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Are wedding photographers worth it?

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    At the end of the day, it is the newlyweds themselves who are the focal point of the celebration. Throughout the process of planning your wedding, everyone you speak to, including photographers, bridal boutiques, florists, stationery designers, and caterers, will emphasise how important it is to get every detail just right. Do you want to work with individuals who are as enthusiastic as you are? If so, then it's great that you're organising a wedding where every detail matters—from the flowers to the food to the clothing. Don't leave anything off of this list, but is wedding photography really that much more crucial?

    Many soon-to-bewed couples don't have enough money left in the budget to hire a photographer, others are having to cut corners elsewhere because they can't find a photographer they like, and still others simply can't afford to. Photographs aren't a priority for these twosomes.

    Why Is A Wedding Photographer Essential?

    Have you given much thought to whether or not wedding photography will play a significant role in your big day? Absolutely not; nonetheless, it should be near the top of your list of things to research, budget for, and reserve while organising your big day.

    Photography during a wedding is crucial because it records the events of the day, preserves the memories of the couple, and tells a story—and not just any story, but the beautiful story of their wedding day. Something that can be passed down through generations in your family; a story that may be told to your children and grandchildren. It's not that I want to dampen your spirits; rather, I'm attempting to put things in perspective so that you may allocate more of your wedding cash towards things like professional photography that you might not otherwise prioritise.

    Assuming two photographers offer the same services, what makes one so much more expensive than the other? What's the use in hiring a photographer who delivers you 200-250 high-resolution images when you can hire another who gives you 600 photos at a much lower price? Every day, photographers face some of the most hotly contested questions.

    Instead of my attempting to justify the exorbitant rates charged by certain photographers, let's examine the low rates charged by those working under a tighter budget.


    For the sake of booking weddings and starting a portfolio, almost all new wedding photographers offer steep discounts. The bad news is that even if they're super talented and have a great eye for photographing nature, they'll make a lot of rookie blunders on your wedding day, ruining your memories. Neither the bride nor the groom can afford to waste time with retakes because of the unexpected nature of a wedding.

    You need to ask yourself, "Am I willing to trust someone who is still building experience with my priceless wedding photos?" So, what exactly is it about that day that you want to remember? You're quite right; it is time to reminisce. You'll look back on your wedding pictures and wish you'd hired a professional photographer who could have caught the essence of the day.


    Assistant Photographer

    With the advent of the digital age and the inexpensive cost of entry-level Digital SLR Cameras and lens sets, anyone can become a wedding photographer or work as a wedding photographer on the side. This allows you to "test out" a new career path without making major adjustments to your lifestyle or finances.

    Professional photographers typically carry between three and five different light sources. In addition, they have their own cameras and are proficient with their use. Hiring a low-priced photographer is a risk because they likely won't have a backup camera or other equipment available.

    Cameras, while important, are only a part of the equation. In my experience, the editing process is where most of the real magic happens. Editing software, together with a high-quality computer and a color-accurate display, can be prohibitively expensive for most photographers. In case something were to happen to his or her computer, your wedding photos would be lost forever. Now that we know why some photographers charge so much more, let's investigate why others are so much cheaper.


    All professional photographers who charge a lot of money do so as their main source of income. When photography is your career, you likely devote a lot of time and effort to perfecting your craft. Did you realise that really shooting the pictures is only 25% of our job? An additional sizable portion is allocated to photo editing and album creation. All firms also need to allocate time to administrative tasks, marketing, and networking. When I first started out, one of the first questions I got from potential clients was, "What do you mean by editing?" At first, it was insulting that she was unaware of the single activity that consumes the most of my time, but then again, few people outside of the photography industry are aware of just how much work is put into the original RAW shot before the stunning result is produced. We spend between seven and nine hours covering the wedding, and then another week to ten days editing the photographs. Your photographer must keep up with the latest in photographic technology and literature in order to provide you with the best possible results.


    In the end, you can't fake experience to get the talents you need. When things don't go as planned, such when the weather turns, a piece of equipment breaks, or an accident happens, you have to make quick decisions. A professional photographer, however, will have no trouble adapting to these conditions, as they have likely encountered something similar in the past. The ability to anticipate where to be to get the best shot, as well as the knowledge of how the behaviour of light varies across locations, the convenience of knowing other service providers (videographers, wedding planners, make up artists, etc.), and the familiarity of working at the top wedding venues all contribute to the value of hiring an experienced wedding photographer.

