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Top Wedding Blogs to Help You find Your Wedding Suppliers

Top Wedding Blogs to Help You find Your Wedding Suppliers


A wedding photo blog or photo retoucher blog is an effective way to find practical recommendations on how to promote your wedding photography business, find new clients and discuss critical moments of successful cooperation. Also, you will become familiar with wedding photography tips and new techniques and get inspired by engagement photo ideas and wedding portraits from all over the world.


Here’s a list of the top seven wedding blogs. They deal with everything from how to shoot to how to run a business and present your images.


If you don’t have these bookmarked already, get on it. Study them, delve into their compositions and fall in love with their styles. Check out Boutique events group Wedding Venue for your ultimate wedding reception.


Wedding Photographers


Below is a list of 5 wedding photographers that we rely on for inspiration, not only in photography but also business and in just living life in general. Each of these photographers can be considered as being at the top of the industry is that all of them have been within the Top 10 Photographers by American Photo at some recent point in time. If you don’t have these photographers blogs bookmarked, Twitter profiles followed, and Facebook friend befriended, then you have some work to do!


Congratulations! I am so excited that you’re here and considering me to photograph your beautiful wedding day! 


 I understand this may be your first time being in front of a professional camera and if you think you’re going to feel awkward, that’s okay! My style is a mix between candid and posed. I’ll help you ease into poses and drop a few dad jokes to make sure you’re not focused on me but still getting those beautiful shots you’ll want to hang all over the house. I am also highly skilled in herding cats so putting unwieldy families into groups for portraits is no problem. 


Katelyn’s engagement photography blog

Katelyn’s engagement photography blog comprises interesting real-life stories written entertainingly. She also has a KJ Education project which was created for amateurs. Thus, Katelyn explains the basics of wedding photography and teaches beginner shooters to do everything correctly.


Ramit Batra comes from an engineering background. Instead of following this path and falling into a 9-6 job, he decided to run in the opposite direction. Instead, he chose to study and create animated films.

We look to Ben’s blog for his unique style of wedding photography matched with his even more unique style of post-production. Ben has a fantastic ability to find and create individual frames for his subjects that create an intimate voyeuristic quality as well as draw the viewer’s eyes right into the subject of the image.


Packages include high res digitals on a custom USB, an online gallery to share with friends and family and options to purchase beautiful prints, canvases and albums. If you aren’t keen on gifts, but your family still would like to get you something, I can create a personalized Album Registry for your guests to contribute to which you can then use for printed products. 


Jasmine has an effortless and pleasant communication style. Don’t think that such a logical and plain approach means that Jasmine isn’t a professional. She is a very experienced photographer who created her wedding blog to explain complicated notions understandably. Everything about how to choose the best lens for wedding photography to wedding photography prices in the US


Somewhere between photo walks and capturing portraits, he found wedding photography.

He photographed his first wedding in Delhi. The second one in Mumbai & after that a destination wedding in Samode. The first was in 2009, and he hasn’t looked back!


Now, he can say he has photographed in more than a dozen countries. And he continues to find opportunities to travel to even more such fabulous places.


You will find Ben often throwing the typical restrictive rules of photographic composition to the wind as he creates stunningly dramatic images with his creative usage of negative space. We also love Ben’s ability to create exciting arrangements using off-camera lighting with a mixture of underexposed backgrounds to enhance the atmospheric lighting in each scene.


I am honoured that you are considering me to photograph your wedding, it’s something that goes by so fast that investing in your photographer is one of the best and easiest decisions you’ll make for your day. Get in touch and let me know your wedding plans, just pop in the date you’ve picked so I can check my availability.  


Do you think that studying is boring? Have a closer look at this wedding photography blog, which was created for people who want to improve their professional photography skills and start a profitable business. Amy and Jordan believe that mastering a profession can be an enjoyable activity if you know how to organize everything.


Celebration celebrant


Jerry Ghionis is among the top five best wedding photographers in the world.


Look at how many mentions and awards he has, dating back almost ten years.

He has emerged as one of the most influential wedding photographers of the 21st century.

Looking for the perfect Wedding Stationery in Melbourne? Look no further, Boutique events group has you covered.


On the other side of his artistry is his dramatic post-production style. Ben’s signature mixture of warm colour temperatures and deep blacks creates uniquely intimate and exciting imagery.


An inquiry and chat are obligation-free. I would love to work with you but also want to make sure you like me (because i’m going to be spending a little bit of time with you on your day!). 


While you’re here – Don’t forget to ask about my bucket list! Weddings or elopements on the bucket list get some pretty great deals. 


Susan likes her job. She thinks that her life and work are harmoniously interrelated, and it is difficult to imagine one without another. Her recent wedding photography blog contains lots of personal stories to get passionate and inspired by. Some people even talk about Susan Stripling wedding photography style, which is easily distinguishable from many others.


