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55+ Places to buy Best Wedding & Engagement Rings in New Zealand

It's your big day, and you are looking for the perfect wedding ring. There can be a lot of pressure to find the right one, so we've compiled a list of some best places in New Zealand where you can buy rings for weddings or engagements.

If you're looking for the best places to buy wedding and engagement rings in New Zealand, then this post is for you! We've compiled a list of different stores that offer beautiful pieces at various price points.

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    Places to Buy Best Wedding & Engagement Rings in New Zealand

    Temple and Grace Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Temple and Grace Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    09 889 3111

    New Zealand's Finest Engagement And Wedding Rings

    Planning for your big day is exciting, and Temple and Grace can ensure that your special day is celebrated in style with finely crafted engagement rings and wedding bands. Temple and Grace take pride in being trusted New Zealand based engagement and wedding ring specialists. Being master jewel-smiths themselves means that every piece of jewellery is handmade with careful attention to detail. If you're planning for your big moment, you can buy wedding rings online in New Zealand conveniently with a no-risk guarantee. Temple and Grace have over a thousand wedding bands and wedding ring sets to choose from. While the engagement ring and wedding ring look is important, it is recommended that you keep both your choice of precious metal and lifestyle in mind.

    To ensure that you get the best value for your money, it is pivotal to note that when you buy engagement rings, diamond rings, and wedding rings online from Temple and Grace, you will save over 40% when compared to high-street jewellery retailers. So how do you save so much? It's simple. All Temple and Grace jewellery is made in-house. Every diamond ring, engagement ring and wedding band you see online is handcrafted directly at the Temple and Grace jewellery boutique. We don't have expensive high-street rentals and primarily sell jewellery online. We are also renowned goldsmiths and loose diamond specialists ourselves. With an in-depth understanding of precious metal such as gold and platinum, we guarantee that we can make you the finest diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings. Shop online from Temple and Grace to experience finesse and high-quality wedding and engagement jewellery.

    The Story Behind The Making Of Temple And Grace

    The difference between classy high-end jewellery and cheap-looking jewellery is the finesse with which it is made. Temple and Grace's jewellery is crafted with much-needed passion and precision. Trading in fine jewellery is very different from making fine jewellery. Being skilful jewel-smiths, Temple and Grace understand how to make gold and diamond jewellery to exacting standards. When you open a Temple and Grace wedding ring box, you can see how beautifully the ring has been made. The smiles on the clients' faces keep Temple and Grace in business day after day. A wedding is a special occasion and choosing a reputed jeweller is vital. A perfect wedding ring cannot be bought off-the-shelf. Even if you like a certain ring style, it needs to be customised precisely to your finger size. A well-crafted platinum or gold wedding band looks extraordinary and feels ultra-comfortable. Since 2015, Temple and Grace have been passionate about handcrafting the finest gold rings, platinum rings and diamond rings for men and women. You will also find a fine selection of women's jewellery, including gold bracelets, diamond bracelets, necklaces, earrings and gemstone rings.

    The success of Temple and Grace is due to continually striving to design, handcraft and retail the most stunning wedding bands and engagement rings online. If you're looking for cheap wedding rings, Temple and Grace have New Zealand's largest range of titanium wedding rings, zirconium wedding rings and stainless steel wedding rings. No matter what metal and budget you have in mind, Temple and Grace are New Zealand's finest online jewellers for a good reason.

    The Temple and Grace team take immense pride in knowing that they are part of someone's special moment every day. This joy of playing a role in a couples' dreams and their commitment of a lifetime together makes the team at Temple and Grace come to work every day.

    Designer Wedding Rings For Men And Women

    For your special day, the wedding band should be spectacular. Whether you're looking for wedding rings for women or men's wedding bands, Temple and Grace have the best collection. A well-finished gold wedding band can be handmade in 9K as well as 18K gold. Some of the designer wedding bands we stock include PW Beck and Dora. Both of these brands have a wide selection of gold wedding rings, platinum wedding rings and diamond wedding rings.

    Choosing The Perfect Precious Metal:

    Selecting the right metal for your wedding ring is extremely important. Some of the popular precious metals used in making a wedding ring include Gold, Platinum, Silver and Palladium. Temple and Grace often use these precious metals in combination with each other to produce a unique wedding ring.

    Gold Wedding Rings

    For generations, gold has been hight sought after. It has grown to be known as a symbol of wealth. One of the reasons that Temple and Grace clients' prefer having a gold wedding ring is because gold does not rust, corrode or tarnish. Alloyed gold comes in a choice of various colours, including White, Yellow and Rose. The purity of the gold in the wedding band will depend on the carat you select online. You can identify the carat of the gold by reading the carat stamp on the inner circle of the wedding ring. Temple and Grace Gold wedding bands are made in 9K and 18K. It is important to note that the higher the carat selected, the higher the fine gold content in the ring.

    White Gold Wedding Rings

    White Gold is an alloy created from 24K Yellow Gold and other naturally white precious metals. Like other Gold alloys, White Gold comes in a range of carats and is often plated with Rhodium. This makes the White Gold ring look even whiter and shine brighter.

    Rose Gold Wedding Bands

    Rose gold or pink gold again is an alloy of 24K Yellow Gold. Copper is used in amalgamation with Yellow Gold to create a pinkish hue to create magical rose gold rings.

    Platinum Wedding Rings

    Platinum is the rarest and one of the most valuable precious metals. Only a small amount of platinum is produced each year, and this enhances its value. Platinum is hypoallergenic and does not lose its lustre or tarnish with time.

    Titanium Wedding Rings

    Titanium is a lightweight, hypoallergenic metal that is known for its high level of durability and strength.

    Looking for GIA certified loose diamonds at the lowest prices in New Zealand? Buying a loose diamond for your jewellery is now easy. Temple and Grace have a large selection of certified as well as non-certified diamonds in Auckland. No matter how big or small your budget is, Temple and Grace guarantee to beat any quote. Choosing the right diamond and setting for your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band is important. Temple and Grace have the reputation of providing incredible value for money for a loose diamond in Auckland.

    Wedding Rings

    Shop from New Zealand's largest and most stunning collection of wedding bands online. Being master jewel-smiths means that we can offer you fine handcrafted wedding rings in 18K gold and platinum at prices lower than high street jewellers. A complete money-back guarantee backs all Temple and Grace jewellery and diamond rings.

    When you buy a wedding ring from Temple and Grace, you become a member of our exclusive' shine for a lifetime' programme. This membership entitles you to:

    1) A complimentary message engraving service on your ring.

    2) Free lifetime ring polish service for your Temple and Grace platinum and gold wedding rings.

    3) A free lifetime ring resize service.

    Choose from the best Wedding Rings Online

    Temple and Grace have New Zealand's most awesome collection of ethically made wedding bands. Our gold and platinum wedding rings are finished to the highest standards. With a choice of over 500 wedding rings, saying "I do" in style is easy and convenient. Temple and Grace are New Zealand's only online wedding ring specialists to offer a full satisfaction or 100% money-back guarantee. Put simply, and we are extremely confident of the quality of our gold and platinum wedding bands. This is why we offer 365 day free returns or exchange.

    It's simple, you either love your wedding band or get your money back. No questions asked! Need more? Personalising your wedding ring is easy with our complimentary message engraving service. And if you're looking at customising your wedding band, we offer Sydney's and Auckland's best wedding jewellery concierge service. Shop online or simply book an appointment and visit us to view Sydney's and Auckland's best range of wedding rings. We guarantee savings of over 40% on all your wedding jewellery. And if you're surprised about how we can help you save so much, we're happy to share what makes us New Zealand's leading online wedding ring retailer.

    To begin with, we design and handcraft all our wedding rings ourselves. This means that every precious metal ring you see here and at our wedding jewellery store is made directly by us. Being master jewel-smiths ourselves means that we don't need to outsource the making of our jewellery. This is why you save heaps compared to high-street jewellers, who often outsource their jewellery-making to master jewel-smiths like us. Being diamond and gemstone wholesalers means that we also stock Sydney's and Auckland's largest collection of precious stones. If you're looking at designing a bespoke diamond wedding ring or customising your engagement ring, we are your best bet. Come and see our lovely range of wedding bands in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum or get dazzled with our stunning range of diamond and gemstone rings. Temple and Grace are also New Zealand's leading stockists of Dora and PW Beck gold wedding rings. Visit us or shop online. We offer complimentary shipping with free and easy returns.


    Polished Diamonds Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Polished Diamonds Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand


    0800 233 299

    Every diamond engagement ring from Polished Diamonds – Jewellery Design is custom made. We use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to showcase how your ring design will look using the finger size and gemstone measurements. You can have engraving, filigree, single or multi-stone, halo or the classic solitaire. You can have any ring design. The CAD model will show you a preview of exactly how the ring will look finished. This allows you to make tuning adjustments to ensure it is perfect.

    We then send the CAD file to a 3D printer and produce a wax polymer. This prototype is used to invest in casting material, and we then inject the molten Platinum or Gold into the cast and your ring is then perfectly replicated. We still have to detail, polish and prepare the ring by our skilled craftsman in our workshop before setting the diamond or gemstone. Technology meets traditional craftsmanship. The result is an error-free, accurate and perfect diamond ring that is unbeaten in quality, detail and finish – backed with a lifetime artistry guarantee.

    Diamond Engagement Rings

    Are you looking for a stunning diamond engagement ring? Polished Diamonds have designed and produced over 8,000 beautiful engagement rings. We specialise in Engagement and Wedding rings, and as jewellery manufacturers, we can guarantee excellent value and the highest quality. How do we do this?

    Design Your Ring With Us

    Many of our clients have invested long hours pinning or drawing their dream ring designs. At Polished Diamonds, we can bring those ideas to life with stunning 3-dimensional images and a replica made to your unique measurements. Our experienced staff will personally guide you through this once-in-a-lifetime process.

    Once you have uploaded your 'sources of inspiration, we work with you until you are completely happy with the choice of precious metals and final design, helping you to pick flawless gems to make the design complete. Simply enter your details, and the process begins.

    Insurance Replacement

    We work with all insurance companies, and Greg's 30 years of experience in the jewellery trade can help you through this process.


