20+ Cheapest Trademark Registrations Australia [2022]

Every business is looking for a competitive advantage, a way to stand apart from the rest of the pack. Registered trademarks are knowledge-based assets that can give you that edge. They strengthen and deepen brand differentiation and help customers identify you and what you do.

If you use a trademark without registering it, there’s a risk that someone else could register the same or similar mark. 

This could cause you a lot of problems. You are allowing them to promote their business using your identity, and you may even have to rebrand as a result. Trademark registration is the best way to protect your brand, business, products and services.

As a business owner, you know the importance of protecting your brand. One way to do that is by registering your trademark. In this blog post, we will explore the cheapest trademark registrations in Australia. Keep reading to learn more!

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    Ultimate List Of Trademark Registrations Australia

    Company 123 - Trademark Registrations Australia


    03 9832 0660

    Company 123 Pty Ltd is an Australian company (ACN 169 119 242) whose aim is to simplify the company registration process for those wishing to incorporate a business. We’re here to save you the time and the stress associated with an otherwise lengthy and complicated process.

    We are a registered ASIC registered agent, and our founding accountant and solicitor have a wealth of experience incorporating companies in Australia.

    Advanced, automated and simple company registration 24 hours a day. We offer a fully automated, quick and cost-effective company registration process. By completing an easy form, within 5 minutes, you will receive full company registration documents setting up an Australian private company. We offer full customer support (telephone and email) 24 hours a day. It could not be any simpler, register your company today.

    Why register a trade mark?

    • A registered trade mark gives you the exclusive legal right to use, license and sell your intellectual asset in Australia.
    • Registering a company name, a business name, or a domain name does not give you exclusive rights to use that name.
    • If infringed, you may serve a notice to object to the importation of goods that infringes your registered trade mark.

    Why engage Company123?

    • We’re a passionate start-up and strive to provide you with the best service when it comes to registering trade mark because we understand that your business name or logo is the most valuable marketing tool
    • We have expert trade mark attorneys who are qualified lawyers in Sydney and Melbourne
    • Call our friendly team with your queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible with detailed answer

    Why Use Us

    • Quick and simple registration process.
    • Company registered in less than 5 minutes.
    • Full documentation emailed to you so you can start trading.
    • ASIC agent 34511.
    • Prepared by a qualified lawyer and accountant.
    • Full telephone and email customer support are available 24 hours a day.
    • The simplest and most cost-effective company registration process available

    Accc - Trademark Registrations Australia


    (08) 8213 344

    In addition, we oversee national infrastructure services. In this regard, we have a primary duty to the Competition, which in Australia is in charge of regulating fair trade, consumer protection, and competition.

    Acorn Trademark Attorneys Registrations Australia


    0452 422 688

    We appreciate that you probably don't have the time or background to handle your legal work and that you can't afford standard Big Law overheads invoiced in six-minute increments. But we also understand that you do not want your trademark to be treated anonymously on a trademark factory assembly line.

    Our time-sensitive method of holding meetings over the phone or via Skype allows you to focus on business rather than leaving your office to see us in person. And, because we have experience with startups and small enterprises, we understand that a company's needs change throughout its life cycle. We'll help you prevent trademark disputes from other trademark owners when you're in survival mode in the early days. Later, as your company expands, we'll work with you to protect the value you've generated in your brand and maybe find new ways to monetize it.

    Progressive Legal - Trademark Registrations Australia


    1800 820 002

    Our mission is to safeguard you, your company, your assets, and your ideas. We offer competent legal advice on corporation structure, intellectual property protection (including trademarks), commercial legal papers and guidance, workplace, and conflict resolution. We feel that the current legal paradigm is archaic in today's fast-paced digital environment, and our vision is diametrically opposed to the "old school" approach to legal services.

    FAQs Trademark Registrations Australia

    You cannot trademark a proper noun, a place name, someone else’s name, or the common term for a product or service. You also cannot trademark a slogan or informational sentence unless it’s closely tied to a specific product or service. In addition, trademark law requires that your trademark be unique and “distinctive” so that people can instantly recognize your brand.

    In addition, to qualify for trademark protection, your logo or brand name must be associated with specific products or services. A trademark only protects your exclusive right to use the logo or brand name for the products or services listed on your trademark application. You cannot reserve or “sandbag” a trademark name or phrase for later use with unidentified products or services.

    Common law trademark is usually established under the United States law when someone uses a business name, slogan or logo in commerce, even if it's yet registered. Therefore, you may decide not to pay to register a trademark since a common law trademark exists.

    However, the common law trademark right is limited to the geographic location where the mark is used against the federal protection customarily acquired when a mark is listed with the USPTO. Hence, unless registered, the use of a mark can be geographically limited, which hampers the ability to grow the brand. On the one hand, a person using a mark in a limited geographic location could be boxed in by another person who offensively registers a similar trademark.

