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How to Interview a Wedding Planner?

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    Many engaged couples seek the assistance of professional wedding planners to ensure that their big day goes off without a hitch.

    Wedding planners, often called bridal or event consultants, assist couples in arranging all aspects of their nuptials.

    The best applicant for the role of wedding planner will wow you during the interview process with their energy, attention to detail, and familiarity with a variety of faiths. Avoid potential employees who lack basic abilities including effective communication, organisation, and client service.

    Your wedding planner will also act as your champion.

    They work with you on every aspect of the wedding, from the design to the contracts with vendors to communicating with the venue to figuring out how many restrooms and generators you'll need. In search of Melbourne's finest Wedding Reception Location? Stop your search, because Boutique Event Group is here to help.

    Have we convinced you? Do you fall into this category? These are the most crucial inquiries to make of any prospective planner.


    I'm trying to plan my wedding, and I was wondering whether you were free on that particular date.

    What It Is That Makes You Curious

    This is the first question you should ask your wedding coordinator. If they can't make the planned meeting, don't bother setting up the appointment.

    Ask for some alternatives if your wedding date is still up in the air and you're ready to wait to start working with someone you care about.

    Do you think you can stay within our financial limits?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    When it comes to very necessary subjects, we must move on to the money.

    Although it may not be the most exciting topic, the couple and the planner should have a detailed conversation about the wedding budget as soon as feasible.

    Get a sense of who will be contributing and how much before an initial planning meeting.

    This is a fantastic question since it opens up a conversation about the things they may be able to deliver within your price range.

    For instance, if you have fallen in love with a planner but are unable to afford their full-time services, you may enquire as to whether they would be open to doing part-time planning or month-of coordination for a reduced rate.

    Do you provide month-of coordination, comprehensive planning, or a la carte services?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    When looking for a wedding planner, it's important to ask for a detailed description of the services they offer beyond what is listed on their website.

    Knowing this will help you choose the finest planner for your needs. As an illustration, you may only require a coordinator if you are really well-organized and have the time to follow up with professionals yourself.

    On the other hand, a full-time planner is probably your best bet if you're organising a destination wedding.

    The question of design vs planning is also worthwhile.

    People sometimes say things like, "I need a wedding planner to put my thoughts into reality," when what they really mean is that they want assistance with design, not with logistics like making a schedule or a budget.

    Preparations for the Big Day

    Approximately how frequently will we meet, and what exactly will our role entail?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    At this point, it's a good idea to receive an overview of the wedding preparation process.

    Some planners may send you digital sketches and follow up with phone calls, while others may use online mood boards and in-person demonstrations to guide you through the design process.

    Some planners may probe for information one by one, while others will sit still and give you the rundown all at once.

    There is no standard procedure; rather, you should do whatever works best for you.

    Provide Professional Services, Contracts, and Payment Processing?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    How additional suppliers are handled during the planning process can be inferred from the response to this question.

    It's helpful to know in advance how they like to approach tasks. Some planners charge an up-front fee and use that money to employ and pay professionals on your behalf.

    Some clients will want you to hand-write cheques to pay for the services of other professionals.

    Take our word for it When possible, avoid going via your planner to pay your vendors. That way, you may exert greater influence over the terms of the agreement and the cost estimates.

    Do You Want to Be Our Champion and Express Our Needs and Preferences to Experts?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    Make sure your planner is confident in making requests of other suppliers if they must speak on your behalf.

    How do you envision us being involved in the procedure of choosing other vendors, if at all?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    For your wedding day to go off without a hitch, you'll need your planner's A-team, therefore it's important to know how they pick their employees.

    The best wedding planners invest significant time on developing personal ties with other industry professionals; as a result, you may tap into their extensive and ready-made network.

    You should also verify that they are sending the most qualified candidates your way.

    Take notes throughout the meeting to help you remember the names of the people they recommend you work with.

    Are you able to handle all aspect of the invitations, from wording and ordering to addressing and mailing?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    Find out if handling the guest list and invites is included in their regular services or if it is an extra price, as the definition of "full-service" might vary depending on who you ask.

    Can You manage rental properties? Will you work with the photographer, florist, musicians, and caterer/banquet manager to coordinate delivery, arrival, and setup times?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    Once more, you need to know what is and is not covered to avoid any misunderstandings.

