Wedding Lighting

How do you light wedding sparklers?

Lighting sparklers at your wedding can be quick and easy if you plan ahead and follow these suggestions listed below. You do want to coordinate how you light them and when you light them for the best results, especially if you want your photographer to capture the fun and excitement of the moment for your wedding photos.

Many people who use sparklers (particularly gold sparklers) find them much more difficult to light versus a traditional fused consumer firework. Using matches to light a sparkler or attempting to light one in windy conditions can prove to be a futile prospect and also be incredibly frustrating. However, some newer versions of wedding sparklers feature a match head style tip, allowing you to light the sparkler by striking it on the box in the same way you strike a match. This is the best way to light sparklers at a wedding, but oftentimes we are dealing with something totally different.

Unfortunately, most of us find ourselves with the traditional style of sparklers that require the tedious job of open flame lighting. It can be even more difficult if you choose poorly made sparklers purchased at a discount. To make the job easier, the best way to light sparklers at a wedding involves following the suggestions below. Also, remember to closely observe children and supervise them the entire time they use combustible items such as sparklers.

Using wedding sparklers can make for a truly memorable send-off for wedding guests and more importantly the newlyweds! But at the same time, if not used properly can cause unintentional accidents. With the proper care and attention, you can have a flawless wedding sparkler exit! When using wedding sparklers, we want to make sure you take the utmost care and caution.

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Wedding Sparkler Safety 

At Grand Wedding Exit, we wanted to take the time to discuss important safety aspects when using wedding sparklers. Other topics we will discuss are how to properly light wedding sparklers quickly and safely for you and your wedding party and the safe use of wedding sparkler tips!

Luckily at Grand Wedding Exit we have been in the wedding sparkler business for quite some time and have been lucky enough to get some amazing feedback from newlyweds and event wedding planners. When lighting wedding sparklers, we have found the safest way to ignite our wedding sparklers are with barbecue lighters or commonly referred to as butane lighters. You can easily find butane lighters at any convenience store or local shop, which are very inexpensive. We have found these lighters the most effective when using wedding sparklers as they produce a steady, controlled flame. As we all the know, the weather is unpredictable, and the slightest breeze can cause matches to be very difficult to light wedding sparklers. Using a barbecue lighter ensures a swift and quick way to start the wedding sparkler festivities! 

Once you have a couple of wedding sparklers lit the quickest and safest way to lit the remaining sparklers is to group a bunch of unlit sparklers and touch them with the tip of the lit wedding sparklers. By using this process to lit the wedding sparklers, you can easily have over 150 sparklers lit in under thirty seconds. With this approach, the newlyweds can have a proper send-off by forming two lines and creating an arch-like gesture as they walk through it. One of the best pieces of advice we can give when using wedding sparklers is making sure the bride and groom walk casually throughout the sparkler tunnel and not rushing the process. By slowly walking through the sparklers will allow the photographers to take some truly stunning wedding sparkler pictures.

If your wedding guests include children, ask nearby adults to supervise and to be cautious if they part take in the grand sparkling exit. Children may not be able to handle the sparklers with the same care, and as we know, sparklers are very hot. So for all children and adults here are some very helpful tips on lighting the wedding sparklers carefully.

Wedding Lighting

Tips on Lighting Wedding Sparklers

  • When lighting the very first wedding sparklers, please make sure you attempt to light them at a place where the wind is not directed toward you to avoid sparks.
  • Initially, only light one wedding sparkler at a time. Some wedding sparklers may shoot out sparks initially when lighting.
  • Do not attempt to lit wedding sparklers using matches. Matches tend to take too long and will put your hands too close to the top of the sparkler during the lighting process. By using a barbecue lighter, you can concentrate on lighting the wedding sparkler instead of watching your hands and matches.
  • Once you have a couple of sparklers lit, you can light the remaining sparklers very quickly by touching the lit wedding sparklers with the unlit sparklers. We recommend touching between six to ten sparklers at a time.
  • When you are lighting the sparklers, keep the sparkler at a slightly 30 to 45 degrees downwards stance. This will help the unlit sparklers catch the flame quickly and most importantly, safely.

How to Carry Wedding Sparklers while lit

  • Now you have your wedding sparklers safely lit, and you are ready for the grand exit! While you are part-taking in the wedding sparklers festivities we wanted to make you have some safety notes, so you and your wedding party have a flawless exit!
  • Have your wedding party extend their arms as far they can while holding the wedding sparklers. Make sure they are straight to help keep away from your face, body, and clothing.
  • Don't focus on keeping the wedding sparklers away form just you, be cautious of the wedding party around you to make sure you do not harm them as well.
  • When waving the sparklers, make sure not to wave them too fast to hurt people around you.
  • Do not keep wedding sparklers close to any flammable materials such as alcohol, as parties tend to be drinking throughout the night.

