How long before the wedding should the hen party be?

Hen Parties are a staple of Western marriages. However, cultures are ever-changing, and there is no standard way of celebrating the bride-to-be’s last night. So, this begs the question: when should I throw the hen do? From a month to a year before, let’s explore the different options in the post below.  

When planning a prenuptial party, it is important to think about all aspects. Are you looking for hens ideas? Look no further, Magic Men has you covered.

And one of the hardest things to think about is the time between the party & the wedding. Of course, there is no rule set in stone about how long you should give yourselves and everyone else between your party and your wedding, but it is always something you should consider when you are doing all of the planning.

What is The Traditional Gap Between a Hen Party and a Wedding?

Back in the day, the only people celebrating their last night of freedom were the stags and in the 19th centuries the term ‘hen parties’ was used to refer to a group of women. The last night of freedom was celebrated the night before the wedding and probably involved lots of pints down the pub. Yep, this was totally unfair! So, thank goodness for the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Women were finally allowed to go out and party alongside the stags. However, nobody wanted to be hungover on their big day.

Traditi­onally, the last night of “freedom” was the last night before the wedding and surprisingly wasn’t a celebration that was that well known compared to the man’s stag do. And typically the main thing the bride would do during the evening was to go over all of the details of her dowry…yeah, we know, boring. Luckily enough for us, all of that has changed, and now hen parties are a safe distance away from the big day because you know, nobody would be in the right state for a wedding ceremony after the final blow outright?

Modern Day: How Far Apart is the Hen Do and The Wedding? 

With drinking becoming a larger part of the night, hen parties were pushed back to the weekend before. This made time for hens to get creative and get involved with activities and holidays away. Thus, the hen industry was born! As travel prices dropped, hens started looking towards the continent to seek their thrills. Who would say no to a hen party in the sun? However, this came alongside more planning which meant the hen do was pushed back yet again. Nowadays, a month is usually the typical time to leave between the hen night and the wedding.

In the modern-day, parties have become more of an excuse to drink, which means people pushed it back to at least the weekend before the wedding to make sure everyone has recovered. And by taking out a whole weekend, there is plenty of time to do more things which is where activities come into it. If you want to go abroad for your weekend, it can sometimes be difficult trying to find dates that suit everyone, so it is a good idea to make sure it is a fair distance away from the wedding.

Mostly because everyone will have to spend more money going abroad to give them enough time to save money for the wedding, if you are keeping it in the UK, you will be more likely to bring it closer to the wedding date as it will be easier to get everybody on board for a weekend unlike a 4-day trip abroad.

When Should You Have a Hen Party When Travelling Abroad? 

Weddings are usually held in the summer, with most of them falling between June and October. This sounds good for a sunny hen do, but it also means higher prices and premium-priced travel. Many destinations abroad will be buzzing in the summer months, winter getting a little too chilly, especially in Eastern Europe. (You think the UK gets cold, try Prague!) Organising all the hens together could be tricky, so organising well in advance is advised.

Experts say that one month before the event should be enough time for the bride and everyone else to recover. As well as it being enough time to then tend to any last-minute plans for the wedding. All in all, our advice is to give a more significant gap if you are going overseas and keep it closed for a UK based party. But if you are still unsure, get all of the girls together and ask for their opinion. And make sure it’s close to a payday, but there is also a payday before the wedding too!

Will Activities Effect When Your Hen Takes Place?

Hens Ideas

Before you start looking for things to do a month before the hen, you’ll want to consider what activities you want to do. For example, having an exciting adrenaline-fuelled hen party is great. Therefore, anytime outside of the summer months could potentially be drowned out. If this is something you desperately want to do, you may have to do it up to a year before the wedding is! As hen parties grow in scope, so does the gap between them and the weddings. Hen parties should be significant. After all, you’re seeing your best mate off for a life of marriage. A month before the wedding is obviously a great time to do it. It keeps it close enough to the wedding to make it relevant, but not too close to ruin the big day. However, don’t feel constrained by this. Our advice is to plan what kind of hen party you want and your activities before you start looking at calendar dates. When you decide what you want to do, and when you want to do it, it’ll come around in no time! 

How long before the wedding should the hen party be?

Here are some tips on factors that will affect your decision and make you that little bit closer to finalising your hen party weekend of fun! Tired of looking for hens party ideas? Look no further, Magic Men has you covered.

Consider costs

Ah, money – the source of all evil, plenty of arguments and most hen-party-related stresses. It’s certainly one of the trickier parts of arranging a hen weekend. You don’t necessarily know what the rest of the party can afford, so you must be mindful. Set a budget per person early on – and stick to it! You will also have to consider the costs surrounding the hen party weekend. Are any other of your friends getting married? Are there any other hen parties? Are there any seasonal events that you and your friends will be attending?

Will the bride have more than one hen party?

If the bride had decided to have more than one hen party (some do you know!), make sure they are not too close together. There will probably be some crossover of attendees and be more than likely that some won’t make two weekends close to each other.

Close enough for camaraderie between new friends

Ensure the hen party is close enough to the big day for the camaraderie between newfound friends to stay healthy. This way, she will have a wedding to remember! Plus, any embarrassing stories from the hen weekend will be fresh in mind!

