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How do you plan a boho wedding?

If you've already started the wedding planning process, then you know there are a ton of styles in which you can emulate for your event. If you prefer clean lines and the latest trends, then maybe a modern aesthetic is best for you. If rustic tablescapes and farm-to-table florals steal your heart, then a farm-inspired day is your perfect match. If woven decor elements, overflowing florals, and an abundance of drapery await you down the aisle, then we recommend these bohemian wedding ideas to help embellish every moment of your celebration!

Light linens, earthy details, and a variety of floral centrepieces and greenery installations can help to transform your traditional reception into a bohemian style wedding. For starters, agates and geodes never fail to create a magical indie feel, thanks in large part to their rich jewel tones. Perfect as place cards, table numbers, or details on a bohemian wedding cake, they always manage to catch the light in just the right way. Crystals, quartz, and gems are just as dreamy, creating an enchanting effect when scattered across reception tables as part of the centrepiece, or printed on card stock for bohemian wedding invitations.

Looking for a few bohemian wedding ideas to take your big day to the next level? We're here to help. From flower crowns to thrifted finds to copper accents, there are plenty of ways to infuse your wedding with hippy vibes. We've rounded up the best of the best from wedding suppliers and real couples to give you a little bit of inspo.


By keeping your makeup simple and clean, you can achieve a boho look that is still timeless. Try to stay away from false lashes that are too heavy and thick and go for a more natural look. Give your cheeks a glowy look with plenty of bronzers and dewy highlighter. Finish your makeup with a light pink lip shade or deep red tone for a perfect boho style.

Decide on Your Inspiration

The beauty of boho is in its simplicity – you can have as many or as few embellishments as you like. There are no hard and fast rules for the boho couple; you can draw from many categories, incorporating different elements that appeal. The vibe is carefree and non-conformist, meaning no two boho weddings are exactly the same!

A theme like this is freeing but can go off track very quickly. Consistency is the key to keeping things stylishly mismatched rather than busy and messy. So start off by thinking about what 'boho' means to you. Do you imagine flower crowns and a beach setting? Is your reception outdoors under the stars? Or are you leaning towards Moroccan or Indian influences?

It's also important to establish at the outset how far you want to take the boho theme. Will it primarily be through how the bridal party is dressed? How have you arranged the venue and the decorations? Or will you include everyone and ask your guests to kick off their shoes & lounge on cushions and eat off mismatched plates at the reception?

Keep your keywords in mind and use them as reference points to keep your décor consistent. As a trend, boho has seen many incarnations; look at movies, magazines and celebrity fashion to find inspiration. Try and do your own research and construct a vision before jumping on Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing resource, but with so many interpretations, it's important to keep your definition in mind if you want to stay on theme.

Boho stationery

Set the tone for your bohemian wedding and give your stationery a bit of hippie flavour. Go for a watercolour design that incorporates elements of nature and a loopy cursive font.

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Go for Marble Elements

Escort cards in swirling Italian marble paper are masterpieces in themselves, mimicking nature's best elements—the sea, the sand, and the sky.

Let the Invitation Set the Mood

A marble invitation suite puts an earthy spin on classic black. We love how the calligraphy matches the curvature of the swirling marble!

Have Agate Escort Cards

"These effortlessly beautiful boho-chic agate stones incorporate elements of nature along with a certain romanticism," says Tracie Domino, founder of Tracie Domino Events. These stones featured gold calligraphy of each guest's name and served as escort cards to direct guests to their seats.

Embrace Nature

Embrace the outdoors; intimate venues with a 'close-to-nature feel are perfect. If you'd like both the ceremony and reception at the same venue, scope out vineyards, private estates, farms and even backyards, ceremonies on the beach or in a park can be followed by the reception in a rustic barn or marquee.

Your ceremony can be easily dressed up using natural elements to enhance the outdoor space, such as flowers, foliage, shells, cushions and drapes. You could even say your vows under a natural arch covered in flowers or sheer drapes.

As the day moves into night, why not sit the guests at long trestle tables in the open air with lights strung through the trees? Finish the night by dancing under the stars. Or to be more practical for the potentially chilly Auckland weather, hold the reception in a marquee with clear panels to stay in touch with the outdoors.

