of all time. Divide the hens into teams and instruct them to come with a unique wedding dress for the bride. They can use any material they can find in the venue or house such as toilet paper. Give them a time limit to conceptualise a design and transform it into an actual dress. Once the time is up, the teams need to choose a hen who’ll wear the wedding dress and act as a model. The bride gets to choose the team with the most beautiful design. She then has to wear the winning piece all throughout the night.

    Archery Hens Day

    From Robin Hoods' Maid Marian and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games to the red-haired Meridan in Disney Pixar's Brave, Hollywood has actually welcomed fearless women with bows and arrows. Now it's your turn to bring the archer goddess dream to life, with your really own coloured bow, foam-tipped arrow and ... faceguard. Real to its name, Archery Attack is a fight, and you are the target. Your group will be tossed into the battleground with only the inflatable challenge course and your safety gear to protect you. And we make sure the Hen can't conceal a target strapped to her back!

    Archery Attack Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    1300 949 445

    A game of arrow tag called "Archery Attack" pits two groups against one another. You and the other members of your hen party will have the opportunity to shoot each other with unique bows and arrows with foam tips. Our games will get you moving and having fun. Furthermore, who doesn't want to shoot their friends, especially at a hens party? You also know that the bride-to-be will receive her fair share of arrows! I should mention that at Archery Attack, headshots are welcomed (don't worry, we have masks).

    When you combine Archery and Dodgeball, you get something amazing called Arrow Tag!  Simply gather a group and then choose a location to play - we're fully mobile and can bring the fun to you. We can even help you find locations if you need some ideas.

    Eastern Indoor Sports Centre Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 9763 5580

    Do you want to know more about hiring the venue for your next party or group event? We have MANY OPTIONS, and you'll be surprised at how AFFORDABLE and COMFORTABLE our private venue hire options can be! We have something for everyone, with a fully-licensed bar (BYO option!) and catering (BYO option!). You can plan a fantastic celebration or event for as little as $250 per hour!

    We offer sports, recreation, and FUN activities for people of all ages! We're conveniently located on Ferntree Gully Road, and with three large images of SLIDES, NERF, and ARCHERY, you won't be able to miss us!

    Our facility has Australia's tallest indoor play center in addition to three huge rubber multi-purpose sports courts, two cricket practice lanes (each with a bowling machine), a fully licensed bar, and event space. We have areas for children of all ages, and our play center is designed so that adults can walk through and supervise their children!

    The location hosts competitions for Futsal, Mixed Futsal, Men's Indoor Soccer, Ladies Netball, Mixed Netball, and Dodgeball. Additionally offered are discos, bubble soccer, nerf wars, bow tag archery, kids' birthday parties, functions, school groups, sporting club events, and a ton more.

    Princes Of The Night Hens Night Ideas Melbourne

    Princes Of The Night hens night idea melbourne

    Princes of the Night, Australia's premier male cabaret show, is the ideal way to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime hen's party. This popular show, located at Crown Melbourne, is fun, glamorous, and, most importantly, elegant, with the organizers focusing on providing a comfortable, safe environment. At this lively event, you can celebrate your impending marriage with class, style, and a dash of sass.

    Princes of the Night, starring Australia's hottest and most talented men, promises a high-class male striptease experience unlike any other. It's a show that everyone is sure to enjoy - even Nana! It's fun, energetic, and the perfect combination of sex appeal and sophistication. The show is held at Crown Melbourne, which is a classy, warm, and intimate venue where the groups that walk in feel amazing, happy, and excited about what's to come. Being at Crown sets the tone for the evening; it's high-class, glitzy, and glam.

    "If you haven't been here yet, please do yourself a favor and come! The show is not only hot, but also amazing and entertaining! The owner and host are both extremely accommodating and wonderful, and the princes are out of this world! They are elegant, professional, and move with the grace of majestic unicorns. The best male strip show by far!" Andrijana

    My Ultimate Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


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    This Melbourne hens package is the perfect combination of girly and edgy, with a super fun axe throwing session followed by a sparkling hens cocktail dinner party! You'll have all the ladies laughing as they put the Vikings to shame. Melbourne, beware: the Vi-Queens have arrived!

    Grab a glass of champagne or a caramel latte and scroll through the options for your bestie's final fling before the ring! Whether you and the bride tribe want to celebrate with a doting topless waiter, a penthouse, cocktail making class, luxe day spa, stretch limo, cheeky life drawing, VIP nightclub booth, and oh-so-much-more, My Ultimate Hens has you covered!

    Maniax Axe Throwing Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 1300 486 989

    Our specialization is hosting private lessons that give your party the BEST axe-throwing experience possible! Individual coaching and target practice will be followed by a tournament against your friends to determine who will be crowned champion Axe Thrower.

    We're so excited to assist you in releasing all that quaran-tension!! We're here to help you celebrate finally seeing long-lost friends, family, or team members in person. Of course, socially estranged and spotless!

    Private hosted sessions, which give your group the BEST axe-throwing experience, are our area of expertise. Following individual coaching and target practice, you'll compete against your friends in a tournament to determine who will earn the title of "champion axe thrower."

    Luscious Affairs Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 418 383 630

    We provide full catering and event solutions with the Luscious touch, from an intimate soiree to an extravagant affair, whether you are a private client or a corporate behemoth. We provide service throughout Melbourne.

    Her knowledge of hospitality and catering is unparalleled as the creator and driving force behind all divisions of Luscious Affairs. Liz has been in the industry for over 25 years, and she began by nurturing her enthusiasm and developing her skills at the Cordon Bleu School in the United Kingdom, followed by her Swiss Diploma of Hotel Management from The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School.

    Liz is a devoted and frequent traveler abroad; for the past ten years, she has co-managed trips to Europe, where she has learned from and been inspired by some of the best chefs and restaurants in the world.

    Liz's 2012 book, The Junior Gourmet, is yet another example of her creating her own opportunities in an industry that she was truly born for. The Junior Gourmet won the coveted Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the category of 'Best Children and Family Cookbook' in Australia just two months after its release.

    House of Hens - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    1800 901 886

    Masterchef, step aside! In this super sweet workshop, your Hens Party will take over the kitchen and learn the craft of baking and decorating cupcakes. You'll learn how to pipe perfect frosting and make intricately detailed fondant decorations for your dessert. There are numerous flavors and colors to choose from, not to mention sprinkles! You also get to try (read: eat) everything you make. If the cupcakes last longer than the workshop, put them in a cake box to take with you and save your energy for the next chapter of your Hens Day adventures.

    Because no two brides are the same, just like no two snowflakes, we searched high and low for original hens party ideas that everyone will appreciate. You can choose from opulent spa days for women, sumptuous cuisine and wine trips, and high-intensity sports like paintball and quad biking. Nevertheless, why stop at one? For a full weekend of pleasure, make a weekend out of it!

    29th Apartment Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 8506 0766

    Katishe, the 29th apartment's founder and lady of the night, would not tolerate a poorly functioning.... well, anything! She believed that mood was essential for optimal performance and worked tirelessly to create niches for entertainment, relaxation, and intimacy. Failure in the bedroom was not an option, and neither was it in the bathroom or the living room. Following in her footsteps, we've created a one-of-a-kind party venue with a variety of spaces to delight and satisfy your guests. Individually, these spaces can accommodate smaller parties, but when combined, they can accommodate the tastes of a much larger group.

    Whatever your preferred beverage, our Cocktails at 29th Apartment are sure to please. Our team of mixologists has curated an array of tasty treats that will both surprise and delight, with a focus on fun, flavor, and flair. From Lemon Meringue with a caramelized sugar float to 29th's Garden Party, which is "green, delicious, and nutritious," our colorful concoctions are the perfect complement to a fun-filled evening with friends. If you're looking for something a little less daring than your friends, we have a selection of bottled and on-tap beers, ciders, and wines, as well as a full selection of Classic Cocktails and Cocktail jugs... Simply ideal for sharing!

    Is it time to excite your taste buds? Do you have a weakness for New York-style pizza or Spicy Chicken Wings? Check out our menu for quick and tasty meals, tasty appetisers, sides, and some seriously tempting desserts. Our kitchen is open until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Sundays, and most of our dishes are meant to be shared, so gather a group of friends and try a little bit of everything.

    29th apartment is the ultimate eclectic Melbourne hangout for the St Kilda cognoscenti, with its quirky décor, pop-art color palette, and abstract artwork. Located in the heart of St Kilda’s colourful and always buzzing Fitzroy Street, this New York-inspired bar and music venue is the ‘go-to’ for its party-loving audience.

