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How to Plan a Luxury Wedding on a Budget?

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable events in your life, so it is natural for you to want to make it luxurious and elegant. Saying “I do” at Boutique Events Group is an elegant and luxurious affair.

Whether you are thinking of adding some 20-inch wedding sparklers or booking a musician for your reception, there are several ways to bring your luxury wedding ideas to life. You can even do so without having to break the bank! 

Splurge and Save to Optimise Your Wedding Budget

What Is The ‘Splurge and Save’ Method?

Simply put, you get to splurge on what means most to you as a couple and save on other areas that are not so important. 

For example, if you’re a shoe fanatic, splurge on a set of designer heels that will make your heart flutter. If you are both foodies, splurge on a cuisine that is going to tickle your taste buds. 

The best way to get this done is by compiling a list of your priorities so that you can both agree on what you bring to splurge on and what you are looking to save a bit of money on.

By creating a list of your top priorities, you can both understand and stick to where you can splurge.

Then comes the same element, and this is where we can help; you can still have the luxury when working to your budget, but it requires creativity, thinking outside the box and possibly a touch of compromise. 

So here are our tips on how to plan your luxury wedding on a budget;

Pick the Right Venue

One of the best ways you can elevate your wedding is by choosing an exotic or unique venue. For instance, having your wedding in a botanical garden or heritage home will not only look eye-catching but will also allow you to spend less on decorations. 

Tricks for Saving on Wedding Venues 

Wedding Planning Tips

Believe it or not, the most expensive part of any wedding day is the venue. This typically accounts for a considerable chunk of your budget.

Compromising your choice of venue is not advisable, but you can be savvy, first of all, plan. More availability means more options. 

Also, consider getting married out of season. September usually falls just outside of most wedding venue’s highest priced season, so take advantage.

Midweek weddings are becoming more and more popular, and due to demand, 2021 will see an abundance. 

Traditionally weddings were held on a Saturday, and the demand has kept price tags higher across the weekend. Still, the shift is growing whereby weekends have become part of a typical work week for many, and guests will not be appalled to take time out for your special occasion.

If it comes to the compromise of not having the wedding venue of your dreams compared to getting married on a Thursday compared to a Saturday, you know which one you would choose!

Venues With a Ready-Made Backdrop

On the note of venues, think carefully about how much decoration your chosen location will need. To minimise the need for lavish amounts of decor, opt for a wedding venue with plenty of character and a prize-worthy ceremony backdrop.

For instance, a vineyard, botanical garden or even a zoo! These already come with the perfect backdrop, meaning you have to do very little in dressing them up. 

We love a blank canvas wedding venue but make sure you have the budget to dress the space, and you don’t want your guests to walk in and see the blank canvas!

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can even plan your wedding in an aquarium. 

Just imagine having your ceremony in front of your guests and a beautiful aquarium backdrop–this is truly an eye-catcher! 

You can also have a destination wedding, which will allow you to trim your guest list and focus expenses on food, decorations, and other things. 

Wedding Dress Solutions

A typical bride spends nearly $1,400 on her wedding dress. 

If this is your splurge purchase, you can easily exceed this amount and plenty, but if you want to hold tight to your budget, we have a few tips for you;

It may sound obvious but look for offers, be it sample sales from your favourite designers, end of season collections or dresses on display. 

Don’t be shy; ask bridal boutiques if they do offers or sales, and when it comes to negotiation, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

And then there’s the high street which offers some incredible dresses which are styled correctly and will look every bit luxurious. 

How to Save on the Wedding Dress

One of the most expensive price tags that usually come with a wedding is the wedding dress. 

If this is your splurge purchase, feel free to indulge yourself but if you are looking to save some coin on your wedding dress purchase, here’s how. 

You can stay on the lookout for bridal sales. These usually come at the end of the season, so you need to prepare in advance to take advantage of any sales that will be on offer.

There’s one big piece of advice we give when it comes to your wedding dress, which is to factor in alteration costs. If you are one of the very, very lucky ones to find a dress that fits like a glove, well done you, I mean well done you! 

Most dresses will need a slight adjustment here or there, and you will need a good seamstress.

Cocktail Reception

Although the buffet reception has been a classic, there is just something about a cocktail reception that exudes elegance. 

You can opt to have an upscale cocktail reception where butlers go around serving hors-d’oeuvres. 

This arrangement will allow your guests to interact with each other while still enjoying the program. 

If you still want to have a bit of the buffet set-up, you can opt for something fun and have a chocolate fountain or dessert bar installed.

