Can I take my wedding dress as hand luggage?

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    Destination wedding in the horizon? Are you prepared to properly transport your wedding dress? You need not resort to Bridezilla-level hysteria to get the advice you want on air travel with your wedding dress; we have it all right here.

    The venue of your wedding is the first item to consider. There's a good chance you won't be the only bride-to-be blushing on the plane if you're going to a destination wedding hotspot. Considering the luggage of every other travelling on your selected trip, there is a good chance that there won't be enough room for many brides and their enormous wedding dresses.
    The way you look is important to you. Still, cabin personnel have to keep everyone pleased in a stressful flying circumstance, and that includes making sure everyone's luggage gets there unscathed.

    Most people who are getting married this year will likely be taking a plane to their destination. Furthermore, it's possible that you're finding the whole thing confusing. But don't freak out or turn into a bridezilla; our helpful advice and tips for flying with your wedding dress are here to save the day.

    The first thing to keep in mind is that if you're being married at a popular wedding resort, you probably won't be the only bride-to-be there, and thus your dress won't be the only one. Therefore, you can't just bring your outfit since there will be too many other stuff jammed into the overhead bins. As much as your dress means to you, the air stewards have limited hanging space, and they will have to choose between many other dresses in addition to yours. If you follow these suggestions, however, you won't have to worry about your dress becoming damaged in transit and you'll be able to have a stress-free arrival.

    Bringing bags on an aircraft may be a hassle, what with trying to find an available overhead bin, worrying if your bag is too big, or getting the dreaded gate check ticket. So, picture this: you're on a flight with the most expensive item of clothes you'll ever own, and it won't fit in the overhead bin. I see you are in a state of terror.
    Fortunately, there are several simple things you can do to guarantee that your wedding dress arrives at your destination in pristine shape, so you can be picture-perfect on your wedding day.

    Find Out More?

    To begin, you should check with your airline to learn the specifics of their policy on carrying bridal gowns. In all likelihood, you won't be permitted to transport it as carry-on due to the rigors hand baggage laws that are currently in effect, but it never hurts to ask.

    You should enquire with your prefered airline as to whether or not they have a hanging wardrobe for passengers so that brides can bring their wedding dresses with them on international flights. Hanging wardrobes aren't the most roomy, so plan ahead if you want to be the one who flies with their wedding dress.

    Some airlines may not be flexible about how you transport your wedding dress and may require you to check it as cargo. This might be frustrating if you're dead bent on keeping it close at all times; if this is the case, you may want to look into alternate transportation options. However, the ideal way to tackle the problem is to prepare in advance by studying, organising, and weighing all of your alternatives so that your flight goes off without a hitch on the day of departure.

    Check Out The Plane-Shape Wardrobe

    Some planes have a closet (often used by first-class passengers to store their coats, by flight attendants for their own clothes, or by the captain), and a compassionate flight attendant may allow you use it to store your dress. If you want to know in advance whether or whether your airline has spacious overhead bins or a first-class closet, you may use our sister site, Seat Guru, to do just that.

    Then, go there early, and if you're persistent with the gate agent, they could let you use a closet. American Airlines' Media Relations department sent us with advice on how to travel in a wedding gown "When a woman requests that her wedding dress be transported, our crews will make every effort to make that happen because they understand how significant this day is for the bride. Since federal law requires that wheelchairs and other helpful devices be stored in the main cabin, we cannot guarantee that they will be stored in the aircraft's closet. If there is no closet space, the bride may have to fold her dress and store it in the airplane's overhead compartment. We also encourage the bride communicate with the gate agent, before boarding starts, regarding their wedding outfit."

    Find Out If Your Flight Allows A Wedding Gown In Carry-On

    If you absolutely must have your dress with you at all times while travelling, don't presume that the airline will allow it to be carried on as carry-on. If you're travelling a long distance to a popular wedding venue, the airline probably won't object, and they probably have a closet where you may hang your dress (though it might be shared with other brides). You should really rethink your reservation with that airline if they won't allow you bring it on board with you. We have compiled a list of Melbourne Wedding Dress Shops to make the search as easy as possible for your perfect gown.

