What Is Considered An Intimate Wedding?

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    You might think it's best to have a small wedding in order to save any unnecessary stress.

    That begs the question, though: what does it mean? Is there a difference between a small wedding and an intimate one? What kinds of closeness do weddings typically have?

    As more and more couples look for ways to cut costs without cutting corners on their big day, "intimate" weddings have become increasingly popular.

    Even if the guest list is modest, that doesn't mean the wedding can't be lavish, customised, and full of personality. Let Boutique Events Group Wedding Venue help you create the most magical day of your life. 

    Today's couples typically invite fewer guests, so rather than spending less money, they invest more in making their weddings truly memorable occasions. Could your clients, then, be happy with a small ceremony?

    What Exactly Is An Intimate Wedding?

    Weddings with 20 to 75 attendees are typically deemed "intimate," however we've had smaller ceremonies with as few as six guests.

    While elopements are private ceremonies, the term "intimate wedding" is typically reserved for larger, more elaborate ceremonies that take place over several days.

    Weddings held anywhere, not just in the couple's home, might be considered to be part of this category.

    Keep The Number Of Guests Small.

    To keep the guest count down for an intimate wedding, it might be difficult to decide who to invite.

    Not every couple is capable of saying "no," whether it be to their friends, family, or even their own parents. Be sure the couple you're working with wants to have a small wedding with no more than 75 guests.

    We get asked all the time, "How many people should a couple invite to make the most of the slots without going over?" and there's no easy answer.

    Your partner needs to be aware of who will be invited and how likely it is that they will show up. When planning a destination wedding, it is safe to assume that 80% of guests will show up, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

    Warning: letting your clients invite too many people can quickly ruin the vibe of an intimate wedding.

    How Are Budgets Different?

    For some couples, financial considerations are the primary driver of the wedding-day scale. The cost of food and drink is usually the largest single expense at weddings, which many guests do not realise.

    With the potential value of each individual being in the hundreds, it is easy to see how restricting the total number would have a significant effect on profits.

    The use of "extra" monies will be determined by your customers. They may, for instance, use higher-quality ingredients and highlight a more "palate-wowing" menu.

    They might also go all out in terms of decorations and entertainment. The choice is theirs, but with a lesser headcount, you have more options accessible to suggest.

    Why An Intimate Wedding Is A Good Idea

    More and more couples are opting for nontraditional wedding celebrations, which is driving constant shifts in the wedding business.

    There has been a recent trend towards smaller, more personal weddings, and after experiencing a number of these ceremonies myself, We can say that We much prefer them.

    Despite the corniness of the next phrase, there is a distinct atmosphere. All the excitement and happiness that comes from being among those you care about most is palpable. Due to the significance of the event, more affection will naturally be shown to everyone.

    Many would-be brides envision a grand affair with hundreds of guests and an expansive ballroom when they imagine their wedding day.

    This, however, is no longer a standard. Couples are increasingly rejecting this trend in favour of smaller, more personal wedding celebrations.

    If these ceremonies are becoming increasingly common, why is that? To name a few explanations: The number of guests and the extent to which they are involved in the ceremony and reception are just two indicators of how close the bride and groom are to one other.

    Ultimately, it's all about making memories that will last a lifetime.

    A More Intimate Atmosphere.

    Your wedding is a reason to gather all your closest friends and family members together in one place to celebrate. The guest list is universally despised. Invite only the people you intend to attend to save yourself some time and effort.

    Your special day will be more enjoyable if you spend it with the people who know and love you most. In lieu of inviting people you've never met, an intimate wedding is the way to go.

    If you want to celebrate your marriage with only the closest of friends and family members, a small wedding is the way to go.

    It's the people who make any firm what it is, so putting in the effort to build a solid foundation is always worth it. Get out from under the burden of social responsibility and spend time with your guests in a more private setting, where they can relax and enjoy themselves while mingling.

    Eliminating unimportant people from your Big Day will allow you to spend more time with the people that matter the most: your loved ones.

    Dealing with someone you haven't seen in a while or hasn't kept in touch with seems pointless. A more personal and cosy vibe should be expected from a more modestly sized party. You may not realise it now, but it will reduce your stress significantly.

    Confrontation with people the bride and groom don't know well is a major source of anxiety for many engaged couples. Put the stress behind you and pay attention to how you really feel.

