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    The speeches given during a wedding are a crucial element of the ceremony. A wedding is an opportunity for the couple and their families to express their gratitude to those who have supported them in their lives and on their wedding day. Over the years, we've witnessed a wide variety of inspiring, moving, and hilarious speeches. There have also been "car accident" ones where the audience collectively shudders in fear for the speaker. This blog post is being written to warn readers of that exact situation.

    Looking for the ultimate Wedding Reception Venue in Melbourne? Look no further, Boutique events group is here. We've all gone to weddings where the toasts ranged from hilarious to terrible, and now it's your turn to give a speech at your best friend's big day. No of your comfort level in front of an audience, we've compiled some advice to help you share your happiness with the happy couple in a way that will keep the guests enthralled rather than wishing it would end already.

    Traditionally, the maid of honour and the best man are close companions from early life, college roommates, or even family members. Not only do these special guests play a pivotal part during the ceremony, but they also get to deliver a heartfelt and humorous wedding toast to the happy couple and their guests afterwards. The Manor's wedding planners offer easy advice to make sure your speech goes off without a hitch, such as writing down your ideas and practising your delivery.

    A few weeks ago, we went to a wedding and got to hear seven or more different speeches from the couple's loved ones. All the statements were excellent in terms of content; they were all extremely passionate and warm, and they clearly came from a position of genuine concern for the couple. An honour and a daunting responsibility, being asked to give a speech at a wedding can bring out the best and worst in people. The notion of standing in front of an audience is terrifying enough, but then you have to add the pressure of having to come up with a speech that will be both funny and touching. And there's no pressure or anything, right?

    It's probably best to start with some broad advice for all public speakers.

    These suggestions are meant as a starting point; feel free to make adjustments to make them work for your special day. The bride may wish to make a brief speech in addition to, or in place of, the groom. Also, it is not uncommon for me to hear the bride or groom's mother give a toast in place of the father. No one should be made to say anything they don't want to say or do on their wedding day, so keep in mind that you get to pick what occurs with speeches.

    David Marcotte, owner of Ovation Communication and our resident guru, has spoken at no fewer than eight weddings and teaches presentation skills like it's his job (because it is). Following is a synopsis of our conversation with him, divided into two parts: broad recommendations and specific recommendations for organising the speech.

    Wedding Speech Writing

    Collect Your Resources

    Now that the rules of conduct have been established, you can begin working on your speech. We suggest removing the strain by having a brainstorming session to help get the ideas flowing instead of staring at a blank page. When he got to the bride's family, he'd talk about how friendly they were. You may bring up the father's earlier praise. After that he'd express his appreciation for his parents and all they'd done for him over the years. Following this, he would present each mum with a bouquet of flowers and a small present. The groom then expresses gratitude to the groomsmen, and he may or may not highlight the assistance they provided in wedding preparations.

    Create a Proper Introductory Statement

    Even if some members of the family may already be familiar with you, you should start your speech by formally introducing yourself to the audience. Guests at a wedding need just hear a brief, straightforward introduction from you to know your relationship to the happy couple. Think about telling the story of how you came to know the bride and groom, and how being their maid of honour or best man means so much to you. A brief introduction helps you gain the audience's trust and sets the tone for the rest of the toast.

    There may have been "cracks in the pavement," however, in the delivery of a few of the addresses. They weren't absolutely bad, though. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that they were really happy for the pair.

    So, if you're trying to get ready for your wedding speech obligations but are experiencing writer's block, don't worry; we've got you covered. Keep reading for our top suggestions on creating an amazing wedding speech that leaves an indelible impression, including etiquette advice and phrasing examples.

    If you can, first draught your message on paper or in a word processor so it's easy to read and understand. As anxiety set in, We've witnessed many people's handwriting become difficult to decipher. When you're feeling anxious, writing it down will help you concentrate. If you can keep your focus, you will be more effective.

    Aware of Who You're Addressing

    You not only have the bride and groom to talk to, but also a large number of guests. It would be nice if the stories could be enjoyed by any grandchildren or elderly guests who might be there.