    Bond Hens Night Party Idea Melbourne


    (03) 9981 9004

    Bond is the place to go if you and your girlfriends want to go somewhere trendy that you won't leave until the wee hours of the morning. Your jaw will literally drop as soon as you walk through the door on the city's vibrant Bond St. The amphitheatre setup, which is golden, glitzy, and glamorous, transforms Bond into the modern-day Studio 54. You can dance to live music and the city's coolest DJs, making it ideal for the wildest hen's parties. You and your bridesmaids will have a night to remember whether you hire your own private area or party among the city's elite.


    Bond is a one-of-a-kind function and events space that promises a breathtaking setting for all types of celebrations, corporate gatherings, and product launches. Inviting your friends and associates to mingle among Bond's regular celebrity guests, or treating them to an exclusive experience in one of the venue's sophisticated private areas, is a great way to impress them.


    The stylish golden interior layout, located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD and designed by the award-winning team at Hachem, combines the opulence and vibrancy of an amphitheatre. Intimate private booths entice glamorous guests to enter and dance into the early hours. The various areas of the space allow for small groups to large scale events; consider bespoke event planning for any type of request or celebration.

    Middle Park Bowling Club - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 9690 4043

    The barefooters' ideal location is us thanks to our excellent amenities, adequate parking on the property and outside the gate, our own tram station on the number 96 line, and a variety of other considerations. Small walk-up groups are always welcome, and rinks can be leased for larger events.

    Social Activities

    Middle Park is a great place to go bowling with friends or for a social or corporate event. Middle Park Bowling Club has 23 rinks (lanes) and is a great place to play barefoot bowls.The barefooters' ideal location is us thanks to our excellent amenities, adequate parking on the property and outside the gate, our own tram station on the number 96 line, and a variety of other considerations. We welcome small walk-up groups at any time, and rinks can be reserved for larger parties or functions.

    Brunswick Bowling Club


    (03) 9380 1803

    It is one of Melbourne's oldest bowling clubs, but it is also one of the most progressive. The serious traditional bowling scene is still alive and well, but the club also hosts barefoot bowls, live music, comedy nights, and has even turned its green into an 18-hole mini-golf course on occasion. We can accommodate groups outside of our regular business hours; please contact us for more information.

    We have the facilities to cater for your next barefoot bowls party, whether it is a hens, birthday, baby shower, or engagement. Our multi-purpose venue can accommodate a wide range of events, including corporate workshops, staff parties, bucks/hens days, and family-friendly celebrations. More information can be found on our functions page.

    Fitzroy Victoria Bowling & Sports Club - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 9481 3134

    The Fitzroy Victoria Bowling & Sports Club is not only a bowling alley but also a local establishment close to the well-known Edinburgh Gardens. A venue where barefoot bowlers congregate for a range of social occasions like birthdays, hens and bucks, team development, and business get-togethers. Open seven days a week, with BBQ facilities and golf greens for rent. To make an inquiry, please click the button below.

    Our social lawn bowls green is directly in front of the clubhouse, giving you easy access to our bar and public beer garden. Please keep in mind that our top green (Rinks 1-8) is reserved for members only and is not available for public or event use.

    Bungy Jumping

    For the hen who prefers to live on the wild side. You jump off a high structure while wearing an elastic band around your ankles. Does this describe your vibe? The first one was completed in Bristol, England, and since then, idiots and legends have been completing the dangerous activity. The good news is that bungy jumping has never been safer and can be done in some truly breathtaking settings. This is a huge advantage because it usually takes the focus away from you or the hen shitting herself on the way down.

    Thrill Experiences Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    1300 66 15 98

    Inspire them with an experience they will be able to share long after the gifting has ended. Make their dreams a reality. Send them skydiving if they're an adrenaline junkie. Give petrol heads a ride in a V8 or European supercar. Perhaps they fantasize about stunt driving or simply want to relax with a relaxing massage. What about a hot air balloon adventure?

    Since 2006, Thrill Experiences has assisted thousands of customers in accomplishing just that. These are the kinds of experiences you can give that will leave you with lifelong memories that will last long after the gift-giving is over.

    Join the thrill-seekers and be astounded by the sensations of Bungy Jumping, walking high on the tallest of buildings, or preparing for the Big Top with a Flying Trapeze experience. These experiences provide new sensations for both your mind and body, but they are not suitable for those who are afraid of heights.

    When a special occasion necessitates extra touches and when good simply will not suffice, here are a few ideas to leave a lasting impression. There's an experience for every occasion, from glamour to excitement, thrilling activities to pampered karma.

    Adrenaline Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    1300 791 798

    It's the thrill of a lifetime, no matter how you spell it—"Bungee" in Australia, "Bungy" in New Zealand. To freefall hundreds of feet from a cliffside or bridge is to confront one of your most primal fears head on. Face gravity by bungee jumping!

    For more than 20 years, adrenaline has made Australia's fantasies of adventure come true. We are an Australian-owned and -operated business that gives you the most exciting, fun-filled activities from throughout the nation. All experiences can be booked online, or gift cards and vouchers can be ordered for the recipient to redeem (or you can always buy for yourself to use later, we won't tell!)

    We believe that experiences are the most valuable thing you can have, with the impact and memories created lasting far longer than any material possession you can purchase. They're the ideal way to push your personal boundaries and experience natural wonders in new and unforgettable ways.

    Because of our Lowest Price Guarantee (if you find a competitor's lower price on the same activity - on the same day and at the same location/provider - we'll beat it by 5%), you can book with us confident that you're getting a good deal.

    We Teach Me - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne



    This is a fantastic alternative to the typical outing. Our workshop will undoubtedly be enjoyed by the bride, her family, and friends. This class is 3 hours of hands-on fun, making a variety of candle jars in a variety of colors and fragrances, relaxing, celebrating, laughing, and creating.

    We'll provide everything you need to make your four candles, including jars, wax, wicks, colors, and fragrances. Yes, we will spend some time on procedures and safety, but the majority of your time will be spent creating your fantastic candles. It's a fun way to gather the girls for a special occasion, and everyone will take their candles home to enjoy. Their candles will burn for hours, filling their homes with fragrance and serving as a reminder of their shared experience.

    Hire the Bare Bros Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    Keep it simple and enjoyable.

    All of our candles are produced using only soy wax, which is both environmentally responsible and has a strong aroma throw. So, unlike other candles, our candles will burn longer, smell great, and will not negatively contribute to our ever-deteriorating environment. We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we do and will join us in spreading joy and good vibes.

    Share all of your photos, reviews, ratings, and comments across all social media platforms.

    Attend a Performance

    Take your hen out to a show for a classy night out! There is something to suit everyone's preferences. Make sure to purchase your tickets in advance because they tend to sell out quickly.

    Puppetry of the Penis Private Parties Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0408 100 820

    Puppetry of the Penis Private Parties, hailed as one of the best hen's night party ideas in Melbourne, is definitely one to consider for your last hurrah. This seriously sexy dinner and a show has been running for over 13 years and is full of laughs, nudity, and entertainment!

    We cannot recommend Puppetry of the Penis Private Parties highly enough if you are looking for something unique and memorable for your hen's night. But don't just take our word for it; read their glowing customer reviews to see why so many hens chose Puppetry of the Penis Private Parties for their last hurrah.

    Cocktail Masterclass & Gin Masterclass

    A popular choice for hen's days in Melbourne, because who doesn't want to learn how to make all of their favorite beverages? Spend a few hours perfecting all of the pointers and techniques you see master mixologists use—certainly a skill to display at your next dinner party. What's the best part? You even get to taste them—this is an activity that the ladies will enjoy and is ideal to do in the afternoon before hitting the clubs later that night.

    Gin is a popular year-round beverage, so make the most of it with a gin tasting session. Try the best gins and select your own mixers. Some classes teach you the history of gin as well as how to pour the perfect drink, all while you sample three different varieties. You can make your own gin if you want something a little more unique. As a bonus, you're given some of your own styles to take home with you to continue the celebrations.

    Men on Fire - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 422 440 628

    A cocktail class essentially combines two essential components of a Melbourne hens party: drinks and an activity. Not only does the party get to kick off the night with a few awesome cocktails, but they will also be taught by their very own mixologist exactly what is involved in making the cocktails, ingredients, tips & tricks and then show off everything you've learnt by making it all by yourself.

    Sit back and relax at your Fitzroy venue as you are served to sparkle on arrival as you mingle with your guests. Your cocktail class is ready and waiting for you, where you will learn how to make a variety of popular cocktails from your very own professional mixologist. While you sip your cocktails, an antipasto platter is served to satisfy your taste buds.

    Melbourne Hens Party| Hens Party Ideas

    If you're a maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or simply a friend, you can help make a bride's last night as a single woman one she'll never forget. You will cherish the memories you create for the rest of your life.

    The Cocktail Queen Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0437 455 113

    The Cocktail Queen, Melbourne's top mobile cocktail bar, has been serving up a mouthwatering variety of excellent cocktails for the past 17 years.The Cocktail Queen was established with the goal of providing premium drinks at reasonable prices with exceptional customer service from highly trained staff.