But, not too close!

Make sure the hen party is not too close! The bride-to-be is bound to have some last-minute planning that needs tieing up! She will need a few days of recovery again after all the alcohol she will be drinking! I would also recommend booking her Monday off work… and maybe Tuesday too!

Extra tip: Make sure you build in a bit of downtime. After a heavy weekend with all her best friends and lots of drinking, the following days could get a little depressing. If you’ve asked her to book off Monday and Tuesday, why not factor in a surprise. Maybe a spa or afternoon tea, something that doesn’t involve alcohol to help her wind down a little.

Location dependent

Think carefully about your location and how accessible it is for everyone. The chances are the bride will have friends from all over the country, maybe even the world, so you want to choose a place that’s easy for everyone to get to. It also needs to be relatively close to a town with some nightlife, as every hen weekend should involve a night out painting the town red. The location will also have an impact on how close the hen party should be to the wedding.

Consider overseas attendees

If you have overseas friends, it may be best consulting them separately first. If you can tie up a date for the hens further away, it will be easier to get the hometown based hens together for this date due to their closer location.

In any case, plan early!

So, how long before the wedding should a hen party be?

As a rule of thumb, one month before the event should be ample enough time for the bride to recover, be able to tend to last-minute plans for the wedding and for you to keep the camaraderie between newly found friends. Just remember, try and keep it relatively soon after a payday!

Just How Far In Advance Should You Plan A Hen Party?

Hen do parties have become exceptionally popular in recent years. More so than they used to be. The Hen Party (or bachelorette) is held as a celebration for the woman who is about to get married. Typically the Hen Party is attended by women only. And although no men are usually allowed, often if the Hen has gay friends, they are invited to the bachelorette. It’s frequently asked how far in advance should you plan a hen party?

With plenty of planning going towards the party, a date (or dates) and venue is chosen. The bride’s friends are invited usually by the Maid of Honour. Traditionally the hen party is supposed to come after the stag party.

How Early Should You Plan a Hen Party?

It is imperative to plan the hen party in a reasonable time frame. Depending upon the party’s location, it is recommended that for hen parties abroad you give around 6 months planning. This is to allow hens to plan time off work, childcare if necessary and prepare their outfits and spending money.

For hen parties, anything from three months to a month before the event should be sufficient time. Do remember that not everybody is in the same financial position as each other, so it is advisable to plan in enough time to participate.

Why Should You Plan a Hen Party Early?

The last fling before the ring involves quite several different planning elements. For this reason, you will need to plan for your party so that it runs with no hiccups or drama. If you don’t think that you can plan the party alone, you might need to call in help from the other bridesmaids or friends. If you’re looking for hen party activities, then Celebrate Just Right is ready for all your hen’s needs.

Here are some advantages of planning the hen party early;

Help Hens to Get Organised

If you plan a hen party well in advance, you will be able to help the hens invited to organise their schedule so that they can attend. This will also give you a much better idea of numbers attending before you confirm bookings with restaurants and final prices of excursions.

Cheaper Travel

If you’re planning the hen party well in advance, you will have an advantage of flights, trains and even taxis and cars at a lower price. This also applies to the venue too, if you book a venue early enough, you may be able to get a discount. Just ask when booking, the worst they can say is no!

You Can Make Adjustments

If you’re making plans early enough, it gives you plenty of leeway for projects changing. By having enough time to plan a hen party and organise in advance, if projects do happen to change at least you’re not going to be left last minute trying to save the party.

You will be Able to Make Replacements

Sometimes friends fall out, people’s situations change, and on some occasions, people are no longer to attend. In some cases, such as hen parties abroad the price will rise if people drop out so it’s important to know in advance so that you can find replacements to attend the hen party instead.

What You Should Not Do When Planning A Hen Party

These are the things that you keep in mind when planning a hen party, and probably avoid;

Don’t be too extravagant

As we said earlier, you’re unaware of everybody’s financial situation. So when you are planning for a party, you should not be too extravagant. It is not the be-all and end-all of everything. If you’re the bride planning your own hen party, you might need that money somewhere else as you prepare for your wedding. Stay within your means, and you can still host a marvellous and unforgettable party without breaking the bank.

Do Not Involve Too Many People

Sometimes too man cooks spoil the broth. When there are too many people, it often becomes more difficult, and cliques split off. Sometimes the fewer the people, the better. When you have too many people attending it may take longer to plan, or you may even be able to make any plans due to different people having different preferences.

Do Not Cater Too Many People

Remember the hen party is for the bride, and regardless of numbers, everything should be about her. You are unable to cater to all the attendees’ requests. If you decide to cater to more people than you can handle it may cause some frustration.

Do Not Rush When Planning

It would be best if you made your plans in advance. This will give you a good time to book transport and accommodation without tiny worry or hassle. In fact, booking early often attracts a discount, usually saving the whole party money. Planning early is also important because you can make changes and adjustments such as location or even guest list so that nothing will affect the hen party.

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Hen Parties are now considered an essential part of the wedding preparations. Especially for the bride to share final memories with her friends before she gets married. The party is traditionally supposed to be held after the stag party. Tradition also suggests that both parties (the hen and stag do) are celebrated around one month before the wedding.

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