    Disclose a Narrative

    Extend on the introductory remarks by relating an endearing or hilarious anecdote about the bride or groom. No matter how meaningful inside jokes are to you, remember that your audience likely won't get them and may feel alienated as a result. Pick an upbeat narrative and avoid excessive teasing.

    Also, let's be honest: it's not simple to give a speech in front of three hundred people, many of whom are complete strangers to you (or, even worse, people who already know you rather well). To that end, I'd want to thank all of the contributors for taking the time and initiative to pen their ideas and good comments and for having the guts to actually publish them.

    Toss in Appropriate Tales.

    The best part of any wedding reception is hearing everyone's hilarious and heartwarming anecdotes about the happy couple. However, be selective in your use of anecdotes, and make sure they add anything to the discussion. If you're having trouble coming up with an idea, it might help to go through old photographs or have a talk with some close friends or family members. By working through these suggestions in a brainstorming session, you'll have the framework for a captivating, humorous, and uniquely yours speech.

    Ignore Ex-Girlfriends, no matter how amusing you may find the narrative. Avoid using internet-sourced cliches if you can help it. Most individuals will be familiar with them. Don't include alcohol in too many of your stories.

    What else can we say? To begin, share some background information about you two, such as how you originally met and how long you've been friends. Just select one or two humorous, wholesome anecdotes from your life and go with them. By way of illustration, "Karen is an extremely focused, driven, and skilled individual because she was capable of learning a fully rehearsed choreographed dance in a short amount of time. This demonstrates how quickly she can learn new material." Verify if the anecdote supports the assessment you're making about the individual.

    Let Your Voice Be Heard, Please.

    Wedding Speech Melbourne

    You should hold it quite close to your mouth. Indeed, near the top. Avoid being timid. Your audience won't be able to hear you very well if the microphone is more than two to three inches away from your mouth, however this will vary depending on the quality of the sound system. To that end, some light teasing is fine if it fits in with your connection with the pair, but avoid making anyone sound bad. You should only employ lighthearted humour if you are positive it will be received well.


    During the wedding toast, having the role of being the best man or maid of honor needs both dignity and obligation. You are required to introduce yourself to the wedding guests, but more significantly, you need to demonstrate your love for the happy couple. When it is time to give your speech, you may ease any anxieties you may be experiencing by directing all of your effort towards giving the finest wedding speech you can and by living in the present.

    Guidelines for an Excellent Wedding Remark

    Write your speech after you've taken a step back to consider the big picture. Whether you're the maid of honour, best man, or a member of the bridal party, there are some rules of etiquette to follow to make sure your speech is remembered for the right reasons. Talk through your planned remarks with someone you know you can trust. A joke that sounds great in your head could fall flat when said aloud. Consider timing yourself as you read the speech. Find out if they think it addresses all the key issues. Should I shorten it? Could it be made better in any way? Stop taking criticism personally and utilise it to hone your delivery.

    Crucial is one's frame of mind.

    David advises: "Toast, don't roast." You should be there to help them celebrate their love, not to show off how well you know their most embarrassing moments. This also indicates that inside jokes should be utilised sparingly, if at all. If you can't explain the joke in one sentence, your guests probably won't grasp the joke. Conclude this section of the toast by praising the couple and sharing why your friendship with them is meaningful. In doing so, you demonstrate your genuine appreciation for the close relationship you share. Excellent, entertaining remarks were given by some. The 'problems' with the others diminished their potential influence. In this article, we will discuss the most important "unspoken guidelines" for a wedding toast:

    • You need not be funny in order to do this. At a wedding, no one is looking for a stand-up routine from the speakers. Do not put undue stress on yourself to succeed. At a later time, We will go into greater detail about this.
    • Finally, try to reduce your wedding speech to no more than five minutes. There should be a heartfelt reasoning behind even the briefest wedding toast, and five minutes is a lot of time for a declaration. David points out that we are only sharing the limelight and not trying to take it for ourselves.

