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What is a combined bachelor and bachelorette party called?

Bachelor and bachelorette parties used to symbolize the end of an era for engaged couples. Once they got married, the social rules changed, and fun with friends was not allowed when they returned home after the honeymoon. No longer would the bride be able to meet her friends for Saturday morning manicures–she’s a wife now! And the groom was expected to say a sorrowful goodbye to his weekly poker nights with the boys-he’s a husband now! So the pre-wedding raucous night on the town each would experience-the bride with her girls, the groom with his guys-was justified. They represented the last hurrah for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Thank goodness that madness has changed, and today married couples lead pretty much the same social lives they did before the wedding day. The bachelor and bachelorette parties, however, have remained. Though they’re still primarily either male-only or female-only events, it’s becoming popular to throw a co-ed party, where both you and your partner are present. If you’re thinking of hosting one, these are the things to consider.

Check out range of Magic Men’s hens party ideas to help in your upcoming party.

Joint Bach Party Invitation Wording

The invites for your combined bachelor/bachelorette party might be a little different from the normal ones you see. After all, you’re throwing a party for the couple instead of one person. These creative phrases work for any combined event—whether that’s a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party, a bachelors party, a joint bachelor party or a joint bachelorette party.

  • Bach & Boozy. You’re invited to [name] and [name]’s joint bach party! We can’t wait to celebrate with you.
  • You’re invited to a beach bash in celebration of [name] and [name]. We hope to see you there!
  • Taco Bout Love! Join us for a joint bach fiesta celebrating [name] and [name]. Tacos and margs will be served.
  • The more, the merrier! Please join us for a joint bash party celebrating [name] and [name].
  • The one where we party with all of our FRIENDS. We hope to see you at [name] and [name]’s joint bach party!
  • Good friends don’t let you do stupid things… alone. Come help [name] and [name] bid singledom farewell in style!
  • Squad up! [Insert party details]. See you there.
  • Life is better with your besties…which is why we’re having a joint bach party! We hope to see you there.
  • Wine tastes better when paired with friends. Join us for a joint bach party to celebrate the marriage of [name] and [name].
  • Combined Bach Party Ideas
  • If you’re looking for joint bachelorette and/or bachelor party ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven activities to help get you inspired. 

Host a Themed Dinner Party—or Backyard Barbecue!

One great way to get everyone together in a relaxed environment is to host a joint bachelor/bachelorette-themed dinner party, with either a hired chef for the evening or some goodies prepared by the couple themselves. Another fun alternative is to have different small groups within the gathered guests create various meal courses: high school friends on appetizer duty, childhood friends on the primary time, and college buddies tasked with dessert, for instance. Make it a fun experience by mixing and matching friends who might not know each other otherwise.

This also helps ensure that you’re taking different dynamics and personalities into consideration so that everyone has equal footing coming into the festivities; quieter guests will have just as much a chance to participate as their louder counterparts. Alternately, throwing a more casual backyard barbecue is a chance for folks from different parts of your lives to mix and mingle, while possibly playing yard games or taking turns at the grill.

Throw the Ultimate Sleepover at Adult Summer Camp

What better way to say goodbye to the single life and hello to adulthood than with a weekend camp getaway with all of your combined friends and loved ones? Camp No Counselors, which boasts locations throughout the country, is a great way to combine your youth’s fun camp activities with the more adult booze-y filled activities of your later child. For those looking for more of a detox retreat, Camp Grounded offers nostalgic camp activities like arts and crafts, star-gazing, sing-alongs and more—without any technology or alcohol on-site. And for those with specific interests looking to get out into the wilderness, programs range from Adult Space Academy to Yoga Camp to Grilling Camp to yes, even Band Camp.