Flower crowns

Who doesn't love a flower crown? Amp up your bohemian bridal look with a halo of blooms and maybe even give them to your bridesmaids, too. Pro tip: if real flowers will push you over budget, go for paper, plastic or felt dupes, instead.

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses

A bohemian wedding style is perfect for mix and match bridesmaid dresses. Remember, if you're letting your squad choose their own gowns, give them specific instructions (i.e. shade, length, etc.) so that nobody stands out like a sore thumb.

Wear a Flower Crown

Bohemian wedding is all about channelling effortless and elegant style. "This lace wedding dress with a simple yet dramatic cape gives this bride an ultra-romantic look," notes Ashley Culicchia Cash, owner of The Graceful Host. The elegance of the gown—paired with soft, loose curls and a delicate flower crown—evokes a free-spirited nature.


You want you and your bridesmaids to look like boho queens from your heads right down to your feet, so don't forget about shoes. Strappy sandals with cutouts and beaded accents are just what you need to tie everything together.

Acoustic music

Indie music is the perfect choice for your bohemian wedding reception and ceremony, and it sounds best played live. Pick a few of your favourite love songs and hire musicians (or ask one of your talented friends) to perform on your big day.

Pom poms

This pop of colour and the soft, bouncy nature of the pom poms will add a dose of whimsy to your ultra-hip decor and give your exit something special and unforgettable, so don't shy away.

Get Creative with the Details

Boho celebrations are perfectly imperfect. But the key is to keep your colours warm and romantic with influences from nature throughout. Traditionally, bohemians dressed and decorated with whatever they could find, so embrace your inner 'DIY goddess' and add handcrafted, artistic touches.

Dress up your venue with flowers and fairy lights. Bouquets should look as though they were hand-picked from the garden. Floral arrangements and centrepieces can utilize different sized bottles and jars filled with foliage and garden roses. Twinkling lights, lanterns and candles will also add a special flair to your boho wedding. Fairy lights are a great way to add ambience as well as being relatively cheap. Feather detailing is another beautiful boho touch. Add feathers to floral arrangements, hang them from garlands or adorn place cards…there are so many options!

Consider picnic style dining. If this isn't feasible (not everyone enjoys sitting on the ground) the main meal served 'family style' works well with the easygoing atmosphere. Keep with the earthy vibe by swapping out conventional table décor for rustic metallics.

Provide a lounge area with quirky cushions for guests who aren't dancing (or taking a break!). Break out areas are key for maintaining your relaxed atmosphere. With couches and cushions, you can create a cosy nook that will allow your guests to feel comfortable.

Bring the inside out.

If you're hosting your wedding ceremony or reception at a venue that is equipped with an outdoor space, move your lounge onto the lawn. Instead of using patio furniture, outfit it with chic pieces like velour sofas and trendy rugs to make it more wedding-worthy.

Bring the outside in

Think your wedding venue could use a bit of sprucing up? Borrow branches, greenery, flowers and more from the great outdoors to kick things up a notch. They're stunning and, if you hunt them down yourself, they won't push you over budget.

Embrace Simplicity

One of the best ways to define bohemian wedding style throughout your reception is through your tablescape, which provides the opportunity to showcase your choice in florals, linens, and decor. "For bohemian weddings, light wooden tables with plenty of clear glassware, white plates, and overflowing florals make for great execution of design," says Brooke Keegan, owner of Brooke Keegan Special Events. "Candle votives in varying heights add a touch of elegance to your display while providing a soft glow," Keegan adds.

Match the Altar to the Landscape

At this outdoor ceremony, the expansive and scenic landscape of the couple's venue proved to be the perfect backdrop to their bohemian wedding. "The green in both the grass and overarching trees were the perfect complement to the loose greenery in both the style of the altar and decorative decor," says Lisa Karvellas, owner of Cedar Lakes Estate. The playoff of the natural features of your ceremony site while finalizing details of your boho setup.

Dine Under Drapes

There's nothing like putting yourself in the middle of nature when embracing an alfresco reception. For this setup, Alicia Falango, owner of Alicia K Designs, opted for an ethereal design scheme when creating this outdoor reception space. "Covering the tables in a wooden draped structure and incorporating garlands as a table runner helped to tie-in the surroundings of the event, as well as lend itself to a boho aesthetic," Falango explains.

