How Important Are Wedding Photo Albums?

It wasn’t that long ago that the only way to enjoy your photos is in a photo album. Looking back at my memories of my childhood adventures, all of them are memorialized in photo albums. We would pour over the images we took, hoping to get a few good captures, and then create albums in a labour of love. Baby pictures, prom pictures, senior portraits… if they weren’t in an album or a frame on the fireplace mantel, those photographs would hide in a box.

And a professional photo album? It was a labour of love. You’d see the entirety of your wedding photos in that album. And by “the entirety”, I mean probably 50 wedding photos. CDs? Digital hosting? Cloud storage? Forget about it. Photo albums were all you had. It is filled with memories, loaded with nostalgia, and something you could touch, feel, hold and cherish for years to come.

Traditional Wedding Albums versus Digital Wedding Photos

In the past, couples eagerly awaited the opportunity to put together their wedding album upon getting their pictures back from their photographer. While this is still an option, many modern couples only have their wedding photos in digital form.

There are a few reasons for this, one of them being that you can view digital photos right away, preventing couples from having to wait days or even weeks to see their pictures. Another is that you can instantly share digital photos online with family and friends who couldn’t make the wedding.

Whether or not a couple should stick to digital wedding photos or hold out for physical copies is something that each bride and groom must answer. For some, the idea of a bulky wedding photo album is not appealing. Others can’t imagine missing out on such a precious memento.

Digital photos can easily be lost and, in many cases, can’t be retrieved again. For this reason alone, it is wise to have a printed wedding album even if a couple chooses to have digital photos. It may seem like a waste to have both, but printed images are easier to preserve for future generations.

Key Reasons Why Wedding Albums Are Important

Preserving Memories

Weddings are all about making memories that stick, and the best way to make these memories timeless and eternal is by capturing them in photos. Since each wedding day is unique, keeping all the precious little moments in your mind forever is simply impossible, especially after ten or more years. That’s precisely where wedding albums kick in.                                                  

Wedding albums are an excellent way to remember all the best and most glorious moments from your wedding while going through them with your family, loved ones, and friends. Anniversaries or any special occasion like birthdays are excellent moments to take out your wedding album and have a good laugh while looking at all the lovely photos.

Of course, you can always keep it digital, but that’s not the same as holding a wedding album in your hands. Electronic media does an excellent job of storing your important files, but these files can get deleted, corrupted, or lost. Wedding albums are timeless.

Wedding Albums Are Like Storybooks

Every page in a wedding album tells a story of its own. The couple’s family and friends can enjoy these stories while looking at the photos. This can be precious if you’re talking to someone who couldn’t make it to the wedding.

Framed photos are great at providing a tiny glimpse into one specific moment of that day’s splendour, but a wedding album tells a whole story. Remember all those picnic trips you took with your family, sitting around the fire, telling stories? That’s precisely the kind of feeling or storytelling; in this case, the wedding album will provide.

Technology Is Prone to Changes

Technology changes so rapidly and frequently that it’s pretty hard to cope with all the advancements. For example, if you had your wedding day saved on a 35mm film, floppy disk, or VHS, you’d have a hard time accessing that content these days. The same goes for CDs and DVDs as these do break down.

Some couples make efforts to update their electronic media to keep their wedding memories alive, but many fail to do so. While having a digital backup of your wedding photos sounds like a great idea, traditional wedding albums are the best way to make your photos last forever. More importantly, it’s the best way to protect your most important images.

Think of a wedding album as an investment – it pays off to invest in a long-lasting, high quality, professionally handcrafted wedding album made of the most durable materials. Technology may change, but traditional wedding albums endure everything, and they last forever. 

A Keepsake for the Generations to Come

Conventional wedding albums are one of the most fantastic heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation. It’s an excellent way to contribute to the family history while leaving something to remember you by.