    Partridge Jewellers - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Partridge Jewellers - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    The Bespoke Experience

    Partridge Jewellers' bespoke design service strives to create truly unique jewellery. Our bespoke designs draw on the talents of some of the world's top stone cutters and goldsmiths.

    Made Just For You

    If you plan to have jewellery designed especially for you, Partridge Jewellers Bespoke draws on the talents of some of the world's top stone cutters and goldsmiths. Whether you are designing an engagement ring, resetting a treasured heirloom or creating a special piece of jewellery made with you in mind, you can be involved in each phase of the process, from the first sketch to setting the stones. In consultation with one of the company's talented designers, your ideas will be meticulously developed into a true one-of-a-kind design tailored to your specifications.

    Our Process

    It is often daunting venturing into the Bespoke process if you are unsure of what it entails. Our team is trained to make this a pleasant experience every step of the way. From your initial consultation, our staff will listen to what you are requiring and work through suggestions on how to turn your visualisation into a stunning piece of jewellery.

    We take pride in sourcing the unique stones you require from various parts of the world. It is our passion searching for vivid gems and rare diamonds to create jewellery that will take your breath away.

    Partridge Bespoke Rooms

    Wellington is now home to our first ever Partridge Bespoke room, elegantly designed to add an element of intimacy to the bespoke process. With its own boutique workshop in a sole dedicated premise opposite our main Wellington shop, you can sit face to face with our highly trained jeweller and expert designer, Rachael and Janet, to witness the creation of your dreams coming to life, sparking a memory never to be forgotten.

    We are currently in the process of opening and look forward to welcoming a new 'Partridge Bespoke Room' with a dedicated in-store room upstairs in our Queen Street store.


    Fifth Avenue Diamond Experts - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Fifth Avenue Diamond Experts - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand


    Let Us Design Your Story.

    Bringing your dreams to life, and creating unique jewellery for you, is our motto. Designing, hand-making, and remodelling jewellery is our speciality. If you can't find what you're looking for in-store, never fear; we can create it for you. It's an easy and very enjoyable process and one where you get to embark on your journey and create your jewellery story.

    To provide customers with a Personable, Professional and Pleasurable shopping experience in a unique store environment that is relaxed yet also engages the senses. Where we can take you on the jewellery journey that is special and unique to you.

    Fifth Avenue opened on Auckland's north shore, in Takapuna in 1951. For almost 70 years, we have never faulted in our pursuit to provide you with high-quality; luxury jewellery and exemplary personal service in a friendly, welcoming environment. Our passion for diamonds and jewellery started many years ago- where owner Adrian Turner, as a 10-year-old, worked in a tiny English village helping the local jeweller by tidying his workshop and sweeping the floors. The intricacies of the craft and the pieces that were created (and of course the beautiful stones) captured his interest, and at 17, he began his trade. Now over 30 years on, the passion remains, and as a team, we all now create some incredible pieces of jewellery for our valued customers all over the world, and as a result, our 'tagline' has now become, "Bringing your dreams to life."

    We really love what we do, and we love that we are part of your special journey, and we are privileged that you share these special life moments with us. Over the years, we have built many special relationships with our clients, with 2nd and 3rd generation family members now coming in to see us. For many years, we were known as Fifth Avenue Diamond Jewellers, and in Nov 2015, we re-branded, became Fifth Avenue Diamond Experts. We are your number one destination for Quality Diamond jewellery - whether it be a beautiful piece form our Signature collection in-store or whether it's a custom-designed, handmade piece that we create for you that can be enjoyed and admired for many years. As our name suggests, we are your diamond experts - having an in-house diamond specialist/grader. We have an extensive range of Diamonds rings, Engagement rings, and Wedding rings in both traditional and modern designs. Not only that, but we also specialise in custom made/bespoke handmade diamond rings; this is where we - Bring your dreams to life.

    Come and see us, or book an appointment and see why people' cross the bridge' to come to Takapuna and purchase their Diamond ring from Fifth Avenue Diamond Experts. Experience the difference today.

    Be bold, be different, and showcase your personality with a uniquely coloured diamond engagement ring. Apart from our fancy coloured diamonds, we also have a special collection of high-performance diamonds in-store called Passion 8.


    Tory and Ko Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    TORY & KO Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    04 472 2052

    Experienced gemstone and diamond specialists, TORY & KO., specialise in exquisite engagement rings, fine and bespoke jewellery, and special collections made from gold, silver, precious gemstones and pearls.

    Bespoke Services at TORY & KO. Jewellers

    Victoria is a registered jeweller and GIA Certified Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. Her expertise on diamonds, precious gemstones and metals, along with her design and jewellery skills, will allow you to feel confident your custom designed jewellery will be in the right hands.

    Kirstin is also a GIA Certified Diamond & Coloured Gemstones graduate and has had many years working in the jewellery retail industry. She grew up at the workbench alongside her uncle and grandfather, who were both manufacturing jewellers.

    The Signature Collection

    Our collection of Engagement Rings can be set with any stone and metal. 

    Bespoke Design

    Let us help you create something truly unique. Take a look at some of the bespoke pieces we have done for some of our special clients.

    Wedding And Eternity Bands

    A sample of some of our wedding bands. We custom make all rings to order. Contact us here to book a design consultation to create the perfect piece for a lifetime.

    For Him

    We custom make all pieces with your preferred thickness, metal, and finish, from wedding bands to cufflinks.


    Blue Nile Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Blue Nile Diamond Jewellers – Engagement and Wedding Rings New Zealnd


    Maximum Sparkle

    We've revolutionised what it means to buy engagement rings and exquisite jewellery so you can make the most of your budget. By cutting out the middleman, we pass the savings onto you while preserving exceptional customer service and the highest quality diamonds and gemstones.

    Handcrafted Engagement Rings, High-Quality Diamonds

    We proudly offer handcrafted engagement rings that are made and quadruple-checked. Our diamond and jewellery experts ensure the quality of Blue Nile diamonds and jewellery before they ship, so you can feel confident that every piece meets our industry-leading standards.

    We only purchase ethically sourced diamonds through the largest and most respected suppliers who adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. We offer over 150,000 loose high-quality diamonds, and no matter the size, all are colourless to faintly coloured (D-K colour grade) with exceptional clarity (FL-SI2).

    As the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewellery, we can say with confidence that you've come to the right place. Our selection, quality and expertise are unsurpassed. We're here to help you design an engagement ring that reflects your intentions, your budget, and basically everything and anything that matters most to you.


    Sutcliffe Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Sutcliffe Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    09 309 0127

    Sutcliffe is as unique in New Zealand as the beautiful jewellery that we design. Our award-winning international pedigree, combined with a long local history of artisan craftsmanship, set us apart from any other jeweller in New Zealand. Our impeccably high standards and passion for our craft were set long before our award-winning days in London and continue to this day. This internationally recognised skill set is applied to every piece of jewellery we produce, ensuring that our jewellery doesn't just stand out in New Zealand but stands tall against any other international jewellery brand. We are a boutique store offering the very best personal service. Our quality stones are handpicked and conflict-free, and our attention to detail is second to none.

    Buying jewellery is a very special event, so it's important to us that people enjoy the whole Sutcliffe experience from the minute they walk through the door. Our mission is to create pieces that are both simultaneously beautiful and original. Jewellery that says something special about the neck it adorns or the hand is carrying it. To achieve this, we begin by understanding what our customer desires, before looking back at our sources of inspiration and beginning the design process.

    Made To Order, Beautifully Bespoke

    Inspired by your love story, each Sutcliffe engagement ring is made just for you. The journey to your perfect ring begins with meeting the jeweller who will design and handcraft your ring. This is a great opportunity to look at some example rings and discuss your story, style and budget. 

    The process:

    • Meet the jeweller
    • Choose a gemstone
    • Chat through designs
    • The ring is crafted. This can take a couple of weeks (longer if it is more detailed)
    • The gem(s) arrives and is set
    • The ring can be personalised, including engraving or additional features
    • Pick up your ring in time for a successful proposal.

    Handcrafted Process

    'By hand' is how every one of our engagement rings is created. 

    Our begins with your first consultation, where you will meet and work directly with the jeweller, and the hands, who will craft your perfect ring. By working closely in consultation with you, we can craft the perfect ring to suit your style and budget.

    'By hand' is also how we select the all-important sparkle for your ring. Experts on the ground handpick conflict-free diamonds to meet our needs. This process ensures that nothing will take the shine off your perfect stone.

    The same jeweller and skilled pair of hands then lovingly handcrafts it, using time honour artisan techniques and modern design.

    Finally, we can work with you to personalise your ring even further, with engraving and unique stones available on request.

    Our Minimum Standards

    While the 4C's are the universally accepted method of measuring stones, our strict quality standards go well beyond this popular but oversimplified method at Sutcliffe. 

    Many jewellers choose to place the size of the stone above its potential beauty. We will always recommend considering the cut, colour and clarity of a gemstone over its size. The beauty and sparkle of a gemstone should be the primary considerations, and we work meticulously to source only the very best gemstones available.

    Every gem is unique, but some are more unique than others, even from the same grade. This is where Sutcliffe offers you the greatest value by ensuring that you are getting the absolute best gemstones possible.

    The Metals We Use And Why

    18-carat gold and platinum are the most commonly used metals in our engagement and wedding rings. Sutcliffe jewellers do not use 9 or 14-carat gold in their jewellery as it is typically an inferior metal to work with. 9-carat gold is only 37% gold! We are also very careful where we source our metals from. Some metals produced contain alloys and treatments that are toxic when worn! Below you'll find our guide to all things metal.


    The main distinguishing characteristic between gold and platinum is the colour. While platinum is naturally white, gold is naturally yellow. The choice is one of style. If you prefer a yellow ring, then gold (also termed yellow gold) is the best option. However, if you want a white ring, you can opt for either platinum or white gold.

    So what's the difference between yellow and white gold? 18-carat white gold and 18-carat yellow gold have the same gold content and purity, but the alloys in white gold (and the rhodium plating) make it appear white, while the alloys in yellow gold do not.


    While gold and platinum are similar in price (when measured by weight), platinum is denser, and so more of it is required to make a ring. Also, platinum rings are usually made from 95% pure platinum, while 18k gold is 75% gold. The price of gold and platinum is also heavily influenced by international markets. When designing your ring with us, we can help you understand the cost implications here. 


