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What colour can you wear in a hen party?

First things first, unless specifically told otherwise by the bride, you should let the bride have her moment in white & find another colour to wear. This generally stands true for all wedding festivities, unless specifically asked to wear white. For example, some brides want all their girlfriends to wear white, and they’ll wear pink on a specific night out during their bachelorette. More often, you’ll see the bride in white & her squad in all black. I’ve been on many a bachelorette party where this is the case, which is a fun way to let the bride stand out! Regardless, leave your white dresses behind. If you are a bride-to-be shopping for a bachelorette party or any other festivity.

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It’s important to always dress for the occasion, but definitely keep this in mind when planning what to wear for a bachelorette party. If you’re spending all weekend at a lake house, your attire will obviously be different than if you are headed to Miami, Scottsdale, Nashville, Austin, or even Vegas. I think bachelorette parties are a great excuse for a little sparkle or other fun detail! Below I’m rounding up what to wear to a bachelorette party broken down by style. I included options in every price range so you can all find what you need for your next bachelorette party! You tend to be out on the town during bachelorette parties, which is mostly what I focused on here. As a girlfriend attending a bachelorette party, I do think you can never go wrong with black. An LBD is always in style & is a classic choice for a night out, especially for a bachelorette party.

We Love A Hen Party Theme

We love a theme when it comes to hen parties. In fact, we can’t get enough. After all, a piece can help you make your decisions. It can help you decide your activities and your decorations. It can even influence the food and drink you serve. And, on occasion, it can help you decide your accommodation.

A Necessity or A Luxury?

Of course, a theme is an added extra. It’s by no means necessary. There’s enough to think about before considering a piece. And let’s be honest, the bride might HATE the idea of a theme. So make sure you evaluate whether it’s worth spending your time and money on accessories and decorations. Remember it’s about what the bride wants. That being said, it goes without saying, we love themes.

If you do too, keep reading…

Choose Your Theme 

Hens Ideas

Vintage, monochrome, a mad hatters tea party. You name it; we’ll show you how to plan a hen party around your perfect theme.

First things first, you need to choose a theme your bride to be will love! She may have hinted at a particular piece she has in mind. But if she hasn’t, don’t panic. We have plenty of ideas to help you get inspired! You should have a bit of a picture of your bride’s type of theme to be will enjoy. So it’s time to get inspired and take a look at some of our favourite pieces. 

There are two types of hen party: 

classy and sophisticated – and fancy dress, willies and L-plates. And both of them are fantastic!

If you want to bond your group (whatever your style of a hen), a theme is an amazing way to go about it. That might be all wearing the same colour, going as your favourite Disney Princesses, having a pyjama party theme, Great Gatsby, grannies, LBDs and more.

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Before we launch into our list of the 57 favourite hen party themes, there are a few rules to hen party fancy dress:

  • You don’t need to do fancy dress. It’s fun and can help you decide on food, drinks, games and decorations – but it’s not for every bride. Think about whether your friend would really love dressing up and the attention that will bring. (We reckon the answer’s most likely yes though).
  • Themes do not become equal to tacky. You can make anything as classy as you like. In fact, we have a list of non-tacky hen party themes below, just to prove our point.
  • Choose a theme that works with your venue. Swanky club? ’90s sweatbands aren’t right. Festival glamping? Leave the LBDs at home.
  • Make it broad enough that everyone can participate. The bride’s mum probably doesn’t want to dress as a Playboy Bunny, making it sensitive to different ages and styles. Colours are great for that.

Classic Hen Party Themes

L-Plates and Penis Paraphernalia

Sash, tiara, feather boa, L-plates, garter: you know exactly the kind of hen party we mean. It’s tacky, yes, but you’re guaranteed a good night out. Everyone you pass on the street will give you a cheer; bartenders are always forthcoming with a few free shots, and the pictures are hilarious to look through the next day.

FYI, did you know there aren’t any recyclable paper willy straws you can buy? Someone tell Greta Thunberg we’ve found her next campaign.

Angels and Devils

The bride-to-be should, of course, be the devil on her final weekend of freedom! The rest of the hen party can dress all in white as angels, with wings and halos, while the bride wears all red and some wicked horns. It’s the bridesmaids’ job to be the evil influences and make up some incredibly devilish dares.


The hen party is likely to be made up of the bride’s besties and close family, so you are her real-life cheerleaders. Live up to the name with cheerleader outfits, pom poms and some pre-planned chants (especially a few cheeky ones about her partner). All together now, “Give me an H…”


Ahoy there, ladies! Get your stripy T-shirts, eye patches, fake parrots, plastic swords, skull and crossbones tattoos and show us your booty.

