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What Is A Rustic Boho Wedding?

A rustic boho wedding is one of my favourite types of rustic weddings, and this amazing wedding will blow you away. With a lovely colour theme and some super fun details, like a VW bus, this wedding will inspire you to take a fresh approach to your wedding theme as this couple did. From the photographer: Boho chic meets rustic elegance in a visually stunning and truly magical wedding day. Polly, the beautiful bride, wearing a bohemian-inspired wedding dress by local designer Willow Hastings, looked absolutely stunning as she walked down the aisle to her handsome hubby-to-be Nick! The pretty Braeside Chapel, located on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast, was brimming with amazing blooms in pretty pinks and deep crimson with native foliage.

Rustic and boho wedding themes explained

As you plan your wedding, there are two words you’ll definitely hear a lot – ‘rustic’ and ‘boho’. These two wedding themes are super popular but really, what do they mean? Well, there’s definitely some crossover between the two, but there are differences. If you stick to the thought that a rustic wedding theme is very natural with lots of organic, outdoorsy elements. In contrast, a boho wedding theme is more free-spirited, alternative and eclectic, and you won’t go far wrong.

A rustic wedding theme

A rustic wedding theme needs a natural colour palette with plenty of organic shapes and textures. Think wood, lace and hessian plus country flowers, grasses and foliage. Perfect for barn weddings, rustic-inspired weddings are all kinds of beautiful and can be incredibly romantic. Here are a few essential items for your rustic wedding:

  • Bare wood tables, rough linen napkins, greenery and muted colours make this the perfect look for a rustic wedding.
  • Keep things natural with a naked wedding cake, lightly dusted with icing sugar and decorated with flowers and foliage.
  • Flower-filled wooden crates work so well at rustic weddings, and you can move them from ceremony to the evening reception.
  • Lengths of hessian make wonderful chair decorations.
  • This is the classic rustic wedding table centre and with good reason. A wooden slice, mismatched glassware, flowers and candles are a fabulous combination.
  • Use lots of props as focal points. We love seeing vintage bikes decorated for weddings.
  • A simple ‘just picked’ arrangement that brings some scent to your ceremony makes an ideal addition to chairs.
  • Another must-have prop for a rustic wedding, a decorated stepladder is always a great idea.
  • Neutral bunting brings a fantastic finishing touch to a rustic wedding.
  • For a rustic wedding, keep your stationery simple with natural tones, handwritten fonts and natural motifs and detailing.

A boho wedding theme

boho rustic wedding set up

This is the wedding theme for the creative couple. If you want to mix up colours and more alternative decorations, then go for it! Think fringing, macramé, patterns and a wider colour palette mixed up with a free-spirited take on the traditional wedding.

Bring your boho wedding theme to life with these must-haves:

  • Colourful flowers and plenty of macramé make a brilliant backdrop for your boho wedding.
  • Unstructured wedding dresses, tumbling tresses and simple, natural headpieces are all the hallmarks of a boho bride.
  • A colourful display of old family photos makes a great talking point.
  • Dreamcatchers and flowers are a brilliant boho take on the trend for hanging decorations.
  • We love this colourful bouquet, and its loose, wild look works brilliantly with this theme.
  • Line your aisle with mismatched rugs for the ultimate in boho style.
  • Add more texture and colour to your wedding day with vibrant pompoms.
  • Create an amazing outdoor seating area for your guests or use this space as an amazing backdrop for photos.
  • Decorate your wedding cake with edible flowers and petals for a super pretty look.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring a few touches of luxury to your boho wedding. Textured metals look amazing.
  • Make your own suspended wedding decorations! Tie on lengths of fabric, add feathers and tiny bottles filled with flowers.
  • If the boho vibe appeals, you can find out more about choosing the perfect boho wedding venue right here.

Rustic Boho Wedding Inspiration

Combining the bohemian vibe with a natural rustic element highlighted with blush pinks, sage greens and a pop of deep wine helped us create a light and airy carefree rustic boho wedding inspiration shoot. 

We wanted to ensure we incorporated lots of floral elements throughout the tablescape and ceremony backdrops, which focused on the blush pinks and sage greens in our colour palette.

The deep wine was incorporated into the beautiful stationery throughout as well as the simple but absolutely stunning cake. 

The stunning Out Barn was the perfect backdrop with its light and airy barn and amazing scenery. Our bride and groom look so dreamy on the fairy bridge, and the rustic elements are again captured with hay bales and log stacks as backdrops.

The beautiful Edet dress is the epitome of boho and gives our bride a sensual romantic vibe, its French sleeves with a hint of ruffles complete the lace and petit pois tulle adorned with guipure appliques and just makes this the perfect boho dress. 

Rustic Bohemian Wedding Theme

This event is such a happy one! Perfect weather, a stunning outdoor setting, and smiles all around make this colourful wedding a stunner. Add in a gorgeous bohemian wedding dress worn by a lovely bride, and it’s one for the books. Below are a few of my favourite details from this event. Bomboniere Suppliers in Melbourne can be hard to come by. Check out our list of the top suppliers here.  