    Though both gold and platinum are strong and durable precious metals, platinum is the more durable of the two. For example, the claws holding the centre stone of a platinum engagement ring are less likely to break than those of a gold engagement ring.

    Scuffs And Scratches

    Despite being stronger and more durable, platinum is a softer metal (than 18k gold). This means it will get scratched a little easier than an 18k gold ring would. 

    However, an important thing to note is that when gold is scratched, the gold is lost, leaving a scratch on the metal. When platinum is scratched, the platinum gets moved from one place on the ring to another. This develops something called a patina finish (which looks like an antique or worn ring). This patina finish is often the desired look of platinum lovers.


    Because platinum is denser than gold, platinum rings are heavier to wear. This comes down to personal choice. While some prefer the heavier weight, some find the lightness of gold rings to be more comfortable. If comfortable is a concern, you could opt for one with a comfortable design, like this men's fingerprint wedding band.

    Size Vs Quality

    These two features will contribute the greatest amount to your ring's final appearance and price, so we take great care to guide you through these crucial decisions. 

    We will always recommend that you select the stone with the best-cut grade for your budget. The quality and precision of a diamond's cut contribute the most to the overall fire (coloured light reflected from within the stone) and brilliance (white light reflected up through the top of a diamond) of the stone. It is these characteristics that create the overall beauty of the diamond. 

    At Sutcliffe, it is our goal to find the best diamond for your budget and balance the most important factors. You may choose a larger, lower quality diamond, or you may prefer a smaller, high-quality diamond; it all depends on your preferred look and feel of the ring.

    Selecting A Combination That Works For You.

    When you work with us, our easy and informative process will step you through each decision to create your beautiful and unique engagement ring. 

    There is a misconception that you must pay a premium for custom engagement jewellery; however, this is simply not the case at Sutcliffe. We work with you and your budget, and by using the gemstones and metal options available to us, we can tailor the perfect ring at a price that suits you. There is no pressure to spend more, and we're always happy to talk through options. 


    Ring Craft Moana Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Ring Craft Moana Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    06 7527772

    Ringcraft Moana Jewellers

    As manufacturing jewellers, designers and artists, we have developed our jewellery to be wearable and unique. Every gemstone is handset, and our settings are engineered to allow maximum wearability without compromising light reflections.

    shipping normally takes 10-14 days. We also produce custom diamond and wedding rings and have a redesign and valuation service on the side for any type of jewellery.

    With 52 years of experience, founder and head jeweller Rob Wright can give you the right advice when it comes to choosing a design that is right for your lifestyle. rob has been trained by George bates who worked for Cartier in London.

    Jewellery that has not been worn for years might need a redesign. a quote and a sketch can be done within 15 min, using your design ideas.

    Belinda Lubkoll, originally from Berlin, joined our team 10 years ago and h as been trained as a manufacturing jeweller by rob. With the know-how of modern technology and an eye for detail, her designs have found the following worldwide.


    Glamira Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Glamira Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    800 493 606

    Wedding Rings

    The wedding ring - metaphorically binding two lovers as one; its perfect circle symbolising everlasting love. Your wedding rings will be your constant companions, reminding both of you of your promises to be faithful and to always be there for each other. Choosing the wedding bands is the most important, and usually the most enjoyable, part of preparing for the big day. However, it's a choice that should be taken seriously because this special symbol of love, placed on your finger by your beloved spouse on your wedding day, is going to be with you for a lifetime. The wedding rings (as well as all other rings) in our selection come in various alloys, shapes and colours, all made of the highest quality materials and made to last, and be cherished, for a lifetime. You'll find all kinds of wedding rings here in our online catalogue.

    Our wedding ring range features single-coloured gold, silver, platinum and white gold rings, titanium or stainless steel rings, and elegant wedding band compositions in bicolour or tricolour. You'll be spoiled for choice whether you're after a timeless classic ring, a simple ring or a flashy ring model. Many women's rings are set with diamonds or cubic zirconia. Our wide product range offers something for every taste. When it comes to rings - and wedding rings in particular - you should make sure they have a good, comfortable and secure fit. After all, you're expecting to keep your wedding ring for a lifetime! We can help you get the size right. Browse around our large selection of wedding ring models. We're sure your dream wedding ring is waiting for you in our wedding ring catalogue!

    Plain Wedding Rings

    Plain wedding rings are classic wedding rings. Whether in fiery yellow gold or cool white gold, these rings are timeless and elegant. Plain wedding rings come in various designs, with polished or matt surfaces, in classic or unusual designs. Many rings are decorated with sparkling crystal stones.

    There are stunning ring models among the plain rings to suit all tastes by playing with different shapes and patterns. Another advantage of plain wedding rings is that they can easily be combined with other jewellery pieces. Choose from our wide range of plain wedding rings and individualise them with a personal engraving.

    Wedding Rings White Gold

    Gold is alloyed with other metals to obtain noble and elegant red gold, yellow gold, and white gold. White gold, for example, is an alloy that contains 750 thousandths of gold. White gold wedding rings are extremely popular. They are elegant, timeless and yet very modern. The surface of white gold wedding rings can be decorated with sparkling brilliants or zirconium, elegantly rounding off the design. In earlier times, nickel was often used to obtain the white colour of white gold rings.

    Since the discovery that nickel can cause allergic reactions, nickel has been replaced by manganese or palladium. The surface of white gold rings is rhodium-plated, making it harder, more scratch-resistant and giving it its distinctive shiny white appearance. In the wedding rings and engagement rings section of our online catalogue, you will find a large and diverse selection of impressive rings made of white gold, which captivate with their inspired designs and motifs. The exchanging of the rings is one of the most important moments on the day of the wedding, and white gold wedding rings will make that moment something very special indeed. What's more, a white gold wedding ring goes wonderfully well with a white bridal gown!

    Wedding Rings Yellow Gold

    Wedding rings yellow gold make simply perfect companions for a happy life together. The yellow gold-tone results from the combination of three-quarters gold and one quarter made up of copper and silver in approximately equal quantities. Yellow gold is very similar in colour to pure gold, making it a very popular colour for wedding rings. Yellow gold wedding rings shine wonderfully on the hand, giving a touch of glamour.

    These rings are the ideal companions for married life. After the wedding, when they have taken their place on the ring finger, never again will you ever want to wear another ring. These rings are true symbols of love! Besides simple and discrete motifs, our online shop offers slightly more extravagant yellow gold wedding rings to suit the personal taste and extravagant newlyweds! Let yourself be inspired!

    Wedding Rings Red Gold

    Wedding rings in red gold symbolise love and passion. A high percentage of copper mixed with the gold creates red colouring and harden the rings. That's why wedding rings in red gold are more resistant to scratches, and their surface is less susceptible to damage. Simply the perfect matching wedding rings for a long and wonderful married life.

    What's more, the matching pairs of rings impress with their breathtaking patterns and the host of different designs. Wonderful joint inlays or sparkling stones, such as brilliants or zirconium, make the rings extraordinarily eye-catching. It's precisely these features that make red gold wedding rings the perfect accessory for a white bridal gown. These rings are ideal, not only on the wedding day but also in everyday life or on special occasions.

    Multi-coloured Wedding Rings

    Multi-coloured wedding rings are truly special. They radiate elegance. The extraordinary play of colours makes multi-coloured wedding rings very special pieces of jewellery that perfectly fit the unique occasion of a wedding! The designs of the pairs of rings feature joint inlays of different types as well as different alloys. Another beautiful detail is the sparkling diamonds or cubic zirconium set decoratively about the surface of the wedding rings.

    Different crown bows enable the wedding ring to slide smoothly over the ring finger so comfortably, and you'll never want to take it off. The bond of marriage is a beautiful and sacred thing in the lives of two lovers, and it deserves to be sealed with beautiful wedding rings. Apart from wedding rings, our extensive selection ranges from partner rings to engagement rings and silver rings. We have the perfect rings to complete the special moments in your life.

    Wedding Rings White & Yellow Gold

    A beautiful interplay of colours! Wedding rings white & yellow gold make a beautiful eye-catcher with which to adorn your ring finger. Joint inlays in different colours, as well as stunning patterns, make this wedding rings absolutely beautiful. Thanks to the crown bow, which varies from wedding ring to wedding ring, the ring slides smoothly over the ring finger, fitting like a glove! Diamonds and cubic zirconium skillfully complete the design of some rings.

    The mixture of white and yellow gold is ideal for wedding rings – after all, life itself is never one dimensional. Our online catalogue offers a wide range of white and yellow gold wedding rings. In addition to the beautiful, high-quality designs, these rings are very reasonably priced, and they will last a lifetime!

    Wedding Rings White & Red Gold

    StrongStrong, powerful, dominant and dynamic, four words that sum up the colour red. The unusual colour combination of red with white gold gives these extravagant wedding their fascinating appeal. The white gold lends the wedding rings a simplicity that perfectly complements the more powerful red gold. It seems as if the surface is in motion.

    This makes these wedding rings a beautiful piece of jewellery, not only for the wedding but for any other occasion during your married life. Wedding rings white and red gold are also an ideal accessory for a white wedding dress. Some ring models are decorated with diamonds or zirconium, beautifully emphasising the features.

    Wedding Rings White, Red & Yellow Gold

    The tricolour wedding rings are a true explosion of colour. Breathtaking creations in a combination of noble yellow gold, fiery red gold and cool white gold, which cling comfortably to your finger thanks to the crown bow. These ring models are real beauties that never cease to fascinate. The wedding rings white, yellow and red are broader and captivate with their unique interplay of colour and their high-quality processing.

    The rings are perfectly rounded off by a variety of designs and imaginative surface patterns. More sparkling highlights are set up with the addition of diamonds or cubic zirconium. If you go for the more exotic models, these are definitely the rings for you.

    Fancy Rings

    If you look up the word fancy in the dictionary, you'll find two important definitions. On the one hand, it means "fantasy", and on the other, it stands for "to like something", and that sums up our rings exactly: something that brings a little fantasy into your life and puts a smile on your face. These rings are out of this world; they are made to inspire you, the ones you love, and even the ones you really fancy! Fancy Style Rings – this category contains all our fancy and eccentric rings.

