Beach Weddings: Tips and Ideas

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    Getting married on the beach might be a beautiful, low-cost option for a wedding. You've settled on a beach for your wedding ceremony. Congratulations! We're here to assist you in your wedding preparations, and you're in luck because there are many options available to you. You have a beach wedding coming up, and the preparations have you feeling stressed. Not a problem! Have faith in yourself; you can make it through this. It's possible to have a stunning party without getting any sand between your toes. Making the occasion unique to the two of you is the key to its success. So, I've included a few of my favourite suggestions for how to make the most of a day at the beach.

    There is an abundance of beaches, each providing the essentials for a memorable vacation. The first order of business is to locate a suitable area that is both convenient and affordable. Renting a beach pavillion or setting up seats on the sand is a low-cost but nonetheless impressive option. Permits are often free of charge at most beaches. The next step is to decide on the wedding's menu (think grilled seafood or gourmet sandwiches) and decorations (flowers or coloured rice, for example), all of which should reflect the cultural traditions of the country that most strongly influenced your big day.

    If a beach wedding is something you're considering, it's crucial to be aware of the elements that will ultimately influence your choice. Before anything else, try to avoid having your wedding with a high tide. Your guests' shoes may get damaged if the sand is wet from rain on your wedding day, so make sure they wear shoes that can handle that possibility. Finally, make sure to inform guests that they should not go into the ocean for wedding photos if there are sharks in the area.

    The ups and downs of preparing for a wedding on the beach are many. With so much to organise and arrange, it's best to get some things out of the way early to avoid any unpleasant surprises. So, if you're planning a wedding and envision it taking place on the beach, consider these suggestions! Whether this is your first wedding or you've been planning it since you were a little girl, you'll find helpful advice in the list below.

    Top Tips For Beach Weddings

    Keep An Alternative Strategy In Mind.

    Lindsey Shaktman, of Mavinhouse Events, a wedding planning company, recommends that all couples have a backup plan for their big day that they are just as excited about as their primary one. "Plan B, and do so with the same anticipation and enthusiasm as you have for Plan A. A beach wedding calls for very precise weather conditions, so be prepared to go to Plan B at any time "That's what she hints at, however. She continues by emphasising the significance of coordinating with your suppliers, especially rental and tent providers, while you set up your backup plan.

    "Most likely, you are already dealing with a tenting firm if you plan to create a dance floor and string lights. Be prepared for any eventuality by having a fully erected tent on hand, which may even feature covered walkways to link paths for the caterers. Before you choose anyone, find out how much experience they have with beach weddings, especially the tent company. Be sure the tenting service knows how to securely anchor the tent."

    Communicating Effectively

    When it comes to coordinating a successful beachfront wedding, Marry You in Hawaii's resident expert Loren Petrowski recommends open lines of communication and assembling a reliable group of vendors. "Maintaining open lines of communication is essential. We’re aware that the weather isn't the same everywhere, but we heard that Hawaii has some of the most rapid weather shifts.” A few couples have asked if they should reschedule 10 days out. The mainland experience has taught me that the weather report is usually rather reliable.

    It may be cloudy and rainy in Hawaii at the same time. Or it could be pouring heavily in one area while remaining dry in another. Putting together the details of your wedding with the aid of a fantastic local wedding team can ease the stress of figuring out what to do next "In other words, they offer guidance.

    Be Familiar With The Customs And Laws Of Your Community.

    Jamie Chang, Wedding planner of Mango Muse Events, advises engaged couples to familiarise themselves with any applicable laws or ordinances in the area of their wedding location. "It's not safe to think that you can actually be married on the beach just because you want to.

    Weddings on some beaches require special permits, while other beaches are private property and don't permit guests to sit on the sand. Don't throw yourself into a jam by failing to familiarise yourself with the beach's specific regulations for weddings "her hints at Petrowski concurs, saying that he has heard from many "You can't take anything for granted, least of all the idea that every beach is the same. In Hawaii, for instance, it's illegal to bring alcoholic beverages to the beach. A permit is necessary and only certain beaches are permitted for ceremonies, with limitations on the type of ceremony and the number of guests. Employing expert assistance makes navigating this situation much simpler."