    Polly Bar Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 9912 9911

    Whether you prefer rum, gin, or vodka, we have you covered. For your drinking pleasure, the cocktails in our class are updated seasonally. We can accommodate bookings of varying sizes, whether you are looking for an interactive hen's night experience or a fun activity for a night out. The minimum class size is eight people, but we hold public cocktail classes twice a month where smaller groups can mingle - check our events for the dates.

    Cooking School

    This is a great option for a laid-back hens day afternoon activity, and it comes in handy if the bride-to-be is a novice in the kitchen. Learn how to sizzle, sauté, and season a variety of foods, as well as make some delectable desserts. BYO drinks are also permitted, so bring some bottles of bubbly and get cooking. It's best to do this later in the afternoon so you can eat the food later and avoid going out to dinner—two birds, one stone.

    Otao Kitchen Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0408 217 890

    With music playing in the background and under the supervision of our chef(s), you prepare key ingredients for dishes such as Japanese, classic dumplings, great Thai, fresh Vietnamese, and others on our special group menus. A hen night is a special occasion that requires more than takeaway chips and a shaky doner! We can also plan everything from Italian dinners to Greek mezze, Spanish dishes, and even witty Mexican menus.

    Cupcake Designing

    When it comes to hen's parties, it's always a good idea to plan some fun activities to keep everyone entertained. Cupcake decorating may sound childish, but it's actually quite enjoyable! Make some cupcakes and set up a craft table with a variety of embellishment options, such as colored frosting, edible glitter, and whatever other fun and tasty bits you can find.

    Wicked Hens Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    1800 850 521

    Every year, we provide over 5000+ satisfied customers with the most authentic Asian Cooking Experiences in Melbourne. We are a small company that can work with event planners to create hens cooking events. We provide exceptional value for money and memorable experiences from our purpose-built venue in Richmond, Melbourne.

    Melbourne is well-known for its shopping, culture, coffee, and cuisine! Wicked Hens Melbourne Party Packages are filled with everything from delicious high teas, laneway chocolate and food tours, shopping tours, cocktail workshops, exciting rooftop restaurants, mobile pamper treatments, sexy hunks, “feel like a star” photo shots, or helicopter winery, and scenic flight tours.

    Dance Lesson

    A guaranteed enjoyable, active, interactive, and super amusing activity to kick off any Hens Party! Choose from a variety of dance styles including Pole, Burlesque, Twerk, Cheerleading, Bollywood, Hula Hooping, Michael Jackson, Disco, and more. You can have a mobile event or have it at a Sydney studio. The most sweaty and enjoyable Sydney Hens Party!

    The Dance Palace - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne



    The Dance Palace is ideal for those looking to get active and sexy with their best girlfriends. This private dance studio in Fitzroy offers a variety of packages to suit hen's nights of all themes and budgets. The Dance Palace has something for everyone, whether you want to learn how to do the 1920's Charleston or how to twerk like the pros.

    The Pole Room - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 9761 5021

    If you're looking for something a little sexier for your last hurrah, we highly recommend The Pole Room.

    We think exercising should be fun, challenging, and rewarding because we believe in health, happiness, and self-love. Our pole dancing lessons can be customized to meet your specific needs and are flexible and convenient.

    We concentrate on learning new tricks, combos, and routines. All of our pole and aerial classes focus on learning a fun new skill in a supportive, non-judgmental setting. The workout you'll get is just a bonus!!

    Our progression-based programs will take you through a series of levels that have been carefully designed. Each level works to gradually improve your abilities by building on the skills you've already mastered. View our programs below.

    Holly’s Hens - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0404 440 580

    During the Night

    To get you set for the night ahead, your hostess will show up with a bag of treats and will start you off with some naughty games and prizes. After a glass of champagne, you'll learn some fundamental moves and skills in your chosen style before coming up with a quick, sassy performance.

    Then glam it up with some props and costumes and get ready to wow your fellow guests as you perform. As we commemorate the evening with a photo session, strike a pose. We wrap up our time together with a special surprise for the lovely bride-to-be and send you out into the night ready to show the world how you burlesque!

    Bottoms Up Dance - Hens Night party Ideas Melbourne


    0402 689 356

    Bottoms Up Dance, a new addition to the Easy Weddings directory, is quickly becoming a favorite among Melbourne brides. This Brunswick studio celebrates women of all ages by allowing them to feel sexy, confident, and sassy while learning popular dance routines. Learn more about Bottoms Up Dance.

    You select the genre that most appeals to you. After some bubbles and introductions, you'll learn a basic repertoire of tricks and dance movements that are blended into a sassy routine. Following some practice, you'll collect your prop, don hats, boas, or other fancy attire, and show off your brand-new routine to one another! The routine always includes a "special piece" for the hen or guest of honor.

    A Day Spa

    A Spa is the best place to unwind with your close friends. There are numerous Spas that can help you relax and feel renewed before your wedding day. The professionals will create a tranquil and calm environment for the bride. This massage therapist and beauty specialist will prepare you for your big day.

    Total Relaxation Therapy - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0403 885 901

    Gather your friends for a fantastic party and select one of the above packages. The final guest count does not need to be confirmed until 5 days before the hen's party.

    For a soothing mobile massage Melbourne, you set the mood and tone in your home. We supply the water distribution oil, table, towels, and music. For the best deep tissue or relaxation massage, our experts travel around Melbourne.

    We are qualified and certified mobile Massage Therapists with many years of experience providing therapeutic services in the comfort of your own home. Manicure, Pedicure, Mobile Massage, Couples Massage, and Facials are among our Mobile Pampering In-Home services. We offer the ultimate mobile relaxation experience that you can enjoy in the privacy of your own home or lodging.

    Dominatrix Training

    She's getting married soon, so you might as well send her off with some helpful bedroom advice! Dominatrix Lessons will have your bride-to-heart be's racing and her cheeks flushed. This is a fun and flirty hens night idea that is sure to relax the entire hens night crew. As a bonus, you'll all get a couple of great transfers to use in the bedroom. The bride-to-be (and all her closest friends) will be taught how to dominate their partners during a Dominatrix Lesson. You'll be given a few ideas and techniques to try at home to get your heart racing. This is the perfect hens party for those looking for something unique, different, and informative. You'll be telling stories for quite some time...

    Damiens Party Entertainment - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0401 212 211


    We offer professional and affordable party entertainment that is the perfect blend of wholesome fun and tease. Don't repeat yourself the next time you plan an event at home, at the office, or elsewhere.

    Hen Night is a celebration held in honor of a bride-to-be. It is sometimes referred to as the "hen party" or the "bachelorette party." Before being married, the bride-to-be gathers her closest female pals for some ridiculous bonding activities.

    If you're looking for out-of-this-world hen night activities, you've come to the right place. Here are some unusual activities you can incorporate into your party.

    Laneway Learning - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    Restraint play is as varied and dynamic as the people who experiment with it. Exploring new techniques and styles can be extremely rewarding. This class provides a safe, friendly, and playful introduction to rope bondage. Safety, etiquette, and fundamental techniques will be addressed clearly and simply. Everyone will gain a secure foundation from which to develop and cultivate their own bondage style and relationship.

    She uses a playful approach to instruction as an educator. She believes in clear, concise instruction that fosters safe practice and confident technique so that students can flourish creatively while fulfilling their own bondage fantasies. Laneway Learning offers low-cost, enjoyable classes in a variety of subjects. It takes place on weekday evenings in cafes, bars, and other public places throughout Melbourne. To keep things friendly, classes are usually limited to 20 people.

    Escape Game

    Try an escape room in Melbourne for a fun afternoon. Collaborate to discover hints and work them out to "save the world". This is a great idea if not everyone in the party knows each other; it's a great way to start a conversation!

    Rush Escape Games Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 3 9972 8020

    Have a loved one you want to commit to for life (or just 60 minutes)? If you're looking for a unique way to propose to your loved one, have us design a proposal in one of our rooms. With 6 rooms to pop the question in, contact us to learn how we can conceal the ring and make your proposal memorable.

    With a series of eight distinct themes where your creativity can run free, we have one of the most imaginative collections of escape rooms in Melbourne. In The Last Knight Rises, can you compete with King Arthur's power? How would you distinguish between a dream realm and the actual world in The Matrix: Loaded? Are you qualified to work as a Bond 00 agent? Which of the other rooms—Nightmare, It's Heroes: End Game, Cluemanji, hackSAW—will you choose to play?

    The only concern you should have when participating in Melbourne's most daring escape room is putting together a team to help you solve puzzles, crack cases, and find solutions.

    Under the Ivy Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    Private floral workshops are ideal for hens/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, or simply a night of laughter and crafts.

