How to Prepare for a Wedding as a Groom

How Do You Nail the Mismatched Bridesmaids Look?

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    Though a mismatched bridal party dress scheme may seem impossible to pull off, with the right accessories and styling, you can create a stunning look that your guests are sure to like. Bridesmaids have always been expected to dress uniformly, regardless of their own preferences, body types, or the colour of the bride. Today's brides, however, are more likely to embrace individuality among the bridal party, leading to an uptick in the practice of having bridesmaids wear wildly contrasting ensembles.

    The fashion for the bridal party has advanced greatly throughout the years. Bridesmaids used to all be required by custom to wear identical dresses of the same colour. Previously considered a passing fad, brides and their best gals now have a wider range of dress options to choose from. The bride is spared the trouble of trying to locate a dress that will flatter all of her attendants, and the attendants get to exhibit their individuality. However, while Pinterest makes it look easy, having so many options may actually be rather overwhelming.

    The goal is to choose outfits that stand out from one another without being so drastically different that the ensemble seems thrown together.

    Beautiful, elegant women occupy the room. Moreover, there are a wide variety of body shapes, styles, budgets, and personalities out there. This trend for bridesmaids in mismatched attire has its roots in reality. In other words, we understand! It's unlikely that you'll find a "Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress" that flatters every one of your ladies.

    Your bridesmaids will appreciate it if they are able to select a dress that flatters their figure, and you will like it, too. You give them control by relieving them of the burden of coming up with something that everyone would enjoy. Everyone will be dressed to the nines, and that's cause for merriment on the floor.

    Ways to Nail the Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress

    How to Prepare for a Wedding as a Groom

    How, therefore, can you ensure that your ensemble seems intentionally mismatched rather than like a mishmash? Ladies, the line is THIN.

    However, if you're not careful, your wedding party could end up appearing incredibly haphazard if you go with a mismatched style.

    In any case, here are a few things to keep in mind when you lay out the clothing options. Then you're halfway to a bridesmaids photo that belongs in Vogue!

    Keep the Dress Length of the Bridal Party the Same

    Maintaining uniformity among the bridesmaids' attire is as simple as making sure all of the dresses are the same length. It doesn't have to be the length, but there must be some constant, and a measurement is a simple method to achieve that.

    Ensure the Dresses Are the Same Colour or Have Elements of the Same Material

    If a bride wants to err on the side of caution, she can choose a dress that comes in both a full-length maxi and a shorter cocktail length. White Runway's Sequined Cap-Sleeve Dress is available in both short and long sizes, making it an ideal choice for brides with a diverse group of bridesmaids. Selecting a dress that comes in both a long maxi length and a shorter length is a great solution to ensure that all of your bridesmaids feel and look great on the big day.

    Use Bouquets and the Same Colour of Shoes to Tie the Bridesmaid Looks Together

    If your bridesmaids are wearing different outfits, you may make them all look cohesive by using a bouquet with matching or complementary flowers. One option to bring together the wedding's disparate aesthetic elements is to have all the bridesmaids wear the same shoes.

    Ensure There Is a Common Link Between the Dresses

    Some guidelines recommend sticking to a maximum of two distinct features, such as fabric, colour, and neckline, while creating an outfit. However, if the dresses have some common element, they can still look good even if they don't match perfectly. As long as there is cohesion in tone or shape, a variety of textures can work together well. If the bride stays true to a specific colour scheme or set of colours, she can get away with dressing her bridal party in ten different dresses and yet have the event look cohesive and beautiful.

    If the bride chooses a colour scheme that isn't too bold—say, pink or champagne—the event will still have a sense of style and sophistication.

    Once everything is in place, the celebration can take on an otherworldly beauty.

    Let the Bride Set the Guidelines and the Bridesmaid Select the Dress

    A bride might narrow down her options by compiling a collage and a mood board featuring various materials, colours, and styles that she is interested in. The bride can give her bridesmaids a general idea of what she's looking for in terms of colour scheme, silhouette, and fabric, and then let them make their own final decisions. In certain cases, the bride will choose just three dress styles for her attendants to choose from, allowing them to express their own personal flair while yet fitting in with the theme of the wedding.

    Use Paint Swatches

    Showing and telling is a great technique to get the results you want in terms of colour. Go to a home improvement store and pick out paint swatches that reflect your vision. Then, when asking the ladies to be in your bride tribe, make it memorable by sending them the samples in a lovely gift.