    One piece of advice we can give is to anticipate the possibility of offending others. Don't ignore this reality; instead, have an open dialogue with the people who might infer an invitation. So long as you're honest with them, they'll be fine with your little, low-key wedding.

    Your Dream Location.

    The smaller the wedding party, the more options you'll have for a location. Therefore, you should not fear that your ideal venue cannot accommodate your anticipated guest count. Many other options exist for the ceremony, reception, table settings, and dance floor design.

    Lovely private villas and beautiful castles typically only accommodate a small number of guests. But if that limitation doesn't bother you, you can begin looking for something that will win your affections.

    Here's some advice: go for a setting that is both welcoming and close, as this will highlight the bond between you and your guests.

    Since there are two separate areas, your guest may feel disoriented and uncomfortable. Astonishing focus on detail. To varying degrees, we are all control freaks and perfectionists.

    If you're planning a small wedding, you'll have more time to make sure everything is just right. Everything has room for embellishment.

    Our advice: In order to maintain the air of transparency at a small wedding, every detail must be meticulously planned and executed. "Smaller" does not imply "easier to organise."

    With a smaller number of guests, you'll have greater freedom to customise every aspect of the event, but any missteps will be more obvious.

    A Smaller Wedding Involves A Smaller Budget.

    You've finally found it! Reducing the number of attendees will help you save money.

    As a result, many couples nowadays are forgoing lavish celebrations in favour of smaller, more affordable ceremonies.

    The two of you can save up for the honeymoon of your dreams with the funds you get here. That's the wanderlust talking!

    The long-awaited moment has arrived! You can save money in the long run if you have fewer people attend your party.

    Couples often choose to have small, low-cost ceremonies like this because of the cost. If you're able to cut costs in this area, you two can finally go on the honeymoon of your dreams. The size of the wedding does matter, but typically smaller ceremonies are more upbeat than larger ones.

    As a result of the smaller size of the venue, the catering costs, as well as the number of personalised touches, will be lower.

    Costs are likely to increase as the number of guests increases. If money is tight, a small, private ceremony could be the way to go.

    Our advice: Limiting the number of guests is sometimes necessary to have a perfect wedding.

    Think about what matters most to you. Keep in mind that no one has the authority to accuse you of being selfish. To everyone his or her own, but we should all be allowed to have the wedding of our dreams.

    Every one of these locations is unique and enticing in its own way. No matter what route you take, you'll look back on this trip with fond memories.

    Ideal For A Wedding Location

    What Are the Things Guests Should Never Wear to a Wedding

    A small, private ceremony is the perfect way to realise your ideal of a vacation wedding with a twist.

    It allows you to step into an entirely new realm of wedding celebrations. It is much less difficult to plan a small, private wedding destination than a large one, especially in terms of transportation and lodging.

    It will bring you and your guests closer together and ensure you spend more quality time with them.

    Specifically, we suggest Even if your wedding party is modest, planning a trip to a faraway location can be a major hassle. Location-specific knowledge and experience are crucial. Yet, you shouldn't take your abilities for granted. Consultations with experts are essential for any destination wedding.

    Ideas For Planning A Small Wedding Weekend.

    Some couples choose to celebrate their nuptials with events apart from the standard ceremony and reception.Check out our extensive list of Wedding Celebrants to help you tie the knot. 

    Your couple will be able to connect more deeply with each guest at an intimate wedding, so encourage them to throw a welcome reception or post-wedding brunch.

    To make the most of the wedding location and time together, they could plan trips or activities in the downtime between functions.

    Celebrations of such a union can take many forms, from the grand finale of all dinner parties to a weekend-long celebration.

    Using these, you may add a new degree of customization to the special events you host for your customers.

    Give Yourself Time To Plan

    In the first place, just because the wedding will be small doesn't mean you can throw it together in a day. There are numerous choices to be taken and tasks to do.

    It's probable that 2021 will fill up quickly if you're looking to book a location, as many 2020 couples will be reserving their wedding dates for the following year. Therefore, prioritise that and then proceed to plan the rest.

    And if you're going to be doing any of the work yourself (like this groom, who built that awesome arch), get a head start!

    When working on a project, it's always preferable to get ahead of it so that you have some wiggle room when the deadline approaches.

    Update Your Guest List

    Here comes the heartbreaking part if you were hoping for a huge wedding.

    To us, a small wedding is one with no more than seventy-five people, however this number might vary widely depending on where you reside and when your wedding is scheduled.