    Because of their amazing designs and their quirky profiles, these rings are in a category of their own. Many of these rings shine with a wonderful interplay of colours. Some rings even come in three different colours. They're not all around either! Some have wavy or angled profiles. Because fancy rings stand out from all the other rings, they make highly individual, original, beautiful and unusual wedding rings, engagement rings and promise rings.

    Engagement Rings by GLAMIRA

    There is nothing more exciting than getting engaged, well that is beside the wedding day. So Engagement Rings are most likely the best' gift' to receive and give! How better to show you mean 'forever' when you give an engagement ring? But how do you choose it? Don't go from store to store looking for something off a shelf or inside a glass counter. Make your choice a dedicated one by creating the perfect custom and personalised engagement ring. You can choose your design from many rings and then choose your metal or metals, and then the diamond and other precious gemstones as you wish!

    Your engagement is likely the most important decision you can make in life. Once you have decided to be together forever, you need to express that love in a way that shows the world that you care so much. So why show it with something that anyone else can buy? GLAMIRA will set you apart from the rest of the world with a customised and personalised ring. Your family and your friends will see for themselves the devotion to the one you love. A one of a kind romance is up to you!

    When selecting engagement rings for women, there are many ways you can do it. You can't just go out and buy something. Anything? No. You have to show her that you cherish her completely and want to be with her forever. So you have to find the perfect ring to state that. Shopping online will allow you to find the design she likes, and then you can go to work doing the rest. The size of the diamond, the type of metal or alloy. Accompanying gemstones to highlight the diamonds. How about engraving? A favourite verse of a poem or the date when you met. How about both your names etched in the metal forever? You can create the ring as you wish. Not to what someone else thought you might like.

    How about engagement rings for men? Now that's a wonderful way to start your life together! It may be traditional for women to wear an engagement ring, but now even men can show that their "taken" to the world! GLAMIRA has many designs to choose from. Once you have picked a design, you can customise and personalise it as you wish. Metal or alloy, diamonds or gemstones. It's all up to you. Simple or extravagant... It is all yours to design, and at GLAMIRA, it is all just a few clicks away. Build something that will live on forever!

    It is fun and quite easy to design your own engagement ring. The GLAMIRA website is set up to pick a basic design, and then you can choose the metal and finish. Pick the size and cut of your gemstone or diamond and then add the finishing touches. Maybe engraving a name or quote, or anything you like. Once you have finalised your design, proceed to the check-out, and in a short time, your ring will be delivered to any address you choose.

    So you are getting closer, and you want to show her that you'd like to be even closer. So there is no better way to say that than with commitment rings. A less formal yet strong statement of your feelings to the one you love. Make it something special to say that you care by personalising it with engraving or any precious gemstones you like.

    A promise is a promise, and a ring is a ring. However, promise rings are the best way to share a promise. GLAMIRA has a wide variety of promise rings available to customise and personalise for you. It is as easy as a tap or click to start creating the perfect ring that says "I promise" to the one you love. When you do give your special one a promise ring, you can be assured that the GLAMIRA promise of quality and satisfaction is assured with your purchase.

    It is a huge question, and that's maybe why we "pop" it! A Proposal of marriage is a major life event. It is most likely the one question that has the biggest return on happiness. A lifetime of bliss and love awaits the recipients of the reply. But don't go empty-handed! If you're going to propose, you'll need to back up your question with an engagement ring. So finding the right ring for the right time and place, GLAMIRA is the place to start. Any budget and any style are available. From large diamond rings to modest designs. You can create any ring you could imagine. The choices are all yours.

    A wedding takes a lot of time to plan. So why spend all that valuable time searching for rings? You can create the perfect ring right from the comfort of your own home. Or, even at the corner cafe. It is all when and where you want to make the perfect ring for the love you will share forever! Your wedding will undoubtedly be so much easier to plan knowing that you got your rings designed, ordered and custom-crafted for your big day. No worries about driving around to select them, get them sized, and then pick them up again. Just with a few clicks or taps, your rings will be delivered in just a short period right to your doorstep!

    A wide selection of base designs is available for spectacular diamond engagement rings from GLAMIRA. Diamonds of any shape and size are available for you to choose from. Match them with a ring and set with other gemstones or just alone. With GLAMIRA, it is all up to you to create a truly beautiful work of art that you can wear for a lifetime.

    Want to do something just a little different? Are you the quirky one that was always the black sheep? How about black diamond engagement rings as an alternative to regular diamonds? A stunning range of ring designs combined with a setting of black diamonds will definitely make everyone make a double-take at your engagement ring.

    Are you looking for a more colourful arrangement of gemstones? How about gemstone engagement rings that can say it with style and colour? There is a rainbow of colours waiting for you with gemstones from around the world to be placed on your customised ring.

    Sapphire engagement rings bring the colour blue to your ring finger. Elegant and regal, a sapphire is a wonderful expression of happiness and love. As deep as the oceans and as high as the sky. Blue sapphires are a feast for the eyes and anyone who sees them will be amazed about how beautiful sapphires can be.

    As green as the forest and the sea, Emerald engagement rings bring nature to your setting. An engagement ring with emeralds is a wonderful way to say I love you with colour! You choose the size and cut of your emerald, and then you can even customise it further with the metal and other gemstones of your choosing.

    You can always make your unique statement to the world with white gold engagement rings when it comes to gold. White gold is one statement of design that shows your strength, and being white-hot with white gold is exactly that! Your unique style is showing through the crowd!

    Tried, tested and true. Yellow gold engagement rings have the right stuff to make your dreams come true. Dreams of not only a wonderful life together with your partner but also showing the tried and true yellow gold engagement rings that have adorned wedded fingers for millennia!

    Are you looking for a less subtle metal for your engagement ring? How about rose gold engagement rings to set your pulse on high? Rose gold is an alloy that not only takes gold to the stratosphere it also matches with so many precious gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

    There is only one precious metal more rare than gold. When you choose platinum engagement rings, you are choosing most likely one of the most precious metals used in jewellery. Its structure is not the only perfection, and it gives any setting an amazing backdrop of class and beauty. Platinum is a resilient metal that won't bend or break under almost any circumstances.

    A Solitaire would likely be the most popular engagement ring there is—one love for eternity, one diamond to show it. Many designs are available from GLAMIRA, and once you've decided that it will be a solitaire, you can then choose from many precious metals and finishes. The size and cut of the diamond are up to you. Matte or high-lustre polished metals can all be chosen for your custom and personalised ring.

    When you marry, it is forever. So why not choose Eternity engagement rings for you or your love's ring finger? Eternity rings are a wonderful way to prove that your love is forever. There are many different designs to choose from the collections on the website, and as always, you can customise and personalise your ring as you wish. If you are going to say it with an eternity ring, you can ensure that GLAMIRA will help you create a one of a kind creation.

    Halo engagement rings are rings with a centre stone, and then that is surrounded by a lovely cluster of diamonds. GLAMIRA has a wide selection of halo engagement rings for you to choose from. Once you have selected your design, you can then pick the size of the main diamond and the halo diamonds. Of course, you can select the metals and even have them engraved to personalise them to your wishes!

    When you want to remind your love that you will never tire of saying I love you, why not choose a design from GLAMIRA's diamond eternity rings collection? Once you have found the design you like, you can then personalise it with many different options. Metals, gemstones, engraving. All are available to choose from.

    When selecting a diamond, the unit of measure is the carat. Diamonds are also cut in different shapes, making them all unique to themselves. So when you select a diamond, size matters! The larger the diamond, the more intricate the cut can be.

    The diamond cut is how the diamond crystal is shaped. Every diamond requires a skilful eye and hand to shape a diamond. Depending on the shape of the raw diamond, the expert will make the largest possible diamond from it. The shape also determines the internal reflective qualities making some diamonds brighter than others.

    The round / brilliant cut is the brightest cut of any diamond. When light enters it, the internal surfaces reflect upon each other making the diamond shine brightly when viewed from above. No matter where the light comes from, the diamond will shine forever bright.

    When choosing a diamond, the size and cut are not the only things to consider. The diamond colour and clarity are also important. The colour can range from clear to black, and the clarity is how clear the diamonds can be. Some diamonds may have a cloudy appearance, and GLAMIRA ensures that the diamonds on your ring are to the standard you deserve.

    When choosing an engagement ring, why not check the wonderful selection of princess cut engagement rings from GLAMIRA? If your romance is something out of a fairytale, then you should consider something that is just as lavish and regal!

    Ever wondered about cushion cut engagement rings? Cushion cut engagement rings are very popular amongst those that prefer rounded edges. You can select from a wide assortment of designs and then customise the ring to your specifications. The size of the stones and the type are all up to you.

    Good Gold Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Good Gold Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    021 412 464

    Our unique wedding bands have a story to tell - each one is handcrafted to order from ethical gold in our New Zealand workshop.

    We keep it simple. You can choose from white gold, rose gold or yellow gold and between two classic shapes - rounded or flat. You can also personalise your ring with an engraving (on any band 3mm or wider).

    Good Gold wedding rings are crafted by hand, using New Zealand alluvial gold. That means the gold we use has been washed down from the mountains by rainwater and naturally deposited by rivers and oceans. It's collected by small-scale local miners, forged in New Zealand, and made it into our beautiful and unique Good Gold rings.

    But as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold – over 97% of the gold used in commercial jewellery comes from exploitative mining practices. We know the havoc hard rock mining causes around the world. Gigantic pits and dumping tanks of cyanide are how companies extract gold from crushed rock. It can produce up to 20 tonnes of mining waste per ring. Good gold is different. We're harnessing the power of water to naturally extract the gold so that we know we're not wrecking the earth or displacing communities. 

    Scrap Gold

    We buy gold. We can also use your gold and refashion it into a stunning new piece of jewellery or give you an in-store credit to treat yourself to something new.


    We offer a written valuation service. Valuations are very important should you lose or have your precious jewellery items stolen and need to make an insurance claim. Valuations give excellent detail such as carat gold, stone size(s), quality of gems, and weights of pieces full descriptions and photos. We also provide a certificate of purchase when you purchase jewellery from us, proving proof of ownership to your insurance company and showing the retail value.

    Care & Cleaning

    Proper care and handling of your can help it maintain its beauty and sparkle for years to come. We recommend an annual inspection to promote early detection of wear and tear, which may assist in avoiding gem loss, clasp failure, etc.

