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Choosing the Right Wedding Celebrant

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    When a new couple gets in touch with us, they often want to see samples of our work. Check out Boutique events group Wedding Venue for your ultimate wedding reception. We'd be pleased to help, but there's one exception: "Don't focus on the words, focus on the intention." Why? For the simple reason that each ceremony we build is unique and tailored specifically to the happy couple for whom it was created. 

    There is certainly a sentence that is meant to make the happy couple chuckle to themselves, an inside joke that no one else present that day would understand. and all you'll be thinking as you read it is "what the heck?"; that's fine; the point is to zero down on the motivation behind the words. 

    At Vaucluse, on the shores of Sydney Harbour, the weather couldn't have been more ideal. The ceremony was a lovely and heartfelt reflection and celebration of the couple, their loved ones, and their friends. Just like the light reflected off the harbour, the newlyweds shone brightly. Everyone was on a cloud of joy. 

    Large numbers of flower girls provide a special touch to every wedding. When kids don't know what's going on, things might get chaotic at the practise. So that kids are comfortable with me on the big day, We make it a point to sit with them and talk about their favourite toys. In spite of any mishaps that may occur during the dress rehearsal, We give them our word that everything will go smoothly and without a problem on the big day.

    The enthusiasm of little girls is always a delight. They looked put together, with everyone dressed and having their hair done. The "over fives" in particular tend to take their jobs very seriously. 

    Benjamin Carlyle, Celebrant, Award-Winning Wedding Vows

    We've neglected our blog for far too long and regret not posting some helpful hints and heartfelt vows from recent weddings we've officiated. We often hear, "I'm scared to write my vows," so please don't let that stop you "To paraphrase Ben, "Where the hell do I even begin?! I can't control my anxiety." You may have heard some truly awful wedding vows since the celebrant provided the couple with an out-of-date source.

    It was a bittersweet farewell, but we expect this to be the final wedding we perform as a civil marriage celebrant for at least the next seven years.

    Take Into Account Why You're Saying These Vows.

    There could be a mention of the people that set up the couple. We don't make introductions like the one in the beginning of Julia Zemiro's 'RockWIz' at all of our ceremonies, so don't panic if you see one. Look past the words to the meaning.

    Wedding Photographer

    There's a good reason why one ceremony uses "The art of marriage" (Wilferd Peterson) and another uses "Nothing Else Matters" (Metallica). And it's because it was tailor-made for that particular couple and their Wedding!

    Maintain your focus on the reason the ceremony is taking place, as you will see that we will go to lengths to make it memorable for you in every way. These are some potential options to consider for them:

    Wedding Gowns

    Little girls dressed as brides or bridesmaids. But consider what they can wear thereafter. During a recent wedding, the little girls wore the prettiest tulle skirts with tiny white t-shirts. Absolutely stunning, if you ask me. Consider getting them a cute cardigan or jacket made of faux fir for your outdoor wedding. When people feel cold, they don't want to stand motionless. 

    Flowers for a Wedding

    The concept of "flowers on a stick," in which a bouquet is fastened to a robust stick in a manner analogous to that of a lollipop, is one of the most original concepts that we have come across. Something little, like miniature versions of the bridesmaids' bouquets. During this time of year, how about a small bunch of violets? These were a springtime harvest from the garden.

    • In short, we're here to urge you to stop playing games and start being honest. We'd rather not listen to anyone else but You lecturing your spouse.
    • Make an effort to sound natural when using your native tongue; what other choice do you have?
    • Find the happy medium between being too brief and being too long, and keep it short and sweet.
    • Don't copy-and-paste your vows from the Internet since they'll sound generic and overused.
    • We don't recommend the "Repeat After Me" approach; in fact, we think it's quite lame. Instead, we recommend having printed copies of your Vows on cards to use during the Ceremony.
    • Right and wrong do not apply. Share your love and affection in the form of a letter, a poem, a list of promises, or any other medium you see appropriate.
    • Let us know if you want to keep the surprise a secret from each other and we'll evaluate them for energy and content. 