Personalization Adds Style

The feeling that flipping through the album pages gives you is way more authentic and genuine when compared to viewing photos on a computer. Albums are like books filled with memories. These memories can be so vivid that people get to live them through over and over again.

Traditional albums offer something that digital photos don’t – a wide range of personalization options you can use to customize your album to suit your style and persona. Pick any detail you like – from storage boxes, layout, and design to background colour, different album sizes, colours, cover materials, and embossing.

Photo Albums are a Priceless Investment

A photo album today is truly a work of art. Forget those musty, yellowing albums with curling Kodak prints. Instead, photo albums now have stunning layouts and gorgeous, customizable covers. You can pull in the colours from your wedding party or match. 

The colour scheme in your bookcase. Not only that, but it’s easy to pull a photo album off the shelf and instantly enjoy the memories. Think about the technology from 15 years ago. If you have a VHS tape, it’s HARD to access that technology now. Imagine if the idea of a USB drive becomes obsolete! You might not be able to access those precious memories. But an album? An album is timeless. No need to charge up an old device—you can open it and enjoy it.

Albums Last

It’s easy to assume that all our social media and social sharing sites will be around forever. But what would happen if Facebook changed their photo retention settings? Where will your images be in 10 years? In 20 years? Technology is constantly evolving, but a photo album will be there forever. Imagine, a century from now, your great-great-grandchild finds your wedding photos on a USB drive. Will they be able to enjoy those images? Now, instead, imagine that they find your wedding album. They can immediately enjoy those memories and have a connection to the past. A high-quality album will never be obsolete. Photo albums can be treasured forever if cared for properly.

Albums are a part of the collection!

Because I feel so strongly that an album is an integral part of a wedding photography collection! Most of my wedding collections already include albums or books to share your pictures from your engagement session. Your photo album is not an extra, and it is an integral part of your wedding photography and the entire service I provide as your professional wedding photographer. This includes senior portraits and family sessions – your albums are pre-designed for when you arrive for your viewing session at my studio.

Photo Albums to fit your needs

Not only do I offer photo album options, but there are also ways for you to make your photo album your truth. Choose from 5 different sizes and over 50 cover options included with our Sicilian and Lux wedding albums. Your album will indeed be a work of art from elegant engraved metal to rustic oak, embossed leathers, silk, canvas, acrylic, and even more. Not only that, but I also offer parent or companion albums, additional pages with your favourite images, and an album memory box to keep your album protected from dust. The keepsake box also makes it easier to transport. I know you’ll want to show it off to friends and relatives!

Seeing is Believing

There’s a big difference between seeing a couch online and flopping down on it in a store. Likewise, I can describe your albums in the dreamiest terms, and it’ll never compare to you feeling its fabric cover, turning its heavy pages, and seeing how luxurious the colours in your images look on a printed page instead of a computer screen. So, I want to invite you to come down to the studio and see for yourself. I have some fantastic, beautiful albums for clients to look through here in the studio. It allows clients to see the album styles and see what an entire wedding looks like. I love being able to share stories from past clients and their marriages. Not only that, but I understand that people are visual. So, I know how helpful it can be to see other weddings while planning a wedding! Grooms, you can browse through previous marriages to see what suits look like in different colours and see some different styles to get a feel for what you want to wear. Brides, I am sure you’d love to look at images of bouquets, centrepieces, bridesmaid dresses, wedding themes, and more. Coming into the studio will allow you to see the entire picture of what I offer in my photography packages and, as a bonus, a little bit of wedding inspiration.

Handmade Albums for the Perfect Touch

Human senses are intertwined with one another. The albums I offer can be made with Japanese silk, linen, and European free-range leather covers. This makes holding the album in your hands an idyllic experience in itself. These covers add to your sense of touch and thus intensify your nostalgia and inner jubilation. Perhaps silk, linen, and leather are strongly reminiscent of the materials used in the decor of your wedding stage. Wouldn’t it be incredible to feel those materials caress your hands once again as you dive into an ocean full of memories?

