What should a guest wear to a bachelor party?

What to wear to a bachelor party is a common question asked amongst the guys. This post answers that question with the most stylish bachelor party attire ideas.

What to wear to a bachelor party largely depends on the venue, the dress code, and the type of party. There are numerous bachelor party ideas, and your bachelor party costumes should blend in. The bachelor party may be a casual affair, a traditional strip club type, a sophisticated dinner or a vacation somewhere. We have an exclusive range of hens party services to spice up your girls’ night out at Magic Men.

Whichever it is, you don’t want to end up overdressed at a strip club or underdressed at a formal dinner. Before choosing your bachelor party outfits, try to know the bachelor party attire for the groom and work with that. The day is his and is all about him, and he should remain in the spotlight.


There are things to bring to a bachelor party which could also pass for part of your outfit. A pair of sunglasses is one of such things. There is a huge tendency that you will not return home with one or more of your possessions. Let your sunglasses go instead. Pair them with a T-shirt, a leather jacket and jeans to look dapper for a casual evening out. Get ready to part with them too.


For a formal dinner, pair a fitted blazer with slacks. If it is a casual bachelor dinner party, match the blazer with a pair of stonewashed or distressed jeans. The blazer pairing depends on the theme of the bachelor party and what the weather forecast says. You should also look out for what the groom is wearing and go with it. This is so you don’t end up overdressed, uncomfortable, too serious or outshining the groom.

Leather jacket

Leather Jacket is all manners of beauty. It is ideal for a casual bachelor party, an evening at the strip club or a bar hangout. Pair it with fitted jeans, a T-shirt or collared shirt and a pair of sneakers or some toms. The whole idea is to be very comfortable, appropriately dressed, smart and dashing. It is also a lifesaver from catching a cold at bachelor parties held at cold times of the year. They keep you warm while you have the time of your life with the guys.


One can never go overboard with a wristwatch. For a bachelor party where you have tried not to outshine the groom, your wristwatch is your identity. That is the only way you can make your own statement at the event. A man who has an eye for quality and fashionable wristwatches knows his onions.

Dress shirt and T-shirt

Long Sleeves and Dress Shirts are all-rounders. For a casual party affair, fold the sleeves or throw on a leather jacket for cold nights. For the club, loosen a few top buttons and pair with fitted jeans. Pair together with straight jeans, blazer, and Toms for a more formal dinner or pair with a jacket and sneakers for a more casual event.


Signature Jeans can be paired with a leather jacket for a cold night bachelor party at the club. For the strip club, match it with a hugging T-shirt. You can also pair it with a long-sleeved dress shirt. What to do is to fold the sleeves to mid-forearm level for that macho look. For a more serious affair, slim straight jeans are a sure bet. Pair them with a sharp cut fitted blazer. Add on a button shirt and a pair of Toms for wow effect. Dressed this way, you will not seem odd-even at a sophisticated dinner.

Sneakers and Toms

Shoes are another way to make a statement, so always go for the best. For a casual bachelor party, Sneaker is a hit. It blends well with fitted and straight jeans. You can decide to go for colourful ones if they suit your personality better. Tom shoes are also casual, but they fit formal environments too. This is because their looks have a kind of subtle seriousness. You can pair them with blazers on jeans or slacks for a traditional dinner. To dress down, they go with fitted jeans and T-shirts or short sleeve dress shirts.


It is stylish and trendy, with enough shine to catch the right attention. Boost your confidence with a fashion-forward and statement-making belt. Do not leave your jeans or slacks hanging loose. A bachelor party at the strip club makes the belt more interesting. It comes in handy to the strippers as a naughty tool. You all took the party to the strippers as a traditional passage rite from bachelorhood into marriage. It is only average you prepare well, get comfortable and have maximum fun.

At this point, we sure know what to wear to a bachelor party through this post. This guide will help you maintain your stylish mode of dressing, even while attending a bachelor party. We also wish to remind you that comfort is the first thing to while picking out bachelor party outfits. This is party dress up made easy. Dress up, look smashing and show up without going broke in the process!

What to wear and not to wear at a bachelor party?

Hens Ideas

Dress to the Occasion

You cannot dress in shorts and t-shirts while the rest of the members would be dressed in three-piece suits. Similarly, if your friends have planned a visit to a strip club or bar afterwards, it is better to be dressed in casual wear such as jeans and t-shirts so that you could feel comfortable all the way.


The dress can be chosen according to the activities that are planned during the bachelor party. For example, if a casual hangout is scheduled that consists of outdoor games like basketball, then keeping an extra set of t-shirt and track pants could prove to be the right decision.

