What kind of jewellery do brides wear?

So your big day is almost here. Your dream dress is ordered, and you’ve picked out your veil and headpiece to match. Now, you have the fun task of picking your wedding jewellery and accessories! Like the dress, there are so many options for wedding day jewellery that it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Picking out your bridal jewellery is an exciting part of the wedding planning process. Bridal jewellery adds the finishing touches to your wedding look, pulling everything together. But when you pick out your bridal jewellery, you should do so with care. You want to choose jewellery that will elevate your bridal look, rather than overshadow it. 

To help you find the perfect jewellery for your wedding look, we’ve put together these top tips to help you pick what bridal jewellery to wear! Read on to learn what you need to think about when selecting your jewellery and how to pick the ideal accessories for your big day. 

Tips to Help You Pick What Bridal Jewelry to Wear

Consider Renting or Borrowing

If you have trouble making a decision and sticking to it, buying an opulent (and potentially overpriced) set of earrings might not be the best way to go. By the time your day rolls around, you could decide you’re no longer into them. Instead, consider renting from a website like Rent the Runway, which offers designer bridal accessories at deeply discounted prices. You can change your order up to a few days before the wedding. Or borrow accessories from a friend.

Complement Your Dress’ Color

Before you started wedding dress shopping, you probably thought all bridal gowns were the same colour. Now you know better. There’s a bright white, ivory, champagne, and blush, to name just a few. Coordinate your jewellery with the gown’s hue. Gold goes best with ivory and champagne, while platinum or silver works well with a bright white gown. Blush bridal gowns tend to look the best with rose gold accents.

Think About the Neckline

Just as wedding dresses vary when it comes to colour, they also span a spectrum of necklines. And not all necklines are created equal. While a strapless or sweetheart neckline will look great with a short necklace or choker — or large statement earrings and no necklace — a V-neck dress necessitates some necklace, probably a pendant or delicate layered pieces. Meanwhile, halter dresses don’t lend themselves to necklaces. Try hair accents instead.

Don’t Overdo It

One of the biggest faux pas that many brides make is that they do too much. They pick a gown with layers of lace and then add gloves, a big headpiece, statement earrings and maybe a bracelet or two to the mix. Your wedding isn’t the right time to experiment with fashion. Keep your look simple and remember to include pieces that highlight your style. In 20 years, looking at your wedding album, you’ll be happy you stuck to your gut and didn’t cave to every bridal trend.

Stick to Your Innate Style

That being said, you still want to look like you on your wedding day. And if you happen to be a particularly trendy fashionista, this might involve incorporating some of the popular accessories of the day. You can still adhere to “less is more” while staying true to your style. Just pick a single trendy piece and balance it out with other classic jewellery so that your wedding-day look doesn’t go totally over the top.

Take Your Veil Into Account

Although you probably won’t wear your veil all night long, it is a big part of that initial “wow” factor when you walk down the aisle. So make sure that it goes with your jewellery. If you’re wearing a simple veil or no veil at all, chandelier earrings and other statement pieces are on-limits. If you’ve opted for a cathedral-style gown that trails feet behind you down the aisle, keep your jewellery simpler so as not to detract from this stunning accessory.

Think Outside the Box

Maybe you’re getting married in a state park or at a local botanical garden. If this is the case, traditional jewellery might not be the best option. Feel free to get creative and weave other accents into your look, like fresh flowers. Nothing says garden wedding like a long, messy braid with beautiful blooms threaded throughout it. Don’t be afraid to lean into the vibe of your wedding and forgo the wedding-day jewellery traditions, if you want to! Check out our extensive range of jewellery Sydney at Temple & Grace.

Consider the Neckline of Your Dress

The neckline of your wedding dress is one of the most important things to take into consideration when picking out your wedding day jewellery. Whether it be a necklace, earrings or bracelets, the jewellery you choose should complement the neckline of your dress. Compliment the Neckline Necklaces should rarely overlap or touch your dress, so think about the length of the necklace you’ll need for your particular neckline style. Also, if there are any intricate details on your dress, especially around the bust area or neckline, your jewellery should aim to enhance rather than distract from the adornments. Here are a few popular wedding dress necklines and the jewellery types that will best flatter each:

