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How Do I Choose A Wedding Song?

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    Love songs have the uncanny capacity to evoke feelings of longing, nostalgia, and even tears. It's possible that a song will surprise you with how closely it relates to your romantic partnership. Some married people even refer to a particular tune as "their song" because of the personal significance it holds for them. Like radio dedications, the song chosen for your first dance should have personal significance. It's possible you're torn between several options and wondering which one is best, or you may even wish you could play them all at once. If you and your significant other are both music enthusiasts, choosing a single song to play for your first dance may be a challenge.

    The mood of an event can be greatly enhanced with the right songs. But picking the correct tunes is essential for it to occur. The right song, with deep words and a catchy beat, can help set the mood. It's best to take your time when picking the songs to play at your wedding. Choosing from among so many possibilities will be challenging, but the following advice should assist. To give you more wedding tips, check out our post on Top Wedding Blogs to Help You find Your Wedding Suppliers.

    Get Your Bearings

    About how many songs should be played at the wedding ceremony? At these three points in the ceremony, the music played throughout the processionals and recessional are particularly important. Your partner's professional may double as the wedding party's processional melody, or they could choose their own special song.

    wedding dance

    Get In Touch With The Location You're Thinking About Using

    If your wedding is going to take place at a place of worship, you should check with the officiant beforehand to see if there are any rules about the music that can be played. Some locations, especially those with a more traditional or religious bent, may only allow certain songs to be played during the ceremony, while others may let you play whatever you want (so long as it's instrumental and there are no recorded lyrics). Identify the regulations you must uphold, and proceed accordingly.

    You Should Think About Your Past

    Music is a universal language, and no matter how long you've been together, you'll find at least one song, artist, or genre that you both love. Is there a song you used to enjoy singing while driving? Is there a particular song that always makes you want to get up and dance while you're cooking? Do either of you have a song that always makes you think of the other? Perhaps you both went to a concert by your favourite band or musician. You can use any of these as a starting point to find a song or two with deeper meaning.

    Lyrics Here

    Reading the words before playing the song during your ceremony may seem like a no-brainer, but it's actually rather important. The Police's "Every Breath You Take" comes to mind here. It's a common choice for weddings, but Sting has said it has nothing to do with celebrations, and everything to do with jealously, obsession, and a lost lover. Listen carefully to the lyrics of any songs you plan on playing at your event to be sure they don't contain any offensive or controversial language or phrases.

    Pick A Topic

    You may add some continuity to your processional by picking songs that all have a common topic. This could refer to music from the same era or period, the same genre, or even just the same speed. As you and the bridal party make your way down the aisle, the transitions between songs will go off without a hitch.

    It's Important To Consider The Mood You're Going For.

    The overarching mood should be one of love, of course, but do you want something quiet and reflective, cheerful and peppy, or a delightful surprise that your visitors might not even notice, like an instrumental rendition of that rap song you and your partner can't stop dancing to? If you have a favourite song but don't want to rock out as you walk down the aisle, don't be afraid to choose an unusual genre, especially if there is an acoustic or instrumental version.

    Plan Something Unexpected

    You and your future spouse can add a special touch to the event by separately selecting your own processional music in secret. Find a music that expresses how you feel about your loved one, whether it's a song you know they enjoy and would be happy to hear or one that reminds you of a wonderful time together. Share your selection with the event's coordinator or the person in charge of the audio equipment, and stock up on Kleenex for everyone.

    Be Wary About Soliciting Too Many Viewpoints.

    Keep in mind that everyone has different musical preferences, and that soliciting advice or criticism could lead you to compromise your own tastes. The final music selection is meant to be meaningful to you and your partner, so discuss it only between the two of you if possible.

    Pay Attention To The Words.

    The beat may have an effect, but the words are often just as potent. Is there a specific memory they bring up, or do they just sum up how you feel about your sweetheart? This is something to consider carefully if you want your first dance to be memorable and meaningful.

    Keep In Mind That The Reception Will Have A Lengthy Musical Playlist.

    If there are specific songs you'd like played during the party, you can make a playlist or song list and hand it to the DJ or band. If you can't decide on a set selection of music for your special dance, consider a father-daughter or mother-son dance to highlight all of your favourite tunes.

    Use Old Music As Inspiration

    If chosen carefully, a playlist of classic oldies can do the trick. You might choose modern radio staples, but chances are good that those songs are also being played at a lot of weddings. For that reason, you can go back in time a few weeks or months if you want to be unique. There might be additional songs available that are appropriate for the event.

