85+ Best Grazing Table Companies in Melbourne Victoria (2024)

With so many choices out there it can be hard to know which company to book with so make sure when comparing you look at the quality of the ingredients on their boards and what you ACTUALLY get included in that price.

Grazing tables often take shape as a massive charcuterie board or spread of antipasti laden with meats, cheeses, olives, and a selection of breads. Fresh fruits, dips, nuts, and crackers are also traditionally incorporated. But indeed, a grazing table can be any type of spread you choose, whether you're hoping to include more salads or vegetables, or even a few sweets. As long as it's filled with assorted flavours and textures, you can't go wrong.

Located in Melbourne planning a wedding and looking for the best grazing table company? When you are planning your big day, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed it to select every vendor yourself personally. This way, you can choose the ultimate location, the best entertainment and the most delicious food, and craft your perfect wedding day.

Your wedding planning should be an experience to be enjoyed, which is why our dedicated event coordinator is on hand to provide you with any assistance required. An initial complimentary consultation in our showroom allows us to ask all the essential questions, and get a good understanding of your style, the venue and what food you love. Here is a list of best grazing table companies in Melbourne that you can choose from.

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    Ultimate List of Best Grazing Table in Melbourne

    Fabulous Catering - Grazing Table Melbourne 

    Fabulous Catering - Grazing Table Melbourne



    The Fab Big Boards are designed for bigger gatherings, events, and parties. Because they are customized for your event with bespoke details suited to the function, these boards are ideal for weddings, baby showers, and corporate events. These BOARDS are available in half meters and have no maximum length.

    Mini Graze is ideal for small gatherings or intimate celebrations of up to 20 people. Designed to fit perfectly on your kitchen bench or dining table, and featuring our props, boards and cheese knives.

    Melbourne Grazing Table

    Melbourne Grazing Table


    Grazing tables made of sustainable and locally sourced materials. At Melbourne Grazing, we take pride in sourcing as much locally grown food as we can while still being as environmentally friendly as we can. The majority of our meat producers are situated just a short drive from where we live on our small farm, and all of our meat is free range and ethically sourced. We pack our fruits and vegetables in linen satchels. Our serving ware, as well as the sheeting beneath your grazing table, is compostable and environmentally friendly. Packing down is simple and efficient; simply roll up your grazing table and dispose of it properly.

    Our grazing table pricing structure includes foliage and florals. There are no hidden costs with plenty of add ons to make your grazing table more scrumptious. Delectable dessert grazing tables and corporate breakfast grazing tables are also available. We can cater to any occasion or wedding.

    HBL Catering - Grazing Table Melbourne 

    HBL Catering - Grazing Table Melbourne



    Celebration, get-together with friends, party, corporate meeting, breakfast, morning/afternoon tea...WOW!! PERFECT for any occasion, grazing boxes! If you want something more meaningful and personalized for your event, please fill out the form on the "Grazing Table Page," and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    After you have completed your purchase, one of our friendly staff will contact you to arrange the best day and time to deliver your order. Are you only interested in catering platter delivery? Handcrafted gourmet finger foods delivered to your door or venue.

    We are pleased to introduce www.fingerfoodie.com.au, a new HLB online store. We value feedback, and many customers suggested that we open an online store, so here you go! Finger Foodie is a one-stop online shop for delicious and beautiful handmade gourmet canapés and platters prepared by our team of chefs just for you.

    Great food is what we do at HLB Catering. We have developed a creative, tasty, healthy, and, most importantly, unique dining experience over the years. We understand that creating the perfect menu necessitates a thorough understanding of the guests, so we carefully created a variety of options to accommodate all dietary requirements. Our specialty is honoring fresh and flavorful international cuisine while cooking modern Australian cuisine with a beautiful fusion of Latin American, European, and Middle Eastern influences.

    Fat and Skinny Glazing Table Melbourne 

    Fat and Skinny Glazing Table Melbourne




    Fat and Skinny Catering is a cheerful Melbourne catering team that serves grouse food to grouse enthusiasts. Laughter, dancing, and cooking are soul foods in our lives. We would be delighted to make catering simple for you and to prepare a feast that will have you savoring the joy of sharing delicious food.

    We will arrive at your location with everything we need to cater to your wedding or party guests, including plenty of delicious food, excellent staff, beautiful serving ware, and all necessary equipment.

    Whatever type of event you're planning, Fat and Skinny is the Melbourne catering team to call. We can take over your home kitchen to create party food that will blow your guests away, or we can bring food to your chosen venue to cook food that will fuel your guests for hours of dancing and frivolity. We also have you covered if you need food for work.

