How to Prepare for a Wedding as a Groom

How to Prepare for a Wedding as a Groom?

We see a lot of articles giving tips for brides preparing for their wedding day. But rarely do we see wedding day preparation advice for grooms. Men have to prepare, too, you know. 

And though they require less time and effort than their brides, there are still some things to consider.

Wedding planning is a job designed to be done by two. Unfortunately, while many grooms are eager to be hands-on, many brides can find it hard to let go and share the load. 

Then the grooms are less interested in all the details and happy to let their partner take on all the work. 

But (in a straight couple) brides don’t, and shouldn’t, have to do it all.

Whatever kind of couple you are and roles you take, a wedding is about two people coming together, so both of you must be involved from the beginning. 

This is where our list of jobs for the groom comes in!

Whether you’re more interested in practicalities than aesthetics, or you’re looking for ways to show your reluctant-to-let-go another half you can share duties, these are wedding to-do list tasks that you can take on right now.

It’s important not to fall into wedding stereotypes; doing your share of the wedding planning shouldn’t be seen as ‘helping out. 

Expecting to be delegated to or micro-managed is just putting another job on your other half’s plate. Boutique Events Group has proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue and function centre in Melbourne. Book today so you don’t miss out.

Grooms these days tend to be motivated to take jobs on themselves (without waiting to be asked!), and weddings are all the better for it! You want the day to reflect both of you.

Wedding Day Preparation Tips for the Groom

Create a Checklist

Men usually don’t need to remember anything before leaving their house on a typical day. All they need to take with them are the house keys, their phones, and their wallets. 

But when it comes to their wedding day, that’s a whole different story. 

There are many things to remember, such as the groom’s custom suit, formal shoes, wedding rings, etc.

To help you keep track of all the things you have to bring, create a handy checklist. Research shows that adults forget at least three things a day. 

So remember that your wedding day is going to be hectic. 

Not to mention that you’ll also be excited and nervous at the same time. Of course, many things can go wrong, but save yourself the hassle by preparing well.

Eat Before Things Get Busy

How to Prepare for a Wedding as a Groom

If you ask groom’s what they wish they knew on their wedding day, many of them will tell you that it would be to eat when you have the chance. 

Wedding preparations can get very busy. 

You and your bride will be running around trying to get things done up to the last minute. But, unfortunately, because of the craze, you’re bound to forget to eat.

Even if you don’t feel starved, make sure to eat and stay hydrated. 

Have a heavy breakfast before heading to the hotel where you’ll be preparing. You’ll thank us for this advice later when you realise you don’t have the time to have a meal.

Get Enough Sleep the Night Before

It’s easy to underestimate how busy a wedding day can get. You won’t know how hectic it will be until you’re there. 

But take it from the grooms who have experienced the craze. Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before your wedding day. 

If your bachelor party is scheduled a day before, try not to get too crazy. You wouldn’t want to be nursing a hangover and feeling groggy while you’re at your reception!

Spend a Few Minutes of Alone Time

Once the wedding ceremony starts, you’re going to be surrounded by your family and friends. 

You won’t have an opportunity to be alone for the entire day. You’re expected to be festive, considering it’s a big moment for you and your bride.

Before the ceremony, make sure you get a few minutes of alone time. 

You can have a short coffee break out on the balcony, take a walk around the garden, or enjoy your breakfast alone. 

It will be the perfect opportunity for you to reflect on what’s about to happen. Allow everything to sink in so that you don’t get too nervous and overwhelmed.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy It.

Throughout this guide, we’ve probably given you the impression that your wedding day will be super stressful. The preparations may be hectic, but it will all be worth it when you see your bride walk down the aisle. Try not to get too caught up in the chaos of preparing for the big event. Once you’re there, live in the moment and enjoy it. After all, you only get to experience this once.

Groom To-Do List

So, of course, grooms can still meet the florist, book the venue visits and plan the decor, but if that’s not your bag, this list of jobs for the groom is a handy to-do list to get you started!

