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Wedding Day Transport

A marriage is a celebration, and we believe that every minute of our wedding day should be spent celebrating! Splashing out on a stretch Hummer doesn't only add a little luxury to your day, but plenty more chances to celebrate too! Looking for the Best Wedding Venue in Melbourne? Boutique events group is Melbourne's Iconic 


Weddings are the most critical day in the life of all the loving couples. This unforgettable day everything has to be perfect and the best, from the bride's bouquet up to the wedding cortege. That is why you should consider all of the issues and select all the best so that this day left in memory the good memories for the whole life only while preparing for a wedding. For someone the main venue of the celebration, the wedding buffet menu is essential for someone else, someone needs to be sure in the uniqueness and beauty of dresses. But for all, for sure, one of the main points is the wedding cortege.

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Wedding car hire in London


For those of you looking to get married in London, there are a myriad of choices when it comes to churches, reception venues, caterers, photographers, entertainment acts, stylists, and of course, vehicles to hire for your special day.


But by undertaking some of our meticulous research, we're hopefully going to make the planning process much easier for you. We've trawled through our database containing thousands of orders (spanning more than two decades) to reveal what the most (and least) popular choices are for wedding car hire in London, along with their average costs.


Rolls-Roys Cars have initially proved themselves as the best luxury cars combining the beauty, style, comfort, uniqueness and every detail of the car complements its status. Full forms of the vehicle, the extended base, soft sofas in the salon, snow-white colour, wide doorways and many other advantages are listed by owners of the Rolls-Roys, as well as by those who have at least once enjoyed the trip in this car.


Wedding and pre-wedding party transport is a standard part of planning, but it's not one to be overlooked. There's a lot more than you can get from your hire car experience, particularly with the experts at Hummerzillaz! Here's why.


Bentley in your Wedding Cortege

Lux Wedding Car Hire Company at this moment offers you one of the best options for your wedding car, namely Bentley S3. Bentley S3 is first of all a luxury vintage car for wedding celebrations which will be appropriate at any wedding celebration. The name itself, Bentley, says about status, beauty, uniqueness, sophistication and exceptional comfort. Bentley cars all their life long served for comfortable transportation of VIPs, show-business stars, heads of state and many others. Therefore, having Bentley in your wedding cortege, you can be confident that it is the best, the most comfortable and presentable.

From lavish Asian extravaganzas in the heart of Birmingham to secluded ceremonies in the Warwickshire countryside, the greater West Midlands area contains a melting pot of different cultures that each celebrate weddings in their way. However, what unites them is their choice to hire wedding cars to make the occasion even more unforgettable.

We have compiled the ultimate list of Wedding Car Hire companies to help you ride in style on your special day. 


The above mentioned advantages do make the Rolls-Roys cars the most popular in arranging the wedding cortege. But like every auto manufacturer, the Rolls-Roys manufacturer also has a leader among the wedding Rolls-Roys cars, and it is the "Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud". The car that was produced in the '50s and became a real legend; for today, it has already become a classic among vehicles and, of course, crept into the hearts of all newlyweds. Everyone, who had the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud car in their wedding cortege say that the Wedding Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is the same necessary accessory as a white wedding dress or a man's tailcoat; and they are undoubtedly right because only Rolls-Roys by itself can be better and more comfortable than Rolls-Roys.


A common remark from brides reflecting on their day is that it all flies by so quickly. That's why we're in full support of anything that lets you live it up. For most couples, a lot of time will be spent travelling between locations, so time spent on your wedding hire car is premium! A Hummerzillaz stretch hummer seats up to 18 people which means you can go with your bridal party or family and make it more meaningful.


Bentley S3 wedding car is a luxury car produced from 1962 up to 1965 and thus already belongs to the vintage cars family. Classic Bentley S3 for a wedding is a beautiful and unique car which is characterized by comfort, convenient seating on the backseat, smoothness and elegance of drive, as well as the perfect fit for wedding photoshoots. Wedding Bentley S3 is designed in two colours which allows it to be ideally combined with a wedding dress of the bride and groom's suite, as well as not to get lost amid the white decorations during the photoshoot and travel around the city. Bentley S3 as all wedding vintage cars of Lux Wedding Car Hire Company has no distortions; everything looks as conceived in production of these legendary cars and while technically the car is fully prepared and ready to travel all the day.


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Wedding Vehicle Hire in Birmingham


Over the years, we've provided wedding cars for thousands of happy couples in the West Midlands. Thus, we thought we should go back through and analyze our data (spanning over two decades) to unveil the most popular choices for wedding vehicle hire in Birmingham, West Midlands.


