Earn a Master of Education Degree Online from Australia’s Top Universities

If you're a teacher or education professional seeking to advance your career, gain new skills, and expand your knowledge, then pursuing a Master of Education degree from one of Australia's leading universities could be the right step for you. 

Fortunately, these universities offer flexible and convenient online degree programs that allow you to achieve your educational goals from anywhere, at any time. The online Master of Education programs offered by Australia's leading universities is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of education theory, curriculum development, and pedagogy, as well as practical skills that you can apply to your classroom or education-related work. 

In addition, you'll have the opportunity to engage with a diverse community of educators from around the world, sharing knowledge and insights that can enrich your learning experience. Read on to explore the online Master of Education programs available from Australia's leading universities and discover how they can help you achieve your career aspirations.

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  • 16 months (minimum) part-time
  • 8 Units
  • $21,050 FEE-HELP available



  • 16 months part-time
  • 8 Units
  • $2,620 per unit, FEE-HELP available

James Cook University Australia

Master of Education

  • 1.5 years full-time or part-time equivalent
  • $23,240.00
  • A variety of Scholarships are available to suit different student types.

UTS Online

Master of Education (Online)

  • 2 years (minimum)
  • $2,750 per subject, FEE-HELP available
  • 12 subjects
Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University

Master of Education Online

It is often said that great educators are behind the success of every learner, and behind every great educator is an exceptional leader. At ECU Accelerated Online, individuals can choose between two-course specialisations for their Master of Education, which cater to the most in-demand areas of expertise within educational settings in Australia. Each specialisation includes four core units and four specialisation units. 

The Master of Education (Early Childhood Education) specialisation challenges learners to re-conceptualise and deepen their knowledge of effective pedagogy and practice, and critically reflect on the latest research and how it influences their role as an early childhood education leader. 

On the other hand, the Master of Education (Leading Education) specialisation instils in learners the confidence to strategically and effectively lead their people and organisation to enhance learning outcomes for students and increase engagement with their school community, especially in times of unprecedented change and challenges. 

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University

Master of Education

The SCU Online Master of Education program offers students the opportunity to gain specialised skills and knowledge in the field of education. By aligning their studies with their professional goals, students can become effective leaders in the classroom and school environment. Students can choose to specialize in Leadership, well-being, Diversity and Inclusion, or opt for a generalist Master of Education by selecting electives across any specialisation.

The program aims to deepen students' understanding of contemporary education to enable them to drive better outcomes for staff and students, leading with confidence. Designed with teachers in mind, the Master of Education program is 100% online, offering accelerated and flexible learning that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Upon completing the Master of Education program from Southern Cross University, graduates will be prepared for the challenges that come with a fulfilling career in education. They will become contemporary educational leaders who can bring about positive change at every level of the school system. Students have the option to specialise in Educational Leadership, Educational well-being, or Educational Inclusion and Diversity, or select elective units from these specialisations to gain a generalist Master of Education degree. With a curriculum tailored to their interests and career ambitions, students can choose to pursue their passions and grow in the direction they desire.

James Cook University

James Cook University Australia

Master of Education

The Master of Education program at JCU offers professionals currently working in Education or those who hold formal education qualifications the opportunity to advance their careers and become leaders in the field. 

The program has a strong focus on leadership across a range of learning communities and contexts, covering contemporary educational developments and transformative education. Students can choose to explore a range of coursework subjects or focus on a small-scale research project.

The coursework includes subjects such as Educational Leadership and Education for Sustainability, where students will explore ethical practice in educational leadership, contemporary theories of effective leadership, elements and methods of leadership development, and strategies for leading change in organisational processes and performance. They will also learn about contemporary approaches to education for sustainability in a range of teaching and learning contexts.

The Master of Education program at JCU offers two options for students to complete their degree - coursework with a major in Educational Leadership or coursework with a major in Educational Research, which includes the completion of a research project. This allows students to pursue their interests and personal career goals.

Graduates of JCU’s Master of Education program are equipped with advanced knowledge, experience, and skills to become effective teachers, educators, and leaders in education. They are highly valued for their strong transferable skills and understanding of the needs and challenges faced by communities in the Tropics.

UTS Online

UTS Online

Master of Education (Learning and Leadership)

In Australia, the demand for education and learning and development professionals is expected to grow 9.7% by 2024, highlighting the increasing need for effective learning and innovation in diverse workplaces. 

The UTS Online Master of Education (Learning and Leadership) is specifically designed for professionals seeking to lead and support learning innovation in their organizations, whether in corporate, health, public sector, school, higher education, or community settings. Through this program, students can develop a robust and flexible toolkit of research-informed skills and knowledge to enhance and innovate learning practice. 

This 100% online course allows individuals to work full-time while customizing their learning and assessments to meet specific professional aspirations and upskilling needs. Students can immediately apply their learnings for career advancement.

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University

Master of International Education (School Leadership)

The Master of International Education (School Leadership) from Charles Sturt University helps individuals build their capacity to become successful global leaders in any education setting. The course is designed to prepare students to become dynamic school leaders who can improve outcomes for students and staff. The degree is internationally recognised and allows students to explore how education providers around the world respond to and engage with educational issues. 

The course combines the latest theories on global education with practical assignments and innovative resources and is offered online worldwide in collaboration with practising educational leaders from Australia and Canada. Upon completion of the program, students are equipped to anticipate and analyse issues and responses from local and global perspectives and implement best practice strategies. 