Naughty Nurse

Just about anything can be dressed up ‘sexy’ these days, but there’s nothing that sets temperatures rising and pulses racing like a gaggle of naughty nurses. 

Pink Ladies

Love strutting around like Sandra Dee? Whether your bride is more of a preppy Sandy or all-in-black sexy Sandy, you’ll all look amazing in some vintage ’50s looks topped with that famous pink jacket.

Back to School

Pull your old school uniform out of the wardrobe and go for this hen party fancy dress classic. Put your hair in bunches, add a pleated skirt, white shirt and even a little tie. Think more Britney Spears than The Inbetweeners.

Pyjama Party

Whether you’re going out-out or having an at-home hen do, matching PJs are such a great fancy dress option – and incredibly comfy. If you’ve got the budget, order personalised ones online, or you can just head down to Primark.

We’re huge fans of throwing your hen do at home or hiring out an Airbnb for your girls where you can play loads of fun games and have the biggest brunch you ever did see.

Toga Party

Firstly, is there anything cheaper than this hen party theme? Got a bedsheet? Boom, you’re ready to go! Wrap a white sheet around you and safety pin together, add a belt, gold sandals and an olive leaf wreath – voila! This theme works really well with a fun obstacle-course style activity, or It’s A Knock Out game.

Spice Girls

Everyone knows if they’re more a Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger or Posh and they’re super easy to dress up as. This theme lends itself so well to a dance class or karaoke night – especially if someone dons Geri’s Union Jack dress.

Moulin Rouge

Bring the City of Love to wherever you are with a little Parisian burlesque flair. Dress up in tassels, corsets, feathers and fishnets for a can-can class or wine tasting. You could even take the Eurostar to the French capital to watch the real show!


Yee-haw! Does the bride love America or country music? Cowboy boots, denim skirts or Daisy Dukes, plaid skirts and cute hats are easy and fun. It’s ideal for linking it into an activity like line dancing, horse riding or a game of Cowgirls and Indians paintball. One last ride before she’s a bride, right?

Funny Hen Party Themes


Sassy old ladies are the best. Grab a cane, spray your hair white, draw on some wrinkles, don your best cardi and pearls, and start calling everyone “Sonny”. We knew Dot Cotton was always a style icon. The photos are priceless.


At the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve got babies. Get the bride in a giant nappy over her clothes, a huge dummy, a big bonnet. It’s the perfect outfit for some truly embarrassing dares (we’re sure we don’t need to tell you). Just don’t let anyone bring an actual baby.

  1. Men and Little Miss

Each hen do guest has to dress up as the Little Miss or Mr Men, representing her most. Little Miss Trouble, Fun, Chatterbox, Giggle, Naughty, Brainy, Stubborn, Bossy, Fabulous? It’ll be interesting (and potentially very revealing) to see which character everyone thinks you dressed up as…

ABBA/Mamma Mia

Yasssss dancing queen! ABBA has some of the most amazing music combined with the Seventies’ most iconic clobber – there’s no better theme. Don your Donna and the Dynamos costumes, learn a group routine and down more ouzo shots than you’ll care to remember the next morning. An ABBA dance class will make you all super troopers by the end of the night.


Split up into cops or robbers, or dress up as cartoon-style thieves with swag bags and face paint eye masks. Who knows if a few of the single bridesmaids might be making off with a couple of hearts tonight? Pair this theme with an escape room for a real jailbreak feel.

Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are always a winner. Everyone can either get assigned a princess to dress as or come as their favourite (although be prepared for about 20 Jasmines and Belles). Wear them to a sing-a-long movie screening, while playing Disney games, or even to Disneyland Paris. If you want activity ideas, we’ve got a whole list of those.


Getting yellow face paint off you the next day is a nightmare. Fact. But minions are an amazing hen party theme and make for fantastic photos. Costumes are really easy to DIY (who doesn’t have a misguided pair of denim dungarees hanging around?) with yellow tops and goggles. Bonus points if you can get the bride dressed up as God.

Childhood TV Shows

This could be a UK vs US showdown. We had Rosie and Jim, Chucklevision, Teletubbies and Tracey Beaker. They had Powerpuff Girls, Arthur, Rugrats and Recess. Whether it’s Kim Possible, Sabrina or Even Stevens, there’s so much choice and fun to guess everyone’s character.