    All jewellery should be treasured and worn with care. Avoid contact with household cleaners or chemicals, chlorine, bleach, salt and chlorinated water, perfumes, and cosmetics. Do not wear when showering or cleaning, and never wear to bed or while participating in sport, as this may cause kinking, snagging or breakage.

    Even diamonds, although durable, may chip if impacted.

    Pearls should be restrung once a year. Store separately to avoid tangling and knocking together, and use a roll when travelling.


    The Diamond Shop - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    The Diamond Shop - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    09358 4683

    Craft & Passion

    Win and Linda trained as jewellery designers and manufacturers and opened their first shop, Artaffection, in 1978, selling antique Asian art and jewellery. As they raised a family, Win helped build one of New Zealand's leading jewellery brands, and in 1994 the pair used their combined experience to strike out on their own again, founding The Diamond Shop.

    The Diamond Shop specialises in handcrafted diamond engagement rings, with attention to detail as a core value. It grew from the shared passion of a couple who believed that they could do anything, from building a sailboat to designing custom wedding jewellery. It's a privilege to have helped so many couples create lasting symbols of their relationships.

    Custom Ring Design

    When choosing the ring that you'll wear for life, there's no reason to settle for less than perfect. Our custom design service lets you create your dream engagement ring, personalising every aspect while maintaining control over your budget.

    Your Custom Ring Consultation

    To begin your custom ring design journey, just book a consultation at our beautiful Ponsonby showroom. A Diamond Shop consultant will work with you and your partner to design an engagement ring that suits you in every way, taking into account your style inspirations and a host of factors you may never have thought of, including handshape and skin tone.


    Walker and Hall Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Walker and Hall Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand


    Established in 1899, walker & hall has carved itself a place as one of the oldest and most trusted jewellers in new zealand. We enjoy a rich heritage and extraordinary reputation built on the love of providing the highest quality jewellery and fine gifts for the big occasions as well as the small. Specialising in diamonds, precious gemstones, pearls and the best of kiwi jewellery designers such as karen walker, meadowlark and stolen girlfriends club. 

    Our Services

    Jewellery Manufacturing

    We can design, make and remodel jewellery to fit your specific wishes and needs. using your stones and gold, or provided by us, we can create your perfect piece of jewellery.

    Jewellery Valuations For Insurance

    Our certified gemologist and appraiser can provide you with a detailed valuation of your jewellery including a photograph, so that you and your insurance company both have an accurate description of your valuable possessions. We recommend any item of jewellery over $1000 have an individual valuation as is required by most insurance policies.

    After Loss Jewellery Valuations

    In the case of your jewellery being lost or stolen, we can organise an after loss valuation which the insurance company often requires to establish current replacement values for itemised pieces and values for items covered in the general policy.


    We offer an engraving service for items that have been purchased from walker & hall. diamond club members receive complimentary engraving on selected items.


    Grieve Diamond Jeweller - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Grieve Diamond Jeweller - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    06 878 8016

    Grieve Diamond Jeweller is now in its fourth generation of family ownership under Robert Griffiths and his son James. Although much has changed since the 1930s, some things have remained the same – our commitment to quality product, exceptional customer service and continuing to source stunning jewellery items and precious gems.

    Custom Makes

    At Grieve Diamond Jeweller, we specialise in custom makes, jewellery remodelling, and jewellery repairs.

    We have a very talented onsite Jeweller with over 40 years of experience.


    Do you have any broken, unwanted or scrap gold jewellery lying around gathering dust? Have you inherited jewellery that holds special memories, but you probably won't wear it. Has your style outgrown your existing jewellery? Do you want to upgrade your current rings?

    That is where we can help you – our highly trained onsite jewellers can work with you to breathe new life into your old jewellery.

    Deciding to remodel jewellery is not an easy decision to make whether it's been passed down through the generations or you bought it, and you don't love the style anymore. You will naturally want to take your jewellery to a jeweller who you believe will design you something beautiful but will also do it with the utmost care and skill.

    Our Workshop Services Include

    Jewellery repairs and maintenance

    Ring sizing, remaking, stone replacement, claw work, replacing clasps and fastenings, safety chains, re-shanking thinning rings, chain repairs, earring/necklace/bracelet repairs, rhodium plating, shortening and extending jewellery, straightening and reshaping.

    Diamond and Stone Replacement

    Matching of gemstones in the case of loss or wear. Diamond replacement, sourcing of all precious stones and diamonds. We also do pearl knotting/bead restringing. Rethreading of all bead necklaces and bracelets. Knotting and restringing. Sourcing pearls to extend jewellery. Supply of new clasps and fastenings.

    Repairs of ceramics, figurines, Lladro, silverware and more.


    Titanium Rings by Artifact - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Titanium Rings by Artifact - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    03 669 4687

    Stunning Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings And Casual Rings For Men And Women

    Individually crafted titanium wedding bands made in Dunedin for customers throughout New Zealand and worldwide

    Choosing a wedding ring is a big decision, and with all the options available, it is not always an easy one. Titanium Rings by Artifact offers a range of designs to help make decision-making easier. Because you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, you can specify the metals, finishes, grades, designs and sizes to make the ring uniquely yours. If you are after something truly unique, Titanium Rings by Artifact makes custom-designed titanium rings. 

    For a matching set, we also have women's titanium engagement rings in a range of styles. 

    Choose From Our Range Of Women's And Men's Wedding Rings

    Titanium Rings by Artifact has a selection of titanium wedding rings suitable for both the bride and groom. A plain titanium wedding ring can take up to two weeks to make, while titanium rings with inlays and stones can take up to three weeks. Because wedding preparations are often down to the wire, we can fast track your order if necessary.

    Inlays: An inlay refers to the technique of incorporating another metal into your ring to create a design or pattern. We offer yellow, white and rose gold as well as platinum and sterling silver.

    Rings with stones: Titanium is an exciting metal with a smokey grey colour that can be enhanced with the addition of precious stones, including diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Other stones can be set into inlays. Please note, most of our stone-set rings cannot be resized.

    Engraved rings: Another great option. These titanium rings are machine engraved to our designs or yours. If you have a particular design in mind, please send us an image or drawing, and we will let you know if it is possible to create.

    Stainless steel Damascus and Mokume Gane inlay: Thin layers of metals are fused together and manipulated to create beautiful patterns. We offer stainless steel Damascus and Mokume Gane inlays consisting of 18-carat yellow, rose, white gold and sterling silver.

    Black and blue ti series: Featuring natural black or blue oxidisation formed by heating the titanium. We obtain the most vibrant colours by using premium-grade 4 pure titanium. 

    Personalise Your Ring With An Engraved Message

    Most of our rings can be engraved inside free of charge. Engravings can be up to 40 characters, including spaces, depending on the ring size and design. 

    Titanium rings for women made in our Dunedin workshop for customers throughout New Zealand and worldwide.

    From sapphires to diamonds, no matter what your personal style or budget, Titanium Rings by Artifact has a range of gorgeous engagement rings that will satisfy even the most discerning bride-to-be. All our engagement rings are made to order, giving you several customisation options.

    Why Choose A Titanium Engagement Ring From Titanium Rings By Artifact?

    Titanium has unique properties that make it an increasingly popular alternative to traditional gold and platinum engagement rings. Titanium rings are:

    • 100% hypoallergenic
    • Lightweight but extremely strong and durable
    • Resistant to corrosion and tarnishing
    • Similar colour to 18ct white gold with no need for regular rhodium plating 

    Titanium Rings by Artifact also gives you the flexibility to enhance your engagement ring with the addition of precious metals and other stones. Engagement rings can be matched with titanium wedding rings for that particular day. Alternatively, we can make custom titanium rings for your design. 


    Christies Jewellery - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Christies Jewellery - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    06825 6117

    Christies is a franchised based jewellery chain with owner-operated stores. We have been operating for over 30 years. Our unique offer is the most extensive range of watches in New Zealand and an unbeatable range of value prices jewellery.

    We have 4 physical stores located in major shopping malls and cities. Plus, we have the online store, which has been online for 15 years.

    Our stores are located in:

    • Hunters Plaza Papatoetoe
    • Westfield Manukau Mall
    • Devon Street East New Plymouth
    • The Plaza Palmerston North

    Our Professional Jewellery Services

    Our workshops are equipped and experienced to handle even the finest, delicate jewellery. We offer quality repair services only through trained artisans. Our stores can personally evaluate, prepare and repair your jewellery to the highest of standards. All our work is fully guaranteed for your complete satisfaction.

    • Clean and check: Make your Jewellery look new again. Most jewellery can be cleaned and polished while you wait or within the hour. So simply drop off your jewellery, do some shopping, then pick up your 'new look' treasures.
    • Resizing / re-tipping of claws/rebuilding bands: Ring too tight or loose, or have you been left a sentimental piece, have sized for a perfectly comfortable fit. Most rings can be made larger or smaller, and please contact us for advice.
    • Remodelling: Generally, as rings are made from gold and gold, being a relatively soft material, they wear quickly. But worn rings can be repaired by replacing the worn 'shank'. The shank is the part of the ring which wraps around the finger. Of course, having a new shank fitted means you can also get your old ring resized and cleaned. We can also change the style completely for you.
    • Valuations: We have your jewellery valued for you and recommend that this is done at least every five years.
    • Rethreading of pearls: We offer a restring service for broken pearl necklaces. Pearls can be restrungrestrung using quality silk thread. And for extra security, we can knot the thread between each pearl.


    Pacific Treasures Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Pacific Treasures Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand


    Turn Your Ideas Into A Reality

    We have been designing and manufacturing jewellery for over 30 yrs—many delighted customers, Internationally and within New Zealand.

    Bring your ideas; with our knowledge, experience and skill, we will custom make a unique piece of New Zealand jewellery for you.

    We hope you enjoy our Jewellery Art, making and presenting it to you as much as we have.


    Carats Jewellery - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Carats Jewellery - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    09 309 5145

    At Carats, we aim to open people's eyes to the vast possibilities of design. We take our inspiration from nature, architecture, and life all around us to create our collections or to translate your requirements into reality.

    We are proud of our distinctive style. Whether you are looking for a bold, colourful and conceptual design or something more subtle, traditional or elegant, the Carats signature is evident. The result is always the same – strong, stunning pieces of jewellery that are a break away from the stale, staid products that can be found in so many other stores.