    Traditional floristry techniques, skills, design elements, and principles will be taught to you under the supervision of a qualified and trained florist. I am always available to answer your questions and guide you through the creative process.

    Private workshops are held at your convenience.

    I provide all of the necessary materials, including fresh seasonal flowers, foliage, tapes, wires, ribbons, and tool use. Workshops typically last 2-2.5 hours, but can be tailored to meet your specific needs. I arrange all of my flowers in clear glass vases that also serve as table decor!

    Thrive Flowers & Events - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 9486 0566

    Along the way, we amaze and excite our couples and their guests with our creativity and passion! Our multi-award-winning team features some of Melbourne's finest event professionals, including floral designers, event decorators, planners, and stylists.

    Our team is passionate about nature; we celebrate its wild side while harnessing its beauty* into creative works of art. Our botanical stylists assist you in selecting the perfect designs, and the fact that each wedding is unique challenges us to provide you with an amazing floral experience each and every time. Every wedding we design is tailored to a couple's vision, as well as their preferred venue and price range.

    Foodie Adventure

    We've compiled a list of the best settings and locations in Sydney for a truly stylish Hens Party for the foodie bride-to-be. Begin the food selection with a high-end dining experience in or out of town. To get the creative juices flowing, think quality cheese and red wines, as well as short bar trips.

    Secret Foodies Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 422 667 483

    We also create one-of-a-kind private and corporate events ranging from intimate dinners for 10 to lavish parties for 500. We are passionate about creating product launches, consumer brand activations, and media events.

    The best-kept secret in town since its beginning in 2010, Secret Foodies has grown swiftly. Guests purchase a ticket to a secret themed event with no idea where they're going or who they'll meet until two hours before the event. They will be notified of the secret location via SMS. We sometimes appear in restaurants, and other times in unexpected places, with previous events taking place on rooftops, in warehouses, laneways, exclusive parks, and in a heritage-listed barn. We host both sit-down dinners and lunches, as well as cocktail parties.

    Classes that are Interactive

    Book an interactive masterclass with your friends and colleagues. Learn how to make pasta like an Italian Nona, then travel to Spain to learn how to make traditional paella. A cocktail making class, on the other hand, can transform novice drinkers into masterful mixologists. These classes are ideal for team building activities, Christmas parties, hens' nights, birthday parties, entertaining clients, and other events. If you have another fun idea, we can create a special interactive class just for your group.

    When we are not hosting public events, the Secret Foodies team creates one-of-a-kind and special occasions for corporate and private clients. Secret Foodies-style events are ideal for entertaining clients, product launches, media events, birthdays, hens parties, Christmas celebrations, team building activities, and other events.

    Twilight Glamping Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne




    With our one-of-a-kind wedding and event marquees, naked tipis, furniture rentals, and bell tent accommodation, we're on a mission to provide unforgettable experiences! We guarantee memories that will last a lifetime, whether it's a small romantic getaway or a large event!


    If delicious food and wine, waking up to breathtaking views of the ocean, access to a private beach, pink sunsets across the bay, and picnics in the vines sound like your ideal getaway, this could be it!

    Each bell tent has its own decking and includes luxury queen, twin, or triple beds with pallet bed bases, crisp white linen, blankets, and towels, natural jute rugs, a lantern, an esky, and an outdoor setting. In the glamping paddock, there are three upgraded toilet and shower blocks with eco toiletries.

    234 Fun Galore Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 9317 - 8221

    Any worries about guest seating will be thrown out the window when the Bride buckles up into one of our sleek and powerful Gokarts to the sounds of Beyonce’s All the single ladies (or whatever music you like!).

    Other activities can include dodgem cars, mini-golf, pool, and sumo wrestling. Wander over to your private party room for a breather, seafood platter - and your own Hens party games... Customise your Hens party with one of our ready to go activity packages and catering options - or create your own last night of freedom with one of our friendly staff members.

    This is the only place you can slam that foot into the gas and go fast and furious with the fastest Go-Karts on the largest track in Melbourne. Then get the buck on the bull or relive your favourite Counterstrike missions by gearing up and going gangbusters with Laser Tag. Other activities can include dodgem cars, mini-golf, pool, and sumo wrestling. Wander over to your private party room for a breather, to sit down for our delicious spit roast banquet or catering option - and to take in the festivities the party has to offer.

    Runway Room Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 3 8578 2690

    Start your hens night with Runway Room, which offers an opulent makeover and photoshoot for you and your girlfriends. With your pals, enjoy champagne, hair and makeup styling, and a fun photo shoot. After the excitement of the day at the Runway Room, you're all dressed up and ready to continue your hen's night celebrations!

    The Runway Room Academy trains Runway Room Professionals, allowing them to provide continuity and dependability to clients.

    Make-up artistry and hairstyling can be extremely hit-or-miss, and there are many freelancers working in the industry who may not always have the necessary talent, skill, or experience.

    Treasure Hunt for Hens

    Understand concepts, complete saucy obstacles, and take pictures with random hot guys; it's that easy and so much fun! (There's more, but if we tell you, we'll have to kill you...) Oh, and there will be no apps or innovation; we are traditional fun— the pen and paper variety with a real person as your hostess— yes! A true individual! Don't worry if your hen is a little conservative; our activities are designed to appeal to both the tame and timid hen and the girl who's up for anything! How many people make up a team, you ask?

    Hens Treasure Hunt Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0412 895 218

    We have just the package for you. Games with the Girls is a two-hour hosted cheeky fun with champagne and chocolate for everyone - ideal for a fun and relaxed hens party.

    On arrival, your hostess will greet you with a warm welcome and a glass of bubbly, and then the fun begins! The first game is a rousing game of Tops and Tails to see who can distinguish between true and false and be the last woman standing. The following games include, among others, Who Loves Chocolate the Most, Artistic Endeavors, Sky High, and Pass the What. Our event concludes with a hilarious balloon popping game that will have you all in stitches with laughter!

    St Kilda is our favorite spot in Melbourne - a seaside town with amazing cake shops, fantastic pubs and restaurants, what's not to love? As a result, when considering Melbourne, this was our first choice - no contest! The treasure hunt begins at the iconic Luna Park and proceeds on foot through the heart of St Kilda. Meet some cute locals, perhaps a tram driver or a swimmer, and visit a few cheeky shops! The scavenger hunt concludes at a glam bar that you will enjoy – we do! See who will be showered with a shower of glory while you sip cheeky champagne at the end.

    Great Race Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    1300 504 151

    Your competitive inner child will be satisfied by a traditional scavenger hunt! This has a straightforward, go-at-your-own-pace approach, making it perfect for a lighthearted, enjoyable hens party activity.

    In our entertaining opening ceremony, our charismatic host will meet your team and explain everything you need to know about the game. We then play an all-in challenge to determine which teams can begin first! Each team will face a series of challenges in various categories. The difficulty of each challenge will vary; the more difficult the challenge, the more points you'll earn! Your team must complete a minimum of two challenges from each category, attempting to accumulate as many points as possible before time runs out.

    Afternoon Tea

    A modern take on the traditional bridal shower, go out with your girls and enjoy a hen's high tea with a little more sparkle—and we're not just talking about the ring. With this supremely classy hen's party concept, it's time to bust out that little flower number, dust off those gloves, and act like a lady. Consider champagne, delicate finger sandwiches, darling little quiches, and divine macarons set against the opulent botanical backdrop of our main restaurant. "Hello, decadence, how are you? It's me once more."

    The Hotel Windsor Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    The Hotel Windsor allows hens to throw a truly elegant farewell party.

    This elegant hotel's three flexible function rooms, The Grand Ballroom, The Bourke Room, and The Winston Room, can accommodate small tea gatherings, big dance celebrations, and anything in between.

    Enjoy a refreshing Afternoon Tea with ribbon sandwiches, savory appetizers, a trio of delightful patisserie, and scones with jam and cream in our elegant, light-filled tea lounge, a 137-year tradition. You can still enjoy Afternoon Tea on the go by ordering from our online shop, which is open for pickup and delivery six days a week.

    The Windsor is positioned across from the imposing Parliament House and close to the well-known Princess Theatre, just steps from Melbourne's upscale shops, theaters, laneways, and Chinatown, and a short stroll from the charming Treasury, Fitzroy, and Carlton Gardens.

    Mary Eats Cake Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 8394 5660

    Your ideal hens party can be held in the opulent Brunswick tea house of Mary Eats Cake, which specializes in offering the most exquisite High Tea experience for you and your girlfriends, or in the convenience of your home.

    This High Tea experience is perfect for bridal parties, hen's parties, and kitchen teas - even your grandmother will want to attend this classy ladies event!


    Mary now accepts corporate and large orders!