    Marriage Advice

    The Gown And Updo For The Wedding


    The focus of the ceremony has always been and always will be the bride. Your wedding dress should be an outfit that helps you feel and look your best on your big day. Unfortunately, most brides select a designer local to their home and then pack the dress to transport to the beach, without first checking the dress for things like how heavy it is or how hot it can get, or the fabric's behaviour in the sea wind. In view of the fact that you will be dragging the bottom of your dress through the sand as you make your way down the aisle, gauze would be the greatest fabric choice.

    We must also take into account the veil. Because the wind might be a hindrance, many brides who have their weddings on the beach forgo them in favour of crowns or tiaras with more fitting and stunningly gorgeous flowers, which also complement the outdoors setting. Additionally, it is crucial to try out different headband and flower crown combinations for your hair. Keep in mind that the beach wind is something we can never predict, and that wearing your hair in an exquisite bun is a safe bet if you care about maintaining your style.

    We can suggest local stylists who can attend both the ceremony and the reception so that you have someone to help you with your hair and cosmetics at all times. Because of this, weather-related concerns will be washed away. A local makeup artist also has the inside scoop on how to avoid having your face look too made up without sacrificing any of your natural beauty.


    Drop the high heels. Wearing heels to the beach is not going to be a good time for anyone. Wedges and espadrilles, both of which are great for walking on the sand, can be found at almost any shoe store today. Because heat can induce swelling in the feet, it's a good idea to have a few pairs of shoes that will go with the fabric and embellishments of your dress. It's worth noting that you'll be on your feet for a longer period of time and will be dancing.

    As wedding coordinators, we recommend covering the aisle in thick fabrics and numerous flowers so that you can comfortably wear wedges, platforms, or even high heels during the ceremony. Some brides think of getting a second pair of shoes for the reception, like rhinestone-encrusted open-toed sandals or espadrilles. Plus, they have a classy appearance and a captivating stage presence when they dance.

    Sunless Tanning

    Sunscreen is a must if you want to stay alive. If you plan on arriving at the wedding venue a few days in advance, it is essential that you keep your skin properly moisturised and protected from the sun. If you'd like your tan to stand out more against the white of the dress, give yourself additional time to develop it. We'd prefer you not have a shrimpy complexion, a painful sunburn, or any noticeable scars. A bad choice would be a swimsuit with a higher neckline than the bridal gown.

    Arrangements For The Event's Schedule

    Everyone loves a good beach wedding, so it's important to plan the ceremony at the finest possible time of day. Given that the sun is a crucial consideration, the ideal time of day might occur either in the morning or the afternoon. You can enjoy the sunset and the show of colour in the sky this way. The weather on the seaside can change in an instant, so it's important to always check the forecast. And if you time your vows to coincide with sunset, the setting will feel even more enchanting. In order to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we can take advantage of the ceremony's natural setting, as we have already discussed.

    Shaded areas should be provided for guests who want to avoid the sun's rays, as well as for the young children and elderly who are more vulnerable to the effects of prolonged sun exposure. We have set up new tents with vaporous textiles that are incredibly efficient and help to set the mood for the event in a special way.

    Furniture And Décor

    Nature provides a beautiful backdrop all on its own, which is one of the many reasons why a beach wedding is a great idea. Our minds are constantly on this, therefore we only recommend things like wind-resistant decorations that are in harmony with the space, heat-resistant flowers, and visually appealing fruits.

    The same holds true for the celebration that follows the wedding. As experts, we only provide heavy, well-made furniture that stands up to the elements and complements your interior design. Seats made of bamboo,benches made of wood, or woven palm leaves, this combination of these would all work well and complement the outdoors. Keep in mind that we are not suggesting that you have your ceremony on the beach in place of a traditional chapel.

    For the banquet, we suggest the same. I use this analogy with my customers all the time: suppose you are having a lovely dinner when a strong wind suddenly begins to blow. What do you see flying? Then we crossed those things off the list instantly.

    Cards, place customizers, rose petals, crystal centrepieces, bows on chairs, programmes, candles, and a long list of other things that could add unnecessary complexity to the event are all on the no-go list. Please don't let your guests use any of this as a cover to leave! Additionally, the ceremony and the reception could take place on a terrace close to the shore. You'll be able to fine-tune the temperature, lighting, and wind speed and direction, all while taking in the stunning vista and pleasant climate.