Here’s how you can update your rustic look for a more bohemian wedding style.


A rustic wedding hairstyle may include a small cluster of flowers, loose waves or tight braids, but a bride planning a bohemian wedding will opt for many flowers woven into her hair, or a braid that is looser, such as a fishtail braid or a four-strand braid.

The bride wore a twist on a traditional boho wedding hair flower crown. Instead of using real – or fake – flowers, she opted for a headband that was reminiscent of a crown. The veil makes it a lovely ensemble when coupled with her boho wedding hair, which is perfectly styled in free-flowing locks. What a gorgeous look!

Consider a Boho Wedding Dress

There’s no better way to tie your rustic wedding together than by choosing a boho wedding dress. Boho wedding dresses are relaxed, carefree and romantic and often feature lots of lace and embroidery.

We adore the Hechizo dress by Atelier Pronovias. It is perfectly unique and boasts off-the-shoulder floral detailing. What’s not to love?

Wear a Rustic Flower Crown in Your Hair

Your boho wedding dress will look beautiful paired with a flower crown – your inner-hippy will be dancing with joy!

Wear a flower crown instead of a traditional wedding veil – you could ask your florist to create one or follow our guide to trying your hand at creating your own!

Opt for Rustic Groomswear

It’s not just the bride that can opt for rustic-inspired attire. The groom and his groomsmen can also really embrace this style.

Consider a tweed suit or something in a lighter coloured fabric as opposed to the traditional black, grey and navy. You can team this look with a rustic buttonhole and brown leather shoes – how fab does these groomsmen look?!

Bridesmaids’ Boho Chic Wedding Dresses

Talk about colour! Each bridesmaid wore a different hue that perfectly accented the tones in the bouquets. However, mismatched dresses are still in vogue as you will see below. The dresses are also varying styles, which allow each maid’s individuality to shine through. Of course, the bride’s boho wedding dress is beautiful, too!

Bridal jewellery

Vintage-styled jewellery is a popular choice for rustic brides and grooms for their wedding rings, and the bride’s day-of jewellery, with Edwardian and Deco pieces being quite popular. Small and large quartz crystal necklaces grace the necklines of the bohemian bride, as well as turquoise jewellery and metallic floral garlands, headbands and crowns that reflect inspiration from nature.


Each type of rustic wedding has a unique look that is enhanced by the linens chosen for reception tables and other wedding details. For example, lace will create a vintage vibe, while checkered red and white tablecloths have a more laid-back country feel. For a bohemian look, a couple should select woven fabrics, such as macramé and crocheted textiles. Macramé can be used as a wall hanging backdrop for your wedding ceremony, or to frame your wedding cake. Or hang potted plants in the reception room, or tent, in crotched holders.

Consider a Rustic Dessert Table

Dessert tables are a great way of mixing up your wedding breakfast a little bit. Traditionally serve the first two courses before directing everyone outside to an amazing array of sweet treats.

Displaying your cakes and desserts on barrels, wooden tables or tree logs (with plenty of rustic flowers thrown in for good measure) will ensure the whole thing remains in keeping with your theme.

Containers and vessels

Mason jars are synonymous with rustic weddings. Couples have used them in all sorts of ways – to place candles, drinks and wedding favours. At a bohemian wedding, skip the mason jars and use small glass fish bowls to hold candles, glass test tubes for favours and other glass containers sealed with a cork or fabric to contain the items within.

Even your drinks can be rustic – who’d have thought it? If you’re providing your wedding drinks, then serve a variety of soft drinks or bespoke wedding cocktails in clear dispensers.

Fill the dispensers with fruit, create your labels and display them on a table covered in rustic flowers and foliage.

Décor from above

Lights strung over tables, as either string of lights bistro-style or a chandelier in a barn, reflect the rustic look we have all grown to love, but opt for fabric items to hang from above with dreamcatchers or God’s Eyes in a range of sizes and colours.


Unlike rustic weddings where burlap, twine and even horseshoes may accent various wedding details, bohemian weddings often feature feathers as the accent of choice. Grooms may opt to wear a feather boutonniere, and patterned feathers can adorn each place setting, a bride will wear a feathered headpiece, garlands of feathers could grace the ceiling, and dipped in gold or glitter feathers can decorate the wedding cake!


The best way to set the wedding’s tone early on is to select a wedding invitation that truly reflects the look and feel you’re looking for. Rustic wedding invitations may feature bold flowers as an accent or framing the wording, wood grain in the design or a chalkboard-style font. You’ll see more mixing of font styles on a bohemian-styled wedding invitation, along with feather motifs, dreamcatchers, crystal or geode designs and more patterns and geometric shapes repeated. Our top list of Wedding Stylists will help ease the stress of organising your magical day.

Tie Your Wedding Invites with String – Nothing looks more rustic than brown garden string, so why not tie it in a bow around your invites for a lovely finishing touch?

It’ll act as a gentle nod towards your wedding theme before your guests have even arrived at your venue!