Hand Craftsmanship

Making albums is a work of art, and like any other form of art, albums are all about representing the perfect harmony between the latest in fashion and the best in old-world artisan crafts. No large machines nor computer-controlled assembly lines are making your albums, just generations of artisan craftsmanship. These albums are all handcrafted, and anything that’s made with love and care by the hands of an artist will most certainly help you to associate it with a sense of permanence and gleeful nostalgia.

The Best Way to Present Photos

If you had to put your wedding photos on display, the album is the best choice. The idea of showing your wedding pictures to another person on your laptop screen does not sound too appealing now. Also, you can’t have your precious wedding photos stuffed inside a sealed bag or cardboard box stored in the attic. There is no better way to present pictures than through an album. You get to show off everything from your getting ready, the details, to the end of the night in your album. With finger-print proof pages, only a custom, handmade album can preserve the marvel and charm of every single chapter of your day.

Albums Are Wonderful Gifts

Perhaps you already have a wedding album, and you want your family or friends to experience the same delight that you did with your album. All you have to do is gift them an album of their wedding photos on their birthday or anniversary. This is something that you could particularly gift to your parents, who would love nothing more in this world than to see their children preserving their fascinating past in a wonderfully compiled album. This is your opportunity to appease your parents and return some of their countless favours upon you.

An Emblem of Your Existence

It is human nature to leave behind something with which we can be fondly remembered. Therefore, a wedding album will act as an emblem of your life and times. It will allow you to enshrine your history permanently and immortalize the joyous, breathtaking and mesmerizing moments from your wedding day.

It is never too late or early to start thinking about a wedding album. Don’t count on social media and cardboard boxes to keep your precious photos safe. Instead, preserve your wedding photos in an album and buckle up for the long, happy journey of married life ahead of you.

Wedding photo albums – are they worth it?

As a modern bride, you’ve probably been bombarded by the HUGE amount of choice out there. As a result, it’s tricky to know what route to go down for the flower arrangements, let alone the photo arrangements.

If all you know is that you want the very best photographer, that’s fine! You’re off to a good start. Although, along with the very best photographers come high price tags. If you’ve spent a considerable amount of budget on your photographer, it may mean foregoing purchasing an album or prints.

However, the brides and grooms we’ve spoken to all agree, it IS worth having your photos printed in some way. In this digital age, it’s easy to forget how beautiful physical images can be. Despite this, it’s still tricky to know what type of album – or photo display – to go for.

Preserve Memories With Timeless Wedding Albums

Preserve memories with timeless wedding albums

Wedding albums are:

● Fun to look at – share your happiness and joy with your friends, family and loved ones while passing your heritage from generation to generation

● Time travel machines – preserve all the precious memories and make your wedding memories last forever by keeping the past alive

● Perfect for adding a personal touch – handmade albums add to the idyllic experience by intensifying inner jubilation and nostalgia each time you go through the photos

● A work of art – wedding photos and making albums is a work of art, and hand craftsmanship allows you to dive into the sea of memories while sinking deeper into the emotional balance between memories and permanence

● The best way to present photos – nothing compares to holding your photos in your hands as no electronic media can provide that level of satisfaction or sense of pleasure.

● Wedding albums excel at showing the most important day of your life in the best light possible while preserving that old feeling and adding to your family tradition.

● Real visual storytellers – wedding albums tell a lot more about you and your wedding than you know. They capture moments in each photo, but they do such a great job of arranging those photos in a story about you, and your family, and the love you share.

In a world where people try to catch up with technological advancement, you need a break from this constantly changing, fast-paced everyday life. Life is precious, and time goes by relentlessly. Your memories are all you have, but they tend to fade away more and more each day.

Most people don’t think about traditional photos and albums because they have all these digital tools to share, access, and store their memories, but the truth is – some memories are too precious to be left behind. Therefore, the wedding albums allow you to keep the past alive and never forget the most cherished memories. 

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