    Our jewellers have been trained in the finest tradition of English jewellery design and have refined the skills and techniques passed down through many generations and reinvented them with a unique New Zealand flavour. We guarantee all our pieces are intricately crafted and finished to the highest standards. Nothing you see here is computer generated virtual stock.

    The engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, and the rings at Carats celebrate the most inspiring love stories, life and success, unique to every couple.

    Your Price Range

    At Carats, we understand everyone is different, and one mould doesn't fit all; the same goes for jewellery and budgets. This is where we aim to work closely with you on your requirements and budgets and create the best piece of jewellery without compromising on quality.

    Insurance Claims

    In the tragic event you may need to replace lost, stolen, or damaged jewellery, you can rely on Carats to provide excellent service with your jewellery replacement. We work closely with you and your insurance company to ensure your jewellery is replaced to your satisfaction; part of that service includes designing new and bespoke jewellery or selecting one of the many pieces we have designed in our collections.


    We use two of Auckland's leading and most recognised independent valuation companies Gemlab and Jewellery Valuers Company. We are also happy to arrange valuations for jewellery not purchased at Carats to ensure all your jewellery is covered in the event of any losses.

    New Zealand Made

    All Carats jewellery is made on location in our Vulcan Lane store, an enviable location in Auckland's fashion centre. Carats has been located in this area since 1996, offering you the highest quality jewellery backed by our lifetime guarantee.


    Carats is committed to the principles and terms of the Kimberley Process. This is a joint international initiative designed to certify the origin of rough diamonds from sources that are free of conflict.


    Diamonds.Co.NZ Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Diamond and Co. Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    0800 88 88 37

    New Zealand's Premier Online Provider Of High-Quality Jewellery & Diamonds is New Zealand's premier online provider of high-quality jewellery and diamonds at globally competitive prices. We are proud of our ability to offer the best price to our customers every time without ever compromising quality. This means we will never have sales - our pricing does not allow for reductions, and we provide true value all year round.    

    Our founder and mentor, Paul Bunker GG GIA, has a wealth of knowledge spanning over 35 years in the diamond and jewellery industry as a wholesaler to the diamond trade in New Zealand jewellery manufacturers, retail chains and independent retailers. Paul obtained the Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) after completing the Diamond Course in Residence in 1983 – the first New Zealander to do so. This experience has been fostered within our company, and our knowledge means you can be confident in our product and our ability to provide you with excellent service. Our team is excited to bring the New Zealand public diamonds and diamond jewellery through our online experience.

    New Zealand's Diamond Engagement Ring Specialists

    Purchasing an engagement ring is a very special time in any couple's life as it's an important representation of your commitment to one another. That's why here at, our diamond engagement rings are crafted with the utmost care and attention, with a true focus on New Zealand women during our design process. With a beautiful range of signature engagement rings to choose from and personalised services such as custom diamond engagement rings and bespoke handmade diamond jewellery, your options are endless. The ability to choose from thousands of diamonds and pair it with one of our signature engagement rings online makes the journey both fun and discreet and allows you to make the best decision from the comfort of your own home. Our diamond rings are handcrafted in Auckland by our talented team and shipped directly to your door with complimentary shipping New Zealand wide and 30-day free returns. With a personalised approach to service, in-house consultations by appointment and diamond experts on hand to help you at any stage, buying an engagement ring has never been so stress-free and enjoyable.

    As NZ's leading diamond experts, we have been wholesaling diamonds within New Zealand in the jewellery industry for over 30 years and selling diamonds online to the public for 10 years. We pride ourselves on bringing our customers some of the world's best-certified diamonds at the very best prices. Our diamonds are sourced directly from our De Beers sight holder diamond cutters, so you receive the best current market price at the time of purchase. Our model of no retail presence and low overheads means we can pass the savings on to our valued customers and our extremely low margins mean we can never have sales. And this means you get more bling for your ring! We encourage our customers to make an informed decision on diamond education and pricing when making such a special purchase - with a full education portal as well as diamond images, videos and the assistance of our experienced and knowledgeable team, and you will know exactly what you are buying is a fully transparent purchase process. Exceptional prices and great quality is always a smart decision. Begin the journey today. 


    Michael Hill Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Michael Hill Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    06 759 8377

    Shop Jewellery, Engagement Rings & Diamonds Online

    At Michael Hill, we design with care to create something unique, elegant and personal. Our engagement rings and wedding bands are created to be cherished for a lifetime. We offer beautifully crafted pendants, rings and earrings to celebrate life's special moments. Find your match through our inspiring selection of watches, chains, bracelets, men's accessories and birthstones.

    As Australia's legacy in jewellery master crafting, Michael Hill is all about quality and styles. our exceptional and exclusive collections are available online or in-store. with multiple stores in sydney, melbourne, brisbane, and all major cities across the country find your nearest michael hill jeweller with our store locator.


    Jewinston Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Jewinston Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Founded in 2014, JEWINSTON began as an online jewellery and gifts store. Today, we offer great ways to personalise jewellery and gifts, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches, and much more. Whether you are looking for the latest jewellery styles for yourself or are trying to find the perfect personalised gift, has thousands of options to choose from.

    Jewinston specialises in a variety of jewellery accessories and gifts from everyone in your life. We specialise in jewellery design, produce and only sell online(In order to lower the cost and make the price more reasonable). Especially focus on rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches. All are trendy designs and all fast shipping to worldwide. We help customers create unique and personalised products for all of life's occasions — big and small. Customers can browse the vast online selection and choose their favourite jewellery accessories with great satisfaction. JEWINSTON prides itself on exceptional customer service, high quality and affordable prices.

    Top 3 Reasons To Shop With Us

    1. The High-Quality Craftsmanship & Affordable Prices Your Special Occasion Deserves

    Jewinston understands the importance of your event, which is why we only provide the highest quality materials and designs in everything we deliver. For jewellery, we have over 1,000 styles that are customised and tailored to your exact specifications(large size). And, all of our selections are incredibly affordable, starting at just $9.9 and featuring savings of up to 50% off competitors' prices.

    2. Look Your Best on Your Special Day

    From Couple Rings to Bridal Rings, you deserve to look your most fabulous during your big moment. Jewinston turns your fantasy into reality by providing exceptional fashion and impeccable design at affordable prices. Our collections use only the highest quality materials and detailing, creating styles that are timeless and represent the best in value.

    3. Right to Your Door, Anytime, Anywhere

    The last thing you need for your special event is a late delivery of a crucial item (like a wedding ring or essential birthday or party supplies). Jewinston puts your priorities first and ships worldwide with DHL, UPS, DPD or TNT. We provide expedited shipping as well as budget-conscious options. As we use internationally trusted logistics providers, you gain peace of mind knowing that your important supplies will be there when you need them.

    What Makes Us Different?

    As our slogan said: Affordable Jewelry Gifts Store. This means 2 points:

    1st. We only focus on jewellery & Watch related products. We believe only focus can make us more professional.

    2nd. We are trying our best to provide the best price for our customers. We design by ourselves and produce by manufactures directly. We are cutting off the middle profit in each product and make them affordable for every lover and fashion boys & girls and couples.


    Midas Diamond Jewellers - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Midas Diamond Jewellers - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    07 839 0039

    Hamilton Midas Diamond Jewellers is owned and operated by Paul and Suzanne, who are the diamond specialists.

    With nearly 50 years in the trade, Paul designs beautiful handmade jewellery, and his diamonds are top quality. "We specialise in one-off designs, and we work in platinum, 18ct yellow and white gold," said Paul. We also have the largest selection of diamond engagement rings in the Waikato, and customers are welcome to bring in a picture of a design and have a chat about the style they have chosen. 

    Midas is an exclusive stockist of Dora wedding rings for men and has many wedding rings for women. There is also a range of New Zealand designed jewellery exclusive to Midas. 

    Midas prides itself on exquisite and exclusive pieces of jewellery that have Midas and Paul have become known for. All insurance repairs and remakes of jewellery are carried out on the premises in their workshop, and there is FREE ring cleaning & inspection while you wait. We are the manufacturing & design specialists.

    Bespoke Jewellers

    At Midas, we are very happy to take on repairs or to offer expert advice on the condition of your jewellery. We specialise in custom jewellery designs. 

    From Platinum, Yellow & White gold - We stock one of the largest selections of diamond engagement rings in Hamilton. Not only do we stock the best of what the jewellery industry has to offer, but we also hand-make our unique fine jewellery. 

    Midas Diamond Jewellers is a full-service jewellery store with a wide range of quality jewellery accessories. Our jewellery store is located in Hamilton Central. We are a locally owned family business. We have 40 years of experience in the jewellery industry. Also, our Jeweller with 50 years experience. We are committed to providing the best customer service.  

    Midas Diamond Jewellers specialises in bespoke wedding rings and jewellery. 

    Exquisitely Made Engagement Rings

    Design your own with inspiration from our portfolio, or bring in your own ideas! Is the engagement ring of your dreams, unlike anything you've seen? Consult with our Jeweller to design your own original with unlimited options!

    Have an existing design custom made to order. Customise any part of the design: Gemstone, metal, shank style, hand engraving, accent gems and more.

    Select from our gallery of finished jewellery & personalise to make it your own! Prefer something already made? Choose a stock piece & personalise with the perfect gemstone, accent gems, Filigree or hand engraving.


    Silvermoon Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Silvermoon Jewellers Wedding and Engagement New Zealand

    03 341 8991


    As unique and special as every love story, Silvermoon bridal collection captures the joy and the sentiment of true love. Whether it's a simple solitaire, a dazzling halo or dreamy morganite, Silvermoon engagement ring designs embody our importance to acknowledge all kinds of love and to celebrate life's most treasured moment.

    Our Story

    As much as a story about jewellery, it has also been a story about family and relationships. Our jewellery journey began over 60 years ago with expertise and knowledge passed down generations. Peter and Wendy's introduction into jewellery started at a young age, some of Wendy's earliest memories rummaging through her mother's jewellery box in awe of all the precious gemstone pieces that had been passed down to her over generations. Each piece represents a milestone, the feeling of significance that was fostered from sentiment, the true mark of an heirloom that carries meaning. From this was born a passion that has remained consistent throughout her life. Wendy and Peter met during high school, and what began as an after school job to help a family business has now evolved into a silvermoon company. As husband and wife, Peter's entrepreneurial spirit and Wendy's eye for design represent two facets of a single passion for creating our Silvermoon brand.