    Possessing a Sense of Relaxation

    Wedding photography includes both posed and candid photos. You may have asked for some posed images of the bridal party or the newlyweds, and although you certainly want to look your best, no one wants to look forced or unnatural on their wedding day. Developing this ability takes time and the development of confidence in others. Photos will turn out better if the subject is relaxed and enjoying themselves, so try to imagine the experience as if you were taking pictures with a group of friends, without any of the usual pressures or expectations.

    And if...

    However, what if... So what if the photographer is sick, there's an emergency, or their computer hard drive crashes? Imagine if you had absolutely no wedding photos at all. A professional photographer will always be prepared for the unexpected by having a backup plan, contacts they can call, and even backups for their backups. A novice might not know what to do if something goes wrong, and they might not have the resources to back up their work.

    It's Your Final Hope

    After the ceremony and reception are over, you and your spouse-to-be will likely be eager to view your wedding photos so that you may relive the special day all over again, taking in the sights, sounds, and emotions captured in each shot.

    When the big day is done, all you have left are photographs, which you will preserve and share with future generations. Make sure they're happy recollections, and not just a book that makes you realise how much you should have spent on a professional photographer.

    Performance Standards

    But you should know that picking the lowest price after comparing estimates almost never ends well. As a general rule of thumb, the fewer high-resolution photographs your photographer provides, the higher the quality of the photos you receive. This is because he will have more time to spend improving the photos he provides.

    The diminutive "album" is analogous to the larger "car." Cars like the City Golf and the Bentley are examples of this, right? The finest luxury handmade albums are those created by the most costly photographers. However, the price of such records is factored into the "expensive bundle." Just to sum up briefly -

    • An expensive, seasoned photographer is well worth the investment because: He or she is an extremely skilled artist. It's not merely a money-making venture to take photographs.
    • Over the course of several years and likely hundreds of weddings, he or she has amassed a wealth of experience, skill, and competence.
    • To ensure high-quality results, he or she makes use of cutting-edge tools in the industry.
    • He or she takes extra care over your photographs to guarantee superior quality.
    • Your wedding photographs will be backed up in more than one location, and he or she will always have a backup plan in place.
    • It's the emotions, not the cost, of a wedding that people will remember years from now, according to the proverb.

    A Day Full of Recollections

    Some couples, as I indicated before, don't place a high priority on wedding photography, and as a result, it's easy to overlook or push to the back burner until after the big day has passed and you're left with nothing to show for it. All of these things and stuff, like as the bouquets of flowers a florist will produce for you and the wedding cake your baker will bake for you (which will be delicious and look stunning), will be there on your special day and will be observed by you and your guests. Although the results of your wedding photography investment won't be apparent until after the fact, the greatest photographers for such an occasion will remain virtually invisible to the guests.

    What Exactly Are You Getting for Your Money?

    Planning a wedding is about more than just one day; it's about creating memories that will last a lifetime. It's not just about taking pretty pictures; it's also about capturing the feelings of the people in them so that you may look back on the day with a smile, remember details you may have forgotten, and share your memories with future generations.

    You should allocate the largest portion of your wedding budget to the photographer; the photos they take will tell the story of your special day, from the morning of the wedding as you and your bridesmaids get ready to your father wiping away tears of joy and pride as he watches you walk down the aisle. Your tale begins with the hours and days spent preparing every last aspect of your wedding day, from the flowers to the dress to the venue, and continues through the first dance, capturing the emotions of your guests and the trepidation of the groom along the way. Don't let the opportunity pass by without hiring a professional photographer to record your special day and the events that led up to it.

    A fancy camera isn't necessary to take good photos.

    Wedding Photography

    A paintbrush is just a paintbrush, a hammer is just a hammer, and a pen is just a pen; it's the skill of the artist, the builder, or the writer that makes the work truly remarkable. Would you hire a part-time builder who lacked experience even if they had all the materials to construct your home? You probably want to choose someone who has been in the business for a while and comes highly recommended by others.

    Read "I Regret Not Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer" to find out why it's not a good idea to have a friend or relative take pictures at your wedding.

    You need a professional who is adept with the camera, who can take stunning pictures no matter the time of day or the weather, and who can expertly compose and execute a wide variety of photographs. None of this is accomplished by the camera itself, but rather by the photographer, who, over the course of many years and countless hours behind the lens, has acquired all of the necessary knowledge and expertise. As a result, you can expect uniformity, with not just one or two breathtaking images, but an entire album's worth of them.

    Not only is there more involved than simply a camera once the images have been shot, but there is also the editing, the trimming, and the production of an album. When it comes to photography, you need more than just a camera.

