Wedding Veil

Choosing Your Bridal Veil

Choosing Your Bridal Veil

We were so excited to see these fantastic pictures of our real bride Philippa, at her wedding in December 2019, captured by Natalie Pluck. The wedding took place at Crathorne Hall, in North Yorkshire. The gorgeous bride wore an Anna Georgina dress bought at Morgan Davies Bridal, paired with some Jenny Packham shoes, and our Brynn Earrings. The earrings, made with green beads and opals, made for the loveliest statement earring to finish off this look! Let Boutique events group Wedding Venue help you create the most magical day of your life. 

Thank you so much, Philippa, for sharing these pictures, you looked so beautiful! We wish you and your husband a lifetime of happiness.

You've finally chosen your dream wedding dress, got matching wedding bands for you and your groom, found the perfect venue, and organized everything for your wedding. Now you're down to the last stages of your wedding preparation: your bridal accessories. Your bridal attire wouldn't be complete without these trinkets to enhance your overall look and save you from some common wedding day mishaps.

Soft, dreamy and oh so romantic, wedding veils are the epitome of bridal beauty and a timeless tradition for walking down the aisle. From cut edge to beading, elbow to cathedral lengths, blushers and more, the style options are endless to coordinate with your gown. Once you've selected the perfect veil, it's essential to know how to properly care for this delicate accessory leading up to, on and after the big day. That's why we've compiled everything you need to know for wedding veil care.

Your veil might inevitably have some light creases or wrinkles from delivery or transport to a hotel, etc. So it's essential to hang your cover by its hanger in a bathroom with a hot shower running. This will produce light steam to rid your wedding veil of any light creasing for beautifully flowing fabric.

What to do when you receive your veil?

Finally, it's here! Your wedding veil will arrive folded in your veil box for ultimate security during transport. As you unwrap your soon-to-be heirloom, carefully remove your cover from the table and unfold your mask completely. While admiring your veil's perfection (*swoon*), hang your scarf gently by the comb on a hanger (we have you covered with hooks specifically for curtains).

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and there's no denying that although the white dream gown and correctly applied makeup will help contribute to this, wedding accessories can be easily overlooked. Accessories help to polish off any look or outfit and it's no different for brides. Accessorizing a wedding dress isn't rocket science, but some brides may find themselves clueless or only not enough time to select the right pieces to get the completed look just right. Therefore we are at hand to give you some quick and straightforward advice to quickly digest and help you on your merry way.

So you're planning your 2019 wedding. From venue to florals to decor and ensemble, there are countless ways to make a statement. Gone are the days of typical tradition and now more than ever brides are expressing their personal sense of style through their ceremonies and receptions. What's trending this year? We've rounded up some of the hottest wedding trends and tips every bride needed to see in 2019.

Our New Cascade Comb Veil - Calypso

We've had a few requests recently for 'cascade comb' veils where the tulle appears to fall from the back of the comb rather than be stitched down as we do on most of our single tier veils. Our new mask 'Calypso' features this style of comb attachment! 

Wedding jewellery

Your bridal wear wouldn't be complete without tasteful accessories. Jewellery—earrings, necklaces, tennis bracelets, headpieces—will add Colour and sparkle to your wedding attire and accentuate your most attractive features (e.g., your eyes and your smile). You can wear new and borrowed pieces to follow wedding traditions. If you spent weeks (or months) looking for the perfect wedding gown, then you would surely want to complement your attire with the right jewellery. Test your entire wedding attire days ahead of the ceremony. Wear your wedding gown, silver, and makeup to see if they match the look you want to achieve. Looking for Wedding Dress Shops? Look no further, Boutique events group has you covered. 

If you are wearing a cathedral wedding veil on your big day, we recommend that the comb hang your mask on the hanger while the train of your cover is gently draped over a clothes hanger and kept away from the floor.

Pro-Tip: Cathedral wedding veils make for ultimate wedding photo s! Add the perfect finish touch of romance & drama to your wedding day memories with a gorgeous cathedral.

Coloured Metals

A common misconception in bridal style is that you can't mix and match your jewels. Well this year, the modern bride is firing back with, 'says who!' With increasing popularity, mixing metals and incorporating colored finishes into your bridal accessories is not only super stylish but here to stay and ready to be rocked. From coloured accents on your save the dates to a contemporary 'something new,' brides everywhere are shaking things up in their bridal style and making all of our mixed metal dreams come true!

