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What To Do When You Can’t Decide On A Wedding Photographer?

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    The big day arrives, and it goes by faster than you could have ever imagined with all the planning and anticipation leading up to it. You should take your time and enjoy every second of it, but you'll probably want it to last forever. The greatest approach to get a return on the money and time you invested into your wedding is to keep physical reminders of the special moments you shared with your loved ones. In light of this, we have polled some of our favourite experts to find out what they think makes for the perfect wedding photographer.

    A common error some brides make when choosing their wedding photographer is to not do enough research. The phrase "You receive your negatives" is very appealing, but when exactly do "you get your negatives?" Extra prints, if any, will cost the same as the base price, which sounds wonderful. Many times, brides will purchase a wedding package with the full knowledge that they will not use all of the items included, but will do so nevertheless because they believe they are getting a better value. A "value dinner" at McDonald's has nothing on a good photograph.

    Research is required prior to making any decisions for surety. The more studios you see, the better. You should phone ahead and make an appointment as a courtesy. A higher quality of service is usually associated with friendliness and promptness of response. Get in touch with them and see if they can provide you any documents. Confront the shutterbug. Inspect their website with a discerning eye. Where do you perceive problems or gaps? The lack of expertise of the employing party is the leading cause of poor photography services. If they've ever seen a professional photographer before, it was probably at a friend's wedding, as they've never had a need to hire one themselves. There were two possible interpretations of the grouchy, sweaty old man's personality: bore or jerk. Check out our extensive list of Wedding Photographers in Melbourne to help capture your special moments.

    You are not doomed to make a blunder, though. Weddings are one of those rare situations where you only get one chance to make it right, but it seems like you're well on your way! The majority of this also applies to videographers (and other service providers) as well!

    How To Select A Photographer

    There are other little considerations that must be made before the wedding. Exactly where do you begin? Perhaps you've already decided that you don't want a big wedding and are instead setting your sights on an exotic location for a quick elopement. Get rid of the misconception that an expert photographer is unnecessary for an elopement. Small weddings and elopements are some of my favourite events to photograph.

    Hiring a professional photographer is a worthwhile investment regardless of the size of your wedding party since you will be able to cherish the memories of your special day for a lifetime through the photographs he or she takes.

    Time To Research

    Wedding Photography

    Once you have decided on a wedding date, it is time to start thinking about hiring a wedding photographer. Speaking photographers are usually hired six months to a year in advance. Finding the right photographer might be difficult. We had a huge pool of prospective photographers to choose from because there are so many imaginative, skilled people working in this field.

    Some of the writing you have read on photography has been very outstanding. Unfortunately, you have read some articles that did not value photography as an art form or an essential part of your wedding day, and were instead focused on saving as much money as possible during the wedding planning process (such as suggesting you DON'T have to eat your photographer on a full day wedding). We understand the need to cut costs wherever possible when arranging a wedding, but we firmly feel that the quality of your wedding/elopement images should not be one of them.

    Know Your Style

    Look for things that will be enjoyed not just now but tomorrow as well. You will find your own unique aesthetic in photography if you look past fleeting fads.

    "Even for the couples who aren't photography smart, I'd recommend collecting a collection of your favourite wedding images that you've seen, and asking yourself why you like them — is it the editing, composition, or their ability to capture emotion? Then, have your collection aligned by showing it to a photographer who specialises in that field.

    – Hannah McSwain

    Think About The Lighting At Your Venues.

    Assessing the amount, source, and timing of light in your venue is crucial when making plans with the photographer, whether you'll be working with a bright outdoor setting or a dim indoor setting.

    Light is the deciding factor in any photograph. A wedding in the fall or winter (when cloudy days are more common) will have a different appearance than a wedding in the summer. When it comes to lighting, a summertime ceremony held between 4 and 6 p.m. can be preferable to one held in the middle of the day. The number one piece of advice to couples is to have meaningful conversations with their photographers regarding light. In order to help a couple plan their wedding schedule so that they have the finest lighting possibilities throughout the day, a true expert should be able to clearly describe the various lighting scenarios and their potential results.

    – Jordan Voth

    Land On A Budget

    Multiple factors can affect your final figure, and after you've settled on it, there are a wide variety of services you can use it for.