Hop on a Party Bus (or Boat)

A fun way to get everyone in the same space and making memories is to rent out a party bus (or shuttle, depending on the size of your combined group) for a road trip somewhere great, be it a brewery tour or a wine trail. You can also rent a party boat for the same feel—just on the water. Being in transit together means several things: first, that no one has to act as DD for the trip, which is a massive pressure off everyone’s shoulders (not to mention, the safer option); everyone can mix and mingle and get to know one another on the way to an ultimate destination, and you can be sure that everyone on the streets (or water) around you knows that your crew travels in style. Besides your wedding, when else will you get to celebrate with all your favourite people in one place—and more specifically, in one vehicle? Ultimately, this is a chance to bring your best friends together for a fantastic time. 

Make It a Competitive Game Night

Maybe getting crazy at the club isn’t exactly the vibe you or your partner are hoping for with your joint bachelor/bachelorette party, in which case, great! Many activities don’t necessitate exorbitant amounts of money or all-night festivities to be fun. The pre-wedding game night can range from the more classic board games like Clue or Monopoly to more involved games like Risk or Catan. Naughtier card games like Cards Against Humanity or more brainy ones like Trivial Pursuit are also fun options that are sure to get the whole crew excited and engaged. Create a personalized playlist to set the mood, and whip up themed snacks for a fun night in that’s anything but dull. Upgrade the evening by renting out a hotel suite for a fancier sleepover vibe, or custom-create cocktails or appetizers with the to-be-weds’ favourite drinks and/or foods in mind. There’s no limit to how personalized the evening can get!

Have a Little Friendly Competition

If your crew is on the athletic side, consider something along the flag football lines, capture the flag, or even dodgeball, depending on what spaces are available to you. Rent out a local field or gym space to ensure that you have the place all to yourselves, then get creative with team names, colours and shirts or jerseys.

If you’d rather keep the physical exertion at a low, there are tons of alternatives, including putt-putt golf, a scavenger hunt, or even taking a cooking class together. Of course, the most fun competitions are ones that engage everyone, so nothing should be too high-stakes, labour intensive, or physically taxing. You want to make sure everyone’s feeling great at the end of it all, not depleted and bitter.

Enjoy Separate Activities (and Then Come Back Together)

If you’re on the fence about a fully integrated gathering, host a combined bachelor/bachelorette weekend that incorporates both individual and joint activities. The groups can each do their own thing for the first portion, then merge for a big party on Saturday night. For instance, if one party wanted to go hiking and the others wanted to go fishing for the day, everyone can gather together for an elegant dinner at the end of the weekend.

Or if everyone wanted to have their separate nights out, the group could come together for brunch the next day and swap stories from the previous evening’s escapades. There are countless combinations to make a half-and-half party work. Just know that there are ways to compromise on a joint bachelor/bachelorette bash that can still feel wholeheartedly true to your lives as a couple: great on your own, but better together.


Bachelor and bachelorette parties were traditionally staged because once married, the social rules for the “husband” and “wife” were supposed to be irrevocably changed—but, the days of confining married couples into boxes of what they’re “supposed to do” have passed. In truth, married couples lead the same lives very much as they did before they got hitched. 

Yet, somehow, the antiquated notion that bachelors and bachelorettes must have separate parties lives on. Thankfully, it’s becoming more and more popular to throw a co-ed party, where both sides of the marital divide come together for one shared celebration. Let’s help that popularity along with a few reasons why you should consider partying with the stags and hens at the same time.

You Won’t Be Alone In The Spotlight.

We’ve all seen people barhopping with either a “Bride” or “Groom” sash draped across their chest, while friends embarrass them by putting them in increasingly uncomfortable situations. Not everyone likes being paraded around from club-to-club wearing signifiers that scream “I’m about to get married!” or enjoys suffering penis-shaped paraphernalia or being singled out at a strip club. At a co-ed party, the worst characteristics of bachelor and bachelorette behaviours are less likely to occur. 

It’ll Help The Wedding Party Mesh.