    Fat and Skinny caters to all types of events and has menus to suit - no boring frozen party pie here. Our catering menus are fresh, flavorful, and abundant, with vegan options as well. And we guarantee that no one will need to stop at McDonald's on the way home!

    Im Plattered Glazing Table Melbourne 

    Im Plattered Glazing Table Melbourne



    Beginning with our one-metre option, each table will be individually styled to match and complement the space we are creating! All Mother of Boards will include a selection of your favorite grazing options, as well as greenery and cheese knives to serve.

    Cheese, deli meats OR falafels, crackers, fresh bread, seasonal fruit & berries, antipasto including olives, sun-dried tomatoes & stuffed bell peppers, nuts, dried fruit, dips and pestos, and something sweet are all available on our one-metre grazing tables. Everything from our 1m, plus falafels, homemade chocolate and coconut balls, and fresh loaves of bread, is available in these 2m beauties.

    Our 3m grazing table will undoubtedly become the talk of your next event. Our smaller options include everything and include a wider variety of all your favorites.

    Paddock To Plate Catering Co. Glazing Table Melbourne 

    Paddock To Plate Catering Co. Glazing Table Melbourne



    Heirloom vegetables and heritage meats are common ingredients in the paddock to plate movement. These terms refer to plants and animals that are old varieties that have not been hybridized or otherwise genetically modified. As a result, they're far more nutritious and flavorful than their modern, experimented-with cousins. Every time a farmer raises an heirloom variety and a chef decides to highlight it, we make an investment in the biodiversity of our future environment, gut health, and culinary excitement!

    For several reasons, we only use pasture-fed meat. To begin, allowing animals access to whatever greens and herbs they require to maintain a healthy gut and immunity results in a happier, healthier animal, which results in better-tasting meat without the use of hormones and antibiotics.

    When we take away a natural diet and feed animals only grain, their gut health suffers, which means their immunity suffers (we're the same, by the way), and you suddenly have a hot mess of drugs in your meat. Grass-fed meat is not only less fatty, but also higher in omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed meat. It tastes better because of the variety of food available, as well as the animal's movement and musculature. We've also been inside a feed-lot, and the conditions are deplorable — there's no way we're supporting that.

    Look, we're fortunate in Australia. We can grow almost anything all year round with tassie and faq. Greenhouses effectively eliminate the concept of winter, allowing you to grow good tomatoes while wearing four layers. The problem is that bringing those mangoes and avocados down from Cairns in August is 1) very taxing on the environment and 2) means that nothing is special anymore. Remember the joy of the first mango, dripping down your arm in mid-November?

    Oasis Online Grazing Table Melbourne 

    Oasis Online Grazing Table Melbourne



    In the 1970s, the Makool family immigrated from Lebanon, bringing with them a strong tradition of bringing people together through food sharing. Three generations of the family have transformed a humble food store into an iconic part of Melbourne's culinary scene over the course of 20 years. Foodies from all over the world travel long distances to participate in this bucket lister.

    A bustling café serving delectable treats, an enormous gourmet grocery store with an unrivaled range, an epicurean deli, the freshest fresh food market, and outstanding prices are all available in Murrumbeena and Fairfield. There are also beautiful event spaces and a well-known cooking school. We take great pride in putting people at ease. Please stop by; we'd be delighted to show you around.

    Montibello Glazing Table Melbourne 

    Montibello Glazing Table Melbourne



    Cathy and Alex aren't the type to make a big deal about running one of Montmorency's busiest brunch spots. However, beneath their modest demeanor, the couple has been making waves since opening Espresso 3094 in 2012. And with good reason. True to their Mediterranean roots, the couple are feeders, which means they are enthusiastic about good food that leaves you satisfied and fulfilled. That's why they've been meticulously planning a true culinary gift for their extended Monty family.

    Montibello embodies both Italian cuisine and the humble Montmorency. Consider honest, simple, soulful dishes to serve residents from all walks of life. From special occasions for families and couples to casual drop-ins for a hearty meal or pizza before football or netball.

    The focus of Head Chef Fiorenzo Riccelli is on perfecting "Casa Linga," or home-style Italian cooking. Learn about dishes like Sicilian Penne Alla Norma, Homemade Ravioli with truffle mushroom filling and burnt sage and pecorino cheese finishing, and Sfinci homemade Sicilian doughnuts (a rare find in Melbourne). Nonna (Cathy's mother) has also reviewed and approved the menu, and she will even appear as a specials board contributor - because everyone knows she makes the best...