    The first piece of advice when helping you figure out how much money you need is to do some digging around online. Please consult the websites of a few local wedding photographers that display their fees openly so that you may have a feel for the ballpark range from which to negotiate. Timeline and shot list expectations are also major considerations; for instance, We provide a sliding fee based on the number of hours We would be needed. If time and money are tight, but you still want images of the bride and groom getting ready for the big day, you can forego taking any shots during the reception. The final cost can be affected by adding a second photographer, among other things. Just be ready to discuss your priorities with your partner and consider options like these.

    – Kristine Cofsky

    Ask The Overlooked Questions.

    One problem is deciding which of the many possible questions to ask will provide the most useful information. The following should not be skipped if you want to get to know your photographer.

    How do you normally shoot a wedding?' In order to take pictures in the photographer's style, you need to know the photographer's shooting technique. How involved do they typically get in the action, posing individuals and making up moments, or do they like to merely observe? How directive are they vs how much do they capture of the moment? Insight into how you and the photographer interact on your wedding day is invaluable, and this question should help.

    – Shari & Mike

    Go Beyond Portfolio Highlights.

    You can get a better idea of the photographer's versatility by looking through a complete wedding portfolio or two, which should include photos of the couple, the bridal party, the ceremony, and the reception.

    Seek out a photographer whose work evokes a strong personal reaction from you. Recall a time in your life that will always be with you. Those pivotal times in our life might be thought of as a moving series of still photos. Intimacy, fear, love, anxiety, and the "indescribable" are just some of the emotions that can be captured in a single moment of recollection. Would a photographer catch you in those pivotal moments staring blankly into the lens as you try to figure out what to do with your hands? Nothing about these times is deliberate. This is not a set up. They do exist. Honest. Raw. Certainly not all the time. They're active; they're moving. There is a much larger narrative to which they contribute. Like your wedding day, only better. How does it strike a chord inside you? Check for it. It's one of those things where you'll recognise it when you see it, They think.

    – David Fiser

    Trial Run With The Engagement Photo Session.

    You can get a feel for each other's personalities and the photographer's aesthetic during the first shoot.

    We think it's so much fun to do an engagement shoot. That's just us practicing. Most engaged couples don't regularly have their photo taken, so scheduling a short session before the wedding will help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. On the wedding day, we are able to feel more like a friend and support you in ways that are most effective for you with this information. It's common for people to feel less nervous about having their picture taken during their wedding after having an engagement session and seeing that they look great in photographs.

    – Meghan Sadler

    Know Your Photo Rights.

    Clarification about the permits and legal complexities surrounding the rights to wedding images is beneficial to both you and the photographer in the long run.

    In most cases, We retain ownership of the photographs We take for my customers, however we do allow the couple or family to use the pictures for personal purposes. They are given high-resolution files for unlimited personal printing and online sharing; the only authorised alteration is cropping. You should get permission from a married couple before utilising their photo in a professional portfolio. Anything involving commercial use or business use with other suppliers is simply a dialogue, but in general, we pretty accommodating. If you have special wishes regarding the photos, please let me know and we can come to an arrangement.

    – Meghan Sadler

    Get Details On How To Edit The Timeline And Deliverables.

    The photographer's job isn't done after the last toast and dramatic leave. The suspense and excitement of looking back on your best day through images might be better managed if you know what to expect in post-production.

    That which is depicted on our website is what our couples can count on receiving in full. According to the terms of our contract, we can expect to receive their final gallery of photographs (consisting of about 1,000 professionally edited colour and black and white images) within 12 weeks. Our standard turnaround time for gallery delivery is around six weeks, although we have had some photographers take as long as six months. Some married pairs get instant downloads of high-resolution photographs and other keepsakes. Recognize that the contents and timing of each item may vary.

    – Jill & Ryan McGrath, With Love & Embers

    Make Sure You Mesh

    Choose carefully; the photographer you end up working with will be by your side all day.

    We usually recommend meeting or chatting through video chat prior to making a reservation. As a result, the pair can learn more about us and vice versa. It's totally fine if after talking to a couple we decide that our personalities and aesthetic aren't a good fit for their big day. Because we are the creatives you're entrusting with your most treasured moments and recollections, it's crucial that you choose someone with whom you can connect on a personal level. If you and your wedding photographer click, you'll be able to trust them to capture the day in a way that is authentic to both you and the day itself. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved. Looking for a Wedding Photo Company? Look no further. Boutique events group has compiled an ultimate list of wedding photo companies to help you choose.