Hang Wicker Lanterns

"This nest of bamboo is what we call our bohemian beach style," says Melissa Paul, brand integrator at Elena Damy, describing the woven hanging installation above this outdoor tablescape. "Embracing free-form creativity and natural elegance, we paired these nests with the tablescape to evoke the relaxed vibe of coastal Mexico," Paul explains.

Consider a Lush Setting

"We love the sophisticated elegance of this wedding that combines chic and boho design elements flawlessly!" says Lindsey Hamma, events manager at The Foundry. "Any time a couple hosts their dining experience in our courtyard, it makes for the perfect ivy enveloped garden setting," Hamma adds. Complement your boho design with a venue that evokes a similar style, in this case, plenty of lush greenery.

Carry an Organic Bouquet

More and more bohemian brides are using unique colour palettes in their bouquets. "This bride carried more colour in her bouquet to match her bridesmaids' dresses which were in an array of patterns and colours," says Yumiko Fletcher, owner of Hana Floral Design. For this specific style, florals are arranged more naturally for an earthy aesthetic.

Consider Bud Vases

Florals epitomize a bohemian wedding style, so when finalizing ideas for your tablescape, think outside of the box regarding your floral arrangement. "Single stems in various vases gave the look of a dainty yet whimsical centrepiece display," said Merilee Hennings, owner of EverAfter Events. An assortment of blooms in blush tones complemented the gold details throughout each place setting.

Thrifted finds

Everything old is new again! Use vintage pieces of furniture, decor and more to give your bohemian wedding space a little more character.

Paper lanterns

Have a little fun with your lighting by filling your venue's ceiling with paper lanterns. White ones look ultra-chic, but we suggest adding a few that match your colour palette, too.

Mason jar cocktails

Skip the plain 'ol wine glasses and tumblers - serve your signature cocktails in mason jars, instead. They definitely suit the bohemian wedding theme and, if you purchase them yourself, can be reused in your pantry post-wedding.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are the stuff that Pinterest dreams are made of and are guaranteed to make your venue sparkle. A few strands will brighten up an outdoor reception area after dark or make an indoor space a touch more Instagrammable, so put them to good use.

Plenty of greenery

You've probably spent hours scrolling through lush bouquets and beautiful blooms, but don't forget about greenery! It's (typically) less expensive than flowers and can really add something special to your arrangements and bouquets.

Macrame everything

It's time to jump on the macrame bandwagon for your bohemian wedding. There are plenty of ways to use this trend, from plant holders to altar decor to table runners (like these).

Take Outdoor Portraits

"Think about using in-season local floral arrangements, or think bigger and choose a venue that really connects with the [bohemian] aesthetic," says Gilda McDaniel of Fearrington Village. "We find that our couples love the pastoral setting and the connection to rural farming roots combined with elegant dining and service," McDaniel adds.

Smoke bombs

Add a dash of witchy, mystical flair to your wedding photos, grand entrance or exit with some smoke bombs. You can find ones that match the palette of your big day or go for a full-blown rainbow of colours.

Mix and match decor

boho wedding setup

Everything doesn't have to match perfectly to look awesome. Think about shaking things up by using different (but complementary) glassware, dishware and table decor at each place setting.

Geode place cards

If you're into all things new age and numinous, you probably love crystals. You can incorporate your passion for gems into your wedding by writing your guests' names on geodes of all kinds instead of using standard paper place cards. They can also double as wedding favours. You can also check rustic boho weddings for inspiration.

Metallic accents

Copper and brass accents are so in ATM! There are plenty of ways to work this metallic hue into your big day, from flatware to jewellery to stationery, so choose your own adventure.

Feather cake design

You are looking for a unique wedding cake that'll get your guests' gramming? Have your cake designer use earthy colours and a feather motif.

Decorate with Fresh Blooms

One of the most recognizable ways to showcase your bohemian wedding style is through fresh florals. "Adding a lovely wild garden accent, like wispy jasmine, can take a cake from formal to more bohemian in a flash," says Jennifer Zukovsky, co-owner of Fionna Floral. For this wedding, a simple tiered wedding cake with fresh blooms and delicate vines created an ethereal display.

Add Macramé Accents

A wedding cake display can't get more bohemian than this suspended trio, complete with macramé accents and terrariums bursting with air plants and greenery.