Choose a Dress First

While this may seem the most obvious thing to do, many brides fall in love with a particular tiara or necklace and make an impulse buy without first deciding on a wedding dress. This may work out for some brides, but for most, they will find it rather difficult and stressful to then find a dress they love around that impulse buy.

couple walking road photo

Take a cue from the always beautiful Jessica Biel, who rocked a gorgeous custom-made blush pink Giambattista Valli gown on her big day with breathtaking yellow gold earrings featuring pink and yellow diamonds from Martin Katz. The sweetest part? Jessica chose a pink pearl bracelet from her mother-in-law for her 'something borrowed.'

Real Bride | Frock and Frill Dress | Silk Style Drape Veil Saffron With Personalized Embroidery

In August last year, real bride Gemma got married in a colourful wedding at St Benets RC Church in Sunderland, followed by a reception at Crook Hall and Gardens in Durham. DPR Photography captured these lovely pictures.

Bridal lingerie

Your wedding day is a chance for you to pamper yourself. You're entirely within your rights to splurge on beautiful, flattering lingerie that will make you feel beautiful inside and out. Take note of a few things when buying the perfect lingerie.

Hanging your veil upon first opening, it will allow the tulle to fall, flow and naturally loosen any wrinkles that may occur during transport. Just like your wedding gown and other bridal accessories, you have invested a lot of time and effort into choosing your perfect veil, so be sure to handle with care and keep away from sunlight.

Perfecting on the big day

While running last-minute errands and finalizing florals, don't forget to complete your bridal veil! If you haven't yet (or just received your mask in time) unfold your mask completely a few days before your wedding day and allow for hanging entirely without any folds to release your veil of any lingering creases.

Think outside the box

It's easy to fall into the trap of wearing a traditional tiara or veil, but there is so much choice on the market these days, so make sure you see what's out there and what will most suit you and your style.

Gifts For Your Gals

With massive amounts of wedding planning and so many things to remember, the one thing you definitely CAN'T forget is the girls who make it all happen, your ride or dies, your bride tribe! These ladies, like you, deserve the best and thanking your bridesmaids will never go out of style. So in between champagne toasts and 'can't even' speeches, surprise your ladies with the perfect personalized presents! 

Real Bride | Bespoke Andrea Hawkes Dress | Silk Style Semi Edge Leaf Veil Cali

In September last year, real ride Beth got married in a beautiful day at Belvoir Castle. Matt Brown captured these brilliant images.

What you wear inside doesn't have to match your wedding dress perfectly. Just ensure that your the style and shape of your lingerie suits your dress. Don't buy it too early in the wedding planning stage. Your body may undergo changes, and you sizes may change. There's a lot of pressure on choosing daring lingerie. Go for it if that's what you want; otherwise, pick something flattering and comfortable for you. 

For more stubborn wrinkles, steam your veil to attain soft, dreamy tulle. Do NOT iron your cover. Your wedding veil is crafted with a light, sheer fabric that will respond best to steaming. Using a handheld steamer like this is affordable and efficient for any bride-to-be! 

Check out our list of Melbourne Wedding Stylists here. 

Make use of Colour

While tradition dictates that bridal attire should be white and a little bland, brides can now break away from this idea using a splash of Colour to give a little personality and uniqueness to their look. Try using some coloured gemstones in your jewellery for a subtle hint of Colour or if you want something a little more striking why not try a coloured sash or appliqué onto your dress.

Tried and true and always en vogue, thanking your bridesmaids with jewellery to wear on the big day is a no brainer. Check out our selection of jewellery sets and earrings that compliment nearly any bridesmaid look (and offer a personal touch, too!).

Real Bride | Karen Willis Holmes Dress | Single Tier Cut Edge Veil Nice

Although Christmas is long past, we're still lingering over these fantastic photos of our real bride Sally at her winter wedding, filled with gorgeous Christmas themed touches! Photographed by Holly Clark, Sally looked so glamorous at her ceremony at Fitzrovia Chapel followed by a sparkling reception at St Pancras

Renaissance Hotel. 