    Inquire Of The Dj For Suggestions

    If you're having trouble deciding on a song for the reception, the band or DJ should be able to help you out. Their role is to play music, and they can make recommendations based on the lyrics and melodies of the songs they play. You may choose the tune if you like. Whichever music best fits the description that you've been given should be the one you choose.

    Motivating Music For Physical Activity

    Different parts of the wedding ceremony and reception can have their own unique soundtrack. The bride's grand entrance, the cocktail hour, supper, the cutting of the cake, and the parents' dance might all have their own specialised playlists. To enhance the atmosphere, play a music that is relevant to the task at hand. Your first dance during the reception should, however, be set to your theme music.

    Perform Honor Song(S)

    Playing them a song written in their honour is another way to show your respect and appreciation for them. In all likelihood, it would come as a nice surprise to your parents. At the wedding, you may play your parents' favourite music. Also, you could ask your mum and dad to dance if you wanted to. The atmosphere of their wedding day would be revived. Appropriately honouring their history would be a nice gesture.

    Changes To The Wording Would Be Acceptable

    You may have a favourite tune yet feel that it is inappropriate for the current setting. Maybe you could have the band perform it at a different tempo. The band might play a fast song at a slower tempo, or a slow song at a faster tempo. It's your job to make the call, so do it. Which musical genre you prefer is entirely up to you.

    Listen To The Song And See If You Can Understand It

    Before settling on a tune, read its lyrics. While the music itself may be enjoyable, the lyrics may instead convey emotions like anger and despair. An underlying sexual theme may be present in certain lyrics. The lyrics of a song are just as important as the music itself. Consequently, you should read the lyrics to make sure they fit the mood.

    Listen To The Group

    Investigate the band's track record to learn more about their previous shows. Why would you want to work with a band that has never released an album before? The musician that is scheduled for occasional performances is also someone you should get to know. Asking him how many functions he has appeared in can help you gauge his suitability for the role. Obviously, you don't want a greenhorn performing at your nuptials.

    Wedding Music Dos And Don'ts

    The buildup to your aisle walk is huge. For many brides, walking down the aisle is where their wedding begins, so it's natural to want everything to be flawless. Dos and don'ts for wedding ceremony music are listed below.

    Do Ambience-Setting

    No one needs to warn you that your wedding day will be a sappy, romantic time in your life. Choose music for your wedding ceremony that evokes those same feelings that you want to convey during your first dance. It can be important, but it should complement the otherworldly emotions you'll be experiencing as you approach your future spouse.

    Don't Feel Like You Have To Stay Traditional

    A piano or organist is lovely (and traditional), but they aren't your only musical accompaniment alternatives. Harpists, soul choirs, and live bands are more options for live music. Don't rule out recorded music; just make sure the songs you select are suitable in terms of both words and length. Here are a few of our suggestions for today's most popular wedding tunes.

    Make It Ambient, Please

    Make sure the wedding ceremony music is soothing and relaxing for the guests. Keep in mind that you don't want anything too loud, and that the tempo should be slow enough to be soothing. This will assist your groom remain calm as you make your way down the aisle to him, and it will also give you a rhythm to walk to. Saying “I do” at Boutique Events Group is an elegant and luxurious affair.

    Don't Wait Until The Last Minute To Decide

    You might be tempted to play the music that you heard on the radio last week and instantly fell in love with at your wedding, but give it some serious thought before. Approximately how frequently do popular songs become obsolete? How many times do you have to hear them before you stop loving them? Avoid making a hasty selection about the music for your wedding if you can; you don't want this to be the song that sticks in your guests' minds.

    Make Sure It Fits The Situation.

    In addition to the location and your prefered style, consider the style of wedding ceremony you like to have. For example, if you're having a civil ceremony, you probably shouldn't play something too deeply spiritual. The same might be said for a religious wedding, where you might be restricted to specific songs. Be sure to double-check in plenty of time to choose the best music for the event that won't get you in trouble.

    Pick Out An Exit Song, Too!

    We've been focusing on the processional music for the wedding, but what about the recessional music for after the newlyweds leave the church? Since this will be your first stroll as a married couple, you should put some thought into the music you listen to while you stroll.

    How To Pick A Wedding Song?

    In The Words Of Elvis Presley, "I Just Can't Help Falling In Love."

    Unless Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love" is played at some point in the day, the festivities won't feel complete. This is the kind of music that would be perfect for a wedding, whether it was playing softly in the background or taking centre stage with you during the first dance.

    The Bee Gees' "How Deep Is Your Love"

    Similarly, a wedding just isn't a wedding without a song by the Gibb brothers. This smash hit from the film "Saturday Night Fever" proved that the disco greats could also deliver heartfelt ballads. This sweet, sincere tune is perfect for a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner.