Polaroid guest book

There's a good chance your photographer won't capture every guest at your wedding, so set up a polaroid guest book. You'll want to make sure you have plenty of film on hand because it's bound to be a hit.

Tent accommodations

If you're escaping the city for your big day, put your guests up in luxurious tents instead of asking them to book rooms in the local hotel, motel or Holiday Inn. Be sure to set up a large tent, too, for all your friends and family to gather.

For this outdoor affair, a display of white draped curtains adorned with loose greenery marked the entrance to the day's alfresco events. "Hang a string of delicate white lights above your designated entrance to guarantee visibility (and an added sense of decor), whether day or night," says Thomas Bui, founder of Thomas Bui Lifestyle.

Dress for the Occasion

Continue the relaxed 'boho vibe' through to the bridal party. For the girls think loose, unstructured hair with fresh or dried flowers. Dresses in crocheted lace or soft chiffon are well suited to the boho theme. The guys can keep it as simple as khakis and a loose white shirt or go slightly more formal with a linen suit.

For the bride-to-be, try and keep the look natural and uncomplicated. Think loose curls or a fishtail braid topped with a flower crown, barely-there makeup, and a flowing dress. Keep the jewellery simple as well; the words big and blingy are not in the boho bride's vocabulary!

Shoes are definitely optional! Who wants to be on the sand or grass in their heels? Bridesmaids can dress up their bare feet with anklets and jewellery. This is also an easy way to get your guests involved in the theme with minimal effort. Encourage them to remove their shoes and feel the earth beneath their toes.

Boho wedding dress boutique

Bohemian wedding dresses

Bohemian style wedding dresses are characterized by their easygoing, breezy style. Some of their distinct elements include:

Flowiness – Flowy trains, ruffles and bell sleeves give off a boho feel that rivals Summer of Love fashion. Be on the lookout for lightweight fabric such as chiffon, organza or tulle. Silhouettes such as sheath/column, mermaid and A-line wedding gowns are especially common among bohemian brides.

Lace – Lace creates a timeless look and, when styled correctly, a boho vibe. Look for a lace gown with loose-fitting elements to emanate an ethereal feel. Eyelet lace offers a sweet look in a lightweight package, making it perfect for summer outdoor weddings, while chantilly emits more of an upscale feel. Venise Lace, which resembles macrame or crochet, also makes a great choice for boho brides.

Off-white fabric – Off-white wedding dresses look absolutely gorgeous on boho brides. Perhaps it's because off-white gives a more natural look than traditional wedding white.

Beading – Certain beaded patterns (like floral designs) work well for a bohemian wedding. Just be cautious and don't overdo it, as you don't want the glitziness to take away from the intended vibe.

Floral patterns – Break the traditional white wedding mould with floral patterns on your dress! Try coloured patterns for an especially memorable look.

Boho weddings really can be as creative and unique as you want – you just have to use your imagination! You can also choose shoes to partner in your boho themed wedding dress.  Keep things personal and focus on giving your guest a good time, rather than feeling formal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boho wedding dress? A boho wedding dress is an effortless gown for the free-spirited bride. Some of the hallmarks of bohemian gowns are graphic lace, dramatic sleeves, and a mix of fabrics and notions. They are often comfortable with no boning or wires, and they move easily to truly capture a carefree vibe.

It's all about feeling comfortable and wearing something that makes you feel great, as you celebrate on this happy occasion. You can go completely all-in with the Boho theme and really dress for the occasion. Firstly, just be sure that the Wedding has the heavy bohemian vibes you are imagining.

Experts say about one year. “I would say the general consensus is one year in advance is enough time to plan your standard, local wedding," says award-winning planner Nicole-Natassha Goulding. This timeframe gives couples an ample window to book a venue, hire necessary vendors, find a wedding dress, and more.

Meyer says most of his brides fund bridesmaid hair and makeup for their crew. Another idea is to pay for both beauty treatments, and make that their bridesmaid gift—it's a generous offer they'll definitely appreciate (perhaps even more than a personalized pocket journal or piece of jewelry).

It should always be your choice, especially because you have already paid the professional for his or her services. But, offering a gift or tip is always appreciated, especially when your team members have served you incredibly well.

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