    Federal trademark registration for your mark gives you unique benefits not available for common law (unregistered) trademarks. Among other things, a registered trademark owner can sue infringers in federal court and block other people from trying to register a similar trademark in a related field. Registered trademark owners may also block counterfeits of their branded products from being imported Into the country. In addition, if you become involved in a dispute about a domain name, having a registered trademark can help you prove ownership.

    A good trademark name includes at least one unique or “distinctive” word, even if it includes common, descriptive, or generic terms. Trademarks are grouped into categories according to how strong they are:

    1. The strongest type of trademark is a “fanciful” mark, which is a made-up word or phrase. Famous brands “Xerox” and “Kleenex” are examples of fanciful marks.   
    2. An arbitrary mark, such as “Apple” for a computer brand, is another strong type of trademark that uses a real word or words unexpectedly or unusually. 
    3. A “suggestive” mark hints at some characteristic of the products or services covered by the trademark. Suggestive marks combine an imaginative element with a descriptive element. Examples of suggestive marks are “Roach Motel” for a cockroach trap or “Pizza Heaven” for a restaurant.
    4. A “merely descriptive” mark lacks an imaginative element and is therefore not strong enough to function as a trademark on its own. As an example, “The Meatball Bar” would be considered “merely descriptive” of a gastropub that serves meatballs. If the government deems your trademark to be “merely descriptive,” you will have to prove you’ve been using it in commerce for more than five years or add a substantial logo design. You will not be able to claim exclusive rights in the descriptive parts of the trademark name; these will have to be “disclaimed.”

    A registered trademark gives you exclusive rights to use, licence and sell the mark. This means no one else in Australia can commercially use your trademark for the same goods or services you have registered for. It’s also a valuable marketing tool because the value of your trademark increases with the success of your business. This means no one else in Australia can commercially use your trademark for the same goods or services you have registered for. It’s also a valuable marketing tool because the value of your trademark increases with the success of your business.

    Australian Trademarks Registrations


    1300 365 7111

    Australian Trademarks is a company whose goal is to give a professional and helpful service to our clients without incurring the typical fees associated with these services. Our team consists of individuals with extensive experience in intellectual property and related business services, such as financial advisers, web and graphic designers, business management consultants, and marketing consultants.

    What Functions Do Australian Trademarks Serve?

    We shall conduct a thorough search of the records stored in the government office's 'trademark registry' and notify you of any trademarks discovered to be identical or deceptively similar to yours. In contrast to business or company name registration, it can be difficult to register your trademark if a comparable mark already exists. If any challenges are discovered, our full report will advise you on how to overcome them. We will also advise you on issues other than trademark conflict that may cause problems or difficulty in registering your mark.

    Seriously Trademarks Registrations Australia


    +61 2 8901 5477

    A boutique consulting firm devoted to brand protection is called Seriously Trademarks. In order to safeguard their brand names and trademarks, we provide comprehensive trademark advice to Australian businesses. We are specialists in brand protection and commercial trademark registration for companies of all sizes. We assist individuals and businesses in registering their trademarks in New Zealand, Australia, and the rest of the world in order to protect their most valuable assets.

    Australia Trademark Registration

    A trademark is a sign, sometimes known as a logo or a brand. It is used to identify one company's goods and services from those of another. A trademark is anything that distinguishes your business and might be a word, a logo, or a mix of the two. It could also be a device, label, name, signature, letter, numerical, shape of items, packaging, color or color combination, scent, nice movement, or any combination of these.

    Meyer West IP - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +61 (02) 8896 4335

    Patents and trademarks

    A trademark is defined under the Australian Trade Marks Act as a symbol that is used or intended to identify goods or services dealt with or provided in the course of trade from goods or services dealt with or given by another person. A sign can be any of the following or a combination of the following: any letter, word, name, signature, numeral, device, brand, heading, label, ticket, packaging aspect, form, color, sound, or aroma.

    Evershine Sydney - Trademark Registrations Australia



    Evershine affiliates offer one-stop services for MNCs expanding overseas, such as incorporation, PEO, Payroll, Accounting, and Tax compliance. Despite the fact that we are not in your office, we serve as your local in-house accountant. Evershine was started in 1992 by CPA Dale Chen. For the first 12 years, we provided typical tax auditing services to Taiwanese clients.

    We have invested in IT technology, joined the International Accounting Association, and built English-speaking work environments since 2004. As a result, Evershine has evolved into a full-service one-stop shop powered by cloud technology. We have served around 1000 clients in key cities throughout Taiwan, China, Asia, and other countries around the world.

