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Marketing is a rapidly evolving field that requires professionals to be adaptable and up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Studying for a marketing degree can provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this dynamic industry. 

Fortunately, Australia's best universities offer online marketing degree courses that provide flexible learning options for individuals who may not be able to attend traditional on-campus classes. In this article, we will explore the top online marketing degree courses offered by Australian universities and how they can prepare students for a successful career in marketing.

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University of Technology Sydney


  • 2 years (minimum)
  • 12 subjects
  • $3,996 per subject, FEE-HELP available



  • 8 months intensive, part-time
  • 4 Courses (7 weeks each)
  • $3,960 per course, FEE-HELP available
UTS Online

University of Technology Sydney

Master of Digital Marketing (Online)

The UTS Master of Digital Marketing (Online) program prepares marketing professionals to advance in their careers by acquiring digital skills that are in high demand both presently and in the future. There is a global need for qualified executives in digital marketing, but not enough professionals to meet this demand.

This degree is suitable for data-driven and strategic marketing professionals who are seeking to excel in digital marketing. Regardless of whether they are new to marketing or seasoned marketers who wish to enhance their digital marketing tools and strategies, this degree covers all bases. 

The program is delivered entirely online, allowing students to continue working full-time while acquiring the necessary digital marketing skills to take control of their careers. The skills learned in this course can be immediately applied in the workplace and can prepare students for the ever-changing industry demands of the future.

RMIT Online

RMIT Online

Graduate Certificate in Marketing

RMIT Online offers the Graduate Certificate of Marketing program, which is designed to equip current and future marketing managers with the skills necessary to think strategically about how marketing can add value to businesses. 

Through this program, students can establish a solid foundation in marketing management and gain insights into consumer behaviour. They will also learn how to create research programs and interpret research results. Furthermore, they will develop effective marketing strategies that can be applied today to address business challenges and drive results.

The program is taught by renowned industry experts, and the practical skills and latest concepts learned can be immediately applied to the student's current role. Additionally, this program can serve as a pathway to RMIT Online's Master of Marketing program. 

The Graduate Certificate of Marketing allows students to see marketing in new ways, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field.

Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Western Sydney University offers an online marketing degree that provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the world of marketing. Good marketers understand how to balance their product's strengths, customer needs, and competitor strategies to create effective marketing strategies.

The Bachelor of Business (Marketing) program serves as a foundation for a successful marketing career and can open doors to any organisation. Students will learn how to produce and implement marketing strategies to gain a following from customers, drive sales, and create influence in the modern marketing environment. Upon graduation, students will possess the business, communication, and technology skills necessary to be valuable assets to any company.

The Bachelor of Business (Marketing) program satisfies the educational requirements for recognition as a Certified Practising Marketer and eligibility for membership in the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI). 

Additionally, the School of Business has been awarded AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation, which is a result of an extensive self-review and international peer evaluation against rigorous criteria and standards for quality academic and professional excellence.

Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne Online

Bachelor Of Business – Marketing

The Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing provides students with highly sought-after skills to excel in their marketing careers and keep up with rapidly changing technologies. This course is taught by experienced marketing professionals who inspire students to stay current with constantly innovating marketing practices.

Students will undertake meaningful assessments that prepare them for the workforce, such as developing strategies for live clients and using cutting-edge tools like Google Analytics to interpret data. They will also learn to create inspiring social media strategies and develop marketing plans for their own unique concepts. Additionally, students will discover how marketing can influence the sustainability of our planet and find their own voice in the field.

The Marketing major offers connections to industry, with guest speakers from organisations like Richmond Football Club and The Cheesecake Shop providing valuable insights and boosting students’ professionalism and work readiness. With a keen understanding of core business skills, students will work with industry partners and graduate, ready to make their own mark on the dynamic world of marketing.

Griffith University

Griffith University


Individuals who possess strong communication skills, a creative mindset, and the ability to think on their feet are perfect candidates for a career in marketing. By studying marketing, students gain insight into the workings of a market, including its audience, drivers, barriers, and consumer behaviour. Students also learn about data-driven decision-making and identifying target markets, as well as how to stay ahead of competitors with effective promotion and advertising.

Griffith University offers marketing degrees that provide students with key skills for the ever-evolving world of marketing. Students learn how to research and analyse markets, competitors, customers, and organisations, and use this information to gain a competitive advantage. Students are given practical experience by participating in local or international internships or Community Internships, working on projects for real companies or community organisations to earn credit towards their degree.

Students can start their marketing degree in February, July, or October, and have the option to pursue a double major to expand their career options exponentially. Griffith Business School is rated 5 stars for Educational Experience and Teaching Quality in Business and Management by the Good Universities Guide 2018.

The postgraduate marketing degrees offered by Griffith Business School are flexible, and designed to suit the lifestyle of students who are balancing work, family, or other commitments. Students have the option to study full-time or part-time, online, on-campus, or a combination of both, and can accelerate or slow down their study as needed. Online study provides access to high-quality content and academics, with dedicated support available whenever needed.

Deakin University

Deakin University

Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology)

The Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology) course aims to train students to be experts in understanding the reasons behind consumer behaviour. By combining principles from different disciplines, students will be able to develop creative marketing solutions and acquire a unique skill set that is highly in demand in all industries.