    60 Years Of Experience Across

    We are incredibly proud of the love that goes into making each piece of precious silvermoon jewellery and only work with the best craftsmen. There is an incredible wealth of creative talent and craftsmanship in our team. From our founder and designer to our master goldsmiths and our highly skilled jewellers, we have over 60 years of experience in making beautiful pieces. All of our precious jewellery is made using ethical gold and conflict free stones.

    Made With Love

    We make modern heirlooms to last a lifetime, sparkling pieces that you can one day pass on to become part of your story. At the heart of our brand, we are always learning, always improving, so we can do better for you. our team will go above and beyond every step of the way to help you decide on something truly meaningful for you. Silvermoon has been a part of so many joys - engagements, weddings, anniversaries or "just-because". Being a part of these stories resonate at the core of who we are and remind us every day that what we do means everything.


    A one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate love, anniversaries, milestones and sentiments.

    We offer full bespoke services as well as customisation options to existing designs. If you can't find the perfect piece from our engagement collection, we will work with you to create a ring that is truly unique for you. Our team is skilled to guide you through the customisation process to create a piece of quality and craftsmanship that will be treasured for a lifetime.

    From selection of the stone to the vision behind the design, each piece of silvermoon jewellery has its own story to tell. Skilled teams work closely together to do justice to each design, creating flawless pieces that become the pride and joy of the wearer.


    NZ Jewellers - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    NZ Jewellers - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    021 991 280

    NZ Jewellers craft beautiful and unique jewellery. They are also direct GIA diamond, moissanite, lab-grown diamond & gemstone importers and can source diamonds of all specifications at the best pricing. For engagement rings & wedding bands, you will love for a lifetime browse through our range.

    They are manufacturing jewellers based at Botany Town Centre and have been manufacturing fine jewellery since 1990.

    At NZ Jewellers Ltd offers a full handcrafting service, everything from assistance with design, repair, remaking & remodelling to advise about choosing the right diamond or gemstone for you. They recognise how important your purchase of jewellery is and know it is their job to make the experience a good one, providing you with jewellery or diamonds that will meet or exceed your expectations whilst also maintaining your budget.

    They offer jewellery valuations. We also complete insurance quotations and work directly with your insurance company to make the process of loss and replacement as smooth as possible.  

    Range of Products

    It is their goal to offer NZ'ers unique, exquisite, fine quality jewellery, diamonds & gemstones. Because they do not buy from local wholesalers, we are able to sell jewellery that is unique and found nowhere else in NZ.

    They also directly import GIA certified diamonds and gemstones, and we are confident in sourcing for you the best quality for the best price you will find.

    Their watch brands Citizen, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger & Hugo Boss, marry contemporary and fashion-forward watch designs with very good Japanese movements.


    Jens Hansen Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    Jens Hansen Wedding and Engagment Rings New Zealand 

    03 548 0640

    Jens Hansen's hand-forged designs are easily recognised and crafted to last for generations.

    All Jens Hansen jewellery is original, precious and crafted 'to be worn. This simple philosophy rewards us with creative pieces that we can all embrace, afford and love, and was also why New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson asked Jens Hansen to design and make the Movie Ring* for his film versions of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings™ and The Hobbit™ books.

    Danish-born Jens (pronounced 'Yens') moved to Auckland, New Zealand, in 1952, where he completed a traditional jewellers apprenticeship. In 1960 he held his first solo exhibition at New Vision gallery. His journeyman years included time in Copenhagen, with Royal Danish Court Jewellers, A. Michelsen. In 1968, Jens settled in Nelson with his wife Gurli and Halfdan, his first son. 

    Lifetime Guarantee

    All pieces made today by our in-house team of internationally experienced jewellers carry the Jens Hansen signature hallmark, which is your lifetime guarantee of artistry.

    Wedding & Engagement Rings

    Jens Hansen's jewellers are trained diamond experts and internationally experienced ring designers. Traditional and modern jewellery techniques are combined to create your unique diamond engagement and wedding rings - statements of your individuality as a couple. Propose with confidence knowing the ring can be customised later with our Perfect Ring Guarantee.

    The Perfect Ring Guarantee

    Propose With Confidence Knowing The Ring Can Be Customised Later.

    Our goal is to make an engagement ring buying a joyful occasion. We want you to be confident in your decision and to know that any changes will be taken care of at no cost to you.

    After you have proposed, our Perfect Ring Guarantee gives you the flexibility to change the size of the ring or even the style of the ring at no extra cost so that she gets the ring she desires, and you can propose with confidence.

    It Starts with You

    Your love is precious, and the rings you wear should showcase that. Our Jens Hansen DIF Solitaire engagement ring combines the best diamond quality with the world's most precious metals.

    It is every girl's dream to be able to wear a truly special engagement ring, and it is every man's wish that he picks her the perfect one. To help, we have created the Jens Hansen DIF Solitaire, a ring specifically for the customer that values quality and flawless perfection.

    Get the right answer when you propose the perfect diamond. You can't go wrong with The Jens Hansen DIF Solitaire – a stunning diamond engagement ring in a timeless design.


    Filigree Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Filigree Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    03 374 5143

    New Zealand Jewellery Designers

    Here at Filigree, we design and handcraft gorgeous bespoke jewellery from our boutique Christchurch store and onsite workshop. Creating stunning bespoke engagement rings, wedding bands and designer jewellery for our clients throughout New Zealand and Worldwide since 2005.

    We Provide Specialised Jewellery Remodelling

    Sometimes your pre-loved jewellery requires a new lease on life, and Filigree offers a specialised service in remodelling your current, antique or inherited pieces.

    Filigree offers a complimentary design service to all our customers to ensure you get the piece you have envisaged for yourself. Our experienced design team will work with you to design your new ring or jewellery piece, and our in-house manufacturing workshop will bring it to life.

    We believe it is exciting for customers to be part of the design for their jewellery, from selecting gems all the way through to completion, as such we like to include you in all of the different stages of making, with our workshop onsite, you can visit us at any time to be a part of its unfurling.

    Wedding Bands - Women

    Our stunning range of wedding bands have been expertly crafted to marry together with your engagement ring. Made from exquisite Metals, Diamonds and Coloured stones, Filigrees Designers and Master Jewellers craft bands, each with their unique personalities. For such a special item, we take a personal approach when designing and creating your wedding bands, so they will seamlessly fit your lifestyle.

    Wedding Bands-mens

    Our collection of Men's wedding bands have been tailor-made to suit your lifestyle. Crafted from a range of different metals, from Yellow Gold to popular Titanium, match your band to your partners for a lifetime of love.


    Jewellers Workshop - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Jewellers Workshop - Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    09 373 4437

    Beautiful Jewellery Made For You In Our Auckland Workshop

    The talented team at Jewellers Workshop on High Street create bespoke legacy pieces that will transcend time and be treasured for generations. With individual input and the imagination of the resident experts, anything is possible.

    At Jewellers Workshop, they specialise in bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings and diamond rings.

    Jewellers Workshop has been producing beautiful custom designed jewellery and engagement rings in their Auckland workshop since 1987. Their experienced jewellers and designers will work closely with you to help create your dream piece of bespoke jewellery or choose from our exquisite range, including diamond rings, diamond earrings, coloured stone jewellery, necklaces, and bracelets. If you're looking for custom-made wedding rings in Auckland, they have an extensive range to view and will typically custom design your wedding ring to perfectly match your engagement ring.

    They pride themselves on crafting jewellery to the highest standard of workmanship while offering a friendly and relaxed service that is tailored to your needs and budget. Visit them in person in our open plan workshop to discuss your specific requirements; appointments are preferred but not necessary.


    Navey and Sloane Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Naveya and Sloane Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    09 373 4370

    Made For You

    Navy & Sloane is a jewellery design house based in Auckland, New Zealand, offering a local and international service. Our Signature Collections are designed in-house by renowned jewellery designer Rachel Sloane, and every piece is made to order, each individually crafted for the client. This process allows us to tailor each piece personal to you and your budget. Choose from our iconic engagement, wedding and fine jewellery collections, or if you want a completely bespoke piece, our jewellery design team will work with you to bring a refined design to life. Either way, we will go above and beyond every step of the way to help you decide on something truly meaningful for your partner. We are here to celebrate your story.

    Our Workshop

    Crafted especially for you in the Naveya & Sloane workshop. Our team are dedicated to bringing design and craftsmanship together to create precious works of art for our clients. We pride ourselves on our care and attention to detail, with each piece requiring hours of meticulous precision and patience. We have over 100 years of combined experience in our onsite workshop. Our team of master jewellers and diamond setters uphold the time-honoured traditions of handmade jewellery, creating precious pieces that stand the test of time in both quality and design.


    Romance is at the very heart of Naveya & Sloane. It is where it all began and is what defines us today. Alex Bunnett and Rachel Sloane met and fell in love in 2010, with that moment in time being captured in the soul of Naveya & Sloane. Rachel's passion for design in creating timeless works of art for her clients, coupled with Alex's pursuit of innovation in business, formed dynamic foundations for an exciting new fine jewellery company. Thinking differently in an industry built on tradition and heritage, everything we do at Naveya & Sloane is designed and considered to stand the test of time. Just like our jewellery, this is our foundation and what we're truly passionate about. Brace yourself, and things are about to get good.

    Bespoke Designs

    Work with our world-class team of jewellery designers and master jewellers to guide you through the design process and bring your idea to life.


    The Village Goldsmith Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    The Village Goldsmith Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    0800 500 299

    Inspired by the history and heritage of the many cultures that have shaped our country and identity. Maori, Polynesian and Celtic designs are harmoniously blended in these wearable diamond solitaire engagement rings.

    This collection is crafted in a range of precious metals and is designed with the lifestyle demands of the modern New Zealand woman and crafted locally and proudly New Zealand Made.

    The Village Goldsmith is an international award-winning jewellery designer store that prides itself on design, innovation and dedication to quality and service. Your stories and emotions inspire our custom jewellery design service. 