    If they are more of a consultant, helping you brainstorm and book vendors, then you may want to look elsewhere for assistance with the logistics of the big day.

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    Plans for the Big Day

    How will your team celebrate this milestone event?

    You Clearly Have A Vested Interest In This Information

    If you want to be sure that everything is taken care of on the day of the event, you should ask the planner how many assistants, coordinators, and event stylists they will bring.

    Your wedding's individual needs will determine the amount of employees you'll need on the big day, but a reputable wedding planning service should be able to provide you with a ballpark figure based on the typical weddings they've planned in the past.

    Can You Make a Schedule That Clearly Defines When Each Task Needs to Be Completed By Each Party Involved (Other Professionals, Members of the Wedding Party, the Soon-to-Be-Weds, and their Families)? How do you plan to keep everyone on track?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    It's not simple for a wedding planner to keep track of not just the professionals, but also your friends and family, all of whom will want to pitch in and help.

    They should explain to you how they guarantee on-time and efficient service.

    Is There Anything We Can Do If You Get Really Ill Right Before the Wedding?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    No, contingency preparations aren't only for nuptials exchanged in the great outdoors.

    Whether it's another planner in the firm or a seasoned assistant, you should make sure they have a back-up plan in place in case the primary person responsible for the Day becomes ill or otherwise cannot fulfil their duties.

    They should also have a plan in place for what'll happen if they have to hand over your wedding to someone else in case of an emergency.

    Planning Processes

    I was wondering if you could tell me the number of weddings that you have coordinated.

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    If you're looking for a wedding planner, be sure they have expertise in the field.

    Party and business event planning experience is a plus, but a wedding is unlike any other celebration.

    The emotional and personal component of a wedding is what sets it apart from other occasions.

    Inquire as to which weddings they assisted with and in what capacity if they have worked as an assistant at a wedding under another planner.

    To what extent will you be working on weddings during the whole process, even on your day off? simultaneous (on the day of and throughout the process)?

    The Reason You Need To Know:

    On your wedding day, you'll want the expert's undivided attention, so be sure they aren't booked for more than one ceremony.

    Your planner will likely be juggling many other couples' needs at once.

    Take into account factors like the team size and location of the weddings to get an idea of how many they can handle.

    How Many Other Weddings Have You Organised Here?

    The Reason You Need To Know:

    Planning a wedding at your location is a huge plus, so choose a planner that has experience doing so.

    The wedding day is more likely to go off without a hitch if they are familiar with the venue, the employees, and the logistics involved.

    From their prior experience using the area, they may also offer some useful recommendations or comments for the layout.

    Ask to see images from previous events they've done at your location so you can get a feel for the space and start planning your own dream wedding.

    When appropriate, do you arrange weddings at exotic locations?

    The Reason You Need To Know:

    Find out if they are willing to travel to arrange your wedding (most would do so for a cost) and if they have experience planning a wedding weekend from afar.

    Making ensuring they have prior expertise is important since this sort of preparation demands an additional degree of coordination.

    Tell Me About the Most Unusual Wedding You Organized.

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    You may get a feel for their style by looking at the details and images of some of the most memorable weddings they've arranged.

    How do you think we can make our vision a reality?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    It's fine if they don't perfectly describe your ideal scenario; you can always work together to iron out the kinks later.

    But if all of their ideas are way off—like if you say you've always imagined a rustic wedding under the stars and they only suggest ballroom venues—that's a red flag.

    It may indicate that they are not paying attention to your needs or that you and they have fundamentally different perspectives on the matter. Possibly they aren't a good fit for your wedding if that's the case.

    How do you maintain composure in the face of adversity, and how do you handle problems that arise on the day of?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    It's crucial to enquire about this from any prospective wedding planner you're interviewing.

    You can tell if they will be able to handle any difficulties that may arise on your wedding day by looking at their backup plan, how well organised they are to prevent problems, and what they do to resolve problems once they do.

    In other words, do you have any references? (Comments from Active and Newlywed Couples)

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    Find out if they have any recent couples and professionals you can contact for references. How prospective wedding planners react when asked for references is telling. They should gladly supply them and even urge you to contact them.

