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Styling your Summer Wedding Party.

Styling your Summer Wedding Party.

How to style your Summer wedding party with hot trends and gorgeous looks?

It doesn’t matter if you want to embrace the season or forget it altogether either! There are no rules for designing your wedding day, and that includes what your wedding party wears. Of course, let’s not go completely insane and ask the bridesmaids to wear faux fur if the big day is in August! Boutique events group is your ultimate Wedding Reception Venue to create your dream wedding. 

It’s 2019 and shopping for bridesmaids dresses has never been easier! To help you and your girls find bridesmaids dresses that fit, flatter, and make them feel like a million bucks, we’ve rounded up the best places to buy bridesmaids dresses online.

Bridal party style has come to a heck of a long way. Once upon a time, bridesmaids were expected to wear the same dress in the same colour, as was dictated by tradition. Now, with the mismatched bridesmaids dresses trend has taken off (and showing no signs of slowing down), brides and their best ladies have a lot more options. Each individual ‘maid gets a chance to express her unique style–and brides are relieved of the often-challenging task of finding a dress everyone can agree on.

They are introducing Metallic Chiffon! Photos do not do justice of this lush, liquid-look fabric. We’re almost positive your bridesmaids will look like an angel beaming in the sunlight as she stands by your side. This luxurious textile comes in 8 dreamy colours that fit the bill to any bride’s wedding palette.

Maybe you already know what you want the bridesmaids to wear, but can’t figure out the best option for the groomsmen. Or, perhaps you’re just not sure what colours or styles work best together—worried that your wedding party might look like a throwback to prom? Whatever your concerns are, I’ve put together a bunch of colours and combos for every Summer wedding party. Get ready to find the look you love and learn precisely where to shop right in this blog!

The Bridesmaid Dresses

That said, having more options can present its own set of challenges–despite how easy Pinterest makes it look. The idea is to choose dresses that are distinct from each other–but not so different that they look disconnected. If you’re looking to mix it up with your bridal party but need help curating a cohesive group of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, read on. We’ve put together a list of tips to ensure you and your ladies nail the look.

 It’s soft to the touch; we’re convinced that it’s made out of butter because it most definitely feels like it once she puts it on. She’ll also probably want to take it off.

Usually, I’m not a massive fan of short bridesmaids dresses. If your girls have to kneel in a church, they’re probably not a great idea. Summer weddings, however, are a great time to consider dresses with a shorter hemline, especially if you’ll be outside during any part of the celebration.

Anthropologie’s sister brand dedicated to all things wedding! You may know them for their trendy and often affordable bridal gowns. Still, BHDLN also has a stellar collection of bridesmaid dresses in a wide variety of styles from romantic to glitzy to boho. One of our favourite reasons to shop with BHLDN is their gorgeous bridesmaid separates, giving your girls a unique look with mixed and matched tops and skirts!

You can vary the colour of your bridesmaid dresses, the style, or both. Do you want to make it easy? Try a convertible bridesmaid dress in a single colour, then let each lady wear it in her unique way. Check our Top Wedding Dress Shops In Melbourne for your list of some of the most exclusive dress shops.

Velvet is here to slay! Now that this plush fabric is trending, we’re staying ahead of the curve with the latest styles. Our stretch velvet, yes you read that right, STRETCH velvet is the ultimate comfort dress. 

Short bridesmaid dresses

Short bridesmaid dresses often get a bad reputation as being too informal. If you’re having a black-tie wedding and your female guests will be wearing long skirts, I wouldn’t recommend going the short route for your bridesmaids. The dress code of a wedding should either be the same as the wedding party, or slightly less formal. Your wedding party shouldn’t look like they don’t fit in with everyone else in attendance, make sense?

 Known for their impeccable quality, Reformation takes a less is more approach to their bridesmaids’ collection. The collection features seven gorgeous dresses that are available in a variety of beautiful colours. While bridesmaids dresses typically come with a steep price tag, Reformation dresses feel like a closet investment in a way most bridesmaids apparel does not. When it comes to quality, wearability, and timelessness, Reformation can’t be beaten! Visit this website to shop for the affordable lingerie shop!

As long as all of the mismatched bridesmaid dresses share at least one common feature–like the neckline, silhouette, hemline, colour, or fabric–they’ll have a link to each other and won’t look disjointed.

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Your bridesmaids will thank you for picking such a versatile investment piece. This fabric hugs the body with the right draping and smooth texture. Not to mention, the beautiful bow tie in the back with its peek-a-boo straps underneath. The angular lines draw the body to a slimmer figure, something nobody is ever upset about!

If you are going the “black tie” route though, and still want to consider short bridesmaid dresses, there are always options. Going with a more classic look, whether that be the neckline style or even the fabric, is a great way to keep the formality of the dress code. A great way to achieve that formal look with a short bridesmaid dress is to have the neckline mimic the bride’s gown. For instance, if the bride is wearing a sweetheart neckline, look for bridesmaid dress options that also have a sweetheart neckline.