    'i Don't Want To Miss A Thing' By Aerosmith

    This romantic song by Aerosmith, who can usually be counted on to create a good rock ballad, is perfect for a first dance on your wedding day. The song's lyrics are enticing, especially lines like "I could remain up simply to hear you breathing."

    The Temptations, "My Girl"

    It's impossible to not enjoy this song by Motown legends The Temptations. Certainly there have been numerous weddings when the first dance was to "My Girl." It has all the right elements to be included in your wedding playlist, including being romantic, heartfelt, and soulful.

    Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"

    Many wedding playlists feature this pounding R&B tune from Beyoncé, maybe due to the song's strong theme of female strength. You can't dispute the excitement it brings to the show. Expect to see people of all relationship statuses dancing to it.

    A Never-Ending Affair: Diana Ross And Lionel Richie

    This sweet duet, featuring former Supremes diva Diana Ross and the king of the silky love ballad, Lionel Richie, was nominated for an Academy Award. The tune is ideal for playing in the background throughout the wedding reception meal.

    Definitely The Pretenders, And Please Don't Misunderstand Me.

    This cheerful, romantic piece by Pretenders is perfect for the evening's soundtrack or as background music. The song's upbeat tempo and positive lyrics, such as "I'm thinking about the fireworks that go off when you smile," create an uplifting mood. Those of a more mature age will enjoy it.

    Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud"

    As of late, "Thinking Out Aloud" by Ed Sheeran has become a standard wedding reception selection. This ballad's emotional lyrics and softly played instrumentation make it a soothing piece that works well as background music during wedding morning meals without detracting from the day's romantic atmosphere.

    Be Quiet And Walk The Moon To The Dance

    This song from Walk The Moon is a modern classic and a perfect choice for a wedding reception. Guests will be up and dancing to "Shut Up and Dance," which features an introduction reminiscent of early U2, appealing no-nonsense lyrics, and nimble percussion. Younger visitors will appreciate the song's ability to get them up and moving around. Check out our post on How much is a DJ usually?

    Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" In Which Bruno Mars Appears

    This modern hit, with its nostalgic nod to electro-funk, is sure to get your guests on the dance floor. This song is a crowd pleaser whenever the evening's entertainment begins, and it features the vocals of singer-songwriter Bruno Mars. In lieu of a more traditional slow song for the first dance, it has been known to be played by some couples.

    One of the songs you're thinking about has more significance than the others. Don't second-guess yourself or discount your gut feelings when planning your wedding. Follow these suggestions to narrow down your search for the ideal wedding song. Make sure the song you pick for your first dance is one that means a lot to both of you.


    If you and your partner enjoy a wide variety of musical genres, it may be difficult to settle on a single song for your first dance. The appropriate song, with meaningful lyrics and an upbeat melody, can do wonders for the atmosphere of any given occasion. Choosing the music for your wedding should not be rushed. Pick tunes with a similar theme so that everything at the wedding flows well. The first dance you have as a married couple should be special, whether it's with your father, your mother, or your son.

    The music during a wedding can be tailored to fit each individual moment. Prepare a set list or playlist of songs to be played, then provide it to the DJ or band. Make sure the music at your wedding ceremony conveys the same emotions you hope to convey during your first dance. Here are some suggestions for wedding ceremony music and some things to avoid. Choosing the music for your wedding ceremony is not something that needs to be done at the last minute.

    Don't rule out the use of recorded music; just make sure the length and content are appropriate. We've included some of our top picks for modern wedding songs below. Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" and The Temptations' "My Girl" are two songs that often appear on wedding playlists. The Oscar nominations have been announced, and "A Never-Ending Affair" by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie is among them. One of the best first dance songs is "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. The song "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran has been played at several wedding receptions. Uptown Funk, by Mark Ronson, is certain to get everyone up and moving. Choose a song for your first dance that has deep meaning for the two of you.

