10+ Best Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne (2024)

Boxers are an impressive class of athletes with their sport requiring top-of-the-class power, speed, agility, and hand-eye coordination. Perhaps it's a bit too late for you to pursue a career in the ring, but if you want to harness even just a fraction of their abilities, boxing as a fitness routine is a great move.

With an unstoppable combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, boxing is truly one of the most physically and mentally rewarding fitness activities. It's fun, intense, and even quite cathartic for people who want a bit of stress relief. Even if you're not planning to carve out a career in the ring, a boxing workout is worth a try.

Located in Melbourne, planning to be physically fit and have awesome body shape before your wedding day? One of the best ways to achieve that is to have boxing classes. This way, you can choose the best quality and best deal in boxing gym classes.

We've created an ultimate list of the top boxing gym classes in Melbourne.

The Ultimate List of Boxing Gym Classes in Melbourne

Fit2box - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0433 115 312

Fit2box Boxing Studio's goal is boxing fitness. Our trainers are currently competing, so you get ringside boxing. We're proud of our work and strive for your success. Boxing, F2B Group Classes, personal training, and weight loss are our specialities.


Boxing, running, and full-body exercises are all incorporated into training for a superior workout.


Professional athletes and coaches at F2B created the intense group exercises particularly to knock your fitness to the ground.


Anyone can benefit from our intense workout, which uses a combination of efficient boxing and fitness training methods.


Our sessions cover boxing fundamentals and general information. Many athletes use boxing as off-season cross-training. Boxing works your whole body and cardio.

Boxing is a fantastic sport to master the art of while keeping the body and mind active. Boxing for an hour doesn't feel like your typical hour-long workout.

Rarebreed Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


Rarebreed is a place where people of diverse backgrounds and fitness levels can get together and be motivated to improve their health. With the help of experts, we motivate our community to foster feelings of agency, strengthen resolve, and advance health and wellness. We guarantee to keep you responsible for your plans and ambitions.


Boxing is for everyone and helps sharpen abilities in the correct environment. Our introductory boxing sessions teach fundamentals in a safe atmosphere.


No experience is necessary for this full-body, functional boxing training session. This session is for anyone wishing to build lean muscle and burn calories.


Rarebreed advanced-level boxing allows experienced boxers to work with qualified combat trainers to enhance their abilities and expand their understanding of boxing. This workshop is for boxing fans and fighters.


Rarebreed strength classes build strength and muscle. All main lifts and complex motions are covered. Every advancement you make toward an excellent physique will be watched and adjusted.


At Rarebreeed we know your recovery is essential, come and enjoy a relaxing hot stone sauna, magnesium hot spa, magnesium ice spa or relax on recliners with our compression boots, overlooking the gym or winding down watching tv.

Dynamite Muay Thai - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


03 90417242

Dennis, who had been an instructor for almost ten years, had enjoyed seeing his students improve in the same manner he had when he first started. Dennis is certain that nothing is more fulfilling than knowing he has made a good difference in people's life and helped them create a stronger mentality. All who come into contact with Dennis will sense his battling energy and the presence of his aura on the mats.

Whether you are new to fitness or a competitive athlete, from offices to dangerous professions such as defence force or Law enforcement, looking for an outlet from work stress derives from YOU making the time post the idea of what made your initial decision to look up fitness/exercise.

FAQs About Boxing Gym

Boxing shorts or trunks are used by boxers both in practice and during matches. While regular athletic shorts can be worn during practice, most boxers choose to wear boxing shorts made by boxing equipment manufacturers.

Use ice packs and baths on a regular basis to recover faster from tough workouts. Employ a simple stretching routine 2 to 3 times each day to keep your muscles limber and to remove wastes which can accumulate as training time adds up. Target each muscle group individually for a minute or so.

A punching bag workout for beginners is usually 15-30 minutes, but the length of your heavy bag training will also depend on your level of fitness and how intense you want your workout to be. If you're new to boxing training, you should pace yourself during a longer workout.

Boxers recover after a fight by rehydrating, resting, icing acute injuries, eating the right foods, and getting regular medical checks. It may take days, weeks, or months for a boxer to complete recovery. This is dependant on the extent of the injuries sustained during the previous fight.

Most students can learn the fundamentals of Boxing well after 6 months of regular practice. It can take 1-2 years to be considered reasonably adept at Boxing. But the sport of Boxing is a lifelong practice that can be always improved and never perfected.

Mischa's Boxing Central - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne



Boxing Gym Boxing Central, a place and a mindset. Traditional and new fashions collide. The Footscray gym is close to Melbourne's city centre and ports and has a gritty but modern vibe that welcomes everyone, especially women.

Boxing Central enjoys the men's role in our sport. Boxing Central's first class is always free, and there are no lock-in contracts. This boxing gym is legit. It's unique because a woman owns and runs it.

Boxing for Fitness, Boxing Fitness Classes

All fitness levels, including total beginners, can participate in these non-contact classes. From instructors who have all had boxing expertise, you'll get a fantastic workout and learn some fundamental boxing tactics.

