Hens Ideas

What is the point of Bucks night?

If this is the ‘norm’, the best man or bridesmaid must be wondering what they need to do not only to meet this standard but create a day or night that is memorable. Looking for hens ideas Melbourne? Look no further, Magic Men has you covered.

Ongoing Rules for the whole party 

It is mostly about the Buck, but it is always good to keep the whole party on their toes. You need an influential ‘rules master’, as if the first person refuses to do it, you will struggle to win them back. Some simple rule examples include Opposite hand drinking, no using nicknames, no pointing, the peg game (peg gets attached to an unsuspecting party-goer, if they don’t find it before the party counts to 10, they must drink) and dead ants (or similar), where if one man goes down as a dead ant, you all do, with a punishment for the slowest. There will be a tipping point with how many you can get away with, but it is well worth the time and effort. 

Story Time 

Find some time in the agenda for the group to tell their favourite groom story. It is a great way to get comfortable in each others company, all the while embarrassing our groom. You’ll get laughs from the old school friends about the awkward Teen years and how their first beer ever went down, hear a few Dad stories and most likely get some horrific sexual experience anecdotes from the current pals. Everyone wins. This doesn’t need to be a select set-aside time. Bus transfers, around the dinner table, pre- heading out for the night or over lunch at the Golf club are all opportune times to open this up. 

Get dressed up  

Can you have a bad day out when you’re dressed up as a Superhero? Negative Ghost Rider. From double denim, porn theme, Op Shop formal, favourite movie character, or just getting around in the plus fours, a good costume is a superb mood-setter. One caveat; it doesn’t give the party the right to carry on like complete dickheads! Bar and Pub owners are accustomed to groups of Bucks parties, and you put a bit of a target on your head if you’re all dressed as women. Them’s the facts. Easy to make it a day dress up and back in the regular kit post sundown. Alternatively, it is well-worn, but putting the Bucks in a dress-up while the rest of the lads jump in the jeans and shirt is always good for a laugh. Guess we have a bit of the one-in, all-in about us though. 


We’ve looked at how you can get the whole party involved in the Bucks shenanigans, but let’s be honest, it’s all about one man. The Buck. Pepper the day with challenges for him. A few months ago, we watched as one of our Bucks, David, wasn’t allowed back on the bus until he had raised $10.00 busking. It wasn’t pretty, but it was bloody funny. Another Buck had various challenges throughout the day in activities such as putting contests, chilli eating, dildo hammer throwing (lol), dry weet-bix eating and how long can you last with your head in the iced-up esky. Hey, we’re not saying the Best Man who came up with them went home and helped split the atom, but we’ll be damned if everyone didn’t have a cracking time watching and contributing! A well-coordinated scavenger hunt still ticks the boxes, but is a little 1997, while ‘Buck can’t say no for an hour’ is always good for a laugh. Tailor it to your mate; a quieter friend probably isn’t going to go streaking through the Quad, while a crazier cat will happily organise a sing-a-long of the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons hit ‘You’re just too good to be true’. Either way, have a few in the back pocket beforehand, and you are well on your way to an elite party. 

How Should I Plan a Bucks Party?

Pick a Destination & Date

Pick 3 destinations based on the groom’s interests and present them to him: a local option, a fun getaway, and an all-out option. The date should be at least 6 weeks in advance, and it is advisable to avoid any major holidays. If you pick an overseas destination, you can expect fewer people to come. All the ideas for bucks parties go to a vote, and the most options win or put them all in a hat for something random. Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane & Bali are the top picks.

Where are you staying?

Depending on the place, it’s really a hostel/hotel/house argument here. In a house, you have everyone together, and bonding happens more organically, and it can be cheaper, but the sleeping situation is more challenging, and you have to clean up or leave it in a mess. 15 guys sharing a house gets pretty dirty quickly. Hotels are the best option as they are centrally located, so you are closer to the action. They normally have pools so you can meet girls and have a fun atmosphere. A hotel is kept clean, and it also means you have a chance for that 5 min power nap and a clean shower to freshen up before another big night out. A Hostel is your cheapest option and a lot of fun as you meet international travellers and there is always a bar on-site for a wild night.