Colour Scheme

Every luxury wedding must have a uniform colour palette, which consistently shows in the event venue. 

Having a colour scheme not only photographs but also gives a sense of cohesion. 

For example, combining rose gold, powder, and dusty blue works well for a more vintage theme, while combining eggplant, eucalyptus, and thistle give off a bolder but equally elegant vibe.


You may have found the perfect engagement ring for your special day and are now up to planning out your wedding decorations. 

To make your tables look elegant and luxurious, you can use 20-inch wedding sparklers for centrepieces. 

You can place the wedding sparklers alone in a vase or add them to a flower arrangement. 

Adding the sparklers makes your tables look like you spent a ton of time and effort to put them together.

If you are into a more earthy theme, you can add greenery to upscale the appeal of your venue. 

For instance, you can add some artificial branches or a sophisticated garland near the entrance so guests can walk past them and take photographs. 

Likewise, you can take the extra step by installing smoke machines or light projectors to get the attention of your audience. 

Simple Yet Stylish Decor

One great way to keep under budget is by opting for simple and stylish décor. Better yet, you can choose a venue that is already beautiful and needs little in the form of décor to make it shine. 

Rather than copious amounts of intricate decoration and elaborate floral displays, choose minimalistic, elegant pieces that shout sophistication. 

Think classic white candles with fresh lilies strategically placed. Flower heads floating in water vases or just simple placed foliage can create a spectacular effect.

Contemporary minimalist decor, when done right, can result in cutting down on the hefty price tag of high volume decorative items.

Looking for the best Melbourne Wedding Decorators to help make your day as magical as possible. Boutique Events Group, have you covered. 

Light up the Room

Clever lighting can fill a room as you would never believe, building an atmosphere for the space in which you can celebrate. 

Up-lighting can give the impression of grandeur and transform a space. 

Speak to your venue; they are likely to have lots of creative ideas to light up your day that is included, and you won’t need to spend a penny.

Family Style Grazing

Replace starters with finger food, delicate amuse-bouche bites, and canape style nibbles always look chic. 

Offer these to guests in place of a starter. The same goes for desserts––ask your chef to make miniature trifles and eclairs, a far more economical approach without losing any impact.

Scaled back dining is very in vogue these days so that you can get away with a buffet-style breakfast over a four-course meal. It’s a much cheaper way of catering to the masses. 

Carvery style meats are always a popular choice, and you can pad it out with salads and crudités, giving the impression of a lavish banquet.

Something Borrowed…

Purchasing lavish accessories can quickly deplete your wedding budget;

Instead, you could ask your relatives if they have any heirlooms they’re willing to lend you for the day that will also double up as ‘something borrowed.

The chances are that their vintage necklace or bracelet will look far grander than anything your budget would allow for, and in fact, the sentiment will offer you so much more enjoyable.

Utilise Your Friends and Family’s Skill Set

Your friends and family are likely to be honoured to assist in your big day. 

Your Aunt that owns a bakery and specialises in cakes, could they make your wedding cake? Your jewellery designer friend, could they help with your wedding rings?

Wedding planning requires products and skills from an array of industries, and sometimes it’s who you know, not what you know when it comes to getting the best deal or receiving a cheeky discount!

Vip Extra Touches

Add a touch of luxury with simple, cost-effective extras. These will have your guests admiring your work, and your budget will still be intact.

  • Never underestimate ribbon. Napkins, wedding menus, favours; all can be upgraded with a simple hand-tied ribbon.
  • Double the impact with the use of mirrors, place flowers in front of mirrors in your reception to maximise their appearance without doubling the bill.
  • Use Flower Cubes to Judge up the drinks. Fill ice cubes with edible flowers or slices of strawberry and add to welcome cocktails.

Swap Champagne for Prosecco

Wedding swap-outs are a great way to keep the luxury feel, with a few minor tweaks. 

Prosecco is often half the cost of champagne, and most guests may not notice the difference when enjoying the ambience of your big day. It’s a smart choice for all those toasts and speeches throughout the day.

Clever Ways to Plan a Luxury Wedding on a Budget

Wedding Planning Tips

Take Your Time

A long engagement gives couples ample time to research, seek out deals, and book early. Be strategic! 

You may be able to pick up discounted silver or gold decorations after the Christmas holiday or purchase lower-priced ring bearer and flower girl outfits right after Easter.

Be Flexible on Dates

Choose your date wisely. A Saturday in June is going to cost you! Consider alternative days, like Thursday, Friday, or Sunday. 