    Are you looking for a way to show your appreciation to your employees, or some snacks to enjoy during your zoom meetings? Perhaps a lovely Christmas hamper now that the holiday season is approaching? As part of our touch-free service, surprise valued employees with a beautifully packaged premium box of goodies delivered right to their door. A delicious and thoughtful way to express gratitude!

    Back Bar Functions & Events Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    Your luxurious private function room will be the setting for your Sparkling Hens High Tea. The room will be exclusively yours for the duration of your event, giving you plenty of time to pamper and entertain your hen. You might want to play hens games or simply enjoy a night out with the girls.

    Hire a Personal Chef

    In some cases, you might want to eat something other than scones and sandwiches. Take the fun to the next level with this unique hens party idea that will leave your bride feeling spoiled—hiring a private chef! Our culinary hen's party ideas: With a personal chef at your hens' party, you can feast on the ultimate menu of your choice. The food will be prepared right in front of your eyes and curated with the bride-to-be in mind. Deal with the chef to create a menu full of her favorites, and then let the lovely girl walk away with some fantastic new dishes to show her future husband.

    Your Private Chef Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0497 333 105

    Whether you're planning a wild night in, an elegant ladies dinner, or a relaxed get-together, your hens night party is all about you. After all, the boys are on their own now (possibly in Vegas...). So your hens night is all about you and your girlfriends having a good time.

    We'll concentrate on providing excellent food and excellent service so you can concentrate on mingling, relaxing, and having the time of your life. To cap off your evening, Your Private Chef cleans up any food preparation mess. Even better, if you've hired wait staff, your glasses and dishes will be taken care of as well!

    Juke’s Karaoke Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    Do you know a couple of cool cats who are getting married?

    If you're in charge of coming up with hen's party ideas, we might have just the thing. Love may be all they need, but what they really want is a night of dressing up, getting down, and singing up with their best gals.

    We've done the research and developed all-inclusive function packages for you. We're talking about the refreshments that have been prepared for you, the cuisine, and of course, the karaoke. We have karaoke rooms to accommodate hen's parties of any size, and you can reserve your preferred one online. After you've chosen your room, you can add food, drink, and merchandise to your reservation, or simply show up and order what you want right from your karaoke room.

    Heroes Bar Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 3 8639 0639

    Between Bourke Street and Little Bourke, on Melbourne's fourth story, is where you'll find Heroes Rooftop Bar. With lots of shade and heating, our new rooftop bar is the perfect place for an outdoor beverage year-round. You've found the correct place if you're seeking for a secret pub in the CBD.

    If you're planning a hen or bachelorette party, Heroes is the ideal location. Private rooms are available for groups of all sizes, as well as a kitchen to eat in and a rooftop to drink on before or after your booking. We'll make sure the bride-to-be has a night to remember!


    Admit it, all of us understand among those gals who use activewear to breakfast with the genuine objective of striking the fitness centre afterwards (they're not just 'decorative' leggings individuals). When it comes to commemorating The Active Bride, a Kayaking trip is sure to please.

    Kayak - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne



    A hen's weekend is all about saying goodbye to single life at a top party destination. Tiaras and veils are appropriate for the beach, vineyards, and glamorous nightclubs. Whatever you decide, these hot spots provide the bride-to-be with plenty of options - just remember, wherever you go, please remember to stay safe and notify your loved ones of your whereabouts so they don't worry!

    Luncheon for Ladies

    If you're looking for a hen's party idea with a little more 'ooh, la, la,' you can't go wrong with the indulgence of the lady's luncheon. Indulge your inner Upper East Sider with four stunning courses that include Wagyu bresaola, goats curd, truffle honey, figs, and our decadent chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and honeycomb. Remember to load a swipe of red lipstick for maximum impact and turn your long lunch into an even longer night.

    The Baths - Sorrento - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 5984 1509

    Our passionate team of chefs has created a menu for your hens party using fresh and seasonal ingredients to create a variety of exciting yet simple dishes. Please notify our wait staff if you have any dietary restrictions, such as vegetarianism or gluten intolerance. The Baths is a family-friendly restaurant that serves an a la carte menu as well as a children's menu.

    With a diverse menu and beverage package options, The Baths can cater for any event, from the intimate to the extravagant, hosting everything from birthday parties, tea parties, or christenings to corporate events and celebrations of life/memorials.

    We also have plenty of parking and a convenient location on Sorrento's foreshore. The Baths are an excellent location for your next event.

    Learn to Burlesque Dance

    Now you ladies can put on your sexiest dance moves, dress up like you're ready for a shift at the Moulin Rouge, and have a great time. Burlesque classes are among the most popular Sydney hen day activities. The staff here are fantastic and will ensure that even the most reserved members of your hen party come out of their shells. By the end of the session, you'll be ready to put on the sexiest show in town... if you can stop laughing!

    Burlesque Hens Night - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    Get glam with one of Sugar Blue Burlesque's friendly burlesque stars who will come to you to give your guests a taste of the fun and glamorous world of Burlesque! Celebrate in style by throwing a Burlesque Hens Night Party! Make her night memorable with a night of classy vintage glamour, dancing, and tease!

    Get dressed up with a friendly burlesque star from Sugar Blue Burlesque who will visit you to introduce your guests to the delightful and glamorous world of burlesque!

    Maison Burlesque Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 480 120 081

    Our fantastic team will manage the entire evening so you can relax and enjoy yourself with the rest of your guests. Drinks, canapés, and entertainment are all included, so let the champagne flow while our lovely topless waiters and hostesses take care of everything. We also sell burlesque accessories such as gloves, hair and make-up accessories, jewelry, and burlesque pasties.

    Your group will receive exclusive & private use of one of our three sumptuous studio spaces; the Parisian-boudoir inspired 'Peacock Room,' our Victorian bordello inspired 'Phoenix Room,' or the 'Flamingo Room,' a 1960's-paradise inspired oasis! Of course, if you prefer to spend the evening in the privacy of your own home, we can come to you!

    Drawing from Life

    What better way to send the bride-to-be off than with a boozy art class hens night? You can reserve the entire studio for you and your girlfriends and enjoy a private group art class with plenty of wine. A boozy art class will allow the bride-to-be to express her creativity while laughing with her closest girlfriends.

    Most importantly, you will be able to take home your own work of art. Wine and art classes are a fantastic hens night idea for sophisticated girls who want to enjoy their boozing away from the clubs and bars.

    Cheeky Drawing- Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    04 1328 3517

    When a girl finds a man and is about to marry, she deserves a big party!

    Cheeky Drawing comes to the rescue and provides everything you need to incorporate it into your fun-filled day. Consider charcoal, champagne, perhaps some dance moves, and, of course, the naked man! We can add a wow factor with one of our themed packages, or you can create your own to suit your Bride-to-be. We have a variety of highly skilled dance instructors in Burlesque, Bollywood, and Belly Dance if you want to learn to dance as well as draw.

    Do you have a special occasion? Birthday or Hens Party? Melbourne's favorite Hen's Party & drawing entertainment comes to the rescue, providing a tasteful, classy, fun life drawing or art event that you can incorporate into your day. Consider charcoal, champagne, perhaps some dance moves, sculpture, painting, or making a flower crown, and, of course, the naked man!

    We provide a mobile service, allowing us to travel anywhere in Melbourne or Regional Victoria. Please let us know if you are having trouble finding a venue. We strongly advise using Air BnB, your own home, or a private room in a hotel or apartment.

    We provide virtual events through ZOOM. This is an excellent way to have as much fun as possible. This option is also ideal if you have a group of friends scattered across Australia who want to get together for some fun!

    The Artful Hen - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    An elegant yet thrilling substitute for a hen's night out is the Artful Hen activities. Our attractive, athletic men serve as the inspiration for a hilarious and creative life drawing experience. This unique hen's party includes champagne, music, and activities that will make your hen's night unforgettable.

    What exactly is Life Drawing? Life drawing is simply the process of drawing a naked human figure from a live model. The Artful Hen life drawing experience will introduce you to this time-honored art form through a variety of enjoyable games and exercises that may just bring out your inner artist! Our talented (and completely naked!) male models will serve as your inspiration as our experts lead you through the fundamentals of life drawing.

    Cork and Canvas Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0499 007 237

    Not your typical painting class, Drink.Paint.Create!

    Experience a fun and creative night out Painting and Sipping with friends and colleagues in Melbourne and Sydney while sipping wine, bubbles, or beer and painting on a canvas for the first time! There is no painting experience required! We guarantee it.

    We provide all art supplies, and you bring your own drinks and snacks! Our studios include glassware, tapas plates, a fridge, and ice. Gather the ladies and celebrate with an unforgettable experience! We'll start the party with a glass of bubbles in one hand and a paintbrush in the other if you come into our Melbourne or Sydney studio!

    Bring your own drinks and snacks to our studios, and we supply all art supplies, aprons, glassware, and good vibes! All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself as our talented artists guide you step by step in creating your very own masterpieces. Select one of our unique Hen party experiences, and we'll assist you in planning the perfect party for your special occasion.