The course is delivered online, which provides the convenience of studying while working and applying what has been learned directly to the workplace. Charles Sturt University offers excellent support tools for online students, including course materials designed to engage and promote active thinking and participation.

Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology

Master of Education

This program is suitable for individuals who seek to acquire specialised knowledge, transition to a new career path, or advance their current profession. Students can customise their qualification by choosing between a deep specialisation or a blend of various topics. The courses are designed to be practical, providing real-world knowledge that can be applied immediately. Both on-campus and online study options are available.

Deakin University

Deakin University

Master of Education (Leadership and Learning)

The Master of Education (Leadership and Learning) is a postgraduate program intended for qualified teachers and educators who desire to improve their leadership abilities. Prospective students are asked if they are prepared to lead and motivate change in education.

The program aims to challenge and inspire leaders in education to introduce novel ways of thinking and learning in their communities. By fostering the growth and development of educational organisations in a manner that is receptive to global and local issues, these leaders can make a significant impact. The Master of Education (Leadership and Learning) presents an opportunity to effect real change in one's organisation.

The program consists of eight units that can be completed in as little as 12 months if studied full-time or 2 years if studied part-time, depending on the individual course plan. Teaching staff, who possess extensive research and education expertise, provide practical learning experiences to explore students' interests and passion for educational leadership.

The four core units of the program aim to enhance students' knowledge and abilities in relation to the educational context, policy, and leadership during challenging times; evidence, analysis, and evaluation for educational improvement; leadership for staff development and well-being; and leading and managing innovation, change, and improvement. In addition to these four core units, students can complete the full complement of eight units by selecting unit sequences from a range of specialist elective studies and research preparation units. The program offers a pathway to PhD for students interested in furthering their research.

By participating in the Master of Education (Leadership and Learning), students can build the knowledge, skills, and networks required to become inspiring and innovative leaders in education.

University of Southern Queensland

University of Southern Queensland

Master of Education (MEDA)

The Master of Education program is designed to offer professionals in education, training, and development Master level coursework that is relevant and meaningful to them. 

The program aims to facilitate the development and consolidation of knowledge and skills in teaching and learning in community, professional, and workplace learning settings. This is achieved by engaging with contemporary learning theory and future-oriented approaches.

The program supports the application of these knowledge and skills through learner-centred design, flexible delivery, and individualized and authentic assessment. By doing so, the Master of Education program aims to enhance the quality of services provided to learners. 

The ultimate goal of the program is to sustain the communities and fulfil the lives of those in the education and training industry.

University of New England

University of New England

Master of Education

The UNE Master of Education (Coursework) is designed for educators looking to enhance their skills in educational practice. The program offers a flexible pathway with various curriculum options and four specialisations to choose from. With this degree, students can deepen their knowledge in a range of educational disciplines and apply contemporary theory and practice to engage their students. 

UNE has a history of providing high-quality education, and this degree provides advanced knowledge and skills to enhance expertise in professional practice, scholarship, leadership, and research. Graduates can make a significant impact on their chosen path in education and future-proof their careers.

Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne Online

Master Of Teaching (Secondary)

Swinburne Online's Master of Teaching (Secondary) offers an accelerated mode of study, combining in-school experience with online coursework to equip students with teaching methods and care for student wellbeing. 

The course also offers more placement opportunities with a new structure aligned with Victorian school terms and dates. Swinburne Online students have access to development opportunities such as the Swinburne Teachers and Regional Remote Schools (STARS) program, providing professional experience in diverse educational communities. 

The course focuses on increasing innovation within school settings and preparing students for technology-centric careers. Graduates are eligible for provisional registration as secondary teacher by the Victorian Institute of Teaching or through reciprocal arrangements with teacher education authorities in other states. 

The course is accredited by the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), and applicants should contact VIT or the relevant registering authority in their desired state/territory for more information.

Macquarie University

Macquarie University

Master of Education

Effective teachers are crucial in helping students achieve their full potential, and the Master of Education degree can help educators enhance their leadership skills to mentor and guide their peers to improve their teaching abilities. 

This program provides opportunities to shape school-wide programs, as well as policy and practice reforms, with the goal of improving teaching and learning in a variety of educational settings. With this degree, individuals can develop critical-thinking skills needed to respond to changing educational environments and implement evidence-based solutions that are innovative and effective.


CQUniversity Australia

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The Master of Teaching (Secondary) program at CQUni offers individuals with a non-education three-year bachelor's degree an opportunity to become a secondary school teacher. This initial teacher education course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to inspire future generations and make a difference in education. 

By completing the program, students can apply for provisional teacher registration with the Queensland College of Teachers, the administering body in Queensland. CQUniversity's three-term structure allows students to fast-track their studies and complete the full master course in just one and a half years of full-time study.

A Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree is a graduate-level academic degree focused on advanced study in education. It is designed for educators who want to further their careers in teaching, administration, curriculum development, or educational research.

A Master of Education degree can offer many benefits, including increased career opportunities, higher salaries, expanded knowledge and skills in education, and opportunities for professional networking.

Admission requirements for a Master of Education degree vary by institution but typically include a bachelor's degree, a minimum GPA, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose. Some programs may also require standardized test scores or previous teaching experience.

The length of time it takes to complete a Master of Education degree varies depending on the program and the student's course load. Generally, it can take one to two years of full-time study or two to four years of part-time study.

Courses in a Master of Education degree program may include educational research methods, curriculum design and development, educational psychology, leadership in education, and instructional technology.

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