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What do you do at a hen party?

ALL brides are as upfront about what they want for their Hen do as possible. It’ll make their maid of honour’s life a whole lot easier and ensure the bride has a night to remember for all the right reasons! Looking for hens ideas melbourne? Look no further, Magic Men has you covered.

Top Do’s & Don’t for Organizing a Hen Party.

You’ve landed yourself the maid of honour gig, and now you have lots of planning to do. One of your biggest responsibilities is to make sure your bride-to-be has the time of her life before her big day at her hen party. So let’s get started with what to do, and then we’ll move on with what not to do!

Do ask for help, don’t do it alone.

Ask other bridesmaids to chip in and help you out. Ask your bride-to-be specific questions about what she has in mind, and what she doesn’t want. Look online for guidance.

Do set a budget, don’t break the bank.

Being in charge of throwing the hen party doesn’t mean it is your responsibility to pay for the entire event. Ask everyone invited, especially girls in the wedding party to chip in equally. Set your budget early on, and then set the number each person pays. The earlier you set your hen party budget, the better chance you will get money collected from all of the girls.

Do ask the bride questions, don’t surprise her with something she hates

Every bride-to-be is different and thus has a different taste. Some brides want to go to the bar with their girlfriends and party the night away. At the same time, other brides want to hit up the local museum and have a late lunch. It is your responsibility as the head honcho to figure out what your bride-to-be wants her hen party to be like. Did big booze fill bash or quiet luncheon?

Do think about traditional hen parties, don’t be afraid to step outside the box.

Sure, tradition is great but switching things up a bit is fun too. Ask your bride-to-be if she wants her hen party to be the traditional ladies night, or if she would like to coordinate a coed party with her fiance. These days it’s not unheard of for the couple to celebrate together with their mutual friends.

Do buy fun party favours, don’t embarrass your bride-to-be.

You know your best friend or sister more than anyone else, so you know if passing out penis necklaces will make her uncomfortable or make her laugh. Every hen party should have fun party favours, but it is up to you to make them fit for your bride-to-be’s taste. Make your guests leave with a favour that makes them remember your unforgettable hen party!

Do make it personal, don’t just make it another night out.

Show the bride to be how special she is to you with personal and thoughtful touches such as doing an activity she loves, incorporating photos of her when she was little / photos of the girls and her / messages from the rest of the girls ~ these can be printed onto cupcakes, bunting or in a keepsake book.

Put a playlist together of her favourite tunes or pop her favourite girly film on to play while you’re getting ready. Have her favourite cocktail/mocktail on hand or even simply request her favourite song from the DJ.

Little, inexpensive details like these will make her feel special on this once in a lifetime kind of day (and hopefully, when it’s your turn, she’ll return the favour!)

Do make sure you get everyone’s email addresses/contact details in good time.

Send out an email outlining the day, so everyone knows what to expect and be prepared to send out quite a few reminder emails. Honestly getting many busy women to respond to emails / get stuff done can be a nightmare!

Do consider some kind of prop(s)

Lots of brides will enjoy being the centre of attention for one night only (other than on their wedding day of course) so give them a prop or two to make it clear who the Hen is in your party. If sashes or veils aren’t her things, why not raid a fancy dress shop for funny wigs, sunglasses, angel wings or princess crowns? Little props like these can be worn for a few fun photos then easily removed. Or why not have the bride wear all white and tie a pretty coloured balloon around her waist?

Do take flats in your bag / a cute tote and encourage the bride to do the same.

This is advisable on a standard night out but essential on a sure to be messy hen party/bachelorette party! (Blisters and plasters are not a good bridal/bridesmaid look.)

Don’t be nervous about meeting everyone.

You and the other ladies may all come from different backgrounds, but you’re all there for one reason ~ to give your friend/sister, the Hen, a fabulous celebration and to have fun! Trust me; all the Hen wants is for everybody to get along and have a good time.

So embrace your differences, enjoy getting to know a new group of people ~ who knows you make new friends and you’ll have a few friendly faces to chat to on the wedding day. At Magic Men, we have the best hens packages to make your party a night to remember.

Things to do on a Hen night.

Whether you’re a group of girls going away for a whole weekend, celebrating on a night out, or staying at home hen party you will find many of these fun suggestions helpful. 