It’s common for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to meet for the first time at the rehearsal dinner or even the wedding day. But how much more fun would the wedding be if they were are all, not only well acquainted, but friends well before the wedding ceremony? In fact, by having a co-ed party, you could very well be planting the seeds for a lifelong friendship or romantic courtship between two people from each group. How cool would that be?

The Rules Are Not Set In Stone

Another great thing about breaking the mould is that there aren’t any so-called rules you have to follow. This means you can easily alter the arrangement of your co-ed party in any way that you want. If you’re not entirely sold on a mixed bachelor and bachelorette party, then you can stage the evening so that both groups start on their own, but then meet up later in the night for a grand merger. It’s your party—do what you want! At Magic Men, we have the best hens packages to make your party a night to remember.


Suppose you’ve decided to hold a co-ed pre-wedding party, congratulations! But now, what to do? Luckily, if you’re making the Inn at Fox Hollow your home base and meet-up spot, there are plenty of options for wild times on the North Shore of Long Island.

Everyone loves wine, and everyone loves getting together with a fun group to drink wine! Look into booking a tour of Long Island’s esteemed wineries and vineyards, where you and your party can imbibe on the island’s most outstanding grapes curated by professional growers and staff. And if wine isn’t your party’s thing, there are now lots of awesome breweries dotting Long Island, all with great potential for tastings among friends.

If you’d like to eschew modern wineries and breweries in favour of the classic pub crawl, many towns on Long Island boast “main streets” that are perfect for just such an experience. At the top of the list is most definitely downtown Huntington, which offers a bounty of top-notch restaurants, every brand of bar imaginable, and even a high-end entertainment venue in The Paramount. 

Depending on the style of your bachelor/bachelorette party, a pub crawl can quickly transform into a food crawl. Those same main streets that house countless bars are also the site of a seemingly endless amount of knockout restaurants. Lead your group from eatery to eatery, feasting on tapas or appetizers before moving onto the next spot. And don’t forget, food and drinks go well together!

But let’s say drinking and eating isn’t your group’s thing or you just want to balance out the decadent debauchery with something more active that injects a little friendly competition into the party. In that case, consider getting your group together for a Long Island paintball excursion. Not only is paintball a riotously good time, but it can also act as a team-building exercise for the entire party, even though one side is explicitly pitted against the other. 

And finally, don’t forget that Long Island is, in fact, an island. This means fun on the water is almost a rite of passage. But just because the summer has ended and the cool weather has arrived, that doesn’t mean the ocean is off-limits. Both Long Island shores feature boat charters with cruises, sailing, fishing, paddling, and more. 

14 Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

Hens Ideas

Create Friendly Competition

Instead of the typical rowdy club scene, challenge your wedding party to a friendly bridesmaids vs. groomsmen sports showdown. Rent out some field or gym space, get some team T-shirts, and the possibilities are endless—dodgeball, flag football, even a series of Olympic-style relay games could be a total trip. Encouraging some competitive play can help bond your wedding party. And let’s not forget: Drinking games are also competitive sports.

Take a Road Trip

If you and your partner are looking to participate in the typical bachelor/bachelorette party activities (night clubs, a stripper or two, and partying into the wee hours of the morning), consider renting a van or bus and driving to Vegas, NOLA, or another nearby city as a group instead of just the bridesmaids or just the groomsmen. It’s like a field trip for adults, but instead of ending up on a boring walking tour, your final destination is an epic bash. Major fun will be had at whichever city you end up in, but turning the drive into its road trip adventure will give your joint celebration an enjoyable upgrade.

Hit Up an Amusement Park

With plenty of rides, fun games, and all that fried food, a theme park is a one-stop-shop for joint bachelor/bachelorette party fun. You can either incorporate this into a road trip or hit up a local park for a full day of excitement. Everyone can let their inner kid run wild while celebrating the most relaxed couple they know.