    Lush Platters Glazing Table Melbourne 

    Lush Platters Glazing Table Melbourne



    Lush Platters is a family-run business based in Caulfield, Victoria, and is managed by Michal Saben through her other company, Eleven Out Of Ten Events. Michal has been making lovely grazing tables and platters for many years. She decided to start a business specializing in grazing boxes after receiving numerous requests and inquiries from customers.

    She oversees the entire process from start to finish, including design, styling, sourcing suppliers of the highest quality ingredients, and ensuring your grazing box arrives on time.

    Lush Platters can provide bespoke, beautiful grazing boxes for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's or Father's Day, picnics, corporate meetings, and so much more.

    Our grazing tables are ideal for large gatherings, special events, and parties. Our spreads are individually curated and styled to your preferences, taking theme and location into consideration. On the day, we will supply and set up an array of locally sourced produce as well as props to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with which you will have to share the spotlight.

    Hypley Glazing Table Melbourne 

    Hypley Glazing Table Melbourne


    Look no further if you want a stress-free catering solution that will be the talk of your party. Baby showers, corporate events, birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions A Grazing table and Platters are appropriate for any occasion. Best Prices on Grazing Tables and Platters! Hypley offers simple Grazing Table services that will be the talk of your next party! We have spectacular grazing table ideas for every occasion, whether it's a birthday, wedding, corporate event, or other milestone.

    Our grazing tables are filled with delicious food to make your next event stand out. Make your dream a reality by ordering a custom-made grazing table. Only when you are completely satisfied with the work do we call it "finished."

    Our grazing table ideas accommodate a wide range of dietary needs, including kid-friendly, meat-free, gluten-free, non-pork, cheese preferences, vegan grazing tables, and more.

    Our Grazing Table Sydney is the ideal way to make a big impression at your next event. Jam-packed with cheese, fruits, olives, dried fruits, and other goodies. They make life easier and bring people together, creating lasting memories and happy vibes when enjoyed during lunch or dinner.

    Grazing Tables Melbourne 

    Grazing Tables Melbourne


    Grazing Tables Melbourne is the city's premier grazing company, curating tables of distinction.

    Our opulent tables are lavishly styled with the freshest ingredients, creating unforgettable experiences through the art of food. Our grazing designs create a captivating centerpiece that elegantly expresses the essence of any occasion, from corporate events to intimate gatherings.

    Our lavish tables abundantly curated with a luxurious selection of the finest cheeses, curated meats, dips, seasonal fruit and vegetables, beautifully paired with artisan bread, crackers, dried fruits, nuts, and rich dark chocolate will entice you.

    The ideal choice for more private occasions. Our Grazing Boards are artistically styled with artisan bread, crackers, dried fruits, and nuts, and are ideal for flat lay presentation.

    Feast Signature Grazing - Grazing Table Melbourne 

    Feast Signature Grazing - Grazing Table Melbourne



    Our tables, platters, and boxes are custom-made to meet the specific needs of our clients. We carefully consider every aspect of your event, from planning to design, to create the perfect food display. We are style, simplicity, and amazing food enthusiasts who are constantly evolving. We have packages ranging from 10-800+ guests, so there's something for everyone.

    Plentiful catering - Grazing Table Melbourne 

    Plentiful Catering Glazing Table Melbourne



    Catering company based in Melbourne that specializes in timelessly styled grazing tables for events, weddings, and corporate functions. We demand the best. We carefully select everything we include in our work to ensure that our tables are tasteful statement pieces that will work with any event's styling.

    Hello! I'm Eve, and I'm the woman behind Plentiful Catering's grazing tables, along with our incredible team of stylists. We've built our company from the ground up, and I'm excited to be able to share what I've learned from my background in nutrition and styling through our work.

    We help asylum seekers and refugees by donating a portion of each grazing table's profit to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

    Diamond Blue Catering - Grazing Table Melbourne

    Diamond Blue Catering - Grazing Table Melbourne



    Melbourne's Best Catering Company – Diamond Blue

    If you want to wow your guests at your next Melbourne event, look no further than Diamond Blue Catering. We take pride in providing the highest quality cuisine for any occasion. Our talented chefs create menus for a wide range of events, including birthday parties, Christmas parties, corporate functions, weddings, and even funerals.

    Why We're The Best in Victoria

    For more than ten years, Melbourne and the surrounding areas have had access to Diamond Blue Catering's professional, reasonably priced catering services. With the passion of Chef and Manager Todd Graham, our catering services offer exquisite menu options and exceptional customer service that will make you and your guests feel like VIPs.