  • Strapless – Strapless wedding dresses are one of the most popular styles that brides choose. With this type of neckline, you have a decent amount of exposed skin to work with, so there are quite a few options when it comes to jewellery for strapless dresses. Common necklace options for this neckline are elegant yet bold pieces. Choose something with sparkly diamonds covering the entire necklace, but make sure the necklace’s length lies halfway between the neckline and your collarbone or above. Otherwise, if the necklace is too long, it could end up looking unbalanced. Pair this sparkly necklace with a pair of simple diamond drop earrings, so you don’t overwhelm with your jewellery selection.
  • Sweetheart – Sweetheart necklines are a classic, elegant style that’s perfect for a wedding dress. Whether you are well endowed or have a small bust, sweetheart necklines accentuate your curves to show a little bit of skin without making you feel overexposed. When picking jewellery for a sweetheart neckline, it’s best to choose something simple that will highlight this flattering cut. A beautiful drop necklace with a dangly pear-shaped diamond surrounded by a few marquises cut diamonds on either side will give your sweetheart neckline just a little something extra. Add matching pear-shaped diamond earrings to complete the look.
  • Halter – Halter style necklines tend to take up quite a bit of space on your neck, so wearing a necklace might be difficult with this style. If you opt to skip the necklace altogether, frame your face with a pair of chandelier earrings. And, since there won’t be any sparkle around your neck, this is the perfect opportunity to wear a diamond or pearl bracelet to add some extra flair to your wedding attire.
  • Straight – Straight necklines are a simple, classic wedding dress option. Dress up this simple neckline with a larger statement necklace that adds a little glitz to your dress. If you’re going big with your necklace, match it with understated diamond or pearl stud earrings.
  • V-neck – Wedding dresses with a V-neck neckline can be a classy and more formal option. A simple pendant necklace with a single gemstone will look great paired with a deep V. Pendant necklaces create a sort of V shape on your neckline by hanging from your neck, and this matching shape is a fantastic way to showcase this elegant neckline while not distracting from it. Pair it with some short, dangly earrings to bring added sparkle to your ears as well.

Coordinate With Your Dress Color

Of course, you think that your wedding dress is white just like every other wedding dress out there. While yes, that may technically be true, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different shades of white when it comes to wedding dresses! Some of those shade variations may end up clashing with the metal colours you choose for your wedding jewellery. 

Complement the Style of Your Dress

Enhance the Look of Your Dress, and many things can go into shaping the style and overall look of your dress. Certain fabrics are used to create a particular style along with dress shapes and added embellishments. Remember, your wedding dress jewellery is there to enhance your dress’s look, not distract from it. Consider the style of your dress when choosing jewellery to match it.

Choose Matching Gems

The gems you choose for your wedding dress jewellery should all match in some way. If you choose blush-coloured pearls for earrings, then incorporate blush-coloured pearls somewhere in your necklace too. The same goes for diamonds and crystals as well. In order to look stylish and sophisticated, choose gemstones that match in either colour or shape for whatever pieces you choose to wear. To further perfect the look, your metals should all harmonize too. Choose one metal colour, whether it be yellow gold, platinum or silver, and carry that metal through all of your accessory pieces.

Think About Your Something Blue

Your Something Blue, The jewellery you choose for your wedding day, could also be used as your “something blue” good luck charm depending on the colours you choose. Blue sapphires are gorgeous options for wedding jewellery, and they look great in necklaces, earrings and even bracelets. The dark sapphire blue complements almost any shade of white and will be an elegant addition to your accessories. Other blue gemstones to consider include blue topaz, aquamarine and turquoise.

Sometimes Less Is More

On your wedding day, it can be easy to go a little overboard with jewellery and accessories. There are so many gorgeous pieces to wear that it’s no surprise you want to drape yourself in all of them! However, sometimes less is more when it comes to jewellery. Try picking one or two essential pieces, so you don’t end up looking overdone. Remember, this is about you, and you want everyone looking at you — not getting distracted by your accessories.

Stay Authentic to Your Personality

When choosing your wedding day style, you want to remain true to your personality. Looking like the best possible version of yourself on your big day will help you feel comfortable and at ease in those big moments so you can truly enjoy the day. Everything from your dress to your hairstyle to your jewellery should complement your unique personality, so you still feel like yourself, only better!

Don’t Forget About Your Bridesmaids.

Many brides give their bridesmaids a thank you gift for being part of their special day. Personalized jewellery is a fantastic option for a thank you gift. Not only is it super nice and special, but they can wear it to your wedding as well. Plus, the gift of jewellery doesn’t just stop at the wedding; it’s something they can cherish and appreciate for years to come. To make it even more special, choose custom made jewellery that matches each of their bridesmaid dress colours and necklines. Go for dainty pieces, as sometimes statement jewellery can end up overtaking the entire outfit.