    Work Increase Due to Incompetent Performer

    With their years of expertise under their belts, professional wedding photographers will be well-versed in the best angles to capture the day, as well as the best locations to be in at the precise moment.

    Your wedding day is not a picture shoot, but rather a dynamic event with only one chance to capture those moments, and a professional photographer will be prepared for anything that may come their way.

    Is It Money Well Spent to Hire a Professional Photographer to Capture Your Big Day?

    As we covered in the introduction, there are several factors that contribute to the high cost of hiring a professional wedding photographer. Finding a professional wedding photographer is a priority for most couples. Below, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using a professional photographer.

    • Positive: You only get married once, therefore it's important to have beautiful memories captured. In the future, you will be grateful for these recollections.
    • Negative: It will put a serious dent in your wedding budget. The money you save on photography could be put towards other goals, such as education or travel.

    Whether you choose to invest in a professional wedding photographer or hunt for cheaper options now depends on your priorities.

    Which brings up the question of whether you should employ a professional wedding photographer or have a friend or family member take care of the photography. The decision relies on your financial situation. You should hire a professional wedding photographer if at all possible. An option is to hire a photographer for the shortest length of time they are available. This usually entails recording the ceremony as well as the family portraits that are taken immediately afterwards. Two to three hours should be enough time to do this. Your pre-wedding images and a large portion of the celebration are not included in this package. Make sure you have at least one or two reliable photographers on board. Just because lots of other people are pulling out their phones or cameras doesn't mean you'll capture the photos you desire. These pointers will help you take professional-quality photographs at home.

    Make sure someone will be there to photograph the event and has committed to doing so. Make sure they have the equipment, can follow instructions, and can provide the images on time. Someone you know, or someone they know, may be interested in practising their photography abilities by taking your wedding or portrait photos. It's a good idea to ask about among loved ones, as they may know someone who would be willing to shoot your wedding for free in exchange for a review or to use your photos in their portfolio.

    Write out all of the potential shots you'd like to take. It's heartbreaking to look through a bunch of pictures and realise you missed the one you really wanted. A wedding photographer's worksheet is where you tell them exactly who you want in images and what kinds of pictures are most important to you. You could take a photo of you, your mum, and your grandma all wearing your wedding bands. To illustrate this, consider the following examples: a shot of a treasured artefact, a photo of all the cousins together, a photo of you and your best friend from high school, and so on. Don't assume the person shooting your images is aware of what you want to record.

    Make sure you check out the area first. And this is yet another expert piece of advice. Numerous photographers have extensive experience with local venues, so they know the best times and places to take pictures there. Taking the time to do this will allow you to better organise your family photo shoot and identify potential backdrops in advance. Self-shot weddings can turn out beautifully. You can't just have your cousin show up at the wedding with his brand new DSLR camera and expect good results.

    In contrast to popular belief, hiring a professional photographer for your wedding is actually a wise financial move.

    The day ends with you putting away your dress, the cake being devoured, the flowers withering, the decorations being sold, and the balloons being popped. The fact is that hiring a professional wedding photographer is an expense, and that's the hard truth. After the wedding, when you return from your honeymoon and look through your wedding photos and album, you will realise the value of having a professional photographer, even if you didn't realise it on the big day itself.


    The usage of photography during a wedding is quite important because it not only records the activities that take place but also helps to retain the memories of the newlyweds and tells a lovely story. When you are planning your big day, the hiring of a professional photographer should be on the top of your list of things to research, include in your budget, and make a reservation for. When you look back on the images from your wedding, you will wish that you had employed a professional photographer who could have captured the spirit of the day. Employing a photographer who charges a modest fee is fraught with peril because it's quite unlikely that they'll have a backup camera or any other equipment on hand. For the majority of photographers, the cost of editing software, in addition to a high-quality computer and a display that accurately represents colours, might be too expensive.

    An professional wedding photographer has the ability to predict where to be in order to obtain the ideal shot, and they are also knowledgeable about how the behaviour of light differs among locales. A professional photographer will never be caught off guard since they will always have a backup plan, contacts they can call, and backups for their backups. Because they are an exceptionally talented artist, the services of an experienced and expert photographer that comes at a high cost are well worth the money spent. The quality of the photographs that are delivered to you will be higher if your photographer gives a lower number of high-resolution photographs. As I mentioned before, there are some couples that do not place a high premium on having professional photographs taken during their wedding.