Follow the code

If the bachelor party dress code is already decided, then it is better to follow that code instead of looking like a bear in horses' party. Also, when you follow a dress code, it is expected that you follow to some extent. Therefore, if your friends request you to wear a black dinner suit, you cannot wear a white summer suit. It is also not mandatory to follow the dress code entirely because it is not a casual office party. For example, you need not wear a tie if you do not feel comfortable after wearing it.


Comfort should be the priority, mainly because you want to enjoy a bachelor party's fun, laughter, and games. Basically, you are planning to have a good time with your friends, and therefore the priority should be having fun rather than trying to look the best by wearing tight pants or skin-fit jeans.


You must also wear the right accessories according to the bachelor party dress you choose. If you choose a formal dress, you can wear a leather belt and proper shoes, and a sneaker would prove to be a perfect fit for a casual outfit. Avoid wearing sport shoes or any other junky type of shoes because you must remember that it is not a college party. A cool hat or cap would make you stand out from the rest, and it can also be used as a comic relief whenever the situation gets dramatic or boring at the party. 

So these three things are what you need to pay attention to:

Find out how the groom is going to be dressing and how well do you know him.

At the end of the day, this is his night. This is about him having a great time. You're there to support him. You don't want to be showing up and people to be thinking all night like, “Who is this?”

If you don't know him very well, you don't want people to be thinking like, “Who is this guy and who does he think he is, the fashion guru?” not that men were supposedly known for not talking behind each other's backs, but we do it, and we make quick judgments.

If you're meeting many of these people for the first time, is the impression you want to be putting out there the one you're going to send with the current clothing selection you have?

It's not that it's bad, but you need to be aware of how well you know these people, how well do you know the gentleman that you're going to be going to this. I assume that since you're invited to this party that you know him pretty well. And so, that takes me to the second part. We have the best range of Sydney hens party

Pay attention to what everyone else is going to be wearing and the environment. 

I mean not only the physical environment, so where you guys are going.

It sounds like most people there are going to be wearing suits or wearing blazers, but overall, what is the feel because based on the fact that there are going to be people there in cases, I'm going to say “no” to the denim and wear a dark pair of odd trousers. If it's going to be calm, grey flannel trousers, especially charcoal or medium grey, will look really good versus denim.

In the United States, you could probably get away with it, but in India, I just felt that overall my experience there is that people make a lot of judgments based on how somebody looks. You'll have a high-rise building right here, and then you'll have slums right there.

Having spent a little bit of time in Delhi, not that the denim will make you look like you're coming out of the slums, but respect what everyone else is pulling off and not wear the denim because it is a very casual look. To elevate that a bit, pay attention to your environment, and look to the other people.

If people will be wearing blazers, then I would say that a dark velvet blazer will be excellent, assuming that it doesn't have any outlandish colours in it or any accents or anything like that. So we've paid attention to the groom, we've paid attention to the environment.

Who are you, and what do you feel comfortable wearing.

So if you feel comfortable wearing this type of clothing, then wear it because if you're comfortable wearing the dress, then a lot of these other things will fall over the wayside.

People will make a quick judgment based on what they see, but then they're also going to immediately move on to more important things, which is having a great time.

And if you're comfortable in this type of clothing and feel that even a scarf around with that velvet blazer, you feel great like that because it's what you normally wear and then go for it.

People, they maybe know you as that's what you wear, but if you normally don't wear clothing like this and you're putting it on for the first time, then really what you're wearing is a costume, not clothing you're going to be comfortable in.

So you need to wear this outfit beforehand, be comfortable in that outfit, and then you own that outfit, and you can wear it with confidence and go out there and have a great time.

If you're not confident in that clothing, then again, you're wearing a costume. You're going to be thinking about things that you shouldn't be thinking about because, at the end of the night, you're there to celebrate the union of your good friend with another family and go there and have a great time because that's what you want to do on these nights.

All of us only have so many nights left. Make sure that this night is an enjoyable one, not one in which you're worried about, “Did I wear the right shoes?”

5 Must-Follow Style Rules for a Bachelor Party

Bachelor party is the day when brides and grooms celebrate their final single days separately with their close ones. That’s one of those days when brides and grooms to enjoy their life like never before. And you probably don’t want to be someone who spoils one of their best nights by doing something weird, right? In most cases, you can totally rock what you want at your best friends’ bachelorette party.

