Trading Tides: A Directory of Top Freight Brokers Down Under

The role of freight brokers in the logistics industry cannot be overstated, especially in a diverse and expansive market like Australia. This listicle delves into the expertise, reliability, and unique services offered by these brokers, helping businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of freight transportation with ease. 

Whether you're exporting goods from Australia or importing to this vibrant market, our comprehensive directory is designed to assist you in finding the perfect partner for your logistic needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient trading journey.

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    Freight People

    Freight People, a leader in the Australian logistics industry, excels in providing tailored interstate freight and transport services. Their approach is centred around offering a smarter choice of carriers, integrating innovative technology, and employing a team of logistics experts. This strategy enables them to cater to a variety of shipping needs, ensuring the right carrier is chosen for each specific requirement. Their partnerships with Australia's top freight companies and their group buying power allow them to offer competitive rates, making them a go-to solution for businesses of all sizes.

    Services Offered:

    • Customized carrier selection for different shipping needs.
    • Access to a wide range of carriers for various services.
    • Comprehensive freight management, including tracking and invoicing.
    • Expertise in handling different types of freight, from parcels to bulky items.
    • Cost-effective solutions through collective bargaining.

    Phone: 1800 621 036


    Megatop is a global freight logistics and supply chain management company, established in 1991. It specialises in providing end-to-end logistics solutions, covering all aspects of freight forwarding, logistics, customs clearance, and supply chain management. As a fully licensed and accredited IATA agent, Megatop offers comprehensive international logistics expertise and customs brokerage services. 

    The company prides itself on being a trusted partner in transport and global logistics, catering to a wide range of transportation needs across air, sea, and land modalities.

    Services offered by Megatop include:

    • Comprehensive freight forwarding solutions.
    • Expertise in logistics and supply chain management.
    • Customs clearance services.
    • Transportation across air, sea, and land.
    • International logistics expertise.

    Phone: (02) 95165655

    Vantage Customs Services

    Vantage Customs Services, with over 40 years of experience, offers specialized customs clearance services in Australia. Their team, boasting over 100 years of combined expertise, provides personalised service and attention to each client. The company focuses on assisting with customs and quarantine issues related to importing goods into Australia. They are known for their professional staff who offer valuable advice and assistance in complying with customs and quarantine regulations. 

    Vantage Customs Services has a particular specialization in handling a variety of goods including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, motor vehicles, bicycles, kitchenware, furniture, and general cargo. They also acknowledge and respect the Traditional Custodians of the lands where they operate in Australia.

    Services offered by Vantage Customs Services include:

    • Customs clearance assistance.
    • Advice on customs and quarantine issues.
    • Specialization in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, motor vehicles, bicycles, kitchenware, furniture, and general cargo.

    Phone: 02 9700 1786

    SP Customs & Forwarding

    SP Customs & Forwarding Pty. Ltd. specializes in customs clearance and freight forwarding, offering solutions for both imports and exports in Australia. With a focus on fast, economical customs clearances, they aim to enhance supply chain efficiency for their clients. The company boasts a highly experienced team of clearance professionals, ensuring that cargo is cleared through all relevant border protection channels efficiently. 

    SP Customs is recognized for its thorough, affordable services and has established a strong reputation in the industry, servicing both individuals and businesses. They emphasize streamlining the import and export process, minimizing potential setbacks and delays, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Services offered by SP Customs include:

    • Customs Clearing
    • Airfreight
    • Seafreight – LCL (Less than Container Load)
    • Seafreight – FCL (Full Container Load)
    • Parcel Post
    • Personal Effects Shipments

    Phone: (03) 9330 4414

    Clemenger International Freight

    Clemenger International Freight, operating since 1996, is a leading provider of innovative and professional global logistics management services in Australia and New Zealand. The company specializes in offering cost-effective and tailored automated systems for freight management, ensuring timely and budget-friendly product delivery. 

    Clemenger International Freight stands out for its ability to preemptively identify and address issues before they escalate, guaranteeing that products are delivered exactly where and when needed. Their services are backed by a team of experienced client managers who offer intelligent end-to-end solutions, including an independent Customs consultancy service. The company prides itself on delivering a complete service package, focusing on client satisfaction and support for ongoing business growth and international success.

    Services offered by Clemenger International Freight include:

    • Worldwide freight and Custom clearance solutions.
    • Automated service for stress-free and transparent logistics.
    • Strategic supply chain management.
    • Process mapping and exception reports.
    • Customized e-solutions.

    Phone: 64-(09) 255 5018

    G & V Australia

    G & V Australia is a privately-owned Australian company specializing in transportation and logistic services within Australia. They are committed to delivering freight safely and on time, focusing on providing great value and meeting customer needs effectively. The company is distinguished by its dedication to reliable and proven transportation methods, and its drivers are noted for their high qualifications.