Do the Same With Your Menus!

The brilliant uses of string don’t end there – you can tie it around your wedding menus too. We love how each guest has been given a bundle with their napkin and menu at this wedding.

set up boho rustic

Tie brown paper labels to your string bow to act as place names and pop some foliage or dried lavender underneath.

Choose a Wooden Guest Book

Scrap the traditional paper guest book if you’re on the hunt for rustic wedding ideas and choose this fun alternative.

Guests can write their names and a wedding memory on a Jenga brick and start to stack them up! Not only will you love to play your memory-filled game on Jenga for years after your wedding, but your guests won’t want to leave without signing it!

Casual Bohemian Wedding Reception

The reception – which took place both indoors and out – also incorporated pops of colour. The outdoor space complimented the rustic, bohemian wedding theme and allowed guests to enjoy a casual time of conversation around the fire. I’m sure that many memories were made and bonds forged at their wedding after-party! Boutique Events Group is your ultimate Wedding Reception Venue to create your dream wedding. 

Write Your Order of the Day on a Wooden Pallet

Your guests will be super grateful for you letting them know where they need to be and when on your wedding day, and we can’t think of a more beautifully rustic way to display the information than on a wooden pallet.

Not only can you pick one of these up for next to nothing, but it’ll look amazing as one of the first things your guests see.


Renting couches and comfy chairs and placing them in an outdoor setting has been a must-have for creating that lounge-like feel at rustic weddings. Bohemian weddings want to have the lounge look too, but instead of furniture, they’re more likely to have decorative rugs and pillows scattered around the outdoor setting for picnic-style lounging. You may also find teepee structures on the grounds to fit two or more guests comfortably.

Forget chair covers, sashes and bows – there’s nothing rustic about that! Hire some vintage wooden chairs and decorate them with wooden signs, greenery and foliage instead. There’s no better way to embrace your theme!


A rustic bridal bouquet can be a lush arrangement of blooms for a shabby chic style or a collection of wildflowers for something more country. The bohemian bridal bouquet has oversized flowers, in a cascading shape, and each flower is chosen for a special meaning, making a bride’s bouquet more personal. “It can feel eccentric,” says Amy, “but it should be an intentional eccentricity that provides consistency as well as insight into who the couple is.”


Garlands, wheat, wildflowers and succulents are staples of rustic wedding reception tables. At a bohemian wedding, reception centrepieces pack a punch with lush blooms in a range of colours from rich jewel tones to soft pastels. Vessels may be set on runners of macramé or decorative woven textiles.

Wedding cakes

Naked cakes exploded as the cake of choice at rustic weddings, but for the bohemian couple, cakes are getting more coverage, via icing. Buttercream and fondant are boho approved, and you’ll find couples looking to express themselves in their choice of wedding cake too. Semi-naked cakes, where you can barely see the layers of cake beneath the frosting are an update to the naked cake. Wedding cakes with geode or crystal decorations – made from sugar crystals – are a nod to the themes of quartz crystal inspirations. For a more traditional design, real (and large) blooms may adorn each tier or lay on the diagonal in a garland style.

We’ve all seen naked wedding cakes rise in popularity over the last couple of years, but 2019 is the time for its more demure cousin, the semi-naked wedding cake, to make an appearance.

A semi-naked wedding cake is when a naked cake is partially covered in buttercream, giving a more rustic edge to the design.

Stand Your Wedding Cake on a Log

Once you’ve got your hands on your semi-naked wedding cake, you’ll want to stand it on a slice of the log.

This can look super pretty – particularly if you pop some foliage and rustic flowers around the outside!

Play Old-School Party Games

How cute is this wedding game idea?! Anything wooden and shabby chic will add to your rustic wedding theme, so this cute painted wooden box certainly does the trick.

Not only will this rustic wedding idea keep the kids at your wedding entertained for hours, but it’s super cheap to put together too! Ideal.

Use Logs for Your Place Names, Too

Logs are not just useful for standing your wedding cake on, but for acting as place name holders, too.

We love these adorable place names. They’ll cost next to nothing and will be a lovely little rustic souvenir for your wedding guests to take home.

Choose Wooden Table Numbers

Wooden table numbers cut in a gorgeous calligraphy font will really make every table stand out at your wedding reception.

Pop them into potted plants or even watering cans filled with wildflowers (more on that later) to make them pop.

Swap Vases for Jam Jars

Swapping vases for jam jars is not only a great budget hack, but it will also give your tables a pretty, rustic edge.

Wrap the vases in hessian and tie with a string to add to the rustic style.

If you are feeling overwhelmed at how much work you have to do, then this is a great task to give to your bridesmaids.

A rustic boho style has this way of looking incredibly chic, with minimal effort. It’s the “I woke up like this” wedding theme. The décor is humble but eye-catching, and the colour scheme is usually a palette that can be found living harmoniously in a garden.

Not quite convinced by a rustic boho wedding? How about taking a look at our round-up of the hottest wedding themes of the year? Something else might tickle your fancy.

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