     Need help planning your wedding? Check out our list of Wedding Event Planners here. 

    At this point in the speech, the focus shifts to the better half of the couple. On kick things off, describe your initial thoughts about the spouse or your best friend's reaction to finally meeting them. Include more reasons why this partner is the perfect fit. Your wedding speech might also be an opportunity to elaborate on the couple's romantic commitment to one another.

    Some were incomprehensible because the speaker never looked up from their paper; others had too many inside jokes; and yet others seemed to "miss the mark" when relating stories about the pair (and a little confused). Perfect wedding speeches have equal parts heartfelt expression and humorous banter. A huge audience may feel uneasy if your speech is extremely sentimental and mushy.

    The best man steps up to the mic and announces that he will serve as the evening's Comparé. Then he turns to the groom's father and gives him the floor. If he has passed away, another close relative may represent the family. When it comes time to introduce the Father of the Groom or another family member, the Best Man does so. When it's time for the groom to be introduced, the best man does so.

    How to Organize Your Wedding Remarks

    When it comes time to give your wedding toast, where do you even begin? Simple as counting to three

    1. The beginning point should be a springboard. You might introduce yourself to the Bride and Groom and share how you know them with a humorous anecdote or a cute narrative. Keep in mind that the purpose of the wedding toast is to celebrate the union of the couple, not to establish that they are friends. So, keep it brief and avoid listing your chronological story such as, "First we met in elementary school, then I transferred for two years, then we were in high school but not too close anymore until summer before college."

    After introducing the bride and groom, you can build on your initial views by incorporating a heartfelt statement as your speech's main takeaway. The love of the pair and the beginning of their life together can be described through a metaphor. Finding a common ground of connection for the pair to hold dear is the key to selecting an apt metaphor.

    The bright side, though, is that many of these problems could have been easily rectified with some little tweaks and generalised heightened awareness. Contrarily, if it's too light and humorous, it could be misunderstood as disrespectful or fake. Your speech will be more effective if you split the time in half.

    Immediately following the Groom's speech, the groomsmen will deliver a few cards. Most of the time, couples will use only a select few that hold special significance to them. If you're at the wedding, you probably won't read the tags of those who aren't there. Those who are unable to travel are the usual recipients.

    The best man's speech closes out the wedding toasts. At a wedding, he typically gives the final toast. Find the sticky middle. Here is the place to share your congratulations and well wishes with the happy couple. Keep in mind the feeling you want to evoke and the fact that you are there to vouch for their love. At this point, it is appropriate to thank anyone who has helped make the party possible. If you want more advice on how to give a great maid of honour toast, read our earlier piece.

    Likening the couple's love to a rainbow or the infinite number of grains of sand on a beach, respectively, is a touching and unforgettable metaphor. The idea of eternal love works well for a wedding toast even if you don't want to use a metaphor. As such, here are six tips (PLUS one make-it-or-break-it one) to give a fantastic wedding speech and ensure that it is heard, understood, and appreciated, based on a sample size of wedding speeches from very different types of people:

    • A wedding speech should be between two and five minutes long. It's the ideal length for making an impactful speech without boring the audience or delaying the reception.

    Message from the Groom's Father

    Very little differentiates the speech given by the father of the groom from that of the father of the bride. To officially welcome the bride into the family is the primary responsibility of the father of the groom. The groom typically begins by relating a humorous anecdote from the time he first met the bride, and then moves on to discuss his son and why he is so proud of him now. Usually the speech is around 5 minutes long, but I've seen it go on for longer. He would raise a glass to the happy couple and offer his best wishes for their future together.

    Wedding Speech from the Groom's Father

    The fundamental responsibility of the father of the bride is to make the Groom feel welcome in the family. He can begin by expressing appreciation to those in attendance. Usually, he starts by telling a comical story about the first time he met the Groom, and then moves on to how proud he is of his daughter now.