    Putting together a wedding means making memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You shouldn't let this chance go by without getting a professional image taken of the event. The photographs that they capture will recount the events of your special day, beginning with the preparations for the ceremony and ending with your entrance down the aisle. You need the assistance of an expert who is skilled with the camera and who can capture images that are breathtaking regardless of the time of day or the conditions outside. It will put a significant dent in your wedding budget to hire a professional photographer; nevertheless, the memories that you will create will make the expense worthwhile.

    Check to see that the event will have someone to photograph it, and make sure that person has committed to doing so. It's possible that someone you know, or someone they know, is interested in honing their photography talents and could use some practise. On the wedding photographer's worksheet, you will tell them who should be included in the photographs. Never presume that the person behind the camera is aware of what you want to record in the photographs they take. There are many photographers in the area, and many of them have significant experience working in local places.

    The cost of hiring a professional photographer for a wedding is significantly higher than average. You won't fully appreciate the significance of hiring a professional photographer until after the wedding.

    Content Summary

    • Ultimately, the party should be about the happy couple who just got married.
    • Photography during a wedding is essential because it captures and immortalises the events of the day, keeps the couple's memories alive, and tells a story—and not just any story, but the beautiful story of their wedding day.
    • The bad news is that they'll make a lot of beginner mistakes on your wedding day, destroying your memories even if they're quite brilliant and have a fantastic eye for photography nature.
    • The photos from your wedding will make you wish you had employed a professional photographer.
    • If you want top-notch results from your photographer, they need to be well-read and current on all the latest developments in the field.
    • Having the Capability to Unwind Photographers at weddings take both staged and unstaged shots.
    • Envision a world in which there were no photographs of your wedding.
    • Professional photographers always have contingency plans, reliable resources, and even backups for their backups in case something goes wrong.
    • You want this book to bring back good memories, not just the realisation that you should have hired a professional photographer.
    • If you ask your photographer for a small number of high-resolution shots, you can expect a greater level of quality overall.
    • He or she will give your photos the attention they need, guaranteeing that you receive nothing but the best.
    • Full with Memories As I mentioned before, some couples don't put a great value on having professional photographs taken at their wedding, and as a result, this is something that may be easily forgotten or put off until after the big day has come and gone, leaving you with no tangible mementoes to look back on.
    • Do not miss out on the chance to have professionally taken photos of your big day and all the moments leading up to it.
    • In order to take quality photographs, a high-end camera is not required.
    • You'll need more than just a camera to take decent photographs.
    • In the start, we discussed some of the causes of the high expense of hiring a professional wedding photographer.
    • Most engaged couples will make it a point to hire a skilled photographer for their big day.
    • We'll break down the upsides and downsides of hiring a professional photographer down below.
    • The decision of whether to spend more on a professional wedding photographer or look for less expensive alternatives now rests on your priorities.
    • Be sure to bring along a couple of trustworthy photographers.
    • Make sure someone has promised to be there and photograph the event.
    • Check that they have all they need, can understand and follow directions, and will get the photographs to you on time.
    • It's possible that a friend or acquaintance might like to put their photography skills to the test by capturing pictures at your wedding or taking pictures of you for personal use.
    • Use the time to list all of the many approaches you could take.
    • On the wedding photographer's worksheet, you can specify which guests should be included in the photos and which activities should get the greatest attention.
    • In a photo, you, your mum, and your granny might all look lovely with wedding bands.
    • Despite common assumption, spending money on a professional photographer for your wedding is a great investment.
    • The unfortunate reality is that hiring a professional wedding photographer will set you back some serious cash.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Photographers

    The average price varies across different states in Australia. Couples from the Capital Territory and West Australia spend the most in wedding photography with an average of $3510 and $3225. A photographer in NSW will cost you a bit more, coming in at around $3,896.

    The average cost of a wedding videographer in Australia, is around $2,695. The price wedding couples spend on videography depends on the coverage time they hire their wedding videographer for. 6 hours of coverage would be around $2,500 – whilst full day (12 hour) coverage would be $3500.

    Wedding video, for example, is fairly easy to edit (especially if the videographer has done a good job and the client doesn't want a ton of altering). Hence, the average cost of wedding video editing will fall in the $300 to $400 range. Branded and corporate videos tend to be a bit more expensive to edit.

    According to, the average hourly fee for photo editing is $34. The rates start at about $25 per hour for newbie editors. Experienced photo editors can charge $45 per hour or even more for their services.

    Entry-level photographers: Those who are just getting started in the world of professional photography after taking some formal education typically charge $50-$150 per hour or $25-$125 per image.

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