The Ultimate Guide to Freight Management Software in Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Freight Management Software in Australia

Welcome to 'The Ultimate Guide to Freight Management Software in Australia,' the definitive resource for businesses seeking to streamline their freight operations. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the top freight management software solutions tailored to the unique logistics landscape of Australia.

Covering a range of topics from system features to integration capabilities, we provide valuable insights for choosing the right software to optimise your supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, this guide is your gateway to transforming your freight management processes.

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    Cario is showcased as an innovative freight management solution, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for efficient and automated supply chain operations. The software is designed to be intuitive, allowing for easy management of diverse freight needs, including pallets and parcels. Cario's platform is a testament to its commitment to simplifying and automating the freight management process, making it an indispensable tool for businesses looking to improve their logistics and supply chain efficiency.

    Services Offered:

    • Diverse Freight Management: Handles various types of freight, including pallets and parcels.
    • Automated Carrier Selection: Automatically selects the lowest cost carrier.
    • Comprehensive Carrier Options: This includes over 280 carriers.
    • Scalable Solutions: Tailored to grow with your business.
    • Enhanced Customer Experience: Offers tracking and updates for end customers.

    Phone: 1300 822 746
    Address Sydney Office: Unit 10, 1 Chaplin Drive, Lane Cove West NSW 2066
    Address Melbourne Office: 11 – 15 Smeaton Ave, Dandenong South, VIC 3175

    HUB Systems

    HUB Systems, an Australian company, specialises in logistics automation, serving freight and logistics enterprises in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. They offer robust and flexible Freight Management System (FMS) and Unified Freight Management (UFM) solutions designed to enhance the profitability and efficiency of logistics businesses. 

    HUB Systems focuses on meeting Chain of Responsibility requirements, catering to customer demands, and providing complete transparency over business operations. Their approach includes working closely with clients before implementation, during onboarding, and offering ongoing support. The company prides itself on transforming businesses through automation, evidenced by testimonials highlighting its user-friendly software and effective support team.

    Key Services Offered by HUB Systems:

    • Freight Management System (FMS): A robust and flexible system for managing freight operations.
    • Unified Freight Management (UFM): Integrates various logistics operations for streamlined management.
    • 100% Proof of Delivery: Real-time proof of delivery through the HUB-Pod app.
    • Tailored Software Solutions: Customization based on client needs, including management, bookings, dispatch, and accounts.
    • AI Smart Carrier Selection: Seamless integration with AI for smart carrier selection from a single console.

    Phone: 02 4355 7800

    Redi Software

    Redi Software, based in Perth, Australia, is a team of expert software and app developers dedicated to designing, building, and supporting custom software and applications for Australian businesses and startups. With over 13 years in business, they have achieved a 100% customer retention rate and a 95 Net Promoter Score, underlining their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

    Redi Software has been recognized for its achievements in user interface design and technology excellence, and their staff is entirely Australian-based. They have been involved in writing over 100 million lines of code and have been honored with several awards, including Joondalup Business of the Year 2023 and CEO of the Year 2003.

    Key Services Offered by Redi Software:

    • Software Development: Custom software solutions tailored to business needs.
    • Web & Mobile App Development: Creating responsive and user-friendly web and mobile applications.
    • Custom ERP/CRM: Developing enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems.
    • Cloud Development: Offering cloud-based solutions for scalability and efficiency.
    • Database Development: Building robust database systems for various applications.
    • UI/UX Design: Focusing on user interface and user experience design.
    • CTO Services and Project Management: Providing chief technology officer services and project management expertise.
    • Software Code Reviews: Ensuring code quality and efficiency.

    Phone: 1300 249 988

    ISH Technologies

    ISH Technologies, based in Australia, specializes in custom software development, focusing on helping small to medium businesses overcome their challenges through tailored software solutions. Their approach integrates various business processes into a single, efficient system. Recognized for their excellence with the Clutch Leader Award for Top B2B Companies in Australia for 2021 and 2022, ISH Technologies is committed to automating paper-based tasks and streamlining business workflows. 

    They are passionate about creating bespoke software solutions that enhance SMEs' workflow, tool accessibility, and overall staff and customer experience, delivering impactful and cost-effective solutions.

    Key Services Offered by ISH Technologies:

    • Custom Software Development: Analyzing, designing, and developing unique software solutions.
    • Mobile App Development: Creating applications for enhanced flexibility and mobility on tablets and mobile devices.
    • Database Development: Transforming complex excel sheets into robust database solutions.
    • Web App Development: Developing web-based applications for various business needs.

    Phone: 1300 474 832

    Dynamic Logistics Software

    Dynamic Logistics Software provides a comprehensive software solution for logistics service providers, offering a single integrated system to organize and optimize day-to-day business processes. With over 50 years of experience in developing solutions for the Australian 3PL market, they have a deep understanding of logistics. 

    Their software is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, connecting organizations and teams with a unified solution that enhances operational efficiency and customer experience. Dynamic Logistics Software's solutions are designed to give companies an operational edge and an exceptional customer-facing experience, ensuring they remain competitive in the logistics industry.

    Key Services Offered by Dynamic Logistics Software:

    • Warehouse Management: Includes 3PL, Value-Added Logistics, and Quality Control.
    • Road Freight Management: Tools for fleet management, routing, and customer recharging.
    • Customs Brokerage: Streamlines processes with compliance and document management.
    • Sea and Air Freight Management: Handles FCL, LCL, and Air Freight requirements.
    • Refrigerated Logistics: Specialized solutions for cold storage logistics.
    • Integrated Financials: Real-time financial operations overview across all areas.
    • Groupage: Export, Import, and LCL/LTL planning and bundling.
    • Freight Forwarding: Supports electronic standards and real-time updates.
    • E-Fulfillment: Increases efficiency in handling large numbers of small orders.