    Hens Love Art - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


     0414 339 791

    For hen parties, birthdays, work events, and other special occasions, we arrange art and dance parties.

    View our Party Packages and combine classes to create your own unique party style. View our stunning studio space and private venue, which your guests will adore. All parties are private classes for your group that are professionally led by our Party Hosts. Plus! After the class, relax in our private karaoke lounge, which is completely free with any 2-hour class.

    The Arty Hen - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 451 058 079

    Our gorgeous models and professional tutors ensure that you get the most out of your experience, creating a fun environment for you to unleash your inner artist.

    We will come to your home or any other location. Private gardens, vacation apartments, boats, mansions, and small units have all hosted Arty Hen parties.

    Design Flower Crowns

    Every Queen needs a crown, and flower crown workshops are a lovely way to honor the bride-to-be. A dedicated trainer will show styles and strategies to assist you in crafting your very own flower crown using gorgeous seasonal florals, plants, and vintage ribbons. All flowers and materials are provided; all you need to bring are the bubbles and your creative flair.

    This glamorous and girly day makes for a beautiful photo opportunity with the Hen, and it can even serve as inspiration for the bridal party's hairpieces. This is a fantastic option for including participants of all ages, from flower girls to Great Grandmas, while celebrating all things feminine and floral. It is available at a location of your choice.

    Poppy & Fern Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


     (02) 6684 7883

    Looking for a lovely pre-wedding activity that does not involve drinking? (Of course, there's nothing wrong with that)

    Because it connects us to the earth and the seasons, we grow flowers and herbs ethically, from the ground up. We inhale nature's simple glory and exhale raw, wild designs that allow each bloom to shine because, let's face it, nature knows best.

    Make Your Own Perfume

    At the Make Your Own Fragrance Workshop, the bride and bridal party can create their own unique signature fragrance for the wedding day. In this workshop, you will be able to experiment with the same ingredients as major fragrance houses and embark on an enthralling journey of discovery!

    The Powder Room Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0417 630 648

    The Powder Room is a boutique consulting firm founded by fragrance expert Samantha Taylor that focuses on the creation of fragrant products and experiences for the beauty, perfume, and related industries. We are specialists in the creation of commercial products, from concept to distribution, in the creation of olfactory experiences and events, and in sensory branding.


    Book a Perfume Masterclass for a unique hens event, where guests will learn about the art of perfumery and have the opportunity to create their own fragrance. Give the bride her own fragrance in a beautiful custom bottle with her name and wedding date engraved on it. The scent will always remind her of her Big Day.

    We also provide perfume masterclasses for the perfume professional, enthusiast, or curious. Create your own distinctive perfume, learn how to sell it, or explore a perfumer's body.

    Sweet Fern Fragrance Boutique - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 3 5332 9294

    Wedding preparations are an opportunity for friends to get together. Hen's parties and kitchen teas are steeped in tradition, but have shifted away from being beautiful, classic, and timeless shared experiences in recent years.

    Enjoy a glass of champagne upon arrival, delicious grazing platters, and exclusive use of the Sweet Fern space for the duration of your event. Sweet Fern is a perfumery that specializes in niche fragrances, botanical skincare, and one-of-a-kind gifts.

    A Night on the Town

    Are you and your hen's party looking for a fun and unique bar to spend your night at? This club is located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD and plays incredible music from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. It is multi-leveled, so there is plenty of space to have a dance-off and find your favorite tunes. You will not have to wait outside in the cold because your names will be on the visitor list. We just need the names of everyone in the party the week before so we can let them know and make sure no one is forgotten.

    Journey Abroad

    A hen's vacation is all about saying goodbye to single life at a popular party destination. Wear tiaras and veils to the beach, go vineyard hopping, or dance your way through appealing clubs. Whatever you decide, these locations ensure that the bride-to-be is spoilt for choice— just remember, wherever you go, please remember to stay safe, and notify loved ones of your whereabouts so they don't worry!

    Epic Holidays Bali Hens Party Packages - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    1300 523 877

    Epic Holidays is a travel agency that specializes in creating custom holiday packages for bucks parties, hens parties, footy trips, netball trips, end-of-season trips, birthdays, schoolies, group holidays, ski & snowboard, golf, and other activities. For party holidays, we offer group discounts and personalized service.

    Packages for discounted hen parties in Bali! You may enjoy everything the "Island of the Gods" has to offer with our glitzy Hens Night package! Bali offers certain special experiences that are unavailable anywhere else on earth. Where else can you hike through the jungle and end the day in Kuta, the epicenter of Bali's unrivaled nightlife scene? In Kuta, you can party at Casablanca and Hard Rock, or in Seminyak, you can visit Potato Head, W Bar, and Ku De Ta for more funky bars and clubs.

    India, Goa

    Say goodbye to single life on Goa's legendary beaches. Goa, long known as a bohemian town, has seen its fair share of hen's parties. Shopping at the famous Anjuna Flea Market, admiring Portuguese architecture in Old Goa, and feasting on South Indian cuisine are all highlights. Drink martinis with the sunset at Ashvem Beach and dance until the wee hours at Baga Beach's Café Mambo.


    Don't let others have all the fun! If a ladies day at the Day Spa sounds as entertaining as watching paint dry, the fast-paced action of the paintball battleground may be more your style. What better way to show your affection for the Hen than by strapping a target to her back and arming everyone in your tribe with 300 paintballs - each! When you combine heart-pumping fun and a killer workout, the carbohydrates won't matter when your pizza lunch arrives. Most importantly, you'll leave energized and ready for a night of luxury.

    Delta Force-  Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne



    1300 793 700

    Dingley, Delta Force Melbourne

    Packages for discounted hen parties in Bali! You may enjoy everything the "Island of the Gods" has to offer with our glitzy Hens Night package! Bali offers certain special experiences that are unavailable anywhere else on earth. You can attempt to cross over pyramids and sphinxes, get to actual USAF missile and aircraft silos, or even engage in combat in a wild west town where the action takes place within saloons, trading post shops, and even the bonds office.

    Delta Force Paintball is the world's most trusted paintball provider, with locations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, and the Netherlands.Our facilities are run and staffed by experts who excel in offering the world's safest and most thrilling paintball experience.

    We have top-notch paintballing facilities as well. They have thrilled and captivated paintballers for more than 25 years. Over 5 million Delta Force clients worldwide now enjoy a better paintballing experience thanks to our improvements. Delta Force Dingley is easily accessible and only a half-hour drive from Melbourne's CBD, ensuring that everyone in your party can attend, and then it's just a short skip and a hop back into town to drink and dance the night away.

    Pampering Day

    Before the bride goes out on her hen's night, pamper her so she feels beautiful for her last night of freedom. Begin with a soothing massage, then move on to a pedicure and manicure, and finish with a makeup artist and hairstylist. Take the bride-to-be out for some stylish cocktails so she can flaunt her good looks.

    LADIES NIGHT IN – Mobile Pampering - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0434 616 689

    High Tea and Picnic Pampering!

    Sunshine, manicures, pedicures, massages, iced tea, and delectable sweet and savory bites... all served on gorgeous vintage crockery in a picturesque garden setting. Here's our brand-new "Picnic Pamper and High Tea" package.

    Pampering for Hens Night

    A mobile beauty pampering service called LADIES NIGHT IN operates in Melbourne. We take pride in providing top-notch spa services into the convenience of your home! Your group's particular demands will be catered to, and we'll make sure your important occasion is celebrated in style. We have a variety of pampering and entertainment options that we can package to make your Ladies Night In truly unique. Our qualified and experienced therapists will ensure that everyone has a good time.

    Perfect for any occasion, including hens nights, baby showers, bridal showers, kitchen teas, birthdays, mothers groups, promotions, or simply a luxurious ladies night in! Our products have all been salon tested, are cruelty-free, and will leave you feeling simply stunning. All that remains is to enjoy 'your night out with the girls, at home'.

    Liquid Infusion - Hens Party Melbourne


    1300 767 728


    Naughty or nice, this is the night when all the ladies get together for one last hurrah before the bride departs to begin her new life with the man of her dreams. If you want to throw a great girls' party, check out the packages below and feel free to add a cheeky upgrade or two to make it even more memorable.

    You can host the party in your own home or book a hotel room for the night; just let us know where and we'll make sure we're there. Our personable and professional young bartenders are skilled not only in making cocktails but also in making the girls happy, and if that isn't enough for you, we'll arrange for a topless waiter to do almost anything you want....including serve the drinks!! Want games and entertainment, as well as a sensual masseur to rub your worries away? We'll do the same.

    If you require hens night venues in Melbourne, Liquid Infusion has access to a large number of them. We can also set up in most hotel serviced apartments; for houses for hire in Melbourne, visit www.stayz.com.au.