    Our custom engagement rings are crafted in our onsite Wellington workshop, where you can see our creative jewellers at work, so you are involved in the creation and service of your precious engagement ring. 

    To design and craft a unique piece usually takes between 3-6 weeks in total, so if you have a particular date in mind that you require your engagement ring for and we will do our best to meet your timeframe. 

    Wedding Rings

    At The Village Goldsmith, we create and craft lasting memories for our customers. Each wedding ring is uniquely designed to capture your story.

    We listen to your needs and dreams and work with you to deliver a tangible piece of jewellery that tells the story of how it came to be and what it represents and holds a lifetime of memories as your relationship continues to evolve.

    Our range of wedding bands can be crafted in platinum, 18ct yellow rose or white gold, or a mix of metals; no matter your preference, we can craft a wedding ring to suit your perfect design. 

    From first hearing your story to finally seeing something executed by our own hands and in our own workshop, passed on to you, to whom it means so much, is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

    Looking for a completely unique engagement ring?

    We listen to your needs and dreams and work with you to deliver a tangible piece of jewellery that tells the story of how it came to be and what it represents and holds a lifetime of memories as your relationships continue to evolve.

    Every story is different, just like every piece we carefully craft.


    Orsini Fine Jewellery- Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Orisini Fine Jewellery- Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    09 354 3115 

    Creating Jewellery Since 2008

    Orsini Fine Jewellers are committed to achieving excellence in jewellery design, craftsmanship & service and supplying leading Italian jewellery brands and locally crafted quality engagement rings and wedding bands. Orsini is synonymous with lasting quality steeped in tradition.

    'Life is about romance, eternity & celebrating special moments.

    Start Your Journey Together With Orsini

    All of our wedding bands are made to order. For a customised wedding band, please allow a minimum of two weeks of manufacturing time. We have samples in-store, so please pop in for a consultation and measure.


    Saying "I do" will be one of the most magical moments of your life. At Orsini, we bring our refined standards to create lasting wedding rings that convey people's joy to officially proclaim their love to each other.


    Diamond and Co. Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand 

    Diamond and Co. Wedding and Engagement Rings New Zealand

    07 575 3851

    Diamond & Co was established in 2009 by Greg and Tania Lilly. However, the site at 155 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, has been a jewellery store for over 50 years. Renamed and refurbished by Greg and Tania, 155 Maunganui Road has now become Mt Maunganui's one-stop jewellery shop for all of your jewellery and watch needs.

    Greg's passion has always been in jewellery. Greg is a qualified gemmologist (FGA) and manufacturing jeweller, and his 30 years of experience in the jewellery trade builds the foundation for sound, honest and reliable service and advice.

    Combine this with both Greg's and Tania's extensive retail jewellery backgrounds, and you benefit by getting a friendly and knowledgeable shopping experience.

    Our brands of jewellery and watches feature pieces that will be perfect for your special occasion.

    Our Services

    Jewellery Repairs:

    If you have broken or damaged jewellery and are looking for a repair service, we can help. We offer a full range of professional repair services that make it easy for you to once again experience the pleasure of wearing your precious jewellery.

    • Restorations and Gemstone Replacement
    • Repair
    • Cleaning and Polishing
    • Alterations

    Our Jewellery repair service is competitively priced while maintaining the utmost quality of craftsmanship. This has enabled us to build a reputation for quality and value. Whatever your repair, rest assured we can help. We invite you to visit our store for an obligation-free quote.

    Restoration, Remodelling and Remakes:

    Jewellery has been used not only for adornment, but to commemorate life's milestones for centuries. Whether it's worn daily or just for special occasions, jewellery will wear over time and require the attention of a skilled jeweller. 

    • You may choose to have that heirloom piece restored to its former glory – we can help.
    • You may choose to have that dated or unwanted item remodelled or remade. We can help.

    We can use your existing gemstones to create a completely new design, a design of your choosing. For example, we can remodel a pendant or earrings into a ring.

    We can source replacements for missing or lost gemstones or match a gemstone for cut, colour, quality and size. We can also re-cut or polish an existing stone. To discuss your jewellery needs contact us and make an appointment. We treat all items left with us with extreme care, and all items are fully covered by our insurance whilst in our care.

    Custom Design:

    A significant proportion of the jewellery we sell is designed and made by us. Should you wish to commission a bespoke piece, we can offer suggestions and ideas on style and suitability. Bespoke engagement and wedding rings are particularly popular.

    You may have your own design, which we will quote and offer practical tips as necessary. Once we have agreed upon a design, we will source a selection of gemstones for you to choose from and create a 3D drawing to see exactly how the finished piece will look. From this point, we will take a deposit and start creating your new piece of jewellery.

    Years of design experience coupled with a significant design library are the catalysts that will set you on your way to creating a masterpiece that is uniquely you. Visit our store and sit with us; together, we can create a design as individual as you.



    What Is Handmade Jewellery?

    Handmade jewellery is Jewellery that is made by hand without the use of machines, moulds or casting. In hand made pieces of jewellery, all materials must be shaped, formed and assembled. Machine powered cutters, drills, and lathes can be used as long as they are operated manually and guided by the artisan's hands.

    Handmade jewellery is the benchmark for craftsmanship in fine jewellery as it requires highly skilled labour to manually control tools, materials and temperatures to accurately work platinum and gold. In this video, you can see a high-quality handmade necklace being made featuring a rare black opal called the "Midnight Sun.

    What Karat Gold Is Best? 

    Karat is a term used to indicate gold purity. Pure gold is 24 karat. The legal standard is to stamp gold jewellery with markings such as 10KT, 14KT and 18KT. The Karat stamp indicates the purity of the metal. The number preceding the KT marking indicates how many parts out of 24 are pure gold. The alloys mixed with gold are added to control durability, colour and the cost of fine jewellery.

    If you desire strong yellow colour from your jewellery, 18 karat gold will give you the richest yellow appearance. The disadvantage to 18kt is that it is not as durable or cost-efficient as 14kt. Opinions vary about the most desirable karat from culture to culture. In America, 14kt has become the most popular gold used in jewellery today due to its cost and durability. In western culture, Jewelry made from 10kt has become synonymous with discount and lower-end Jewelry and is often brittle and difficult to repair.

    What Is The Difference Between Karat And Carat?

    There is often confusion between the terms Carat and Karat or CT and KT.

    Karat is a term used to indicate gold purity. In many countries, it is a legal standard to stamp gold jewellery with markings such as 10KT, 14KT and 18KT. The Karat stamp indicates the purity of the metal. Pure gold is 24 karat, so the number preceding the KT marking indicates how many parts out of 24 are pure gold. For example, 14KT indicates that there are 14 units of pure gold mixed with 10 units of other metal. These alloys are added to control the durability, colour and cost of fine jewellery.

    Carat is a unit of weight used to measure diamonds and precious gemstones. In ancient times traders used carob seeds on balance scales to determine the weight of gemstones. As time passed, the term carob evolved into the word carat, and an exact weight was assigned. In modern times the carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram. A carat is broken down into 100 units known as points. Stones that weigh less than 1 carat are indicated by a decimal point. An example is that a half-carat stone weighs .50ct.

    How To Fit Rings To Arthritic And Enlarged Knuckles?

    Wearing your rings on enlarged knuckles can be frustrating and uncomfortable. When a ring fits properly, it will slide over the knuckle with some resistance and lay on the finger without spinning. When the finger's knuckle is enlarged or swollen, the ring will pass over the knuckle with some resistance, and the heavy portion of the ring will fall to the bottom of the finger.

    What Is The Difference Between Platinum And White Gold?

    Platinum (Pt ) is a very rare malleable precious metal coveted for its use in Jewelry, Industry, and as a monetary instrument.

    The word platinum is derived from the Spanish word "Platina". Its earliest ornamental use dates back to pre Columbian times; however, platinum was not used ornamentally in Europe until the late 1700s. Early platinum work was very difficult to accomplish due to its extreme melting point at 3215 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Gold, on the other hand, has been used ornamentally since the beginning of recorded history. Ancient statues, coins, and Jewelry can be traced back to nearly 6000 years. Gold (Au) is a precious malleable metal that is the predominant metal used in fine Jewelry and is commonly used in Industry and as a monetary instrument.

    What Is White Gold? To understand white gold, we must first understand "Karat Pure gold is mixed with other metals to create the 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT white gold used in Jewelry. To create white gold, pure gold is alloyed with copper, nickel, and zinc, which lends it the white colour and add the durability needed for jewellery making. After melting the metals together, the newly formed white gold maintains a slight yellow cast. To offset the yellow tint, white gold jewellery is plated with precious white metal rhodium.

    Platinum used in Jewelry has a higher content of precious metal, typically 95% pure. For this reason, platinum will retain its naturally pure white colour indefinitely. Its high level of purity also makes it heavier and considerably more valuable than its counterpart White Gold.

    Contrary to popular belief, platinum is softer than white gold and can endure many years of wear without showing the signs of fatigue that white gold jewellery exhibits. It is also significantly more expensive for four primary reasons

    1. Platinum typically trades at a significantly higher price than gold
    2. Platinum used in Jewelry weighs approximately 70% more than a similar volume of 14kt white gold.
    3. Platinum is 95% fine versus 14kt white gold purity at 58.5%
    4. Platinum melts at 3,215 F compared to gold at 1,948 F, making it very difficult to work with.

    Why Are Platinum Prongs Best For Engagement Rings?

    Platinum prongs and heads are the benchmark for quality in fine diamond jewellery. Platinum is favoured because of its colour, durability, and its status as a precious metal.

    Platinum is the most valuable precious metal traditionally used in fine Jewelry today. Platinum has traded well above the cost of gold for decades. The platinum used to create Jewelry is 95% pure, whereas gold is typically 58.5% (14kt) to 75% (18kt) pure in Jewelry.

    The white colour of platinum is the perfect colour to accentuate diamonds. Fine colourless diamonds exhibit the best colour when they are presented in white prongs, and platinum is the dominant white metal in jewellery making.

    The durability of platinum is well known but often misunderstood. Platinum is actually softer than white gold. Platinum's malleability allows the metal to endure many years of wear without showing the fatigue that white gold exhibits. It is common for platinum prongs to shift or bend during regular use; however, its resistance to erosion, cracking, and fatigue make up for the occasional need for realigning prongs.

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