    Confirm Airline Regulations

    Make sure your outfit may be brought on board as a carry-on by calling the airline in advance. You may put up your wedding dress in the wardrobe that comes standard on most airlines. If the airline won't let you carry the dress on board, you may want to reschedule your trip with one that will so that the dress doesn't get lost in transportation. If you don't have access to a closet and will not have time to change planes, place the garment bag inside the biggest carry-on suitcase permitted by the airline. While baggage handlers will not have any control over the garment if it arrives wrinkled, the dress will not have been checked.

    Properly Wrap

    A durable garment bag is ideal for transporting the outfit. If you need to fit the train inside your bag, fold it once along its length. Dresses can keep their form when stuffed with acid-free tissue paper or plastic dry cleaner bags. Crushing is more likely to occur in the bodice and sleeves, so fill them practically to capacity. After stuffing the dress, place it into the bigger garment bag along with one or more plastic dry cleaning bags. The dry cleaning bags add a layer of defence against moisture and damage during transport and security checks.

    If you're planning on flying with your wedding dress, you should definitely have a strategy in place for protecting it during the journey. The bridal store is the ideal place to start since they will have advice on how to pack a wedding dress and will likely have access to specialised airline bags for wedding gowns. When packing your bridal gown for transport, don't forget to pick up some acid-free white tissue paper to use as a barrier between the folds.

    An alternative to asking your bridal store for advice on a flying bag is investing in a dedicated wedding dress flight box. Consider looking for it on online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, or at specialised retailers, where you could get a good deal if you shop early.

    Struggling to find your perfect gown? Check out our extensive list of Wedding Dress Shops in Melbourne.

    If you're getting married overseas and haven't picked out your dress yet, you should know that some fabrics hold up better in transit than others. Lighter fabrics like chiffon and charmeuse are better for travelling than heavier ones like tulle and crinoline since they fold more compactly and retain their shape less readily. But don't fret too much about this, since if you pack wisely and properly, your dream dress will arrive in the same condition in which it left.

    If You're Only Bringing A Carry-On, Don't Overstuff It.

    After you've figured out how to fly with your dress, it's time to plan the rest of your wedding trip bags. Because your wedding dress will weigh a tonne, it's best to travel with as little as possible in your carry-on bag. Carrying your passport, boarding card, and other paperwork, as well as your wallet and phone, requires a tiny handbag; anything larger and heavier might have you kicking yourself later.

    Keep in mind that major airports like Gatwick have longer distances between the departure lounge and the boarding gate, making it difficult to transport a heavy bridal dress and other luggage.

    Safeguarding Methods

    Get to the airport early to ensure that you have enough of time to clear security. In order to screen the garment, security agents may need to open and unpack it. You'll want to take your time repacking the garment so that it arrives safely. Most airports can handle an additional hour before the flight's scheduled check-in arrival time, but airports serving major cities may require more time.

    Reserve A Flight With Extra Legroom For Your Gown

    As absurd as it seems, think about scheduling an additional seat for your outfit. If the dress is too huge to fit in the overhead compartment, you can't bring it on board with you either. In this manner, you won't have to worry about your dress becoming crushed, and you won't have to worry about it disappearing from sight, either. If you choose this route, keep the following in mind:

    • In order to reserve a space for your wedding dress in the cabin, you must contact the airline you are travelling with in advance.
    • You will probably need to specify the size of the bag in which your dress will be transported. Be patient; this isn't a particularly typical request, so it may take a few phone calls to work out. Ultimately, though, everything will be fine, and your dress will arrive safely.
    • You shouldn't have to pay full price for this seat in the cabin just because it's being used to store your stuff.

    You Might Want To Rethink Checking Your Dress

    Your wedding gown can be stored alongside the rest of your luggage if you so want. You might, while it's uncommon, end up with a damaged or missing outfit. You should not inspect your wedding dress with us.

