How Can I Make a Cheap Wedding Look Expensive?

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    Your budget is tight, yet you don't want your wedding to look skimpy. Follow these guidelines, and your wedding will look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. Most brides have found Pinterest to be both helpful and frustrating as they prepare for their weddings. You've been bestowed with an abundance of flower design and wedding day decor ideas, but you've also been dealt the unlucky hand of finding that many of your pins come with prohibitive price tags.

    Most couples have to work hard to discover methods to have their dream wedding without spending as much as a Kardashian (and that's okay with them). Therefore, we have easy (and cheap, if not free!) ways to make your wedding look more expensive than it actually is. To give you more wedding tips, check out our post on Top Wedding Blogs to Help You find Your Wedding Suppliers.

    To What Extent Should You Spend On Your Wedding Decorations?

    Examine these thrifty yet stylish suggestions for wedding decorations to bring a touch of opulence to your big day without breaking the bank. If you include some of these ideas into your big day, you may end up saving a tonne of money while making a huge impression!

    Explore Your Dwelling For Decorative Items.

    It's possible that you already have at least some of the most beautiful elements of your wedding's decor lying around the house. If you're having a vintage or rustic-chic wedding, look around your home for decorations that can be used for the service, cocktails, and reception. Common household items such as picture frames, baskets, candle holders, old books, blackboard signs, furniture, and even dishes and silverware can be transformed into stunning wedding decorations.

    Use Flowers In More Than One Way.

    Even though most women would rather not have to spend the money, floral arrangements are an essential part of the wedding. Use your flowers in two different ways to achieve the luscious appearance you've always wanted. Remember the beautiful bouquets you bought for your ladies of honour? Distribute them to the wait staff after the ceremony so they can be incorporated into the centrepieces. Decorate the reception with the same flowers that lined the aisles during the wedding. By doing it this manner, you may get lavish table centrepieces without spending as much. Make sure your florist knows in advance that the bouquets will be used for more than one purpose so that he or she can create something that can be used in multiple settings and still looks great!

    Get A Loan From Loved Ones.

    There's a good chance you have friends and family members who have already tied the knot and can pass along their wedding decorations, favours, and other stuff to you. It's a good idea to enquire about everything from the tablecloths to the napkin rings. You never know what treasures they could have in store for you, such as beautiful old frames or a bottle made from repurposed wine bottles.

    Get Metallic With It

    A can of spray paint can beautify anything. Buying gold or silver things for centrepieces, decor, or place settings may get expensive, but investing in a few cans of spray paint (and trust me, it's a minor investment) is a low-cost option to spruce up your plain table settings. As of late, gold has been enjoying a big surge in popularity. Do you remember when everyone looked down on gold as tacky and out-of-date? Gold is so in style right now that it's difficult to keep in mind. It can be used as a glamorous accent to your otherwise simple colour design.

    Incorporate metallic elements where you can for a gorgeous wedding on a budget. You can easily upcycle mason jars, tin cans, etc., and give them a gold finish with spray paint. For a more refined effect, coffee beans can be polished up and used as vase filler.

    You Should Dress Up Your Linens.

    Investing in upgraded linens is possible, but it will cost you a pretty penny. Besides, that's not the point of this thread. Instead, you can use this easy hack that actually works! If you want to wow your guests, don't just put a napkin on the table; instead, fold one into an elaborate form and place it atop each plate or chaser. It's worth asking about, as most locations won't charge you for this service.

    A White Wedding Palette

    Simple, pure, naked white is NOT dull; it's GLAM and can be incorporated into a gorgeous appearance on a budget. Your wedding can look elegant without breaking the bank if you stick to a colour plan of white and add metallic elements. Think of all the white-themed celebrity events you've seen, including weddings and parties. It shouts "high-class" at you. If you want your wedding to seem more lavish, opt for an all-white colour scheme. If you're looking for milk glass or even clear glass on the cheap, hit up your neighbourhood thrift shop. Items such as old spaghetti sauce jars, jelly jars, tin cans, etc., can be repurposed into beautiful decorative pieces. The solution is as easy as applying a coat of white spray paint.

    Use Balloons To Send Them Soaring Away From You.

    Party balloons can be used for more than just birthday celebrations. They're a simple yet stylish way to fill a space, making them perfect for a wedding. A simple or monochromatic colour scheme is the key to making balloons look elegant rather than tacky. Balloons in black and white can make it feel like a formal event. Confetti of gold champagne shouts opulence! Balloons in a soft pink hue are beautiful, romantic, and sophisticated. Balloons with gold numbers on Mylar are a fun and elegant way to liven up any event.

    Crack Open The Bubbly!

    Please pass the champagne. Champagne is the perfect choice for any special occasion, and luckily there are many affordable varieties to choose from. A touch of playfulness could be added to your design with the help of Champagne Corks.