    The Party Boat

    Nothing beats getting out on the water, taking in the scenery, and celebrating your Sydney Hens Party in style on your very own personal boat charter! There are numerous Sydney personal boat options to suit all needs, group sizes, and styles. Catering, beverage packages, partially naked waiters, BYO beverages, and on-board activities are included. Anything is possible when it comes to boat charter parties!

    Melbourne River Cruises - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    03 8610 2609

    Have you been tasked with organizing a hens night but want to do something out of the ordinary? If you want to keep things a little more contained and classy than the typical hen's party bus and pub crawl, a hen's party boat may be the ideal option.

    Experience Melbourne from a unique vantage point with one of the most seasoned businesses on the Yarra River.

    Melbourne Boat Hire – Hens Party Cruises


    1300 988 300

    Our affordable all-inclusive Hens party cruise packages allow you to simply board, sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment with all of your friends. The excitement of the day begins as you board your private luxury boat, where an experienced Captain will welcome you and your friends on board to make the vessel your own for the duration of your private cruise.

    Your favorite music will be playing on the onboard sound system as you embark on your Yarra River cruise, and refreshments will be flowing. If you're seeking for a private hens party cruise with up to 35 guests aboard a fashionable, spotless, high-end luxury yacht at a fair price, get in touch with us. You can either bring your own food and drinks or have the catering on our hen's party cruises.

    If you have a smaller group, our Skippered cruises are also a great way to celebrate. Sit back and unwind with your personal Skipper. These cruises can accommodate up to ten passengers and range from a two-hour cruise to a wine and cheese cruise or a progressive lunch or dinner cruise.

    Party Boat Melbourne Hens Party Cruises – Port Philip Bay Night and Day


    0409 944 376

    There are two types of hens party cruises we provide.

    The size of your group and the type of Hens party cruises package you choose will affect our rates. Whatever you choose, you will surely have the time of your life happy. While onboard, you and your friends can take in the breathtaking scenery, sip delicious beverages, and eat delectable food. Our package is priced so that you and your friends can relax and listen to the soothing sounds of the Bay with contentment. Does it sound too good to be true? We guarantee it isn't.

    Because our cruise packages are quickly booked by savvy customers, the sooner you book, the better your chances of getting the exact night out that you want. If you know ahead of time that you will be having a hen party, start looking through our options.

    Motion in the Ocean - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 404 648 438

    A hen's night boat cruise in Melbourne is the ideal way to celebrate the bride-to-upcoming be's nuptials, and we make sure it's a night to remember for all the right reasons. If you hire a hen's party boat for you and your guests, you'll get unlimited beer, wine, spirits, and soft drinks for the duration of the cruise.

    If you want to keep things a little more contained and classy than the typical hen's party bus and pub crawl, a hen's party boat may be the ideal option. Our Melbourne Dockland cruise will take you on a 3-hour cruise through Port Melbourne, St Kilda, and Melbourne's city skyline.

    Limousine Party Bus

    Whether you want to be chauffeured around all day or simply transfer from point A to point B, do it in style! Depending on the size and style of your group, you can hire a party bus, hummer, or limo. It's a mobile celebration! The most elegant, convenient, and enjoyable way to have your Sydney Hens Party transferred.

    Limo Bus Melbourne - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    Limo bus Melbourne provides the best hens and bucks bus hire packages. We have hens and bucks party bus hire Melbourne to go along with fantastic night ideas for every budget and bride and groom.

    To name a few, we have wine tours, bucks nights, hen's nights, birthday parties, excursions, and weddings in our repertoire. Hens and Bucks nights (or Bachelor's and Bachelorette's parties) are portrayed in Australia as big, glamorous, boozy nights out, complete with crazy adventures and at least one surprise stripper. Prepare now for yourself!

    Dreamscape Tours & Events -Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 9844 1121

    Looking for an unforgettable experience for your next event, with a package tailored to your specific needs?

    Melbourne Hen Party Ideas

    Hire a party bus to make your hen's night memorable. There is a lot to coordinate to ensure that the hen's party you are organizing is more than just a regular night out. If you want to get a head start, go to Dreamscape Tours and use their perfect hen's party ideas.

    Pole Dance

    Experiment with pole dancing for a more 'normal' hen do. Shake your hips to discover some exotic dance moves. This is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, so don't be shy! Include extra champagne or even a topless stripper to make this class extra special for the bride-to-be!

    Dining in Privacy

    It appears that you are having the closest thing to a quiet supper in your home? Without putting forth any effort? There are numerous beautiful private dining rooms throughout Sydney that can help you plan a special dinner for your night.

    Provincial Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 9810 0041

    In the center of the city, in Fitzroy, is the famous pub and rooftop bar known as The Provincial Hotel. The Provincial Hotel's relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect place to organize your next party, enjoy a drink with friends, or order something from the Dirty Birdie pop-up menu. In the center of the city, in Fitzroy, is the famous pub and rooftop bar known as The Provincial Hotel.

    The Provincial Hotel's laid-back vibe makes it ideal for a drink with friends, a bite from the Dirty Birdie pop-up menu, or hosting your next party. Whether you're in the mood for a pint and a parma or cocktails and shared bites with friends, our menu has something for everyone. Try our contactless ordering system the next time you're in. Simply use your phone camera to scan the QR code at your table to view our visual menu, order, and pay from your phone.

    The Provincial is the place to be whether you want to party in front of the disco ball in the downstairs "Chammy" lounge, in a private area only for you and your guests, or with rooftop views.

    Newmarket Hotel- Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 3 9810 0088

    The Inkerman Bar

    The Inkerman Bar is ideal for smaller celebrations and relaxed corporate events during the day and buzzing at night. Our menu is authentic, with a variety of pub classics with a Newmarket twist. Our beverage menu features 15 beers and ciders on tap, a wine list spanning Australia, New Zealand, France, and Italy, as well as a variety of exotic and classic cocktails. Check it out for yourself.


    This outdoor space is filled with sunlight and fresh air. The Courtyard is ideal for smaller, more laid-back celebrations and parties.

    The Exchange Hotel - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (03) 9810 0053

    The Exchange, with its array of adaptable private and semi-private function spaces, is Port Melbourne's premier event location. Our experienced team will take the stress out of planning and help you put together an unforgettable event, from birthdays and hens parties to weddings, business meetings, and seminars.


    The Exchange has a reputation as one of the top restaurants in Port Melbourne because of its delicious meal, varied drink selection, and warm ambiance. Whether you're meeting up with friends for a drink, dining on our acclaimed menu, or hosting a special event, our team is committed to making your experience memorable.

    The Shooting Range

    Unleash your inner competitor as we hand you a rifle & different the Lara Crofts from the women by shooting targets at random, for you all to attempt to blow to smithereens' in a hilarious and difficult clay target shooting sesh ... then load you up with newly shaken mixed drinks over a dazzling hens dinner party in Sydney, with sparkling water views and seriously delish food!

    Australian Explorer- Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    +61 1800 225 583

    Australia is a vast country with a plethora of exciting things to see and do. It can be difficult to plan your trip when there appears to be an endless list of wonderful places to visit. Hopefully, you'll find what you're looking for among this website's thousands of travel pages about Australia. We have literally thousands of Australian Tours that can help you make the most of your Australian experience by providing local knowledge from experienced tour guides.

    Gift Vouchers for our Tours and Experiences are also available. Hot air ballooning, weekends away, romantic meals, joy flights, and short tours are all popular options. With thousands of options, you're sure to find something special for that special someone.

    Disco in the Dark

    Allow your inhibitions to fade and prepare for an hour unlike any other when the streets transform into your dance floor with our Silent Disco Tours! Wearing cordless headsets that deliver the same banging beats to everyone in your group is a requirement for silent disco events. As you stroll through Sydney's streets, the music will start to play and your dance moves will become more intense as you let your hair down. Before you know it, your dance team will be busting moves you had no idea existed!

    Guru Dudu - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0432 722 648

    Silent Disco Tours are a popular way to kick off a Hen's Party. It's an excellent way to entertain your friends and bond with them before dinner. We have a great playlist for each age group, as well as our usual facilitation of fun flash mobs and choreography to keep the group and onlookers entertained. We are also open to suggestions.

    Guru Dudu and other team members are now available to host Private Zoom Parties. It's a facilitated dance party with all the oomph of a 'Guru Dudu' event, complete with choreographed sequences, free-style dancing areas, and options for other playful games or tailored moments to add interaction and lightness to your parties or occasions. As always, we play upbeat dance music and can tailor the playlist to your preferences. Our regular live private Silent Disco Walking Tours will resume as soon as we are legally permitted to do so in specific cities and towns.