  1. You could always make a list of forfeits throughout the evening to keep everyone on their toes. There are drinking forfeits, and dare forfeits like wearing your knickers on the outside of your clothes and forfeits that make you dance erotically or funnily. Dare cards, Mr and Mrs questions, Hen do challenges and games are also really good fun.
  2. Have a Hen Night theme where you can all dress up or go in fancy dress. Classic themes include Angels, Cowgirls, Can-can dancers, all wearing the same colour and fairies, but the list is endless. Here is the complete hen party themes list.
  3. Get some personalised T-Shirts printed with the hen’s picture on and don’t forget to add the hen weekend details like – Name, Slogan, Date and Destination, i.e. Deb’s Dirty Hen Weekend Bournemouth 2016 or each person could have their nickname – See number 4.
  4. Makeup nicknames for each member of your group. Naughty Nicky, Randy Mandy. This may take you a while to think of a name for everyone, but it’s a fun thing to do. You could even add these to your T-shirts.
  5. Don’t forget your hen party accessories such as wigs, feather boas, hats, etc.
  6. Buy some furry handcuffs. You may need them to keep the Hen from wandering off.
  7. Get some Hen night sashes. These seem to have become a ‘must-have’ on a hen do. There are some classy sashes available now with a satin feel material, flashing lights or silver writing. You can also get these personalised with the hen night details, and if you are going with the idea of the nickname, you could have each one printed with the name. Another wonderful way to enhance the sashes is to add details of who the party member is like Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid, Maid Of Honour.
  8. Guest book Idea – signed by all the hens. Take a nice guest book to the party and get everyone to sign it. This will make a super gift for the Hen to keep to remind her of the party.
  9. Put together a photo album containing photographs of her life from when she was a baby, through school years right up to the present day. You may need help from the Hen’s parents for this. Make it as embarrassing as possible.
  10. If you don’t fancy printed T-shirt get some Hen night badges printed and get everyone to wear them.
  11. A good gift for the Hen is a personalised shot glass or wine glass. This is one gift that is going to get used on the night.
  12. Decorations help make a hen party special – Try ideas like balloons, streamers and banners to decorate the room for the party or the Hen’s hotel room for the weekend. Very important if staying at home.
  13. Makeup party bags full of great surprises. This is a super idea for a hen weekend, and you could just make a goodie bag for the Hen or one for each of the guests. Try to add some fun gifts which can be purchased for just a few pounds. Think party bubbles or poppers, small chocs, cheeky straws. You get the idea.
  14. Take disposable cameras and give them out to everyone in the group to take pictures of the hen weekend. Most people have mobiles with camera functions now, but disposables are more fun, and you get real prints of the weekend to keep.
  15. Take lots of photos then make a Hen Night themed scrapbook. You could add tickets, cut-outs, the sash, hotel bar bill etc. Call it the ‘What we did on my Hen Weekend’ or ‘Emma’s Hen Weekend Scrapbook’ book. These are often referred to as a keepsake or memory book and are a wonderful way to remember the party weekend. Other marvellous ideas to personalise your book are adding items you have signed or written messages on during the event. e.g. If you all have an ice lolly, you can write a nice message on each stick, sign and keep a paper restaurant menu or beer mat.
  16. Hen night cakes are a wonderful and unique hen do idea. Get one made up with a picture of icing model of the Hen. If you are good in the kitchen and have time bake it yourself. It will add that personal touch or if one of the guests has culinary skills, then get them to bake. You could even get together and have a Great British hen party bake-off.
  17.  Have a private group dance session – themes such as Salsa, Grease, Dirty Dancing. You can surprise the guests with your dance at the Wedding party.
  18. Sporty activity weekends like Quad biking or karting have always been popular with stags groups, but these are becoming more popular with hens.
  19. Record your own Hen Party song and burn it to a CD. This is a great reminder of a brilliant day, and each guest can have a copy. You should choose some songs that have a special meaning for the Hen.
  20. If the bride is like a little luxury, why not pamper yourself with a luxury hotel stay. 
  21. One of the most popular ways to spend the day is to relax and unwind with a day at a spa. Make the day extra special by adding some beauty treatments for everyone and extra treatments for the Hen.
  22. Go for a picnic. Don’t forget the blankets, wine cooler, cd player and some nice food from a deli.
  23.  Cocktails are a must for any hen party, so make sure you visit a cocktail bar or make your own at home. Make up your cocktail with all the party girl’s favourite ingredients and name it after the Hen. Jill’s Jungle Juice, Mia’s Martini, you get the idea.
  24.  Make up a fun hat for the Hen to wear. The hen hat should have lots of funny and embarrassing things attached to it—old photos of the Hen, streamers etc.
  25.  And don’t forget the bubbly! Champagne is always a great way to celebrate, and some bubbles are a must at a hen party. Another popular Fizz that won’t break the bank is Cava, Prosecco and Australian Sparkling wine. Make sure you chill well and serve in flutes.
  26. – A great way to break the ice and get to know each other is with some party games.
  27.  Dares are a super way of getting the party going and getting everyone laughing. Make a list of dares before the night.
  28. Make a pop video with the hens favourite single. You can then play this in the evening. It is guaranteed to get everyone laughing and makes a wonderful memento of the weekend.
  29.  A Karaoke evening is a new and fun way to spend the evening. Add some party food and a few drinks to make it a special night.
  30.  For something different, why not take part in a private murder mystery event – for your group only. Get the plot written around the bride and groom.
  31. Male life drawing is a giggle, and you will have a memento of the day to take home.
  32. Send out Hen Party Invitations. Make sure you do this early to give the guests plenty of time to make arrangements.
  33. For smaller groups or a more relaxed hen night go for a nice meal at a restaurant followed by a disco or dance the night away at a night-club. You can find more details of these hen weekends for small group sizes.
  34. A Cheesy night-club is perfect for a hen party break. Choose one that plays lots of party hits! We can sort this out for you or add The Stag and Hen Company bar and club pass.
  35.  Make sure you all Enjoy Yourself!