    Decor Ideas And Others


    Drinking Establishment Decked Out With Tropical Elements

    Decorate your bar with tropical plants and serve refreshing summer drinks like margaritas and Aperol spritzes. Colorful dragonfruits and birds-of-paradise add a tropical vibe to an impromptu ceremony on a Hawaiian beach.

    Wedding Favors With A Seafaring Theme

    Miniature bottles of Champagne in navy and white stripes and nautical bowties make excellent favours or gifts for the groomsmen at a beach ceremony. All the best to you!

    Indicia Of Placement Made From Palm Leaves

    Budget-friendly and easy to find, tropical leaves are a great way to bring a little bit of the beach into your day. Tables were designated by name using palm leaf blades (or numbers, if that's your thing). It's the same concept you could use for place cards, seating charts, or even menus; all you need is a gold pen and some neat calligraphy.

    Indicia Of Placement Made From Palm Leaves

    Budget-friendly and easy to find, tropical leaves are a great way to bring a little bit of the beach into your day. Tables were designated by name using palm leaf blades (or numbers, if that's your thing). It's the same concept you could use for place cards, seating charts, or even menus; all you need is a gold pen and some neat calligraphy.

    Basket-Weaved Lights

    If you're going for a beachy vibe, woven baskets are a safe bet. These beautiful basket lamps complement the setting and do not detract from the lightness of the transparent tent.

    Comfortable Chairs For Guests During The Reception

    Soft couches and sofas set a relaxed mood, while throw rugs in a variety of styles serve as a visual anchor and protect guests' bare feet from the sand. "We love to transform locations on the beach into unique spaces using furniture and ornamental objects to create pleasant and blithe surroundings while yet being attentive to and integrating the local nature," adds Grosset.

    The Seafarer's Ring Cushion

    The little ones must not be neglected! You can have the ring bearer bring the wedding bands down the aisle on a cute nautical pillow, which can be secured with string.

    Driftwood Signs

    As far as beach-friendly materials go, driftwood pretty much stands on its own. At their destination wedding in the Bahamas, the happy couple used it to make Mr. and Mrs. signs, which they suspended from the backs of bamboo chairs. Driftwood can be used for more than just centrepieces on reception tables; it can also be fashioned into signs to lead attendees.

    Recycled Surfboards

    The laid-back, beachy attitudes that surfboards represent make them perfect wedding décor. The future groom, a surfer, turned his mementoes into a one-of-a-kind book.

    Decadent Shells

    Do I detect the aroma of a sweet treat? These blue oyster shells included a luscious chocolate centre and a sprinkle of sea salt. That's about as on-topic as you can get.

    An Exhibition Of Botanical Escort Cards

    This exotic escort card set has it all, even down to the tropic backdrop. An uncomplicated seating chart is set off by natural ferns, monstera leaves, and gold accents. Vibrant pink flowers liven up the otherwise muted setting.

    Produce And Flowers From Around Here

    Spend your money close to home. Use flowers and fruit from your destination's region as decorative accents to show your appreciation for the area. The pineapples and papayas on this table go so well with the ivory flowers, straw chargers, and palm leaf accents that it feels like you're eating in the tropics.

    Tableware With A Coastal Theme

    Choose your dinnerware with the ocean in mind. At their Nantucket wedding, the happy couple used dishes decorated with a starfish and shell motif. They stuck with it by having similarly styled menus and place cards in the form of origami sailboats.

    Snacks & Drinks

    You can trust that the hotel you choose to host your wedding reception will have everything you need to serve your guests delicious, well-preserved food and drink. But if you want to have your wedding on the beach, far from any modern conveniences, you'll need to make sure the food stays at a safe temperature.

    When you hire us as your wedding planners, you can rest assured that we will work with only the best vendors to provide you with a menu that will not only satisfy your guests' appetites but also delight them. Butter, chocolate, and cream, among other items, can quickly spoil in high temperatures and should be discarded as soon as possible. To give just one example, a fondant cake can withstand higher temperatures than one frosted with meringue or butter. Fillings should also reflect the tropical theme, so think pineapple, pasion fruit, coconut or pineapple.

    Couples who are set on having their beachside nuptials have a few options, one of which is to hold the ceremony on the beach and then transport guests to a location with all the necessary banquet facilities, such as a hotel terrace right on the water. You may have a beach wedding in Los Cabos without actually having to get married on the sand. No matter what time you choose for the ceremony, we advise you to have refreshing refreshments available. The most important thing, though, is that your guests leave the religious event feeling refreshed and hydrated. By doing so, we avoid all pain and minimise the risks of being dehydrated or passing out.