The program provides a deep understanding of the psychology that drives consumer decision-making, using innovative data practices to uncover different aspects of customer behaviour, such as culture, lifestyle, personality traits, and decision-making processes. Students will learn how to translate these insights into effective marketing and communication strategies, gaining practical experience through work-integrated learning programs, which will prepare them for a successful career.

The course will also hone students' skills in real-world business and marketing problems, working alongside established professionals in the field to build industry experience and networks that will give them a competitive edge.

University of Southern Queensland

University of Southern Queensland

Marketing Degrees

The Bachelor of Marketing program at UniSQ teaches students how to enhance businesses by creating and identifying value for customers. They will learn how to establish a connection between customers and brands, use tools to create effective marketing communications and measure the success of their strategies. 

The importance of data in contemporary marketing and its role in developing digital and social strategies will also be taught. Students will graduate with the necessary skills to succeed in a marketing role and understand how to meet customers' needs.

UniSQ's marketing program provides an excellent foundation for core marketing principles, and its experienced staff is dedicated to promoting excellence in learning. The program is flexible and can be studied online, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a marketing degree.

University of New England

University of New England

Fundamentals of Marketing

The unit aims to provide students with a solid foundation in marketing, a crucial component of any successful business. Through the unit, students will gain the necessary skills to manage marketing activities and understand how marketing functions within a business. Students will explore the four key components of the marketing mix, namely product, price, place, and promotion, and learn how to manipulate them. 

The unit will cover how to set objectives, develop strategies, and evaluate implementation and control mechanisms for marketing. Students will also examine ways to manage exchange processes between stakeholders and conduct analyses of the environment, industry, and competitors. As part of the unit, students will apply their skills and knowledge by preparing a marketing plan.

University of South Australia

University of South Australia

Bachelor of Marketing and Communication

The marketing and communication degree at UniSA Online provides students with a versatile set of skills in various areas, such as social media, advertising, public relations, marketing analytics, brand management, retailing, and content creation. The curriculum covers emerging trends in digital marketing, including mobile marketing, online advertising, and customer relationship management strategies.

Students are guided by experts from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, which advises leading brands such as P&G and CBS. UniSA Business, where the program is offered, is a global leader in brand management research and is among the top 1% of business schools worldwide, as well as awarded five stars.

The degree is evaluated and accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute, and students have the opportunity to study 100% online through UniSA Online. The flexible study options allow students to plan their studies to fit around their lives, view learning resources 24/7, and log into the online environment on any device.

The program focuses on developing students' creativity, marketing, and data analytical skills to create effective integrated marketing and communication campaigns. Graduates are equipped to excel in marketing and communication roles across various industries, including social media, digital marketing, public relations, marketing analytics, brand management, and content creation. The program is suitable for those looking to restart their career or make a change and want to set themselves up on a path towards career success.

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University

Master of Applied Digital Marketing

The Master of Applied Digital Marketing from Charles Sturt University is designed for marketing professionals or those seeking a career in digital marketing. This marketing course offers specialised skills and knowledge to help students achieve their career goals in the fast-paced digital space. Students will undertake an in-depth study of analytics and major digital channels, including email, social media, and search.

The Master of Applied Digital Marketing is part of an articulated program of study, which allows students to build on their previous studies to achieve their desired qualification level. Charles Sturt University’s program is the only marketing degree in Australia that includes dedicated subjects on social media marketing, search marketing, digital marketing analytics, strategy and planning, digital selling, and big data marketing analytics.

The university is known for offering practical, current, and relevant marketing programs that are focused on the workplace. Students can apply their learnings on the latest digital marketing industry innovations back to their work and develop a series of marketing plans that focus on the main digital marketing channels.

The Master of Applied Digital Marketing is flexible, offering online study options that allow students to apply their learning and insight in real-time, having an immediate impact on their organisation. Students can choose when and where they study, and support is available as needed.

Charles Sturt University has leading industry experts and researchers who will equip students with the capabilities to address the issues and needs of the rapidly growing digital marketing industry. Research from the university's marketing staff has been ranked at world standard by Excellence in Research Australia.

Depending on their existing qualifications, students can enter this digital marketing course at the master’s level or use the Graduate Certificate in Applied Digital Marketing as an entry point.

A Marketing degree course is an undergraduate or graduate level program that focuses on teaching students the principles and practices of marketing, including market research, advertising, public relations, branding, and digital marketing.

After completing a Marketing degree course, you can pursue a career in various fields such as brand management, advertising, digital marketing, public relations, sales, market research, and product management.

The duration of a Marketing degree course can vary depending on the level of the degree and the institution. Typically, an undergraduate Marketing degree takes 3-4 years to complete, while a graduate degree can take 1-2 years.

A Marketing degree course helps develop skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, research, and analytical skills. It also helps students develop an understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends.

While both Marketing and Business degrees focus on various aspects of running a company, a Marketing degree specifically focuses on the principles and practices of marketing. A Business degree, on the other hand, covers a broader range of topics, including accounting, finance, management, and economics.

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