Pick Timeless Pieces

We’ve all looked at wedding pictures from certain couples who got married in the ’80s or ’90s and thought to ourselves, “What on earth were they thinking?” Timeless Piece To avoid the same feeling when looking back at your wedding pictures in 20 or 30 years, it’s important to pick timeless jewellery pieces. We’re not saying avoid trends altogether on your wedding day. However, try sticking to jewellery that is stylish yet tasteful rather than gaudy and flashy. Small, delicate pieces tend to stand the test of time very well. If you have any jewellery that has sentimental value to you, your wedding day is the perfect occasion to wear that special piece.

The Best Bridal jewellery for Every Wedding Dress Neckline

Strapless: Statement Earrings

Add a dramatic element to a strapless neckline with bold, statement earrings. “You can play around with colour and texture especially if your necklines are clean,” notes the stylist, adding that statement earrings will also draw eyes up to the face.

Strapless: Long Diamond Earrings

Howard says symmetry is an important element to consider when choosing bridal jewellery for this neckline—it perfectly balances out your look. To achieve this, she recommends long diamond earrings with matching tennis bracelets for each wrist.

Strapless: Choker or Collar-Length Necklace

When it comes to picking jewellery for strapless necklines, it shouldn’t compete with your dress’s overall vibe. Brides with this neckline should opt for a choker or collar-length necklace that doesn’t detract from the gown’s aesthetic.

High-Neck: Drop Earrings

For a gown with a high neckline pulling the hair back and going for a drop earring. “When the fabric comes high up on your chest, there is enough going on without adding a necklace to it, so the earring becomes more important.”

High-Neck: Studs

In keeping with the simple theme, Howard also suggests wearing small studs with this particular cut. However, she says you can still make a statement by choosing earrings with a subtle pop of colour.

One-Shoulder: Drop or Post Earring

Wearing a one-shoulder dress on the big day? It’s important to note that this neckline will be the focal point of your gown, skipping a necklace. “A necklace would get not only potentially tangled but also look odd with the imbalance. Instead, choose a drop or post earring that won’t detract from your dress’ dramatic detail.

One Shoulder: Simple Earrings

Highlight the beauty of your one-shoulder neckline by opting for simple earrings, especially if your strap or sleeve has embellishments or other details, says Johnson.

Boat Neck: Necklace with Solaire Diamond

Boat neck (or bateau) necklines “highlight the face” beautifully in order to keep the attention on your face, a smaller necklace with a solitaire diamond.

Boat Neck: Colorful Studs

Daring brides wearing this neckline should pair colourful studs with a boat-neck dress. Since the dress takes up a lot of space on the neckline, the colour would reflect nicely against the dress. Something blue is always a good idea.”

Scoop Neck: Choker with Matching Earrings

If you’re worried about not finding a necklace in a proportionate length, you can’t go wrong with a choker. Also, be sure to grab a matching pair of studs to balance out the look.

Scoop Neck: Drop Earrings with No Necklace

For those who don’t want to wear a necklace, the best way to accessorize this neckline is with drop earrings.

Off-the-Shoulder: Choker with Studs

With such a large space between the top of your dress and face, you’ll want to wear something to break it up. A choker with matching studs will do the trick.

Off-the-Shoulder: Earrings with Movement

You can add sparkly drama to this neckline even if you decide to bypass a necklace. Wahl’s solution? Opt for statement earrings with movement.

Off-the-Shoulder: Set of Pearls

A pretty jewellery option for this romantic neckline is pearls, says Wahl—plus, it’s a traditional choice for your nuptials. “A set of pearls is classic and timeless and can be the bride’s something borrowed or something new for the wedding day!.

Sweetheart: Pendant with Drop

A pendant necklace with a drop looks best with a sweetheart the more architectural angled shapes will pair nicely together. For the best results, the piece should end two to three inches above the neckline.

V-Neck: Pendant Necklace

Match a pendant necklace with the width of your neckline’s “V,”. “[Choose] a smaller one for a narrow plunge and larger ones for wider Vs. “And be careful not to select a necklace that is too long—it will compete with the neckline.”

Choosing the perfect wedding jewellery to complement your dress can be difficult if you haven’t seen the jewellery in person. Certain styles and colours may look good on the models online, but you have no idea how it will look on you until you see it for yourself. We get it. Everyone has different skin tones, body shapes and even different styles that fit them. When it comes to purchasing your wedding jewellery, try it on in person before jumping head first into making the commitment. If you can, it will be extremely helpful to wear a top that has a similar neckline to your wedding dress to your jewellery shopping excursion. This will help you know exactly how a certain necklace will lay on your neck, and you’ll get a better sense of the overall look the jewellery will have on your attire.

Now you can rest a little easier knowing how to choose wedding jewellery. With the right necklaces, earrings, and ring set to highlight your wedding dress, you’ll have a stunning look for your special day.

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