With a fashion designer’s flair and the ingenuity of an architect, he is a formidable force. His style can be best described as vintage glamour meets contemporary fashion photography. He is world-renowned for his creativity.


He has an innate ability for creating compelling visual storytelling. All his subjects look and feel beautiful in front of his camera.


Jerry’s contain a complex blend of soul, drama, imagination and technical skill. All while maintaining a sense of simplicity.


One look at Heather’s blog and you will wonder if her images are frames taken from big-time Tinseltown movies. To us, Heather’s style of wedding photography is best described as a rogue Hollywood movie producer shaken with a heavy dash of a fashion photographer. We love every bit of form this New York photog paints into her imagery. Along with her typical colour-popping photos, much of her post-production style consists of fashion-inspired cross and vintage processing techniques.


Where are you based? Do you travel for weddings? 


I am based in Canberra but love to travel, so I can certainly come to you! There is a small travel fee for weddings 1 hour or further from Canberra and one or two nights accommodation will be included on packages for weddings a bit further out than that.


​I have some special offers on bucket list weddings so check to see if your marriage qualifies for some exclusive deals to get them ticked off! 


This wedding photography blog appeared as a result of the cooperative work of four shooters and one videographer. These guys are genuinely in love with their profession and willingly share their secrets about choosing wedding photography gear. They motivate beginner and more experienced photographers to improve their skills continually.


Currently, she is the co-founder and instructor of The Wedding School. This is a source of real, honest wedding photography education. It is open for wedding photographers worldwide.

A quick look at her images will tell you she knows what she is talking about. So follow her wedding blog and give her the attention she deserves.


Jasmine is uniquely open with her life which makes her seem more like a childhood friend that grew up next door, rather than a prominent time photographer. We love Jasmine and her ability to take not only amazing photographs, but also write inspiring stories and articles. In fact, at times we find ourselves sneaking peeks at her blog for the writing in and of itself!

What is your style of photography?


My style is a mix of traditional and modern. I like to create timeless portraits, but I also know that in-between interaction are usually the most special. Sometimes you won’t even know i’m there! With my experience in childcare, I have cultivated exceptional child and adult wrangling skills. I’m comfortable creating images using both natural and artificial light, but most importantly, we’ll create beautiful images that look and feel like you. 


If you are interested in wedding photography poses and creative ideas, this wedding photography website will suit your needs. Michelle is a well-known fine art and wedding documentary shooter, who has a very distinctive style, which is often called non-standard.


Their content is helpful to those starting. And provides insightful knowledge for the most seasoned photographers.

Do you have an idea for Bombonieres but not sure who can supply it? Check out our list of Bomboniere suppliers in Melbourne


Whatever kind of wedding you want to photograph


Whatever kind of wedding you want to photograph, you will find great tips, advice and help. This site will ensure you are ready for whatever comes your way.


Don’t let her writing fool you though; Jasmine is a uniquely talented photographer who’s a style of imagery can be described as being refreshingly candid and natural. We love her ability to truly capture the emotion within each moment. We especially adore Jasmine’s ability to take amazing portraits. Describing Jasmine’s post-production style is like talking about fresh produce from your local farmers market, it is natural, clean, bright and crisp with colour.


Vogue Ballroom Venue


Can I have a second Wedding Photographer?


While I primarily shoot solo as I feel confident I can capture your day in its entirety, for weddings that are rather large or have distances between wedding parties, I am more than happy to bring on a second shooter for you. Just let me know if you would like to include one in your package. 


There are lots of small but significant things at the wedding that must be photographed. Catherine believes that you should create a smart wedding photography checklist to have enough time to capture rings, flowers, guest cards, decorations and a cake. Her wedding photography blog ideas maybe your inspiration and a guideline.


Junebug weddings are passionate about empowering wedding photographers. They will help you take a sustainable and creative approach to your business. They do this through education and community.

Their wedding blog is an endless stream of amazing images. They show every aspect of a couple’s wedding, from start to finish.


When I think of Jerry Ghionis, I think of a man with style from head to toe. Jerry’s image from his logo on his website, to his hairstyle screams fashion. You will often catch Jerry recreating photographic stills inspired by classic Hollywood films.


How many Wedding Images will I receive from the day?


I usually deliver between 50-100 images per hour. So it depends on which package you choose. Please rest assured I provide all photos I feel meet my artistic standard and only get rid of the blinking and blurry images. There will be some bloopers for your viewing pleasure! 


An average wedding consists of a dozen different moments when people talk, dance, laugh, give speeches, etc. Being a photojournalist, Steve knows how to accurately capture all these actions to create a harmonious wedding photo album. Check out his wedding photographer blog and learn some interesting tricks.


They even provide links to the products and jewellery in their images. This is a great idea to drive traffic to your business.


This is one of my favourite resources for wedding photography. Do yourself a favour and give them a follow.

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