    If you're worried about damaged sentiments, know that people are less likely to feel excluded under the current conditions.

    If you're trying to cut down on the number of guests, we recommend keeping the invitations limited to close relatives and friends.

    Gather close those who will love and support you and make you feel at ease in your own skin. Then, once you've completed your list, think about how it will help you.

    The number of expected guests has the greatest impact on the total cost. Need a last-minute present for your visitors but can't decide what to get them? Check out our extensive list of Bomboniere Ideas here

    If you invite fewer people to your event, you'll have more money to spend on things like a great photographer or that designer clothing you've had your eye on since you can afford to spend a little more per person on food, rentals, favours, and high-end drinks.

    Be Creative And Personalise

    Small castles, museums, and even local watering holes can make for interesting and unique venue options.

    To make the day truly unique to the two of you, pick a location that exemplifies your shared interests and values. Ideally, your visitors will think, "That's totally them!"

    A smaller wedding gives you more room to put in the extra effort and personal touches, such as with DIY projects or wedding favours. Spending a little more can buy you a favour that will seriously impress your guests.

    Donate unique items as tokens of your appreciation to show that you care. Your inventiveness will be much appreciated by your visitors.

    Don't let yourself be fooled into thinking a larger wedding is always preferable; instead, keep your eyes out for small, personal weddings you may throw. Planning intimate weddings presents a unique creative challenge with the opportunity for great personal reward.

    Extra Events Should Be Planned

    If you care about the people around you, you'll look forward to spending time with them. Pre- and post-wedding celebrations can be better planned for a smaller, more personal wedding.

    Welcome parties, breakfasts, spa days, wine tasting, walks, rounds of golf, and even a group plunge in the ocean are all great alternatives to the traditional rehearsal dinner.

    (But if you need to make any adjustments to your schedule due to COVID-19 restrictions, remember to double-check with the relevant municipal authorities on any openings, closures, or gatherings.)

    Wear Anything You Like

    When it comes to intimate weddings, "do what you want" is, and always will be, our guiding principle. So, rock a pantsuit, a ballgown, or anything else makes you feel like yourself! You may pick a striking black dress that stands out or something embroidered in pink.

    Splurge On Your Must-Haves

    The lower the guest list, the more money you'll have available to spend. Discuss with your better half exactly where you two feel like splurging.

    Spend a lot of money on flowers, or hire your favourite photographer. Increase the strength of the cocktails or get a live band. Do something kind for yourself and your guests. On the other hand, you could spare no expense.

    With a more manageable guest list, you'll have more money to throw at a lavish destination or weekend wedding to really wow your guests.

    Perhaps you and your friend have your sights set on the same band or a certain clothing. After all, today is your lucky day! Spend extravagantly on the things that matter to you.

    Work With A Wedding Coordinator

    If you want to spend more time with your loved ones at your wedding, choose an intimate ceremony, but don't make it your responsibility to corral them. If you don't have a planner, you must have a day-of coordinator (or even if you do).

    They will be able to help folks get where they need to go, and you won't have to worry about answering texts with last-minute queries while you apply your cosmetics.

    Make It A Ceremony With Meaning.

    You get to make the final call on this (and everything else), but having a smaller ceremony usually results in more intimate and memorable moments.

    First and foremost, the actual ceremony. Consider adding special touches to your vows or involving visitors in the ceremony itself.

    If It Doesn't Matter To You, Skip It

    A brief and simple ceremony, though, might be more to your liking. Just leave out the rituals you don't want to observe. Keep them if you find them! A small wedding is a wonderful chance to make everything unique and special.

    It's possible that, beyond customs, there are costs you're incurring that make no practical sense at all. If you and your significant other are spending a lot of money on something that doesn't truly excite either of you, it might be time to reevaluate whether or not you actually need it.

    Set A Family-Style Banquet Table

    Do it not only for the sake of the talks but also the pictures. We wouldn't be honest if we said we didn't gawk at every enchanted dining hall table we came across.

    Also, when hosting a large group, it makes no sense to serve dinner in a family style setting. The careful attention to detail in the interior design of this venue makes it perfect for a private gathering.

    Create A Calm Atmosphere.

    Anyone who has attended a large wedding knows how difficult it is to find a moment to personally greet the happy couple. Take advantage of the intimate setting and the chance to chat with your guests.

    Plan your day so that you have time to stop and really talk to people. The day does pass quickly, and the faster you move through it, the less time you have to appreciate it.