    Check out our list of Wedding Dress Shops in Melbourne to help you select your ultimate gown. 

    Pack That Dress Sensibly

    Carefully consider how you will bag your outfit. It's a good idea to enquire at the dress shop regarding travel bags when you make your purchase. If there are many layers, acid-free white tissue paper should be folded in between each one to prevent creases. It's easy to find a reliable provider of wedding dress transportation containers.

    Travel With Less Baggage.

    Keep in mind that your dress will be rather hefty, despite the fact that it may not feel that heavy while you're carrying it a short distance from the store to your car. The long walk from the Departure Lounge to the Boarding Gate (up to a mile at Gatwick or Heathrow, for example) can make it feel much heavier, as will dragging it around the airport for a while.

    Carry on only as much as you can. A lightweight, compact handbag that can be slung over one shoulder is preferable, as it will allow you to carry all of your essentials (passport, travel documents, wallet, and toiletries) without feeling cumbersome.

    At The Very Moment Of Your Arrival, Please Unpack Your Dress.

    When you go to your wedding location, unpack your dress gently and hang it up so that the creases may relax.

    Care Upon Arrival

    As soon as you get to your location, unpack the outfit and hang it up. In the span of 24 hours to 48 hours, wrinkles often disappear. Even if the garment is neatly packed, it is still likely to get wrinkled during transit. In case more serious creasing happens, plan ahead and schedule a steaming or pressing appointment with a local dry cleaner. Hire a dry cleaner that specialises in wedding gowns to make sure the dress is handled with care.

    When you go to your wedding location, the first thing you should do is take out your wedding dress. Be cautious, and then hang it up right away to let the wrinkles fall out on their own. After doing this, your dress should be in pristine condition, all set for the big day!

    If you follow these guidelines, your destination wedding should go off without a hitch. Please feel free to add any other suggestions you may have on our various social media channels.


    Taking an aeroplane with your wedding dress on board might be challenging, especially if your wedding is a destination. There probably won't be enough room for all the brides and their massive gowns. If you follow these guidelines, though, you won't have to worry about any damage to your clothing being shipped. Find out the specifics of the airline's bridal gown transport policy by contacting them directly. It's possible that certain airlines won't allow you to check your wedding dress in with them.

    The bride may have to fold her dress and put it in the airplane's overhead bin if there isn't enough room in the bridal suite. Future brides should enquire with their chosen airline on the possibility of bringing a wedding dress on board as checked baggage. Dry cleaning bags provide an extra layer of protection from spills and snags on the way to and from the cleaners and at the airport security checkpoint. Stuffing a dress with acid-free tissue paper or a plastic dry cleaner bag will help it maintain its shape while you store it. There are materials that travel better than others.

    When packing for a trip, chiffon and charmeuse are preferable over tulle and crinoline because of their light weight. Try to fit as much as you can into your carry-on bag. You should give some thought to how you will pack your clothes and how much luggage space you will need. A dependable vendor of wedding dress shipping containers is simple to locate. To the extent that you can, continue. It is best to carry a small, light bag that can be draped over one shoulder. Carefully remove your bridal gown from its packaging and hang it to air out the wrinkles. Get your clothes steamed or pressed if the creasing is too bad.