    Post Wedding Logistics

    How are Fees Calculated (Percentage of Total, Flat Rate)? Will There Be Extra Costs (for Travel, Parking, and Food) in Addition to the Base Rate?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    Before agreeing to the terms of a contract, it's important to fully grasp the extent of your responsibility.

    Ask them to explain the payment process and any additional costs. In this method, misunderstandings can be avoided.

    Do You Carry Personal Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance?

    This Is Important To You, So You Want To Know

    They must have taken every precaution necessary to protect you in case something goes wrong.

    Determine if they have insurance, and if so, what kinds of things are covered by it.

    If the machinery used to instal the dance floor causes damage to the venue, the organisers' insurance should pay for the repairs.

    Talk Money

    Know your budget constraints when looking for a planner. Determine an appropriate goal, and then discuss the specifics.

    • Do you charge an hourly rate, a set cost, or a portion of my overall budget?
    • In what ways, if any, will you be charging me for the time and money you put into planning my wedding?
    • Do any of the businesses you recommend pay you for sending them business?
    • How much is the down payment?
    • In what date does the last instalment have to be paid?
    • Do we pay the suppliers ourselves, or do you take care of it for us?
    • What other costs might I anticipate?

    Understand the Scope of Their Services

    There is a disparity in the quality of planners out there. Assuming they are free on your big day, you should enquire as to how much they do (or don't do) in preparation for the ceremony.

    • Are you available to accompany me to my next dress fittings?
    • Do you plan on sending out invites and/or save-the-date cards?
    • Do you organise pre-wedding festivities like the rehearsal dinner as well?
    • Is there a plan B if the weather turns bad for our outside event?
    • Are you part of a group at work? Are they planning to attend the ceremony?
    • If we go to see other providers, will you come along?
    • How much of the planning process is under our purview, if at all?

    Please get to Know Them

    Personality is crucial in finding a planner you can like working with.

    If you're the sort of bride who prefers not to have her hands held during the planning process, weekly or as-needed checks can be OK with you.

    But if you'd want additional assistance in the planning stages, you should find out how accessible they will be.

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    • I was wondering how often you normally meet with clients throughout the planning stage.
    • How about meeting face-to-face, talking on the phone, or exchanging emails?
    • Please provide me a list of references I may get in touch with.

    Nail Down the Nitty-Gritty

    These are the sorts of details that need to be considered.

    • On the day of the wedding, what time will you get there?
    • When are you planning to leave?
    • Need something to eat?
    • Do you have any experience working at the places I'm considering?

    Some More Interview Questions for Wedding Planners

    • If a customer came to you and said, "I don't know what kind of wedding I want," how would you guide them?

    Manifests the applicant's proficiency in interpersonal communication, problem solving, and customer service.

    • How would you help a client that is having trouble choosing reliable suppliers? Manifests the applicant's problem-solving and customer service prowess.
    • We asked, "What would you do if a customer chose not to get married after vendor contracts were finalised?"

    Relates to the candidate's problem-solving, communication, and emotional-control abilities, and it was a challenging circumstance.

    • "How would you handle a demanding customer that kept changing their mind?"

    Shows the individual can keep their cool under pressure, in addition to having excellent people skills and communication abilities.

    • "How do you know what's happening in the wedding industry?"

    Proves the applicant's familiarity with the field, their interest in the position, and their previous experience. Find the best wedding planners in this section to ensure a stress-free wedding day.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Planner

    But even more than that, most full-service wedding planner duties include design services to help couples select color palettes, create floor plans, choose decor, rentals, lighting, and curate an overall aesthetic that carries throughout the entire event.

    Here's what you might expect on the agenda of your initial meeting: Learning about you as a couple, and as individuals: the planner will want to know the story of how you met, when/how you were engaged, how long you've been together, as well as about your careers, families, and personal lives or hobbies.

    Planning is hard because predicting is hard. Of course, predicting is a lot easier when you have more information, but usually we have far less than we'd like, so planning is hard because of limited information. Planning is a prediction problem and an information problem.

    An individual who is focused on the coordination of the logistics of a wedding. While a wedding planner would be involved during your entire planning process, a wedding coordinator on the other hand usually gets involved with the coordination of a wedding about one month before the big day.

    Event planners, however, are taught the general process of a consultation meeting and then learn to tailor those ideas to different types of events. Wedding planners, on the other hand, are taught how to conduct a consultation meeting with wedding clients specifically.

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