Collect Invitation Addresses

In a world of email and Facebook, you rarely have all your friends’ postal addresses. 

Gather them up by texting around, ask your parents and married friends for their lists the old fashioned way, or use an app like Postable to do the hard work for you.

Book the Honeymoon

The honeymoon is something you can plan together, with one of you taking care of the booking and logistics. 

There may also be grooms out there who want to plan the lot and surprise their other half at the airport! 

If you’re currently trying to figure out the best place to go on honeymoon for the time of year, be sure to have a read of our honeymoon travel guide.

Guest’s Accommodation Options

Even if your wedding venue offers accommodation, it’s good to give guests options of other nearby spots to stay at various price points. 

Your venue should give you good suggestions, but you can also suss local B&Bs on your next visit and check out Airbnb.

Research & Book Wedding Music

This one should be made a priority – the most popular wedding bands get booked up early, so we recommend locking in your date with your crew as you sign on the dotted line with your venue. 

The same goes for your ceremony music and DJs if you intend to have them – you’ll find unique ideas for all your wedding entertainment needs here!

Organise the Groomsmen’s Suits

This could be as easy as checking that the groomsmen already have a suitable suit – but still, it’s another job that has to be done. 

If suits need to be bought or rented, book the guys in for suit fittings at a time that works for everyone. 

You may need to coordinate dads and brothers too. Just don’t forget to organise your wedding day attire while you’re at it!

Organise Wedding Day Cash Payments

Lots of suppliers will need to be fully or partially paid on the wedding day. 

Has each payment organised in labelled envelopes, ready to hand out if you’re paying in cash? 

This is one to delegate to your groomsmen on the day, don’t forget to leave cash for tips.

Research Photographers & Videographers

There is so much choice out there when it comes to documenting your day, so it’s worth spending time browsing the websites and real weddings of wedding photographers and videographers and checking out what kind of style is the best fit for you. 

Plan the Bar

Whether it’s ordering the wine (and booking in a tasting!), selecting some craft beers, or coming up with signature cocktails, adding some alternatives to the standard bar offering is an excellent way to add some personality to your day.

Buy Groomsmen Gifts

As a token of appreciation for their help and friendship, it’s an excellent idea to organise a gift for the members of your wedding party – get ideas for groomsmen gifts for every budget here.

The Speech

Making a groom’s speech is the one duty that many grooms stress over, but fret not; we’ve put together a handy groom’s speech guide to see you through!

Write the Thank-You Cards

Writing thank-you cards is a bit of an arduous job after the wedding when you’re ready to leave all the admin of getting married behind you, but it needs to be done. 

This is often one thing brides (in straight couples) end up doing alone, so start married life as you mean to go on, and sort this one yourself!

Groom’s Guide to Planning a Wedding

How to Prepare for a Wedding as a Groom

Planning a Wedding

Marriage is a partnership. Do you not believe that you should get in there and get their hands dirty and yes, this includes wedding planning. 

It brings on new stress and pressure, but with communication, you should work out all the details. The more that you embrace the parties, the better everything will flow.

You have come to this post for many reasons: you need a comprehensive groom getting ready to guide, and one piece of the puzzle is planning your wedding. 

Here is a big tip for you: they will guide you if you hire the correct vendors. You do not need to buy any books or hire a wedding planner. You need to hire the right vendors.

This is not rocket science, but it will feel crazy hard to organise if you go cheap and believe it will work out. 

NEWS FLASH, it will NOT work out as you hoped for unless you 1. Hire the right vendors, 2—research a little, 3. Create a timeline.

Wedding Planning Can Be Stressful

Solid communication can help you work out all the details.

If you feel overwhelmed at any point, communicate with your partner. Explain how you are feeling and know you are not alone. 

Preparing for a wedding day is a massive undertaking. If friends and family are offering help, take it. You will need it. 

Even if you prefer to do things yourself, grooms often underestimate how much work planning a wedding requires. 