    – Jill & Ryan McGrath, With Love & Embers

    Choosing a wedding photographer comes down to finding someone who understands your vision and connects with you on a personal level. Photographers are better able to capture your love, pleasure, and serenity when they feel a genuine connection with their subjects. Your images are all you'll have left to look back on this crazy period with, and you'll be so glad you made the effort now.

    Essential Characteristics To Look For

    Wedding Photography

    • Look for a photographer that is more concerned with capturing beautiful moments during your wedding than they are with selling you a package. The wedding will go off without a hitch because of the assistance of a friend or acquaintance. Choose a person with whom you can easily share your vision for the wedding's atmosphere. And how do you know that? She is more interested in having a conversation with you than in listing the various print sizes and their associated costs.
    • Do you think this person will be a good fit for your wedding in terms of energy and vibe? Remember that elderly, sweaty, grouchy photographer your friend hired? He was boring and obnoxious. Don't do that! Find someone who can turn the mundane task of posing for photos into an unforgettable experience. Just how does one identify a calm individual? Have a chat with the photographer and find out whether she minds if you and your loved ones take shots behind her back. The party's success depends on her ability to maintain a calm demeanour.
    • Find a person that can adapt to different working environments and styles. Try out their services and see what you think. You may go the classic route, or try something more modern like photojournalism, or go for a more artistic approach with something like black and white or candid photography. See how they react in both controlled and unpredictable environments. Is there a chance they may also take excellent portraits in a true, unposed manner? Explore your options and see what they have to offer. Keep in mind that your wedding pictures will turn out better and more naturally if you get along with the photographer.
    • Try to hire someone who is as free as possible in terms of filming locations, package sizes, and print runs. Photo shoots limited by pre-paid, pre-made packages. An album with 24 8x10s is not a source of inspiration. Paying for an album implies that you want it to appear and feel like a children's book. Instead of a photo album, it's more like an illustrated novel where the pictures tell the story. To put it bluntly, packages are rarely a smart idea because the photographer "knows" in advance what he needs to shoot and will focus solely on getting those shots. Most wedding photographers will only shoot in a handful of places. They are trying to find ways to make your order more robust. When shooting a live event like a wedding, the worst thing a photographer can do is restrict film (or digital film/exposures). Even if they claim they don't, most photographers offering packages actually limit Film exposure. Even if you bought the "24-8-10 bundle," there's nothing stopping them from merely firing a handful of rolls. Just keep in mind that once this instant has passed, it will never come again. Filming only what you want to see is the quickest way to waste time.
    • Inquire about assurances!! They need to provide a written guarantee of their performance. They should either make it right or refund your payment if the final product is significantly different from your expectations. Obtaining "preview" photographs on a CD before receiving the main product is one performance guarantee as of this writing. These are thumbnails of your digital images, like trying a little bit of ice cream before buying a whole bowl. The photographer should return your payment if you decide you don't like the finished product. The pictures are not purchased until after the customer has seen them.

    Here Is A Pet Peeve.

    Do not begin your search for a wedding photographer or any other wedding vendor with, "We are looking for someone who doesn't charge an arm and a leg." Heaved a huge sigh.

    Wedding businesses are aware that most couples do not have limitless funds at their disposal, but everyone has a different idea of what is excessively priced. Why not try being more forthright about your finances and see what kind of traction that gets you. You can see whether the photographer has put their rates on their website if you haven't already. Photographers value your time and don't wish to squander it. Therefore, you should probably not call them if they are extremely expensive and you are unwilling to make any adjustments to your budget or level of coverage.

    Bonus Tip

    When you have found your photographer, plan an engagement session as a "dry run." Spending a few hours with them is a fantastic opportunity to gauge whether or not your personalities are a good fit, to ensure that you feel relaxed and at ease with them on your wedding day, and to ensure that you obtain beautiful photographs you will cherish forever. It's a win-win situation. If either of you has a hard time being photographed, this will help you feel more comfortable on your big day. It's fine to forego the traditional engagement photo session if you're planning on eloping. You can get to know your photographer better by meeting them for coffee or by chatting with them over Zoom.  At Boutique Events Group, we have compiled a list of the Best Photographers in Melbourne to help you choose who captures your magical day.


