Top 10 Belly Dancers in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Are you located in Melbourne, Victoria, planning a wedding and looking for Belly Dancers? When you are planning your big day, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed it to select every vendor yourself personally. This way, you can choose the ultimate location, the best entertainment and the most delicious food, and craft your ideal wedding day.

Are you looking for something special to entertain your guests for your wedding? A Bellydancer is simply a 'party starter'. She acts as a way to mark the place in the evening where your guests are invited up onto the dancefloor.

Be at her hens' party having fun with our belly dancers. Let us entertain your besties at your hens' party to celebrate your special day to be pampered as the Bride to be! Then all jump in and learn how to let your inner goddess shine through the art of Belly dancing.

We've created an ultimate list of Best Belly Dancer Hire to save you time and money.

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    Best Wedding Belly Dancers in Melbourne

    Dance Baladi Belly Dancer Melbourne 

    Dance Baladi Belly Dancer Melbourne


    Book a Bellydancer Melbourne

    Eugenia has been performing and teaching Egyptian belly dance since she was a child, and she has traveled to Egypt numerous times to study the art. Eugenia is devoted to her craft, and her performances are lively and dynamic. To make an inquiry or request a quote, please provide us with your location, date, and approximate time.

    Kaylah Belly Dancer Melbourne 

    Kaylah Belly Dancer Melbourne


    About Belly Dancer Kaylah - Based in Melbourne

    Each of Kaylah's performances is memorable thanks to her charming and upbeat stage presence. After fifteen years of training in Middle Eastern dance, Kaylah is now a professional performer.

    She is passionate about her work and regularly attends classes and workshops with renowned musicians and dancers from Australia and abroad. In addition to her solo performances, Kaylah performs with a professional group of top-tier belly dancers from Melbourne.

    Jasmina Belly Dancer Melbourne 

    Jasmina Belly Dancer Melbourne

    61 402 433 436

    The naturally-gifted Melbourne Belly Dance "Artist!"

    "Princess Jasmina of Melbourne" is currently one of the industry's hottest and most requested Bellydance performers and Bellydance entertainers. Her poetic and invigorating artform is excitingly youthful, respectfully innovative, and sizzling with commanding presence, to name a few immediate impressions.

    Her energetic flair, refined sense of musical feel and thrilling savagery, romantic sensuality and true mysticism so timelessly portrayed in her dance have continued to rock and shock onlookers of all nationalities, customs, and traditions. And her ever-exciting skills are now being taught in Melbourne belly dance classes and belly dance lessons, with professional belly dance tuition available at all levels, from beginners to advanced.

    And have one of Melbourne's leading belly dancers and belly dancing teachers conduct your next KITCHEN TEA Party, HENS PARTY, HAFLA PARTY and more. You may choose to accommodate your guests at a Melbourne venue of your choosing.

    Jessy Spin Belly Dancer Melbourne 

    Jessy Spin Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Jessy is a world-renowned fire dancer and flow artist who has performed and taught in eight countries. She was most recently a member of Psycusix, Malaysia's largest modern circus troupe.

    Jessy has received intensive training from Spin Circus Training Academy in Australia, as well as international training at circus and fire spinning conventions in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. She has also completed several intensive dance programs in America, where she studied under legendary belly dancers like Rachel Brice.

    Jessy Spin performs a fire dance. She manipulates objects with precision. She combines various dance styles with musicality and sass. Jessy creates fierce and hypnotic movement pieces that reflect her love of dance and spinning props. Her art aims to inspire others, perhaps igniting a burning desire to learn, create, and step outside of one's comfort zone.

    Jessy's goal as a teacher is to help her students connect more deeply with their minds and bodies. To pursue their passions and recognize that they are 'enough' in a world that can make us feel otherwise. Jessy's goal with her local, international, and online dance classes is to empower students with flow knowledge.

    Nadira Johara Bell Dancer Melbourne 

    Nadira Johara Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Nadirah Johara's captivating style, versatile technique, and captivating stage presence distinguish her as a dancer who truly shines! Her dynamic performances, natural musicality, and endearing personality have made her a fan favorite among audiences worldwide. Her exhilarating and powerful performances will leave you breathless, whether she is performing classical belly dance with veil and finger cymbals or using other props such as sword, wings, or cane.

    Nadirah Johara performs at Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants in Florida's Melbourne and Space Coast areas. She also performs at cultural festivals, corporate events, stage shows, and private parties all over Central Florida.

    Sarayi Belly Dancer Melbourne 

    Sarayi Belly Dancer Melbourne


    Teachers at Sarayi belly dance school are dedicated to their passion for dancing and do everything possible to ensure that students of Sarayi belly dancing schoolmaster the technique of belly dance. Our annual trips to Egypt allow us to stay up to date on the latest techniques by training with Cairo's most popular male and female belly dancers.

    Every year, a major event of Sarayi belly dancing school is an annual charity concert. Children with Cancer, Agapi (children with special needs), The Salvation Army Bush Fire Appeal, Tyler Fishlock, Children with Impaired Hearing, and The Anti Cancer Foundation are among the charities we have supported in previous shows.