    Brighten Up Space.

    It's incredible how many candles can brighten up a dark reception hall. Puts an instant touch of sophistication and romance into any room. What's so great about it? They're cheap and versatile, and they come in handy in a variety of situations.

    Explore The Great Outdoors And See What You Can Find.

    If you have a yard with flowers, fruit trees, or even just some stunning foliage, you might be surprised at how much decoration is just waiting to be used. Can you make your bouquets with flowers from your own garden? Can't you just use limes, figs, and lemons straight from the tree as table centrepieces? Get some inspiration off of Pinterest and see what you're able to do all on your own!

    Make Your Writing Sound Fancy.

    Nowadays, calligraphy is all the rage, and it doesn't have to break the bank to look great. Instead of having a calligrapher write each invitation by hand, have them design one that you're happy with, then have them create a digital copy so you can take it to a local printer. It's also possible to spend an evening watching online calligraphy courses in order to make your own escort cards, signage, and table numbers. That refined appearance will make all the difference.

    Get Your Picture Taken On The Wild Side.

    Signs and table numbers both benefit from the refined appearance that beautiful frames provide. Whether you already have any or need to visit your local Goodwill or consignment shop, they may be a beautiful touch to your wedding for very little money. And remember, a can of spray paint will do wonders if you find ones in stores that are the perfect size/shape but the wrong Color. Looking for someone to help decorate on your special day? Check out our list of Wedding Decorators in Melbourne

    Menus Shaped Like Seashells

    Mother of pearl iridescence is a lovely addition to a reception table. Use seashells as place cards to bring the beach into your elegant setting. Don't bother with the boring traditional place cards, instead use actual seashells and add some glitz by writing each guest's name inside with a shimmering marker.

    These beautiful shell place cards have a charming, organic appearance that would make them perfect for either the entrance or each individual seat (just like a sandy beach). Use a wooden serving tray with a rustic finish to showcase them in the foyer. Include a little white spherical candy on each place card to represent a pearl if you'd like to add a whimsical touch and go with an oceanic theme.

    Background For A Portrait Session That Features Carnations

    You adore soft pink peonies but can't afford them despite their beauty. If you want to save money for that amazing exotic honeymoon but still have the fantasy of a lush backdrop full of stunning blooms, then this next little DIY is for you.=

    Instead of using traditional floral backdrops like peonies or roses, try making your own with a sea of pastel pink carnations. Individually suspend them from a fish line for maximum impact; this saves money by reducing the need for a large quantity of flowers without sacrificing style. Perfect replacement for a traditional wedding arch in a garden or other outdoor setting that exudes a lot of love and romance. Guests, take note: this is a perfect photo opportunity for Instagram!

    Decorations With Candles

    The centrepieces at your wedding will consume the bulk of your decorating budget, mainly due to the fact that fresh, beautiful flowers are extremely costly. Fortunately, the days of lavish floral centrepieces at weddings are long gone. These days, minimalistic designs that include elements of nature are seen as elegant.

    If you agree with this method, a beautiful candle mix can replace the pretentious floral arrangements. Incorporate a variety of sizes of basic glass vases, white candles, a single flower, and some foliage for visual interest. In addition to saving money, you may illuminate your location in a spectacular way with these inventive centrepieces.

    Lanterns Made Of White Paper

    You've located the perfect location, but something is off about the walls or ceiling. The use of paper lanterns is an inexpensive option that won't break the bank. While balloons could be a low-cost substitute, paper lanterns are not only more stylish but also more eco-friendly because they can be used multiple times. Use clean white lanterns to make an arch in the ceiling or decorate any other surface for a Pinterest-worthy welcome setting. Paper lanterns are a terrific option for adding texture and warmth to barren or inflexible inside settings, as well as to wedding tents and outdoor ceremonies. If you want your area to look costly, use a monochromatic colour scheme with white or off-white as the primary colour. Beautiful foliage, such as ferns, Ruscus, and huckleberries, can provide another dimension.

    Handmade Eucalyptus Napkin Bands

    If you want to impress your guests without breaking the bank, just rely on nature for your napkin rings. For a very cheap and ecological napkin ring, rely on eucalyptus and the string of your choosing; this year's wedding trends emphasise greenery everywhere, from the guestbook to the chair décor; the wilder the greenery, the better.

    This year's elegant wedding trends call for less glitz and glam in the decorations, so it's hard to go wrong with adding natural elements from the seaside, woodland, orchard, or lush garden.

    Medicinal Centerpieces Made From Dried Flowers

    For a number of years now, apothecary has been a popular choice for wedding decorations, and if you're planning a luxurious rustic affair, you can't go wrong with this style. Darker coloured vintage bottles are a perfect match for a bouquet of dry flowers.