Whether you’re creating a boho look with different dress styles in a single colour or mixing and matching a variety of style in complementing colours, we guarantee you’ll love to Show Me Your Mumu‘s trendy bohemian bridesmaids dresses as much as we do! Shop by colour to help your girls choose the best style for their liking in your chosen hue.

Midi length or knee-length

Midi length or knee-length will hit at different heights according to how tall each bridesmaid is. If you opt for all floor-length dresses, you’re guaranteed all hemlines will all hit at the same place (the floor), and the gowns will look consistent when standing side by side.

Introducing our latest colourway, Sugar Almond 😍 We’d describe this colour as Coral’s outgoing and personable, yet mysterious, sister. Its gorgeous, rich hue goes well with any skin tone without being overbearing. Sugar Almond is offered in gowns made of Charlotte Chiffon- but keep in mind, any dresses in any chiffon can be fabric-changed to Charlotte.

The reason this works is the wedding gown is typically representative of the overall wedding vibe. And if that vibe is “formal”, mimicking details like the neckline is a great way to make that vibe seamless.

Are you having a glamorous or black-tie wedding?

Look no further for your bridesmaids’ dresses than Adrianna Papell! These showstopping gowns have beading and sequins for days and will make your girls feel like a literal million bucks (without spending it!). There are so many stunning looks to be created with Adrianna Papell gowns whether you go for mixed metallics, a little embellishment on a romantic gown, or merely dramatic in matching pure gold sequin column dresses.

Narrowing down the colour scheme helps tremendously when styling bridesmaids in mismatched dresses. If they’re all wearing soft neutrals or varying shades of blue, there’s less of a risk of looking disconnected. When in doubt, keep the colour palette more limited for a more cohesive effect (this is especially true with smaller bridal parties). Looking for the best Wedding Stylist in Melbourne? Look no further, Boutique events group has you covered. 

Your maids can all rock the Sugar Almond. Although, we know this is hard, don’t have your heart set on this hue. We have more new colourways in different fabrics this season. We can’t promise that they will make choosing your wedding colour palette any more comfortable, but you will love them!

Of course, it’s just as important to consider what the groomsmen will wear when deciding on the wardrobe for your bridesmaids. I know I just said there are no rules and do what you want, but if you’re having a black-tie wedding, then the groom and groomsmen should be in black tuxedos. If your bridesmaids are in short dresses, along with selecting more formal options, you’ll love how the look comes together with groomsmen in suits. 

No matter what you’re looking for in a bridesmaids dress, it’s safe to say Nordstrom is truly a one-stop-shop for a huge variety of designers, styles, and price points.

If you want to incorporate a pattern into your assortment, pick that dress first and use its colour palette as a guide. Example: Start with a beautiful floral bridesmaid dress, maybe for your maid of honour, then choose solid bridesmaid dresses in each colour from that print.

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For the Boys

Black tuxedos are the standard informal wedding wardrobe. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a little personal style or change up a few details, though. Since short bridesmaid dresses tend to feel a little less formal than black tie, if you think a full black tuxedo will just be too much of a contrast, you aren’t stuck. Change out the bow-tie for a long black tie instead, or add some colour block cuff links to make the tuxedos less stuffy and more fun.

Each dress comes in a wide variety of colour swatches, making it easy to mix and match styles in the same shade. Speaking of tranquil, our favourite Dessy feature is their interactive online showroom which allows brides to save their favourite styles and swatches and get the opinions of their ‘maids via likes and comments. Dressing your bridesmaids has never been more straightforward!

Accessorize your Bridesmaids

Jewellery, shoes, hair accessories, and even hairstyles or makeup can help tie your mismatched bridesmaids’ looks together. Maybe each of your ladies has the same half-up hairstyle, red lip, or drop earrings; these uniform extras will put the “match” in mismatched.

Our friends at Dessy have an incredible selection where you can mix and match and also have the option between renting and buying. You can check them out right here to get started. If you’re worried about a tuxedo just being too heavy for a Summer wedding, be sure to check out the lightweight options!

Elegant, romantic, and ethereal are all words we’d associate with Jenny Yoo, so if that’s the vibe you’re going for with your wedding, she’s the designer for you! You’re probably familiar with the Annabelle dress, which may just be the most popular bridesmaids dress ever. Still, they don’t miss out on the pretty florals and flattering silhouettes of Jenny Yoo‘s bridesmaid collection.

Our top list of Wedding Stylists in Melbourne will help take the stress away from finding someone who can style your wedding exactly as you want.

Think of the bridesmaid bouquets as another consistent accessory: Just be sure to choose a colour or scheme that complements every dress. Consider substantial bouquets to anchor multicolour dresses (like floral prints)–and multicolour bouquets to amp up solid dresses.

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