    Here Are Some Recent Examples From Tweed Coast & Byron Bayweddings!

    By the third day after the wedding, neither the bride nor the groom were considered "a fit and proper person" to perform legal weddings. Its status as a marriage officiant in the Commonwealth was revoked. Could you tell us if that's illegal? As a result, they were fined a late fee for failing to register with the state's office of vital statistics by the deadline.

    Let me stop you right here if you're thinking, "It seems reasonable to expect a celebrant to pay the annual celebrant registration charge invoice promptly (within 60 days)." Ever since the fee was implemented in 2014, we had been. Check out our extensive list of Wedding Celebrants to help you tie the knot.  

    We were honoured to serve as the officiant for Justine and Scott's wedding at Tumbling Waters Retreat in Stanwell Tops, New South Wales. They're horse people, and the Bride was escorted down the aisle by the one featured, Random Blue.

    We have officiants execute custom ceremonies for each couple. Our search for a wedding reading for Justine and Scott brought us to the poem "Thank-you," which is technically about a horse and its rider. However, we thought it was fitting because of the qualities it reflects in the newlyweds. You can't go wrong with a wedding-themed teddy bear for the youngest member of your bridal party. Bonus: it doubles as a plaything to keep kids occupied all day long!

    Have fun with these concepts. Please contact us if you'd like to talk about having a wedding celebrant officiate your big day. You know you've found a keeper when they can put up with your neurotic tendencies, including your fixation with houseplants, the way you talk to the bunnies, and your bizarre pet peeves. You have alot more time getting to know me than anybody else ever has, and yet you still manage to adore us.

    Without a doubt, the best thing in life is being able to wake up next to the person you love every day. You have a neurotic preoccupation with golf despite the fact that he was the nicest, most genuine guy you've ever met. You can't promise to pick me up from the golf course every Friday, but I can promise you my undying love, my total honesty, and unyielding dedication.

    But as unbelievable as that may sound, 2018 was indeed the year it happened. A close relative had recently passed away, and another was seriously ill. Unfortunately, we didn't get around to checking our backup email until day 12 after the due date. There was no follow-up after the message reminder. Time has run out.

    In accordance with subsection 39FB of the Marriage Act 1961, a celebrant's registration must be revoked if an outstanding invoice for doing so has not been paid within 60 days of the day it was issued. There is no wiggle room in the payment plan in the event of an emergency, such as a serious sickness, families death, or crisis involving domestic abuse.

    Vacation Spouses

    The topic of "when time of year is best" is always on the minds of those planning vacation weddings. As for a response, all we can say is, "it depends"! In what way does that rely? It everything depends on us.

    How Would You Love Your Wedding To Look?

    Is it a long balmy evening for your reception, a picnic under the fruit trees, tonnes of spring flowers, or a backdrop of magnificent green trees?

    wedding cake

    Registration Tips

    Naturally, we all have a tendency to sit back and accept rules without giving them much thought or attention unless we are directly impacted by them. It is possible, however, for rules that seem to be well-intentioned to backfire, revealing ludicrous procedures and unfair results. It's possible that one day you'd be fully qualified to perform wedding ceremonies as a Commonwealth-registered celebrant, and the next day you wouldn't be.

    You had to wait a few months (after going through the bureaucratic hoops, getting three references, and paying the $650 application cost plus $45 for a police history check) before you could 'once again' practise as a Commonwealth licenced marriage celebrant.

    Maintaining a positive stance towards Marriage Equality is important. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share in the joy of a couple's marriage in front of their friends and relatives. In today's society, same-sex couples are barred from sharing in this celebratory occasion. In accordance with current Australian law, the celebrant must read the following statement, known as the Monitum, during the wedding ceremony:

     "I have the legal authority to perform wedding ceremonies. I am here to remind you, as you prepare to enter into the sacred and binding union of marriage in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses. Marriage in Australia is defined by law as an exclusive, lifelong partnership between one man and one woman."