    Our work is extremely adaptable. We enjoy tailoring our services to your specific requirements. We can customize the playlists, commentary, and format of the tours to your needs. We have a lot of experience figuring out how to engage people in various settings. It's what we're good at!

    Hens Skydiving

    This is for the ultimate adrenaline junkie. Freefalling from up to 14,000 feet is a big deal, and it's certainly one way to ensure that your hens day in Sydney is always a celebration you'll remember and remember fondly. Some may think you're insane, but we think you're amazing!

    Australian SkyDive - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    1800 557 100

    Our facilities include a picnic area with a BBQ and a canteen serving light snacks and refreshments, making it ideal for an enjoyable day with family and friends.In order for you to share your skydiving experience with family and friends, we offer thorough instruction before your jump and the ability to record your skydive and provide still photographs and video.


    Forget about The Full Monty, and you won't want these men to take off their hats! This male cabaret performance is an immersive and interactive adults-only experience that promises to wow with magnificent music and light production, thrilling choreography, and, of course, audience participation. Your Hen will be treated like the Queen she is, with a cocktail on arrival and a one-of-a-kind on-stage lapdance (but don't tell anyone!). The winning combination of Australia's most popular male strippers, spectacular performances, and a lavish setting make this a night to remember.

    MenXclusive- Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne



    Furthermore, you will be in for an unforgettable experience for your next event or private function. Add some cocktails, rock hard abs, and smooth choreography with plenty of sex appeal, and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable night out. This innovative, fresh, slick, and sexy style performance is not only award-winning, but also one-of-a-kind.


    With MenXclusive, you can spoil the person of honor with Australia's hottest male strippers, giving them a celebration they will NEVER forget. Birthdays, in fact, occur only once a year. Simply allow our delightful entertainers or topless waiters to liven up the occasion. Not to mention that this thrilling male revue will assist you in throwing the biggest party of the year.

    MenXclusive Stage Cabaret Shows have been voted "Australia's Best Male Strippers Melbourne" by the industry. We've been the sexiest, most fulfilled act in the Southern Hemisphere since we first peeled back our tops in 2014.

    It's an unforgettable experience. Celebrate with the person of honor or your closest friends while enjoying Australia's hottest performance, a show you won't want to miss! Just For You: Australia's Hottest Male Talent. With Australia's Best Male Performers, you can choose the best in the industry! There is no shortage of options when it comes to finding the PERFECT male entertainment in Melbourne.

    At-Home Themed Party

    Now you ladies can put on your sexiest dance moves, dress up like you're ready for a shift at the Moulin Rouge, and have a great time. One of the most popular Sydney hen day activities is a burlesque class. The staff here are fantastic and will make sure that even the most reserved members of your hen party come out of their shells. By the end of the session, you'll be ready to put on the sexiest show in town... if you can stop laughing!

    For the Love of Grape - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0407 934 421

    If a sexy night out isn't your thing, or if you're looking for something that women of all ages can enjoy, For the Love of Grape is the ideal choice for a girls day out on the vines!

    For the Love of Grape was founded for one simple reason: WE LOVE WINE! Karen began her business in the Bellarine Region in 2008, and because it was a relatively small wine region at the time, she couldn't help but fall in love with the wineries in the area. She wanted to help showcase this wonderful region to all of you because they not only provided amazing cool climate wines, but the people were passionate about their wine and the scenery was breathtaking.

    Real Escapes- Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    (07) 31775409

    In Australia, New Zealand, and Bali, we serve as your go-to event planners. We are a small, devoted group of party-loving, organized control-freaks who love to get together and celebrate! That is, we pay close attention to detail and live and breathe celebrations. Your ideal event planner combination! Check out our blog for the Best Hens Party Ideas if you're stuck for a hens party or bridal shower idea.

    We are your one-stop shop for planning a hens party! Browse our packages in the location of your choice, or design your own celebration from scratch. Up till the most ideal bridal shower event is produced, we will be by your side every step of the way!

    Real Escapes is an excellent choice for those looking to extend their hen's night into a weekend. Real Escapes handles the planning of your hen's night activities, including cocktail nights, pole dancing parties, boat cruises, wine tours, high tea, and more.

    Hens from a winery

    A day of wining and dining against a backdrop of rolling hills and grapevines exudes sophistication that even the mother of the bride will appreciate. What happens next, however, is entirely up to you! Keep it classy and brush up on your wine jargon, or pop another cork and let the party begin. There's plenty of room to gather all the girls or expand and hide the new in-laws from the novelty straws and X-rated video games (there's always one!) Our Hens Party Winery Tour allows you to take in the sights and drinks from the comfort of a chauffeured vehicle. So put on your rosé glasses and relax, relax, relax. We're going to make this a memorable day! (Albeit a little hazy the next early morning).

    Minibus Rentals Melbourne 


    (03) 9393 1390

    The finest way to commemorate the beginning of a new chapter for your best is with hens day vineyard excursions in the Yarra Valley! The Yarra Valley is Victoria's premier winery region, with over 300 commercial vineyards, 100 cellar doors, and incredible dining options.

    Your bride's Yarra Valley hens day wineries tour will be skillfully planned by Melbourne Mini Bus Rentals. On your behalf, we will make specific requests to wineries. We have preferred partnerships with several of the best restaurants in the Yarra Valley for priority lunch reservations.

    We'll make sure your itinerary is flawless and go above and beyond your expectations. We are excited to host an unforgettable hens day.

    Ladies First Yarra Valley


    0419 359 053

    Creating a one-of-a-kind and personalized day in the Yarra Valley has never been easier.

    Our well-organized team plans any celebration and has created packages to suit a variety of interests and ages. Taking advantage of our local connections, you will sample a variety of wines and delectable meals at boutique wineries that provide personalized service and special attention to you and your guests. We collaborate closely with our clients to plan a fantastic day out.

    You and your visitors will have an amazing time in the Yarra Valley with the Ladies First Winery Tour. Our friendly tour bus driver will meet you where you specify and be assigned to your tour for the day. Each visitor will receive a wristband and a water bottle. The owners of Killara Estate will greet you at our first stop. The Palazzos take great pride in their winemaking and enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise. You will dine on a three-course Italian meal while overlooking the winery's beautiful valley.

    Healthy Hens - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    We are a group of health and wellness professionals who provide an alternative to the traditional late-night, alcohol-fueled hens party. Our packages combine healthy activities like Yoga, Pilates, and juice cleanses to leave the Bride and her bridal party feeling relaxed and refreshed before the big day. From start to finish, our team will collaborate with you to create a truly unique and special experience for your friend's hens party.

    Infinite Yoga - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne



    Well, we're all busy with our daily lives, and it's hard to find that quality time for ourselves; especially with the demands of career, family or endless appointments. Yoga allows us to nurture ourselves and grow stronger in both body and mind. Above all, for ourselves, but also for those around us.

    Yoga asanas allow our bodies to gain strength, increase flexibility, and improve circulation. Yoga asanas have been shown in studies to not only tone muscles but also to calm our nervous system. We have a tendency to rush from one thing to the next, and yoga, meditation, and pranayama (energetic breathwork) provide us with holistic tools to maintain balance.

    Yoga provides us with a mental focus, whether it is on our movement through the poses (asanas) or on connecting each of our movements with our breath. When we move as one "union" with our breath, it helps to strip away the emotions, conditions, and sensations that are so deeply ingrained in our beings on a daily basis. With meditation, we focus on our breath, allowing our thoughts to gradually fade away, allowing the mind to feel clearer and allowing us to surrender and deepen into the practice.

    Soul Train Yoga - Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    We are passionate about life and yoga at Soul Train Yoga, and we believe that yoga is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, flexibility, or physical condition. Our mission is to foster a nurturing community that is rich in compassion, fun, love, and laughter, where we can all grow and be inspired to be the best that we can be.

    By creating a custom yoga session just for you and your closest friends, Soul Train Yoga can make your special day even more memorable.

    Yogamigos Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne


    0434 554 309

    Our mobile yoga teachers can come to your home for private lessons or to your next special event, such as a Hens' Party, Bridal Shower, or Birthday Party. Our mobile yoga sessions can take place in your home, a nearby park, or at a party venue.

    We can customize yoga and/or meditation courses to meet your individual goals or the needs of your group, whether you're looking to practice for health reasons, general exercise, or just to have fun with friends. Each of our qualified yoga teachers has a specific skill set.

    Balanze Hens Night Party Ideas Melbourne



    Celebrate your love by moving and resetting your mind and body together. This is the ideal preparation for the bride's most special day. We'll take care of the hens while you relax in our sanctuary for the afternoon:

    Private Pilates and Yoga sessions are tailored to your hens and are the ideal way to begin your fitness journey, improve your mobility, or advance your practice. To assist them in setting and achieving their goals, we work with clients of various ages, fitness levels, and degrees of expertise.

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