The guest list

Inevitably, the Buck will be over-confidently and assume everyone will come, but this not the case so tell him to be realistic and aim for 10-15 people. Any more and you usually have to split up tables at meals and bars. Invite 20 people and expect around 10-15. Get everyone to pay early on to see who is really coming.

Does it Clash?

Decide on the date early! The boys all live busy, action-packed lives and the groom will be engaged in the run-up to the wedding, so make sure you avoid any clashes by booking in advance.

Book Early

Group discounts are available if you plan, and many companies offer ‘pay later’ options. Best to book with a travel agent, so it is locked in at a cheaper rate.

Create a Facebook page or Whatsapp group

Get some group banter happening and start coming up with fun Bucks party ideas. Make sure you get everyone on the list and create a fun topic to get everyone involved.


It is best to book your activities in advance, so there is an actual plan or what happens because everyone argues and you end up in the pub all day. Booking in paintball or go-karting in the day is a great way for everyone to bond and create lots of banter for the night out. It is advisable not to overbook though, so a rule of thumb is book 1 activity per day and a pub crawl/strip show max in a day. Book any activity past lunchtime as a night out with the boys is always more solemn and later than you think. 

Book a Bachelor Party Cruise or Bachelorette Party Cruise

Hens Ideas

It’s affordable.

If you’re planning to venture far from home, the cost can add up quickly for things like flights, lodging, meals, alcohol and entertainment. For less than the cost of all of that individually, your group could organize a cruise bachelorette party or cruise bachelor party that includes accommodations, food and entertainment at one price. Additionally, if you can cruise from a port that’s within driving distance, you’ll save on airfare. Not anticipating spending much time in your cabin? You can book a less expensive interior stateroom and put the extra money toward something else. Plus, many cruise lines offer discounts for booking a certain number of rooms, meaning further savings can be had if your group is large enough. Get exclusive drinks and show packages for your next hens party here at Magic Men.

It’s flexible.

Cruises provide flexibility with room, dining and activity options at different price points, allowing just about anyone to attend, regardless of budget or interests. If you’d rather spend a day lounging by the pool and working on your tan for free while others in your group pay for massages and manicures, it’s totally possible. Want to attend afternoon tea with a couple of members of the wedding party while others opt for a burger on the lido deck? Not a problem. Extras — spa treatments, onboard shopping, shore excursions, dining at alternative restaurants — are available if you want them, but they aren’t crucial to the celebration’s success. Plus, cruises are ideal for joint bachelor cruises and bachelorette cruises. Groomsmen and bridesmaids from the same wedding party can sail on the same cruise but still completely avoid one another if desired, choosing to meet up only for select activities … or not.

Food is included.

All cruise lines offer complimentary meals in the main dining room, which often hosts at least one formal night that will give you a chance to dress up. Additional free dining is available in the buffet, which is more casual if all you want to do is grab something quick without dressing to the nines. Most ships do offer more superior for-fee options, as well, but if your goal is to keep costs low, you won’t go hungry while doing so. You won’t be starved for variety, either, as most major lines feature everything from steak and seafood to sushi and pizza.

Entertainment is free.

Magic shows, comedic performances, Broadway-style musicals, aerial acrobatics, duelling pianos, movies, games and trivia, fitness centres, ropes courses, mini-golf, pools and water slides: There’s so much to keep you busy on board, and since nearly all of it is free, there’s no need to quibble over choosing just one or two activities or worry about how much each event will cost you.

You can buy alcohol packages.

One set price for unlimited alcohol? It’s a comforting concept when you’re worried about your bottom line. Most cruise lines offer these packages for a per-person, a per-day fee that gives you access to all but the most expensive liquors so you can get your drink on without fear of racking up a huge tab.

You don’t need a designated driver.

Your ship is your transportation during bachelorette or bachelor party cruises, so there’s no need to fret about calling an Uber or drawing straws to figure out who will have to abstain from the fun. Have a great time, and wobble back to your cabin at the end of the night without fear of getting home safely.

The scenery changes.

