Hens & Bucks Parties Idea

What do you do at Bucks party?

Bucks parties are hit and miss at the best of times. Often it’s a booze-fuelled sausage fest at the local pub or another low-quality establishment that guests endure because they’re “doing it for the buck”. We’re here to say, stuff the buck, this day is all about you having just as much fun and not burning cash on a crappy event. We’ve curated a list of activities and places for your next bucks party that hopefully do the trick.


When should we hold the Bucks party?

Sadly the tradition of holding the Bucks party on the evening before the wedding has been vetoed by concerned brides who seem to think it’s important that the Groom can stand up on his wedding day. So if the night before the wedding is out, when can you hold the buck’s party?

Arranging the Bucks party one or two weeks before the wedding will probably be a popular choice with the buck because it will provide an escape from some of the last-minute wedding panic. It will also mean the events of that evening are still fresh in guests’ minds on the wedding day. If the guys aren’t available then, you can get away with a month or even two months before the wedding.

If the Bucks party is a surprise for the Groom, you can have it up to four months before the wedding when he really won’t be expecting it. If the buck’s mates are spread across the globe but will all be flying in for the wedding, see if you can arrange a Bucks party two nights before the big day. This will allow a full day for recovery, but just be sure no one shaves his head once he’s passed out.

How to plan a Bucks party?

Choose Your Groomsmen Wisely

We all have that one mate who couldn’t organise a fart in a curry-house. He might be the best bloke in the world but keep him well away from organising the Bucks party. Traditionally, it is the groomsmen who take a lead role in putting together the big day. Choose proven leaders who won’t be shy about bossing around an unruly mob of larrikins. 

Ditto For The Guest List 

The official invite list for a Bucks party should be created by the Groom and sent to the chief organiser with plenty of time to spare. The list must include email addresses and phone numbers of all potential attendees. The groomsmen will then review the list and suggest additional Bucks to add to the list before locking in the venue. It’s a big day, so steer clear of inviting any two-can Sam’s who lose the plot in the first hour and end up falling headfirst into their stein. 

Location, Location, Location

There is nothing worse than sitting on a bus for two hours drenched in sweat after an afternoon of paintball, clay pigeon shooting or go-karting. Don’t get me wrong, these activities can be a lot of fun, but they’re often hosted at remote locations and the travel time between venues can put a real dampener on the mood of the day. Choose a central location with minimal travel times. My advice is to hire a space and have the entertainment come to you. You want a central location, easy access to taxis and plenty of options for late-night kick-on. Somewhere that the beer flows freely all night long and partying like a German is encouraged, so you can post your buck’s last night of freedom.

Know Your Limits 

For many of us, our mind begins to wander as soon as we hear the news that one of our best mates has popped the question. We envision grand parties in Vegas that would make the cast of The Hangover movies blush. Within hours we’re online sourcing cheap flights to Ibiza or Cancun. Yes, these ideas are great, and it’s so much fun to get swept up in daydreams about pool parties; busting out to a live set by David Guetta with your crew. Revert to #2 and think about how many people on that list will be able to take time off work for a few weeks to travel across the world for a Bucks party. Instead, ditch the exxy plane ticket and head to Munich Brauhaus, where it’s Oktoberfest all year’ round because there are plenty of carbs to soak up all of the beer, and a big meal, German-style. Know your limits. 

Set The Rules Early

We know it’s an honourable rule to ‘never leave any man behind’, but what if you have a few dead-set liabilities coming along to the Bucks party? You know the type—they get over-excited too early in the day, and by the time it comes to showing their ID to the bouncer they hand over their library card by mistake, before smiling cross-eyed, hiccupping, stumbling backwards and inevitably being refused entry to the establishment. Have ironclad rules set in place, along with a game plan, before heading out, so you have a solution to these types of problems? We recommend that you arm everyone with a pretzel in one hand and a stein in the other because drinking on an empty stomach never ends well (we’ve all been there).


A Bucks party is no ordinary party. A few games of pool at your local pub will not cut it for such an important day. Think carefully about what the buck loves to do. If he’s a poker fanatic, then organise a few state-of-the-art tables and a professional dealer to host the game. If he has a penchant for Bavarian Beer and epic dude food (what buck doesn’t?), then a table at Munich Brauhaus will deliver the goods. It’ll also kick off the entertainment early, with an Oom Pah Pah band from 6 pm, daily. Ideally, you want multiple activities back-to-back to keep everyone entertained for the whole day, but be aware that sun and drinks don’t mix in large doses.

What should we do at the Bucks party?

It has been said that all you need for a great Bucks party is beer, mates (to drink the beer), and food (to soak up the beer). However, more and more grooms are looking for Bucks parties that involve some kind of activity, such as quad biking, paintballing, golf, fishing or rally driving.

Whether you are having a one-day event or a whole Bucks weekend, the best Bucks parties are usually those that combine a fun activity, with an evening of drinking or maybe a barbeque. Stay sober and enjoy the activity; the evening is the perfect time for drinking games, strippers, and gags involving the unsuspecting buck.

We’ve curated a list of activities and places for your next bucks party that hopefully do the trick.

Advanced Drive Day

We’ve all done go-karting, so how about going one better and organising a drive day? Drive days are run by the likes of BMW, Audi and Porsche and involve getting to sample a range of their latest and greatest. Rev heads and motoring enthusiasts have a wealth of options available to them when it comes to pushing the throttle to the max. Adrenaline, in particular, offers more than its fair share of options including V8 experiences, rally driving, European supercar driving, defensive driving, drifting, off-road racing, F1 racing, performance driving, drag racing, muscle car driving, tank rides, stunt rides, Porsche driving and more.