According to superstitions and beliefs, a piece of the bride's wedding attire can bring good luck. To avoid guests ripping off parts of the bridal dress, brides began to wear a garter that one lucky attendee can take home. The strap was also believed to be a symbol of the consummation of


Pro-Tip: Make your bridal veil your own! Style your cover beautifully in a low chignon, nestled perfectly in your wedding hairstyle, or place your mask flawlessly in cascading curls like our Real Bride, Denisse!

Use Complementary Accents

There's no need to stick to just gemstones or sequins for bridal accessories. Brides should feel free to mix up different kinds of accents, so long as they are complementary and don't appear too messy.

Flexible, Stylish Hair Vines

Today's brides-to-be have one thing in common -- you are free to be your kind of bride. Pretty awesome, right? From the boho beauty to the Kardashian-inspired bride, hair vines are gaining traction fast on the must-wear list for 2019! With impressive versatility and gorgeously intriguing designs, hair vines serve as the perfectly stylish vessel to add some nature-inspired elegance to your bridal style. Take it from Hilary! Donning a stunning nature-inspired hair vine beautifully wrapped around her chic, low bun updo. (The perfect way to swank up a simple hairstyle!)

snowy background couple photo

Real Bride | Essense Of Australia Gown | Silk Style Barely There Wedding Veil 'Ilona'.

In November last year, in a 1930's glamour inspired wedding, our beautiful real bride Victoria married in Smithfield London at Haberdashers Hall. 

Like the bouquet toss, the garter throw is tradition. It's an opportunity to establish rapport between the bride's and the groom's family and friends. As an unexpected benefit, the garter toss may bring two people together (perhaps, in holy matrimony). You can also use the garter as the something old component in your bridal attire. Check out this Melbourne lingerie shop

 After 'I do'.

Your wedding day is one that you will always remember. And your veil is undoubtedly something special to remember it by! A perfect heirloom to pass onto future loved ones and to reminisce on your typical day; it's essential to make sure you properly preserve. Keep your veil stored away from sunlight to protect against any chance of discolouration over time. Storing your cover in a cool, pH balanced location is the ideal setting to ensure that your veil can be passed down and admired for generations to come. Acid-free veil boxes like these are an excellent option for storing your bridal veil!

Accessorize the Bridal Party

Of course, all eyes will be on the bride, but don't forget the other important ladies who have made this day possible. Bridesmaids and maids of honour have stuck with you through thick and thin and spent a lot of time and money to make your dream day come true. Make sure you reward them by selecting pretty accessories that they are going to love! Check out our list of Wedding Dress Shops to help you choose your perfect gown.

Dramatic Cathedral Veils

Traditional, yes. But today's cathedral length veils are no longer just your grandma's bridal style. With breathtaking embellishments and to-die-for lace edging, more and more celebs are jumping on this style train (no pun intended) like the ever-beautiful Chanel Iman, styled gorgeously in an embroidered cathedral length veil with a blusher.

A Very Royal Wedding - As Featured On The Crown!

We're a little bit late to the game with this one, but we're so thrilled to announce that last year we were asked to be a part of a little bit of television history!


If you're marrying on a cold season, you may want to bring some a jacket, a cardigan, a wrap, or some form of a coverup to keep away the chill. You don't want to spend your honeymoon nursing a cold.

Pro-Tip: Be sure that your wedding veil is dry cleaned before storage. Storing an unwashed mask is a recipe for heirloom disaster! If you find yourself in a pinch on your wedding day and need to spot clean your veil to get that tiny bit of makeup off, simply dab a small amount of baby powder on the area and using a very smooth surface, like the edge of a sheet or piece of cotton, remove the dust and the stain. (Do not use tissue of any kind! This texture mixed with your veil's delicate tulle will not be what you want to happen on your wedding day, trust us.)

There are so many bridal accessories available these days, which means that there is something for everyone! Accessories are the one area where brides can break tradition, so make this your opportunity to reveal your inner self and show off your unique and quirky personality.

Thinking it might be a bit too long for you? Maybe, but the length to a cathedral veil carries with it a timeless elegance and beautiful essence of romance - and not to mention they make for absolutely stunning wedding photos! Adding a perfect touch of everlasting beauty and romantic drama to your forever photos.

If you're dying to add some dramatic elegance to your big day, be sure to check out our cathedral veils for some serious wedding inspo!

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