    Content Summary

    1. Your first dance song should have special meaning to you, much like the songs you dedicate on the radio.
    2. If you and your partner enjoy a wide variety of musical genres, it may be difficult to settle on a single song for your first dance.
    3. The appropriate music can do wonders for setting the tone at any occasion.
    4. However, this only occurs if the appropriate music is played.
    5. You should not rush the process of selecting the music for your wedding.
    6. Perhaps you and your date attended a concert by a shared favourite artist.
    7. You can use any of these as a starting point to identify a song or two with deeper meaning.
    8. Get the Words Here It may seem obvious to read the lyrics before playing the music during your wedding, but doing so is actually rather significant.
    9. Make sure there is nothing contentious or disrespectful in the lyrics of any music you intend to play at your event.
    10. Pick A Topic Selecting music with a same theme might help your procession flow more smoothly.
    11. Make a Surprising Arrangement If you and your future spouse want to give the ceremony a personal touch, you can choose the music played during the processional in private.
    12. Make a playlist or song list of the songs you want played at the party and give it to the DJ or band.
    13. Consider having a father-daughter or mother-son dance to showcase a wide range of musical styles if you're having trouble settling on a specific playlist for your special dance.
    14. Get Suggestions From The DJ. The band or DJ at the reception should be able to offer suggestions if you're having difficulties narrowing down your song list.
    15. Feel free to pick the song.
    16. Playing music that is pertinent to the activity at hand will help set the mood.
    17. The music for your first dance at the reception, however, should be a musical expression of your wedding theme.
    18. Honor the audience with a song of celebration (S) One approach to show someone you care is to perform an original song created in their honour.
    19. Of course, you are free to ask your parents to the dance if you so desire.
    20. The words to a song are as integral to the whole experience as the music itself.
    21. You should check the lyrics to make sure they are appropriate.
    22. It's Important To Know What Songs To Play At Your Wedding And Which To Skip There's a lot of anticipation for your walk down the aisle.
    23. These are some of the dos and don'ts of wedding ceremony music.
    24. Pick songs for the ceremony that reflect the emotions you hope to communicate during the first dance.
    25. Check out some of our top picks for modern wedding songs.
    26. Relax and Enjoy It, Please Make sure the music at the wedding ceremony is soft and calming.
    27. Don't rush into choosing the wedding's soundtrack, as you don't want the wrong song to be the one that attendees remember.
    28. You should also think about the type of wedding ceremony you want to have in addition to the location and the theme you want.
    29. Choose music for the occasion wisely so that it doesn't get you in trouble by double-checking well in advance.
    30. In a similar vein, the Gibb brothers' music is essential for any wedding.
    31. This chart-topper from the movie "Saturday Night Fever" demonstrated that disco's all-time greats were capable of more than just upbeat dance music.
    32. Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" If you're looking for a rock ballad for your first dance as husband and wife, go no further than this beautiful offering from Aerosmith.
    33. "My Girl" by the Temptations. This song by Motown icons The Temptations is irresistible.
    34. There have probably been hundreds of weddings when "My Girl" served as the first dance song.
    35. A song by Beyoncé titled "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" This thumping R&B ballad from Beyoncé is a popular choice for wedding receptions, maybe because of the song's powerful concept of female strength.
    36. The Love That Never Ends: Diana Ross and Lionel Richie Featuring Diana Ross (former Supremes diva) and Lionel Richie (lord of the silky love ballad), this duet was nominated for an Academy Award.
    37. Don't Misunderstand Me; I'm Talking About The Pretenders.
    38. The song "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. As of late, "Thinking Out Aloud" by Ed Sheeran has become a typical wedding reception selection.
    39. Keep Calm and Moonwalk to the Ball This tune by Walk The Moon is a timeless classic and would sound beautiful at a wedding.
    40. With an opening that recalls early U2 and catchy, no-nonsense lyrics backed by deft percussion, "Shut Up and Dance" will get your guests on their feet and dancing.
    41. In lieu of a more typical slow music for the first dance, it has been known to be played by some couples.
    42. There is a deeper meaningful connection between one of these tunes and your thoughts.
    43. Use these guidelines to help you zero in on the perfect song for your wedding.
    44. Make sure the song you chose for your first dance is one that means a lot to both of you.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Songs

    Focus on picking songs that reflect what you'd like your wedding day to feel like. If you want a fun, lighthearted day, choose light, happy upbeat music. Some moments call for light, fun music while others need more slow, meaningful songs.

    A good rule of thumb is 15 songs per hour. A typical wedding reception will see about 3 hours of dancing after dinner and all the formalities are over. That is just 45 songs.

    Religious weddings traditionally have hymns. You will want between two and three throughout your ceremony. Similarly, some weddings have prayer readings which you may want music for - however this is not an essential.

    Both are pretty simple to answer. And both answers usually put people at ease. First, you will need about 20 songs an hour. For a 4 hour party that is 80 songs, maybe 100 to be on the safe side or to have a few extra in case the party goes a little long.

    For the wedding ceremony, you'll need prelude music three to five songs, a processional songs for when the bridal party walks, one songs for when the bride walks down the aisle, one to two songs for during the unity candle or signing of the register, and one songs as a recessional song for when you walk back down the aisle.

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