    Give Specific Details

    What does the dress length matter to you? Sometimes maintaining a constant spacing helps everything flow together, even if the outfits themselves are very different. When it comes to the fabric, do you recommend people stay away from tulle and velvet? Can we have patterns? In other words, tell your bridesmaids what you like and don't like.

    Share the Overall Vibe

    How formal is your wedding? Is this a wedding with a bohemian/hippie aesthetic? Guests expected to wear black tie attire? Make sure they are aware of the general atmosphere so that they can make an appropriate dress choice.

    Use One Color in Varying Tones

    Tone describes the range of values between a color's pure hue and its deepest black shade. Let your bridesmaids pick outfits in various shades of the colour you've chosen for them to wear. Each of these outfits will be a sister, not a twin, and they will all be stunning.

    Use Different Colors in the Same Tone for Mismatched Bridesmaids

    Colors and tones are blended in this alternative. Every dress will have the same overall appearance thanks to the saturation of the tone and the uniformity of the hue. To sum up, what you're after are colours that are both comparable and intense. Colors on the pastel, jewel, or beige/pink spectrum are recommended. The second set of dresses is like a group of related aunts and uncles.

    Use the Same Color in Different Styles

    Dresses of the same colour but different styles are a good compromise if you're worried about the bridesmaids' outfits clashing but still want them to feel comfortable on the big day. Having a single designer responsible for all of the colours is the simplest solution. Two words: identical twins!

    Use One Print or Texture in a Similar Color With Various Styles

    This is a more daring design, but it will make a strong fashion statement. Dress your bridesmaids in a pattern that is related to yours. Keep them in coordinating but stylistically distinct patterns, such as a range of warm florals, cold polka dots, or flashy sequins.

    To pull this off, you'll need to pay attention to the colours and tones used. The end result is a bridal party that looks fantastic because everyone is happy with what they're wearing.

    Consider the Focal Point

    It's a lot of fun to do something like this to make your Maid of Honor the centre of attention. The Maid of Honor would stand out from the rest of the bridal party by wearing a more vibrant colour or pattern than the rest of the bridesmaids. Having more than one is quite acceptable. Remember, this day is about you and your future spouse.

    The goal is to highlight your Maid of Honor without overwhelming the eye with a riot of colours.

    Decide How Mismatched You Want to Go.

    The bridesmaid dresses can be different colours, different styles, or both. Do you want things to be simple? If you want your bridesmaids to feel like themselves, try a one-color, changeable dress.

    Keep at Least One Element Consistent.

    As long as there is some unifying factor between the bridesmaids' dresses, like a neckline, style, hemline, colour, or fabric, they won't look too out of place if they don't match perfectly.

    Consider Keeping Hemlines Floor Length.

    Depending on the height of the bridesmaids, the midi or knee length will fall in a different place on their bodies. If you choose with dresses that reach the floor, you can rest assured that the hemlines will all fall at the same spot and the dresses will seem uniform when hung next to one another.

    Opt for a Limited Color Palette or Tonal Shades of the Same Color.

    The styling of bridesmaids in mismatched dresses benefits greatly from narrowing down the colour palette. There is less of a chance of them looking disjointed if they are all dressed in muted neutrals or different colours of blue. In case of uncertainty, stick to a smaller range of colours for a more unified end result (especially true with smaller bridal parties).

    Start With a Print and Work Outwards.

    Select the dress with the pattern you wish to replicate, and then let that garment's colour scheme serve as inspiration for the rest of your collection.

    Begin with a stunning floral bridesmaid dress—perhaps for the maid of honor—and build from there by selecting solid-color bridesmaid gowns in each of the colours in the floral motif.

    Pull Your Mismatched Dresses Together With Accessories and Beauty.

    Accessories like jewelry, shoes, and hair accessories, as well as cosmetics, can help your bridesmaids seem cohesive even if they don't all have the same dress. Perhaps all of your females wear red lipstick, the same shade of nail lacquer, and identical drop earrings, putting the "match" in mismatched.

    Keep Bouquets the Same.

    The bridesmaids' bouquets are another example of a constant detail: Pick a shade or colour palette that works well with any outfit. Think about using solid bouquets to ground dresses with a lot of different colours (like flowery designs) and using vivid scents to liven up outfits with few colours.

    Think Outside of Just Dresses.