    All students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events throughout the year. Sarayi, John, and the students entertain and make people smile at hostels, nursing homes, school fetes, and festivals.

    Soul Brazil Belly Dancer Melbourne 

    Soul Brazil Belly Dancer Melbourne

    03 9039 2163

    Hire Brazilian Entertainers – Enjoy Rio Carnival in Melbourne

    Brazilian dancing has long been popular around the world due to the sheer entertainment value and festive atmosphere it creates. But, thanks to globalisation, you can now enjoy Brazilian entertainment in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia.

    Brazilian Entertainers' performances can fit perfectly for a variety of events due to their mastery of a wide range of dance styles and other arts. There are numerous event organizers and venues that rely on Brazilian arts and skills to entertain their audiences, from schools to casinos, from parties to professional events.

    We are dedicated to providing Melbourne with the best Brazilian entertainment. We have more than 20 years of event management experience and have managed hundreds of events. Our company is one of Oceania's premier Brazilian production companies, capable of handling both domestic and international events.

    Club Rakasah Belly Dancer Melbourne 

    Club Rakasah Belly Dancer Melbourne

    0422 518 671

    Club Rakasah is proud of its 20-year involvement with the Belly Dance Community. Many wonderful and outstanding performances have graced our stage. Since 2005, Pamela's Belly Dance has presented Club Rakasah. We took a break, but we're back and ready to bring you the Middle Eastern Dance Spectacular that is Club Rakasah.

    Some of the events are listed below. From the moment you walk into Club Rakasah, you are taken on a magic carpet ride to the exotic Middle East, with intoxicating and hypnotic music filling the air.

    Discover the exuberant beauty of Bellydance, Oriental dance, and Raqs Sharki - all names for the same ancient art form that dates back to the Middle East's sands of time. An ancient dance form that combines body, soul, and spirit joys. It has evolved in different ways depending on the country, region, and culture, with variations in costume and dance style. According to many historians, belly dancing is the oldest form of dance, with origins in the Middle East, Turkey, the Mediterranean, and Africa.

    Club Rakasah hosts bellydancers and musicians to perform and showcase their talents for your enjoyment. Our shows are primarily based on bellydance, but we occasionally incorporate Burlesque, Polynesian, Flamenco, Capoeira, Lebanese Dance Troupes, Hip Hop, Ballroom, and Latin.

    Aya Belly Dancer Melbourne 

    Aya Belly Dancer Melbourne

    0405 206 556

    Aya is a French professional belly dancer based in Melbourne who can perform beautiful Bellydance shows to Egyptian, Lebanese, Greek, or Turkish music for a variety of events and venues such as weddings, birthday parties, hens nights, blessing ways/baby showers, corporate events, restaurants and lounges...

    Unless otherwise specified, all shows include audience participation. It's worth noting that Aya's belly dance performances are always suitable for children. Children are always welcome; they are usually the first to get up and dance! Please, no all-male audience. Aya can travel around Melbourne; however, a travel fee may apply.

    Do you need a large number of drummers and musicians from the Middle East and bellydancers? To schedule a performance with the top belly dancers in Melbourne, get in touch with Aya! Always make reservations in advance, especially on Saturday nights. Aya will make an effort to respond to hurried questions.

    Siduri Belly Dancer Melbourne 

    Siduri Belly Dancer Melbourne

    "Siduri" was a brave young woman from an ancient Sumerian epic who wisely advised the hero Gilgamesh to be kind to others and live a rich and full life - a life that included lots of dancing. With her elegance and warmth, Siduri belly dancer will bring a lot of joy to your next event. Hens Parties are our specialty!

    Siduri Belly Dancer Melbourne

    Siduri is available as a solo dancer for hens parties, birthdays, weddings, festivals, and events in Melbourne and surrounding areas (or with her band, The Silk Roads Collective). We specialize in hen parties! Please use the contact form to request a quote! For a memorable Hens Party, hire a belly dancer (or burlesque artist). Siduri's Hen Parties are fun for ladies of all ages and sizes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to hire a bellydancer? The typical rate for a solo bellydance set in the New York area ranges from $250-$400. We perform everywhere from intimate family parties to opulent weddings and corporate events and a single show is 15-30 minutes in length.

    Today many Middle Eastern countries forbid women to perform the dance. During the 1950's, bellydancing was declared illegal in Egypt. The law was overruled, however, this was on the basis that belly dancers would no longer show their stomachs & that law still remains in effect.

    Although belly dancing originated as a social and celebratory dance, it later became forbidden in public spaces because of restrictions on viewing women's bodies. As Middle Eastern cultures spread around the world through a diaspora, so did the practice of belly dancing.

    Belly dance is a difficult dance form to learn, and the more you practice the faster you'll progress. It may look easy but it's a very specific way of moving your body and it takes time for your body to absorb the movements. We encourage you to enjoy the journey of learning this most beautiful dance form.

    What does it cost? We can't give a quote until we know the details of your event, but most shows are between $250-$350. Performance fees depend on the timing, location and the length of the show, as well as which props are used. Saturdays from 8-10pm are peak times.

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