    In 2018, when our registration was revoked, a record number of celebrants had their registrations revoked for the first time since the cost-recovery charge was implemented. The Marriage Law and Celebrants Section (MLCS) likely failed to send out their annual message reminder to celebrants, which likely explains the dramatic increase from 170 celebrants deregistered in 2017 to 370 in 2018. Since the section of the department with the necessary capabilities was relocated as part of a Machinery of Government shift, the message was not sent in 2018.

    For marriage celebrants with more than ten years' experience, the re-registration process is even more ridiculous and expensive. Any celebrant who does not hold a Cert IV in Celebrancy or an equivalent tertiary certificate will now need to retrain. As such, it shouldn't come as a surprise that a celebrant with twenty years of expertise and well over a lot of marriage ceremonies under her belt would conclude that registering "again" was a complete waste of money, time and effort.

    Existing procedures and laws demonstrate the flaws in the Legislation and the dire consequences of mandatory deregistration. To assist you in commemorating this momentous occasion, we have included a list of our most highly recommended Wedding Celebrants.

    A lot of couples ask to have the language revised to make it more welcoming for their relationship status. I'm afraid it doesn't work in this situation. But there has been some progressive movement, however slight.

    Alternate Entertainment Options for the Wedding Guests

    Is it important that your guests be able to participate in specific activities while visiting this amazing location? Like, lake activities like skiing and boating? Are you planning on hiking New Zealand's best walks?

    To Have A Wedding Outside Or Inside

    Want to get married in the great outdoors? While summer showers are always a possibility, winter chills are virtually guaranteed. Do you wish to wear a stunning, strapless dress without a jacket to the Ceremony and have drinks and canapés on the lawn in the middle of winter? 

    Dates That Are Open For Weddings

    When can you get your hands on what, exactly? Particularly desirable times throughout the summer quickly fill up. If you're set on going at a popular time of year, you might want to consider dates other than Saturday. A weekday might not be a problem if many of your visitors are planning to celebrate a holiday at the same time. Booking during the week often results in savings.

    Flowers For A Wedding

    Flowers! Now that's a topic worth exploring. Remember that the window of opportunity to purchase a large arrangement of peony roses or a small posy of Lily of the Valley is quite small.

    Wedding Vows

    “Our stylish groom isn't into romance, so he used his salesmanship skills to put his sentiments into words.”

     "I promise you my undying allegiance, devotion, and love for the rest of my life. I pledge to treat you with utmost dignity, support your interests, and inspire you to succeed. Each and every day, our son and I will remind you that you are the love of my life and how much I adore you. I promise to always love you as much as I love you right now."

    “Cara You know this is going to be badly written and not very romantic because that's how all the birthday cards I write to you are. In a nutshell, you totally rock. You know how much I love a key performance indicator (KPI), so instead of making any promises today I'm going to give you a list of things I want to accomplish in our life together.” 

     "They asked me to read a brief statement from Beth and John. They think that any couple should be able to take the brave step of becoming engaged in front of their friends and family. The state should recognise this as a responsibility, a privilege, and a human right for its citizens. Beth and John hope this will change in the near future because they think it's important that all couples have access to this privilege."

    We are eagerly anticipating the day when we will no longer need to "contribute" to the Momentum. There is nothing but love. Finding a time that is convenient for your guests. The only Saturday in the winter that wasn't scheduled for an All Blacks game was the one we chose for our wedding. 

    • Goal 1 - I guarantee that I will give you a daily reason to smile.
    • Goal 2 - I resolve to improve my long-range shooting abilities in order to more effectively target the laundry hamper.
    • Goal 3 - When you've had a long day at the office, I'll be less demanding of your time and attention.
    • Goal 4 - I'll be more discrete and take my time when eating.
    • Goal 5 - I'm down to explore new places and do exciting things with you.
    • Goal 6 - Let me get you a brand new puppy.
    • Goal 7 - If you get hungry and angry at me, I'll feed you.
    • Goal 8 - I promise to work hard at being a good husband so that you're as happy with me as you are with me with you.