    The quality of the sound is one of the things we can prevent as professional beach wedding planners that the naked eye cannot see. After all, the guests are all waiting eagerly to hear the person officiating the ceremony and not miss a word from the couple during the pivotal moment of the vows.

    We accomplish this by making use of professional sound technology, such as wireless speakers and windshield microphones, which ensure that ambient natural sounds, such as the sound of the waves, are not a distraction but rather a perfectly harmonised background.

    The Occurrence Of Some Other, Unexpected Circumstance

    As part of the planning process, we always recommend that our clients think about providing their visitors with a kit that includes sunscreen, fans, organic water-based insect repellents, and evenwet towels . It's certain that at least one guest will forget to bring along essentials like these, but you can rest assured that they'll be greatly appreciated by those who do.

    Cocktail Hour Concepts For A Beach Wedding

    As opposed to a formal inside reception, the mood at a beach wedding tends to be more laid back. Relax in the sea breeze and enjoy the company of your friends by setting up a lively cocktail hour.


    White Sofas And Chairs

    "Planning a wedding without considering the beach is the most common error couples make. When envisioning a beach wedding, most people see the sand, yet many couples fail to consider the sand when making their preparations. That includes being mindful of where you sit, what you put on your walls, and the footwear you choose to wear. Moreover, you need to select objects that either anchor the sand or stay on top of it so that you don't sink "recommendation from Chang.

    Bohemian Wedding Beach Loungers

    Your beach wedding is coming up, and as you prepare, "The beach can feel even more like a five-star resort if you take into account the comforts you'd expect to find indoors. As a first step, you should construct a full floor to level the ground and prevent your guests from sinking into the sand. Then, to be sure that high tide won't ruin your day, you should consult a tide chart "agrees with Shaktman

    Ideas For A Beach Wedding Reception

    Not everything is as straightforward as it seems when you're trying to eat dinner on the beach. Your beach-themed wedding reception needs to be meticulously organised so that guests can kick back and enjoy the festivities without worrying about anything, from the reception structure and on-theme table settings to the safe serving of the wedding cake.

    Lighted Wooden Canopy For An Indoor Reception

    "To make your beach wedding special and memorable, there are numerous lovely details you may use. Install magnificent twinkle lights above the eating and dancing area so they blend into the stars in the sky while still providing ample lighting. Then, at night, decorate the beach with whimsical luminous orbs or fairy lights that shine all the way down to the sand "said Shaktman.

    Two-Story Lobby With Tropical Plants

    As this reception shows, even if your actual wedding location is on dry land, you can still have a beach-themed celebration to commemorate the occasion. While the ceremony took place in a vineyard, guests were transported to a tropical paradise thanks to the venue's tropical details.

    Woven Chandeliers And Bamboo Guest Chairs At The Reception

    Petrowski suggests that engaged couples make sure they account for all of their lighting requirements before the big day. "Major consideration should be given to the illumination. If the ceremony is going to take place at an unusual hour, I always make sure the couple has engaged a photographer and discussed the venue with them. There are beaches that are ideal for sunrises and sunsets. Since the lighting at the beach can be challenging, I want to make sure that couples get the greatest possible photo opportunities, or are at least warned in advance."


    A wedding ceremony on the beach can be both lovely and affordable. How to make the most of your time at the beach with these best tips and ideas. If there are sharks in the vicinity, or if the tide is high when you want to get married, you should probably go elsewhere. A completely erected tent, with covered walkways to connect paths for the caterers, will ensure that you are ready for anything. Maintaining open channels of communication and selecting a reputable vendor pool are crucial.

    Not all beaches are accessible to the public without a permit, and some are privately owned and so off limits to visitors. Bringing alcoholic beverages on a beach in Hawaii is against the law. Ceremonies require a special permit and can only take place on select beaches. If you'd want assistance with your hair and makeup for the ceremony and reception, we can recommend local stylists who are available for both events. It's smart to have many shoe options that complement your dress's material and embellishments.

