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A standing desk is largely thought of as a healthier alternative to sitting all day. It can help you increase your productivity levels, maintain your energy and maybe even improve longevity, which are potentially relieving benefits for anyone with a job that requires using a computer for hours on end.

That said, making the switch to a standing desk doesn't mean you need to ditch your current desk altogether. And you certainly don't need to crowd your workspace with a separate full standing desk. With the best stand up desk converter, the transition to a standing desk can be smooth and effortless.

Working from the comfort of your couch certainly has its benefits, but it isn’t exactly easy on your posture. As one chiropractor told us, an ideal work-from-home desk should accommodate both sitting and standing, as well as offer “the most versatility for changes of position to accommodate a variety of body types and postures.” A standing-desk converter certainly falls in line with those orders, especially if you don’t want to get a whole new desk, and while we’ve written about lots of ergonomic office furniture — including the best laptop stands, office chairs, and standing desks — here, we’ve rounded up the best standing-desk converters, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

While there are a handful of DIY standing desk conversions that work well if you're willing to put in the time and effort, there's no shortage of quality commercial standing desk converters for those who don't want a hacksaw and hammer to update their desk situation.

Many standing desk converters have sit-stand (that's sitting and standing) capabilities and features, with varying texture and build options, from bevelled wood to aluminium. Some come with an adjustable height range (standing desk setups that don't offer your desired height are no good) and a keyboard shelf (one even has a removable tray!). Other adjustable standing desk converter options have surface areas for a keyboard and mouse mat at the same height as the computer monitor. If you have limited working space, others are much smaller, with a laptop riser and just enough room for the essentials (sorry about your keyboard and your dual monitor setup). Ultimately though, you're going to want a sit-stand desk that will get you out of your traditional seated desk and lead to a healthier, less tired, happier you and a quality working session.

We've rounded up a list of the seven best standing desk converters on the market to help you choose the right one for you. Keep reading to see our favourites and learn how to choose yours.

How to stand correctly in standing desk melbourne

The best standing desk converter can save you from the expense and hassle of buying and assembling a full standing desk. Instead of that, you just position a converter on top of your existing desk, allowing you to raise the height of your laptop or monitor. 

As well as saving you the time and expense involved in buying a whole new desk, this also has the benefit that it can allow you to spend some of the day sitting rather than standing the whole time. This is especially useful if you're just getting used to a new way of working.

Best Stand Up Desk Converter


If you were to take StandStand and turn it into a more permanent stand up desk solution, you would end up with Readydesk, a wooden workspace elevator that comes with two adjustable height shelves.

Readydesk has a work surface wide enough to hold two 27-inch monitors, with an adjustable height to suit most people between five feet, three inches and six feet, three inches (1.5 and 1.8 meters) tall, and even features some built-in cable management. More info here. 

You can also purchase an additional shelf or a laptop rise if you want additional workspace or need tilting ability to raise your laptop a few inches.


  • The Readydesk is easily assembled (without tools) and highly adjustable.
  • Quality cross-braces keep the riser from shaking.
  • At $155, Readydesk is still one of the cheaper standing desk converter options.


  • Readydesk height adjustable standing desk is a semi-permanent standing desk conversion, meaning you likely won't be switching your desk back and forth between sitting and standing for short periods of time or even on a daily basis.
  • Adjusting the surface height of your keyboard and mouse or monitors means removing an entire shelf, making it slightly more tricky and time-consuming than other adjustable solutions.

VIVO Adjustable 32-Inch Desk Riser

vivo standing desk converter melbourne

With over 6,000 five-star reviews, this VIVO standing-desk converter is the best-rated one on Amazon by far. Reviewers assure that it’s easy to set up, easy to use, and suitable for all types of work setups. One, who called this a “game changer for at-home work flow,” writes that the “quality is outstanding, [it’s] super easy to adjust to my height, and goes up and down super smooth.” Another says that using it has “resolved [their] back, neck, and shoulder issues totally,” adding that the “best part” about this converter is how “you can raise and lower the shelf with one hand” because it “has [a] piston operated lift (so no lifting) and goes up and down very gently — even with two monitors.” Reviewers also appreciate the ample space on both tiers of this model — one says the “very sturdy” converter easily fits both of their 22-inch monitors, while another adds that “there’s enough space on the keyboard level to add in a portfolio or a tablet.”

HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk

If all you have is a laptop, reviewers say this is the perfect standing-desk converter because of the quality for the price. “This thing is a tank,” one writes. Another says, “The problem with most of the laptop stands that aren’t those huge sit/stand desk extensions is they aren’t stable. This one is.” They go on to describe it as, “Very solid. Easy to install. Plenty of adjustability. Liked it so much I’m getting a second.” Others agree that this offers a wide range of heights, which is good for one reviewer who says, “I was getting tired of sitting all day, so this has provided some flexibility in terms of standing versus sitting.” Another recommends it if your goal is to “bring your laptop up to your second monitor’s height or to raise it high enough to use it as a stand up desk.” And if space is an concern, reviewers say not to worry because it “easily folds down to a very portable size.”

VariDesk Pro Plus: 36-inch dual monitor standing desk converter

At $395, this VariDesk Pro Plus standing desk converter is the most expensive option on our list, but it's also our favourite. It comes with everything you might want from a standing desk converter, including a large, two-tier workspace, ergonomic movement, and high-quality material. It comes fully assembled, meaning you can take it out of the box and immediately start using it. It has a spring-loaded lift and 11 different height adjustable settings, making it among the most versatile of the standing desk converters on the market. Check this out.

Customers highly recommend this standing desk converter. It has more than 2,300 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Customers like that it's easy to assemble, ergonomic, and sturdy.


  • Large, two-tier workspace
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Sturdy and well-built


  • Most expensive option
  • Difficult to lift up and down

There's not necessarily one best standing desk converter for everyone. To choose the best option for you, it's important to consider your budget, how much of a workspace you need, and how easily you can lift things.

Many people have chosen to purchase standing desks for their workspaces. But if you'd rather not buy an entirely new desk, you can purchase a standing desk converter to place on your desk.

While standing desk converters come at a variety of price points, most of the options on our list fall between $100 and $300.

There's not necessarily one best standing desk converter for everyone. To choose the best option for you, it's important to consider your budget, how much of a workspace you need, and how easily you can lift things.

Standing desk converters are beneficial if your company will be expanding into a new office with new furniture, but you still have time before its ready. You want your team to be healthy in this transitional time, so investing in this lower cost and portable option can be the right move.

Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Desk

Ergotron WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter

Got a heavy load that you need to support? Then the best standing converter we can recommend is the Ergotron WorkFit-T, which supports an astonishing 18.1kg (40lbs). That makes it the strongest standing desk converter on our list. 

It provides a large amount of surface area in both its main platform (35.75 x 23.25in) and keyboard tray (25 x 9in). It requires no assembly and is easy to use: just release hand-brake levers on either side of the unit to raise the surface between 5 and 20in above the desk. In fact, the only thing that counts against the WorkFit-T is the price, which is considerably higher than other models on this list.  

The Ergotron WorkFit-T and the Varidesk Pro Plus are direct competitors. The WorkFit-T has a similar design with comparable features and variations. The major difference between the WorkFit-T and Varidesk Pro Plus is that the WorkFit-T moves vertically, whereas the Varidesk shifts outward (toward users) when raised. If space is a tight squeeze, the minimalist WorkFit-T may be a better fit.


  • The Ergotron WorkFit-T adjusts vertically with the press of two buttons, and it has 15 inches of vertical adjustment.
  • This standing desk converter ships preassembled and ready to use out of the box.
  • Unlike the Varidesk Pro Plus, the surface height adjustment on this uplift desk is entirely vertical with no lateral movement.
  • The Ergotron WorkFit-T holds up to 35 pounds and features a fair amount of workspace at standing or sitting height. The updated model, WorkFit-TL, has a weight capacity of up to 40 pounds and adds a few inches in all dimensions, offering slightly more monitor and keyboard space than the T model.


  • The WorkFit-T sells for $389 and the WorkFit-TL can be purchased for $399 from ErgoDirect, making it even more expensive than the similar Varidesk Pro Plus.

Cora Standing Desk Converter

If you just want to use a laptop, rather than a full desktop PC, the best standing converter for you probably doesn’t need a keyboard tray. In which case, we’d recommend the Cora Standing Desk Converter. It’s a well-constructed, quality device that lets you create your own standing desk on any surface (traditional desk, kitchen table, hotel room table) and tuck it away when not in use. See this.