    All APAC Services

    We serve as your in-house accountant, with the help of cloud accounting and payroll technologies. Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Hanoi, Ho-Chi-Ming, Singapore, Bangkok, New Delhi, Mumbai, Manila, Jakarta, Sydney, and Melbourne, among other places.

    Alder IP - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +61 2 9007 9912

    Trademark law is similarly made up of the Trade Marks Act, the trademark registration process with IP Australia, and precedent cases that decide what can or should happen when one business infringes on the trademark of another. A patent is for the thing itself, whereas a trademark is used to represent the brand or the product; names, logos, identifying marks & stamps, and so on.

    IP Gateway - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +617 3808 3572

    When a novel variety of distinct, uniform, and stable plants is developed, an application for exclusive rights to commercialize the variety might be filed. For this aim, most nations around the world provide a specific type of registered intellectual property right. The Plant Breeder's Rights Act 1994 in Australia allows for the registration of novel plant varieties (the PBR Act). PBR applicants frequently hire an agent to help them with the Australian application process. Notably, in Australia, PBR registration also necessitates the services of a 'Qualified Person' certified by the PBR office.

    Cooper IP - Trademark Registrations Australia


    (03) 7037 3489

    What we think about the IP protection procedure. We exist to reduce the IP obstacles and pain points that many Australian businesses confront. Your creations' rights can be held, safeguarded, licensed, and sold.

    Epiphany Law - Trademark Registrations Australia


    (03) 8640 0183

    Generally Registered Trademarks Give Australia-Wide Protection

    Normally, registration provides Australia-wide protection. This is because, in most situations, an Australian trademark registration will provide you with Australia-wide coverage. This means that you are typically protected throughout the country but not in other countries.

    If you do business in Victoria, Tasmania, or South Australia, a single trademark registration will protect you in all three jurisdictions. Furthermore, if you have a very localized firm, you will usually restrict others from registering the same or similar names in other states. So, for example, if you own a hairdressing salon called 'Xandon,' with one location in a rural area like Mt Isa, Queensland, and a very localised clientele, you should be able to block a new salon with the same or similar name from establishing in Sydney.

    Go Trademarks Registrations Australia


    1300 316 508

    Go TrademarksTM attorneys are experienced and trained legal professionals who specialize in Australian and worldwide trademark law. We provide legal services to clients in Australia and around the world in a professional and pleasant manner. We understand that hiring an attorney is a huge step, so you should be confident that the firm you choose can provide excellent advice, keep you fully informed, and have your success and best interests in mind. This is exactly what you will get from Go Trademarks' client-focused services. We take our customer responsibilities very seriously.

    Golja Haines & Friend - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +61 8 6468 0922

    It is not connected to either of the two publicly traded corporations that currently control a majority of the patent attorney firms in Australia, or the two publicly traded corporations that operate the remaining third. By remaining independent and avoiding any conflicts that may develop when businesses owned by the same publicly traded firm serve for rivals, we can prioritize our clients' needs.

    Alvin Legal - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +61 1300 052 825

    Founded in 2017 with the goal of doing more with less. Alvin Legal works with early-stage entrepreneurs to help them prepare to raise money and exit successfully. Our objective is to assist companies in growing more quickly by providing simple legal solutions.

    Trade Mark Registration in Australia and Around the World

    Registering your trademark is the most cost-effective investment you can make for your firm. Furthermore, having a registered trademark can considerably boost the desirability and sale price of your firm.

    Legal123 - Trademark Registrations Australia


    (02) 8003 7317

    A service legal practice was established in 2009. We are proud to be a part of the expanding movement to provide accessible legal services online. We were Australia's first law firm to operate exclusively online. We offer specialized legal services as well as online legal templates. Our templates are intended for common scenarios. However, we also do specialized legal work for clients that have unusual needs or want legal counsel.

    Our Trademarking Knowledge Makes It Simple For You

    It is not easy to register a trademark with IP Australia. If you try to do it yourself, you may make mistakes and it will take time. Legal123, on the other hand, has years of expertise registering trademarks. So spare yourself the hassle and let us do it for you.

    NovelIP Investigations - Trademark Registrations Australia


    0439 577 588

    A Registered Australian Trade Marks Attorney and Licensed Private Investigator with over 17 years of expertise gathering and preparing evidence for Federal Court and IP Australia hearings conducted the investigations. On request, we may provide a list of published rulings that cite our work. Please get in touch.

    Our reports are sent in a manner that may simply be converted into a Statutory Declaration or Affidavit. Intellectual property investigations might be difficult to conduct. It is not sufficient to just establish utilization.