    Shoe stores now have a wide variety of footwear, including sand-friendly options like wedges and espadrilles. Decorations, flowers, and fruits that can withstand the sun and wind are all good ideas for a beach ceremony. Trusted professionals here, so you know you're getting sturdy, weatherproof furniture from us. The wedding and reception could be held on a terrace near the water. When decorating for a wedding on a tight budget, palm leaves are a great way to add a taste of the seaside.

    The ring bearer can carry the rings on a decorative nautical pillow. Think of the sea when making your dishware selection. The newlyweds picked plates with a starfish and shell design for their Nantucket reception. Unlike cakes iced with meringue or buttercream, those covered in fondant can be baked at higher temperatures without melting. Tropical flavours for fillings include pineapple, pasion fruit, coconut, and pineapple.

    One of the most common mistakes couples make is planning a beach wedding without giving any thought to the sand. Furniture and seating arrangements should be created so that attendees are not squished into the sand. Natural sounds, such as the sound of the waves, might be a distraction, but they can be muffled with technology. Your wedding celebration can still have a beachy vibe even if your venue is located on solid ground. There are many charming touches you can add to your beach wedding to make it one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. Lighting is a crucial factor that must be carefully considered. Get a photographer involved if the ceremony has to take place at an odd time.

    Content Summary

    • Destination Weddings on the Beach: Planning Advice Weddings on the beach can be lovely and inexpensive.
    • You've decided to have your wedding ceremony on the beach.
    • Therefore, I have provided some of my favourite recommendations for making the most of a beach day.
    • The planning of a beach wedding is fraught with both joy and stress.
    • Wedding planner Lindsey Shaktman from Mavinhouse Events suggests that engaged couples always have a plan B for their wedding that they are just as enthusiastic about as their first choice. Move on to Plan B with the same level of excitement and eagerness you had for Plan A. The weather must be perfect for a beach wedding, so have a backup plan ready just in case. But that's what she implies.
    • She then goes on to stress the importance of working with your vendors to set up a backup plan, specifically with rental and tent companies.
    • Being an Effective Communicator The resident expert at Marry You in Hawaii, Loren Petrowski, suggests keeping the lines of communication open and selecting a trustworthy set of vendors in order to organise a successful seaside wedding. The importance of keeping lines of communication open cannot be overstated.
    • The pressure of deciding what to do next might be reduced by working with a great local wedding team to plan the specifics of your big day.
    • In a nutshell, they serve as a sort of manual.
    • Learn and abide by the local regulations.
    • Don't get yourself in a bind by ignoring "her hints at" the beach's specific restrictions for weddings. Petrowski agrees, noting that he, too, has received feedback from several You can't assume anything, least of all that every beach is the same.
    • There are restrictions on the sort of ceremony and the amount of guests, as well as a requirement for a special permit to hold the event on particular beaches.
    • On your wedding day, you want to wear a dress that makes you feel and look amazing.
    • It's also important to experiment with different styles by combining hair accessories like headbands and flower crowns.
    • Remember that the beach breeze is unpredictable, so tying your hair back in a beautiful bun is the best bet if you care about looking put together even after a day at the beach.
    • For the sake of your hair and makeup, we may recommend local stylists who are available for both the ceremony and the reception.
    • Makeup artists in your area also know the tricks to keeping your natural beauty intact while never seeming too made up.
    • Having several pairs of shoes that complement your dress's fabric and embellishments is a good idea because heat can cause feet to swell.
    • Many brides consider purchasing a second pair of shoes, such as espadrilles or open-toed sandals with rhinestone embellishments, to wear at the reception.
    • Maintaining adequately moisturised and sun-protected skin is crucial if you intend to arrive at the wedding site a few days in advance.
    • Schedule Arrangements For The Occasion Weddings on the beach are always a hit with guests, so it's crucial to pick the best time of day for the ceremony.
    • Because the sun is so important, the best time of day could occur in either the morning or the afternoon.
    • Always keeping this in mind, we only suggest things like heat-resistant flowers and aesthetically pleasing fruits, as well as wind-resistant decorations that complement the room.
    • The same may be said for the party that follows the nuptials.
    • Since we're professionals, we only sell sturdy pieces that can withstand the elements and look great in any setting.