Tips for Getting Them Going

  • Choose a location that is sheltered from the wind to light your sparklers.
  • Only light one wedding sparkler at a time. Lit sparklers can be unpredictable with their spark discharge, so lighting multiple sparklers at once can be very dangerous.
  • Do not use matches to ignite a sparkler; including paper or wooden stick matches. A sparkler usually takes a few seconds to light. Often, matches burn down too quickly and burn your fingers before lighting the sparkler. Also, even if you manage to light the sparkler, you would have two burning items in your hands, one of which needs to be discarded quickly. This can lead to a potentially dangerous situation and can be avoided by simply eliminating matches from the equation. A simpler approach is just to use regular butane lighters for your sparklers.
  • Butane lighters, "BBQ" lighters, and propane torches can be used. Lighters that keep the flame away from the hand holding the lighter are among the safest options. Electric ignition type propane torches, if available, are the quickest and best way to light sparklers at a wedding if used in an open area.
  • One of the most popular methods to multiple light sparklers is to light one wedding sparkler, then use it to light the rest of the wedding sparklers one at a time. You can designate 1 person as the "lighter", and have the rest of the people line up to take turns. When you light sparkle with another sparkler, your hands are kept at a safe distance. Best of all, you can enjoy the show will getting things ramped up.
  • Always keep the sparkler horizontal or with the tip angled down slightly. This will help light the wedding sparkler faster. That's because the flame will want to move vertical and ignite the sparkler's pyrotechnic compound naturally. Going "with the grain" is always the best way to light sparklers at a wedding.
  • Always light your sparkler at the tip. Keep the open flame the furthest away from the bare wire handle as possible.

Buy quality metal wire sparklers.

Be sure to purchase sparklers made out of metal wire. Do not buy bamboo stick sparklers. Bamboo sparklers produce significantly more smoke and will ash off as they burn down the stick. They can be very messy, and I don't recommend them for formal occasions. Our #14 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers, #20 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers and #36 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers are made of metal wire and are beautiful for weddings.

Use helpers! 

Coach a team of helpers to hand out and light sparklers. This may be your wedding party or select family members or friends. Ask them to spread out among the wedding guests and tell them when to start lighting sparklers (you may have a set time or signal for a start). Give them BBQ lighters to light the first few sparklers. Then tell them to show people in the crowd how to dip unlit sparklers into lit sparklers.3 – Don't use matches. 

Matches are NOT a good choice for wedding guests to light sparklers. Matches printed with the bride and groom's names or initials ARE a great favour for guests to take home as a keepsake from your wedding. Matchbooks or matchboxes are a classic wedding favour as seen on The Knot. But they do not light wedding sparklers easily. Windy conditions outside will make it hard to keep a match lit long enough to catch a sparkler. And the match just doesn't burn hot or long enough to catch a sparkler. A butane lighter like a BBQ lighter or smaller sparklers (provided with wedding sparkler order) are best. And you don't have to have enough lighters for all your guests just enough for your team of helpers to get things rolling.

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What You Need to Know When Buying Sparklers!

Where Can I Buy Sparklers Year-Round?

Lucky for you, you are in the right place. You can buy sparklers every day of the year from me at Sparklers Online. I am pleased to have a website that has been in business for over 15 years. Since I started this business, I have moved to 3 different cities, had two babies, one of which is now a teenager!

We have an excellent reputation and track record from our past clients. We are devoted to making your ordering and ship process as smooth as possible. The website is simple and direct, and the checkout process takes mere minutes. We send you a confirmation immediately and an email with your tracking number so you can keep on top of delivery. Most orders will ship the same day, and we can get orders to 75% of the United States population in 3 days. On top of that, we have free shipping.

Why Should I Not Get Sparklers at a Firework Tent?

Tents often have leftover product that has not been sold for years and years. And while the product might look dry to the visual eye, it could be three years old and have withstood a severe summer storm. I am exasperated with companies that sell cheap sparklers for cheap prices – then on your one big day, they don't work. Spend a little more money and order from a trusted source – me, a past bride, someone who genuinely knows how important it is to get it right the first time when you have one shot for a spectacular exit.

Can You Buy Sparklers at Walmart or Party City or Amazon?

Occasionally these websites sell them, but they are usually only the type that goes on a cake. Sometimes around the 4th of July, Wal-Mart will sell them, but they are usually included in an assortment package. As for Amazon, you never really know what you are getting. Again, this is the big day. I strongly suggest you buy from us because we buy directly from the people in China who make these by hand and are not a 3rd party vendor. We are devoted to offering the highest quality available. This is the only thing we sell!