    Intellectual property issues often involve factors such as priority dates, the nature of the usage, the user's identity, and how and by whom the trademarks were applied to the goods and services. This is understood by Novel IP Investigations. Intellectual property is something they are aware of.

    Trademark Online - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +61 (02) 8766 0692

    We like aiding companies with efficiently registering trademarks. A member of the Trademark Planet network is Trademarks Online.

    Online Trademark Registration

    The process aims to make applying for a trademark in Australia as easy as possible. Therefore, trademarks online let business owners better safeguard their enterprises.

    Melbourne It - Trademark Registrations Australia


    (03) 9005 9345

    A registered trademark grants you the exclusive right to use your name as a brand name for the goods or services you've mentioned. It may strengthen your position in preventing other companies in Australia from utilizing your name on identical goods/services.

    Online And Offline Brand Protection

    This is your chance to build your most precious business asset, whether you are beginning something new or looking to safeguard something that already exists. When you market your business and products online and offline, a registered trademark protects your identity.

    But, more importantly, it distinguishes you from your competition and aids in the protection of your brand. We are trusted by corporations all around the world to preserve vital brands since we have over 17 years of experience in intellectual property. So let us assist you in safeguarding yours.

    Legal Now - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +61 (3) 9068 6245

    Fee-Only Government Trade Mark in Australia Official Australian Trade Mark without any additional fees

    We will examine your application to ensure that it satisfies the filing requirements. Through our direct electronic connection, your application will be filed with the Australian trademarks office. We handle all correspondence with the Trade Marks Office and the registration of your brand. Applied Marks files the most Australian trademark applications of any independent internet business. Before you apply, our in-house created SmartSearch technology guarantees that any knock-out concerns are resolved. Founded in 2008 and run by lawyers and trademark experts with over 23 years of experience.

    AAA IP Right - Trademark Registrations Australia


     +65 8652 2788

    Asian countries (especially ASEAN) and other important economic nations like the United States, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are the focus of AAA UPRIGHT, a global consulting firm with its headquarters in Singapore. We focus on lowering clients' trademark registration fees and making trademark registration easier and more convenient for them.

    Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick - Trademark Registrations Australia


    +61 3 9614 1999

    We can offer a wide range of intellectual property services thanks to the skills and expertise of our varied teams of attorneys and lawyers. Our exceptional reputation and enduring relationships are a result of our unmatched capacity to recognize, create, safeguard, manage, and enforce intellectual property assets.

    Registration of Trademarks

    A strong trademark strategy is essential for maintaining a competitive advantage in an increasingly saturated industry. A well-chosen trademark may be one of your company's most important assets, helping to strengthen brand identity and identify your products and services. Of course, many of us have heard of trademarks made up of words and logos. A trademark, however, can be any letter, name, signature, numerical, device, brand, aspect of packaging, shape, color, sound, or aroma - or a combination of these things.

    Raven IP - Trademark Registrations Australia


    1300 737 725

    A group of highly experienced intellectual property specialists with backgrounds spanning from business, branding, and marketing to computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

    We value your name, brand, and reputation.

    Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients' trademarks splattered across a billboard, being promoted by local stores, or being picked up while traveling abroad. Our Trade Mark Attorneys are dedicated to providing the greatest possible protection for our clients' brands, which we regard as one of their most potent (and valuable) assets.

    King & Wood Mallesons - Trademark Registrations Australia


    1300 770 923

    We employ our deep technical legal experience to give easy solutions to complicated challenges, whether developing new legal frameworks or establishing new precedents.

    We assist our clients in risk management and growth. Our full-service offering combines unrivaled top-tier local expertise with a global platform. We help with our clients to break through cultural, legislative, and technical barriers in order to close deals in new markets.

    We are professionals at developing litigation strategies that ensure the best possible litigation outcome for our clients, taking into account the clients' commercial imperatives and objectives in each case. For smooth, top-notch service, we also have a sizable network of local lawyers and affiliates around the world.

    Legal Vision - Trademark Registration Australia


    1800 532 500

    Your brand is one of your most valuable assets as a business. As a result, it's critical that you protect that brand, which requires registering a trademark for both your company name and logo.

    Register Your Trademark

    A trademark attorney can help business owners register their trademark. A trademark registration is an efficient way for a company to safeguard its intellectual property.

    Denning Legal - Trademark Registration Australia


    (03) 9874 6711

    Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined expertise assisting businesses and people and have a proven track record of success. Our clientele appreciate our realism, problem-solving approach, and diligence.

    Australian trademark legislation

    Copyright is increasingly important in today's world. Copyright protection has become more challenging than in past eras due to technological advancement and globalisation. As the control mechanism gets more sophisticated in the age of the Internet, the speed of information diffusion has made it increasingly difficult to safeguard copyright.

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