     G & V Australia's vision is to be the most respected logistics partner for their customers, offering premium service. Their mission includes a promise to deliver efficient delivery services, emphasizing safety, systems, and compliance.

    Services offered by G & V Australia include:

    • Trucking services.
    • Shipping services.
    • Logistics management.
    • Specialty freight and shipping services.
    • Refrigerated, Dry, and General freight services in Victorian Metropolitan & Regional areas.
    • Line haul services to expand distribution footprint.
    • Fleet maintenance through internal and external partners.

    Phone: 03 8366 4110

    Bulk Group

    Bulk Group is an Australian logistics and supply chain specialist, offering a range of services across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. The company is known for its boutique supply chain solutions, integrating innovative technology with a deep understanding of end-to-end supply chains and logistics. Bulk Group caters to a diverse clientele, including innovators, niche markets, market leaders, and enterprise-level businesses. 

    Their approach is tech-centric, focusing on providing clients with real-time visibility across transport management and 3PL Warehouse Operations. The proprietary technology developed in-house simplifies processes like quoting, booking, and tracking freight, while also offering valuable data insights for strategic decision-making.

    Services offered by Bulk Group include:

    • Interstate transport.
    • 3PL warehousing.
    • Local and intrastate transport.
    • E-commerce fulfillments.
    • Import and export services.
    • Break-bulk deliveries.
    • Project logistics.
    • Time-sensitive deliveries.
    • Airfreight.
    • Wharf cartage.
    • Over dimensional transport.
    • Fragile freight handling.


    ANJ Container Services

    ANJ Container Services, with over 30 years of experience, is a leading provider of containerized freight handling in Sydney and across Australia. The company is equipped to handle all aspects of a Container Freight Station, including storage, unpacking, fumigation, steam cleaning of DAWR (Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment) related cargo, and ABF (Australian Border Force) and DAWR inspections. ANJ is committed to simplifying the import and export process for its clients, offering efficient operating procedures and excellent client communication.

     This ensures that tracking freight movements is straightforward and secure. Their services are particularly beneficial for smaller or first-time customers, providing easy-to-navigate checklists to aid in hassle-free and damage-free transit of freight with minimal turnaround times.

    Services offered by ANJ Container Services include:

    • General and wharf cartage.
    • Container storage (short and long term).
    • Underbond storage for FCL & LCL cargo.
    • DAWR steam cleaning and unpacking inspections.
    • Car packing and unpacking for export and import.
    • FCL packing for export and unpacking for import.
    • Out of gauge packing for export.
    • FAK (Freight All Kinds) unpacking.
    • Daily fumigations.
    • DAWR tailgates and rural inspections.

    Phone: +61 2 9305 1200

    Warren Global Logistics

    Warren Global Logistics, an Australian-owned and operated company based on the Gold Coast, specializes in freight forwarding services. Their primary goal is to efficiently and timely move cargo, whether by air or sea. The company services all major airports and seaports in Australia, offering a full range of professional freight forwarding services. These services include air and sea freight for both import and export, as well as international and domestic services.

     Warren Global Logistics is known for its global connections, enabling them to provide comprehensive logistics solutions worldwide. Their commitment to reliable service is reflected in their reputation for expertise in the industry and their dedication to assisting and advising clients to ensure smooth shipment processes.

    Services offered by Warren Global Logistics include:

    • Airfreight logistics (import, export, general cargo, international courier, project cargo).
    • Sea freight logistics (services into and out of all major Australian ports).
    • Unaccompanied baggage services for international visitors and students.

    Phone: 07 5599 5601

    Secon Freight Logistics

    Secon Freight Logistics, with over 50 years of experience, is a family-oriented business that excels in providing stress-free supply chain solutions. They specialize in serving various industries, including retail, FMCG, light industrial, food & dairy, and bulk plastics. 

    Secon's approach to business is deeply rooted in family values, treating their staff and clients as part of their extended family. This philosophy has helped them remain industry leaders, building relationships based on trust, honesty, and a commitment to treating clients' goods with utmost care. Their promise to deliver on commitments is a cornerstone of their service, ensuring peace of mind for their clients.

    Services offered by Secon Freight Logistics include:

    • Port logistics
    • Warehouse logistics
    • Distribution logistics
    • Bulk logistics

    Phone: +613 9393 4444

    They often participate in industry associations and continuous professional development.


    Local knowledge, tailored services, and potential cost savings are key benefits.


    Experienced brokers have strategies to manage increased demands during peak seasons.


    Many offer consultancy services for broader logistics and supply chain optimization.


    They can optimize routes and select carriers with sustainable practices.

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