    Toast each other with a raised glass and a closed mouth. When our nerves are on edge, it's easy to go on and on. You should practise this closing phrase so that it comes out more naturally and ends things on a positive note when your eyes start to bulge. The toast "So please join me in toasting (wedding and husband) as they start this next chapter together" works just as well without the glass-clinking.

    Concluding a speech might be challenging, but you can easily wrap up a wedding toast by saying something like, "I hope this is the beginning of many joyous celebrations for the couple" or "I wish them every happiness in the world." Difficulty in hearing the presenters was the most frequently reported issue. Quite a bit of "what did he say?" buzzed around the room. There was however no issue with the audio equipment. Pay attention, then, speakers:

    Personalising your speech with humorous anecdotes is a terrific idea, but don't share any tales of public humiliation (or bring up ex-lovers!) that could make your audience uncomfortable. Don't let the place get dirty!

    Whenever he brings up her childhood, he always brings up an amusing anecdote. Usually the speech is around 5 minutes long, but I've seen it go on for longer. The Groom will express gratitude to all of the vendors during his own speech, so there's no need for him to do so. He would raise a glass to the happy couple and wish them well in their marriage.

    Always be sure to directly address the couple in the toast. When the ceremony is over, have everyone toast the newlyweds by raising a glass to their health and happiness in their future together. At the end, be sure to yell, "cheers!" To make the toast at your outdoor wedding even more memorable, use sparkles or lanterns.

    Talk slowly and clearly; mumbling is distracting. To avoid being overheard, many of us lower our voices and mutter when having private conversations with friends and family. People who speak quickly are just as challenging to understand. Take care not to paraphrase someone else's words. You copied and pasted from the internet. Even while speech templates are a great method to get started writing, the finest wedding speeches are always unique and reflect the speaker's bond with the happy couple.

    Wedding toast given by the groom

    An important part of any wedding is the groom's speech, which is often one of the day's most memorable moments. It's a long list of gratitude to the many people who contributed to the success of the couple's big day and their life together thus far. Typically, he gives the speech on his wife's behalf, though the bride may add a few words afterwards on rare occasions.

    To kick things off, he expresses his gratitude to each and every guest for attending the wedding. He appreciates their coming from far and wide and their many presents. Some guests may have travelled from abroad to attend the wedding, and it is customary to acknowledge them at this point.

    By keeping the toast brief, you may spend more time sharing the moment with your guests. The maid of honour or best man is given the freedom to shape the toast as she or he sees fit, as the toast should come from the heart. Get in touch with The Manor's wedding planners to get expert tips on how to offer the perfect toast at the reception. Cheers!

    Some of us talk a little faster when we're very jazzed up about something. This may be fine for a casual chat over coffee, but it won't cut it when you've got a microphone in your hand and 350 people are leaning in to catch every word. So, please, talk more slowly and clearly.

    • Take care to address the newlyweds jointly during your speech. Although you may feel more comfortable talking to one partner than the other, you should still make sure to address the entire partnership. Finally, the big day has here!

    Boutique events group has proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue and function centre in Melbourne. Book today so you don’t miss out. In the event that the speeches will take place after dinner, he expresses his gratitude to the hotel for providing such delicious fare. He praises the hotel's wedding manager for her assistance in organising the big day. To follow, he would express his appreciation to the priest who officiated the wedding for a job well done. At this point, some heartfelt praise would be greatly appreciated.

    Then, he'd express gratitude to anybody who had assisted him that day, whether friend or relative. A good example would be if someone else did the driving, baked the cake, or sent out the invitations.

    The flower girl and page boy would then receive their gifts at this time, and he would express his gratitude. When you talk, make sure to look at people on both sides of the room. It's true that the speech is focused on the happy couple. However, keep in mind that you have an entire audience listening to your words; they should be acknowledged.

    Make eye contact, act alive and enthusiastic, and smile even if you're so scared you could puke up. It's normal to be nervous, and it's okay if your paper is shaky as a result. You shouldn't waste any time making excuses for your anxiety. Get out your journal and pen, because we're going on a trip down memory lane.