    Plan An After Party

    After the celebration, there will be a silent disco, midnight munchies, and karaoke.

    For the icing on the cake, we always adore it when the happy couple goes out of their way to surprise their guests.

    Put together a s'mores bar, rent a food truck, get some pizza delivered, and set up some games if there's money left over in the budget.

    Be sincere and make it something your friends will enjoy; then, keep the celebration continuing!

    Think About What Really Is Important

    Gather your loved ones and rejoice in your romance. Don't want to be all mushy, but love is what it comes down to around these parts.

    Seize the day, and remember to take deep breaths. A wedding is a joyous occasion to commemorate a wonderful union. You have each other to go through whatever that comes your way.


    Stick to your inner circle of friends and family on your wedding day, rather than inviting random strangers you've never met.

    You may relax and enjoy the celebration anyway you like, safe in the knowledge that everyone will share your enthusiasm and appreciation.

    If this describes you better than a huge, expensive wedding, then what are you waiting for? Get started now on the details of the intimate, ideal wedding of your dreams. Looking for the Top Wedding Planner in Melbourne? Look no further and check out our ultimate list of Wedding Planners here. 

    Make your little wedding a one-of-a-kind celebration of your love that everyone will remember forever.


    More and more people are opting for "intimate" weddings as a means to save money without skimping on the details. If you have a small wedding budget and want to have an intimate ceremony, Boutique Events Group Wedding Venue will help you make it happen. Limiting who is invited can have a dramatic effect on revenue. More and more couples are forgoing the traditional wedding in favour of smaller, more personal celebrations. With fewer headcounts, you have more alternatives accessible to recommend to your consumers for extra money-saving methods.

    You may spend more time with the people who really matter by cutting out the unnecessary guests from your Big Day. Having a smaller wedding party will give you more time to perfect the details. Enhancement is possible in every aspect of life. You can save money in the long run if you have fewer people attend your party. Having a small, intimate ceremony may be the best option if you're on a low budget.

    A destination wedding may be a lot of work, even if you only have a small guest list. Generally speaking, 75 guests is the upper limit for a wedding to be considered "small," but that number can vary greatly based on the season and other factors. It's possible for the happy couple to take advantage of the location and their time together by planning trips or activities to take place between the many wedding events. Less people on the guest list means more cash for other party expenses. Organizing a small wedding requires some extra imagination.

    Smaller, more intimate weddings allow for more precise preparation and execution of pre- and post-wedding events. It's refreshing to skip the rehearsal supper and instead take a group swim in the sea. Having fewer people at the ceremony means more quality time spent with loved ones. Make your vows unique by including special details or having guests participate. If you and your significant other are spending a lot of money on something that doesn't truly thrill either of you, rethink whether or not you need it.

    Don't waste the chance to get to know your visitors better in this more relaxed situation. Some ideas for a private party include a silent disco, late night snacks, and karaoke. Seize the day, and remember to take deep breaths!