This can save you 20-30%, especially if you plan on a wedding in November or between January and March. And, don’t forget, off-peak pricing extends to florists, photographers, and catering services.

Choose a Unique Venue

It all starts with the venue. Choose a platform with character, so you spend less on decorations. Think art museums, botanical gardens, and heritage homes.

Think Exotic

Consider a destination wedding. This will trim your guest list so that you can allocate more money to activities, meals, and your venue.

Skip the Sit-Down Dinner

Sit-down dinners can add up quickly. Instead, consider an upscale cocktail reception with a small team of butlers offering hors d’oeuvres on serving trays. 

You’ll save on an entire catering staff and the total cost per person.

Opt for a Brunch Menu

If you know you want a sit-down meal, try a brunch menu. 

It can run hundreds of dollars cheaper than dinner fare! And sometimes, you can negotiate the venue price in the early hours since space would have been empty otherwise.

Add Greenery

One of the easiest ways to trim your floral budget is by adding more greenery. 

In place of large scale floral arrangements, think about sophisticated garlands and table runners. Silver dollar eucalyptus, myrtle, leatherleaf fern, and grevillea are just a few popular options.

Know Your Flowers

Almost every flower you’re eyeing for your nuptials has a doppelganger. For instance, if you love peonies, look into “vintage roses” or “cabbage roses.” 

They look similar, but they’re less expensive.

Follow a Color Scheme

Just about every beautiful luxury wedding has one common theme – a colour palette. Select two or three shades, like white, champagne, and blush, and stick with them. It’s one of the simplest ways to bring a lot of moving parts together. Plus, it photographs well!

Diy, Diy, Diy

There are endless tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube for how-to DIY just about everything on your big day, from wedding invitations to formal centrepieces. Hold miniature gatherings in your home and enlist your craftiest friends and family to help. After all, planning a wedding is supposed to be fun, right?

Book a Musician

Instead of hiring a band or a DJ for the whole night, book a musician for the early hours of the reception and the first dance. Then, switch to a curated playlist that a trusted friend or family member can manage. This little trick can cut your entertainment budget in half!

Know the Dress Market

If you want to buy your wedding dress, bridal expos and sample sales can offer exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else. 

Sign up early for newsletters to receive updates on events and special deals. On the other hand, if you want to rent your dress, look into money-saving sites.

Nix the Full Bar

A fully-stocked open bar comes with a hefty price tag. Skip the full bar and serve beer and wine instead. 

Or offer a signature drink that’s in line with the theme and colour palette of the wedding.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

If you want to be eco-friendly and budget-conscious, email your Save The Dates. It’s easier for you and your guests.

Cake Swap

When you want a fairytale wedding cake, but you just don’t have the funds, fake it. 

Ask your baker to create one real lower tier for you and your fiancé. The rest of the tiers can be made from Styrofoam and covered in fondant.

After the cake cutting ceremony, have your catering team serve up sheet cake from the kitchen with similar colours and flavours. Your guests won’t notice a thing!

Repurpose Everything

This is where thinking outside the box pays off. 

Lanterns, candles, or floral arrangements that decorate your ceremony aisle can be used as centrepieces at the reception, while ceremony arches can be repurposed for the sweetheart table. 

And bridesmaid bouquets can quickly become tabletop flowers. The possibilities are endless.

Use Credit Cards Wisely

If you’re sure you can charge a few things on your list and pay them off quickly, sign up for a credit card with cashback and 0% APR for one year.

Negotiate With Your Baker

Intricately designed fondant details on your wedding cake can be expensive and labour intensive. Ask your baker for more affordable options, like satin ribbon trims or real flowers.

Buy, Sell, Trade

After your wedding, take stock of your inventory and see what you can sell on sites like Tradesy or eBay to make some of your money back. 

This goes for wedding dresses, table linens, reception décor, you name it. A little bit of work before and after your wedding goes a long way!


Planning your dream luxury wedding may seem like a challenge, but it does not always have to be one! 

Naturally, you will have to take time before things are set in stone, but once you have all your plans ready, the experience will be worthwhile. After that, you can then enjoy a first-class aeroplane ride to your dream destination. Too busy with life to really plan your wedding in detail? Have someone else do it for you and check out our list of Wedding Planners in Melbourne to help take the stress away.

Your wedding can be the wedding of your dreams with the clever use of your budget, splurge on the areas which mean the most to you both and save in creative ways to bring your vision to reality.

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