    Freight & Trade Alliance

    Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Australian Peak Shippers’ Association (APSA) together form a significant alliance in Australia's international supply chain sector. FTA is renowned as the leading representative body, encompassing importers, exporters, customs brokers, freight forwarders, logistics service providers, and industry groups. APSA, designated by the Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, serves as the peak body to safeguard the interests of Australia’s cargo owners and shippers concerning shipping and international logistics services. 

    This alliance is influential in advocacy, ensuring members stay abreast of emerging supply chain issues through operational support, professional development training, industry updates, commercial services, and corporate events.

    Key Services Offered by FTA and APSA:

    • Advocacy and News: Keeping members informed about industry developments and representing their interests.
    • Training and Events: Offering professional development and networking opportunities.
    • Consultancy and Classifieds: Providing expert advice and a platform for industry-related classifieds.
    • Corporate Alliances: Facilitating partnerships across various sectors of the logistics industry.

    Phone: 02 99751878

    Transport Management Solutions 

    Transport Management Solutions (TMS) in Australia is a leading provider of logistics management and freight services, catering to companies in need of transport solutions in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Sydney. As a trusted logistics and transport company, TMS supports and collaborates with supply chains both nationally and globally. They offer a range of services including freight and logistics management, 3PL warehouse solutions, international door-to-door import and export services, ecommerce fulfillment, and customized industrial packaging and warehouse supplies. 

    TMS is known for combining supply chain managed services, customized software solutions, and 3PL fulfillment services in a unique business model, ensuring a premium logistics experience for their clients.

    Key Services Offered by TMS:

    • Transport: Interstate transportation requirements with freight and logistics management services.
    • Warehouse: Logistic management 3PL warehouse and industrial business management solutions.
    • International: Worldwide door-to-door import and export services for documents and cartons.
    • Fulfilment: Ecommerce fulfillment center for faster and easier product delivery.
    • Packaging: Customised industrial packaging and warehouse supplies solutions.

    Phone: 1300 867 000

    Sonar Technologies International

    Sonar Technologies International, based in Sydney with offices in Australia, New Zealand, India, and Cambodia, specializes in providing smart solutions for mobile task and resource management. Their services cater to various sectors including field service, logistics & supply chain, assets management, and healthcare in both government and private sectors. 

    Sonar Technologies is renowned for transforming businesses across different industry verticals like transport & logistics, field service operations, hospitals, manufacturing, warehousing, and retail. Their solutions focus on improving the end customer experience, making businesses smarter and more efficient in delivering excellent customer service. The company offers a range of smart solutions including transport and logistics management, workforce automation, hospital information management, and more.

    Key Services Offered by Sonar Technologies:

    • Smart Transport: Solutions for scheduling, dispatching, and streamlining transport and logistics operations.
    • Smart Workforce: Automation solutions providing operational visibility and improved productivity.
    • Smart Hospitals: Hospital Information Management Solutions for automating hospital workflows.
    • Cloud Offerings & Managed Services: Providing state-of-the-art cloud solutions.
    • IT Infrastructure Integration & Support: Offering both wired and wireless network solutions.
    • Mobile Device Management: Efficient management solutions for deploying, securing, and managing mobile devices.

    Phone: 02 9630 3533


    FreightTracker is an innovative transport management system designed to keep companies efficient by streamlining their fleet operations. The system is highly customizable, catering to various aspects of transport management including customers, containers, general freight, warehouse management, and financials. 

    FreightTracker stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it easy to learn and use. It is accessible anywhere and offers flexibility in payment options, including outright purchase, monthly license, or pay-per-use. The software is praised for its effectiveness in integrating critical links between businesses, clients' needs, and transport providers' systems. FreightTracker is particularly noted for its responsive development team and customer-focused approach, making it a recommended choice for those in the transport and logistics industry.

    Key Services Offered by FreightTracker:

    • Customizable Transport Management: Tailored solutions for different fleet management needs.
    • Modules for Various Needs: Including customers, containers, general operations, warehouse, and financials.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive and easy-to-use platform.
    • Accessible Anywhere: iPad-ready with a driver app for on-the-go access.
    • Flexible Payment Options: Buy outright, monthly license, or pay per use.

    Phone: 02 8417 2344

    Quantico Australia 

    Quantico Australia is a leading technology and services excellence organization, showcasing the genius of Australian invention and ingenuity. They provide cost-effective technologies and solutions designed to transform any business or organization. Their offerings include a range of innovative solutions such as TeamAssurance, a cloud platform for real-time connection between leaders and frontline workers; Protel Professional Solutions for business communications; Quantico – X for performance network access; FMS Transport for dispatch management software; and Sydney Web Experts for web design and marketing. 

    These solutions are tailored to various sectors including manufacturing, logistics, industrial, healthcare, and commercial industries. Quantico Australia is committed to enhancing operational excellence and customer experience through their advanced technological solutions.

    Key Services Offered by Quantico Australia:

    • TeamAssurance: Cloud platform for improving daily management and strategy delivery.
    • Protel Professional Solutions: Business communications audits and technology upgrades.
    • Quantico – X: Access to best performance networks and cost management.
    • FMS Transport: Australian-owned dispatch management software for automated fulfillment.
    • Sydney Web Experts: Web design and marketing services for businesses.

    Phone: 1300 032 320

    Most systems offer comprehensive analytics and reporting tools for better decision-making.

    Some advanced systems include features for warehouse management.

    Many providers offer mobile apps for on-the-go management.

    It typically includes features to efficiently manage and track returns.

    Yes, by optimising routes and loads, it can help reduce overall freight costs.

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