The Rolls-Roys Silver Cloud for wedding celebration combines all the necessary qualities for a wedding car: a snow-white colour, the comfortable and pleasant interior of a vehicle, made of beige leather with wood trim; smoothness and softness of the wedding car; it attracts attention and does not disappoint anyone, who will look at it and, finally, after all, it is the Rolls-Roys, the vehicle, name of which already makes clear for us that this is the best car.


Hire a prestige car 


Let's face it, we all want to feel extra special on your wedding day, and Hummerzillaz high standard of service will make you feel like royalty. Details such as a red carpet; tyre covers to keep your precious dress clean and mood lighting inside and out are all in place to deliver the best experience for you. Hummerzillaz wedding hire cars also include 'Just Married' flags, interior decor, wedding ribbons and emergency fixtures such as umbrellas, sewing kits, tissues that you might need for your day.

When you decide to choose wedding classic Bentley S3 for the event in London and the neighbourhood, contact Lux Wedding Car Hire and book a car for the wedding. Please note that proceeding from this car uniqueness and popularity we strongly recommend to book it for the wedding in advance.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there will be many men (and women) preparing to get down on one knee to pop the question on what is the most romantic day of the year. As one of the most important events of your life, you're going to want to make your proposal as unique as possible, which is precisely why you should hire a prestige car.


Lux Wedding Car Hire Company offers you a wholly restored "White Wedding Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 1" for rent to the wedding. Our wedding car is fully prepared for the celebration: when the car was being restored, all the 50's details of the vehicle were preserved, just the running gear was improved for a smoother ride. The light coloured leather salon of "The Wedding Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud'' will decorate your celebration and will make your wedding train the best. "It's worth it!" – say absolutely everybody of our clients who ordered "The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud '' for their wedding.

Need multiple Wedding pickups? 


Need a ride for an hour or an entire day? The last thing you want to stress about on your day is logistics. Hummerzillaz offers flexible packages, so be sure to ask how they can make your plans the easiest for you. They even have other luxury vehicles such as the 2016 e250 Cabriolet and Stretch Jeep for you to choose from!


By making a remarkable vehicle a part of the occasion, you are bound to add that extra touch of class to your special day. But which car should you choose? And how should you incorporate it into your Valentine's Day proposal?


In addition to "The Rolls-Roys Silver Cloud 1" car, we can help you in providing all your guests with vehicles of such very known trading marks as Mercedes Viano, Mercedes Sprinter, Volvo Coach and so on. Wedding Limousine Car Hire can be confusing. Check out some options here. 


Let's face it, Hummers are fun, and that precisely wants our pre-wedding parties to be! Hummerzillaz offer discounts for multiple bookings, so be sure to inquire about wedding car hire and transport for your pre-wedding parties too!


prestige wedding car


Which Prestige Car Should You Hire for Your Valentine's Day Proposal?

Of course, you want to hire a car that is going to wow your partner. Whether that's by hiring a supercar or by hiring a vintage vehicle, you need to choose a machine that's going to leave your other half's jaw on the floor. So what are your options?


The luscious Hummerzillaz interior is the perfect place for a private party en route to your reception or your hens. Deluxe sideways seating, a great sound system (that plays your music) and party lighting set the scene for a fun atmosphere. Hummerzillaz hire cars also come with complimentary food and drink, which is handy for a busy wedding day or if you're in desperate need of a midnight snack!

Frequently Asked Questions

Reserve your cars at least four to six months before your wedding, or as soon as you've nailed down the date and venues. As with any vendor, if you wait until the last minute, you may not get your first choice. It's especially true if the vehicle you want is in limited supply, such as a vintage Rolls-Royce.

In which order does the wedding transport arrive at the church or ceremony venue. The grooms party will always arrive first, with the groom, best man, groomsmen and page boys. Next the arrival of the bridal parties car, with the bridesmaids, flower girls and mother of the bride.

The Bride travels to the ceremony accompanied by her Father or the person who is giving her away in one car. Most couples go for a second car that will carry the Brides Mother and the Bridesmaids. The Groom will arrive with his Best Man or Ushers, not necessarily in a wedding car.

Out of consideration for your guests, the two should be as close together as possible. Ideally, you want your guests to be able to witness your vows and then to celebrate with you. As a general suggestion, try to keep the travel distance under 20 miles from ceremony to reception.

If you are interested in doing this, keep the writing on the windows and use specially-made markers such as Window-Write markers. Write only on the rear windows so that whoever is driving the vehicle has optimal visibility. And keep it clean – “Just Married” or “Congratulations Bride and Groom” are classy options!

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