    Content Summary

    1. Limit the number of attendees.
    2. For a small wedding, narrowing down the guest list might be challenging.
    3. Check that the engaged couple really wants a small wedding with no more than 75 guests.
    4. Your significant other has to know the guest list and how likely each invitee is to show up.
    5. Your clients will decide how to spend the "extra" cash you give them.
    6. Couples are increasingly opting for intimate, low-key wedding parties instead of large, impersonal affairs.
    7. Listed below are just a few potential causes: There are many ways to tell how close the bride and groom are to one another, but two of the most obvious are the amount of guests and how active they are in the ceremony and reception.
    8. Save yourself some time and energy by only inviting the folks you plan on seeing.
    9. Spend time with your guests in a more intimate atmosphere, where they may unwind and have fun while mingling, and relieve some of the pressure of social obligation.
    10. You may spend more time with the people who really matter by cutting out the unnecessary guests from your Big Day.
    11. Put your worries behind you and tune in to how you truly feel.
    12. Don't try to deny it; instead, talk to the folks who might read between the lines and interpret your silence as an invitation.
    13. The more intimate your wedding, the more venue possibilities you'll have.
    14. Voici some suggestions: choose a location that reflects your closeness to your guests and their warmth towards you.
    15. In our opinion, a small wedding requires careful planning and execution of every element in order to keep the event feeling open and inviting to all guests. "With the money you receive here, you and your new spouse can put together a nest egg and take the honeymoon of your dreams.
    16. Due to the inexpensive cost, couples frequently opt for such intimate celebrations.
    17. Since there won't be as many people to feed and more opportunities to add personal touches, the venue prices will go down.
    18. Having a small, intimate ceremony may be the best option if you're on a low budget.
    19. Perfect Setting for a Wedding Your dream of a destination wedding with a twist can come true with a small, intimate ceremony.
    20. Transportation and hotel for a small, intimate wedding are much simpler to organise than for a large, public event.
    21. Our specific recommendation is A destination wedding may be a lot of work, even if you only have a small guest list.
    22. Having a small wedding will allow the couple to spend more time with each guest, so suggest that they host a welcome reception or post-wedding brunch.
    23. They could take advantage of the location and time together by scheduling trips or activities during the downtime between events.
    24. Permit Yourself Some Time For Preparation First of all, you can't just wing the wedding planning because it's a little affair.
    25. Improve Your Party's Invite List If you were looking for a big wedding, I have some bad news: there won't be one.
    26. We suggest inviting just very close friends and family members if you're wanting to limit the attendee list.
    27. The most important factor in determining how much money you'll need is the anticipated number of attendees.
    28. Need a last-minute gift but can't decide what to get your unexpected guests?
    29. Check out the many options we have for Bomboniere Gifts.
    30. Don't be duped into thinking that more is better when it comes to weddings; instead, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to host intimate celebrations.
    31. Smaller, more intimate weddings allow for more precise preparation and execution of pre- and post-wedding events.
    32. Do what you please with your attire. Our guiding approach for small weddings has always been "do what you want."
    33. Make a major purchase of something you need a lot of Less people on the guest list means more cash for other party expenses.
    34. You'll be able to spend more on a spectacular destination or weekend wedding if you invite fewer people.
    35. Don't be cheap about the things you care about.
    36. Take Advantage Of A Wedding Planner. Choose an intimate ceremony if you'd like to spend more time with your loved ones after the wedding, but don't make it your job to herd everyone into a designated area.
    37. It's imperative to have a day-of coordinator if you don't have a planner (or even if you do).
    38. Create a meaningful ceremony.
    39. In the first place, there is the ritual itself.
    40. Make your vows unique by including specific details or having guests participate.
    41. Just skip the parts of the ceremony you don't wish to take part in.
    42. The intimate setting of a small wedding provides the perfect opportunity to personalise every detail.
    43. In addition, it is counterproductive to serve meals in a family-style arrangement when entertaining a sizable party.
    44. This location is ideal for a small, exclusive event due to the exquisite interior decor.
    45. Do Your Best To Maintain Calmness.
    46. Don't waste the chance to get to know your visitors better in this more relaxed situation.
    47. Make time in your schedule for meaningful interactions with others.
    48. Think About a Get-Together There will be a silent disco, midnight snacks, and karaoke following the celebration.
    49. As a cherry on top, it's great when the couple organises some sort of surprise for their guests.
    50. Take several deep breaths and go headfirst into today.

    FAQs About Wedding

    When it comes to wedding invitations, many couples choose the more affordable option. But with fewer attendees, you have the means to go all-out and send attractive invites that none of your relatives and friends will want to throw away.

    An intimate wedding is more about spending time with your loved ones; by keeping it modest, you can prioritise the guests you have while also ensuring that your day does not become a sea of plus ones and distant relatives. The location of the ceremony is another significant distinction between elopements and small, intimate marriages.

    The fact that you are already planning to have a small wedding enables you to add a personal touch to the ceremony by reading the vows you have written on your own.

    This makes the whole thing feel even more private and significant. Another idea for an intimate wedding ceremony is to select music with personal significance to play during the customary "bridal march."

    There are three categories of weddings with fewer than seventy-five guests: The small wedding, which has between fifty and seventy-five attendees, The intimate wedding, which has less than fifty guests in attendance And the even smaller ceremony, also referred to as a "minimony," which typically has no more than 15 guests in attendance Make your reservation at the most beautiful wedding ceremony location. Peerspace simplifies the process of reserving unique event spaces.

    Intimate weddings with few attendees can leave guests with memories that will last a lifetime. This type of wedding has several advantages, not the least of which is cutting down on the number of guests you need to invite. For instance, you will have more time and energy on your hands, allowing you to focus on the finer points of the decoration and bring out its inherent elegance and perfection.

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