    From beginning to end, Diamond Blue Catering manages all facets of event catering. We customize gourmet menus, deliver only the best food, clean up, and leave your venue with nothing less than an exceptional experience.

    Our professional caterers offer a variety of menu options to suit any occasion. We can make your event memorable by carefully designing it to fit any budget and function. Gourmet finger foods like salmon tarts and mini-cheeseburgers will tantalize your taste buds. Your wedding guests will be astounded by a lavish dinner party. We also provide an impressive spit roast catering menu with high-quality spit roast meats prepared by experts.

    Daylesford Grazing Tables Melbourne 

    Daylesford Grazing Tables Melbourne



    From Melbourne to the Macedon Ranges, grazing tables are available. Daylesford Grazing Catering takes pride in being as sustainable as possible and sourcing as much local produce as possible. All of our meat is free-range and ethically sourced, with the majority of our producers located just a short distance from where we live on our small farm.

    We specialize in wedding grazing tables, corporate event grazing platters, and birthday grazing tables that encourage friends, family, and coworkers to gather around the table and spark conversation and new friendships.

    You can find us in the garden, hanging out with our sheep and alpacas on our small hobby farm near Daylesford, when we're not busy making gorgeous grazing tables and cheese platters for you to chow down on around Melbourne. For information on the grazing table, food recipes, and farm life in general, visit our blog.

    Moreish Catering - Glazing Table Melbourne 

    Moreish Catering - Glazing Table Melbourne



    With a passion for creating MoreISH food with a contemporary twist, MoreISH Catering is an award-winning, vibrant, and innovative catering business. You and your guests will be satisfied, amazed, and in awe by the elegance, style, and sophistication of our creations. Great gatherings, in our opinion, are those where loved ones and friends are welcomed with abundant food and an unfailing sense of hospitality.

    We use quality market-fresh local produce (from the Mornington Peninsula) to create tantalizing menus. Every item is handmade in our commercial kitchen, right down to our mini tartlets, and we only use ingredients with names, not numbers, so you can enjoy a fresh restaurant-quality experience.

    The ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Awards) hosts the state Annual Bridal Industry Awards every year to reward and recognize the industry's best wedding suppliers.

    The majority of bride and groom concerns about a stand-up cocktail style wedding are 'Will there be enough?' and 'I don't want my guests to be hungry.' We understand your concern and have devised a menu inspired by our large Italian family. We know that if we can feed them and leave them satisfied, we can feed anyone! We advise serving a combination of finger food and bowl food, and we've discovered that serving 10 portions of finger food plus 2 bowls of food per guest—roughly the equivalent of a large entrée and large main meal—is the ideal ratio for making sure everyone is satisfied and gets a great variety of food. However, we are happy to change the bowl and finger food portions to suit your requirements.

    Devour It Catering - Grazing Tables Melbourne 

    Devour It Catering - Grazing Table Melbourne



    We're a catering company servicing Melbourne

    Do you require Peking duck for that upscale event? Brunch for the board of directors? Or how about quiches for the cafe? You've come to the right place. We cater for events, offices, and food stores at Devour It. We provide excellent catering throughout Melbourne. Taste, presentation, and service These are the three pillars upon which everything we do is built. They are what motivates us every day as we prepare the finest food from our Kensington catering company kitchen.

    Choose from our delectable sandwiches, classic canapes, and succulent BBQ meats. Call us instead and we'll tailor a package to your specific function or corporate event. Devour it Catering has created a selection of specially curated boxes for individual Zoom meetings, picnics in the park, Race Day celebrations, and care packages to let friends and family know you're thinking of them. The assortment includes mixed boxes of both sweet and savory items, and the boxes are appropriate for a variety of occasions.

    This year's Melbourne celebrations appear to be very different, but we are here to help with your catering needs.

    The Catering Buffet Co. By Lina - Grazing Table Melbourne

    The Catering Buffet Co. By Lina - Grazing Table Melbourne


    The Catering Buffet Co takes catering to new heights. We cater to a wide range of functions and specialize in making sure your event is perfect every time. Our culinary expertise demonstrates our passion for what we do. Allow us to tailor your event to your exact specifications.

    Allow The CB Co team to work with their in-house stylists to design and build an incredible Grazing Table for you! When it comes to impressing your guests, our Grazing Tables for 50 or more people definitely deliver. No one goes hungry, even the intolerant and fussy, because the menu is centered on seasonal produce and chef's selections.

    Fresh Australian seafood, delectable antipasto, and tender meats are just a few of the traditional, regional, and imported ingredients that can be found on our menus. For your upcoming event, work with The CB Co. Team to design and construct any specialty grazing tables!

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