Leopard print is our favourite neutral. Deck all your party out in Big Five outfits: leopard, lion, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo. There’s plenty of other safari and jungle prints to pick from, like snake, zebra and tiger. Every one of these animal prints is totally timeless, so your girls probably already have something in their wardrobe.

ABC – Anything But Clothes

DIY your outfits from ‘Anything But Clothes’, e.g. bin bags, Twister mats, caution tape, an apron, newspaper, curtains, playing cards, cereal boxes. It’s super creative, and you could have a DIY session to make some accessories before you leave for your night out (with plenty of wine, of course).


Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Pebbles, Dino and Bamm-Bamm: there isn’t a bad Flintstones character to dress up as.

Colour Hen Party Themes

Pretty in Pink

Pink to make the boys wink. You can have a sophisticated hen if you all wear pastel pinks, or go for a fun, cheeky neon theme. The beauty of pink is the variety of shades, so everyone is likely to have already a pink outfit they love or buy one quickly. Pink is always a hen party winner.


Gold is super glamorous. Get your girls all dressed to the nines in their best gold outfits and own every single bar you walk into. If you’re doing hen party decorations, everything from balloons to sashes, photo booth props, bunting and party cups come in glittering gold.

Black and White

Monochrome is the chicest hen party them. Dress the bride in all white and the rest of the hens in black, so she stands out as the show’s star or has an all-white party. You’ll be able to get into any swanky club in these outfits. On a destination hen, black bikinis for the hens and a white swimming costume for the bride look fashionable.


A neon paint party is the ultimate messy hen party for brides who love to rave. If you’re heading to a festival too, neon dresses, leggings, shorts and tops are essential wear.

Unique Hen Party Themes

Favourite Memes

Are you and your pals constantly WhatsApping memes to each? From Love Island and Gemma Collins memes to your favourite viral internet pic, transform into your favourite moments for a really unexpected hen party theme idea.

Silver Screen Legends

Marilyn Monroe, Vivian Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Bacall: brides who love old school movies and Hollywood legends will adore a unique hen dressing up as their favourite characters. Put on her favourite film and shake up some martinis for a really classy night.


Preferably not the poo one – but dressing as your favourite emojis certainly is an unusual hen party theme.


Why should we just be Bond girls? Suit up in a dapper tuxedo look for a super sophisticated and sexy take on the world-famous spy. It’s ideal for action-packed hen dos as you’re able to move around a lot easier than in tutus.

Dress as Your Other Half

Have all the hen guests dress up as either their partners or the bride-to-be’s partner. Masks of their face are optional but encouraged. It’s incredibly freeing to wear jeans on a hen do, although you might want to have a fancier part where you get to wash off the fake beards and Lynx too.

Cabin Crew

All red like Virgin? Orange for EasyJet? Cabin crew always look glam and sexy, so you’ll be the centre of attention all night. If your bride loves this, this is a great unusual fancy dress theme. You could even make up an airline based on her name, or surprise her with a spontaneous trip away!

Parisian Chic

The ideal choice for any hen party heading to Paris – stripy top, beret, little neckerchief and optional moustache. We’d avoid the strings of garlic unless you want to annoy our French neighbours!

Masquerade Ball

There’s something extravagant and mysterious about wearing a mask. Put on your most stylish dresses, long gloves and your best Venice masquerade ball mask and hit the town. No one will be able to recognise you, and you can invent a whole new identity for the night.


The ultimate in comfy hen party costumes is the onesie. You can get special ones printed with the face of the bride or go online and find a whole host of unicorns, walruses, cats, sloths and more. Just remember that they can be difficult to go to the loo…

Classy Hen Party Themes


Vintage makeovers are a wonderful hen party activity and go so well with a rockabilly or ’50s vintage theme. Everyone looks good in petticoats and bright red lipstick.


Nothing is sexier than a Little Black Dress. Everyone looks good in one, and you’ll catch everyone’s eye. Expect a few free drinks to be sent your way at the club.

All That Glitters

Sequins, sparkle and everything in between. All that glitters is an ideal hen do theme for a bride who loves anything with a little dazzle. After a pampering spa day, get her a glass of shimmering Prosecco and put her in her best-sequinned dress for a cocktail masterclass.

Audrey Hepburn

How iconic is Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s look? Emulate her chic style with updos, pearls and LBDs.

Pool Party/Nautical

A destination hen or a spa day requires swimwear, and a pool party theme is ideal. Get matching swimming costumes, a giant diamond ring rubber float and book a cabana at a beach club.