Just press the side levers to raise the work surface anywhere between 3.4cm and 39.4cm. The desktop is made from liquid-resistant laminate, with a lightweight but sturdy aluminium base. It supports up to 10kg, and comes with non-skid pads to prevent damage to surfaces. It looks very attractive, too, and this all comes in at a very reasonable price.

WorkEZ Standing Desk

WorkEZ Standing Desk

WorkEZ is the middle ground between Varidesk Pro Plus and StandStand. This adjustable sit stand desk provides a smooth, small and lightweight conversion that can be easily installed or removed, but it's also highly adjustable and has a keyboard tray.

WorkEZ features three pieces: the laptop or monitor mount, a separate keyboard tray and a detachable mouse pad. The laptop and monitor riser can be adjusted to virtually any angle and up to an adjustable height of 18 inches above the existing desk height. The laptop stand, keyboard tray and mouse pad are all independently adjustable, making it one of the most customizable conversions available.


  • At $100, the WorkEZ Standing Desk is adequately priced between the StandStand and Varidesk Pro Plus.
  • It is easily added or removed from a traditional desk surface, making the height adjustable desk ideal for both sitting and standing.
  • With individual desktop surface adjustments for the laptop or monitor, keyboard and trackpad angle and height, it's easily the most customizable sit stand workstation, with plenty of adjustable conversions offered.


  • The downside is that the WorkEZ is not the most smooth and stable stand up conversion option.
  • Like the StandStand, the WorkEZ features no additional workspace at standing height.
  • WorkEZ only fits one monitor or a laptop, and it can only hold up to approximately 13 pounds. If you have an additional monitor or a heavy duty monitor that exceeds that weight limit, you'll need something like LIFT.

FlexiSpot: 35-inch standing desk converter

When you search online for the best standing desk converters, you'll immediately notice one thing about the FlexiSpot 35-Inch Standing Desk Converter -- it has more reviews than any of its competitors. This product stands out with more than 8,300 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Customers especially love that it's easy to assemble, easy to use, and ergonomic.

This standing desk converter features a generous 35-inch two-tier workspace. You can easily fit two 24-inch monitors on the top tier with either a laptop or full-sized keyboard and mouse on the bottom tier. The product is easy to flip up and down. It uses an X-lift structure, meaning it raises and lowers in place and doesn't take up additional room. And compared to other products of this quality, it's a bargain.


  • Affordable price for the quality
  • Easy to lift up and down
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • Assembly required
  • Not entirely stable

Rocelco: 46-inch large height adjustable standing desk converter

The Rocelco 46" Large Height Standing Desk Converter really stands out for its large workspace. At 46 inches, this converter provides the largest workspace of any product on our list. You can easily fit three medium-sized monitors or two large monitors and have the option of buying an attachable monitor mount to clear up even more of your workspace. This standing desk converter also has a retractable ergonomic keyboard tray that you can position exactly where you need it.

As for customer feedback, this standing desk converter has nearly 1,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Customers especially like that it's easy to manoeuver, easy to assemble, and ergonomic.


  • Largest workspace
  • Retractable ergonomic keyboard
  • Optional three-monitor mount attachment


  • Low weight limit
  • Difficult to lift up and down

How Did We Choose These Standing Desk Converters?

There are literally hundreds of standing desk converters on the market, and the number of options has only increased since the pandemic began and more people started working from home. So you might be wondering -- how did we narrow our list down to just seven?

Here are a few qualities we looked for when choosing the best standing desk converters:

  • Usability: It's important that a standing desk converter be easy enough for anyone to raise and lower it. We considered how difficult it is to use the desk and specifically looked for those that were accessible to most people.
  • Stability: The last thing you want is a standing desk converter that feels that it may fall down at any moment. While some products on our list provide more stability than others, we only considered those that provide at least decent stability.
  • Price: With so many affordable options on the market, there's no reason to spend a fortune on your standing desk converter. While some of the products on our list are more affordable than others, we think each one provides plenty of value for the price.
  • Workspace: We know just how important it is to have all the space you need in your workspace. We looked for standing desk converters that offered customers plenty of workspaces, including those with two-tier workspaces or large single-tier workspaces.
  • Assembly: We specifically looked for standing desk converters that either come pre-assembled or are easy to assemble. While many of the options on our list do require assembly, customer reviews repeatedly point to how easy they are to assemble.
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