    • The end result is one-of-a-kind, boho centrepieces that save you money over conventional floral arrangements.
    • A wedding with muted colours, an autumn wedding, an outdoor wedding with sleek and warm elements, or a wedding in a charmingly unconventional location would all be ideal.

    For a look that is genuine, rustic-chic, and ageless, pair these focal points with as many natural materials as possible, such as brown woods, raffia, burlap, cotton, linens, and terracotta bowls. Our list of Melbourne Wedding Decorators have you covered for all your wedding day decoration needs.

    Ribbon Chair Decorations

    • Finding inexpensive chair decorations is difficult, especially when you need a large quantity.
      • Ribbon is the way out of this predicament. When you choose a carefully curated colour palette and natural textiles, the ribbon is both inexpensive and stylish.
    • Buying ribbon in bulk, then cutting and tying it yourself or with the help of friends, can surely reduce costs as well.
    • Subtly moving in the breeze or wind, these wedding chair decorations are excellent for an outdoor wedding — whether you're getting married on the beach or in a backyard.
    • Chairs made of natural wood will complement your wacky decor better than plastic or highly polished furniture.

    Create The Illusion Of An Extremely Expensive Wedding Gown.

    How Can I Easily Make A Cheap Dress Look Fancier?

    Some factors that contribute to a dress's lower price include flimsier construction, less finishing, and less support (such as unfinished seams and a lack of interfacing to prevent buckling). Underwear that is both flawless and form-fitting will help with this problem; you can find it at bridal shops and "corset" stores. When a dress has clean lines but is otherwise unremarkable, a beaded belt can make all the difference.

    What Kind Of Extras Would Turn Up The Level Of Luxury?

    Luxuriate with a lovely veil and a beaded belt. If it's longer than your elbow, it'll do. It would be appropriate for the veil to also feature lace if the dress did. The same is valid with beading.

    How Important Are Shoes To A Bride's Ensemble?

    Shoe ornaments on the toes can catch on the hemline of the wedding dress, which might cause the bride to trip or even shred the fabric. For the best garter photographs, we recommend wearing stunning footwear (when the bride lifts her gown and reveals the boots). However, we recommend keeping things simple for the actual procession down the aisle. The colour works for me!

    Are Effects Of Hair And Makeup Considered?

    The way you style your hair and apply your makeup can drastically change the look of your clothing. If the ceremony and reception are taking place during the day, you can appear lovely and carefree with a great blowout or gelled hair and no makeup. However, the bride should have a better groomed coif and more noticeable makeup for the formal or semi-formal event where she will wear the headpiece and veil. Those modifications might completely alter the style of her gown.

    Have You Seen Any Potential Problems?

    If the item is cheap (not just on sale), it may be made of low-quality materials, have an unfinished inside, have the beads glued on rather than sewed on, or have other aesthetic flaws. However, this is not always the case. Take a look at the outside and inside of the garment to see whether the seams are misaligned or pulling. Another red flag would be if the beads came off during the trying on process. Is it lined correctly? Is there a way to see through it? Have you noticed any itching? In other words, be on the lookout for these things.


    Future brides, hear my plea for your thoughts on how to add a touch of grandeur to your wedding without breaking the bank. Picture frames, baskets, candlestick holders, and even old books may be upcycled into beautiful wedding decorations. You may get the lush look you've always desired by using flowers in a variety of ways. If you want a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank, don't be afraid to use metals. Gold spray paint is a simple way to glam up recycled materials like jars, cans, and tins.

    If you adhere to a white and metallic colour scheme for your wedding, you may get a high-end aesthetic without breaking the bank. Used jars of spaghetti sauce, jelly, etc., can be transformed into lovely new ornaments. Mylar balloons with gold numbers are a classy and festive addition to any gathering. Brings an instant air of class and romanticism to any space. To bring the beach vibes to your formal dinner, use seashells as place cards.

    Make a sea of pastel pink carnations for an Instagram-worthy portrait shoot. It's hard to go wrong with natural components, especially as wedding trends this year call for less sparkle and glam in the decorations. Paper lanterns are a great way to personalise and soften up otherwise sterile or rigid indoor spaces, as well as outdoor venues like wedding tents and ceremonies. Less expensive wedding dresses typically have weaker construction, inferior finishing, and less support, all of which contribute to their reduced price (such as unfinished seams and lack of interfacing). Flawless, form-fitting underwear, available at bridal shops and "corset" stores, can aid with this issue.

    Wearing beautiful shoes can provide for the most memorable garter photos. What you wear can look very different depending on how you do your hair and put on your makeup. Check the inside and outside of the garment for signs of seam ripping or misalignment.