On a cruise, the fun isn’t limited to onboard pursuits. Half of the adventure is exploring new places, whether you book a shore excursion or leave the ship for a few hours to chat with some of the residents or try some local cuisines. The options are limitless — beaches, jungles, mountains — and you only have to unpack once. Some itineraries even include overnights in port so you can sample the nightlife ashore.

You’re likely to be recognized.

Because cruises are like floating cities, you might find that you run into the same people over and over. If word gets out that you’re part of a bachelor or bachelorette party, you may be treated as a bit of a celebrity — especially if you’re the bride- or groom-to-be — with fellow passengers asking you to dance, offering to buy you drinks or chatting you up to see if you’re enjoying your trip. If you time your sailing close to “wedding season” (generally summer) and opt for a short cruise (three to five nights), it’s also possible you’ll run into other groups who are celebrating an upcoming marriage.

Get a deposit

Make sure you get a small commitment from everyone and book in advance so people can plan with work, family and the wife/partner.

Finer Detail

The difference between average and epic bucks parties is often in detail. Think ahead and try to cover as many bases as early as possible to set the buck up with the best weekend. Other things to consider when finalising your best bucks party ideas:

  • Bucks party games
  • Bucks dares and challenges
  • Activity & evening dress codes
  • Fancy dress
  • Places to eat
  • Transport arrangements
  • Check-in / check-out times.

How far is too far on your hens or bucks night?

You may have heard the adage ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ and, though it usually means anything goes, you could turn it on its head and see it as an apt guide for setting the boundaries and limits around what should not happen on the buck’s or hen’s night.

Simply put, anything that has consequences that go beyond ‘Vegas’ (the event) is too far. The only thing that should be carried over to the next day (apart, perhaps, from a hangover or two!) are fabulous memories.

To put this into context, when things go too far, results have created that stretch well beyond the event, such as:

  • Injuries and scars
  • Shaving ‘incidents.’
  • Tattoos
  • Court cases
  • Police records
  • Fines and repair bills
  • Broken friendships and marriages.
  • Career damaging YouTube videos or photos

Remember that there are no secrets – with the number of smartphones around, there are always photos and videos on the internet and social networking platforms in seconds. If friends and family were going to see what went on, how would they feel?

What can you do?

If you want to keep the party from going too far, what can you do, either as the organiser, or the bride or groom?

Be clear of the expectations.

It is the bride or groom’s big night. If you are concerned things may go too far, make sure you are ‘crystal’ clear about their expectations. If you are the bride or groom and afraid of what may happen, then get on the front foot with your best person to ensure they know, and can meet, your expectations. Setting the frame of what is acceptable and not still allows your organiser to be creative and design a fun, memorable night.

Delegate wisely, share broadly.

Even if you have things set up to perfection, some of your party guests can still take control and rapidly force things off the rails. Delegate tasks for the evening wisely (you probably know from experience who may go over the top) and share the expectations and plans with attendees so that more people are on the same page. This is the best way to stop the unexpected ‘takeover’ of projects, leading to everything going off track.

Set a circuit breaker

On the night, select a group member (who you do trust!) who will not be going over the top to act as your circuit breaker. Tell them your boundaries and expectations, and even if you are too far gone, or caught in the moment, this person has a veto. Looking out for a mate is one of the best gifts a relative or friend can give the bride or groom if it can ‘keep things in.

Watch for escalation

Often things start excellent…and one thing after another happens until things get off the rails. If you see a pattern of things building towards unwanted levels, slow things down.

Don’t agree to anything that puts you or your guests at unnecessary risk.

Often people are goaded or challenged into doing something they’re bound to regret thanks to peer pressure purely. If the group is doing something – even if it is inappropriate or dangerous – there is a high likelihood that individuals who wouldn’t partake in such activities normally will end up going along with it just to fit in. It should be a great night for everyone, so ensure you look after all the guests and make it clear that it is OK to say “no”. Check out the range of Magic Men’s Melbourne hens ideas to help in your party planning.

Always stay together

Often it is when groups get split up that someone gets into trouble. Agree to stay together, play together, and ensure people who leave can safely do so safely (put in a taxi, for example). Yes, your hen’s or buck’s night is supposed to be a fun and memorable night, but not a night that’s memorable for the wrong reasons.


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