    • Do not misunderstand us: we are in no way advocating that you forego the more conventional setting of a chapel in favour of a beach.
    • In addition, a terrace near the water's edge might host the wedding and reception.
    • Location Markers Woven From Palm Leaves Tropical leaves are a low-cost and readily available option for bringing a taste of the beach into your daily life.
    • You only need a gold pen and some nice calligraphy to pull off the same effect with place cards, seating charts, and menus.
    • To celebrate their marriage in the Bahamas, the newlyweds used it to create Mr. and Mrs. signs, which they then hung on the backs of bamboo chairs.
    • Not only is driftwood useful for table centrepieces, but it may also be fashioned into informative signs.
    • A Show of Floral Calling Cards Even the tropical scenery is intriguing in this deck of escort cards.
    • Dishes with a seaside motif Think of the sea when making your dishware selection.
    • Food and Drink You can rest assured that the hotel where you decide to have your wedding reception will provide you with everything you need to provide your guests with tasty, well-preserved food and drink.
    • Keep the food at a safe temperature if you're planning on having your wedding on the beach, away from any electricity or refrigeration.
    • No matter what time of day you decide to hold the ceremony, it is recommended that refreshments be provided.
    • If Some Other, Unanticipated Circumstance Were To Occur Sunscreen, fans, organic water-based insect repellents, and evenwet towels are just some of the items we suggest our clients include in a guest bag as part of their preparations.
    • Inspirational Cocktail Hour Ideas for a Beach Ceremony The vibe at a wedding on the beach is typically more chill than at a traditional indoor event.
    • Set up a vibrant cocktail hour to unwind in the ocean breeze with your pals.
    • Chairs and Sofas in White The most common mistake couples make when planning a wedding is to exclude the beach as a potential venue.
    • Most people picture sand when they think of a beach wedding, but surprisingly few couples actually take it into account while planning the event.
    • To keep your guests from sinking into the sand, you should first build a full floor to level the ground.
    • Then, if you don't want to waste the day waiting for low tide, you should check a tide chart that "agrees with" your plans. Shaktman Inspiration for a Wedding Reception at the Beach Things aren't always as simple as they look when you're trying to enjoy dinner on the beach.
    • Your beach-themed wedding reception needs to be well-planned and executed so that your guests can relax and enjoy themselves without having to worry about anything, from the reception setup to the presentation of the wedding cake.
    • Lighted Wooden Canopy For An Indoor Reception "To make your beach wedding special and memorable, there are several gorgeous things you may use.
    • Above the dining and dancing area, string gorgeous twinkling lights to mimic the night sky while yet giving adequate illumination.
    • Lobby That Is Two Stories High And Filled With Tropical Plants This reception is proof that you can have a beach party even if your real wedding location is on solid ground.
    • The ceremony was held in a vineyard, but the site was decorated to make the attendees feel as though they had been transported to a tropical paradise.
    • Bamboo reception chairs and woven chandeliers. Petrowski recommends that newlyweds take into account all of their lighting needs for the wedding beforehand. The lighting is crucial.
    • I usually make sure the couple has hired a photographer and discussed the venue with me if the ceremony is going to take place at an odd hour.
    • There are beautiful sunset and sunrise beaches.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Tips

    • Get a beach permit if needed.
    • Plan wisely, avoid crowds.
    • Arrange sturdy seating.
    • Accentuate the beach's natural features.
    • Add in colors to contrast the light color of the sand.
    • Shop local for destination weddings.
    • Prepare for windy conditions.
    • Prepare a shoe station.

    We have couples ask us quite often when the best time of year to get married on the beach is. I would have to say the most popular months are April, May, September, October and even early November. This is when the weather is perfect and the rates of venues is less.

    Because of the relaxed atmosphere of a beach wedding, the rest of your wedding selections (such as food, clothes, and reception activities) will be more casual, saving you money on the more traditional and expensive options.

    • A Glowing (Possibly Fake!) Candle
    • Soft Feathers. Image Source: A Beautiful Mess.
    • A Pretty Pinwheel. Image Source: Etsy user Rule42.
    • Handfuls of Lavender.
    • Wintery Pine Cones.
    • A Mini Bouquet.
    • A Rustic Twig Wand.
    • Fall Foliage.

    One of the most obvious reasons to have a beach wedding is the romantic setting. The ocean is the background, the sunlight beaming off the ocean waves, and the delightful sea breeze will have you and your partner in a romantic setting that will start off your life of happiness together.

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