    For some, getting their photo taken is an intimidating experience because it usually includes interacting with strangers and donning less-than-flattering attire. You can get a head start on your modelling responsibilities in the morning by taking care of a few items the night before. A well-planned and efficient execution of the shot is essential. Make sure your skin is well hydrated and that you use moisturiser the night before the shoot. Do yourself a favour and get a professional facial before your next photo shoot if you want your skin to appear its absolute best.

    Before the photo shoot, exfoliate twice a week to get your skin ready. Moisturize your skin daily to keep it supple and camera ready. Many people use self-tanners and spray tans to make their skin look younger and healthier. Don't forget to deep condition your hair a week before the session so it looks its best in the photos. Minimalists should have clean, well-shaped nails.

    A mani/pedi may be in order if you are particularly hard on your nail paint. Sugar should be used as an exfoliant in the days leading up to the photo session. Remove any dirt, oil, or bacteria from your face. Don't put on makeup if you're the kind to obsessively poke at your face for flaws. Make sure your hair is clean and dry before you head to the shoot.

    Maintaining your hair in good condition and styling it neatly gives off the impression that you are young and energetic. Before your photo shoot, give yourself a good shower to ensure that your skin looks its best in the pictures. You can wear a pinup-style bikini for a daring display of sexuality or a backless formal gown for a more understated one. Put your best foot forwards in photographs by donning figure-hugging clothes. Put away the oversized shirt, the dolman sleeves, and the batwings.