  • Beginner Boxing
  • Fighters' class
  • Fighting Fundamentals
  • Kids class (Ages 8-12 years)
  • Youth Boxing (Ages 12-16 years)

Fitness Ring - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0407 961 873

Boxing is the best exercise because it makes you feel good about yourself. We have new fitness challenges, winter programming, and small group courses despite being on lockdown. We'll fight back harder than ever. Our "never give up" motto makes us champions.

Fitness Ring, which was founded in 2008, is not your ordinary boxing gym. We are a family-run, personalized, enthusiastic, and supportive establishment in Richmond that welcomes participation from people of all fitness levels.

The music is loud, the laughter never stops, and the Greek coffee is always accessible. There are no treadmills at Fitness Ring, so you can both learn about the sport of boxing and genuinely enjoy your workout. We are not a super walk-in gym. We genuinely think that physical activity shouldn't be a chore but rather something that makes you happy and feel amazing!

Fighters Factory - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


(03) 9877 7340

As a boxing-specific gym, we provide authentic boxing workouts to get you sweating. Our boxing gym is an aspiring boxer's main income source. The Fighters Factory is your home away from home for a workout, a game, or one of our legendary fight nights.

Build core strength and endurance with our full-body workouts. You can train like a boxer at your own pace with our boxing circuits or in one-on-one sessions. If you complete our courses, you'll want more.

At the Fighters Factory, women and men of all ages can train for weight loss, boxing, or self-defense. Train hard and keep your head down.

Dohertys Gym - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


+61 3 9621 1023

We understand that the gym is more than just a place to get fit. It's a place to belong. We welcome people from all walks of life and encourage a strong sense of community.

Even in our 24 hour gyms, there is always a staff member on duty to ensure your safety and security. Our gym is never empty. This also means that a day pass can be obtained at any moment!

Kombat Cardio - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne



As a partner of Boxers Corp Oakleigh, we aim to provide our clients with a broad range of family-friendly training days tailored to keep you fit and motivated. We structure each class to facilitate each of our combat disciplines' learning whilst giving you the work out you desire.

What sets us aside to other group fitness classes is that we provide an affordable service to allow you to train frequently with us within a family-friendly and encouraging environment. As most of our classes are gender-mixed and we have no age or fitness level requirement, there isn't a better time than now to get involved and introduced to our fun group of fitness & martial arts enthusiasts!

Knockout Fitness - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


0420 504 262

Our boxing classes and personal boxing training are suitable for any level of experience – from absolute beginners (of any age or fitness level), right through to advanced boxers who are ready to jump into the ring and compete.

We pride ourselves on creating a friendly, comfortable and safe environment for men and women alike. You'll be taught the art of boxing in a clean and professional boxing studio closely guided by fully qualified and experienced instructors registered with professional fitness bodies like Fitness Australia and Boxing Australia.

Whatever your skill level you're guaranteed to get into great fighting shape, lose weight, tone up muscles, gain confidence, and build strength and physical stamina. Boxing targets your whole body, so within just a few weeks you'll start to develop a super fit and toned fighter's body and get into the best shape of your life!

The Gym Yarraville - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


(03) 9689 7704

With friendly, helpful staff, a heap of workout options and a great vibe, you'll feel right at home from day one. Of course, don't just take our word for it, drop by and see for yourself what everyone is talking about – even bring a friend!

At The Gym, we help people balance their desire to be in shape with the realities of modern living. We recognise that people are time poor and need to get results without spending hours working out. That's why our highly experienced trainers only use proven real-world methods to help you reach your goals fast.

We offer wide range activities, group classes and personal training services for all levels of fitness – from our beginner's circuits designed to build base fitness, through to our high-intensity classes for enhancing strength and conditioning. And this variety of training methods will help keep you fresh and motivated – from boxing to weights, cardio to circuit. But no matter which style of training you prefer, we can guarantee that every time you leave The Gym, you'll feel completely energised and wanting more.

Absolute Mixed Martial Arts - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne



We work hard to offer a welcoming, clean, and safe atmosphere with a focus on cutting-edge and tested training systems, methods, and techniques.

We provide a variety of sessions to suit all interests, from weight-training and fitness regimens to get you in the best shape of your life to the study of the best fighting and self-defense systems in the world. With programs carefully tailored to your needs, we also offer a choice of personal and corporate training options.

Extreme MMA - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


(03) 9568 4991

Whether a student is looking for a new way to stay fit or a professional fighter seeking a competitive edge, our extensive curriculum has something for them. Individuals can attain their goals with the assistance of our highly skilled, experienced coaches in a welcoming, sociable setting.

Academies boast state-of-the-art facilities with spacious training areas and a wide range of equipment to ensure that students get the most out of their training. With modern amenities like change rooms and showers, Extreme MMA is the premier martial arts destination for those seeking world-class coaching in a clean and conducive training environment.

During an hour-long session, most of the muscles in the entire body are fired up and engaged, from the arms and shoulders to the upper back and core to the lower body. A simple punch generates power not just from the arm, but also the core and even the legs. With the variety of movement in boxing along with other related strength workouts like squats, pushups, and planks, the body is sure to take a beating—and come out looking and feeling better than ever!

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