    “You're like a sister to me, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you at my side as my wife. In a stroke of good fortune for celebrants, the MLCS has contracted with a third party to send them SMS notifications informing them of the impending payment deadline and deregistration process. However, that is of no use to me. Furthermore, it is unfortunate that the MLCS does not collect information from revoked celebrants to learn the causes of their non-payment.”

    Overseas Guests

    If you are inviting people from far away, try to pick a day that doesn't coincide with high airfare. That may have an effect on how many people you invite.

    • When planning your wedding, what other activities have you thought about including?
    • Is there enough space for more visitors? Is there a conflict, say, with the Winter Festival?

    “It caught me off guard to find myself falling in love with you. Being in this life with you, though, is something I could never have prevented. With you, I have more fun; you make me feel comfortable being myself. You're the first person I want to tell about anything weird I observe or anything that goes good or wrong. Our path hasn't been without its bumps, but it is ours nonetheless. Having you as my husband makes every obstacle and setback worth it, and I shall be happy with you even on the worst of days.” See our list of Melbourne Wedding Celebrants to help you make an informed decision when saying your vows.


    Group who celebrates Experts at the wedding venue offer advice and share touching promises from recent nuptials they have presided over. The key to making the ceremony memorable is to keep your attention on the reason it is taking place. Cute little flower girls and bridesmaids! For an outdoor ceremony, a faux fir cardigan or jacket could be a thoughtful gift. Flower arrangements for the big day?

    Our officiants perform unique ceremonies for each couple. While looking for a poem to read at Justine and Scott's wedding, we came across "Thank-you." This sweet little bear is the perfect gift for the littlest member of the bridal party. The number of first-time cancellations of marriage celebrant licences set a new high in 2018. Since the cost-recovery charge has been put into effect, re-registering has become completely absurd and expensive. If the wedding's guests are also enjoying a holiday, having the ceremony during the week might not be an issue.

    We planned our wedding on the one Saturday in the winter when the All Blacks weren't playing. It's more cost-effective to make reservations throughout the week. For help choosing a Melbourne wedding celebrant who won't break the bank, have a look at our handy list.