    Content Summary

    1. The best way to recoup the cost and effort of your wedding is to keep mementoes of the joyous occasions you enjoyed with loved ones.
    2. As a result, we asked some of our most trusted sources for their thoughts on what qualities a good wedding photographer should have.
    3. Not doing enough homework before selecting a photographer is a common mistake made by brides.
    4. A good photograph is far superior to a McDonald's "value dinner."
    5. Being helpful and quick to respond are hallmarks of high-quality service.
    6. The most common reason for subpar photography work is the inexperience of the client.
    7. Little details like these need to be taken care of before the big day.
    8. The idea that a professional photographer is not necessary for an elopement needs to die.
    9. Selecting a wedding date is the first step in planning for a photographer.
    10. The search for the ideal photographer could prove challenging.
    11. I suggest that all couples, photographic experts or not, compile a portfolio of their favourite wedding photos and consider what makes each of them special to them, whether it's the editing, the composition, or the ability to capture emotion.
    12. The next step is to bring your collection to a professional photographer with expertise in the industry to get it arranged.
    13. In photography, light is everything.
    14. If there's one piece of advise we could give engaged couples, it would be to have thoughtful conversations about light with their photographers.
    15. To begin estimating your financial requirements, it is recommended that you perform some preliminary research online.
    16. You can skip taking pictures at the reception if time and money are tight but you really want some pics of the bride and groom getting ready for the big day.
    17. Adding a second photographer to the mix can have an impact on the overall price.
    18. Just be prepared to talk about what's most important to both of you and contemplate compromises like these.
    19. In order to replicate the photographer's aesthetic, you must master the photographer's shooting method.
    20. Looking through a couple of full wedding portfolios, including shots of the couple, the bridal party, the ceremony, and the reception, can give you a better indication of the photographer's flexibility.
    21. Find a photographer whose work makes you feel something deep inside.
    22. Think back to a moment that will be with you forever.
    23. Much like your wedding day, but much more perfect.
    24. Be sure to look for it.
    25. A. David Fiser
    26. Engagement Photo Shoot Mockup.
    27. The first photo shoot is a great opportunity to get to know each other and the photographer's style.
    28. We love the idea of having an engagement photo shoot.
    29. If you and your fiancé are like most people, you probably don't get your picture taken very often, so it's a good idea to schedule a little session before the wedding so you can get used to being in front of the camera.
    30. M. Sadler, Meghan
    31. Acquaint yourself with your legal options regarding photographs.
    32. The photographs I take for my clients are my property, but I do let the happy couple or family use them for their own purposes.
    33. They are provided with high-resolution files for free, limitless printing and internet sharing; cropping is the only permitted editing.
    34. Before using a photo of a married couple in your portfolio, you should ask for their consent to do so.
    35. In general, we are very flexible, but we do want a conversation for anything involving commercial or business use with other providers.
    36. Please let me know if there are any specific instructions you have for the images.
    37. After the final toast and dramatic exit, the photographer's work is far from over.
    38. Knowing what to expect in post-production could help you better enjoy reliving your best day through pictures.
    39. Each couple may expect to receive exactly what is shown on our website.
    40. The final photo gallery (containing of roughly 1,000 professionally processed colour and black and white shots) is due to be delivered to us within 12 weeks, as per the conditions of our contract.
    41. Photographs and other mementoes taken during the wedding ceremony are now being made available for rapid download to some newlywed couples.
    42. Keep in mind that the details and order of each item are subject to change.
    43. If you and your wedding photographer have chemistry, your photos will reflect who you are and the atmosphere of the day.
    44. The help of a friend or acquaintance ensures that the wedding will go off without a hitch.
    45. It's important to find a wedding planner with whom you can discuss and execute your desired ambience freely.
    46. Find a someone who can make standing still for a photo shoot feel like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
    47. Find someone who can successfully adjust to a variety of settings and management styles.
    48. Give their services a shot and see what you think.
    49. Look into your choices and see what benefits they offer you.
    50. Wedding photos will turn out more naturally and beautifully if you and the photographer click.
    51. Hire someone who is flexible with shoot locations, product sizes, and print runs if at all feasible.
    52. Pre-made, pre-paid packages are the only option for photo shoots.
    53. A collection of twenty-four 8x10s will not serve as a creative catalyst.
    54. If you buy an album, it's probably because you want it to look and feel like a book for kids.
    55. It's not a collection of photographs so much as an illustrated book.
    56. The majority of wedding photographers exclusively shoot at a select few locations.
    57. The worst thing a photographer can do when shooting a real-life event like a wedding is limit film (or digital film/exposures).
    58. The simplest way to squander time is to film only what you want to watch.
    59. Make sure you have your questions answered concerning guarantees!
    60. They should promise to deliver the goods in writing.
    61. One performance guarantee as of this writing is the availability of "preview" images on a CD prior to the delivery of the main product.
    62. If you are unhappy with the final product, the photographer should refund your money.
    63. Don't go into the process of finding a wedding photographer or other wedding vendor with the mindset of "we need someone who doesn't charge a tonne of money."
    64. If you haven't done so already, check the photographer's website to see if their rates are listed.
    65. Professional photographers are aware of how valuable your time is and aim to respect it.
    66. After deciding on a photographer, it's a good idea to schedule a "mock" wedding photo shoot called an engagement session.
    67. Spending a few hours with them before the wedding is a great way to get to know each other, feel comfortable around each other, and ensure that you get stunning images that you will love forever.
    68. If you're eloping, you don't need to have an engagement photo shoot.
    69. Coffee dates and Zoom chats are great ways to get to know your photographer before the big shoot.

    FAQs About Wedding Photographer

    You hire a photographer to come and help you out during one of the most important weddings of your season. Unfortunately, the photographer shows up late, entirely unprepared, with empty batteries, no flash, and a completely different camera system than you normally use. 

    Make sure you have a wedding photo checklist in the form of a PDF printed out so that you and your partner each have a copy. Check to see that both parties are aware of what they are photographing.

    Both photographers will be able to avoid capturing pictures of the same subject in this way. The ideal way would be to have a wedding photography checklist that could be printed out.

    While some photographers will always have an assistant on hand, others will decide whether or not they require one, depending on the scale of your event. If they do not often work with assistance, adding an assistant or a second photographer to your contract will probably result in an additional charge being assessed.

    The majority of contracts state that the photographer owns the rights to any and all photographs taken at the wedding, including any of yourself that may have been captured. In other words, the photographer is free to publish them on their website or blog for marketing, send them off to be published, and even use them in advertisements.

    Hiring a professional wedding photographer is an investment, even though this is an unfortunate reality. After the wedding, when you return from your honeymoon and get to see your wedding photos and album, you will know that it is worth having a professional photographer, and you will realise the advantage of working with one. However, this may not be something you see on the wedding day.

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