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Wedding Photography and Videography Tips & Ideas

Wedding Photography and Videography Tips & Ideas


Wedding photography may be the most popular way to reflect on your big day. But it’s your wedding video that will truly help you reminisce on your day. Video captures live moments and is the best way to relive the atmosphere of your wedding and the emotions you felt on the day.

Videography has become more and more popular over the last few years, with 51% of couples including this as a part of their wedding day. Not having a video is one of the biggest regrets couples have after their wedding day. And unfortunately, it’s impossible to recreate those moments once the day has come and gone. Check out Boutique events group Wedding Venue for your ultimate wedding reception.


Once you’ve decided whether to have a videographer on your day, the next step is to look at the filming style. Deciding your style, how long to hire, and the right person to do it are all choices you must make.


If you’re thinking about getting a wedding videographer for your big day, then you’re not alone! Having someone capture those moments from you walking down the aisle to ripping it up on the dance floor is so important. You may have the photos to capture the memories in time, but the video really helps capture the atmosphere and love you feel for one another.


Of course, as with any supplier for your big day, you want to make sure that they fit into what you’ve calculated for your budget. So we’ve got you covered with the average cost of a videographer, because it may be more affordable than you originally thought!


Natural Look Wedding Photography Ideas


The days of posed wedding photos are long gone, with most couples opting for a more candid, natural feel when it comes to their wedding photography. Despite a desire for candidness, couples are increasingly falling in love with wedding photography ideas they’ve seen on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram. These wedding photography ideas can be humorous, romantic or just downright beautiful. It is important to discuss your wedding photography ideas and must-have shots with your wedding photographer prior to the day. Your wedding photographer will probably have some wedding photography ideas that they can share with you too.


We collected some of our own favourite wedding photography ideas to share with you. These wedding photography ideas look good on every couple and bridal party, they add interest, ensure spontaneous giggle eruptions and create moments so beautiful immortalising them in a picture is a must!


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Check out our extensive list of Wedding Photographers in Melbourne to help capture your special moments.

Wedding Photography Idea #1 – Let’s Jump On The Bed

Do you remember when you were young and your mum told you not to jump on the bed? Forget that, it’s your wedding day and you can do whatever you want! Go it solo or grab one or more of your bridesmaids and jump for joy for the last time as a single lady. Your smile will be priceless and the excitement captured in this picture will be palpable.


Wedding photography has come a long way from its posed, stiff portrait-style roots. Now, you can find a photographer whose style suits yours flawlessly, so that not only are your memories beautifully captured, they’re also caught in a way that fits with your aesthetic as a couple.


Like all artists, your professional photographer will be trained in many different styles and techniques. They will beautifully blend a mix of documentary-style photography, natural portraits, candid shots and personal details. You’ll also find the very best wedding photographers will mix wide-angle shots with close-ups and editorial or fine art shots with relaxed, natural images. However most photographers have an individual stylistic approach, which gives them a unique look and sets them apart. For 2017, these are the top 4 wedding photography trends that we’re lusting over!


You’ve likely already put thought into the style for your wedding photos, so now its time to think about your video. These two elements will go hand in hand when helping you remember and relive your day, so consistency is key. Most importantly, you want to be sure to capture your wedding day the way that you want to remember it.


Luckily there are many styles for you to choose from and most wedding videographers will give you several options, so you aren’t limited in your choice. Whether you choose a full-length feature or a highlight reel, you’ll find the right style to fit your needs.

We currently love how popular wedding teasers are, as they give a quick snapshot of what a videographer is capable of. If you’re still unsure what style of video you want, below are a few popular styles you might like to choose from.


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Do You Need a Videographer?


First things first, why should you hire a videographer? Our research shows that not having a videographer for their big day is the biggest regret for a lot of couples when it comes to looking back on their wedding. After all, this is the one day you want to be able to remember for the rest of your lives. Whether you’re getting a teaser reel, highlights footage, or the whole shebang, having a professional capture those moments is so important.



The most popular videography choice for weddings is cinematic. 37% of couples will hire a cinematic videographer on their day.


A cinematic style will capture your wedding day in a more stylised way. Not only will it include the important parts of your day, but also the little things that add those memorable touches, like the décor, rings and any pre-wedding activities. Check out our list of wedding videographers to help you capture your special day.


Think of it as more of a movie edit that will be put together with the focus being on the production of your wedding day storyline. Visuals of your vows and speeches may be overlayed with video of you posing for photos or cutting your wedding cake. These elements help create a more stylised video and give a more movie feel to your wedding. So, in years to come, you can sit down with some popcorn and enjoy looking back on your day.


If this sounds like the video style for you, chat to your videographer about what they need from you to craft your day into that movie-style. Music and voice-overs will definitely play a part.

While photography is still one of the most popular and important elements of a wedding, more and more couples are choosing to capture their day on film, too. For those searching for a reputable videography studio that services weddings in the Hunter Valley, you’ve come to the right place. 


Wedding Photography Trends

Light-Soaked & Natural.

Look for images that are radiant, timeless and flooded with natural light. Photographers who love light also adore shooting outdoors in the abundant beauty of nature, so you may find they favour garden, country, winery and other alfresco wedding settings. When flicking through their albums, you’ll find their style is fresh yet classic and full of authentic moments, where the bride and groom are simply relaxed, in love and enjoying one another’s company. Images will be clear, vibrant and not overly posed or heavily retouched.


Moody & Dramatic.

Images will be striking, powerful and have a strong sense of grandeur. Photographers who gravitate towards this style are drawn to unique architecture, eye-catching scenery and the beauty of the smallest moments and details. They play with angles, light and shadow, textures and tones to create sensual, multi-layered imagery that would not be out of place hanging on a gallery wall. Images may be altered and retouched in post-production to produce film-like grain, stylish filters and finishes. This style is ideal for those who prefer a more traditional approach. At Boutique events group we have compiled a list of the Best Photographers in Melbourne to help you choose who captures your magical day.

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