However, oftentimes there are some bachelorette party rules you’ve got to be a good sport about. For instance, a sporting matching dress that the maid of honour bought is one of the style rules you must follow for your best friends’ bachelor party. You definitely want to look gorgeous but also don’t want to upset the bride by making your own style rules, don’t you?

So for brides, guests and hostesses, here are a few style rules to take into consideration when planning or attending your next bachelorette party.

Skip the All White Everything at the Party

Always remember that it’s normal for the bride to wear white at her bachelorette. However, as bridesmaid or friends of the bride, you do not want to look awkward wearing white. You can save it for her wedding day or any other occasions probably. So do everyone a solid and leave your white-on-white outfits at your home.

On the other hand, a little black dress is the perfect party style pick for a bachelor party. Or, you can even choose your own style that you prefer, except for the pure white dress.

Don’t Try to Get All Matched Up.

Being a bridesmaid or having a bachelor party of your best friend can be exciting. Especially for girls, they get very excited about their style rather than the place they are visiting. However, the most important rule of a bachelorette party is that you shouldn’t try to match each other head to toe. Instead, having one checked item between the crew, whether it be a t-shirt or headbands or even tote bags can work. Getting all matched up from head to toe can make you look awkward or uncomfortable, and even the pictures will look not so cool. So, choose one ordinary outfit and let each bridesmaid style the rest of her company fit her personality.

Be Comfortable

Like I said earlier, you probably don’t want to spoil your best friends’ bachelor night by making your own choices. However, it’s not likely to do everything the bride wants you to do or wear what she wants you to wear. Little adjustment is adequate for your friend, but you should avoid it if you aren’t comfortable. Dressing up in coordinated outfits or getting the same shirt for everyone to wear during the bach with her hashtag on it can be a blast. But be sure to keep in mind any guest limitations. Not everyone is the same size or feels comfortable in the same type of clothing.

Most importantly, whoever is planning the party should talk to the bride and see what she is most comfortable in and what she thinks everyone would be. Since she knows her girls best and you might not know everyone as well as she does, you should talk to the bride. Or if the one who’s not comfortable with the style rules is you, you should also sort things out before it gets too late and spoils her bachelorette party.

Go with the Flow at the Party

As a guest of the bachelorette party, it’s important to go with the party's flow. Whether it’s wearing that silly hat or bachelorette party-themed t-shirt without pouting about it. Even if you are a narcissist or the too much-organized person who doesn’t like anything about the bachelor party, you need to for the sake of your friend. If you have a major issued with the “dress code” or are completely uncomfortable with it, feel free to say something to the host.

Being angry or sad about the style rules or arguing about everything planned is not something a friend would do. Hence, if you have those habits, keep it aside and try to enjoy the party and make the bride happy.

Keep it Classy at the Party.

These days having a bachelor party means being glamorous and posting pictures of the feeds. However, always keep in mind that you don’t have to dress in the tightest, skimpiest outfits just because it’s a bachelorette party. As I said earlier, a little compromise is okay, but don't do it if you aren’t comfortable. Check out the range of Magic Men’s Melbourne hens ideas to help in your party planning.

This is a wedding-related event, and there’s going to be more attending paid from the bride’s family members and older wedding attendees on social media. You would probably think of that, and you really don’t want others judging you for that unstylish dress. However, it may be tempting to rock on the tight skirts. But think twice before you go out in an outfit you might regret the next day or in pictures. Hence, always wear what you feel comfortable in and try to keep it classy to spoil your best friends’ one and only bachelor party.

Frequently Asked Questions

If it's more casual setting, a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers will suffice. If it's a high-end plan, wear a collared shirt and some nice leather shoes. If you want the stripper to be more engaging, put on a tie or a hat. There are several directions you can go for your bachelor party outfit so make sure you choose wisely.

The groom usually pays nothing for his own bachelor party, although there's an exception to that rule should the bachelor party take place out of town. ... If the best man and other groomsmen insist on covering all the groom's expenses, including travel and lodging, feel free to let them know that you think otherwise.

According to a WeddingWire study, bachelor party attendees typically spend $550 as compared to $350 for bachelorette party attendees. That's a pretty significant difference—and we can chalk that up to a variety of factors, including guest list, travel, activities, length of the event, and more.

A bachelor party is traditionally planned by the groom's best man or his closest friends, but there's no rule against the groom planning his own bachelor party. Either way, make sure the planner communicates all important info to the groomsmen well in advance so they can make arrangements to be there.

If you want to keep your ring on your finger during your travels (whether that's on your honeymoon, your bachelorette party, or any other upcoming trips), there's no reason you can't. ... You also shouldn't travel with your engagement ring unless it's insured. 

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