The First Time Bridesmaids’ Guide to Hosting a Hen Party

Hens Party

So, you have been asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time, and you’re over the moon! You can’t wait to watch your bestie or sister walk up the aisle to marry the person of her dreams. But first, you have the not-so-small task of planning a hen party and giving her the perfect send-off before she becomes a wife.

Today, we’re sharing our tips for any first-time bridesmaids, that will leave you with the know-how to throw a hen party like a pro.

It is a joke in the office that this guide could be just one tip: lots of Prosecco – but we do have a few more nuggets of ‘hosting a hen party wisdom’ that we’ve learned over the years and want to bestow on first-timers.

Keep an Eye on The Budget

After you’ve sorted out the initial budget and pricing for the group, make sure to keep an eye on the last minute finances in the days leading up to the Hen, as well as on the day. It’s easy to go overboard when it’s your first time, and you’re excited to add in little extras.

It’s not fair to ask the guests to cough up any more dough, and you don’t want to be left with a credit card bill for 20 baby Guinnesses, and an extra two hours of karaoke. This is one reason we highly suggest you have a contingency plan in place!

Limit Your Money Worries

Ask your guests to have all their money paid up in advance rather than fixing you up with the remainder of cash on the Hen day. Break up each element of the day (activities, food, transport etc.) and put the funds for each in separate envelopes, so everything is ready to hand over, and you can have peace of mind on the day (and enjoy yourself!).

Timing is Key

It may seem a little Monica from Friends (no clipboard and earpiece now), but when it comes to organising 15-20 gals all looking at you for direction, it’s helpful to have a schedule down on paper – just something simple outlining key times and locations. This is particularly important if you’ve people joining at different times during the day or evening.

Sort the Transport

A really simple thing to do (but one that often gets forgotten) is organising transport from A to B – and making sure it’s factored into the original cost you sent the hens. This cuts out any confusion on where people need to be, there’s less risk of losing guests (trust me, it happens!) and everyone will appreciate when an all-in price means all-in.

Break the Ice

Get everyone talking with an ice-breaker. For example, ask everyone in the group to bring a photograph of themselves and the bride-to-be, and ask them to share a personal story about the bride. This will give everyone the heads-up on who’s who, and get people mixing. (Our hen party playlist will help get you on your way too!)

Look After Everyone

The bride is the lady of the hour, but don’t forget to make a fuss of the guests too – you’re the host after all! Many of the guests might know each other and be best buds, but there are usually some coming solo guests. Make sure to get talking to each guest and help along with those shy gals – there is nothing worse than the feeling that everyone at the party is pals and you don’t know anyone! This goes for mums and older guests too.

Know your Audience

We hope that while planning the party, you kept your bride in mind. So when it comes to the actual Hen do, don’t produce any rude props or jokes unless you know she’s up for it. Many hens these days are decidedly low-key on things like willy straws and strippers, while others will expect them, so suss out where your gal (and the other guests!) are at.

Likewise, when it comes to party games like the Mr & Mrs game, keep the tone light and limit the embarrassing questions, especially if the mum or mum-in-law is present!

Plan Party Packs

If you have allowed for some extras in the budget (you really should!) make sure to have your party packs or goodie bags ready to hand over to the guests – it works as a nice ice-breaker and shows your bride from the outset that you’ve put lots of thought into her Hen. Make sure to include anything they might need for any activities you have planned, as well as any random dressing up bits. They can also have ‘Day After the Night Before’ items such as painkillers, crisps, a can of Coke or bottle of water – food and beverage items are always gladly received! You’ll find a list of where to buy hen decorations, props and tote bags here.

Work Together

Most brides have at least two bridesmaids, so work as a team and delegate jobs on the day or for the weekend so that everyone has a role to play. It’s important that all the girls feel involved, especially if one of you is based abroad. Have this all planned out before the day or weekend, so everyone knows who is doing what, from decorating and keeping guests entertained, to tidying and cleaning up.

Don’t Over-Plan (or Be Too Bossy!)

While it’s important to have a loose schedule and plans in place, don’t forget that your guests are all adults and don’t like to be ordered around every minute of the day with back-to-back activities. Leave a little room in the schedule for chilling out.

Get The Party Started

Ok, so the Monica-madness is over, and it’s time for everyone to let their hair down, while you have to keep everyone on track, don’t forget to enjoy a glass (or two!) of champers and celebrate your best girl. She chose you as your bridesmaid because her fave person hit the dance floor with, so make sure you do! Check out range of Magic Men’s Melbourne hens ideas to help in your party planning.

Now you’re all set to throw your first (epic!) Hen, so enjoy!

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