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What You Need to Know When Choosing a Wedding Celebrant

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Wedding Celebrant


Looking for a professional wedding celebrant?


If you’re reading this post, you’re looking for a professional wedding officiant. Maybe you considered asking a friend or family member to officiate, but then you realized you want someone who has experience crafting a unique, personal ceremony; lesson planning all the logistics of the service; and experience expertly performing it in a way that engages your guests and make you and them feel like something extraordinary is happening. 


I truly believe a wedding celebrant is one of the most influential people who will play the most significant role in your unique and meaningful Day. As a wedding celebrant myself, I would love to give you the following tips on how to choose the right marriage celebrant for your wedding. 

As Celebrants, we all have a passion for writing; that’s for sure. We write about our services on our websites and use pictures and videos to show the world ‘who’ we are. The critical question for you, though, do you harness the benefits of blogging? 

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If you’ve always dreamed of getting married under the stars or you, want to celebrate getting married but in a slightly less formal manner at your dream wedding venue, then hiring a wedding celebrant could be ideal for you!


So, now you’re on the hunt for just the right professional wedding officiant. You’re a little worried because you know this person is going to be a stranger. Thoughts like:


  • Will they embarrass us by telling ridiculous jokes?
  • Will we feel a connection with him or her?
  • Will the ceremony be about “us?” Or will it be some standard template?
  • Will we get to put input into the ceremony script?



These, and probably many more questions, are swirling through your head.


What is a wedding celebrant?


A wedding celebrant is a professionally trained and fully insured officiant, with the skills and experience in place to create completely bespoke and personalized ceremonies.


Communicate with your Wedding Celebrant


When you meet with your celebrant, it’s vital to pay attention to how he/she communicates with you and your fiance. First of all, confidence, eye contact, and how well he/she presents themselves. If these three keys don’t happen on your first no-obligation meeting, then more likely you need to look for someone else. Guess what your celebrant will act the same way on your Day plus there will be 50 or more people.


Wedding celebrant ceremonies are becoming more and more popular here in the UK, but to give you a bit of a guide as to what they are all about, we’ve teamed up with Jenny Knight from Knight Ceremonies to tell you a little more about what you can expect. This Q&A style article should hopefully be able to answer all of your questions about weddings conducted by a wedding celebrant.

What you need, my friend is the ultimate guide to finding the right officiant for you, and you’re beloved! 


Find the Perfect fit for your Wedding Day


When you meet a prospective celebrant, imagine how he/she might fit in with your family and friends. Will they engage well with your parents or other famous people? Also, check out our list of Melbourne Wedding Celebrants.


The first thing you need to do is decide that you want to a professional and not a friend or family member. You must weigh the pros and cons of having someone close to you perform the ceremony.

Do you instantly warm up to them in a way that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and supported? Your celebrant does not necessarily have to become your best friend, but these things are essential. You’ve got to like him/her and vice versa.



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How does a ceremony with a wedding celebrant differ from a civil wedding ceremony?

A celebrant has no restrictions in terms of the content, format or style of a wedding, and can, therefore, be completely personalized.

Being an officiant is so much more than just reading a script and being an excellent public speaker. It takes gravitas, creativity, calm amidst beautiful chaos, and the ability to adapt to anything that may arise (broken mic, dropped rings, fainting bridesmaid, unwilling flower girl, etc.). 


What Does an Officiant Do?

Great question! Understanding the role of a professional officiant before you start looking for one will give you a leg up. There are many kinds of professional officiants, and this whole post is about finding the one that’s right for you. So, educate yourself on what they do (and what they don’t do) so you’re prepared when you reach out to them.

There is no such thing as ONE ceremony that fits all couples. Your potential wedding celebrant has to create a personalized service that reflects you as a couple and create a meaningful ceremony that will touch your heart.


Knowing what a professional officiant will not do is just as important as knowing what they will do. Knowing this will also help you find just the right officiant because you want to make sure you find one that won’t do any of these things. These are also the right questions to ask during the inquiry call. 


Know How Experienced Your Wedding Celebrant Is


What experience does your wedding celebrant have of delivering a wedding ceremony? Every couple is different with their characteristics and background. Your service should reflect the same.


Do we need to get legally married before we have a celebrant ceremony?

Yes, weddings with a celebrant will require a couple to arrange their legal paperwork separately from their actual ceremony. 

Decide what Personality you want your Wedding Celebrant to Have


Decide what type of character you would want your celebrant to have? Are you looking for an open-minded, younger, passionate, committed and flexible? Male or female? Perhaps a celebrant who is a bit older, more mature or religious? I say go with your gut feeling and your intuition.


Officiant Myths

There are many myths about what an officiant does. Myths like, officiants only work for 20 minutes on a Saturday, and anyone can be an officiant, it’s not that hard. Make sure you understand the myths that exist, so you are better prepared to find just the right officiant.


When Should We Hire Our Officiant?

Another great question! The big, national wedding blogs will tell you to hire your officiant 6-8 months in advance of your wedding, but, I want you to know that sought-after officiants will likely be booked if you wait until six months before the marriage.


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Make Sure Your Wedding Celebrant Knows to be Punctual


Timing is crucial. Your celebrant needs to be punctual and should arrive at the venue at least one hour earlier before any guests arrive. They need to make sure everything is under control, so there are no unwanted surprises. 


Can a ceremony with a wedding celebrant be held both indoors and outdoors?


It certainly can, and with trends for outdoor weddings on the rise, a celebrant can often unlock the potential within a dedicated wedding venue as celebrant ceremonies are not required to take place underneath a permanent licensed structure.

Find out when you should hire your officiant, so you’re not disappointed that the one you want is already booked. My advice is to utilize all the wedding pros who can only be in one place at one time – DJ, photographer, planner, officiant – first, then move on to hiring the pros who can do multiple weddings in a weekend like florists, bakeries, rental companies, etc. 

Your job is to find a wedding celebrant who you feel comfortable with, who understands you, and who can deliver what you desire. If you don’t know precisely what you want, they should be experienced and skilled in asking essential questions and helping you explore your options.


That celebrant guy


Choosing the Right Officiant

Now it’s time to prepare for your professional wedding officiant Google search. Before you do this, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with some things you should be considering when looking for just the right officiant. Something you want to discuss is:

The job of a wedding celebrant is not only to perform a perfect wedding ceremony on the Day but also to create an ideal memory which will last you a lifetime.


Are there specifications in terms of where, when, and what time a wedding celebrant ceremony can take place?

Not at all, you can select the time YOU want, without restriction on time slots or indeed location. 

You want someone who will guide you with their experience, who will write a custom ceremony just for you, and who will be so engaging that your guests will talk about how unique and beautiful the service was, for years to come. All that takes time, experience, wisdom and creativity. It’s not just “20 minutes on a Saturday. ” Check out our extensive list of Melbourne’s Best Wedding Celebrants.


The Inquiry Call

By now you’ve reached out to an officiant or two and are preparing to meet with them. Prepare for the questions should you ask your officiant. And prepare for the problems the officiant asks you. Think about asking other items such as:

More and more couples are thinking outside of the box and doing away with tradition, and indeed opt for something a little more ‘unexpected’ and unique to them. “I have a fully portable wedding PA system, and so I can work anywhere, be it in the middle of a field or by a lake, miles from mains power. My equipment is all wireless too, so there are no messy leads either!” A celebrant wedding ceremony offers couples complete flexibility!

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