    • How would you describe the bride or groom as an individual?
    • Exactly how do we see these characteristics at work?
    • When did you first meet your future spouse?

    After that, he'd raise a glass to the bridesmaid and express his gratitude for all her hard work in planning the wedding. Last but not least, he would express his gratitude to his stunning wife. Now is the time when he might tell a hilarious story or talk about how he and she first met. Typically, he would conclude his speech with a toast to the bride. You should allot twenty-five minutes or so for the speech.

    Everyone in the audience will probably give you a standing ovation just for being out there, and they won't be expecting you to be flawless. Also, know that many people are reluctant to speak in public. In all of time. The fact that you're even considering it is already a triumph.

    • What was your first impression of them, and how has this evolved?
    • What do you hope for them in the future? 
    • What are your favourite memories and experiences together?
    • What makes them such a great match?
    • What do you admire about their relationship?

    The Irish Best Man's Toast

    The best man's speech is notorious for containing inaccurate information. Everyone has witnessed a wedding with a best man who tried too hard to be hilarious. My first piece of advise is to not imbibe heavily the night before your speech. Alcohol consumption caused by nervousness is the primary cause of mishaps. You should get ready for anything. In addition to the aforementioned, you should also consider practising your presentation and printing out a clear copy.



    The bride and groom can thank their loved ones for their help and friendship on their wedding day and throughout their lives. Besides playing important roles in the ceremony itself, the maid of honour and best man also traditionally provide a poignant and hilarious wedding toast to the newlyweds and their guests. In addition to, or in instead of, the groom, the bride may also choose to give a brief speech. When it comes to the wedding ceremony, no one should be forced to speak or do anything they are uncomfortable with. To alleviate the pressure, we propose holding a brainstorming session to generate new ideas.

    Having to make a speech in front of three hundred people, many of whom are strangers, at a wedding is not an easy task. Following these guidelines can help ensure that your wedding speech is one to remember, whether you're the maid of honour, best man, or another member of the bridal party. The best wedding speeches are a mix of sincere emotion and lighthearted fun. Even the shortest wedding toast should have a meaningful purpose. Keep your wedding speech to no more than five minutes; this is a long time for a proclamation.

    If you want to make an impression at a wedding, you don't have to be hilarious. Where do you even begin when planning a wedding toast? The ideal length for a wedding speech is between two and five minutes. It's just the right duration for creating an impression on an audience without losing their attention. We had no technical difficulties with the sound system.

    So, listen up, people who have something to say. Don't allow the environment to deteriorate by allowing filth to accumulate. One of the most memorable parts of many wedding ceremonies is the groom's toast to the bride and groom. The toast can be written in whatever way the maid of honour or best man chooses.

    Talk to the wedding coordinators at The Manor to learn more about giving a memorable toast at the reception. Make sure you're addressing the happy couple as a unit. The Irish best man's speech is infamous for being full of falsehoods. Plan on spending about 25 minutes delivering the speech. They won't demand perfection from you, so the audience will likely give you a standing ovation just for showing up.