For a longer-lived experience, you can rent a classic car or luxury car for the day to drive around like a boss.

Hire a penthouse for a night 

Nothing says ‘we’re just like the schmucks off The Hangover’ like throwing down the AMEX and getting a penthouse at the coolest hotel in the city for a night. With all the crew kicking in, it will be a much cheaper affair, and you never know who you’ll wake up spooning the next morning. You’ll be close to the action so call ahead at the nightclubs to ensure the sausage brigade gets in. Hire some entertainment – dancing bears or something resembling a The Wolf of Wall Street party.

Hire A Private Box At An Event 

If music or big sporting events are your things, then go the extra mile and hire a corporate box for the bucks party. You’ll be entertained for hours and drink, and food will keep the tank full before you hit the town that evening. 

Lawn bowls 

In Australia, lawn bowls have become a pastime of the ageing and the Carlton Draught-drinking weekend crew. Possibly the most affordable and easy bucks party involves grabbing a group of your mates, heading down to the local Bowls Club and spending a lazy sunny afternoon throwing a few ends. It’s low fuss and will cost some jugs of beer for each attendee. You’ll get a tan and nobody will feel like they need to sell a kidney to attend. Our easiest and most cost-effective bucks party solution!

Private Dining Room 

Another personal favourite – hiring a private dining room at a nice restaurant for 12 or so gents. Get yourself a set menu with matching wines. You’ll get a lesson on a variety of plonk that matches the food. It’s educational and nourishing at the same time. If you want, hire some half-time entertainment to keep the lads happy. Just be sure to leave before everyone gets too sideways.

Private Poker Room

Casinos now have private poker rooms for hire. That means playing some old fashioned Texas Holdem with your private dealer and waiters. If you’re a classy bunch, it’s a chance to put on a tuxedo and pretend to be James Bond and Le Chiffre for the night. Formal Fridays, here we come!

Pull out the tux and splash the cash by going all out at the casino with a grand twist. Instead of rolling with the public, book your private poker room – or at least table, complete with a private dealer and waiter.

Sydney’s The Star has a swanky Sovereign Room that, though is by invite, is perfect for the occasion. Just putting that out there.

Shooting Range

This one is a personal favourite because it requires skill and is not a normal activity for most bucks parties. In Australia shooting ranges are not in large numbers, but gathering a select group of mates for some target practice not only gives them a new experience but bragging rights on the way home. It’s a controlled environment, but we still recommend leaving dickheads at home for this.

Snowboarding / Ski Trip – Bucks Weekend at The Snow

There’s nothing more invigorating than carving up the slopes with your mates on a fresh winters day with an epic playlist streaming through your beats, and an ice-cold beer waiting for you at the local apres ski watering hole.

Just 5 or 6 hours drive from Sydney you can take the boys on an epic Bucks weekend to the snow at either Perisher ski resort in Jindabyne or Thredbo.

One of the best things about the snow resorts in Australia is how well suited they are to a range of abilities, with black runs and challenging slopes for the more experienced riders, and learner slopes with lessons available for those boys needing a helping hand.

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there, after a piping hot shower you and the boys can enjoy the beers and live music in front of a warm fire at the local bars before getting some shut-eye for the next day of action on the slopes.

Weekend packages at the snow vary from budget options with transfers and dorm rooms to all-inclusive luxury snow packages with chalets on the slopes, meals and all snow gear included.

Strategy games and team building activities

Get everyone involved with an activity that involves strategy, teamwork and ingenuity!

Test your mates’ ability to problem-solve their way out of an escape room, team up to conquer all in a game of laser tag or paintball or take it to the field for a non-competitive day of clay shooting or archery.

You might also like to hit up a deals website, which often has activities like bubble soccer and rock-climbing sessions.

Watch A Game / Rent A Box – Sporting Bucks Ideas

Experience the thrill of the game and join the roar of the fans with a Bucks sporting day out at the AFL or NRL.

If your Groom is an avid AFL fan, get the action underway with a memorable matchday experience at the home of the Aussie Football League – the MCG. 

Or for the NRL fanatics, a corporate box at the ANZ stadium would be hard to beat!

Save the dollar with general entry tickets, or for the ultimate matchday experience, revel in a prime position in the stadium and one of the best views of the field by treating the Groom and his merry men to a stadium hospitality box.

There are various stadium box packages (often known as “Corporate boxes”) available, and most include private suites with glass sliding doors, air conditioning, comfortable seating, gourmet menu’s, fridges with premium beverages, dedicated stewards and event programmes as a minimum. 

In short – a private man cave for the lads with the backdrop of premier sporting action. For the Groom who loves his sport, there’s no better Bucks activity idea!

Wine Appreciation Course

Why not combine learning and drinking for the bucks party? A wine appreciation course is a good way to burn a few hours, drink and have some witty banter. Wine appreciation courses are available in most capitals cities, and there’s no shortage of sommeliers willing to lend a nose. You can then stagger onward to dinner or the disco.

With everything now set, you are ready to have a great night. Decided to keep this as streamlined as possible but cover the majority of the issues you may face when you organise a bucks party. If you need a hand with putting a bucks party together, feel free to contact us today.

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