How to Light Sparklers at a Wedding

The shimmering glow of sparklers makes a great backdrop for pictures of your ceremony or a fun reception send-off, and knowing how to light sparklers at a wedding is essential for a successful experience. These tips can help you get all your sparklers lit at just the right moment.

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Choose the Right Lighter

Please do not use matches to light sparklers! To get wedding sparklers going, you need butane lighters or a propane torch, the kind typically used for lighting a barbecue grill or fireplace. These lighters have a long barrel that keeps your hands safely away from the tip of the sparkler. Sometimes the first sparkler you try lighting takes a while to get going, so you need a steady flame that won't flicker out before you're done. Propane lighters also shut off immediately once you release the trigger, making them safer to use than a match that needs to be extinguished after your sparkler is lit. 

Choose the Right Location

Sudden breezes and damp conditions can make it harder to light your wedding sparklers, so choose a location that's dry and sheltered from the wind. Find a place that has enough room for you to hold the sparkler and lighter away from your body, so hair or clothing doesn't accidentally blow into the flame. Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby in case of an emergency. You can use the same bucket later for guests to dispose of their sparklers after the event.

Optimize Your Lighting Process

Light your sparkler at the top end to keep the flame as far away from your hand as possible. Angling the tip of the sparkler just a slight bit downward can help jump-start the lighting process. Flames typically move upward, so keeping the stick at an angle helps the first spark that catches travel up to ignite areas further along with the sparkler. Keep in mind that there's no need to rush the process. Because the extra length of these sparklers (20 to 36 inches), they burn much longer than classic store-bought sparklers, you have some extra burn time built in. Taking your time to light each sparkler safely and efficiently ensures that you get the final effect you want.

Coordinate Your Lighting

Before you start lighting wedding sparklers, plan out how you will get all of them lit quickly and efficiently. The easiest way is to use the sparklers that are already lit, to light the other sparklers. By simply touching a lit sparkler to another, it will almost light instantaneously. Using your lighter to light each one individually could leave you with some half-finished just as others are starting to sparkle, but you shouldn't try lighting more than one sparkler at a time. Instead, arrange wedding guests into small groups that can work together to get all of their sparklers going. Choose a "designated lighter" to get a sparkler from each group started. Guests can then use a lit sparkler to light the others in their group instead of using lighters to light each one.

Safe Sparkler Disposal

Used sparklers remain hot, so be sure to use proper disposal methods to prevent them from becoming a fire hazard. We recommend submerging spent sparklers completely in a bucket of water. After soaking overnight, roll the sparklers up in a plastic bag to stop them from drying out. Now, you can safely dispose of them in the trash. 

By following these simple tips, finding the best way to light sparklers at a wedding is not much of a mystery. Also, using a quality version that is double-dipped can be of great benefit. Overall, the fastest and most efficient ways to light your wedding sparklers are butane lighters and propane torches. Also, you should avoid using wooden stick matches at all costs.

After the bride and groom have exited off into the night and the last spark goes out, it's time to dispose of the wedding sparklers safely. We recommend using two buckets of either sand or water. Even though the sparklers are out, does not mean they are not extremely hot. Most brides forget to include a safe way to dispose of the wedding sparklers. By having two buckets allow the wedding party to place the sparklers as they walk by easily. This helps the cleanup process as well. If you ever have any questions or concerns with any part of the wedding sparkler process, please do not hesitate to call our main offices at Grand Wedding Exit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Always keep the sparkler horizontal or with the tip angled down slightly. This will help light the wedding sparkler faster. That's because the flame will want to naturally move vertical and ignite the sparkler's pyrotechnic compound. Going “with the grain” is always best way to light sparklers at a wedding.

Optimize Your Lighting Process. Light your sparkler at the top end to keep the flame as far away from your hand as possible. Angling the tip of the sparkler just a slight bit downward can help jump-start the lighting process.

One of the best ways to light multiple sparklers is to first have the “designed lighter person”, light one wedding sparkler with the butane lighter. Then use that sparkler to help light the rest of the wedding sparklers. Just like a domino effect, by lighting a sparkle with another sparkler!

Simply attach the larger side of your safety clip to the neck of your favorite bottle of wine, liquor, champagne, or other adult beverage and fasten the sparkler into the smaller side of the clip. Your bottle sparkler should now be sturdy and secure and awaiting the moment that you light it up.

Is it Safe to Use Sparklers Indoors? ... As long as you buy “smokeless” sparklers, it is ok to use them indoors. “Smokeless” sparklers feature a wire stick rather than a bamboo stick. Bamboo or wood will smolder and can be difficult to extinguish, which can produce an excess amount of smoke.

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