    Content Summary

    1. It's impossible to imagine a wedding without the toasts that are delivered.
    2. It's your turn to give a speech at your best friend's wedding, and we've all been to weddings when the toasts ranged from amusing to dreadful.
    3. The Manor's wedding planners have some simple tips to help you nail your speech, like making a draught and practising your delivery.
    4. Being invited to give a speech at a wedding may be both an honour and a terrifying duty.
    5. In addition to, or in instead of, the groom, the bride may also choose to give a brief speech.
    6. In addition, I have witnessed numerous instances where the mother of the bride or groom gave a toast in lieu of the father.
    7. Make Sure Your Opening Statement Is Appropriate It is customary to begin a speech with a formal introduction to the audience, even if some of the family members may already know you.
    8. Establishing credibility and setting the tone for the rest of the toast are both accomplished by a brief introduction.
    9. Read on for some of our best advice, including etiquette tips and sample phrases, on how to deliver a wedding speech that will be remembered for a lifetime.
    10. Expose a Story Add to the opening remarks by telling a funny or touching story about the couple being married.
    11. The best way to calm your nerves before giving a wedding speech is to focus on giving a great speech and being in the moment.
    12. If you want your speech as maid of honour, best man, or member of the bridal party to be remembered fondly, there are some norms of etiquette to adhere to.
    13. Take a stopwatch into account as you read the speech.
    14. Conclude this portion of the toast by heaping praise on the couple and discussing the significance of your friendship with them.
    15. The "unspoken guidelines" for a wedding toast are discussed in this article. It's not necessary to have a sense of humour to achieve this.
    16. Be but not least, your toast during the wedding should last no longer than five minutes.
    17. You could use your wedding speech to focus on the couple's love for one another.
    18. Who knows where to start when writing the perfect wedding toast?
    19. A metaphor can be used to express the couple's love and the beginning of their life together.
    20. Cutting your speech time in half will increase its effectiveness.
    21. The wedding toasts are concluded by the best man's speech.
    22. Even if you don't want to utilise a metaphor, the concept of eternal love can be used in a wedding toast.
    23. Thus, based on a sample size of wedding speeches from very various types of individuals, here are six guidelines (PLUS one make-it-or-break-it-one) to give a beautiful wedding speech and ensure that it is heard, understood, and appreciated: The ideal length for a wedding speech is between two and five minutes.
    24. Note from the Future Bridegroom's Dad There aren't many key differences in the speeches given by the fathers of the bride and groom.
    25. The groom's father has the important role of formally welcoming the bride into the family.
    26. Father of the Groom's Wedding Remarks The role of the bride's father is crucial in ensuring that the groom feels accepted into the family.
    27. All right, you talkers, listen up: While it's great to put your own spin on your speech with hilarious anecdotes, you shouldn't tell any stories of public embarrassment (or bring up ex-lovers!) that could make your audience feel awkward.
    28. Keep the facility clean, please!
    29. When giving a toast, it is customary to specifically address the happy couple.
    30. The groom's wedding speech The speech given by the groom is an integral component of every wedding and is typically cited as a favourite wedding day memory.
    31. The toast should come from from the heart, therefore the maid of honour or best man is allowed to shape it whatever she or he feels fit.
    32. Talk to the wedding coordinators at The Manor to learn more about giving a memorable toast at the reception.
    33. When speaking to the newlyweds, be sure to address them both at once.
    34. Sure, the toast is all about the newlyweds.
    35. He would customarily salute the bride at the end of his speech.
    36. Plan on spending about 25 minutes delivering the speech.
    37. A Toast from the Irish Best Man Inaccuracies are often found in the best man's speech.
    38. First of all, don't go out drinking too hard the night before giving your presentation.
    39. Prepare yourself for anything that may happen.

    What Should A Father Of The Bride Speech Include? A traditional father of the bride speech includes a few key elements such as welcoming the guests, anecdotes and compliments about your daughter, a welcome to your new son-in-law or daughter-in-law, words of advice and a toast to the new couple.

    The core of the father of the groom speech will be telling funny anecdotes about your son and toasting the newlyweds. ... Talk about his partner, meeting them for the first time and how happy your son is. Welcome his partner into the family and give them advice as a couple. Raise a toast to the newlyweds.

    May you continue to love, grow, and laugh together from this day forward. Let's raise our glass to Jason and Donna. Today we celebrate your wedding and may you continue to celebrate your marriage from this day forward. I wish you both all the happiness that life has to offer and my love is with you both always.

    The short answer: Yes, but you've got to get it right. Some may think it's gauche for a mother of the bride or groom to too closely match the bridesmaids, but tradition actually dictates that the moms should wear attire that complements what your bridal party will be wearing.

    In a traditional wedding ceremony order, the vows are followed by the ring exchange. The groom usually goes first, though we invite you to be progressive. He puts the wedding band on the bride's finger while repeating a phrase like, “I give this ring as a sign of my love.” Then, it's the bride's turn.

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