    Traditionally, dresses have been associated with bridesmaid attire, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Instead of having your bridesmaids wear dresses, why not try a jumpsuit? It's a fresh and contemporary approach to spicing things up, and it adds a touch of unexpected elegance.

    The Pros & Cons of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

    Whether to choose for a matched or mismatched look is a major consideration for brides when selecting bridesmaid dresses. Choosing bridesmaids in dresses that don't match might be a fun and flirty touch, but there are certain drawbacks to keep in mind. For your convenience, we'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of having your bridesmaids wear different colours or styles of dresses.

    Pros of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

    Everyone Is Flattered and Comfortable

    Selecting a wide range of dresses means that your bridesmaids can all feel beautiful in the attire you've chosen for them. Finding a single dress style that flatters all of your bridesmaids' body types might be challenging. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own attire is a terrific way to ensure that they enjoy the experience and feel like themselves on your big day. One option is to stick to a limited colour scheme while offering a wide variety of necklines and sleeve lengths. Envision a rail of stunning black bridesmaid dresses, each one unique in its design and cut.

    They Create Interest

    An original twist on a wedding can be achieved by having the attendants wear a variety of styles and colours of bridesmaid gowns. All of your guests will be able to appreciate the chic sophistication of your bridesmaids. The wedding images will be much more memorable as a result.

    They Show You Value Your Bridesmaids' Individuality

    You may show your pals how much you care about them and how much you want them to feel at ease by letting them express their individuality. Matching bridesmaid dresses are beautiful, but there's something so fun about a bride and her attendants embracing their individual styles.

    Cons of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

    How to Prepare for a Wedding as a Groom

    It Can Be Tricky To Manage

    Especially if you are providing the bridesmaid dresses, the logistics can be challenging. The bride must find a way to have separate outfits produced and fitted for her three or four bridesmaids, some of whom may live abroad and have specific needs. To avoid this, you can delegate the task of finding the bridesmaid dress to your attendants by providing them with a dress budget, colour palette, and general guidelines (such as not too short, etc.).

    This way, they obtain the dress of their dreams without you having to worry about tracking down and altering a wide variety of gowns.

    It Can Appear Messy

    If your wedding party has a lot of different styles, it runs the danger of looking disorganized. To prevent this from happening, use only colours from the same palette. Different shades of blue or green, for instance, but all sharing the same undertone.

    It's always a good idea to coordinate your footwear with the rest of your outfit. Last but not least, make sure all of your bridesmaids wear the same cosmetics. If one person has dewy skin and glossy lips while the others have matte face and bright red lips, it will look sloppy and disorganized.

    It Could Take Focus From The Bride

    Worse yet, imagine if your bridesmaids are dressed in wildly different colours and styles that don't go together at all. You don't want people at your wedding distracted by your bridesmaids' mismatched outfits. You can avoid this by editing the appearance so that they are distinct while still flowing together and being understated.

    Having your bridesmaids wear a variety of styles and colours instead of matching dresses might make for a more interesting wedding.

    Mismatched bridesmaid dresses can win if you pick the right colour scheme and make sure there are some matching accessories, including shoes and makeup.


    The stress of planning a wedding can be alleviated, we hope, by following these guidelines. Finding Melbourne's Best Wedding Planner Possible? Do not waste any more time searching; we have compiled the most comprehensive list of Wedding Planners anywhere.

    When you've finished organising the gowns, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done in wedding planning. Before your attendants confirm that they have placed their dress orders, send them a link to the bridesmaid robes website.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mismatched looks?

    It's perfectly common for couples to have a different number of attendants on one side or another, so a mismatched wedding party is seriously no big deal—it's actually a chic twist on tradition.
    Rather than thinking only about suits being mismatched, Meyer suggests instead having the groomsmen opt for variation in their accessories. For example, all the groomsmen could wear the same suit but go with varying colors for their pocket squares, socks, ties, or shirts.
    If you've found a dress that you adore, and really want the same silhouette for all. You can choose the same bridesmaid dress style in different colors. Mix color is really hard, it's more safer to choose the different colors in the same shade.
    Does the Mother of the Bride Dress Need to Match Bridesmaids? No, the mother of the bride doesn't need to match the bridesmaids or the wedding party in general. The bride may prefer to have corresponding colors for a cohesive look, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.
    Does the Maid of Honor have a different dress in every bridal party? The short answer is no, but the bride usually pays special attention to making her feel special in some way.
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