    Content Summary

    1. You're trying to save money, but you don't want your wedding to look cheap.
    2. If you stick to these rules, your wedding will look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.
    3. When it comes to wedding planning, most brides have found Pinterest to be both helpful and annoying.
    4. cheap wedding ideas that seem lavish.
    5. Take a look at these cheap but chic wedding décor ideas to add a touch of elegance to your special day.
    6. The most stunning parts of your wedding's decor may already be sitting around your home waiting to be discovered.
    7. You can use your flowers in two ways to get the gorgeous look you've always desired.
    8. Use the same bouquets that were placed along the aisles to adorn the tables at the reception.
    9. Many of your friends and relatives have probably already tied the knot and can give you their leftover wedding supplies.
    10. You should ask about the napkin rings and tablecloths.
    11. An inexpensive alternative to buying gold or silver items for centrepieces, decor, or place settings is investing in a few cans of spray paint (and believe me, it's a little investment).
    12. If you want a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank, don't be afraid to use metals.
    13. and spray-paint them to look like gold.
    14. Color Scheme for a White Wedding White, in its most basic form, is anything but boring; it's glam and can be worked into an elegant look without breaking the bank.
    15. Throw balloons at them to make them take off and leave you alone.
    16. The birthday party isn't the only occasion that calls for party balloons.
    17. Aim to Lighten the Ambiance.
    18. Check out Pinterest for ideas, and then see what you can accomplish on your own.
    19. Strive for a sophisticated tone in your writing.
    20. Conch-shaped menus The iridescence of mother-of-pearl centrepieces looks beautiful on a reception table.
    21. To bring the beach vibes to your formal dinner, use seashells as place cards.
    22. If you're going for a whimsical vibe and an oceanic theme, include a miniature white spherical candy on each place card to mimic a pearl.
    23. Candlelit Decorations Considering the exorbitant price of fresh, gorgeous flowers, the centrepieces at your wedding will likely take up the majority of your decoration money.
    24. If you agree with this approach, then the pretentious flower arrangements can be swapped out for a gorgeous candle mixture.
    25. These creative focal points can save you money and give a dramatic glow to your venue.
    26. Paper lanterns are a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive decorations.
    27. Create a ceiling arch or embellish any other surface with clean white lanterns for a Pinterest-worthy greeting.
    28. Handcrafted Eucalyptus Napkin Clamps Napkin rings made from natural materials will impress your visitors and won't break the wallet.
    29. A bunch of dried flowers looks great in a dark vintage bottle.
    30. The perfect wedding would have muted colours, take place in the autumn, feature elegant and warm components, or be held in a delightfully unexpected setting.
    31. You can save money by buying ribbon in bulk and then cutting it and tying it yourself or with the help of friends.
    32. These wedding chair decorations are perfect for a beach or garden ceremony because of their gentle swaying motion in the wind.
    33. Chairs created from natural wood, as opposed to plastic or highly polished furniture, would better complement your eccentric design.
    34. Enjoy the finer things in life with the help of a pretty veil and a beaded belt.
    35. When the dress has lace, so should the veil.
    36. The bride could trip or tear the hemline of her dress if she wore shoes with embellishments on the toes.
    37. Wearing beautiful shoes will make for the most photogenic garter shots (when the bride lifts her gown and reveals the boots).
    38. The actual walk down the aisle, however, should be kept as straightforward as possible.
    39. I really like this shade of blue!
    40. What you wear can look very different depending on how you do your hair and put on your makeup.
    41. If both the ceremony and the reception will take place during the day, you can look stunning and carefree with just a blowout or some gel in your hair and no makeup.
    42. The bride, however, should have a more polished hairstyle and more noticeable makeup for the black-tie or semi-formal event she will be attending while wearing the headpiece and veil.
    43. Incorporating those changes could drastically alter the look of her dress.
    44. It's possible that the low price (not only the sale price) is due to the item's shoddy construction, incomplete interior, poorly bonded beads, or other design defects.
    45. Check the inside and outside of the garment for signs of seam ripping or misalignment.
    46. This means you should actively search for them.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Look Expensive

    On average, couples spent 25.5% more than their original wedding budget, with most Australian couples starting their wedding budget at around $25,677. Of course, your wedding budget is always going to depend on you and your own financial situation.

    Delicate white florals, plenty of lush greenery, light linens, and minimal decor: These tried and true wedding details will never go out of style. And if you're a couple that prefers timelessness over trends, we suggest planning your ceremony and reception in a classic wedding style.

    According to The Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average wedding costs $33,900, including the engagement ring.

    • Keep it small. One of the biggest keys to keeping costs down is to limit the number of people you invite.
    • Stick to a single venue. Rather than pay for a ceremony at one place and a reception at another, Smith and Styles opted to hold both at the same location.
    • Avoid prime wedding times.

    You might be aware that the bride's family is expected to cover the majority of the wedding day costs, while the groom's family pays for a variety of extra activities, like the rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon.

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