    Content Summary

    • When a potential new client couple contacts us, they typically request examples of our previous work.
    • Visit Wedding Venue by Boutique Events Group for the perfect wedding celebration.
    • We'd be happy to lend a hand, but with this caveat: "Don't focus on the words; focus on the intention."
    • Because we take great care to ensure that every ceremony we design is special and unique for the couple that commissions it.
    • The conditions in Vaucluse, on Sydney Harbour, were perfect.
    • The ceremony was a beautiful and sincere tribute to the bride and groom as well as their family and friends.
    • A wedding isn't complete without a large number of flower girls.
    • Things at the practise may grow wild if the students didn't know what was going on.
    • We make it a point to sit with kids and speak about their favourite toys so they feel at ease around me on the big day.
    • We guarantee that the big day will go off without a hitch, no matter what may go wrong during the dress rehearsal.
    • Little girls' enthusiasm is always a pleasure to witness.
    • Award-Winning Wedding Ceremonies Officiated by Benjamin Carlyle It's been far too long since we updated our blog, and we now deeply regret not sharing some of the insightful advice and touching vows from the recent weddings we've presided over.
    • It's possible that the matchmakers who helped bring the pair together may get some screen time.
    • Focus on the idea rather than the words.
    • The reason for this is that it was created just for the Wedding of that one couple.
    • Keep in mind why you're here today, since we're going to great measures to ensure that this ceremony is one you'll never forget.
    • Take into account the clothing options they'll have in the future, though.
    • Wedding Flowers Flowers on a stick, in which a bouquet is attached to a sturdy stick like a lollipop, is one of the most ingenious ideas we have ever come across.
    • The couple was no longer considered "a suitable and proper person" to legally perform weddings by the third day after the ceremony.
    • It can no longer perform marriages in the Commonwealth, as that authority has been revoked.
    • Because of their delay in registering with the state's vital statistics office, they were assessed a late fee.
    • To assist you tie the knot, we've compiled a comprehensive directory of Wedding Celebrants.
    • Tumbling Waters Retreat in Stanwell Tops, New South Wales was the site of Justine and Scott's wedding, and we were privileged to officiate.
    • For the littlest flower girl or pageboy in your wedding party, a wedding-themed teddy bear is a safe bet.
    • If you are interested in discussing the possibility of having a wedding celebrant preside over your special day, we invite you to get in touch with us.
    • When your significant other can tolerate your neurotic habits, such as your obsession with houseplants, your habit of chatting with the rabbits, and your unusual pet peeves, you know you've met someone special.
    • If a celebrant's invoice is not paid within 60 days of its issuance, the celebrant's registration may be withdrawn in accordance with paragraph 39FB of the Marriage Act 1961.
    • Couples on Vacation When it comes to weddings on vacation, the question of "when time of year is best" always comes up.
    • Rules that seem reasonable at first glance can sometimes backfire and lead to absurd practises and unjust outcomes, despite their good intentions.
    • It's feasible that you could be a Commonwealth-registered celebrant with all the necessary credentials one day and not have them the next.
    • Keeping a good attitude towards Marriage Equality is crucial.
    • Here, in front of me and these witnesses, you are about to enter into the sacred and binding union of marriage, and I am here to remind you of the gravity of this moment.
    • Marriage in Australia is legally recognised as a monogamous, lifelong union between one man and one woman."
    • Our registration was one of a record number that was revoked in 2018 because of the cost-recovery fee.
    • It is likely that the substantial increase from 170 celebrants deregistering in 2017 to 370 celebrants deregistering in 2018 is due to the Marriage Law and Celebrants Section (MLCS) failing to send out their annual message reminder to celebrants.
    • With more than 10 years of experience, the re-registration process for marriage celebrants is even more ludicrous and costly.
    • Evidence from existing processes and rules points to the Legislation's weaknesses and the disastrous results of mandatory deregistration.
    • We hope that the following list of highly recommended Wedding Celebrants will be helpful to you in planning the celebration of this historic occasion.
    • Saturdays tend to be the busiest day of the week, so if you must travel during that time of year, you may want to look into alternative options.
    • If many of your guests are making plans to observe the same holiday, holding the event during the week might not be an issue.
    • It's more cost-effective to make reservations throughout the week.
    • Possibility of finding a mutually agreeable time for you and your guests.
    • We planned our wedding on the one Saturday in the winter when the All Blacks weren't playing.
    • A good husband is one of the most important roles in a marriage, and I intend to do everything I can to make you as pleased with me as I am with you."
    • I love you like a sister, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you as my wife.
    • Fortunately for celebrants, the MLCS has hired an outside firm to send out SMS reminders before the payment deadline and deregistration takes place.
    • That might affect how many guests you end up inviting.
    • I didn't expect to feel so drawn to you.
    • When I'm with you, I can relax and enjoy myself without having to worry about what other people think.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Celebrant

    Questions every couple should ask a potential wedding celebrant

    • Are you available on our wedding date?
    • What are your qualifications?
    • What is your style as a wedding celebrant?
    • What is your background and how long have you been a celebrant?
    • How many weddings have you conducted?
    • How much will it cost?

    A great wedding celebrant is a good communicator who creates rapport easily to get the best from a couple. Often couples do not exactly know what they want for their ceremony, or they may know what they want, but struggle to express it. A great celebrant is intuitive.

    So specifically, if it was me, I would be asking "How will I know if you are the right celebrant for us?", "How would you describe your style?", "What sets you apart from others?", "What would your previous clients say about you if I spoke to them?", "Describe yourself in three words", etc.

    Within Australia, you can expect to pay between $350 to $800 to hire a marriage celebrant. The cost of hiring a celebrant can vary from state to state and the terms of their services. If the celebrant is attached to a marriage venue you'll often pay less, while independent celebrants usually charge more.

    What is the role of a Marriage Celebrant? Put simply, a celebrant is a person who performs and officiates formal ceremonies –such as weddings, vow renewals, baby naming, or even funerals and memorials. By booking a Celebrant for your service, you can have the vows you want, the music you want, the readings you want.

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