Remember that some beach clubs in popular places like Ibiza and Marbella won’t let you in if you’re all wearing one colour as you stand out too much at a hen party. In that case, choose an all-white suit for the bride and pick a few colours or patterns for everyone else to wear.


Boho festival wears like flower crowns, and summery dresses will just make you look like a group of girls enjoying your favourite festival – it’s great if you want to avoid the whole ‘tacky hen party’ vibe. Book in for a festival like Glastonbury, a local day festival, something abroad like Primavera in Barcelona, or throw your own in a back garden or while glamping. Here are our favourite festival, hen party ideas.

Seasonal Hen Party Themes

Sexy Santa and Her Elves

Mrs Claus knows how to work a fur trim. Any December hen party needs a nod to Christmas, so a sexy Santa dress code for the bride and red or green dresses as elf costumes for the hens is magical. Reindeer costumes also look fab!

Valentine’s Cupids

Cupid already shot his arrow for the bride and her partner. Now he’s going to treat her to a night out like no other. This winged baby and his bow are a great inspiration for Valentine’s hen.


The German beer festival is the perfect excuse to dress up in a dirndl (or lederhosen) and get some Bavarian bier down you!

Easter Bunnies

A little cuter and more innocent than Playboy Bunnies, an Easter bunny theme is perfect for spring hen parties. It also justifies an extravagant chocolate tasting and chocolate cocktail-making activity. Win-win!

St Patrick’s Day

Irish brides should always plan their hen for over St Patrick’s Day weekend. In fact, everyone should. Fly to Dublin, cover yourself in green, gold and shamrocks, and drink Guinness like it’s going out of fashion. Put on an Irish accent for the whole night as a hen party dare; most convincing hen gets a prize.

Mean Girls Halloween/Christmas

“In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it.” We’re not ones to disagree with Cady Heron, but any Halloween-inspired outfit is totally fetched in our eyes. You could go in The Plastics’ Halloween outfits and their infamous Jingle Bell Rock costumes.

The 1920s – Flappers

Channel the Great Gatsby and wear flapper dresses, Art Deco headwear, cocktail outfits, victory rolls and pearls galore. It’s the most decadent, glamorous and glitzy decade and such a fun theme. Activities that suit it include burlesque shows, afternoon tea and a vintage photoshoot with photos you’ll cherish forever.

The 1940s – Land Girls

Land girls were the unsung heroes of WWII. Dig deep for victory in green dungarees, a white shirt and a headscarf or Rosie the Riveter outfits. It’s a really patriotic and empowering costume.

The 1950s – Rock ‘n’ Roll

There’s so much you can do with rock and roll, like classic American high school chic, swing skirts, biker jackets, sock hop dresses, poodle scarves and anything polka dot. The Fifties marked the birth of rock ‘n’ roll with Elvis and Buddy Holly all over the radio – both of whom would make excellent costumes too!

The 1960s – Swinging Sixties

The 1960s is either the flower-power hippy movement or the snappily-dressed housewives of the Mad Men era. Either of these approaches to the Swinging Sixties would make such a fun, retro hen party theme. Mary Quant skirts, peace signs, Twiggy’s babydoll lashes, psychedelic baker boy caps and big, big, big hair would be our choice.

The 1970s – Disco Fever

The Seventies was all about disco-powered dancing queens. That means funky flared trousers, bell sleeves, Farrah Fawcett’s feathered blonde hair and a wild Studio 54 vibe.

We have an exclusive range of hens ideas Melbourne to help you with your entertainment needs.

The 1980s – Neon Rockers

The 1980s hit a little bump in the road fashion-wise, with Jane Fonda’s high-cut leotards and neon leg warmers, Madonna’s crucifix and pearl wild child look, Where’s Wally, and – closer to home – a newfound love of shoulder pads, shell suits and bold makeup. If we made that sound like a negative, it wasn’t – it’s an epic era for fancy dress!

The 1990s – Clueless

We had a poster of Cher and Dionne’s matching plaid skirt suits above our beds and dreamed every night of finding a boy as dishy as Paul Rudd. Go rolling with your homies in some amazing Cher Horowitz-inspired looks, which, naturally, have now all come back into fashion. Other acceptable 1990s costumes include Pretty Woman, Baywatch, Mr Blobby, Spice Girls, Bob the Builder and 1990s Goth Madonna.

The 2000s – Noughties

Britney and Justin’s all-denim outfits; matching Mary-Kate and Ashley look; Paris and Nicole in The Simple Life – the Noughties had so many good fashion and pop culture moments. Shots for anyone who recreates the Gareth Gates-Will Young Pop Idol final moment.

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