For these men, we suggest looking into getting a wedding planner.

While planning a wedding may come with tasks such as picking out flowers, deciding on a venue, or choosing a colour scheme that appeals to both of you, ultimately, the day is about celebrating your relationship. 

As you go through these tasks, remember to enjoy the preparations.

Stressing over the little things will only make you dread the day that is supposed to be the best day of your life.  Looking for the Top Wedding Stylists in Melbourne? Look no further, Boutique Events Group has you covered.

If you find that you cannot relish in the wedding preparations, hire a wedding planner.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

You should understand the 80/20 rule of wedding planning. This is the concept of 80% of the wedding’s expenses coming from 20% of your decisions.

The main idea is to work as a team with your fiancé to create the perfect 20%.

To come up with the right mixture, base your decisions on the Big Three of wedding planning:

  • Guestlist – Both you and your bride-to-be should decide on who to invite and who not to invite to your wedding. You should also rank friends according to their importance, just in case you need to limit your guest list.
  • Date – Be the voice of reason as a groom planning your wedding. Make sure the wedding date does not coincide with major holidays, March madness, the World Series or any other events that may cause your guests not to attend.
  • Menu – Will you be serving simple finger foods, or will it be a formal affair with all the fixings?
  • The venue takes up most of the costs. Always ask if you can bring your liquor, use your caterer and how they handle cleaning up and packing up wedding gifts at the venue.

Put Your Team in Place

Now, it’s time to choose your best man and groomsmen. You may fill in the roster with your best friends, men in your family or your bride-to-be’s favourite brother.

These men will act as your team members. 

They are your go-to sources for wedding planning ideas for men, running errands, giving advice and keeping you sane. 

This is an important part to note in this groom’s guide to wedding planning.

Pick the Right Music for Your Wedding

Music is an essential element of any occasion, especially a wedding. It has the power to make or break the party mood. 

When planning your wedding, make sure to give the DJ a “must-play” and a “do not play” list, depending on the tastes and styles of you and your bride.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize (your Wedding Registry)

Neglecting your wedding registry can lead to dire consequences when your wife finds out there will be no personalised gifts. 

You may be at risk of getting teacups, extra sets of towels or gravy boats she truly hates. Your fiancée may want to register at the traditional brick-and-mortar shops. 

However, as a man planning a wedding, you may choose to register at online places like or That way, you can get gifts from out-of-towners and others who can’t attend the wedding.

Write Your Wedding Vows

Be prepared to write your wedding vows if she asks you to. Be honest, use essential words and focus on the following 3 Fs:

  • Forever – How long you want your love and marriage to last
  • Fidelity – Your promise and commitment to her as her husband
  • Falling in love – You did it before and would like to do it over and over again

Plan Your Honeymoon

Our groom’s guide to wedding planning here is: You should take the lead on this one. 

Planning your honeymoon is a lot easier than planning the wedding itself. Since you only have to consider yourself and your new bride, this should be a breeze.

Buy Gifts for Your Groomsmen

It’s customary for the groom to buy his best man and groomsmen gifts. Get them something out of the ordinary that they probably do not have yet. For example:

  • Pocket knives
  • Cufflinks
  • Golf crap
  • Weekend bag
  • Pearl cufflinks

Grooms — Embrace the Help

Your family is so excited for you. Most of them want to help too. So many are just as invested as you in the making of the most spectacular day ever. 

And with this can come tension. You may feel like some of your family is interfering. Try to get past this. 

Embrace the help. If you need a bit of space, give them a task. Keep them busy. Usually, that’s all they want — to help out. 

Life Is a Beautiful Journey

But it is not always full of champagne. Invite men you love as your groomsmen. Things will happen in your life, and you want those who you can rely on. Looking for the Top Wedding Planner in Melbourne? Look no further and check out our ultimate list of Wedding Planners here. 

Life is a beautiful journey, but it’s not always full of champagne. So share your day with the people that mean the most to you. Your wedding day is a time you will never forget.

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