    Content Summary

    • You don't have to go to Bridezilla lengths to gather the information you need about flying in your wedding dress; it's all here.
    • Your wedding location is the first thing to think about.
    • If you're flying to a popular location for weddings, you probably won't be the only blushing bride on the flight there.
    • Your first step should be to contact the airline you want to fly with to find out their exact rules on transporting wedding dresses.
    • Due to strict hand luggage restrictions now in force, it is quite unlikely that you will be allowed to travel it as carry-on; but, it never hurts to ask.
    • Whether you want to make sure that brides may carry their wedding gowns with them on foreign flights, contact your prefered airline and ask if they have a hanging wardrobe for travellers.
    • Some airlines may not be accommodating if you need to check your wedding dress as cargo.
    • The best method to cope with this issue, however, is to do the groundwork ahead of time by researching, planning, and analysing your options so that your flight goes off without a hitch on the day of departure.
    • You may check our sister site, Seat Guru, to find out information like whether or not your airline offers large overhead bins or a first-class closet.
    • If you want to utilise a closet, you need go there early and be pushy with the gate agent.
    • The bride may have to fold her dress and put it in the airplane's overhead bin if there isn't enough room in the bridal suite.
    • Check with your airline to see whether a wedding dress may be checked as checked luggage. Don't assume the airline will let you bring your outfit on as carry-on if you need to have it with you at all times.
    • Verify Airline Rules and Regulations Call the airline ahead of time to be sure your clothing may be transported on as a carry-on.
    • In order to avoid losing the dress during transit, you may choose to rearrange your flight with an airline that will allow you to check the garment into the plane.
    • Put the garment bag inside the largest carry-on luggage authorised by the airline if you don't have access to a closet and won't have time to change aircraft.
    • Wrap it Up Right Carrying the ensemble around town requires a sturdy garment bag.
    • Once the dress has been properly stuffed, it should be placed in one or more plastic dry cleaning bags and then into the larger garment bag.
    • Plan beforehand for the safety of your wedding dress if you're taking it on a plane.
    • Don't forget to get some acid-free white tissue paper to act as a barrier between the folds of your wedding dress while packaging it for travel.
    • Buying a specialised wedding dress flight box is an option to consulting a bridal shop about a suitable flying bag.
    • Planning the rest of your wedding vacation luggage is the next step after figuring out how to fly with your dress.
    • You should pack as little as possible in your carry-on suitcase because your wedding dress is going to be really heavy.
    • Methods for Keeping Things Safe You should arrive at the airport with plenty of time to go through security checks.
    • You can't carry the outfit on board if it's too big to fit in the airplane's overhead bin.
    • You should call the airline in advance to make arrangements for stowing your bridal dress in the cabin.
    • The size of the bag used to transport your outfit has to be specified.
    • Your wedding dress is not something we want to examine.
    • Do Not Overstuff Your Suitcase Think on how you will carry your luggage with a lot of care.
    • To the extent that you can, continue.
    • Carefully unpack your dress and hang it up when you get to the venue for the wedding so that the wrinkles may relax.
    • Treatment Immediately Upon Admission After arriving at your destination, unpack the clothing and immediately place it on a hanger.
    • If you want to make sure your wedding dress is treated gently, you should take it to a dry cleaner that specialises in such garments.
    • As soon as you arrive at the ceremony site, get into your wedding gown.
    • Your destination wedding will go off without a hitch if you follow these suggestions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It's best to take yours as a carry-on, that way it doesn't leave your sight while traveling. "Your gown should never be added to your checked baggage," Duff-Cole warns. ... While most carry-on bags are to be stored in overhead compartments, some airplanes may have additional closet space that can be used.

    Hang dresses in a plastic dry-cleaning bag, then place the wrapped dress inside a hanging travel garment bag. Some airlines offer closets for hanging garment bags, which allows you to bring the dress with you as a carry-on item. Garment bags also result in fewer wrinkles even if you must check the bag.

    For silk shirts, carefully bundle them around a flat object by laying the object on your shirt and then pulling the collar and sleeves around it. This should leave you with little to no creases. Silk or satin dresses are best sandwiched between other garments in the suitcase.

    Rolling is the best way to keep your clothes wrinkle-free since your clothes are tightly rolled without any hard creases. To avoid creases, fold your clothes along the seams and smooth out any wrinkles. ... If you roll and pack wrinkly clothes, you'll have wrinkly clothes at your destination.

    The bride should exit bottom first and then sit on the door ledge – chauffeurs will usually have placed a rug there to protect the bride's dress – before swinging her legs out of the car and onto the ground in one movement; the feet should always be together.

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