Escape to Adult Sleepaway Camp

Who said the sleepaway camp is just for kids? All over the country, there are adults-only summer camps that bring out the kid in you while offering up adult perks like no curfew and plenty of booze. Couples looking for a more authentic camp experience should consider Camp No Counselors, where the day is filled with fun camp activities and the night has open bars and all-night themed parties. Camp Grounded is more akin to the camp experience you remember as a kid, full of games, fireside s’mores, and crafting but without any adult distractions like alcohol or technology. There are even programs like Adult Space Academy for everyone that’s too old for space camp.

Go Camping

A trip to the great outdoors may be just what you both need to destress from planning the wedding. As opposed to the wild party that happens at many adult sleepaway camps, a wedding party camping trip is all about enjoying the great outdoors. You can opt for the authentic camping trip experience and head to a nearby campground to set up tents, build a fire, and rough it in the wilderness, or rent a cabin so that you have a place to escape to between hiking, fishing, and more mellow outdoor activities. 

Hold a Backyard Barbecue

The best thing about throwing an easy backyard party is that it’s, well, easy. There typically isn’t a whole lot of planning and coordinating involved. It is way cheaper than planning a huge destination bachelor/bachelorette bash, so the wedding party doesn’t have to worry about emptying their wallets for another expense. Creating a theme, finding fun decorations, setting up outdoor games, and customizing an out-of-the-ordinary barbecue menu can give your celebration the youthful party vibe for which bachelor and bachelorette parties are known.

Make It a Beach Day

If you haven’t quite gotten your sea legs, a day at the beach is just as great. Have the crew meet at a local beach, plan a destination trip, and enjoy some laid-back sun, sand, and surf. Pack a picnic and play volleyball during the day, build a fire as the sun wanes and share laughs and beers by the campfire. If you want to add a bit more of a party atmosphere, you can kick things up a notch at a beach club.

Party on a Yacht

The general party rule of thumb is to add water, and they will come, right? So why not up the ante and take this bach bash to the sea? Charter a yacht or boat and enjoy a day with your squad on whichever body of water you prefer. You can choose to have it be an intimate affair with your besties or join a full-fledged floating festival.

Throw a Pool Party

No one can resist a pool party. So why not rent out an awesome pad and spend the weekend hanging out poolside? Throw some floaties around, ice the rosé, and get the burgers on the grill for the most chill bachelor/bachelorette party.

Sip at a Group Wine-Tasting

If there’s anything more on-theme for a bachelor/bachelorette party than slurping on copious amounts of tasty alcohol with your closest friends, we’d like to know about it. Book an evening with a local winery or hire a professional sommelier for your party.

Take a Retro Lake Holiday

Remember those old-school family summer trips to the lake from your childhood (or those quintessential, coming-of-age TV shows)? You can reenact the experience for an ultra-retro bach party with the whole gang. Rent out a lakeside cabin and let all your worries melt away as you spend your days fishing, kayaking, grilling, jet-skiing, and playing lawn games. Bonus points if you arrive in a station wagon.

Hire a Yoga Instructor for a Private Class

Get everyone in the right headspace for the big day (the bridal party is not without their day-of pressures!) with a relaxing afternoon of namaste and Shavasana. Yoga is not only an excellent bonding activity, but it’ll also aid in calming those pre-wedding jitters.

Host a Personalized Scavenger Hunt and Themed Dinner

Go all out with a scavenger hunt, Pirates of the Caribbean-style, leading to a fantastic themed dinner (and chest of treasure) fit for none other than Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Don’t pirates suit your fancy? Put your twist on the hunt with a theme that’s personal to you and your spouse-to-be. Can I find hens ideas to match my taste? Absolutely! Magic Men has a variety of services and packages to offer.

Remember, It’s About Having Fun

If you decide to combine your bachelor and bachelorette parties, that’s great! If not, that’s also great! Whatever you do, just remember to have a blast and keep the drama to a minimal. So, let loose and party as if you’re about to get married … because you are!

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